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The wait continues for Era Report 2765: Federated Suns.

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Thank god, a new thread. The last one turned to bickering and shit.

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A: Welcome to the internet.
B: If it bothers you, let it die instead of bringing it up to provoke another round.

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Yeah, old bickering and shit at that. You'd think we'd at least move on to a new mech to bitch about. Like this cuntbasket.

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Not seeing much wrong with it, dude. Supercharger and CASE II could be pod-mounted, but aren't major derps. Some heat sinks could be mounted in the engine, but this can be worked around with weapon selection and used to do crit packing.

About the worst thing going for the Vandal is the Torso-Mounted Cockpit. Which can be kind of annoying, I guess.

IMO it's only worth looking at the base chassis for an Omni any way, since there will be better and worse configs for it and the opportunity to do up a custom. YMMV.

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Kids, this is how you recognize a Federated Suns poster. Ask his opinion on the Vulpes and the Vandal, and see if he flips out at the Vulpes and greenlights the Vandal.

>> No.30277137

My main issue with it isn't the 2.5 tons that's fixed in the CASE II and supercharger (though they REALLY should be pod mounted, damnit). The torso cockpit and the habitual lack of lower arms/hands on Omnis doesn't work well. The canon configurations are shit, and while people are more likely to allow custom omnipods than other customs, most players still do canon-only matches. It also tries to advance Boosted C3, while not actually using weapons that work with it and without any other BC3 in the cap lineup.

...Or it simply indicates that he's used to being able to repod his omnis. The Vandal can be decent with custom pods, but the canon pod configs are insane (the "Max after the 4th Succession War" sort.)

And nobody said anything about That-which-shall-not-be-named.

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Kids, this is how you recognize a Capellan poster. They claim everyone who says anything that they disagree with is a Fedsuns poster.

>> No.30277724

Kids, this is how you recognize a shitposter. They play one of the two worst factions in the game and claim everyone who disagrees with them is a player of the other worst faction while simultaneously whining about how their faction gets shit on and the other one gets all the fiat, when in reality the only factions to really win in most eras is one of those two while every other faction gets shit on or ignored.

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Federast sympathizer! Into the ovens with you! Raus!

>> No.30278400

The worst factions in the game are the the Clans, not Successor States.

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It's kind of odd for me in that it mounts a BC3 Master in one of the arms. (admittedly, it may be that there's too much fixed gear in the side torsos, but I never looked to hard at it) It would be the sort of thing I would enjoy building as a kitbash, but not something I would probably run.
The Prime and B seem like they were made as spotters, but the only long range weapon the master has is an HPPC+CAP. It desperately wants for a dedicated indirect fire support variant, or barring that, something with some long range direct fire capability.

>> No.30279954

The master's in the arm because, with the fixed CASE II and the Jump Jets that config uses (which have to be in the side torsos because there's no room in the CT or legs) there's only 5 crits available in the RT. Would it make more sense for the CASE II to be in the arm, along with the SRM 4? Yes, but the Vandal specializes in having some of the worst canon loadouts of the 3145 omnis (and the worst among the IS omnis). I mean really, all the configs are shit.

The Prime has only 2 tons of ammo for the RAC, and mounts a LVSPL that doesn't play nice with the 5 tons you spent on your Boosted C3 slave and the AECM to protect it. And it costs the same as a high-end heavy (Before you factor in any C3 increase), despite clearly not being one.

The A's Capacitored HPPC is scary at a glance, but using the capacitor generally reduces your average damage. The Laser AMS makes this worse, randomly adding 7 heat and making it 4/6(8)/4 for a while if you happen to be using the capacitor. 4 tons are wasted on adding 4 jump MP to a 5/8(10) mech. The Boosted C3 master that is most of the design's point in a Vandal lance is not protected from interdiction by AECM (despite it being the primary target for such interdiction) and is mounted in the arm were it's easily blown off. And for a close-range armament to discourage such interdiction, it has... an SRM 4. Oh, and it again costs as much as a high-end heavy before BC3.

And as for the B, it's the craziest of the lot. It needs to hit with both the snubbie and all of the SRMs from the MML 5 in order to force a PSR. Instead of using anything that could benefit from the snubbie's Tcomp (like a small X-pulse or two), it mounts an ER flamer for anti-infantry duty along with 60+ turns of ammo for the lonely MML 5. Alternate ammo is nice, but not wasting tonnage on unused shots is nicer. Oh, and there's a medium vibroblade and TAG for some reason. BV of a normal heavy, but there are 3025 mediums with better firepower.

>> No.30280338

The Vandal is just a mediocre underperformer.
Like the Vulpes

>> No.30280528

How does CASE II even work in a slot without rear armour?

>> No.30280625

"In the case of an explosion in an arm or leg, one point of internal structure is destroyed in the arm. The remaining damage is shunted through the ammo load mechanism and blows out the rear torso of the BattleMech (left torso for left arm and left leg and right torso for right arm and leg), as described above. The arm, or leg, remains attached and operational."
From TacOps, page 299, current PDF (up to date on errata)

>> No.30280814

Oh, I guess my PDF isn't the latest, then. Thanks.

>> No.30280888

Ooooh, I didn't know that, I like it.

Also, is there anything other than an Interface cockpit that reduces the pilot damage effect of an ammo explosion? I don't like pulpy pilot brains, but I don't like instantly extinct technologies either.

>> No.30280913

The one in the OP isn't the same as the current release. If you've paid for the PDF you can just download the updated versions from the place you bought it. If you're using the copies /btg/ hands out, you've gotta deal with them being a bit out of date.

>> No.30280938

Let's talk about an actually surprisingly good 'mech from the Cappie TRO.

The Mortis. This motherfucker is terrifying. 5/8/5, with a tarcomp'd fucking hatchet. The extra heat sink probably should have been more armor and a half-ton of something else, but being able to shoot the MML and HPPC while jumping and only gaining a single point of heat is always nice. It's probably the only 'mech that can actually use the Hatchet's ability to roll on the punch or kick table to any success as well.

Granted, it's still objectively worse than the Neanderthal as a melee design, but the 'thal is probably one of the three best melee mechs in all of BT.

That's been errata'd. CASE II in the arms/legs now removes half of the limb's armor when a bin blows.

>> No.30281692

The TSEMP model is one of the few mechs with TSEMP I'd consider using. A shutdown result takes place as soon as shooting is over, leaving the Mortis with a great opening for scythe-swinging that turn (-4 immobile target, -1 axe, -1 AES). It can then try a decapitation with the LVSPL next turn, then take another swing with the scythe before the target is mobile again in the end phase.

Oddly, you may not want to force your target to take a PSR. As long as they're standing, you can swing with the scythe on the punch table. If they're prone, you can't use the scythe at all, and have to use kicks. And you can't make aimed attacks against immobile targets with physical weapons either, because reasons.

And outside of assassination duties, it does have good armor and speed. It's easy to use the LVSPL to hunt down enemy light mechs and battle armor, though it is a rather expensive way to kill little things.

>> No.30281819

Who cares? It's a simple mech with little to talk about. Even a babby could use it.

Unlike a Vulpes these people love to cry about. Of course, a smart, forward-thinking person like me would have no trouble defeating something as optimized as a, say, Stormcrow Prime, with one.

>> No.30281852

Well that's disappointing, but expected, I guess...

As for the Mortis, it always seemed a little under-gunned for a 75 tonner, though having a 5/8/5 movement certainly helps redeem it somewhat. IMO the scythe could just as easily been a vibroblade as a hatchet.

