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Scantily clad plate bikinis can fuck right off, as can fur wearing barbarians

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What about properly armored women?

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Yes this thread is excellent... heavy armor is the best.

If you can tell their gender then the armor isn't made properly. Good pic.

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That is probably one of the ugliest sets of armor I've ever seen on /tg/

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Well then

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>No helmet
The fuck is she trying to do?

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She'll probably put it on when the danger starts.

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Still the best

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I'm taking this was inspired by the riots in Ucrania or some shit?

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Aw, no heavily armoured wizards or spellswords? No one with a full suit of metal and a fist full of pyrotechnics?

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Ask and ye shall receive.

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I've used this before for a vampire paladin I played.

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isn't that art from HoMM6? Game is shit, but that armor is cool as fuck.

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Apostles Blessing

Good card

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God I love the Sallet.

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Any vampire hunters that don't look like Van Helsing wannabes?

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I don't see enough Pauldrons in this thread

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Is there such a thing at all?

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>vampire paladin
How did that work?

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Just realized even they fell prey to too many belts. Goddamnit wish I hadn't noticed cause those are some sweet helmets.

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Oh hell da fuck yes. You're not a bad ass warrior if there isn't three inches of pure fuckhueg metal between your hand and your enemy.

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Really well. He was abandoned by Pelor after he was forcibly turned, and a new rising god picked him up as his initial paladin.

That campaign was a blast.

Nothing in the 5e materials prevent vampires from handling anything holy related, and if you worship a neutral deity, your spell damage type is necrotic as opposed to radiant.

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...Skyrim pulled it off with the Dawn Guard heavy armor. I like bucket helms.

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Fair enough. Sounds cool.

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crazy amounts of edge in this'n
what's wrong with regular Zelgius?

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I actually liked that armor too. I just didn't want to show up to the game with Skyrim art.

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Holy cow that armor makes my dick rigid.

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I dunno whether I would be scared, or laugh if I ever faced that dragon helmed guy.

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sweet jesus (in a good way)

sweet jesus.. (in a bad way)

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Ya know, there has to be some cons to hang a persons head from your armor. It must stink.

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Can't tell if he's suppose to be a hero or a villain.

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Cool, it's like a Fantasy version of a Space Marine.

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One has to make some sacrifices for that street cred man.

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How about heavy fur armor

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Looks comfy as fuck, would wear

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Does anyone have an armored scotsman/irishman/celt?

I can't really find anyone in chainmail and a kilt, but really want to play a gallowglass archetype.

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It looks like he could just slip inside his clothes and have a little hide away.

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The real deal....

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...and a more "Scottish" approach, bits of varying historical accuracy assembled into a fantasy kit.

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You prick. That game has some excellent concept work.

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And so did the shivering Isles, actually.

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That guy with that mace on the hill.
>i'm here to fuck armour, and i see armour that's not yet fucked. that will change soon.

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>mah nigga

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>pegging aypesdo

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this was how Jyggalag was supposed to look. I thought he looked too frail when you finally fought him imo.
This crystalline beefy mofo walking up to you would be far more imposing.

>companions hilesad

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also muh priests of order

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I just realized. That's not a guy in heavy armour.

That's a zombie. With I assume, scavenged armour literally slammed into its rotten body with nails probably.

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I have the more general grievance that Bethesda could never ever have properly conveyed the beauty that was the art of Adam Adamowicz.

The concept art for all three games he worked on was fare more beautiful than the games themselves.

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true dat. If only he could have been around when next gen tech becomes standard.

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If only he could have worked with a more talented team! From! Software is the first company that jumps to mind that could have made wonderful use of his talents.

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Larger pauldrons are needed.

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That's more like it!

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Wait wait wait i actually i have a better one. This wins first prize for pauldrons, accept no substitutes

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Are those anti-air guns?

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I think those are anti-PLANET guns.

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His hands look like they're clipping that sword hilt.

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who knows anon, who knows.

now that's cool.

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Can't unsee.

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It's the art for Knight of Obligation.

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>i've come to rape asses
>and you're full of humanity

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Some Viking warlord was killed because he carried a slain enemies head on his waist. On his way back home as he was on his horse the head grazed his leg with it's teeth and it got infected.

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Am I the only one who has a thing for winged helmets

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Aww man, that bitch got a raw deal.

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>player uses pictures of Lancelot to represent her female Blackguard
>can no longer see helmet-clad Lancelot without thinking of him as a woman
I guess I can be thankful she didn't ruin utilitarian western armors for me.

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Suck worse for the deamon stuck inside of him.

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That's not Malus, that's the chick that was actually going to remain loyal to him post possession that he decapitated.

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This is a perfect hybrid of colourful and grim.

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Is that supposed to be Rhaegar or just a random Targaryan? Either ways it looks fucking badass.

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Ah man, you are right, fuck. She deserved better, loyal to the end and then some more...

Her reveal as the general in the final book and her last fight Malus were the best part of the book. She loved Malus...and he knew all along.

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New thread

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I want to put my penis inside of Sieglinde's vagina.

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For a second, I swore the tips of those towers were rockets blasting off into heaven. I have been playing La Mulana too much.

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"Please Mr, Cut my femoral arteries thus more or less instantly ending the fight and assuring my swift, messy death".

Seriously, in for a penny, in for a pound, especially with that kind of baroque, fully realized style of plate armor. you don't wear that much steel and just leave that much of your legs bare.

(At the most you would go demi lancer style with half or quarter plate that was oriented to protect mostly your front, omitting armoring either the backs of the limbs, or potentially omitting a back to the breast plate.)

Now, there is a shield, but I would go all in and do the legs in something more solid than leather breaches if I could afford it. (Which is suggested by the very ornate armor elsewhere.)

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There had been a time, long ago now, so that I can only just remember it, when our order was one of peace. Our shields were raised in defence of our people, and our swords stayed by mercy and compassion. In brotherhood we stood against every tide, and over centuries army after army, after army, after army crashed into the bastion of our shields, broke upon on our resolve, despaired at our righteousness, and fled before our justice. It was not ours to pursue, to slaughter, and to eradicate.

That was before the corruption, the schism, and the war. When the kingdom ruptured, the swords of it's so-called nobles turned inward. Blades found innocent throats in the night, morningstars found unarmoured skulls in the fields and in the low-towns, and the hungry and the scared found themselves on the pikes and halberds of the very guard they looked to for protection.

We shielded whom we could, when we could, but our numbers fell to treachery and folly in too great numbers. In the end, we fell back to the citadel, took in as many as we could, and held. For six, bitter, long, winters we held.

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What a maroon.

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