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I love the concept of pyromaniac nuns with guns in space.

How do I build a cost effective (money wise) army with the Sisters of Battle in 40k?

And can I get Sisters art while we're at it?

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Minimum sized squads, all of them in repressors supported by exorcists.

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>How do I build a cost effective (money wise) army with the Sisters of Battle in 40k?

learn to recast

maybe wait for Raging Heroes "totally not SoB models" or Dreamforge Games "space knights with female heads"

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Marines with alternative heads and 3rd party shoulder pads and backpacks (anvil industru, maxmini, etc.)? Unless you really want skintight boob plates. Maybe DA vets with their robed bodies, mixed with some BT and sternguard for added bling and shit. Whirlwinds make good exorcists and I'm sure you could rig a dread or a sentinel into a penitent engine.

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>How do I build a cost effective (money wise) army with the Sisters of Battle in 40k?
You don't.

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Watch ebay like a hawk.
Go mechanized 100%
Get an allied detachment of IG or Inquisition.

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You don't.

Even if you watch ebay hard, you're still going be paying more Dollars per model than anyone else.

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Just this weekend an "army" of 42 sisters and 3 or 4 rhino chassis tanks sold for $599.

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Guess what they say about the sisters being flaming dykes is true.

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Just wait for the new range

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>getting plastic models

i suppose that'll come with our physical codex

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Won't be much longer before all armies are updated

Besides, GW may end up just releasing models for everything Sisters already have which means they could get their models at any time.

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Get some female troopers from other ranges - Most of them are pretty exploitative, but, well, that's 40k too. Pick up flamers and bolters to modify their arms and armor, and while official sisters don't have significant shoulder-pads giving girls Marine pads is a good way to signify sisters.

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>physical codex

Moving goal posts. You're lucky you even got a digital update, and two updates in a row in consecutive editions.

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I wish, OP. I wish.

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i got mine cheap off've a forum trade; there's a few facebook groups that're good for cheap stuff

army list-wise, 3 exorcists and mass immolators; i run heavy bolters at the moment due to dark eldar shadowfield things (with negative range) but magnetised the options for multimelta.

started trying Deathcultists and they're evil if they've got a pair of crusaders to take the overwatch!
>captcha not expecin
noone expects I6 Str4 AP3

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>Won't be much longer before all armies are updated

New edition means time to reupdate everyone LOL GET FUCKED SISTERS

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Sup OP? I hear you wanted some SoB artwork? I can help with that.

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Most probably. I see the digital codex as a stopgap, really.

Not lucky- blessed.

Laugh whle you can, heretic. When our day comes, you shall not be able to hide from the masses of faithful who shall flood the table tops.

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An old Sister from an old edition.

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Sabbat helms are pretty cool. Hope we get more of 'em when the plastics come.

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>Sabbat helms
>not metal panties

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Sabbat Helmets are a large portion of why I picked up SOB. I love the Space Sallet Helms.

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There's a funny picture of a Sister actually wearing some panties on her head, but I don't have it.

It's weird how not many of the models wear them, though. Maybe GW really wanted to show off that they're women, or something? But again, I imagine that plastics will give us lots more of them.

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I think a lot of it is yeah. Female models, so they wanted to have the faces shown. Pity, because I think the Sabbat Helmet is vastly better than the marine helmet.

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this one is my favourite :')

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Some more 2E artwork.

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This one always reminds me of Ulysses from New Vegas.

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god i wish the celestians had melee weapons

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> best order

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Best order is my custom Order of the Lily.

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I have to go for a little while, bol/tg/als. Something awesome just came in the post (not dragon dildos). Will continue posting artwork when I return.

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Which of the existing SoB models would be easiest to give a robotic arm?

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Honestly, any of them. As they wear power armour, it's a matter of painting it to look less 'Power armour' and more 'Robo arm'

If you want more than a colour scheme, you could have some serious trouble. As metal minis don't help a lot. I'd lean the Cannoness though, just because her arms are separate from her body iirc.

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>I love the concept of pyromaniac nuns with guns in space.

Yeah, but can they fug?

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I'll prolly pick a sister superior or some such.

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Nothing says they can't. But are you devout enough to get them to want to fug?

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Not in the codex fluff, no. But Sandy Mitchell has a book that has them more as Stormtroopers in power armour, so go with that version if you want. But some people prefer the codex version.

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Can? Yes.
Will? Well, I can tell you you'll have a hot time for the rest of your life. All two minutes of it as you trash around in flames.