And educate me into how the Neanderthal is the best melee mech, I've never really had the opportunity to use it or fight it.

(pic unrelated to anything canon, but it's a melee whore like no other.)

>> No.30282021

If the Vulpes is good, the Dragon is also good. Doesn't even matter which model as long as we're cherry picking equally favorable conditions for "good".

>> No.30282060

But the Dragon IS a good mech.

>> No.30282240

>And educate me into how the Neanderthal is the best melee mech
>Walk + Cap'd SNPPCs
>TSM activates
>Run + SNPPC for heat-neutral movement
>Repeat until you close on an unlucky sunovabitch
>Gouge a 32-point hole in their armor with the hatchet
>Critseek the fuck out of it with your M-pods
It's dead simple. It deals good damage at range, goes extremely fast, hurts like a bitch up close, carries an ECM suite, and can both critseek and holepoke all in one design. The SNPPC's massive short range offsets TSM's inherent inaccuracy, and with the capacitors it doesn't actually need the TSM activated 24/7 to do well.

Also good luck hitting anything with ITSM and claws giving a cumulative +3 to-hit mod.

>> No.30282460

-7N has a GR...

>> No.30283173


>> No.30283235

Dragon, not Grand Dragon...
Okay, I'll give you that one, the -7N is kind of nice. It was just late to the party with the Clans, I guess.

Ooh, that actually is kinda neat... Just looking at the stats it hit me as being a cross-breed between the Berserker and the Charger... Which I guess IS pretty terrifying.

And yes, the Shredder Gladiator is pretty tough to use, I suppose. But with that BV you can get away with cramming a pro pilot that can't shoot for shit in it.

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[spoilerTrying to find TRO: Project Phoenix. If anyone has it, please share it![/spoiler]

So what happens when the Dark Age ends?

>> No.30283406

Trying to find TRO: Project Phoenix. If anyone has it, please share it!

So what happens when the Dark Age ends?

>> No.30283669

Project Phoenix is available in the first MediaFire link.

>> No.30283756


Funny, I'm not seeing it. Either I'm blind or it's not there.

>> No.30284368

Trust me, it's there. It's under the code FPR 10991.

>> No.30284495


Found it. Second link, under Battletech Rulebooks and Sourcebooks.

Herpaderp, I am retarded. Just took a bit of digging, is all.

>> No.30285224


>The torso cockpit and the habitual lack of lower arms/hands on Omnis doesn't work well.

I'm assuming this has to do with optional rules about standing after a failed PSR? Not everyone plays with those, or even thinks they're rules that inject more realism into the game.


>Or it simply indicates that he's used to being able to repod his omnis

Drac, actually. Which kind of means "is used to dealing with sub-par base chassis and then configs for them that don't work very well."

This being said, the immediate argument I see used against anyone who criticises an Omni layout is "well just use a custom config then."

Which, being a Drac player, I get a lot.

>> No.30287114

As far as actual mech equipment goes, no.
Otherwise, a mechwarrior with pain shunt gets to ignore damage from ammo explosions and their kin.

>> No.30287199


>> No.30287221


There is something in the old Tactical Handbook. Neurofeedback Inhibitor or something, I forget the exact name. It's in with the SLDF-era neurohelmet and voice-control 'Mech system.

IIRC the Iron Man trait (not sure if canon) also reduces ammo explosion damage by 1 point.

>> No.30287263

I have a certain feeling this wasn't posted where you intended for it to be posted, but when you fix that, I'll gladly join your thread because I like AC.

>> No.30287728

I would certainly hope the Star League tried to do something about it in the 200 fucking years it existed.

Though I can see the Clans not bothering, because of warriors herping the derp in their usual ways, either directly ("I AM A WARRIOR I FEAR NO PAIN!!!") or maybe because the scientists made something to fix it, but then some other awesome non combat related scientific breakthrough that would improve everything for everybody got shot down by the warrior caste on the basis of "That's stupid, make better lasers NERDS!", so the scientists decided to just let the bastards fry their brains.

And that's why improved heavy lasers explode.

>> No.30288595

>"That's stupid, make better lasers NERDS!"
I wish clan ER Blazers were a thing.

>> No.30288818

>Not clan ReEngineered Extended Range Improved Heavy Rotary Pulse Blazers

>> No.30288994

Operation Revival II soon fellow Star Adder!

>> No.30289011


So the Medium version would cause 10 damage with a 5/10/15 range profile, -1 to hit, 25 heat for each shot, jam as a R-A/C, occupy 8 crits and explode when critted?

Submit this shit to Alex Knight, it's clearly the best and most powerful weapon system ever created and we should all be subjected to it.

>> No.30289057

>jam as a R-A/C
Its an energy weapon dork, obviously is should explode when you roll snake eyes.

>> No.30289066

And it can shoot up to 6 shots per turn.

>> No.30289152


>Its an energy weapon dork, obviously is should explode when you roll snake eyes.

Jamming made as little sense as possible, which is why I went with that. If you're going to go the full retard, you may as well commit.

>> No.30289168

>6 shots per turn.
> 25 heat for each shot
>150 heat a turn
I-I'm sure radical heat sinks could do SOMETHING about this...

>> No.30289236

Well, it's not actually a problem because if you ever do shoot 6 times per turn with it, it just explodes.

>> No.30289472

is there a way to fit more missile into something /btg/?

>> No.30289562

>It is still not aimed at bringing us to the Third League setting, but instead will settle on supporting the core game elements, regardless of era play


IlClan can't come soon enough

>> No.30289604


Do you even Bane 3, nigger? That has 120 LRMs.

There is always the option of using Improved OS launchers or using one of my own trademarked bullshitmobiles, which is a 4/6 65-tonner that has full armour and 51 RL-10s.

>> No.30289908

If only the Bane 3 had say... an MPL instead of an OS Streak 4. Then I could bid to use only that, like a crazy person.

>> No.30289959

And retract your bid at the last moment, like a dirty clanner.

>> No.30290263

You don't need more missiles, but BETTER missiles!

>> No.30290458

Why do you defend bad mechs?

I sometimes think battletech is filled with nothing but trolls. Only the clan mechs ever seem to make any god damn sense from a design perspective, and even then, some of them are just god awful.

90% of all IS mechs are such utter shit that I can't fathom why you wouldn't want to just make your own, better mech design. They are so god damn redundant!

Mad Respect to the artists though, especially old school artists for drawing mechs like an engineer and not a retarded weeaboo anime fanboy.

Big Feet + Hunched Profile = Correct Way to Draw a Mech

>> No.30290528


Do rockets count as missiles?

>> No.30290675

>I sometimes think battletech is filled with nothing but trolls.

Me too. In fact, I just found one.

>> No.30290847


Yes, but even then there are way better methods of doing it, like the machine I mentioned in >>30289604.

If you can keep it out of LOS (not that hard when using multiple units, really) you're paying 1, 769 BV to one-shot gank any other unit your opponent may be fielding.

>> No.30290897

>old school artists for drawing mechs like an engineer and not a retarded weeaboo anime fanboy.

>> No.30290923


Vroom Vroom detected?

>> No.30290957

At first I was all like Haha, pilot cooking machine.

Then I saw it's a tank.

Well played, sir. Though it should drop to around 85 tons and bump a bunch of the launchers to 20s to compensate for the loss of a few equipment slots.

Heck, if you take off the turret and front mount the launchers in the front, you can have all 22 equipment slots be RL20s without changing the armor in the remaining locations (actually, you end up with 2 extra points to spend on the remaining locations).

