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>tfw no red panda lunar waifu
>tfw n DB gf
>tfw no tsundere Infernal Bond-mate
>tfw no ... etc, ...

Ultimately, the important question is: what charm should i get from the writers. Apparently it cannot be anything sexual or TMA/Sorcery/Ess 5+

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>Demon Sword
>is such a cunt that he intentionally wears no armour in order to be the maximum cunt

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Not sexual eh? That's a good sign for anyone who's afraid of magical realm crap.

I don't know, how about a stealth charm that works by striking anyone who witnesses you blind, deaf, and mute?

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>hates Sol so much that He Exalted her while she was smashing up a temple of Him
>because he knows >tfw people turn their face from you

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>Martial Artist
>is a Dynast who pretends to be another type of Dynats who pretends to be an Outcaste
>summons vaginas into mid-air...just because

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>likes throwing weapons
>hates Mnemon "because fuck that bitch"
>so mad at the Realm that she is a literal knife artillery
>suckered Prince Diamond into fighting her fight

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>suckered Prince Diamond into fighting her fight


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>is a guy despite what his sex organs imply
>will give you one (and only one) chance to apologise for calling him a woman
>uses his anima power to walk on water and shit
>is so hot for Novia that he traded The South for The East and happily goes to war against Mnemon
>biggest Mary-Stu that has ever existed

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I'm not really sure what's going on in this Exalted thread, but there is no wrong time to remind everyone that Sidereals are the lowest form of scum and must be purged from existence in order to save Creation.

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Pick a charm that engages the area of Exalted you like the best (e.g. combat, social, investigative, wuxia...)

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>not desiring Glorious Sidereal Venus Waifu
>not wanting to play Law & Order: Hell And Heaven Edition
>not breaking down doors in Malfeas in barely-legit raids to find informants to hunt down drug trades and shit
>not being slowly worn down by the horrors of Hellish and Heavenly crime until you go full-on Rorschach

It's like you don't even Siddie

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No offense man, but that's really getting old.

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this isn't the worst official exalted art I've ever seen but it could certainly be better

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>summons vaginas into mid-air...just because


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I agree, especially since they're my favorite splat.

>Personally, I prefer the 'fated to exalt' angle because it gives the splat heavily invested in fate, astrology, and predicting the future the ability to acquire their candidates before they every exalt in order to train them for that future eventuality.
They can still acquire their candidates and in the 1e writeup they tend to aid their candidate as much as possible. It's just that at the moment of that decision, they can't interfere (hence they try and prep the candidate as much as possible).

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I've never Night Caste'd.

Are the good?

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Much of what restricts Solars early on is the need to act without becoming a lighthouse. So yes, they're good.

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Says the self-acknowledged death knight.

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Those aren't complete: here's something that we can expect to see.

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Look at Mars. She has strong arms, hair like a crab, and doesn't give a fuck

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Who's the white-haired ponce in the middle?

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Then who's the bitch under his/her arm? Gaia?

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and he is holding Gaia, I can't remember if the chibi version or that image came first

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>scythe so curved that it's utterly

Fuck no

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>whit-haired guy
>groping woman
>isn't Sol or a Maiden

Fucking guess.

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He was probably thrown off by Gaia.

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...Have you even seen the Daiklaives?

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>Conky doesn't have blonde hair

feels weird man

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>Sol being a blonde


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who ever heard of a sun god with dark hair

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So why is Mercury the best Maiden?

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One of your players shows up to your game with this as the character portrait of their hawk-aspected Lunar.

Stat their panoply.

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I'm playing Exalted for the first time in the coming days

Is there anything I should keep in mind when making a master thief kind of character?

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Think of flaws in your character first. You'll be given a huge selection of "perfections," but if you keep around some flaws you'll have a fun character that a ST can work with.

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So, is there any way to do the old Power Limiter cliche for a PC, while not being too over/under powered? You could build a super combat beast, then hold back as appropriate, but that would just lead to you being slightly above par when unlimited, and a total wreck at everything that isn't combat. If you build someone slightly combatty, but good at non-combat stuff, you've got someone who can keep up out of combat, but is useless inside of it till they undo the limit, at which point they're still below average. And of course you can't be taking it off every other fight, as that kills the whole point of it.

It's silly I know, but it's something one of my players wants, and I think it could be cool, but I can't figure out how to get it to work.

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Play an Infernal focused toward combat with a high MDV and Past Life background. Use Past Life to make up outside of combat

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That seems a little...really fucking risky.

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Every plan has its flaws

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Even with the Max MDV possible for an Infernal at start, that's any roll with 9 or more successes that cause him to go nuts. That's pretty freaking common.

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Night Caste has access to basically their entire essence pool without giving themselves away as Anathema. This makes them 100% essential for TONS of character concepts. So yes, they're good.

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>complaining about impracticable weapons
What. I mean, if it wasn't an artifact, sure. But it's clearly an artifact. 100% of all artifact weapons are unwieldy monstrosities until they're attuned.

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Do NOT neglect your combat abilities. Larceny's good, but you're still going to need decent Resistance, at least one of Archery, Thrown, Melee, or Martial Arts, and probably some decent Dodge.

Martial Arts in particular can be a good angle for a sneaky, swashbuckling sort of character. Same goes for Thrown, but that depends a bit on which sort of Exalt you'll be playing (Abyssal Thrown, for example, is absolute shit except for Crypt Bolt Attack and Eyes Like Daggers).

Obviously, you'll need solid Stealth and Larceny as well. Less obviously, you'll really want some good Athletics.

Other than that, >>30332746 is right. Your character will be superhumanly amazing at anything they set their mind to, and depending on your niche you may very well be able to pick up everything worth getting that's available at your starting Essence right at character generation. This means in actual play it will often be the skills where you're "merely human" in competence that put your excellence within your niche into perspective.

More importantly, however, is that there will rarely be times when you'll actually be able to improve your abilities within your niche - typically, you'll be able to get everything you need for your core competencies within a couple downtimes after gaining a dot of essence and access to new charms. Having an idea of other things outside of your niche that your character might become interested in means having more angles to really improve in a more diverse way. A master thief might become a leader of a gang of thieves. Or maybe he might pull together a band of freedom fighters. Or maybe he'll find some First Age magitech in a Solar tomb and become fascinated by it, eventually become a skilled artificer in his own right.

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In any case, try and work things out with your GM to make sure that the angle you're thinking about down the line is something that would have a point to the storyline (many GMs loathe mass combat in Exalted with good reason). And make sure to that your character has the appropriate aptitude to support it (that is, mark the Ability you need the most charms in to support it as Favored if you can so that the XP cost of getting anywhere with it doesn't fuck you over).

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Play a Night Caste. Pick up plenty of Dexterity, Larceny, and Stealth. Pick up some Larceny and Stealth charms. Congratulations, you're now a thief literally magically skillful.

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Just echoing what everyone else says in the thread, and yeah Larceny is awesome. It's not just picking locks or picking pockets. Larceny also includes things like being a master of disguise, and your knowledge of the criminal underworld and how hit operates.

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>tfw you will never again get to play as a honeybee waifu changing moon
>Who can lactate honey
>One serving counts as a meal, two feeds you for a full day but creates an intimacy of love : Queen Mother, three feeds you for a week plus the intimacy plus a one dot bee themed mutation. Both the mutation and intimacy are shaping effects.
>Wielded a rapier but largely relied on appearance charms
>Had the hive mutation in DBT

Sometimes Magical Realms can be fun if you play along with the ST

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Probably. Either that or Luna is making clones of herself.

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Bear in mind that great swords have been used as practical weapons while farming scythes really aren't.

>> No.30334076

I thought all of Luna's main forms maintained the fair complexion and hair

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Thanks for all the great advice!

The basic concept I have in mind is pretty much Garret from theif with some social skills thrown in to infiltrate noble parties.
I've invested a lot of points into the Night Caste abilities but I'm uncertain if I've specialized too heavily.
What I'm worried about is if I'm missing some key abilities as I'm very unfamiliar with the system.