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The WDex was specifically because the update to the GK and other plans would directly conflict with the Witchhunters dex. There was no plans at the time for a new Sister dex so the easiest fix was the WDex. Something that required an afternoon to write.
Their 6th ed dex was because GW wasn't just going to PDF the WDex, gone are the days of freebies, and because of that people were using the 3rd ed dex again or being told by numerous GW staff to just pirate the fucking thing.
So if they are going to charge you a fucking fortune for the WDex, they might as well fix one or two hanging issues.

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Oh please, if the Sisters ever get their actual update, you just know they will be one of the weaker armies in the game.

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SoB fags are almost Tyribabby level of whining about shit

>oh no im not as good as Eldaaaaaaaaaaaaar

fuck off

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Back. The art shall resume.

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>oh no im not as good as anyonnnnnnnnnnnnne

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A cool alternate armour for the Sisters. I like it, though I feel it's a little far from their gothic aesthetic.

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>So if they are going to charge you a fucking fortune for the WDex, they might as well fix one or two hanging issues.
But it's not just the WD 'dex again. They changed quite a lot of stuff around, as well as adding in new stuff like fluff, art, apoc formations, relics, alter of war missions and warlord traits.

Your fear is noted. heretic.

Nah, we've made our last two codexes work great, even if they were a little lacking in some places. There's always a bit of hysteria, but plenty of us have faith in the faithful.

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Image limit here is 150, right? I'll have to be selective.

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I love it when people underestimate the SoB.

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3E really did have some of the best SoB artwork.

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GW specifically said that this was all old stuff. Either very old or stuff that was written for the WDex but didn't make it due to space.
One new picture, caught everyone by surprise but it's still just one picture. Everything else is just Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V from C:WH and DH
>apoc formations
Old shit just brought in line with the current rules
Wargear is new? Huh?
>alter of war missions
That took a whole of ten minutes to make
>warlord traits
This is pretty much a compulsory edition to all armies under 6th ed

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I don't really like everything that FFG did with the SoB fluff-wise, but they make some damn fine artwork.

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All o0f those things were new, and not in the previous WD codex. If it had literally been a copy+past thing then yeah it should have been a free PDF, but it wasn't.

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god i wish celestians had their own models

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I kinda wish ANY of our supposedly melee experts (Celestians/Seraphim) could melee for shit.

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Seraphim are melee experts? As far as I know, their role is pretty well defined as ranged specialists against light infantry/hordes.

I think some old fluff had them as melee specialists, but I don't think that's the case anymore.

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>> No.30326028


They were before and KINDA are supposed to be able to tangle with melee (Hit and run) but the low init means they can't even Hit and Run well.

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There's a Sister Superior model who's holding a chainsword up, so her arm is pretty seperate from her body.

>> No.30326069

A Martyred Lady Sister, before Armageddon.

>> No.30326087

Sister SELENA Agna was KNOWN for her zeal in PUUUUUURGING the FOUL AND TREACHEROUS xeno invaders.

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>cost effective (money wise) army

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No, the inner colour of her loin-cloth is red. That was changed post Arma due to their massive casualties. (Sister players kept losing their battles. And who says that GW doesn't change fluff based on the results of the campaigns?)

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I'm curious about something, /tg/. If you're fielding one, how do you have you Canoness outfitted?

>> No.30326184

>punching a chaos marine in the face so hard his helmet deforms

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Only play in low points games. A functional list would be:

Flamer Sister + Heavy Flamer Sister: $15 Three Sisters: $17
Sister Superior: ~ $13
Immolator: $37 (GW) or $58 (FW).
One Properly Kitted Squad: $82 from GW: more if you want your Immolator to have a turret. You need two of these.

Two Exorcists: $57 each

Four Melta Dominions: $40
One Sister Superior: $13
Repressor (FW): $60
One Dominion Squad: $113

Total (sans HQ): $391, for 17 models and 5 vehicles.
Snapping them up off ebay, extensive kitbashing, or recasting can all drive the cost down, but you're looking at about $400 as a "target" for a force this small.

>> No.30326255

Oh? The WH codex seems to be laying that they changed both sides of the cloak after Armageddon.

> And who says that GW doesn't change fluff based on the results of the campaigns?)
Shame they haven't done a campaign for a while, then. Though there's meant to be that Dark Vengence-themed one coming up sometime soon, so maybe that'll have some fluff implications.

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Based Sister Miriya, destroyer of moons.

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>> No.30326338

Why aren't the forces of chaos flooding the Imperium from the Eye of Terror, considering they won?

Also it must suck to be one of the five people who play Dark Eldar. They did pretty well during Medusa V and they turn around and say IT WAS ALL FOR NOTHING LE BETRAYAL FACE XDDD!

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All stand aside, best SoB colour scheme coming though.

