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I need pictures of necrons please

no xeno

Dumping what I have

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Happy to oblige.

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And I'm out.

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Remember us....

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SO these guys are a bunch of Egyptians that sold their soul to Cthulhu or something?

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More or less.

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Always loved these pictures

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Blanche pls go.

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Oh, blast.

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Blanchecrons are Bestcrons. I wish he'd done more art for them.

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fave 40k artwork ever

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We're really doing the timewarp with this one.

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How would /tg/ fix Praetorians and Lychguards?

Points decrease or buffs? Or are they more shafted by a more shooting-based metagame these days?

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That looks great, I wish the Necrons would've had some more Lovecraftian and alien constructs instead of spiders, centipedes and humanoids.

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Lychguard themselves aren't that bad - a little overcosted, maybe, but their actual stats are about right. The problem is they lack a cheap, reliable delivery system. I've seen them used reasonably effectively as a counter-assault unit lurking amidst a large, advancing phalanx of infantry, but it's very difficult to push out aggressively with them. That might be by design, in which case a greater points cut would be appropriate.

Praetorians, on the other hand, have the exact opposite problem. They're fast, thanks to their Jump Packs, but have very little hitting power. This is a relatively easy fix, though - just cut their points and bump their melee stats up so they can deal more damage in CC, and they'd be workable.

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Would 2 base attacks and a 2+ save help praetorians or would it make them too good?

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It would help, but I would shy away from giving them a 2+ save. They're already T5, with a 3+ save and Reanimation Protocals, which is plenty tough as it is. I'd bring them up to WS5 and A2, give them a 5-point discount, then test them to see if they need further modification from there.

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So which is the best Cryptek school/discipline, /tg/?

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>That Dark Crusade style lord crown in the first portrait

It's a real shame there wasn't something like that on any of the new Necron Lord models.

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So im looking to get into 40k, a play warmahordes right now, and necrons seem cool. are they strong(not taudar strong obviously) right now?

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Old Ones, I...

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Some of these are pretty sweet, particularly the ones which look pretty damn unconventional.

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They're a solid mid-level book, with a couple of units which while not overpowered when taken in limited numbers, can quickly become very difficult to deal with when taken in huge quantities. Avoid spamming Wraiths and Fliers and you'll be fine.

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But only the C'tan have higher WS than 4, it would be strange if the Praetorians were more skilled than Overlords in melee combat.

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Kutlakh the World Killer has 5 WS and Obyron has 6 WS.

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>Avoid spamming Wraiths and Fliers and you'll be fine
is that filthy cheese or something?

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Would a list that only included the spiderlike crons be viable? I wouldn't want to have any humanoid crons in it if I started an army.

I'd like to mix some necrons up with Therian parts from AT43 and maybe some Matrix action figures. I always thought the egyptian motif was silly. I'd use Illuminor Szeras as the only humanoid cron if possible.

Units I'd include (with conversion to remove the pilots)

-Triarch Stalkers
-Night/Doom Scythes
-Canoptek Spyder
-Maybe tomb blades without the riders and some tentacles added
-Tomb Sentinel/Stalker

Can you still use scarabs as troops?

If not I'd try to convert some deathmarks so they have quadrupedal legs, maybe resin cast the legs of Szeras

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I'm not a fan of 40k but Necros look fucking cool.

Tell me about them please.

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I wouldn't be against bringing Overlords up to WS5 either (along with nerfing the shit out of Mindshackle Scarabs, but that's another matter entirely).

It's not as bad as some, but it's bad enough that most opponents who aren't running a similarly powerful list will really struggle to do much to it. Not a good idea for friendly games.

Scarabs are a Fast Attack choice, and always have been. Your troops are limited to Warriors and Immortals, so you'd have to do some converting to stick to the theme.

Also, I'm just getting Duplicate Image messages now, so I think that's all I've got to dump.

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Here is a summary.

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I'd probably just use immortals with deathmark heads to fit with Szeras

how hard would an army with minimal troops tank on the field?

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It's going to have difficulties. Troops are the only units that can hold objectives, so that means you've only got two ways of winning; wipe out the entire enemy army, or try and score victory points from the Secondary Objectives (wiping out the first unit, killing the enemy commander, having a unit in the opponent's deployment area at the end of the game) while preventing your opponent from getting any VP's from objectives and secondaries either.

You could take a couple of 10-strong squads of Immortals and keep them hanging back on Objectives, and put the rest of your points into other units. Rooted down in cover they'll be difficult to wear down with sporadic fire, and in theory the opponent will be too busy dealing with everything else to specifically send units out to destroy them. You'll have difficulties against fast armies, like Eldar and Dark Eldar, or armies which can bring strong Deep Striking units, which can quickly reach and mop up your objective campers.

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Why are the Necrons fighting their Blood Angels BFFs in that video?

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It's how they express their affection.

Honorable combat.

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