Any additional input would be most welcome!

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Well, one thing that stands out: if you don't have any dots of Lore your character is pretty much illiterate. You need at least one dot to be able to read or write. Without any dots of linguistics, you can only read and understand your character's native language, which may be tricky if you're dealing with a lot of foreign types. Maybe get a little resistance too, to deal with things like poison and disease.

The rest looks pretty reasonable.

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Yeah, talk to your party. Creating a character with the other players is a lot of fun. My most favorite character to play was actually a Chosen of Serenity with a fondness for alcohol. By itself, a weak concept, but she was intricately tied with the Dawn of the party. In a nutshell, they were both from the major houses, but as their chances of receiving the dragon's blessing faded, they became embittered Wyld Hunt members. She ended up hooking the Dawn with the love of his life (who was also a friend of hers) despite the politics behind it and faded into obscurity as a result of exaltation, while the Dawn ended up being branded Anathema a year later after he exalted while defending his wife from an assassin (unbeknownst to the Sidereal).

Several years down the road, she's Bronze faction to support her family from behind the scenes, and by a twist of fate she meets her old drinking buddy and friend through hardship. (Cue drama and the beginning of the campaign.)

You can't have fun interactions like this that are well understood by both sides unless if you work it out. I initially proposed that we were both from the Great Houses, and he proposed that I knew his character's wife. And eventually things worked out to the result above.

I GM a lot, for all kinds of systems. Rarely do I see backstories that intertwine between two characters. Yet, because they're so unique and so relatable, they're often times the most enjoyable at the table.

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Of course, Resistance covers a whole lot more than just resistance to disease. Adamant Skin Technique isn't the "get this or your character dies" charm that it used to be before the errata, but it's still amazing. Moreover, the main reasons that it's not as necessary as it used to be is that now there are way more ways to meaningfully add to soak... And all of the good ones that don't involve walking around in heavy armor made out of a borderline excessive display of the magical materials (that is, all of the core survivability for sneaky characters) involve taking other Resistance charms anyways.

Without any Resistance charms at all, a sneaky character will be extremely squishy - if they are seen (and they will be, eventually), and if they are hit (which they will be, with surprising ease), they will die.

You might want to pick up Anathema (http://anathema.github.io/). It'll make character building a lot easier.

Also, when writing up your character's charms, make sure to write down page references for the charm itself as well as the page references for the errata and (since you're new to the game), page references for relevant rules.

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>Honey from nipples

You'll eat it from a wax receptacle that she's vomited into and you'll like it. Also, mechanics sound awfully Silver Infernal with re-skinned locust workings.

>> No.30335936

Hey, at least he didn't go full CoC and have the honey come from the, er, "honeypot."

>> No.30335961

>Toad and scorpion mastery

"So I need to poison this dude but the vial got smashed and I can't make more right in front of him so how am I going to...oh, I kiss him full on the lips."
*roll, roll, roll facepalm*"...success, he's down for the count"
"o/I kissed a guy and I liked ito/"

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This was before 2e Infernals came out but yeah. She did puke honey in DBT form for greater production but sometimes if you wanna be useful with an unoptimized character you need to play to the ST's fetishes.

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I was about to say whores get paid but I suppose I was paid in fun

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This artist clearly hates drawing feet.

>> No.30336271


Because fucking fuck feet. They're like hands but you have to draw them all retarded.

Fuck hands while we're at it.

If humans were just torsos and tentacles, art would be so much easier.

>> No.30336285

The demon sword dude is the only one bare feet/sandals would have even worked on. Also drawing feet fucking sucks

>> No.30336288

and the usefulness of your character

>> No.30336327

oh please, can you imagine how many subtle expressions tentacles could make? way more than even the face

>> No.30336344

>If humans were just torsos and tentacles, art would be so much easier.
My highschool drawing career in a nutshell

>> No.30336345

Keep in mind that Socialize mostly covers etiquette - knowing which fork to use, not accidentally doing something that gets you challenged to a duel - and not actual persuasion, bluffing, or even talking.

>> No.30336359

Is it possible for someone to Exalt against their will?

>> No.30336368

>Rob Liefield.Docx

>> No.30336380

I thought Socialize was used to lie?

>> No.30336390


*Every* Exalt is against their will, unless they're an Abyssal or Infernal (the only two who have to actually agree to the deal).

If you mean to ask "is it possible for someone to Exalt who won't use their power?" that's no, the Exaltation intuitively avoids such hosts.

>> No.30336403

i dont think it ever happened otherwise

so yeah, it is

this doesnt mean a ST has the right to do that to a character against the player's will, though

>> No.30336411

At least Mel Uran draws feet better than Rob Liefeld. Though that's a bit like walking better than something with no legs.

>> No.30336440

Yeah, I got to be pretty useful for a non combat/social monster. Which was cool though all I wanted was to swarm people with beemen wielding poisoned spears and rapiers while millions of pissed off bees fly around stinging the shit out of everything and I float above the melee dueling whichever asshole crasher decided to single me out.

>> No.30336445

3e's going to be junking the whole "you must already have a world-shaking motivation to Exalt" thing because...fuck if I know. Ink Monkeys.

>> No.30336469

lies are manipulation + applicable ability

which means they are usually done with presence

>> No.30336494


That's not the same thing at all.

The Epic Motivation is the Motivation mechanic, entirely separate from "Exaltations avoid people who won't use their power," which is a fundamental tenet of the game.

You don't have to *like* being an Exalt, but you won't ever stop acting like one.

>> No.30336529



maybe the exaltation avoids that sort of person, but people change

>> No.30336530

B-but I have to hate everything the 3e team does! For some unknown, stupid, petty reason!

>> No.30336558

We do? Shit, I've been doing it completely backwards this whole time! Sorry guys, I really beefed it.

>> No.30336567


I suppose the canons don't exactly set the best example, with most of the Lunar ones being "Ehh I've got an okay gig, I think I'll sit down and DO NOTHING for thousands of years."

Fair enough.

>> No.30336649

Well, then, is it possible for an Exalt to be really shy and humble, with or without losing thier powers?

>> No.30336650

Lies are Manipulation + Presence when lying to a specific individual and Manipulation + Performance when trying to maintain your cover in front of a crowd.

>> No.30336690

Then why is Lying a Socialize specialty, and not a Presence or Performance one?

>> No.30336704

Exalts don't lose their powers for being meek, they just don't get them in the first place. As for being shy and humble? Sure, that's just low Charisma and high Temperance, respectively. They'll probably end up doing something like building a device that provides perfect farming weather for the entire Scavenger Lands or something. Still totally Exalt-tier, just not in a flashy way.

>> No.30336714


Yes, of course.

Being an Exalt and using your power is not the same thing a braggart or obvious.

Note that "being shy" is not the same thing as "being unwilling to use your powers," either. A shy and humble person is still going to pick up a Yeddim and throw it if that's what needs to be done.

Also: An Exalt, once made, cannot lose their powers short of being killed (or an equivalent, like being banished to the Shadow Realm). Period. Even if there were a "you must be this glorious" requirement, the Exaltation would tell it to go fuck itself.

>> No.30336731

Because the people who made the core rulebook were fucking idiots. This is something widely regarded as fact. Lying is a social attack to make someone believe something, and that's covered under Presence and Performance.

>> No.30336847

Only when you're making an active social attack to convince someone that a falsehood is the truth. A passive lie is detected by Perception+Investigation vs. (Manipulation+Socialize)/2.

>> No.30337029

...no, it's not. It's Manipulation + Performance/Presence vs Dodge MDV. The defender is always the one who has a flat DV, not the other way around.

>> No.30337103

Motivation and virtues are going to be covered by Intimacies in 3E. Basically intimacies are graded from Defining Intimacies downards, and a defining intimacy could be something like your undying hatred of Mask of Winters or your commitment to liberating your homeland.

