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Anyway else here wish Eldar got the Lizardmen lore treatment? Have them be an ancient race that's been on the decline for millennias, but has shown signs of revival recently.

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>races not on decline
>in 40k

It'd be a nice change of pace actually.

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fuck the eldars

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That's exactly what eldar are now.
Have you missed Iyanden?

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Hey, fuck you buddy.

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The Tau certainly aren't declining.
Neither are the orks.
Neither are the 'nids (fluffwise)
Neither are the Necrons
Neither is chaos, but it also is declining at the same time.

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The one that got raped by Tyranids?

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>tfw based Ward

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No, I mean the book.

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>Neither are the Necrons
They ARE in decline by now.
Fractured and underpowered compared to its ancient glory empire.

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I don't pay for fanfiction, what happened?

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Haven't read it, what happened?

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> fanfiction
You what?

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Don't pay for fanfiction that'd get retconned in a few years?

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For fuck's sake, what are you doing in the lore discuss thread then.
You can also just pirate it.

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Ynead was Gav Thorpe in 3rd edition

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Alright, non-chaotic evil races or space commies.

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> get basically Ultanesh reborn who now also is supported by Cegorach himself
> Cegorach is also strogly hinted to have a plan for fucking Slaanesh's shit up and brining back two other survivor gods
> get massive buffs for Phoenix Lords setting tem among deadliest beings in 40k
> get the Kingdom of Biel-Tan actually working with them fighting off a fuckhuge imperial crusade

Shut the fuck up and enjoy your space elves.

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>Thinking he's talking about the god that would require all the Eldar to die

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They are awakening and uniting.

They might be a shadow of their former glory currently, but they are not in decline. They are rising again one awakened Tomb world at a time.

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There is a debate in-verse and out-verse about Ynead.

Don't be so sure about the outcome. Remember that Yriel opposes what the heck the manfaced witch is doing.

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>GW codex
>Fan fiction

Oh shut the fuck up you buzzword spouting twat.

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Now that's the attitude. Anytime I see Eldar fans whining about the lore it's clear they've never read anything outside the 6th edition book. We've never had it better what with Iyanden giving a single craftworld two different 'win 40k' buttons.

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Necrons are a special case,

they might be in decline, and say, die offf slowly through time. However, they may just wake up at any moment and kill everything.

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>Eldar fans whining about the lore it's clear they've never read anything outside the 6th edition book

It's actually an organized strategy to get GW to give us more shit

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>not Biel-Tan, reconquering worlds

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And in turn, you give them even more shit (money)


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>The original Craftworld behind the Bio-Purge
>yfw Iyanden ninja retconned the credit from Saim-Hann
>yfw Saim-Hann were compensated by the disastrous Ork Avatar debacle

Because Iyanden doesn't have enough wank already. They must steal it from other Craftworld.

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Go away, Carnac.
That's a miserable bait when told by you.

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All injustice scorch my noble spirit.

Saim-Hann has sacrificed its dignity so that Iyanden might shine a little brighter. Do you not feel pity for that wronged Craftworld?

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And depart from the ever constant 'Elves are a dying race' trope that's been beaten to death and back again all because Tolkien did it?

That sounds awesome. A pity it will never happen.

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> Carnac-kun in charge of making impression he cares about eldar

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Do you masturbate to it?
Be honest with us.

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I'm not Carnac, but yes.

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But the High Elves are not dying

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You know I care about certain parts of Eldardom.

I revile the majority of Eldardom but what I revile even more is injustice. Like the time Ra murdered an Exarch in cold blood.

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Pretty sure they are declining but they are stronger than any other faction.

The Wood Elves and Dark Elves, not so much.

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This is the thing that I do not get; why do they keep fighting the tau, when the tau are clearly ready to spear them and might give them even an planet or two if they only took the oath?

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Wood Elves are slowly making Bretonnia squatted, Dark Elves are not faring bad at all

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Carnac no one has cared about black library stuff since CS Goto.

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Why would they when they think of the Galaxy as theirs?
Why would they having pride as one of the major racil traits?

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Hush now.

If it was a novel about Eldar being awesome, then you would be all over it. I have seen you folks wanking over the PL parts in the Path series.

You hypocrite

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You're just throwing miscellaneous bait willy nilly now. Not even half decent miscellaneous bait.

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But it's our right.
Same way as yours is to wank about Amontekh and such.

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The Overfiend's Kroozer was full of Eldar slaves and another named Orkish Warboss enslaved an exodite world.

Pride dies, for survival's sake.

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Why don't they just start fucking to make more

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> Like the time Ra murdered an Exarch in cold blood

Do you even diamond vehicle?

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Indeed, it is. But when you dismiss anything that paints your faction in a bad light, it gets iffy.

You know what I mean? You gotta accept the good and the bad.

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Ha ha, holy shit. You actually got baited by the laziest baiter of all time.

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Because dying doesn't help anyone to get in the mood. for.

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How are the Dark Elves keeping their numbers up with their kind of murderous and axecrazy society?

At least the Skaven have the excuse of being fast breeders. Dark Elves are just Elves.

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Who says the DA don't breed like rabbits between slave raids?

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Right before he was eaten, Asuryan boosted their psychic powers. That carried the unforeseen, unfortunate and hilarious side effect of screwing over the fertility of the entire species. Basically, their main god gave them a crappy power-up in exchange for their ability to make babies.

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>humans are stronger psykers
>also breed faster

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> humans are stronger psykers
They just have a much bigger pool to take of, there're like millions of human psykers.
Average eldar psyker > average human psyker.

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>there're like millions of human psykers
All eldar are psykers. Millions of those, therefore.

Name a single eldar psyker who's exhibited alpha-level ability.

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Name a single human psyker who did it.