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>> No.30326409

What's that? Argent Shroud?

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>> No.30326437

ye olde repentia

>> No.30326455

Not any established GW scheme, but man it looks baller on the table, Chainmail, Bleached bone and Burnished gold.
Very subtle and entirely different from the nazi tri-tone most SoB's use

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>> No.30326465

Got any pics of your models?

>> No.30326478

Ivory and gold with a medium blue also looks pretty cool, I think.

>> No.30326484

Is the cloth on her armor made of asbestos or something? Otherwise it'd be really easy to set herself on fire by accident.

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>> No.30326524

The Battle Sisters in the background of this one also look cool. The armour colour and checkered robes make them look quite knightly.

>> No.30326537

the Sisters found an STC for fireproof robes

but its a secret though so shhhhhh

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>> No.30326558

Does this remind anyone of the megamilk picture? The expression seems perfect.

What would be written across her chest? Mega Faith?

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>> No.30326612

>Does this remind anyone of the megamilk picture?
That's the joke.

>> No.30326629

Heh. Well caught, I see what you mean.

>> No.30326718

Even foul xenos can't help but cop a feel.

>> No.30326756

I don't think so, sold them off when the new dex hit, all that metal and resin left my conversion itch no possibility of relief.

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>> No.30327033

Parchment: fuck yeah

>> No.30327052

Sister White and the Seven Squats

>> No.30327074

Will it blend?

>> No.30327080

an unlikely alliance

>> No.30327093

>> No.30327102

Why is the cutting edge on the rounded side.. that'll just have it bounce off bone and hardened armour...

>> No.30327116

Man I'd love this in the next codex.

>> No.30327133

Sister Termies would be pretty neet too

>> No.30327135

GW pushes models with faces in general, too

>> No.30327147

Meh just the rule of cool. Its already insane enough to have chainsaw swords.

>> No.30327157

>weaboo SoBs

sounds like I have a new order to fluff

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>> No.30327178

Katana's are clearly the best blade created by man

>> No.30327183

Art dump? Sure

>> No.30327196

Nah, borrowing a bit heavily from the Marines. We should branch off for ourselves.

Celestians could get melee weapons and storm shields, that'd look pretty cool. Zealot mobs/Frateris Militia/Redemptionists would also be a perfect second troops choice.

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>> No.30327208

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>> No.30327229

That's usually the case when I hear when I post that imagine...but how bout THIS!!!

>> No.30327236

Also a pity because the faces are pretty terrible. Honestly, if they'd just put feminine faces on it and tone down the titplate, they'd be so much better.

>> No.30327246


>> No.30327258

Also Inquistional Stormtroopers would be nice to have back

>> No.30327259

I love how the text in that image is talking about desserts.

>> No.30327261

Now that's more like it! I'd see them as the reverse of Dominions, hanging back and picking enemies off from afar.

>> No.30327268

But SoB are women.

>> No.30327270


>> No.30327278

>> No.30327292


>> No.30327312

With the Torrent rule (12 inche range then use the flame template) Str 4 AP5 Pinning.

Psh let the men make the weapons and the REAL women do the killing.

>> No.30327315

The original

>> No.30327356

>> No.30327442

Oh hey wow, a second use for Banshees.
Oh, wait still just killing power armoured non-melee units ~5% better than the more versatile scorpions.

>> No.30327463

Don't worry, power armoured ally! I shall shield you with my flak armour!

>> No.30327511

At least we can say he'll die happy.

>> No.30327528

He's not shielding her, he's telling her to wait.

>> No.30327595

He is shielding her.

>> No.30327624

It's a natural reaction. I think it's been shown that men in combat situations tend to protect women even when doing so isn't optimal for the mission or even logical.

Biologically it makes sense, women are far more reproductively valuable than men.

>> No.30327629

Shielding her left breast maybe.

>> No.30327633

He's having a "seconds to live" grope.

>> No.30327658

They both survived, despite what the guardsman thought.

>> No.30327734

>> No.30327760

>> No.30327816


>> No.30327873

Would SoB work as an ally detachment for an Inquisition army? I want to get the most obscure army because I'm a hipster faggot.

>> No.30328707

Then run Zoats with a genestealer cult and squats

>> No.30329053

>moments later he removed her head to use as a hat

>> No.30329159

...I'm pretty sure talismans and hats are 2 different things.

>> No.30329194

Alright, I'm assuming that those numbers aren't in dollars...

>> No.30329210

Excuse my ignorance but what is it with this >hat thing?

>> No.30329238

The incorruptible Grey Knights killed a bunch of Sisters to coat their weapons and armor in the blood so they wouldn't be corrupted by the blood tide.