It's just that there's less need of a concrete objective to be accomplished when you make a starting character

>> No.30337341

Nope, they've specifically said that there's no more need to think big from the get-go as an Exalt.

>> No.30337372



There's a huge difference between "is unwilling to use their abilities as an Exalt" and "doesn't have a fully-crystallized goal of 'slay Mask of Winters' from the word go."

See: >>30337103

>> No.30337719

>is a Dynast who pretends to be another type of Dynats who pretends to be an Outcaste
Would you say that he is a dude playing as a dude disguised as another dude?

>> No.30337755

>tfw no prim, proper Solar paladin gf

>> No.30337849

>If humans were just torsos and tentacles, art would be so much easier.

/d/emon here. Never change.

>> No.30337875

>not wanting a sun-tanned hedonist that cares only about your dick

Do you even first age?

>> No.30337954

I think I'll take a Solar who doesn't atomize my skeletal structure because she got too eager.

>> No.30338369

...you're thinking of Lunars. You don't have to worry about super strength lovers when you're banging a Solar. Just superhumanly skillful fucking.

>> No.30338529

Strength Increasing Exercise and Athletics Excellencies lead to more or less the same result.

>> No.30338585

>using physical charms in bed

i thought she was supposed to be your gf, not someone who wants to murder you

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File: 98 KB, 290x259, 290px-Meena_mug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First aaaaage

>> No.30338685

Okay, why the fuck won't Anathema let my FA Solar take Saphire Veil of Passion? I meet all the prerequisites, I've got a Sifu, and everything. I KNOW SOLARS CAN TAKE IT WITH A TEACHER YOU STUPID FUCKING PROGRAM.

>> No.30338707 [DELETED] 

see this is why most of the world thinks american gun laws are crazy, why would you date a gun owner just to have her shoot you during sex?

>> No.30338805

it doesnt let you start your character with SMA, but you can take the charms afterwards

you dont even need a sifu listed, just essence 4 and MA 5

>> No.30338923

You have one Celestial style fully mastered?

>> No.30339209

That's only needed for the Form style. And yeah, apparently you can't start out knowing one, which is a shame. Is there any good styles that mesh with it? I know Mantis and Monkey Style can both use the Urumi as a form weapon, but do they mesh well mechanically with what Saphire veil tries to do?

>> No.30339372

Black Claw is great for the intimacy/MDV stuff that Sapphire Veil has.

>> No.30339408

And, if you don't want the horrible crippling flaw that comes with it?

>> No.30339448

>horrible crippling flaw
...it's a single +/-1 intimacy. I'm willing to give you that it could be considered horrible, but crippling? It has less impact than +/-1 Appearance.

>> No.30339467


"I killed my sifu before gamestart."

>> No.30339470

Well, to be fair, it's got bigger implications than that, character wise. Being smitten is a pretty big deal for a character.

>> No.30339500


Yeah, but your sifu could, y'know just...be a good person.

>> No.30339524

>Uses Black Claw
>Good person
I mean, I guess it's /possible/, but...

>> No.30339528

Only as big of a deal as hating the Realm or being loyal to your troops. Exalts are characters made of big deals, to the point that a lot of the big deals end up not so big. Also, you could easily have the love be, you know, mutual. Sure, theirs isn't unbreakable like yours is - unless they're your bonded Lunar.

>> No.30339550


Well if *your* Exalt isn't a good person, then who cares?

Assholes get used to being tied to other assholes, that's how their hierarchy works.

>> No.30339554

...Black Claw doesn't make you a bad person. Its capstone does, sure, but at the end of the day, all it makes you is manipulative. Or are you saying that Manipulation makes you a bad person?

>> No.30339857
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Good manipulation in action!

>> No.30339917

AU where Marena and her sister are Solar and Lunar mater, and engage in a steamy incestuous relationship when?

>> No.30339962

Solar and Lunar relationships only go sexual when they would already be romantically/sexually compatible. They would just be very close sisters unless there was already the spark of incest there.

>> No.30339978

>They would just be very close sisters unless there was already the spark of incest there.
>We're talking about Marena
I think that answer that.

>> No.30340105

>I and Karen


>> No.30340176

>marena and karen

yeah nah, did you even read the comic

>> No.30340200

>Marena not being sexually interested in something

yeah nah, did you even read the comic

>> No.30340235

ill take that as a no

>> No.30340253

Marena being sexually interested in something that threatens her position as sexiest character in the room

did you?

>> No.30340271

So, Alchemicals are humanoid robots with a human soul, Exalted essence, and cybernetic charms. Are there also android equivalents to mortals/enlightened mortals in Autocthonia, without human souls or exaltations? Semi-aware automatons with a Policy and affiliation instead of Motivations and Intimacies? Non-humans who could be used for manual labor and shock troops?

Because I love the idea of a badass robot criminal fighting their way through a bunch of robot mooks, then having a sweet robo kung fu battle.

>> No.30340487

your autism is showing

>> No.30340586

Sorcery to summon and bind elementals should work on Autobot's elements as well as Creation's. Metal elementals should make decent grunt workers, and lightning elementals would be the most shocking troops.

>> No.30340799

That doesn't sound like badass kung fu androids cutting a dramatic swath through mundane robotic mooks to me.

>> No.30340925

But is Karen interested in Marena?

Oh, she probably goes both ways, being a dynast and what not, but I doubt she's interested in her own sister.

>> No.30340978

>I doubt she's interested in her own sister.
>Not interested in screwing something

>> No.30341002


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Nope, Karen has the hots for Ten.

>> No.30341074

>So, is there any way to do the old Power Limiter cliche for a PC
It's called "I'm throwing only this much dice out of my pool".
A trained, professional mortal soldier has 5-7 dice.

>> No.30341091

Can you blame her, honestly?

>> No.30341103

Yeah, but that's not so much "Secret super strength" and more "It turns out I was actually on par with everyone else at the same time."

>> No.30341256

...so Marena is going to force herself on her sister? Is that what you're trying to say?

>> No.30341369

They can build non-Alchemical automata, but usually don't because it's inefficient and Autocthonian society has a giant boner for efficiency because they'll die if they don't.

They do, however, produce cybernetic implants to replace lost limbs for humans, though, so having fight scenes where your Alchemical mows his way through cyborg mooks is entirely doable.

>> No.30341688

>Additionally, when any of her attacks inflict damage, the target must pay one Willpower or accept an Intimacy toward the Sidereal. (This Intimacy represents lust if appropriate to the character‟s gender preferences, uneasy fascination otherwise.)
>This intimacy represents lust if appropriate to the character''s gender preferences, uneasy fascination otherwise
>uneasy fascination
Does that mean someone with Sapphire Veil of Passions can give an enemy Gay Panic?

>> No.30342063

It gives them stupid sexy Flanders.

>> No.30342135

>It's silly I know, but it's something one of my players wants, and I think it could be cool, but I can't figure out how to get it to work.
Well, for starters an important point:
Exalted is not really a "generic high-power do anything" system.
It is a system for playing Exalted and thematics of Exalted.
Something that weakens you most of the time but pays back at special times is not really fitting.

The closest you can get is running a stealth-valuing game - where everybody is running on Personal Motes Only most of the time, but when chips are down, they blaze with true power.

