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What if the Eye of Terror is actually the butthole of Slaneesh, and the armies that go in and out of it are her dildoes and scat?

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So when a chaos army retreats she's shoving shit up her ass?

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best thread ever

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yes :D

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In that case I accept this theory without any reservations.

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It's also why Abbadon is accepted in being defeated so much...it literally gives Slaneesh pleasure.

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>Cadian patrols around the edge of the Eye are actually giving Slaanesh rimjobs

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/tg/: Asking the important questions you never wanted an answer to.

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Abbadon is Slaneesh's anal beads

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Eye of Terror is older than Slaanesh.

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I... what. Anon do you even Chaos lore?

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apparently not not, I don't even play 40k and I know that slanesh made the eye upon birth

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Of course. Do you?

Eye of Terror is simply one and largest, most iconic Warp rifts in the Galaxy. It isn't the only one phenomenon of such kind, merely largest -> KNOWN <- in -> KNOWN <- part of the universe.

Therefore, whatever it stands for is older than Slaanesh.

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That logic makes no sense.

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>I don't even play 40k
It's obvious.

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The Eye of Terror was created when Slaanesh was born though.

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Although, I just looked it up to confirm, and I'm not wrong
>capcha pleasure rouklvo

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Only to people with closed mind.

Congrats loyalist, go worship rotting cadaver. It's in your hardware to worship dead things after all.

Think about it. It's just a breach in our reality. There exist other ones. More than once could be created during the birth of Slaanesh. Maybe they come to the "existence" spontaneously. Maybe they are processes that take millenias to complete.

Point still stands: whatever eye of Terror is, it's part of phenomenon older than Slaanesh.

Adults talk. Go play Pokemons or something.

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And at the same time Slaanesh has always existed.

Strange huh?

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Stay away from my hobby.

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The Eye is literally as old as Slaanesh, you fucking retard. It formed when he was born.

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>The Eye of Terror is not a naturally-occurring astronomical phenomenon. The Eye was created by the psychic shock wave that accompanied the birth of the fourth Chaos God Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure, during the Fall of the Eldar over 11,000 Terran years ago
Fuck off

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Of course, if anyone could have a butthole before they existed it would be Slaanesh

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>It formed when he was born.
Mon-keegh, you still don't get it, huh?

Slaanesh wasn't born. Gods are not born. It's what your dense, small mind accepts, because it can't comprehend the concept of something being eternal.
He came to full consciousnesses around the 30th millenia.

Eye of Terror? It's part of process that probably as old as the universe itself, or even older. It's like a pimple, or yet another field of body that gave up to the cancer.

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but isnt the sphincter the first thing to form when the fetus is in the womb?

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>Slaanesh wasn't born. Gods are not born

Both false.

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> I don't play WH40k, except that time I've found trainer for Space Marines vidya, know shit about its lore, so redacted article in wikia seems like legit for me, har, har, har, I'm so into WH40k nao!

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I just looked it up and we are arguing samantics. Slanesh was slumbering, the eldar caused him to wake up/ be reborn, this caused the Eye

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But your logic falls apart when you realize that the chaos gods are eternal and always, and are older than the universe. Being older than the universe, they are all, Slaanesh included, far older than any process that would have opened up any rift.

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> I don't want to find facts that back up my side of the argument. So I'll use name calling instead
Why don't you go back into whatever hole you crawled out of you fuckwit

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I realize this is bait but...

Not the person you are arguing with but what the hell are you on about?

Where the eye of terror is is where the Eldar empire was, hench the crone worlds.
So unless you want to argue that the eldar thought it would be dandy to build their empire inside a warpstorm...

Also yes, Slaanesh always existed inside the warp because fuck time in that place.

However he bith and birthmark (the eye) is barely older then 11k years.

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Don't go Dawkins on me, little one.

We're not arguing over semantics. I simply reject simplifications. "She who thirsts souls" is an idea that existed since always. Eye of Terror is part of another process, ancient like the universe itself.

The idea matched the process, but it doesn't matter they are one and the same, especially since everything is centered on the small fraction of the universe and Tzeentch alone knows what happens during that time in other parts of reality.

It's totally possible that smaller and bigger breaches, similar to the Eye of Terror come to the existence all the time, every other second.


You don't deserve facts, kid. I have nothing for you, you're of no interest to me.