>> No.30262062


Name a single human Alpha level psyker who was able to control his power.

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I believe it was in the 4e Eldar codex, under the headline "Asuryan's Gift", or something like that.

>> No.30262115

Burning Princess, Apex Twins, Malcador the Sigillite. There. Three or four, depending on how you look at it.

Emperor and Magnus, if you count them.

>> No.30262174


None of those were ever implied to retain sanity except the Primarchs ones who are under no criteria human. It does however say that Beta is the highest level a human psyker can retain without going mad.

>> No.30262202

>Malcador wasn't sane.

You what.

Also, you didn't say sanity, you said control over their power.

>> No.30262217

It wasn't. I've only ever seen it on the Warhammer 40k Wiki.

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Any bonesinger is many times greater than what any Alpha psyker has been shown to do.

It's many times more difficult to create than destroy. Real destruction can be achieved by just not being careful and letting the warp come through and tear reality apart. Creation requires much more power and control.

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Malcador was powerful because he was the Emperor

>> No.30262297 [DELETED] 

Yeah, and none of them are outright stated to be Alphas save maybe for Princess who is FFG's character.

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>Losing sanity isn't the same as losing control

If it drives you fucking insane you aren't in control of it then are you? All those examples with the exception of the primarchs lost their shit. And even then the only Marine that was alpha level was Emps. Malcador was shit tier.

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All of them (apart from the Emperor) pale in comparison to a bonesinger.

The Emperor compares because he could use his power to create, like they do.

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No, it really doesn't.

>> No.30262337

In Sanctus, a psyker gets a fraction of the Emperor's power and creates a city from the ground.

You fucking joking?

>> No.30262370

Yes, it does.

Just ask the slaves.

>> No.30262378

ebooks don't count.

>> No.30262387

All of them can completely use their powers, they're just crazy.

Magnus was explicitly Alpha.

Malcador is explicitly the most powerful human psyker who's not the Emperor.

Do you even read HH?

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Orks count as Eldar anyway, so it's the same as Dark Eldar having Eldar slaves.

>> No.30262408

Deal with it nerd.
Yeah they were.

>> No.30262417

> knowing outright who in fact was Malcador
I doubt even writers themselves know it.

>> No.30262421

>All of them can completely use their powers, they're just crazy.

Then they aren't in control are they?

>> No.30262455

They're not exploding or possessed. So yeah, they are.

Ahriman's insane, you going to say he's not in control?

>> No.30262459

>Orks count as Eldar anyway,


>> No.30262462

>human psyker who's not the Emperor.

>> No.30262471

Ahriman is perfectly sane.

>> No.30262481


Fuck off.

>> No.30262491

I am, by declaring they don't count.

eBooks don't count.

Dealt with it.

>> No.30262507

No Chaos Marine is sane.

Read Atlas Infernal, guy is loopy.
Well, GW disagrees with you.

>> No.30262509

He is on a quest of understanding the nature if Tzeentch.

Sane is not a word I would use for someone of that path.

>> No.30262524


Ahriman is perfectly sane. If you are driven insane by the warp you are not in control of it. And yes, the Apex Twins were possessed as all fucking shit.

>> No.30262547

They're basically the same. Pointy eared ancient race who have a load of pirates, have subfactions that take slaves, psychic, like to take speedy units over taking lots of armour, but have pretty tough units when they're needed, troops that specialise into a specific aspect of war, like Tankbusting and so on.

>> No.30262552

I don't recall anything saying they were daemonhosts.

>> No.30262565

Theoretically since the emps is made of about 5000 separate souls he would would be the most powerful humans psyker

>> No.30262571

> mfw people will argue endlessly because there is no outright statement "Eldrad has a psykery power rate of X"

>> No.30262582

GW don't anymore. They're milking the franchise for as much money as they're getting and basically let any old author write for them as they flog their stuff they don't even need to put into print anymore.

>> No.30262593


but there is (its 4)

>> No.30262603

The Eldar codex said Ulthwe is home to the most powerful psychers in the galaxy.

>> No.30262607

BL is completely canon.

>> No.30262612


With the ability to pull even more warp charges out his ass. And if we're going by rules, Ahriman cannot into divination.

>> No.30262613

butt blasted beyond belief

>> No.30262619

They aren't possessed. They are just bitter and hateful because the are alwaus hunted and on the run.

>> No.30262624

It's the mastery, not the raw power.

>> No.30262632

sorry to hear you are, but keep it to yourself.

>> No.30262660

GW, BL, and FW are all solid canon. That's the official policy.

>> No.30262675

There is no 'raw power'. All psychic 'power' is from the warp, so how you master it and can manipulate it from the warp is all their is. Some are more naturally able to tap in more than others, but if that is too 'high' it just opens up a hole in space where the warp begins to overlap and they won't live too long.

There is no psychic power outside of the warp.

>> No.30262703

It's all canon, but not necessarily true. The ebook stuff is generally so unbelievable that we can just assume it's false or unreliably told.

>> No.30262922

i always wondered, what's the eldar stance on blanks/pariahs?

they obviously dont have them, or do they?

>> No.30262958

>i always wondered, what's the eldar stance on blanks/pariahs?

The ultimate horror. The worst of all fates.

They must be exterminated.

>> No.30262965

They don't have own and hate/fear human ones.

>> No.30262994

They don't like them (but no one does, not even other humans who are around them). The only action they did against them was specifically against the Culexus temple, but the Farseer ordered them to leave them alone as he saw they were needed in the future.

They don't have them as far as we know, but the 3rd ed solitaire had some of the culexus leadership rules.

>> No.30263023


dunno m8 I'd rather my soul be obliterated than get buttraped by Slaanesh for all eternity

maybe Eldar should embrace the Pariah path

>> No.30263044

Solitaires are POSSIBLY soulless.
It's unknow what the fuck solitaires truly are.