>> No.30342170

Okay, so, character idea for when 3e comes out
>the Wyld contains everything that can exist, but doesn't, while the Beyond of Oramus contains everything that can't exist
>IRL can't exist under Creation's metaphysics, but the people within it could because we're just regular mortals
>so, on the first day of Calibration, when the barriers between the worlds are their thinnest, a version of me wakes up in the Northern Wyld
>spend the first day and night continuously walking, because I know that if I fall asleep I'll freeze to death
>on the second day, I find the nest of some mutant tyrant lizards build on top of a ruined Yozi temple
>one of the human-sized eggs hatches, get covered in egg goo
>baby tyrant lizard imprints on me, thinks I'm its mother
>its mother comes back, thinks I'm one of its babies since I smell like one from the egg goo
>eat meat mommy tyrant lizard brought back, cooked with her radioactive fire breath
>examine carvings, learn more about Yozis and demons
>look at sun setting on last day of Calibration
>realise that going home is impossible, and if I can use my knowledge to fix Creation, that's not so bad
>acquire Sorcerous Initiation and Solar Exaltation as a Twilight-Caste Solar simultaneously
>use sorcery to fly to Haslanti League with Stormwind Rider
>summon Neomah, get her to erect me a tower on the edge of town
>wait for locals to turn up, and talk to them until they realise I don't understand their language
>talk to the priest the send, since spoken Old Realm is the same as English
>ask him to send for the local Guild factor/most wealthy merchant in town
>offer to sell him a Neomah concubine in exchange for a few talents of silver to cover costs of land/food/clothing/furnishings/etc.
>use whatever's left over as seed money to begin industrial revolution
>become an awesome sorceror/baron of industry with a harem of sexy concubines, both human and demonic

>> No.30342216

>tfw we had a guy like that in our ERP Exalted
>tfw RL work took him away ;-;

>> No.30342418

Some Solars too
Bull has a fuckhuge army and a Circle, slapped Realm's shit and now just sits on his ass idly fucking around with Linowan.
Havesh spends his life fucking around pointlessly.
Filial Wisdom kinda has a grand motivation of murdering the world, but sits on his ass composing a poem.
2e iconics are also mainly derping around, I can't even recall what exactly is their all business.

Demetheus at least had a reason for going to shit (crippling depression from accidentally killing his friend)

>> No.30342520

Manip+Perform is to try convince somebody using falsehoods or other underhandedness. For example, make him do something on promise of payment, but which you're not going to deliver. It failing means he remains unconvinced, but doesn't mean he knows you were bullshitting.

Perception+Investigation is HIS social attack, with your defence being (manip+soc)/2, to figure out if you're bullshitting. It also covers stuff like figuring out your intentions in the social conflict.

>> No.30342641

Yes they have cyborgs. They also have assorted autochtonian spirits of robotic nature.

>> No.30342760

>a version of me wakes up in the Northern Wyld
For what purpose.
>acquire Sorcerous Initiation and Solar Exaltation as a Twilight-Caste Solar simultaneously
>talk to the priest the send, since spoken Old Realm is the same as English

In short, I'd boot you.

>> No.30342874

>In short, I'd shoot you.

>> No.30342973

or the Straight Panic.

>> No.30343089

Bull has an assload of things to worry about, even more things to learn and a lot if infrastructure to build to secure the Icewalkers future.
Transporting his Tepet prizes is a task on itself. So is creating and securing the supply chains and trading routes for his people.
Making enough armor, weapons, equipment, food and enough infrastructure to lodge, store and transport it all by mortal means is not easy and it is certainly not fast.

>> No.30343185

Yeah, I can't see allowing this either. It's just too improbable.

>Wyld randomly shapes up a human.
Okay, sure. Terribly unlikely, but it's a big universe.
>Wyld randomly shapes up a human who isn't wyld addicted or mutated enough to be killed on sight by Creation folk.
See previous terribly unlikely and square it.
>Who has full knowledge of a world completely unlike Creation and just happens to natively speak Old Realm.
No modification for Old Realm. That sort of improbability is insignificant compared to what we've already seen here.
>Somehow able to read and understand carvings in ancient ruins.
Multiply that terribly improbable squared by wtf mate?
>Exalt Solar
Freebie. It's not hard to meet the minimum qualifications for that.
>Suddenly acquire Sorcery without going through any of the five trials.
Multiply previous total by doubleplusbullshithorsecock.
>Delusion knowledge from non-existent "Earth" place actually works and kicks off an industrial revolution.
Multiply by zero and go fuck yourself. You wouldn't be able to pull that off on 16th century Earth, let alone in Creation where physics is explicitly irreconcilably different.

>> No.30343488

>Okay, sure. Terribly unlikely, but it's a big universe.
No, it didn't randomly shape up a human, it randomly shaped up a portal to the Beyond, pulling an already-existing human from Beyond into Creation.
>No modification for Old Realm. That sort of improbability is insignificant compared to what we've already seen here.
Actually, spoken Old Realm is *canonically* the same as English; ever since the Old Realm alphabet was codified in DotFA, all of the written Old Realm we've seen is just transliterated English.

>Multiply that terribly improbable squared by wtf mate?
Old Realm alphabet has been canonically elaborated upon, and it's just transliterated English; it's literally just a matter of taking the PDF on my Tablet (Artifact 1, since it's basically equivalent to the crystal books used by Dragon Kings) and doing some transliterating.

>Multiply previous total by doubleplusbullshithorsecock.
Five Trials: Journey, duh, he got sucked into Creation. Humility, he just lost all of his technological goodies and has to depend on the charity of an animal to survive. Tutelage, handled by the Salinan Working and the ruin he's inside. Fear, well, duh, he got pulled way away from home, and then he winds up hiding in the nest of what amounts to Godzilla. Sacrifice, he Sacrificed his hope of ever getting home. Bam, the Five Stations met, sorcerous initiation here he comes.

>> No.30343581

I'd still rethink it. It's a big stretch for a lot of GMs.

>> No.30343665

>No, it didn't randomly shape up a human, it randomly shaped up a portal to the Beyond, pulling an already-existing human from Beyond into Creation.
Even more bullshit.

>Actually, spoken Old Realm is *canonically* the same as English; ever since the Old Realm alphabet was codified in DotFA, all of the written Old Realm we've seen is just transliterated English.
No it's not canonically English, it is simply a way for ST to make fancy writings for illustration.

You're still on the boot list for trying to metagame shit.

>> No.30343778

>You're still on the boot list for trying to metagame shit.

You're implying that someone with metagame knowledge would be any more effective than someone who grew up in the world and actually did things like reading in-universe occult texts. At best, he'd just have a Lore/Occult Specialty in Meta-Game Knowledge.

>> No.30343812

Wait, I think he might be on to something. If some assrandom Wyld portal breaks everything we know about physics on Earth and in Creation and pulls his ass through, we're minus one sperglord and Earth is better for it. So I'd let him do it on the condition that he actually does it in person.

I guess we'd have to NPC him after he didn't show up to any sessions. No big loss, that.

>> No.30343858

>You're implying that someone with metagame knowledge would be any more effective
HE is certainly implying that with the "I make industrial revolution!" and know-it-all.
Also, he is going to most certainly fag out about the Great Curse.

>> No.30343997
File: 183 KB, 568x978, exaltedgeneralnvr4get.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30344032

Yes, yes, we get it, Infernals fluff section was horrible. WE KNOW.

Now back to SA with you.

>> No.30344081

I'll point out that I'm actually an engineer IRL. Given a (near) photographic memory thanks to Lore and Craft excellencies, and I'm pretty sure I can pull it off.

>> No.30344324

What makes you think it will work at all?

>> No.30344565

>I think I'll take a Solar who doesn't atomize my skeletal structure because she got too eager.


>> No.30344585

Well, steam power canonically works, given the existence of the Steam Cannons in Scroll of Kings. Anything relying on electricity may or may not work, depending on how Electric Essence works, but equivalent effects are obviously possible given the steampunk/industrial aesthetic that dominates Autochthonia.

>> No.30345056

The world is also flat yet gravity is observable. Also there are gods everywhere.

You're making too many assumptions about similarities.

>> No.30346290

All you need to do is to negociate with the god of metal and gods of lightning to make sure electricity works. If you can get their say so then it would. Considering that a demand for electric appliances would also increase a demand for metal and invent a demand for electricity I'd say they'd go for it.