>> No.30329264

Taken from the Bloodtide story in the GK codex where they killed some sisters that had survived the tide previously to better protect themselves from it.

Corruption and being taken over by deamonic mind-controlling nanobots are 2 very different things.

>> No.30329328

They wouldn't have been taken over, they have runes or some shit in their bones that burn them from the inside. They might die, but not become corrupted or taken over. Anyway, the whole thing was poorly done especially since a Bloodtide was beaten back with flamers by the White Scars.

>> No.30329375

If it were just deamons, I'd agree, but they're nano-machines as well.

Also worth pointing out that Grey Knights anointing their weapons, armor, and even their bolter shells with the blood of innocents is something that dates back to at least 2nd edition.

>> No.30329379

Looked something like this.

>> No.30329386

Not incorruptible. They were described as needing the SoB blood to protect themselves. They wouldn't have needed the blood at all if they were wholly immune.

>> No.30329418

They work great together, I've heard. I also heard it's fun to put a psyker inquisitor with divination next to some Exorcists.

>> No.30329445

Yeah... Let's just agree that it wasn't the best piece of fluff and move along.

Shit, sorry. Misread your post.

>> No.30329450

I'm not saying that it was unprecedented, but that was done in a slightly more ritualized fashion. This was a borderline Khorne incident. I know they butcher innocents all the time, but this particular piece could have been handled better.

I believe it's somewhere in the codex that says they can't be corrupted, not because they are the purest of the pure but because they self-destruct if they begin to. As I said, it would be just another Grey Knight slaughter party if it had been written better.

>> No.30329768

>> No.30329787

Loved this image in response

>> No.30329943

Beautiful! Those are what I want Celestians to look like. They just need some fleurs on their helmets and they'd be more or less spot-on.

>> No.30330018

Saved, never seen that one. Thanks anon!

>> No.30330037

Its a shame its just a model a guy made on his own. :(

He did a bunch of these though.

>> No.30330049

They lost the BFG fight

>> No.30330071

>they have runes or some shit in their bones that burn them from the inside

You know, that's like fighting communism by shooting yourself so that you can never become a communist. They needed to get past the bloodtide to kill the head daemon and end the situation. You can't do that if you self-immolate on the way there.

>> No.30330170

>You know, that's like fighting communism by shooting yourself so that you can never become a communist.
Are you a commie?

>> No.30330192

Except, you know, if communists could literally turn you into a communist against your will with magic.

>> No.30330203

They sound like a commie. We should shoot ourselves before they try to convert us.

>> No.30330214

Or brainwashing. Mao had a wonderful way of making captured Americans into 'progressives' and 'reactionaries.'

>> No.30330249

>Order of the Chrome Chain
>may or may not recruit some members from hiver gangs
>nearly renegade, often ignore orders from the Ecclesiarchy (because action flick antiheroines)
>chrome armor, blue and purple or pink and yellow robes
>repentias wear spandex leotards and whatnot
>they wear mirror shades to shield their eyes from the light of the Emperor and return their enemies' gaze when facing them.
>biker squads
>lots of laser weapons because LASERS
>failed to protect the shrine world they were assigned to, now they're on a quest to avenge it and redeem themselves
>often ally with RADICAL inquisitors
>chew incense-flavored bubblegum

is this gud?

pls respond

>> No.30330315


It's going to basically be 6.5, pretty good chance they aren't going to overhaul anything major that would have an effect on how codices play.

>> No.30330901

It's okay, but I think you should have them using Chaos as a weapon. They could also have killed some Puritan Inquisitors.

>> No.30331847

that's taking it a bit too far

>> No.30332079

Exactly! that's taking it TO THE EXTREME!

>> No.30332388

I know. I was taking the piss.

>> No.30332428

We're almost to the image limit, anons! Onwards!

>> No.30332462

Ha! That made me laugh.

>> No.30332496

>> No.30332599

>> No.30332625

>> No.30332783

>> No.30332817

it annoys me just a tiny bit when artistcs draw sisters with inquisitorial symbols

they should have the ecclesiarchy symbol!

>> No.30332888

3rd edition had some of the best and most iconic artwork. the problem is people at that time didn't liked it because it looked too realistic compared with RT and 2nd edition over the top cartoony style.

>> No.30332937

more cool 3e artwork

>> No.30332977

Each to their own, of course. But I like it, it goes well with the Sisters.

>> No.30333026

>> No.30333395

>> No.30333764

>> No.30333787

>> No.30333811

>> No.30333852

>> No.30333932

>> No.30333968

They really would look fabulous in propaganda posters

>> No.30334010

>> No.30334070


>> No.30334109

>> No.30334143

Fuck it, I'll just come out and say it: Seraphim are the coolest SoB unit.