>> No.30263125

yeah, the rules are a kind of 'hint/herring' I would say.

solitaires are scary shit

>> No.30263138

In fantasy and 40K, the worst of fates is being soulless. In fact some folks soul their souls to eternal torment to save their souls from oblivion.

Even if you're under extreme torture, at least a part of you lives on.

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>the Farseer ordered them to leave them alone as he saw they were needed in the future
He foresaw that to kill them would lead to the Annihilation of Alaitoc, despite tracking them down because their main temple is the only one not on Terra.

Culexus assassins are considered the most horrible and monstrous beings in the universe by the Eldar.

>> No.30263226

blanks/pariahs are born that way, so for them... no change.

oblivion is preferable to getting buttraped by demons, imo.

>> No.30263307

>The only action they did against them was specifically against the Culexus temple, but the Farseer ordered them to leave them alone as he saw they were needed in the future.

It wasn't necessarily that they were needed (at least, not for any value they themselves had), but rather that the destruction of the Culexus would somehow lead to the destruction of Alaitoc. Possibly an act of retaliation by the former's seeeekrit creators.

This particular book has been retconned to hell and back, of course, though the story's still a nice illustration of the Eldar's feelings towards blanks.

>> No.30263334

>He foresaw that to kill them would lead to the Annihilation of Alaitoc, despite tracking them down because their main temple is the only one not on Terra.

Yeah about that. The story is in the Oldcron codex.

The implication is that without the Culexus Temple around, the Necrons will not have competition in gathering Pariahs. Seeing as the Necron Pariahs have been retconned, Alaitoc is free to nuke the place with no worry.

>> No.30263469

Those twins.

>> No.30263475

You don't get . Even if the blank/pariahs don't understand how much their existence sucks, it's still worse than being the daemons chewtoy.

Being soulless is the worst of fates. It's Eldar logic, you can't argue with it with your pitiful human mind.

>> No.30263568

>"A great comet had appeared in the night sky. Something was wrong because the birds were silent. Earlier, I had read the signs that devils came. But our defenses were poor, they found the women and children in the barn. They were steel daemons; they had skills in place of their faces. They made no sound. Soli, my son, thought they were dream-devils. He threw his spear. It hit one of the daemons in the chest. It pointed its arm at Soli and suddenly he was wreathed in green fire. The fire ate him: he screamed so much that we ran. They began killing us; our spears and sling could not harm them. When they found the women and children their leader stepped forward. He was great and terrible, and had sewn the seeds of terror amongst us so that we could not speak. He singled out Ghara, the unlucky child. She was crying: the other children crawled away from her. The leader of the steel devils picked her up. He did not kill her bur held her tight, covering her with his shroud. He walked away, and his people began to kill again. I hid in the cellars with my wife. When we came out the next day there was no-one life. The steel daemons had gone."

Because of the Newcrons we will never get to see the Lolibringer or the Pariah girl again.

Feels bad, man.

>> No.30264133

They're not soulless
They're living warp vortices sucking in energy
Just like how a black hole is not empty - it just looks like it is
Ravenor book 3 - frauka gets his power overloaded not gets a new soul
Also eisenhorn books and new trilogy have limiters so pariah power can be switched off
It's implicit in culexus fluff - how do you think they power their occulus weapon?

>> No.30264223


>> No.30264319

> how do you think they power their occulus weapon
By psychic energy that their un-soul sucks out of everyone.
It was stated somewhwre.

>> No.30264365

Yes, they are soulless. T
the emptiness of their being is the vortex.

>> No.30264406

Every piece of fluff out there says they are soulless.

>> No.30264590

Now I miss the fluff about Necron Pariahs

Oh well, at least we have silly old Zandy and le trole Trazy to make up for it

Thanks Ward

>> No.30264700

Oldcrons were neither scary, nor mysterious, nor well-implemented, nor interesting.

>> No.30264762


>Oldcrons were neither scary, nor mysterious, nor well-implemented, nor interesting.

Well at least Retcrons didn't change that.

>> No.30264784

At least retcrons put the fucking C'tan in their places.

>> No.30264854


How is that interesting? Instead of Lovecraftian entities with mysterious motives you have generic Snidely Whiplashes with zany schemes.

>> No.30264907

> Lovecraftian entities
> Master of Melodrama and THE REAPER

>> No.30264914

>Lovecraftian entities with mysterious motives
Master of Melodrama who practically had a necrodermis mustache to twirl and the Grim Reaper who got scared off by a dude with a melta bomb no less than twice.
Then there's some fag in a Dyson Sphere and the one who got bitchslapped so hard he became a room.

Their motives are to eat people.


>> No.30264944


Still very Lovecraftian with unknowable plans. Now the Necrons plans consist of steal things for no reason and 'I dunno rebuild empire I guess'.

>> No.30264993

>unknowable plans
>which are to eat all organic life

See, even an idiot can figure their motives out.

>> No.30265049



The faction with the completely unknowable and alien hivemind? You're not helping your point.

>> No.30265055

>unknowable plans
Their goals were very much known.

>> No.30265128

>Their goals were very much known.

Except they weren't. No one knows what the fuck The Deceiver or The Night Bringer wanted. They were forces of nature that did as they pleased. Now it's just petty saturday morning cartoon shit that accomplishes literally nothing and makes even less sense.

>> No.30265192

>No one knows what the fuck The Deceiver or The Night Bringer wanted.
To eat people.
>They were forces of nature that did as they pleased.
Namely, eat people.


>> No.30265317


I thought C'tan wanted to eat stars and souls.

>> No.30265335

>No one knows what the fuck The Deceiver or The Night Bringer wanted.
Shut the Warp out of the galaxy, enslave and/or harvest life for nourishment, destroy the Blackstone Fortresses, replenish their strength after eons of nothing to eat, exterminate the few threats to their existence, etc. Simple things, really.