>> No.30346489

>Scroll of Kings
Nah, not really.
Gods are not extensions of their portfolios.
Gods are not the sovereign rulers of their portfolios.
Gods are replaceable bureaucrats and overseers.

>> No.30346868

>Nah, not really.
How so?

>> No.30346985

Not only it is widely considered one of the shittiest 2nd edition publications it is [very likely] going to be wholly ignored in 3rd edition.

>> No.30347008

Huh. I never heard much of those sentiments.

>> No.30347181

>Perception+Investigation is HIS social attack, with your defence being (manip+soc)/2, to figure out if you're bullshitting. It also covers stuff like figuring out your intentions in the social conflict.
Here's the singular social combat/deception-related use of socialize:
>Socialize:While many functions of this Ability operate on a dramatic time scale outside the scope of social combat, (Manipulation + Socialize) replaces (Dexterity + Stealth) for veiling intentions, and any instance where War would be used to manage a military unit changes to Socialize for social units and setting up coordinated social attacks. In general, Socialize cannot be used to make social attacks.
According to page 169 of the core rulebook, it's specifically Manipulation+Socialize vs Investigation+Perception in order to establish surprise by changing the subject or making a person not realize you're trying to convince them of something yet. It's the exact same as using Dexterity+Stealth in normal combat in order to try to sneak attack someone.

Furthermore, when using Investigation as a social attack, you use Charisma/Manipulation as normal because you're interrogating someone or tricking someone into spilling their secrets.

It is in no way, shape, or form used for telling falsehoods or underhandedness - that's still just Presence/Performance.

Read the damn social combat section.

>> No.30347198

>Reposts that from SA

I think it's fucking absurd that the guy who wrote that article was demodded for protecting a convicted child molester last month.

>> No.30347277

Zack "I have more empathy for a cartoon waifu than I do for the eight year old my friend raped" Parsons.

Mods knew.

>> No.30347447

How do you guys feel about the concept of past lives and their influence on any given exalt's current incarnation? How much do you think they should be able to remember?

>> No.30347495

>past lives
Even though the memories of previous hosts sometimes tag along on an exaltation, that previous host is not the same person. The new host is in no way the reincarnation of the previous host, and even if they have the same exaltation, there's an almost 100% probability that they have both a different Hun and Po. You can have a Dawn who's a polite, quiet young woman, whose previous host was a vainglorious hard-drinking grizzled old veteran.

To that extent, I think that the memories of previous hosts should only have as much of an influence on someone's character as is appropriate for how they've envisioned the character. A Night Caste might have no interest in the lingering memories except to figure out where first age wonders might still rest for badass heists. A Dawn Caste might decide that his First Age memories are literally a sifu, whispering echoes of lost martial arts styles through the ages. A Twilight might delve long and deep, trying to unlock to secrets of wonders long lost, and dreaming too-real dreams of life in a more perfect society.

Or you might have someone whose Exaltation was fully cleaned, without so much as the echo of who used to have it.

It varies.

>> No.30347513
File: 101 KB, 346x239, pastlivesNA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I honestly never really liked the idea of past lives, if only because I prefer characters that live in the now and make their own mistakes.

If I had to do it, I'd pretty much go with the Avatar the Last Airbender route, where your Past Lives manifest as an entirely separate personality that you can interact with.

>> No.30347560

It's the First Age, it all blurs together after a while.

>> No.30347638

You're being sarcastic, right?

>> No.30347639

Seriously, anon, I get that you want to mess with the thread. But don't support SA while you do it? Providing clickbait for people who are willing to look the other way for creepers and parachute accounts for child rapists isn't the best way to go about it.

You have one mod writing erotica about rape/incest/fucking pedophilia, another mod who e-mailed his ex-girlfriend's boss with naked pictures of her, the mod who posted rape threats on Goon Yearbook, and all of them white knighting the no shit child rapist on their staff until their neo-nazi offshoot managed to shame them into begrudgingly doing it.

You can dislike Exalted without supporting a web site where 'getting way too mad that a mod raped a child' is a worthy reason to get banned.

Not to mention the fucking malware ever since they fired their advertising guy.

>> No.30347648

Yes. I actually think it's appropriate and should have been done years ago.

>> No.30347660

Alright, good. It's hard to tell with text, and there's been that asshat running around declaring his hate for all things 3e, who I'm pretty sure is from SA.

>> No.30347874

Sweet, tell me more about your idea. how would you implement it?

>> No.30347888

Page 131.
After several minutes of interaction or observation, a char-
acter can try to glean the truth of a subject’s mood or personality
with a successful (Perception + [Investigation or Socialize]) roll
made by the player, using whichever Ability has a higher rating.
The difficulty is equal to half the target’s (Manipulation + So-
cialize), rounded up.

Suck it.

>> No.30347897

Not the guy you're talking to, but I would take the Mentor background and fluff it as a hallucinatory previous incarnation who can be consulted during sleep, trances, and so forth.

>> No.30347918

Would higher rating affect how helpful the past lives are or how far back you can reach?

>> No.30347919

Huh. Fair enough on the roll, then. Regardless, it's not for detecting 'passive falsehoods,' it's for detecting whether or not a person is actually naturally outgoing or currently happy, or if they're just faking it. Unless that's what you would call a passive falsehood? It seems to me that being able to tell a convincing bald-faced lie to a cop with Presence would be more relevant to a thief than getting a cop to think he's naturally generous and morose with Socialize.

>> No.30347933

A bit further on there:
Characters can also evaluate motivation with (Perception +
Investigation) at the listed difficulty as a standard dice action when
they suspect another character in the scene has just lied. Success
discovers whether the statement was a lie or significantly deceptive
omission, though the character does not discern the truth.

>> No.30347947

Goons being hypocrites, what else is new.

>> No.30347960

Yeah, I think that'd be reasonable. (not the guy you responded to)

>> No.30347993


I am the guy you were talking to, and this is basically what I was going for, yeah. Thanks anon.

>> No.30348103

Next question: Whatwould you do to fix the Whispers background?

>> No.30348133

I'd probably give the insanity it induces actual mechanical implications, rather than just leave it up to fluff. I mean, with Past Lives you get a random chance to basically *become* your past incarnation, with all the insanity that entails. Maybe the mad whispers of the Neverborn compel you to a kiling spree or self-harm or something.

>> No.30348150



>> No.30348157

Or just carving Sutras of the Damned into your flesh. That is how most people worship the Neverborn.

>> No.30348172


Does whispers even really give enough to be worth that? I mean, Past Lives is BONUS dice...Whispers is replacing your skill level with your level of whispers. Which is basically useless at low levels and even at high levels very situational.

>> No.30348199

Ah, I thought Past Lives worked the same as Whispers. The other problem is that Whispers are a prerequisite for some of the better Abyssal Charms.

Yeah, I think you'd have to rebuild the background from the ground up to do something more interesting. Don't know.

>> No.30348224

Unrelated to the discussions currently going on, has someone managed to get ahold of the Udon comic? If so, can you tell us what it's like?

>> No.30348242


Here we go.

Past Lives:

>A number of times per session equal to her Essence rating, the Prince can add dice equal to her Past Life rating to any dice pool by drawing upon the specific memories of her prior life, the life of an ancient Solar who likely had at least a passing familiarity with nearly every field of human endeavor that existed at the time.


As a Background, an Abyssal’s Whispers rating represents her attunement to the dreams of the Neverborn. Characters can consciously tap into this connection once per scene by reflexively spending one Willpower point. Invoking this connection has several possible effects:

• For one roll, the player can substitute her character’s Whispers rating for an Ability rating.

Past lives is VASTLY better than Whispers

>> No.30348246

It is not a "past life".
It is essentially a personal journal of a person stuck to an exaltation.
You have nothing in common with that person other than a bunch of memories (at best).
Desus is dead and there is nothing can be done about that.