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The only thing you're doing is making yourself look like an asshole

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Then go away, if it's irrelevant to your interests. I mean, what's holding you here? Go, engage in the session of pokemons, "stat me thread", preach about your favorite system, whatever.

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He is however doing a very nice job of it.

While also tanking a perfectly good slaanesh's asshole discussion.

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That's not even a good filename you fuck.
That picture is made for the joke "laughinggods.jpg" and you fucked it
you fucked it you fucking fucker

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> Muh rulz
Typical loyalist.

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>calling everyone a loyalist in a Chaos player thread

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Obviously, he is a contrarian fraud.

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My gods died at my own hands, fleshling.

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come on guys this thread is about the Eye of Terror being the anus of Slaneesh :/

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> Behave like one, be called one.

Too big paradox for you? That even strengthens my suspicions.

...the Humanity did it with their own too, back in time, when that carcass glued to the golden potty was still considerably unknown.

Their version was called Jaysus or something.

And they simply mauled him to the death with wooden plank, cross or something - took them three days with NO casualties.

So pardon me, I'm not impressed, boney one.

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I just checked, it works. You may safely go back there, harvest upvotes.

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I'm sorry I'm not a massive faggot like you, i'm on 4chan more then Reddit anyway.

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He was probably just some guy.

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Lore is very serious business and there is no fun allowed

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> i'm on 4chan more then Reddit anyway.

Ladies and gentlement: a faggot trying to blend in.

Hint: you don't.

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>i'm on 4chan more then Reddit anyway.

Baitu desu yo.

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Wait, what am I being jealous of? The guy who got nailed to a stick?

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I hope that those Syrian Army will stop breaking Reddit, because I swear on Abnett's underpants, the amount of that faggotery becomes overwhelming and unbearable.

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>> Behave like one, be called one.
>Too big paradox for you? That even strengthens my suspicions.

Works for me, chump.

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Nope. About simple monk-eyghs doing what you did with far less powerful weaponry and no casualties.

It's like they spawn tactical geniuses each time, each place...

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he is the the most beautiful chaos

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You have me mixed up with someone else, probably someone who is an evil space robot that would take offense to being called a robot.

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>not knowing what an auspex is

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> Dear blogspot, yesterday I tried to act like 4channer, but they recognized my inner faggotery and it wasn't very pleasant.

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>the Emperor's Children infiltrator was swiftly uncovered by the Alpha Legion

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And when your Brother Sergeant told you it's an auspex? Under shower, or after combat practice, when he massaged your aching body, mmmmmmmmmmmmm?

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It's an auspex.

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> Phase one: the denial
> Phase two: "your fagget!"

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That /tg/ for you

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>Phase one: auspex sees through walls
>Phase two: shoot up a target without losing cover or concealment


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nice try faggot

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It's fine.
We ascendent ones have nothing but patience for the foolishness of you younger races.
Especially those of the Eldar. Time's on their side, after all. It's not like their race has been humbled to a few thousand scurrying about like rats, daily suffering casualties they simply cannot afford.
Oh wait. Well, you can't. We can. We have. We will. When the ashes of your race are naught but dust on the solar wind, we will take a brief moment to remember those mortals who could do nothing but fulfill the doom of mortality. And then even Chaos will be undone, only sound and fury in long-empty halls.
This is our universe. We've tolerated vermin far too long.
I stopped fapping for this you fuck

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>not knowing what an auspex is
>not knowing how old the Eye of Terror is
>not knowing CSM use auspexes as well

Please leave.

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>all this damage control

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> Phase one: active
> Phase two: imminent

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Well you can't act like a faggot and then blame other people for calling you a faggot.

It's just not proper, it's just not cricket,
So take your shitpost and I'll tell you where to stick it.

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>the ashes of your race
Imposibru. See, all dem races around? They are immutable, including the Chaos and the Swarm. You are what you are, you don't evolve, merely react to global changes at best.

The Mankind? We aspire to greatness, to something more. We constantly evolve.

Citius, Altius, Fortius is our creed, puny xeno.

We will transcend that flesh and death. And nothing will stop us.

So, sayeth the Emperor.

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honestly, if I could choose between Redditfags and people like you I would choose reddit. Reddit fags at least have a small chance of being rational,

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>Phase one: Be a loser redditor
>Phase two: Invade 4chan
>Phase three: Expose your ignorance
>Phase four: Receive negative response

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> Phase two: active

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> Being caught on using hand mirrors.

Beautiful Marines Chapter, I presume?

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