>> No.30334181

This one's kinda cute.

>> No.30334209

that's hilarious. OP here btw. Thank you everyone.

>> No.30334222

Rolled 49

>Whoo! Iron Butterfly!
>Play in da gadda da veda!

>> No.30334228


>> No.30334273

this one would probably work better on /co/, or here when somebody posts a 40K comic

>> No.30334302

This one is, of course, an Argent Shroud Sister.

>> No.30334343

Avast, me Sisters!

>> No.30334388

>> No.30334392

Rolled 54


>> No.30334525

>> No.30334551

>> No.30334569

I don't get it

>> No.30334596

celestine here, forgetting her shoes before she leaves the warp to help her sisters

>> No.30334630

Rolled 34

Hehe, shenananigans


>> No.30334643

>> No.30334678

>> No.30334697

>> No.30334719

>> No.30334745

>> No.30334777

>> No.30334801

>> No.30334828

Last image!

>> No.30335310

Or a Squat Genestealer Cult with Zoat and Eldar Exodite Dinosaur Calvary Auxiliaries.

Then you can ally in the Sisters.

>> No.30335435

Ok, Brett arm with sword, Immolator Gunners Torso and Sabat Head, SoB backpack, Shield and arm from to many different sources it doesn't matter, pistol from IG or Marines kibble.
Where are her legs from?
Anyone know?

>> No.30335747

Not sure if I'm missing the joke here but keep the Bolter-Flamer-Melta mentality and the Sisterhood doesn't have the ability produce their own armour (Not since 1st ed) so self-recruitment is also out as they would need contact with the Ecclesiarchy for more armour so they might as well take Sister Novicates through the standard channels as well.

Also, depending on the rank of the Canoness (Say, Canoness Superior) or, if they have it, Prioress leading them, they could already pretty much ignore 99% of everything the Eccles tells them to do as their own leader would technically outrank the source of their orders and holds the authority to ignore said orders.
Arch-Bishops and higher can't (Generally) be ignored but nothing short of the Ecclesiarch itself can directly order the Sisters around.
(Even then, if the Sisters feel this isn't in their best interests or that these orders are bad, they can still ignore them or even directly question them and their source)

>> No.30335811

I continually wonder why people think the Argent Shroud are so nice.

>After the recent arrival of the Adepta Sororitas at Volcanus Hive, I have taken the liberty of sending four companies of the Order of the Argent Shroud to engage the recent Ork landings in the Fire Wastes. The remainder are being split down into demi-companies and deployed throughout Prime and Secundus.

>As we are all aware, the Order of the Argent Shroud are renowned for their mandate of regulating the activities of not just members of the Ecclesiarchy, but of other Imperial organisations they come into contact with as well. Whilst I appreciate their dedication and success at rooting out traitors and dissenters within our midst, the effect upon the general morale of any fighting arm during their investigations almost always depreciates as their purges continue.

>We may be fortunate that incumbent Canoness Carmina is a little less zealous than her predecessors, particularly where the Adeptus Astartes are concerned. I recommend you consult Imperial record Ref: Jan/44698822/SMG regarding the attacks on the forward bases of the Angels Vermillion whilst the Order was under the leadership of Canoness Dissenta.

>> No.30336667

>tfw Canoness' will never have access to a seraphim jump-pack option

>> No.30340429

Either I am missing something about the perspective in this picture, or that is one fuckhueg spacedove.

>> No.30340682

Dat O face

>> No.30342608


Looks to be part of the statue to me, so huge space dove

>> No.30343062

They're not completely nice, but /tg/ likes to think of them as space paladins

Their description does describe them as altruistic and self-sacrificing, so they can still be "nice". Just SoBs at the same time.

>> No.30343253

Dark Eldar I believe

>> No.30346301

Why do the chinese recasters not have basic bolter sisters? You know, the thing you need most.

>> No.30346354

Does anyone have a link to the latest SoB rules?

>> No.30346418

The infamous description page which newbies keep posting can be safely ignored since it's all just Ward fluff. No one in the Imperium is as bloodthirsty as Sororitas and the waifufags need accept it.

>> No.30346487

They're thirsty for blood in that they like to drink the menses when they're going down on their gfs.

>> No.30346550

Is this place legit?

>> No.30347468

>that pic

She's actually playing Yellow Brick Road.

>> No.30348559

Uh, no, that page predates Ward. It was in a WD.

>> No.30348799

No. It's an illegal recasting site.

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