>> No.30348284

So the Solar Exalted are a collective bunch of Nameless Ones

>> No.30348304

TBH, I'd nerf Past Lives.
They have just one solar to go off and while he may have been high-essence and a total master of several abilities (represented by a high background rating), he wouldn't have such a mastery of them ALL. And if your guy has a rating in the ability equal or higher than what your past has, then said past life wouldn't be able to help it.

>> No.30348332


Yeah but even independent of anything else, Whispers kinda isn't worth the cost.

Something like situational social bonii to dealing with specters (Being able to communicate with them like they were sane/not have them attack you) or something could be cool.

>> No.30348345

Not even that. They don't share the body. Not even the parts of the soul.

Note that it makes Eye and Seven Despairs and his whole revenge plot even more misguided and petty.

>> No.30348403

Yep. He's the textbook definition of misguided and petty.

Relatedly, which Deathlord would be most tolerable to work under? Who among them is the least dickish to their underlings?

>> No.30348411

It's kind of a gray area. The Exaltation is considered a third soul that reincarnates into a fully grown adult rather than a newborn child (with the exception of Sidereals).

>> No.30348431

Possibly the Lover, so long as you don't mind the gimpsuit. Other than that... most likely the Silver Prince, if only because he tends to have his shit together enough to give his minions some leeway, at least if Fallen Wolf of the Cutting Sea is any indication.

>> No.30348437

>nerf Past Lives
Honestly, the bonus that Past Lives isn't even that good compared to Artifact.

>> No.30348760

What do you propose to liven it up and make it tempting to buy as well as functional?

>> No.30348778
File: 86 KB, 482x600, darkness2.01.lg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of Infernal backgrounds, would The Darkness be a good example of an Unwoven Coadjutor?

>> No.30348840

Sure. He's a Fiend, most of the Darkness powers are a result of his exaltation, and those whispers and dark Urges are the result of his Unwoven Coadjutor. Probably has Adorjan as his second favored Yozi and a fair number of Malfeas charms.

>> No.30348924

True, but as bureaucrats and overseers they can set policy for the least gods that do manage things like magnets, copper wire, It was mentioned in oadenol's codex that things like bricks baking in a kiln involves the least gods of the kiln and brick working together. Unless there is a pressing reason why magnetism and electricity should not be related or a reason why copper can't conduct an electric charge the gods could very well say "Yes, we can have circuitry".
But until 3rd edition comes out, is there a reason why the Scroll of Kings book would not be cannon? Other than your apparent dislike?

>> No.30349019

On one hand you can ask your past self for advice anytime you want but on the other your past self can't come to your rescue like a normal mentor.

Might be funny having your past lives criticize you.
"Why don't you settle down with that Lunar boy"
"But I'm a guy!"
"Oh posh, didn't stop me in the first age"

>> No.30349029

Why can't you accept that Creation *doesn't have* physics?
It's a product of an intelligent design that requires constant micromanagement and adjustment by a race of purposefully created immortal slaves just to be coherent?

>> No.30349062

"Besides, if he wants to he can become a girl for you."

>> No.30349080

>Oadenol's Codex on how Creation works

Don't go down that path. It was far, far off into magical realms that even Exalted doesn't do well to range toward and frolic with. It's a jarring disconnection with "the god is not the river" that doesn't mesh well with the setting,

>> No.30349097

You left off the part where said slaves are corrupt as fuck and will occasionally wreck the shit they're meant to be overseeing to extort more quintessence.

>> No.30349129

>Why can't you accept that Creation *doesn't have* physics?
And without metafaggotry, a normal Twilight is going to create post-scarcity society with indoor lighting and plumbing and internet via Essence circuitry instead of reprogramming the way Creation works.

>> No.30349161

Magical realms in...which sense?

>> No.30349183

Isn't that what happened during the first age?

>> No.30349199

>Essence circuitry
Essence is not electricity.
Scientific method is not really applicable to Creation.

>> No.30349205

Where everything is the act of a least god and all things come about because of a bullshit magical ritual. Said ritual requires presence of said least god, so doing away with a least god means that bricks don't cook from clay and I've just about thrown the book across the room out of disgust for that sort of thing.

>> No.30349209


Also, the internet was sentient, and actively tried to befriend the lonely and outcast.

>> No.30349223

The scientific method is a process that definitely works in Creation, since it just involves making careful measurements and then inferences based off of said measurements.

>> No.30349229

Yes, exactly.
That guy has a bog-standard "rebuild the first age!" Twilight, except with shitty self-insert and metagaming.

>> No.30349234

Prince. He gives a length of slack, rewards for success, is competent, and so much of a dickwaffle that people think he is the same type of creature as MoW. That said, MoW wouldn't be too bad either, if a bit more of a dunce

>> No.30349240

...explain the first age then? Just because the rules are different doesn't mean industrialization isn't possible. It's more difficult, to be sure, but creation does follow a set of rules and these rules can be taken advantage of.

>> No.30349297

What Difficulty would it be to use Craft (Genesis) to give women chocolate breast milk?

>> No.30349324


That's just a 0 point cosmetic mutation.

>> No.30349335

Basically this. Magic is a controllable, consistent, and reliable concept that can be manipulated and understood scientifically in Creation, which is why Magitech is a thing to begin with.

Which is also why the greatest workshops are also holy cathedrals.

>> No.30349338

You're combining two different plant traits (some form of highly-concentrated botanical sugar and the chemicals in cacao) with an animal. Go from there.

>> No.30349361
File: 1.42 MB, 500x281, 1392831442039.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not a term that's receiving any more support. It's just lost First Age magic, as it was in first edition.

>> No.30349390

The amount of support the devs give the term is rather irrelevant. I certaintly won't stop calling warstriders magitech.

>> No.30349395

The First Age is a product of knowledge, magic and Solar charms.
Factory-Cathedrals required impossible curiosities (like frozen lightning), prayers and and auspicious omens to run at all.
Currency and trading were used as a measure of strengthening bits of Creation shaped from Chaos.
"Directional" languages were created to fulfill the same purpose.
There's nothing "industrial" about these things.

>> No.30349415

What's better for a Sid? Martial Arts or Melee? Thrown or Archery?

>> No.30349433

Well, you pretty much can't get access to SMAs as a Sid, due to high essence costs, and you'll be raped by the mote costs cause of your shitty pools.

>> No.30349439

Perhaps not yet, but as the years grind on, people will wonder why you're talking about FF6 when different terms are used throughout EX3. Along with most of the in-depth details of the First Age's system of magic, those things will fade away and end up getting closer to the first edition conception of the setting elements.

>> No.30349515

Really? Sweet.

What about if you swapped out breast milk with something like steroids to make an army of muscle babies?

>> No.30349557

Ah, so you never read Dreams of the First Age?

>> No.30349571

with destroyed livers (why you don't take oral steroids)

>> No.30349587


That's more significant. Overall it'd probably come in at an Abomination or an Artifact 2 Genesis overall.

>> No.30349632

Not like that matters anymore.

>> No.30349667

Someone knocked out can't use reflexive charms, correct?

So if I wanted to say, affect a solar with a Shaping effect, could I keep him out cold for 24 hours until his shaping defense runs out?

>> No.30349681


>> No.30349695

The very term "Factory-Cathedral" outright implies industrialization. Also, if you read Dreads of the First age you learn that they industrialized agriculture in the form of RPCs. Yes, you ran everything off of manses and essence but it was still industry that created and maintained all of that.

>> No.30349709


Oh good. It's been annoying trying to find a way around just how EASY the Solar Shaping defenses are.

Time to beat a solar senseless with delicious Crane Style (So I can rack up like 48 hours worth of out cold without killing them)

>> No.30349749

>requires constant micromanagement and adjustment by a race of purposefully created immortal slaves
Because they're micromanaging the physics of the world.

Tammuz has like Intelligence 8, and yet he's all upset and doesn't know what to do about his dead boyfriend's Soul Upgrade Pack being given to a girl, because he thinks she's the reincarnation of his dead boyfriend's soul and has forgotten that the Soul Upgrade Pack comes with the possibility of gender swapping powers.