>> No.30265353

Nope. Life force. Stars taste like shit, as it turns out.

>> No.30265355


>Hurr if I stay purposely obstinate I can keep spamming reductive arguments

No one fucking knows how they work or why they need life force or even how they were created. Yes they are mysterious. Saying they aren't because they eat people is like saying the Hivemind is well defined and totally understandable because it eats people.

>> No.30265399

>No one fucking knows how they work or why they need life force or even how they were created.
They were created at the dawn of time by natural processes. They fed on stars as food. They don't need life force, life force is just tasty.


>> No.30265434


>They were created at the dawn of time by natural processes.

Horse shit. All we know is that they existed since the beginning of time. That is literally as much as we are given on their origins. You lose.

>> No.30265479

They first fed on stars, but then it's unclear what they moved on to. The sources differ, mostly because no two writers agree on anything. It's either souls, or "life force", or bio-electricity. Emotions apparently played some part in it, but again, writers can't agree on this.

>> No.30265534

>That is literally as much as we are given on their origins
Nope. They're gods of the natural universe. Their existence was intrinsic to creation.

>> No.30265585

>Their existence was intrinsic to creation.
Pretty sure nothing like that is stated in the 3e codex. It just states they're energy beings leeching off of stars and that's it.

>> No.30265611

You're right, it's stated in other bits of fluff, mainly BL.

>> No.30265631

>Their existence was intrinsic to creation.

You can pull shit out your ass all day that won't make it true. All we're given on Ctan is that they existed since creation. Why they ate stars and how and when they developed sentience is completely unknown.

>> No.30265650

>how and when they developed sentience
They either:
-were always sapient and evil
-became sapient and evil when they became physical


>> No.30265740

>Why they ate stars
Because of a basic need to feed. Seriously, the entire 3e codex goes on and on about how they hunger and how weak they are after hibernating without snacks.

>> No.30265828

Within the actual codex it was fairly consistent... barring that one page near the end where a Farseer talks about soul-light in a psychic void where the spirit cannot exist. Electromagnetism, flavoured by sentience, nothing compared to the energy of a star but much much tastier. Plus daemons anticipating the mass release of souls into the warp upon the 'new type of death' on Mars waking.

But ever since, fans and certain writers alike - mostly third party - have gone on and said the totally anti-warp C'tan ate souls, and the Necrons were out to exterminate all life.

>> No.30265836

>-were always sapient and evil

It's said they weren't always malevolent.

>-became sapient and evil when they became physical

They were evil when they came to the necrons. So you're binary fails. Because arguing that something with little to no clear origin or psychology isn't mysterious is a losing battle.

>> No.30265845

That's literally the binary given, faget.

>> No.30265867


It wasn't you said they were either always sapient (demonstrably wrong) or it happened when the Necrons found them (also false) so your binary failed miserably.

>> No.30265874

Binary given by fluff, either or. Deal.

>> No.30265891

> mfw Yngir used to be eldar jotunns and not some totaly-not-Chaos-gods 2mysterous4you

>> No.30265904


It specifically states that they were not always malevolent and we know they were by the time they reached the necrons, so no.

>> No.30265915


>> No.30265949


>In later times, these entities would become known as the C'tan, but early in their existence they were nothing like the malevolent beings they would eventually become.

>"They came to us as gods and we, like fools, took them at their word. Mephet'ran the Deceiver, Aza'gorod the Nightbringer, Iash'uddra the Endless Swarm; I curse their names, and the names of all their malevolent brethren."

You lost. Deal with it.

>> No.30265967


Now we're bringing up 5e?

>> No.30266012


Only thing that changed about Ctan fluff was their sharding. They are the exact same things otherwise. Loser is you.

>> No.30266024


Read The Outer Reach. It's in there.

>> No.30266047


>Read FFG

I'm not a homosexual.

>> No.30266057

Looks like u loose kid ;^)

>> No.30266077


>Cite non-canon
>Hurr I win

>> No.30266091

Top pleb.

>> No.30266109


>Third party fluff

See a doctor about that ravaged ass.

>> No.30266131

Relic fluff is official too.

Deal with it nerd.

>> No.30266163

Wasn't it outright stated, as the only reason they can act as slaanesh during their plays is because they lack a soul?

>> No.30266240

>In later eras these creatures would become known as the C’tan, but at this stage in their existence they bore little semblance to the terrifying entities they would later become.

>They paid no heed to the hunks of solid matter which they passed in the void, the internal fires and pulsing electromagnetism of these new-born planets insufficient to even register on their monstrous hunger.

>These entities had little conception of the universe when the Necrontyr first found them, feeding upon the solar flares and magnetic storms of bloated red giants.

>As the C’tan became ever more manifest with the focusing of their consciousness, they began to appreciate the subtleties and pleasures of both matter and life. The close weaves of dancing particles enthralled them and the deliciously focused trickles of electromagnetism leaked by the mortal bodies of the Necrontyr about them awoke a hunger in the C’tan quite unlike the one they had sated among the raging torrents of stars.

>Perhaps they were tainted by the material world they had entered, or perhaps their manifestations were true to the sun-bound existence they had enjoyed before, but they were as cruel and capricious as the stars that bore them. They revelled in the adulation and epicurean delights of uncounted mortal slaves.

Cool Eldar thread gaiys.

>> No.30266275

Cegorach gambles with Slaanesh for their soul, though. That'd seem kinda stupid if there' no prize to be collected for winning.

>> No.30266313

It was always "it's said" and "scholars think".