>> No.30290960

>implying this thread isn't mostly Vroom Vroom posting with himself

>> No.30291048

I tried. I think. 10t for that maaaay be optimistic, but you don't need 19.5 tonnes of armour, right..?

>> No.30291233

Weapons Customization rules soon, fellow mech engineer?

Also XTRO:RISC next April 1st, perhaps?

>> No.30291452

In case you forgot who RISC is...

XTROs have been made for less compelling reasons than this... Especially for April Fools.

>> No.30291476

sorry, i was so much smarter when I was younger.

Honestly, I don't have the patience to pick through all the TRO's to try and find a good mech. I think thats part of the fun for a lot of archivists, is working with real world imperfections and logistics nightmares.

Not my bag, baby.

>> No.30291483

>Mad Respect to the artists though, especially old school artists for drawing mechs like an engineer and not a retarded weeaboo anime fanboy.

Have you ever looked at classic battletech artwork? Clearly who ever drew those had NO IDEA how mechanical design works, or perspective for that matter. The mechs all look like cobbled together hunks of jagged lego blocks, with impossible articulation and awkward designs that often make it hard to imagine how the thing actually functions.

Dont even get me started on the minis. The atlas with its little stick limbs, the stalkers clown shoes, the Marauder tiptoeing around with its center of mass at an impossible angle to its feet while its huge arms dangle on limp noodles.

Don't get me wrong, not every mech looks retarded. I rather like the shadowhawk for instance, its a nice little mech. Square, utilitarian, but most of all functional looking, like the artist actually had an idea of how the parts fit together before he drew it, and learned how to draw perspective before they hired him.

Thats why i like FD and Shimmy. They make the mechs look like they could have believably been designed by an actual weapons engineer, rather than a 12 year old that learned how to use the line tool in MS paint

>> No.30291642

Woah there. Loose had, at the very least, an okay grasp of what goes where and how to relay that through a two-dimensional medium. It was the later artists that really fucked shit up.

>> No.30291706

1) The reason for big feet is because surface area does not increase in proportion to volume when building to scale. Its the reason some insects can stand on the surface of a body of water without sinking.
2) The hunched over appearance and chickenwalker legs have to do with the center of gravity. Most metals have limited tensile strength, but high compression strength. If you built a 100 ton mech like a human being without altering its weight distribution, it would topple over and fall, or worse, its legs would collapse under its own weight.

>> No.30291764

My little brother LITERALLY drew a marauder by coincidence, as if he had tried to copy it out of a TRO when he was in grade 6

>> No.30291779

the rear leg appears closer in the foreground than the front leg does because you are viewing a square box at a right angle that is parallel with the horizon line. If you drew a horizon line just above the right foot of the picture and put a sunset in the background it would look correct.

>> No.30291818

has your brother been diagnosed, by chance with autism? Serious question.

Sometimes kids with autism show remarkable spatial sense or mathematical ability, especially in regard to statistics and probability.

>> No.30291847

he's been diagnosed with Dyslexia

>> No.30291912

I can forgive the feet on a stalker, even though they look like literal giant clown shoes, but look at this fucker.

It looks like it will topple over backwards if it raises its arms too high.

>> No.30291944

All I remember from that time was that I lived in Huntington Beach in a place called Harbor Breeze. I was pissed off all the time, my brother was sexually abusing me, we had druggies going in and out all the damn time. Some of them knew how to draw, but I could never figure out how to draw the way they did.

When we got a computer, everything changed. I started doing better in school, my brother got kicked out of the house for smoking meth, and I started feeling better about everything.

>> No.30291958

forgot my image

>> No.30291994

That's not Loose's art.
He's responsible for 3025, the first-gen omnis, second-line clan 'mechs, and a lot of SL designs.

>> No.30292073

Trust me, if you made the feet any smaller, it would be like driving a stake into the ground. I can't see the mech you are looking at, but humans lean forward to compensate for the weight in their stomach, especially if they are fat or overweight. Its natural to slouch if you are tall or heavy, because it distributes the weight evenly along the spine.

>> No.30292076

And then there is this little jem

>> No.30292107

that one I can't explain. its legs are too short to get good traction and it would be terribly slow, but assuming it kept one foot forward at all times, it would not fall over.

>> No.30292158

maybe it is compensating for the weight in its arms? I dunno.

That looks like a zetreidi battle pod from the series Robotech. Many Japanese designs are lacking in basic in basic design principles, and got mixed up in battletechs initial legal debacle.

Robotech later claimed copyright infringement on many of the battletech designs, and though they still saw widespread use, they were eventually replaced by more mechanically sound designs.

>> No.30292190

>Many Japanese designs are lacking in basic in basic design principles
You make the Shad sad.

Also holy fuck you don't know what you are talking about, shut up please.

>> No.30292260

the artist made a slight error, the bulbous, egg shaped part of the mech should be facing towards us by another quarter turn (45 degrees).

>> No.30292281

See now this is the sort of art BT needs more of. I can imagine a skeleton under there, where the myomer connects, actuator placement, weapons, cockpit, ect. I can see how it moves in my head, how the wight would redistribute its self along its gait.

Its a good design, seemingly made from the ground up starting with the anatomy in mind.

and then there's this>>30292073

The art quality in BT swings more wildly than a spastic downs child at the playscape after doing lines of cocaine of of a hookers abdomen.

>> No.30292349

There is nothing really wrong with the japanese designs, there is really no way to intuitively grasp the complexities of designing to scale. Many of them would look perfectly natural if built to human scale or a little larger.

With so many artists, the trick is trying to fool the untrained eye, but with engineers, its about function, not aesthetics.

Most mechanical designs did not come out as elegant as divinchi had imagined, but we did eventually develop a machine that propels itself through the air through rotary motion.

>> No.30292389

The legs man. The legs. The whole thing is precariously teetering towards the rear left side of the mech. Not to mention that the gait just looks... wrong. as an animator and an artist i can see this thing walking in my head, and its just so INCREDIBLY awkward.

>> No.30292463

Even. Worse.

>> No.30292492

If you let battletech continue the way its been going, it will all start to look like anime weeaboo crap. I've got nothing against robotech, or voltron, or any of those other shows, but part of battletech is the retro-future aesthetic.

Battletechs Mechs are unique, because they look like they could actually exist in the real world. If you let them mess them up, they will start to look like the SDF 1.

BTW, i love biomechanical and myomer tension designs like they had in the sentinals. Its actually harder to mimic the form and function of a human body than it is to take shortcuts and cut corners using hydraulics and ball joint actuators.

You check out that Honda robot? They made a movie about it on Netflix that was pretty killer, it was about an ex-con who used a health care robot to burglarize snooty rich peoples houses. I first saw it on the news a couple years prior to the movie.

>> No.30292524

>The art quality in BT swings more wildly than a spastic downs child at the playscape after doing lines of cocaine of of a hookers abdomen.
It's more sheer numbers than anything. You make a big universe, you get lots of art. Some of it will be good, some of it will not.

It has hips, knees, and ankles. Figure it out yourself.

>> No.30292563

I want to say that's actually Joel Biske or Steve Venters, but 3050 didn't have artist credits on the designs.

And that's Chaffee. So the reason why >>30292281 thinks it's actually mechanical is because ofc, Chaffee was obsessed with that art style. A pity though, now that Chaffee's passed.

>> No.30292617

How does this look like generic weabo crap?