No they won't, because it was only called magitech in 2e because that's the term that 1e fans coined for the lost technology of the first age.

The first edition conception of the setting elements were magitech. Have you ever read 1e? It's not as different as you think it is. It's just less explained.

>> No.30349782

And honestly, even if they stop calling it Magitech, people won't, as it's a common shorthand for that sort of thing. Even if the book didn't call it that, I'd sure as fuck call a giant mech powered by magic, "Magitech".

>> No.30349878

Yeah, you're right. Magitech rolls of the tongue and has a solid connotation. It paints a more clear picture in your mind than any other term that would refer to the same thing. It's just not going away.

>> No.30350051

Actually, rebuilding the first age is probably the hardest goal to achieve. The Dynasts are going to fight you. The Sids are going to fight you. Some of the Lunars are going to fight you. The Infernals and Abyssals will fight you no matter what you do but will target you first if you start cranking out warstriders to fight them. The Guild may fight or support you, or both, but they're going to try to rob you blind no matter what. Industrialization is tough to begin with, you need to invent the machines to make the machines you need as well as a sizable labor force and a means to pay for them as well as the raw materials to make high quality finished goods from.

Honestly, once you get the first factory going the sidereals are going to know (and unless you're using wyld shaping charms for everything they are going to know) and send the entire Realm after you. So as soon as you managed to get your agriculture to a point of feeding everyone without ninety percent of your population as farmers an entire legion shows up on your doorstep demanding your head on a platter. The mercenaries you hired got diverted by sidereals and the Abyssals want to use the inevitable massacre to create a shadowlands. The Silver Pact is just going to sit back and laugh if you're lucky while the Infernals are waiting in the wings to jump you once you're exhausted from the Dynastic legions.

>> No.30350158

...why do you want to forcibly Shape them?

>> No.30350161

And yet it is typical Twilight goal.
Or at least doing it in a given city the circle calls home and then leaving everybody jealous.

>> No.30350382

You're a semi-immortal demi-god with powers that can redefine reality as we know it. Why not go for the absurd?

>> No.30350551

And if you play your cards right, the semi part migth be rendered moot.

>> No.30350756

So I'm toying around with Anethema trying to name this one character when this name pops up
>The Number One King of the Heaven

...seriously? Sol Invictus would smite me on principle.

>> No.30350820
File: 377 KB, 1147x665, Fuck your shit, I'm the UCS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


"Well, obviously I only named myself that ironicly."

>Sol Invictus' face when

>> No.30350838

That's still bomb-ass name. I mean, Son Wukong called himself "the great sage, equal of heaven"

>> No.30350852

He seemed pretty okay with that one ass-hat in the first age making a statue of Sol, but with the Solars face on it.

>> No.30350878

Ugh, I really want to know who he's punching!

>> No.30350894

Most likely Arianna, the iconic Solar from 2e. Nobody likes Arianna.

>> No.30350911

Too many clothes. and I like arianna.

>> No.30350920

My guess is he put up with a lot of shit because of the curse, and then it all went to hell when The Heirophant took his name in vain. It was the only rule he gave them, the fucking animals still could not comply!

>> No.30350929

It's not the goal, it's the means. There's nothing wrong with remaking Creation in your own image, provided your image is a person who fits in the fluff and not somemetagaming 21st century Earthling sperglord.

>> No.30350958

The robes and hair are nigh-identical, it has to be her.

>> No.30350984

Yeah, there's just way more interesting things you can do than just bringing in real world earth.

>> No.30351006

He doesn't know anything about the Great Curse. Only Lytek and the Neverborn do.

>> No.30351013

Gods aren't micromanaging anything. They're mostly just sitting back and ignoring reports to have fabulous parties with divine hookers and blow.

RE: Magitech, it was called first age weaponry in the place where it was first described in depth (The Outcaste), and it remained that way until given a title that it probably shouldn't have been in 2e, which wasn't until Wonders of the Lost Age made its appearance in summer 2006.

Whatever you think it might look like, in the game, it's First Age magic.

>> No.30351025



>> No.30351046

Arianna is the worst. Compassion 1 and a chip on her shoulder because of sexism doesn't make for an endearing character.

>> No.30351082

Basically you remember the comic where the Heirophant said "We asked the Unconquered Sun and he agreed?" That was a lie. The only rule he gave them was that they weren't allowed to do what the Heirophant did. That's when he had enough.

>> No.30351111

Seriously? that's what made say "fuck this shit" and go full cosmic-monopoly junkie?

>> No.30351155

More like he'd been witness to a million transgression both great and small, and that little speech by the Hierophant was the last straw that broke the camel's back.

>> No.30351336

You have to understand that only Luna has ever gotten a really good look at Conky's face, so there is also some leniency there for artistic license.

>> No.30351405

Didn't the Solars all see him during the war? And he lets gods take turns in the GoD all the time, they must have seen him.

Hell every year he runs a foot race against Saturn at that festival mortals accidentally walk into. Loads of people see his fucking face.

>> No.30351419

He's just way too fucking bright to get a clear look at him. Go on, try to look at the sun, see if you can make out its sunspots.

>> No.30351426

>RE: Magitech, it was called first age weaponry in the place where it was first described in depth (The Outcaste), and it remained that way until
1e players started calling it magitech so commonly that it became a canon term in 2e.

A sidereal who is giving him a report on something.

>> No.30351493

Read Glories:Luna. It's explicitly stated that she is the only entity capable of looking directly into his face and emerging unscathed. Their first meeting was the first eclipse, in which she got close enough to actually see his face, said something only the two of them know, and came away bearing the reflection of his light.

>> No.30351506

Didn't he have sex with Queen Merala?

>> No.30351607

Maybe they did it doggy style?

>> No.30351745

Why does every Exalted thread eventually devolves into kinky sex with celestial bodies e_e

>> No.30351792

>until 1e players started calling it magitech so commonly that it became a canon term in 2e.
Which was an absolute stupid move.

Magitech is a term from a specific work (FF VI). The work is so well known and influencial that people started using that specific word to describe similar or superficially similar concepts in other works. But in no way should you support it, because that specific word corrupts and mutates the original idea.

Magical remnants of the Wonders of the First Age should be diverse in thematics, aesthetics, ways they work. Wonders of the First Age, the book, was the opposite of that. It introduced the word Magitech as the official denomination for First Age wonders, which in turn coloured the lens through which a whole edition looked at the First Age. The book was a terrible influence, was built like a shopping list, perverted the way Wonders in Exalted work (with fucking Repair ratings) and I for one am immensely happy that they are doing away with that bullshit.

Just because some First Age Wonders had technological tidbits as part of their aethetics doesn't mean Magitech was a good idea.

>> No.30351932

>suckered Prince Diamond into fighting her fight
Points for this, even if her ridiculous bright red marching-band/military-officer uniform looks ridiculous on a Night Caste.

>> No.30351950

>is so hot for Novia that he traded The South for The East and happily goes to war against Mnemon
In defense of this, The South is awful and the East is clearly the coolest Direction. Especially really far in the East where there stops being a forest floor and it's all acrobatic brown people and gigantic trees and horribly poisonous animals.

>> No.30351975

It helps that she's fucking fine.

As an aside, Venus has clearly hidden a vibrator under her robes.

>> No.30351989 [DELETED] 

>Magitech is a term from a specific work (FF VI).
Yeah, no. Magitech is a common term all over the place.

>> No.30351993

It's not the means either. It's the player. Some kid comes in, doesn't know how to roleplay, and ends up writing a bad fanfic for a backstory. Happens all the time.

>> No.30352041
File: 196 KB, 1507x530, 1392841859034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The South is awful

What the fuck, dude? No offense, it's just that it's one of the most developed and well thought out regions in the game.