There are three main possibilities of what solitaires are:

1) Soulles.
2) Kind of avatars of Cegorach possesing a part of his powers.
3) A part of bargain between Slaanesh and Cegorach for harlequin souls having a bit of Slaanesh's divine might but also being in constant danger of being claimed by it. (rewest reterded theory, thanks to Chambers)

>> No.30266346

> rewest
The fuck did I just write.
It's not "newest" neither it's "recent".

>> No.30266458

Explain frauka or how the limiters that turn of Bequin's abilities work
Also explain how sisters of silence needed training since it should be just being soulless and yet even then they aren't on the same level of soul suck as culexus (it's not a gender thing as female culexus exist)
How can you explain different levels of pariah ability by saying they are more soulless? You have a soul or not - heck even lumps of rock have a presence in the warp

>> No.30266510

>Klute’s eyebrows rose. The assignment scale determined the psychic ability of beings measured on a scale of psionic level and ability. Even seeming non-psykers like Klute himself registered as Pi on the scale, indicating some degree of ability – often manifested as luck or pretentions to a sixth sense. The more powerful the psyker, the higher up the scale they registered, terminating in Alpha and Alpha Plus individuals of freakish, world destroying power. The Inquisition preferred such individuals terminated upon sight. Klute knew that the scale continued well below his harmless level, however. The lower the assignment scale designate the greater the inert, negative psychic field generated by the individual. Some of these individuals had degrees of immunity to psychic powers and the energies of the warp; some – known as Untouchables or Blanks – had fields so powerful that their presence disrupted the powers of or wounded psychic beings. Czevak’s Atlas Infernal undoubtedly harboured the flesh of such an individual. Omega-Minus specimens were virtually unknown outside of the secretive temples of the Officio Assassinorum. Its awesome nullifying power could be felt even by Klute, who had no psychic talents. The inquisitor couldn’t imagine what it would do to an individual with such abilities. And then he realised he was about to find out.
-Atlas Infernal

>> No.30266536

> yfw it's the cheap trick.

>> No.30266560

Pretty much every source I've seen says their souls are OWNED by Slaanesh, or are in some way bound to go to her*. For example, the current Eldar codex:

>Amongst the scintillating cast of each Harlequin troupe, only the Solitaire can play the part of She Who Thirsts in the greatest of the Harlequins’ masterworks. Various stories exist of other Harlequins who have tried, and been driven to acts of cannibalism and madness by the experience. As a result, the Solitaire’s role commands ultimate fear and respect, but it also makes him the most dangerous of all Harlequins, for a Solitaire treads the Path of Damnation. His destiny is incontrovertible, for his soul already belongs to Slaanesh.

* unless Cegorach reclaims it, though I'm not sure if that still gets mentioned now. Pic is from the 2nd edition Eldar codex.

>> No.30266566

'I have done terrible things to get to this place,' said the voice. 'Pacts and accords that have scarred my soul'.

'We are Untouchable' Leilani husked. 'They say we have no souls'.

'We have,' came the reply. 'Else I would have had nothing to burn, no coin to pay my way here.'

- Tales of Heresy, The Voice, page 267


>> No.30266642

Culexus Assassins are primarily chosen because they have or appear to have, no presence in the warp - they are, to all intents and purposes, soulless.

- Codex: Grey Knights, page 53

>appear to have

>> No.30266701

And also necrons had their souls eaten
So every newcron should be a fucking pariah or culexus

>> No.30266712

Except for the third edition which claims they have no soul at all.
But, again, it's what imperial scholars think and they could be just incompetent.

>> No.30266967

This page? Perhaps it could be interpreted as the Solitaires being considered 'soulless' because their souls are already forfeit or something. There's the alternative 'living dead' translation anyway - and another, separate rune for 'The Soulless Ones', again with more than one possible meaning.

>> No.30267023


>> No.30267213

Ah. I totally forgot about that CJ list. Well then, I guess it could be the Imperial scholar excuse like you said. Or perhaps Gav hinting at his HORRIFYINGLY AUDACIOUS plans for the Harlequins.

>> No.30267370

Such a punchable face.

>> No.30267440

You know you want me, babydoll.

>> No.30269162

FFG is official and canon? Very well then this is solid canon!

>>Phaeron Ahmontekh, called in ages past the Crimson Scythe for the blood in which he drenched the sector, is the once and future king of the Suhbekhar Dynasty. The Phaeron was at one time counted amongst the most puissant of warriors and his name was feared across countless thousands of worlds. He fought at the side of the C’tan themselves, and is said to have once struck a blow that slew a god. He bore a warscythe of such potency that it is said to have shattered the planet Maldek into a billion chunks of rock in a single blow, an event which several of the Eldar’s mystic cyclesingers make reference to many aeons later.

>>The last Phaeron of the dynasty— Ahmontekh, called the Crimson Scythe—was a general of great repute. It was Ahmontekh who, according to the Lamentations of Yr, defeated the proud Nuada, beloved of the Old Ones, and who plunged his mighty war-scythe into the hallowed ground of Xoth. As the War in Heaven neared its climax, it was Ahmontekh that breached the Walls of Ib and who was first to pass through the Dolmen Gate on the brink of the Ebon Void. It is said that Ahmontekh defeated beings the ancient Eldar revered as gods, and that even to this day the last of the Old Ones’ progeny hold him in a unique blend of hatred and fear. Yet, of all the legends told of mighty Ahmontekh, none are repeated so often as that of his betrayal at the hand of his cousin Setii of the Charnovokh Dynasty.