>> No.30292651


I don't think I've liked a single piece that Lewis has done for BT, beyond some interiors in other books. His mechs are either terrible (The Reseen) or just... meh, such as 3085. And 3050's clan mechs had that horrible "holographic" filter that drove my printer insane.

>> No.30292693

>retro-future aesthetic
So what you're saying is that it should look like anime weeaboo crap FROM THE 80'S!?

Because I think it should.

>> No.30292696

Pig disgusting.
Onry use grorious western designs flom now on.

You mean the... scan lines?

>> No.30292699

The damn thing looks like its going to fall over backwards in a stiff wind

>> No.30292716

The Glaugs in the Robotech Tactics game is looking like it will be better posed than the old Battletech ones. I am glad I bought a box for a bunch of unseens.

>> No.30292740


Yes. The mechs are supposed to be like they're coming out of a holo table, like in MechWarrior 2.

>> No.30292820

The first was not an example of a piece by loose.
I said that already.

As for the Hauptmann, that was my bad. It was the first 'old omni' that I thought of. the omnis that Loose actually designed have this wonderful junkheap quality that probably inspired a lot of the eyesores in 3067.

>> No.30292833

A shame that when people think of Chaffee, they think of the first-run protomechs. His vehicles and especially his cover art work is iconic.

Today we have artists who specifically try to take the older designs and make them mechanically work at least marginally.

For Shimmy and FD, this was their bread and butter. And for sompletely new designs, David White and Plog are leaps and bounds better than most of the original FASA artists. The problem I think is that some people see other current BT artists as being too anime-centered, like Eric Ou and that Jason guy... (also, some people seem to hate on FD's original designs in the 3145 set, though I have no problem with them personally.)

>> No.30292914

>The first was not an example of a piece by loose. I said that already.

I didn't see that, sorry. Still, what I like about Loose's omnis is that they weren't overly fucking round like most of 3058's mechs. They were blocky and what made sense coming from the IS at the time.

>> No.30292926

I love the cockpit on that thing. It gives the mech so much personality

I also really like a lot of the MWO redeisgins by FD. The stalker is just perfect in my opinion, so is the Jenner.

No clown shoes

>> No.30292973

With the exception of some Huda pieces, the art has been very solid in the last couple TROs. I think we're living in a golden age of BattleTech art.

>> No.30292991


I dunno, I think I'd love to see less mechanical realism and more "It's the future of the 80's. Deal with it." Make sure the mechs could walk, yeah, but Slab Hardrock the mech Part MMLXVII is tiresome, but then I think a lot of MWO's mechs are too samey, so what I think probably doesn't count.

>> No.30292995

Lewis isn't the best artist, but his 3050 stuff still looks great. You just have a shitty printer.

>> No.30293018

words cannot express how much I love the Sprite.
I wish FD would finish out redesigning the other protomechs

>> No.30293034

I would say Justin is honestly worse.

Also this artist NEEDS to make more 'mechs.

>> No.30293068

I had a shitty printer. Once it decided to apply the effect to any RS with that art on there, it went out the door and I replaced it.

>> No.30293200

I think the classic Beemer's cockpit is way too big in proportion to it's body. It makes it look like a light mech. I know I'm a BattleTech heretic in that regard, but I can live with that.

>> No.30293373

If it's walking backwards, the pose is perfect.

>> No.30293419

Which one is Justin?

>> No.30293451


>> No.30293527

It looks like something from a mediocre artist on deviantart.

>> No.30293602

He did draw the tenshi, which is pretty damn great.

>> No.30293612

Just get fucked, okay? If you can't admit BT art before 2010 was a steamy pile of dogshit, you need to re-evaluate your grip on reality.

>> No.30293806

Well, not ALL of it...

>> No.30293817

Sadly, that's what he was. He can't draw Tanks for shit, which is depressing, since he keeps picking them up.

Nigga what? Do you even own TRO:3055U?

>> No.30293821

Its entire weight isn't distributed properly the right. Its still going to fall on its ass in about 2 seconds

>> No.30293838


>before 2010


Cover art for the Field Manuals was pretty good (Crusader Clans especially), the Akuma looks awesome especially on the cover of Dragon Roars...

Before 2010 the art was all over the place. You got some really great stuff and some really terrible stuff. Since about that era (I would peg it earlier myself) the bad art hasn't been as bad as it was before, and we get good art more regularly.

>> No.30293953

>Plog's 3067 art
>Loose's Omnis
>the CCG art
>3055's amazing designs
>the IIC art
>The full-color vee art from for-fucking-ever ago
>The many other books with good art that aren't TROs so people ignore them

Eat shit, faggot.

>> No.30294076

I forgot to mention
>every single one of Chaffee's full-color pieces

>> No.30294194

So why dont you have an Urbanmech in your forces /btg/?

>> No.30294399

Ugly, clunky, messy. You sound upset, but that's just because you're so committed to the ugly past of the game. Just let go, you'll feel better.

I mean, jesus christ, that thing you posted is an insult to my eyes.

Really ugly, clunky and messy.

>> No.30294452

Hahahaha, oh lordy, you're seriously saying that picture is worth looking at? Because the infantrymen and tanks are okay, but everything else? It's like something that dribbled down Cobra Commander's pant leg when he saw a Japanese Robot Cartoon.

>> No.30294530

>Ugly, clunky, messy.
Sorry to offend your oh-so-delicate sensibilities.
But that's what BT is. Changing the artist does little to reduce something that's integral to the whole setting.

>> No.30294699

In other words, art was shit before 2010. End of story.

>> No.30294720


Because I play Drac, so my quota of shitty slow lights is already taken up by Panthers.

>> No.30294733


Vroom-Vroom detected. I liked it better when he was calling us dinosaurs. At least that was amusing this is just... well it makes Jersey Shore seem like high art.

>> No.30294749

Are you retarded or just trolling?

>> No.30294763

I like the clunky tonkatruck look of IS mechs. Gives them real character, but this thing >>30293953 is really just busy looking. It lacks any direction or visual balance, just a bunch of mismatched parts cobbled together into a mech. It tries to achieve the endearingly ugly "Deadly Pile of Junk" aesthetic of battletech but fails to meet it half way. It has the ugly, but none of the character

>> No.30294967

I'm fond of it because it's got Plog's unique style written all over it. He;'s still one of the best BT artists, even with Shimmy and FD and whatnot.

Plus it doesn't look like a fucking MWDA mini.

>> No.30295092

Wow, that thing's just horrid. I can tolerate almost everything else, but that ribbed dragon dildo on a swivel on top of it just... yeah. Do not want.

>> No.30295245

Rolled 63

> that ribbed dragon dildo on a swivel on top of it
That's a part of joint for the right missile rack. You can see part of the one for the left, though it's a bit obscured.

>> No.30295272


>> No.30295589

>it's okay anon, there's TWO ribbed dragon dildos on a swivel on it!


>> No.30295625

to be honest my first look i thought it was a centeral unit, i thought at first it was a radar / sensor / range finder of some sort.

Question /btg/. how do i play with other people who are willing to deal with someone new* (read alot about btech, just no idea how to tactically play the damn game. I tried once a long time ago and just fought grognards who would offer no advice just "git gud"

>> No.30295628

Is the dragon dildo literally your only point of reference for cylinders?
Because I am starting to wonder.

>> No.30295671

>Question /btg/. how do i play with other people who are willing to deal with someone new* (read alot about btech, just no idea how to tactically play the damn game. I tried once a long time ago and just fought grognards who would offer no advice just "git gud"

Try asking questions here. Especially questions about Mobile HQ and infantry, and buying more than two Locusts. As these questions a lot, the players where will be happy to help!