>> No.30352090 [DELETED] 

>I for one am immensely happy that they are doing away with that bullshit.
If by "that bullshit" you mean "the specific term used to describe it that people naturally started calling it because it was a convenient and useful descriptor that only you thinks is solely the providence of Final Fantasy 6"... Yeah, I guess they are getting rid of it.

Who the hell wants concise and easily usable terminology anyway? "Magical remnants of the wonders of the first age" just rolls off the tongue in a way "magitech" doesn't. The "first edition conception of the setting elements" was magitech. That's where the term AROSE from. If its remotely like the first age conception, even if you don't call it magitech in the books, players will still call it magitech. Because that's what happened in the first edition.

>> No.30352092


Probably, the Sidereal splat says that "she typically seems mildly intoxicated, as if she had just consumed qat or had a momentous orgasm." Also, isn't the Cerulean Lute of Harmony also a brothel?

>> No.30352127

Turns out he was born with that name. Ends up telling everyone his name is "Bob". Has no manipulation worth noting.

Sol ends up noticing he lies about his name. Forces him to answer truthfully. Has good laugh afterwards and King ends up with new name.

>The Ninth Maiden

>> No.30352136

>I for one am immensely happy that they are doing away with that bullshit.
If by "that bullshit" you mean "the specific term used to describe it that people naturally started calling it because it was a convenient and useful descriptor that only you thinks is solely the providence of Final Fantasy 6"... Yeah, I guess they are getting rid of it.

Who the hell wants concise and easily usable terminology anyway? "Magical remnants of the wonders of the first age" just rolls off the tongue in a way "magitech" doesn't. The "first edition conception of the setting elements" was magitech. That's where the term AROSE from. If its remotely like the first edition conception, even if you don't call it magitech in the books, players will still call it magitech. Because that's what happened in the first edition.

>> No.30352662

Yeah, really.
"Magitech" is an established cross-fandom term. Exalted ain't escaping it unless there is absolutely nothing magitech like in the books.
And that ain't happening.

>> No.30352777

The second book is Evocations & Warstriders.

>> No.30352828

And as much as they may scrub everything else...
Warstriders are NEVER escaping being giant super robots. And quite frankly, should not, because those are awesome.

>> No.30352904

I meant it's an awful place to be, in-setting. Most of the cultures there are ludicrous.

Of course, so is my favourite part of the East, just in terms of "the place itself is hilariously lethal", so I can see how you interpreted it that way.

>> No.30352931

I just meant that she seems to be working her way towards an orgasm rather than having just had a really good one, judging from the expression on her face.

>> No.30352946

The realm is divided, and cannot be mobilized against a state. Outcaste DBed are very Bribable. "You will pay me in how many artifacts? Sold." Then the Manse breeding program.

>> No.30353413


Because they pissed me off and I want a vengeance they'll actually feel, rather than just flat killing them.

That and I know they don't have the 'Remove shaping effects' charm.

>> No.30353521


Wait what the fuck this all flew under my radar, can someone fill me in? Who raped who? Sorry for being off topic but I gotta know more

>> No.30353588

You better be really careful.

>> No.30353640

>vengeance against a Solar
>letting him live

This will end badly

>> No.30353644


I never said it was a GOOD plan. Just that my character wants to do it.

>> No.30353744


OK I read the article on SA but I still don't know anything about mid being raped in real life.

>> No.30353798

Actually, with Shaping (Wyld Shaping in particular), he could reshape the Solar into a hot female loyal minion. Sure, it has a chance of backfiring. But nothing says revenge like turning your enemy into your meido.

>> No.30353913

Just remember, this is a Solar we're talking about.

>> No.30354217

Shortly after the Abyssals preview in the Kickstarter came out SA did a click bait hatchet job article on Exalted as a whole, first with an intentional misinterpretation of the Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears charm tree in the preview, then with the universally reviled fluff section of Infernals with a touch of calling out the thematically appropriate nudity in Lunars. The article should be avoided just because all it does is use the success of the kickstarter to attract clicks onto 15 pages of ads.

On their forums, which you have to pay to create a new account every time you get a ban, they were banning anyone who even appeared to defend the game, including some of the devs who got a bit passionate in their defense.

Shortly after it was revealed that the admins and mods knew that one of their mods was a convicted child molester for about a decade and had absolutely no problem with him. That is, they had a guy on their staff who had raped a child and didn't care, but were actively decrying a game with cherry-picked bits either out of context or known to be bad by the fan base already.

>> No.30354226

Or a Sidereal intern.

>> No.30354296


Thanks, now I know!

And knowing is half the battle.

The other half is celestial martial arts.

>> No.30354345
File: 149 KB, 598x316, 1367866440924.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The other half is celestial martial arts.

>> No.30355015

Do Eye of Heaven Style and Arms of the Unconquered Sun Style mesh well together? They'd seem good for a character who fights in the name of the UCS.

>> No.30355240
File: 1.09 MB, 1920x1200, awesome wallpaper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ugh, I really want to know who he's punching!

Man, that pic takes me back.
One of my players drew it during a game of Exalted I ran for three years in 2008-2010.

Basically during that game I ran some short "meanwhiles" at the start or end of sessions, showing the players shit that was happening elsewhere in the world.

At that point, the players' circle had, if i remember correctly, just defeated a third-circle demon that was previously imprisoned in the collective blood of a barbarian tribe of the south-east since the First Age (followers of the circle's lunar). It was a giant tentacle sprouting out of the ground, surrounded by swarms of metallic bees on fire, and whose presence domes the entire area in an indestructible papier-mache sky with seventeen giant stars crudely drawn in crayon on it.

The collateral damage was outrageous, but they managed to stall it for long enough to realize that they only way to defeat him was showing him the three things he couldn't understand: silence without death, power without ambition, love without pain. it's also when the game's solar-lunar PC couple became an official couple.

After that, the Bronze Faction got terrified of these guys who could fuck up a third-circle being loose in the threshold, so they wrote an "official" report (written to make the PCs were the ones who released the demon) and sent it to the UCS, who was meanwhile pondering to reinstate the Solar Mandate of Heaven because the PCs were being awesome (something the Bronzes wanted to avoid of course).

The picture was UCS rebuttal to the falsified sidereal report. It's not in the drawing, but his punch left a [REJECTED] shaped indent on the report (and the god's face).

Good times.

>> No.30355338

I'm the guy that brought it up, and while I could care less what people think about Exalted, yeah, people should definitely know what has been going on in SA recently.

>> No.30355564

That's awesome, thank you for clearing this mystery for me anon.

>> No.30355833

Arms of the Unconquered Sun is mostly defensive, and Eye of Heaven is mostly offensive, so I don't see why not.

>> No.30355949

Combine them with Solar Hero and Golden Janissary and be the paladin that Creation deserves.

>> No.30356013

>Golden Janissary

Solar's have one charm for that.

>> No.30356079

...what? With Lotus Root, you can pick up Golden Janissary at a massive discount as stack all kinds of situational damage bonuses against CoDs on your attacks. On top of all their other shit. The point isn't picking Golden Janissary over something else, it's picking it on top of it.

>> No.30356232
File: 198 KB, 546x500, Twilight Rider.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That is kickass. And I also found Twilight Rider in the artists gallery. Did he play that character?

>> No.30356349


I don't see why not, they can all be practiced in armour, I just need to find out what counts as light, medium, and heavy armour.. Which reminds me, if I use the capstone of AotUCS to copy a Form charm of an SMA or another style that can't use armour, do I've to remove mine?

>> No.30356404

It shows right in the core book. Breastplate, buff jacket, and chain shirt are light. Chain hauberk, lamellar, and reinforced buff jacket are medium. Articulated plate, plate-and-chain, and reinforced breastplate are heavy. Chain swathing and superheavy plate are superheavy.

>> No.30356500

This may sound stupid but do tattoo artifacts provide the regular moonsilver bonus?

>> No.30356507

I think they do.

>> No.30356513


>> No.30356589


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