>> No.30269194

>Ahmontekh the Crimson Scythe did not go to such unimaginable lengths to hide his crown world on a mere whim. The Hollow Sun was constructed because the Phaeron of the Suhbekhar Dynasty had every reason to suspect that numerous of his enemies would actively seek out his resting place throughout his aeons of sleep. So many of the Old Ones’ servants had he slain during the War in Heaven that the Crimson Scythe was marked for death from one end of the galaxy to the other. The last of the meddlesome Oort might have fallen to his bloody scythe, the many faced Proteans sent to the pyre and the pale Seers of Leng scattered to the corners of the galaxy, but the Eldar had emerged from the War in Heaven as an ascendant power. These former warriors of the Old Ones seemed content to allow the Necrons to retire, or perhaps they believed the C’tan’s armies all slain. In the case of the Crimson Scythe, however, the Eldar were intent upon ensuring he could never return from whatever exile he had embarked upon. Ahmontekh, a master strategist as well as a fearsome warrior, knew the Eldar would not rest in their hunt for vengeance against the slayer of so many of their former masters’ progeny, and took the most thorough of precautions to ensure his sleep went undisturbed. When he awoke, so the Crimson Scythe planned, he would turn upon what remained of the Eldar. Then the hunters would become the hunted and the stars would be stained crimson with Eldar blood once more.

>> No.30269263

-Outer Reach

All hail to almighty Phaeron Ahmontekh the Crimson Scythe.

Eternal glory to the God Slayer of Suhbekhar!

>> No.30269283


>> No.30269313


>> No.30269443

>Such a large number of pariahs were beginning to cast a shadow in the warp and blocking the Astronomicon...

Wow didn't know they got that crazy. I would call the Imperium stupid for not weaponizing them.

>> No.30269735

I fail to see the issue.

Eldar a shit.

>> No.30269785

Ummm I think you better go read some Tolkien

>> No.30269955

You a shit.

>> No.30269984

uhmmm so no fluff counts? You can get all the books in ebook form.

>> No.30270010

Thats kind of supporting his >>30262314 point though.

What defines an alpha level psyker anyhow? The criteria seems very vague.

>> No.30270011

>Eldar a shit.

Then we have an understanding.

>> No.30270065


I may have space alzheimer's, but at least I don't have space alzheimer's.

>> No.30270071

There also isnt any real criteria for whats is an alpha level psycher.

But yah none of the human psykers mention hold much of a candle to Eldrad.

>> No.30270117

I didn't see Eldrad pull anything close to the feats of the human psykers.

>> No.30270163

I didn't see human psykers pull anything close to feats of Eldrad.

>> No.30270188

Warp seers, prognosticars.

Meanwhile Eldrad's brilliant farseeing leads to him waking up a necron dynasty.

>> No.30270189


>> No.30270236

>The one being that knew about Horus, less powerful than all the ones who didnt....

And thats just the first example of many of how Eldrad is yo daddy.

>> No.30270237

He directed the Uruk Mag Ghazghul Thraka's Waagh to Armageddon
3rd Eddition Codex if i recall

>> No.30270244

The only thing Eldrad is good at is farsight and he isn't even perfect at it.

>> No.30270277

> muh insane rogue mutant misfits

>> No.30270298

Muh insane mutant loli misfits, mind you.

>> No.30270368

>The one being that knew about Horus
And then had the brilliant farsight to tell this to the guy corrupted by Slaanesh.

Truly a master of the psychic arts.

>> No.30270382

>implying shit did not go down exactly how he wanted it to

>> No.30270402

He knew about Horus.

>> No.30270420

>his entire warhost butchered and the Avatar strangled

>> No.30270436

He had a whole nemesis god to hinder him, you know.
That's a bit handicap.

The thing is in a few situations Eldrad failed to predict something so would do any other known psyker.
And there're a whole bunch of things he did which no one else could.

>> No.30270468

>there're a whole bunch of things he did which no one else could.
Like... let's see.

Oh, right, create the strongest ork warlord in the galaxy, no way that could backfire!

>> No.30270490


>> No.30270495

> no way that could backfire
> 999.m41
> Imperium is busy fighting Gazzy
> Craftworlds are safe from it
> still literally 0 backfire

Yes, exactly.

>> No.30270507

His Waagh was on its way to Uthwe, He redirected it by blowing up a sun

>> No.30270511

Orikan knew about Horus 60 million years ago.

You pull the Slaanesh excuse for everything. It isn't said that Slaanesh hindered him. He just made a massive misstep.

>And there're a whole bunch of things he did which no one else could.


>> No.30270532


> Orikan knew...

No, I'm not going to argue with you.

>> No.30270570

Then you have nothing.

So again, outside of farsight which is far from perfect, Eldrad has nothing impressive.

>> No.30270577

>> Imperium is busy fighting Gazzy
Gazzy fucked off.

I mean, it's clearly the first time he fucked... oh, right, he completely failed at preventing Czevak from escaping, and completely failed to halt the prophecy of the Prophet of the Night Lords destroying Ulthwe. Master of the psychic arts!

>> No.30270623

It keeps piling up!

>> No.30270650

Carnac, you are my greatest ally.

>> No.30270681

Happy to be your wingman, anon.

Keep up the good fight!

>> No.30270872

Well now it seems The Deceiver has a real plan since its implied he knew the Silent King was going to backstabbed the C'tan and all the know rough C'tan are shards of The Deceiver

>> No.30270875

He's not your buddy friend

>> No.30270939

He's not your friend, guy

>> No.30270951

>Then, from out of the madness of the maze, a towering figure appeared, its perfect form wreathed in golden light. Without a word, the figure beckoned for Abaddon to follow. Though the Despoiler tried to talk to the being and see its face, it remained hidden within a gauze of shimmering light, unresponsive and silent. The figure led Abaddon to the centre of the labyrinth where a shard of shifting darkness hung suspended in the air. Reaching out into the void, Abaddon felt the cold hilt of a blade meet his palm and he pulled it into reality; the Daemon sword Drach'nyen took terrible shape before his eyes. Raising the fearsome blade before him, Abaddon turned to demand the name of his golden guide, only to discover that the figure was gone.