>> No.30295687

Go fast, abuse terrain, play the range game, position yourself defensively when you lose initiative, and offensively when you win. Plan ahead a bit, and try to avoid needless PSRs.

Not much to it.

>> No.30296200

Man, the mini for that thing is fantastic

>> No.30296371

I feel it's a slight bit too wide, personally.

>> No.30296695

I feel it gives a certain menace to it.

>> No.30299897


Whilst I like the looks, the 'Mech itself is a bit sucky due to the need to try and stay close to the MW4 layout. The Gauss Rifles are OK, but those LRMs just kill me. Most of the problems come from the Jump Jets; without them you could have Artemis-equipped LRM-15s at the least, and it's not like 4/6 is terrible for an assault.

Pic somewhat related; DAWTF Mad Cat Mark II. Now with Ferro-Lamellor armour and ER PPCs, for extra trolling power.

>> No.30300101


And if I were a Diamond Fox/Sea Shark Khan, I'd be building pic related for my guys and exporting the shitty version with a smirk and saying that IS barbarians can't keep Clan PPCs going (and really, do we want those troglodytes figuring our PPC tech out?). Plus the smaller LRMs with less ammo makes them less dangerous and more dependent on us for reloads. As do the GRs, which for some ungodly reason they can't figure out how to make the ammo for.

No, really, the IS was unable to make ammo for Clan GRs. By the rules, they had to salvage or purchase it :/

>> No.30300387

>okay grasp of what goes where
>mech doesn't even have a hip and could never walk in reality.
>artist doesn't even know basic anatomy

>> No.30300438

Menace such as the sight of an obese man waddling towards you down the hallway of an airplane, while you have an empty seat next to you.

Other than that, it just looks dumb.

>> No.30300522


>anon doesn't understand viewing angle

>> No.30300578

I'm sorry what?

You are looking at the same picture I am? Where the leg joint goes into the 'hip' like it's a wheel attached to a differential?

Go take an anatomy class. Hips don't work that way. The mech can't walk.

>> No.30300635


The artists in question ignored the fact that the mech's upper arms were hidden by perspective foreshortening in the reference image.

...so sticks and stone.

>> No.30300799


The angle is covering up how the hip is actually connected. See http://sarna.s3.amazonaws.com/media/images/product_scans/tro_scans/mech/quickdraw.gif, or http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/503375-Quickdraw.html.

Unless you want to argue that viewed from side on the human hip is TOTALLY WRONG AND WILL NEVER WORK YOU GUYS?

>> No.30301006

Okay, please just stop talking.

You don't know a goddamn thing about anatomy.

You CANNOT walk with legs connected to the hip like unarticulated sticks.

You see this image? Hips have to move side to side, up and down and forwards and backwards in order for you to walk.

Fuck, you can just go walk around a room yourself and see.

>> No.30301034


I think they MAGIC the weight shifting problem away with GYROSCOPES.

>> No.30301087

They don't need to, the quickdraw (in drawings that aren't, admittedly, bad) has hips with three axis of motion.

>> No.30301129


>You don't know a goddamn thing about anatomy.

I'm only a molecular biologist with a decade in the field. You're probably right.

Oh, wait. You're completely full of shit and fixating on a single image where the viewing angle obscures the way the hip is actually articulated.

>> No.30301580


What have i created

>> No.30301683


At a guess? What you intended to.

>> No.30303156

trying to talk abou this again.

CGL revealed the outline for AS: Companion and this file leaked that after all we will have a Third League Era. The Free Taiw... St. Ives book/joke is kind of true

>> No.30303992

>third league kills the thread

>> No.30304087


...tell us about ERPULSEBLAZERS.

I must admit that I'm kinda looking forward to those.

>> No.30304401

Hips in BT always have a little give, even when you wouldn't think so.

It's the magic of myomers.

>> No.30304426

Who else thinks the Third Star League will be headed by a Clan this time around?

>> No.30304513

tl;dr - handwave hard enough and it'll go away. At least if you're in the "nothing wrong with the mech designs ever"-cult.

>> No.30304776

...Sure, why not.
Except it's kind of a key part of the entire fucking setting.

>> No.30305460


Well, some of the current artists are trying to tackle that problem spot.

>> No.30305604


They at least seem to be willing to act as its police force...

>> No.30306366


It's a clan daggerstar and we know of the ilClan book, so probably.

>> No.30307030

If they make some solid rules for making custom weapons, then Extended Range Pulse Blasers are totally in the cards.

REVSHERPBLasers for Everyone!

>> No.30307778

>REVSHERPBLasers for Everyone!
Rev. Sherpa in a sport coat,
his hips are fully articulated
he'll teach Clanners not to tango with the Third League!

>> No.30307925

>O-oniisan! My hips are fully articulated!

>> No.30308280


>> No.30308578


Phoenix Hawk and Watchman would fit the bill. The later certainly is the former's Otouto.

>> No.30308896

>Rev. Sherpa in a sport coat,
Re-Engineered Variable Speed Heavy Extended Range Pulse Binary Laser...

Though Rev. Sherpa makes about as much sense...

>Needing hips to walk

>> No.30309007


Those hips are REALLY moving on their own.

Makes you wonder with which mechs the Jenner was meant to gattai.

>> No.30309038

Not to be confused with Dynamic Emission Reverse Phase Lasers...

They shoot backwards into themselves and somehow do damage to their target.

>> No.30309077


>> No.30309108

Are there any mechs with rear-mounted weapons heavier than small/medium lasers? Not counting flippy arms.

>> No.30309143

>Having any moving parts in your legs

Top lel, Drac scum.

>> No.30309226

don't mind me, I am just having arms so big that I shouldn't be able to walk

>> No.30309318


There's the Balius that has a CLPL shooting out of its ass.

>> No.30309322


There's a Balius with a rear-acing Large Pulse Laser, IIRC.

Some variants also have SRM-4s or SRM-6s that face backwards.

>> No.30309409

Flyingdebris said he did a lewd sketch of said Balius, he never delievered

>> No.30309547

There's a Madcat (I think the MkV Prime) in one of the 3145:Mercs TROs with two SSRM6s in the rear... It does not have enough overall firepower to justify this at all.

>> No.30309610

"What do you mean 'ammunition' takes up 'space'? It has tubes, it fires missiles, they come from somewhere, it works!"
Also... I fucking lost it at this post, holy shit.

>> No.30309684

>Yuusha-O DragoJenNer

>> No.30309717

>feeding mechanism, shoulder articulation - it's all the same shit.

>> No.30309740

The original Timby D has the same setup, ya fagwaltzer. The Mk. Whatever is just a pastiche of the original, which is very efficient with its ass missiles, as at the point where it winds up fighting with its ass, the enemies pursuing it will most likely have naked torsos. It's probably the most efficient variant of the Cat.

>> No.30309868

God, I love the Timber Wolf D. So many beautiful tears shed when people get their Kit Fox into perfect backstabbing position and get hosed down just as badly as if they'd parked in front.

>> No.30309920


It's kinda not good though. An assault that boats five point hits, basically.

>> No.30309978

Well, yeah. I mean, it wouldn't be Kurita if it was efficient.

I mean, seriously, just look at the Tenshi. It's the biggest, hottest, most beautiful assault the DC has ever been given, and it boats mostly 5-pointers. The single gauss rifle it has is forked over mostly out of pity.