-Abaddon supplement

>624.M36 A Blade out of Time

>Although impossible to fix in time, this seems to be the first recorded instance where Cypher is seen carrying the C’tan phase knife – a weapon similar to the C’tan phase sword used by the Callidus Assassins. The blade of the knife can phase in and out of real-space by dimensional realignment, so it is capable of bypassing armour and protective fields. The knife was at some point lost in battle with the C’tan known as the Deceiver in the opening stages of the 13th Black Crusade, however, the battle occurred in the Warp and seems to have been subject to a strange loop in either the time continuum or reality itself. Cypher is most often seen without the blade, but true to its name, the knife occasionally phases back into being beneath his cloak.

-Cypher Lord of the Fallen Dataslate
The Deceiver is still kicking around in the current lore. He is certainly moving things behind the scenes, but towards what end game? Nobody knows.

>> No.30270952

Well, all psychic power comes from channeling the warp so Alpha level power is pretty much being able to pull a goatse in the fabric of reality without tearing their proverbial warp-anus.
Eldar of all kinds probably avoid doing this sort of thing even if they could since there's a hungry God in the immaterium waiting just for them.
Pre fall Eldar probably pulled this shit all the time because why would they limit their excess and decadence to the limited material plane? Makes sense that Slaneesh was born in a mass psychic orgy instead of just popping out after someone snorted one too many lines of cocaine.

>> No.30270964

...isn't that Necrons too?

>> No.30271032

You mean shards of him are.

He's confirmed sharded.

>> No.30271043

No, current necrons are space tomb kings.

>> No.30271065

>Though he is a skilled astromancer, his predictions are not flawless and unforeseen events can change his calculations. Warp travel is such an event, its turbulent nature defying any prediction

The guy can fucking time travel and still hes wrong, and often fouled by something as simple (In 40k terms) as warp travel.

>Yet Orikan has ever been sparing of such actions, for his meddling can birth all manner of unforeseen events

>When the Imperial Navy dockyards at Helios VI were left standing against Waaagh! Skullkrak due to a timely intervention by the Silver Skulls Space Marines, in defiance of his original prophecy, Orikan traveled back in time and ambushed the Space Marines

So the reality is a guy who can time travel and manipulate events directly is not even on the same level of precognitive ability as Eldrad at the best hes slightly below and Orikan is known to use his time travel abilities to save face and keep credibility.

Difference is one does it through literally traveling through time, the other does it through pure psychic power.

Thanks for proving my point for me Eldrads precog powers arent even close to matched.

>> No.30271100

He's not your guy, buddy.

>> No.30271109

>Thanks for proving my point for me Eldrads precog powers arent even close to matched.
Orikan foresaw the Fall and the Horus Heresy 60 million years before they happened.

Eldrad can get fucked.

>> No.30271146

Only because he was alive 60 million years ago, something Eldrad was not so its a completely moot point.

Eldrad is a better precog than a 60 million year old machine that can time travel and manipulate events as it wishes.

Deal with it.

>> No.30271153

I wouldn't be surprised if they joined up and formed a court of Deceivers.

Their mission is is troll the galaxy and spread melodrama across the stars!

>> No.30271164

Mother fucking /thread

>> No.30271179

>Eldrad is a better precog than a 60 million year old machine
And yet, only one of them has never been wrong. Who's that again?

>> No.30271347

Yeah that's what I think since it would seem the Deceivers shards are able to talk with each other

>> No.30271394

Behold of the Court of the Deceiver.

Where deception and lies are our bread and butter.

>> No.30271419

Everyone in this thread has failed to mention that the "new Lizardmen treatment" also turned them into the primary protagonists of WHFB. It's no longer about the Empire or Brett or the dwarfs.

That said, Eldar already held a similar role in 40K, the spotlight was simply stolen by the Imperium. If the Empire controlled 99% of the planet WHFB and Lizardmen would probably be similar to 40K and Eldar.

>> No.30271445

>primary protagonists of WHFB


This title belongs to the High Elves back then, now, and always.

>> No.30271472

^this^ Orikan bends Eldar over the barrel and refuses to spit on it first.

He predicted the fall of the Eldar who, in their great sense of foresight, were blind sided and fucked. He fucks with farseers and stops them from reading the threads of fate. Tzeech himself can't predict their movements.

Eldar a shit.

>> No.30271478


HE are too busy with their DE bitchfest to stand as a bastion against the true darkness of Chaos.

>> No.30271542

Dude the Lizard folks mostly stick to their temples.

It's the HE who are the proactive enemies of the dark powers. They created the vortex and they maintain it with the souls of their dead, they got ganged up on by Chaos and Dark Elves numerous times, and they are the one whop take the fight to the enemy.

High Elves are the primary foe of Chaos. Lizards are just there for support.

>> No.30271586

Someone doesn't know lizardmen fluff.

That's okay pointy ears, we can't all be the protectors of existence.
Call back when you remake the world at a thought.

>> No.30271607


Where were the Lizards in the Storm of Chaos? In their islands while Teclis singlehandedly banished Be'lakor and his daemon to the Warp ensuring the survival of the forces of Order.

>> No.30271685


Nigger, Storm of Chaos is 2004. That's pre-new Lizardmen treatment which is the entire point of this discussion.

>> No.30271722

What treatment?

Their fluff is mostly the same.

>> No.30271907

Not to mention the constant sex orgies

Lol the HE only win because they get lucky, every battle they get weaker. The DE will defeat them for good soon.

>> No.30271987

Druchii please.

Malekith will never sit on the Phoenix Throne.

>> No.30272038

The eldars pride never dies, it's why they don't survive.

>> No.30272057

Remember what happened last time they just started fucking?