>> No.30311194

>An assault that boats five point hits, basically.
So it's an Atlas III minus the durability, then.

>> No.30311394

Oh, wait, the Atlas III boats 2-point hits more than 5-point ones.

b-but the pulse lasers are SIX point hits! that makes you totally wrong, man!
Also: the AS8-D is possibly the best Atlas, and even it is mostly 5-point clusters. except for it's stubby PPC and DEM PUNCHES.

>> No.30311532

In the art's defense, the Albatross is regarded as fucking horrible both on the table and in the fluff.

Also, now that I think about it I don't think I've ever seen the Bandersnatch used anywhere in fluff or in game.

>> No.30311597



>> No.30311838


>> No.30311995

It's a pretty obscure mech. It was only sold to mercs and Chaos March powers and then it kind of fell off the face of the Sphere during the Jihad. The Plog art is an incredible improvement over the original.

>> No.30312015


I want to say that one of the FCCW novels made mention of it, but I can't remember whitch.

>> No.30312036


My bad... I fucked up. Now it's worthy of the Coordinator's armies.

>> No.30312156


...on second though... I should probably replace that SRM 4 with two Streak2s and move them to the left and right torsor respectively. Seems more Kurita to me.

>> No.30312176

>> No.30312218

There's a point where things have gone too far and we've clearly passed it.

>> No.30312302


>> No.30312370

I blame MWO kids

>> No.30312404


>> No.30312928

I'm not entirely sure what's going on here. Looks like that Atlas has rear mounted AMS? Not a terrible idea, really.

>> No.30313079

that pic is the newest epic maymay

>> No.30313355


>I mean, seriously, just look at the Tenshi

The Tenshi is better than the Charger, Hatamoto-Chi, Katana, Tai-Sho, Sunder, Cerberus, Atlas models available to the DCMS, Orochi, or Peacekeeper.

This is not saying much. Have you seen how bad those things are?

It is also better than the Naginata, in theory.

As I said in >>30285224, though, pointing out how bad the canon configurations are gets you nowhere because the immediate counter-argument is "but the base chassis is well designed, and here are a bunch of munchkinised twinkmobiles that the Combine would never be given in canon that show how awesome it *could* have been (but, you know, wasn't) and therefore there's totally nothing wrong with the design and it's just more Drac bitching, it could be way worse, have you seen our Warlord/Stealth Pillager/etc?"

>> No.30313729

Ach, now I see it... Yeah.
Wish I hadn't seen it.

>> No.30314024


Double heat sinks? On a Combine assault?

Bitch, please. Bow before the true Grand JenDragoner.

>Shit armour: Combine approved.
>XL Engine and SHS: Combine approved.
>Ammo located so as to completely cripple the design: Combine approved.
>Shitty armour: Combine approved.
>No reason at all for existing: Combine approved.

>> No.30314246

you make the Dragon proud

>> No.30314318


>> No.30314385

I blame pixiv

>> No.30314452

At first it was bad... but then all the Medium Lasers... It;s actually an okay bracket fighter for the late SW era early Clan era.

>> No.30314572


Two face backwards. For a proper Grand Dragon/Jenner combo upgrade it should probably be the 1/3 frontal firepower regime with five firing backwards, but whatever.

>> No.30314853

You know, I would take the Combine more seriously as protagonists or even just gray hats if perhaps they didn't seemingly go out of their way to make their national symbol look as sinister and feral as possible. I mean, a third of the Clans could probably get away with sympathy more easily than the the faction of ANGRY SPIKY FANGED SHADOW SNAKE (optionally with unnatural red fire).

>> No.30314910

the Third League will cleanse the taint and will bring us a new Draconis Combine, led by House Tormark-Nostra

>> No.30314969

The Combine doesn't want you take them seriously as protagonists or gray hats. They want you to take them seriously as badass 'mech samurai who will kill people for naked political gain.

>> No.30315029

I think all the clans and all the houses need to get together for a fantastic orgy and make a multi-generational mudbaby to be emperor of the new star league.

>> No.30315206


>They want you to take them seriously as badass 'mech samurai who will kill people for naked political gain.

Then it would help if, I dunno, they weren't constantly shown to have the most herp derp of military leadership in the game and their warriors were shown to have some skill instead of being punching bags for the FedCom powers and Ghost Bears.

>> No.30315212

I wouldn't really mind if all the house names change through the course of the Dark Age. The Combine already doesn't actually have a Kurita on the throne, the FWL in general has very little to do with the Marik family anymore, and the Cap Con could just as easily end up with a Centrella leading it as the MoC could end up with a Liao at the helm.

The Feddies seem pretty securely Davion for the forseeable future, but the Lyrans are just FRR levels of fucked.

>> No.30315314


>but the Lyrans are just FRR levels of fucked.

For Steiner leadership, or for forthcoming plot? 'Cos if it's the latter, the Falcons are going to implode spectacularly any time now due to the number of people Malvina's pissed off, and the Wolves really need to consolidate, not expand. The Lyrans should have som decent opportunities to get their shit together real soon.

>> No.30315358

>the Lyrans are just FRR levels of fucked.
You lack proper faith in the Archon.

>> No.30315381


I am a tactical genius!

>> No.30315601

For their leadership, while there is great opportunity for the commonwealth to get their shit together, there is also a lot of room for it to fall apart. Trillian has a good head on her shoulders, but she doesn't have the support of all her generals. She'll either have to make a huge purge of the ranks, or she could find herself trying to reign in a bunch of breakaway states.

I agree though that neither the Falcons nor the Wolves have the fuel to sweep the Commonwealth.

>> No.30315819

>Then it would help if, I dunno, they weren't constantly shown to have the most herp derp of military leadership in the game and their warriors were shown to have some skill instead of being punching bags for the FedCom powers and Ghost Bears.

I agree with you up to a point. From the Fourth Succession War to the Jihad, the Dracs were constantly up against the wall because a much more powerful enemy (FedCom, then Clans, then WoB) was pushing them hard. Theodore had to rewrite the Combine playbook to make it much more defense-oriented and less "muh samurai honor". Of course, this pissed off the traditionalists, leading to constant infighting between the House Kurita and the Black Dragon Society. This all makes a certain amount of sense, but it also makes the Combine a pretty boring faction. When you take out the imperialism, warmongering and samurai antics out of the Combine, there's not a lot left.

It seems like the relative peace and lack of one dominating military power during the Republic Era was the pause the Combine needed to catch it's breath. The Dark Age invasion of the FedSuns is proof that the Dracs are back on top of their game. Too bad it took so long for them to get there.

>> No.30316001

Is it okay to still like the wolves and bears?

>> No.30316088

>Trillian has a good head on her shoulders, but she doesn't have the support of all her generals.

Trillian is incredibly overrated. She was one of Melissa's closest allies and she was the one that went around enforcing her moronic schemes. Let's take a look at her record.

[Copy-pasted from Sarna]
>First, in 3134 she met with her distant cousin, Jasek Kelswa-Steiner, and was able to give him military support for the defense of Skye against the Clan Jade Falcon desant into the Republic's Prefecture IX.
Look how that turned out.

>Second, she was the messenger for Melissa Steiner to Clan Wolf-in-Exile in order to get the services of Clan Wolf in 3136.
Well, look how that turned out!

>Third, she was a part of Operation HAMMERFALL when she was able to broker the surrender of the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey.
Well, look how that turned out!

And now she's Archon. AND JUST LOOK HOW THAT'S TURNING OUT. They way I see it, the generals should purge her. Roderick would much better suited to be Archon at this juncture.

>> No.30316157

I painted a picture of an animal on my mech to make it more ferocious in battle.

stop drawing cocks on my mech!

That would be funny side story, a group of protestors breaking into a DC mech compound and painting them all pink and drawing cocks all over them.

>> No.30316192


>The Dark Age invasion of the FedSuns is proof that the Dracs are back on top of their game.

Not really. The Combine only got the opportunity to hit the Suns so hard because Caleb was a complete fucking moron and McKenna served them up on a plate.

It's great to see the Combine finally winning. But it would be better if they were gaining victory without their opponent being de-levelled until they were weaker than the Combine.

It would be even better if the whole thing wasn't a clear set-up for "... and then Julian saves the day."


>No Tasers for jellyfish stings
>No Stealth Armour/Nullsig+CLPS/Void-sig for SPECTRE status
>No iJJs for Hanar floating
>No flamers for Enkindle This

0/10, are you engaging in reproductive behaviour with this one?

>> No.30316568

>Not really. The Combine only got the opportunity to hit the Suns so hard because Caleb was a complete fucking moron and McKenna served them up on a plate.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with striking while your enemy is vulnerable. Also, getting the Ravens to betray their allies was a major diplomatic coup and the attack on Palmyra was a big gamble. Taking on the Federated Suns even when it's relatively weak is no easy task.

>It would be even better if the whole thing wasn't a clear set-up for "... and then Julian saves the day."

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

>> No.30317065


So what about Battletech N-scale? Do you guys actually play this in N-scale? Do you play classic/normal Battletech or Alpha Strike? How big are the hexes? Do you make your own terrain? Didn't the Mechwarrior clickybase game have associated terrain pieces?

How limited are the pieces, now that it's fairly rare on ebay?

>> No.30317222


Actually that pic was 15mm, not N-scale. Trying again...

How big are the hexes in N-scale anyway? Do you just use custom graph paper from incompetech?

>> No.30317437

All the groups I've seen use N-scale terrain and miniatures rules instead of mapsheets.

>> No.30317698


So how big are the bases? 60mm?

>> No.30318019 [DELETED] 

NUUUU I AM you just can't understand WHY it's so superuor

obviously no I can't post this in the main forum despite my deepseated desire to.

>> No.30318282

NUU I AM geez I could never post this over on the other forum

>> No.30319000

New St Ives when fellow Nationalists?

>> No.30319983

Personally, I'd suggest just asking here if anyone's up for giving you a demo game over Megamek. Can also try asking on the #Battletech IRC room.

Also, /btg/ tends to be full of lots of people with... well, conflicting opinions about stuff. I mean, so is all of /tg/ and 4chan, but seems like we get a -lot- of arguing and lack of cool heads here. Just my observation. What I mean is, if people are arguing a lot and taking things super seriously and it seems crazy... well, I hope you don't let it get to you and abandon trying the game. Battletech's a lot of fun, and quite a bit of the stuff that can bog it down (lots of tables and remembering modifiers and dice rolling for cluster weapons) is handled by Megamek which helps speed things up quite a lot. So I do hope you can find some folks to game with, I'd again suggest the IRC room for finding folks on regularly who enjoy playing. Good luck!

>> No.30320170

God damn I love shoulder cannons.

>> No.30320452

>if people are arguing a lot and taking things super seriously and it seems crazy... well, I hope you don't let it get to you and abandon trying the game.
Honestly I think that the endless fighting is wheat got me to stick around.
>LAMs are shit
>Dude LAMs are OP a fuck
>you've never actually played them have you
>eat fifty dicks
>no u
This is what true brotherhood looks like.

>> No.30320623

Oh, well, in that case...


You call yourself a battletech fan?! Everyone knows white bread is for REAL Mechwarriors! Wheat can go SUCK IT!

>> No.30320655

>white bread is for REAL Mechwarriors!
Davion scum detected

>> No.30320691

Not MY fault your faggoty rye bread makes all you FWL shitlords soft in the head!


>> No.30321112


Goddamn it, will you guys knock it off with the bread fighting! It's been going on for like 500 years now it feels like.

Screw you guys, I'm going home. Maybe I'll make my own special bread. It'll be lighter, last longer, and tastier too!

>> No.30321231

Oh look, a fucking clanfag! Yes, please tell us about how much better your bread is than our IS bread! You get Bagels from Space Jew and that's basically the only good thing about you lot!

>> No.30321270


Implying that the Suns would eat such common fare and not Gluten-Free Re-Engineered Quinoa Bread literally fifty years ahead of the technologies available to any other faction.

>> No.30321294

Only for the decadent dogshit bloatpigs New Avalon. Outbackers only get the crusts that they cut off.

>> No.30322707

Typical pointless House bickering that leads only to ruin! They lure you in with promises of mere bread, but you can do little with it!

But the Word of Blake has come to deliver you, no matter what kind of bread you have, it is the preparation that can truly bring bread to greatness.

Those worlds who tire of the monotony of simple baked breads, join the Word of Blake Protectorate- and we shall be provide you with aid consisting not only our famed toasters built to Star League specifications, but even griddles, sandwich presses, and more!

>> No.30323202


*Word of Blake Protectorate bread may contain traces of concentration camps and nuts. Both in the leguminous sense and in the gibbering insanity sense.


>> No.30323607

I see the facepalm, but that's about it. What's the story? :V

>> No.30323709


>> No.30323948

are we arguing about..


>> No.30324190


>> No.30324204


Novas Prime and H. For when you absolutely have to cook things on your 'Mech's armour. Accept no substitutes.

>> No.30324761

I was going to mention the Supernova, but it actually has better heat dissipation than the Nova. Surprised me.

>> No.30325673

I really want some new Battletech pictures ;_;

>> No.30325678

You are my favorite person today.

>> No.30326097

Well... it seems that the model is pretty nice, as long as you don't consider it a representation of the art it's based on.

>> No.30326142

Goddamn that thing is chunky. I'd need to file the sides of the nose down.

>> No.30326209


Less squackin' more N-scale battletech

>> No.30326296

I-wait. Is that mech on the upper right supposed to be a Summoner? That looks barely like a summoner.

>> No.30326566

It's a Loki Mk II (Hel for clanners). Only moves 4/6 compared to the 5/8 of the original, though the armor improves to a less embarrassing 182 points of cFF. The important thing is the 40 tons of pod space it has. Yes, forty tons. That's as many as four tens. And that's terrifying.

>> No.30327234

>That giant Uller.

>> No.30327772

Herb loved pushing this faggotry, leaking little "jokes" and then revealing they were the real deal.

The question is who will the 3rd League be formed by and who will it be fighting.

>> No.30327780

>The Wasp is even bigger/more out of proportion
I wish I still had the comparison photo of all of my weirdly scaled stuff.

>> No.30327983

I'm always surprised when people say they actually think this mech looks like anything other than a steaming pile of shit.

>> No.30328022

It has the look of a super-heavy. If it WERE a superheavy, and scaled properly for that, it'd look pretty good. But it's too LOADSAGUNS for it's actual size and weight.

>> No.30328321

Its like someone tried to cross shimmy's smooth marauder with the reseen box marauder. I'm still not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

>> No.30328677


It's weird how the Mobile HQ changed so much. Like nope, giant command truck isn't gonna do it, let's change it to an anime vehicle.

>> No.30328889

Actually, I'm kind of okay with the way it looks. It reminds me a bit of a half-track version of these guys. Pic related.

>> No.30328941

It's no N-Scaler model, that's for sure.

And that is a huge fucking shame.

>> No.30329100


Oh I like the new one, it's just weird to see the way it changed. I actually likes the anime version.

It was obvious from things like the Spider an the Mobile HQ and the size variations that there was no effort at continuity or anything like that though.

>> No.30329195

You mean this thing?

It's actually a completely separate vehicle from the original Mobile HQ.

>> No.30329390

Lyran Dragon.
On a scale of 1 to Commit Sudoku, how heretical am I?

>> No.30329518

>Brings great shame upon famury!

Now build me a HGR Jinggau to go with it!

>> No.30329542

>Steiner mech
>-L Designation, not S
>what the fuck am I reading

>> No.30329574

Oh, whoops.
I always get those mixed up; think L is for Lyran or something stupid.

>> No.30329663

absolute heresy

9/10 needs the right arm ER medlaser to be swapped for another ton of ammo.

>> No.30329694


I'd imagine they'd slap an UAC 10 on it, because it fills a niche similar to the Blitzkrieg, only with more staying power.

>> No.30329752

dagnabbit anon

>> No.30329759


>> No.30330208


Not this anon, but L variant.

>> No.30330621

7/10, see if there's a was to swap that ERPPC for a HPPC.

>> No.30330775

You'd have to drop an MML for it. Which isn't really a bad thing, but it loses the "big gun, 10 missiles" aesthetic

>> No.30331314


I guess you could drop the engine rating to a 300XL, see pic.

>> No.30331332

Heeeeyyy, guys. I've got a question

So I'm fairly new to Battletech myself, but I wanted to get some friends into it who have never so much as touched a wargame before. I was figuring I could run a campaign of sorts with an overarching story, something that would incorporate roleplaying elements into the game and maybe allow them to learn the mechanics more gradually by building up their forces over time. As I understand it, Battletech has rules for this sort of thing, so I was wondering if you guys could help point me in the direction of those rules.

From what I've gathered, "A Time of War" contains all the details for the roleplaying side of things, and "Strategic Operations" has more specifics on running a campaign such as maintenance costs between battles. I've heard that there's a book specifically about designing and running your own mercenary company too, but I don't know what it's called. Am I on the right track? Are there any other supplements I ought to look out for?

>> No.30331457


You might want to try and be a little more gradual if they have literally no wargaming experience. Battletech, then the roleplaying game, then the merc and campaign rules, etc.

Last merc rules were in FM Mercs Revised.

>> No.30331497

yes, you are on the right track, but those rulse are not reccomended for begginers. My suggestion is to use Total Chaos campaing rules (pic relate) with the Intro Box or the Total Warfare game rules. TC isn't as detailed as you want, but is a lot easier and better for newcomers

>> No.30331550

New players are easily discouraged, so it might be a good idea to let them play clanners and against IS opponents early on. It's basically easymoding the game.

>> No.30331715


Debatable really. Depending on the Clan, your players would be held to a higher standard of conduct than a mercenary unit, even as freeborns. Maybe put them in a medium/heavy mercenary unit and have them fight mostly Succession Wars mechs (anything from pre 3050). They'd have a weapons and armor advantage, then you can ease them into fighting equal opponents.

>> No.30331734

Giving them access to clantech and promotions is okay, making them clanners is not. They'd probably quit and cut ties to the GM the moment they found out what a bunch of mongolian furries they'd been forced to play.

>> No.30331792

I would suggest, for introducing them to things, to make sure to use Megamek. I know it's crazy but battletech has a LOT of stuff like memorizing tables and which mods apply for what roll in which situation and wait is rough the one that forces a PSR or rubble, etc etc etc. Megamek helps a lot with that by keeping track of the modifiers and whatnot. I'd suggest getting each player a copy of Total War (PDF is probably cheaper than dead tree version. Even buying legit PDF you can then give them each a copy.) to reference as the game goes by if they have questions or wondering why something is the way it is, etc.

Starting out with a campaign is ballsy, but you gotta keep in mind the abilities of your players if they're totally new. This is just me, but I'd start them out with a training mission. Outreach does (or did, anyway) offer training courses for up and coming mercs, so maybe the first mission or two or three is their mech training missions there in the sims?

The mercenary book is the appropriately titled Field Manual Mercenaries. You probably want the Revised edition. That being said, it tends to presume an understanding of the game and universe; I would suggest winging it as far as them getting new mechs and units and stuff. Likewise for repairs, going Full Stratops from the getgo is rather trying even for the GM, even with MechHQ. (cont)

>> No.30331829

Lastly, I would suggest leaving clantech until later in the campaign. Make it seem like something special, rather than the first thing they get their hands on. And since IStech tends to see more use in games, in my experience, better that they learn the IS stats first, then later add to that in learning how the clan versions differentiate from them, rather than the other way around.

Good luck however you end up doing it!

>> No.30331974

Thanks, guys. These are good points. Easing them into things a little more might be wise...

I think I'll avoid making them clanners just 'cause I don't want them to come in feeling like whatever crazy firepower they're equipped with is the default. Total Chaos sounds like it's worth looking into, though. I will certainly check that out.

You might be right that going full-blown campaign mode might be a little much. Like I said, I was going to try and introduce them to the workings of the game pretty gradually—their first few missions would probably be pretty simple affairs just to get them acquainted with movement, combat, some of the unit-specific rules, and so on. I think I'll take your advice and leave out the logistic stuff until I think they've got a proper handle on things.

I've never used Megamek before, but that sounds incredibly helpful. I'll be sure to check that out too!

>> No.30332605

Cool beans, glad to help! Megamek's a free program, you can get it from here: http://megamek.info/downloads

Has Windows, MAc and Linux versions. I suggest going with the latest Dev version (37.7 at the time of this post) since they're generally quite stable and have the latest features and bugfixes.One thing to do though, I would suggest, is to uncheck the View option "darken hexes outside of view" simply because it's been buggy for me,but you might find it useful as might your players. Also you CAN mute the annoying BING BONG, you go to View and Client Options and there should be a box you can check for Mute Sounds. It's the only sound in the program so far AFAIK so you won't be missing out on anything by muting it if it gets annoying.

And of course if you have any questions, /btg/'s the place to ask them, or the IRC.

>> No.30333332


I'd suggest that starting out you don't actually bother with the universe's background too much.

Just tell them that they're guys with robots and somebody wants them to shoot tanks and such. Run them through some sort of training stage to familiarize them with the basic mechanics of the game and throw them into a few missions afterwards.

Start them out as a team with uniform mechs and upgrade them to individual units as time goes by.

>> No.30333536

> It's a pretty obscure mech. It was only sold to mercs and Chaos March powers and then it kind of fell off the face of the Sphere during the Jihad.

"I pilot a Bandersnatch."
"You've probably never heard of it."

>> No.30333761

Funny thing about the Bandersnatch though, it seems every FS player I wind up against brings at least one. Almost always hangs far back and waddles out to danger only in the last turns of the battle too.

>> No.30333827

Is this a Bandersnatch? I can't remember

>> No.30333884

The one on the left? Yeah, that's a Bandersnatch.

>> No.30334163

yes, the left one. Fafnir is easy to recognize even if redesigned

>> No.30334380

Well, that looks a whole hell of a lot better than >>30309143 ... So much so that you could call it a complete redesign to retroactively replace the original

There aren't words to describe how okay I am with this.

>> No.30334731


New thread!

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