>> No.30272060

Actually, most Farseers are alpha-level psykers. They just have to restrain themselves and wear ghosthelms all the time, or a giant neon sign saying "DELICIOUS ELDAR SOULS RIGHT HERE, YUM-YUM" will appear in the warp.

>> No.30272075

>most Farseers are alpha-level psykers

>> No.30272090

They've been able to recover to near golden age levels before.
Better than the Dwarfs anyway
Its more like the current age wars are taking their toll and Dark Elves are somehow immune to low birth rates despite having HIGHER death rates

>> No.30272124

>low birth rates despite having HIGHER death rates

I know, right?

They have cultural events where they drag people from the streets and their homes to sacrifice them to Khaine.

>> No.30272127

Was the chick in the 30k alpha legion short story an alpha level?

>> No.30272136

Don't think I read it.

>> No.30272157

Pffft typical delusional Asur. Malekith is the rightful hair, the throne is already his.

Your numbers are small while are's are grand, the phoenix gate will fall soon enough

>> No.30272283

It's called the serpent beneath I believe, it's very good

>> No.30272309

>rightful heir

There is a single test to determine if one is worthy to sit on the phoenix throne, and Malekith failed it.

>> No.30272373

>Where were the Lizards in the Storm of Chaos?
Killing slaaneshi and dark eldar hosts halfway across the planet? Also they were probably maintaining the balance of reality like they've been doing since the polar gates collapsed. Most races barely got a single mention in that campaign.

But if we're talking about Storm of Chaos, the actual forces of Chaos were stonewalled by the Empire at the border, then the battered remains got teleported into the final battle so the designers could save some face about how badly they failed.

>> No.30273475

Actually, farseers are probably beyond Alpha level.

GW outright state that Ulthwe is the home to the most powerful mortal psykers in the galaxy, so therefore there must be farseers on Ulthwe beyond random alpha level.

>> No.30273495

>GW outright state that Ulthwe is the home to the most powerful mortal psykers in the galaxy
Want to play this? Alright.

The Imperial Guard is the strongest military force to ever exist, Old Ones a shit.

>> No.30273522

Check the wording.

It might ''among the most power psykers in the galaxy'' not ''THE most powerful psykers in the galaxy''.

>> No.30273537

Also the Tau dex says none can match the technology of the Tau.

Eldar and Necrons eat your hearts out.

>> No.30273544

And Space Marines are intergalactic heroes!

>> No.30273603

You guys are good people, and your words warm my heart.

>> No.30273802

Maybe he prefers being sharded

>> No.30274449

So they are still counted among their number.

>> No.30274454

The Eldar codex doesn't exaggerate like the others do, so it's inherently more reliable and believable.

>> No.30274478

Why do people always ship up Eldar threads? Especially Necron trolls, I'm not sure they're actually Necron fans but just use them to troll with the 'oh so superior' thing even though they were an awkward shoehorn into the setting.

>> No.30274548

Sure it doesn't.


>> No.30274606

Vengeance for 2e and retribution for 6e.

Anyways, you don;t have it worse than Tau threads. Quit whining.

>> No.30274679


the Eldar codex even states its more mythical than fact

>> No.30274691

Same reason Europeans don't.

Too lazy and decadent, they'd rather kick back and try to ignore everything going to shit around them.

>> No.30275022


>implying the Slann aren't a race in 40k

Do you even read

Can't have two races with the exact same story

>> No.30275195



They looked upon middle earth, saw what was going to happen in the future and we all "Nawww, FUCK that" and they left for a different continent.

>man loses
>age of darkness
>man wins
>age of man

They knew they couldn't win so they left.

>> No.30275394

Dying because of some sort of angsty fate/destiny? Screw that.

Dying because of the purely practical fact that more Eldar die than are born? Sure, bring on the grimdark.

>> No.30275864


>Or perhaps Gav hinting at his HORRIFYINGLY AUDACIOUS plans for the Harlequins.

That's exactly what he said in an interview. That the Harlequins would be a major part of Operation Slaanesh Pls Go.

>> No.30275899


Dude was able to operate a Blackstone Fortress with his brain and has wiped out entire species with his foresight. You can't handle all that keikaku.

>> No.30275953


>Night Lords get massacred by one elf
>"Foolish Eldar! We manipulated you into destroying my entire warhost! All part of our prophecy!"
>Mfw Eldar have like 3 different prophecies that foresee the destruction of chaos

>> No.30276024


>Mfw delicious monkeigh tears every Eldar thread

It's the jealousy of the lesser races anon. When your army is kicking the utter shit out of monkeigh left and right with contemptuous ease and your fluff has you one gem away from awakening Gods more powerful than Slaanesh and reforging your empire they can't help but bite at the heels of their superiors.

>> No.30276823

Hue, never thought of it this way.

>> No.30276872

> He fucks with farseers and stops them from reading the threads of fate
> Fucked this far with a single farseer
> With most retarded farseer ever
> Of most retarded craftworld
> Thinks of it as an achievement.

>> No.30276938

Goddamn, go get an actual scan already.

>> No.30276956

They already are.

>> No.30276986

I thought absorbing all those alien races is fracturing their society
Are a pest, at best. They have nothing to decline because they build nothing.
Massive invasion fleet from outside the galaxy, shattered by the imperium's space marines. Roving bands are still an issue but thats a decline if I ever heard one.
already explaiend by others that are in decline
The reason most races are in decline, and also not a RACE. Chaos affects all races

>> No.30277204

> when the tau are clearly ready to spear them

Nice freudian slip, pigdisgusting fishcommie.

>> No.30278234

The one who can TIME TRAVEL!!!
Seriously, he messes up loads, but the difference is he can actually mess with the course of time to get what he wants. Christ, i think its said Starbane is more talented, who's useless compared to Eldrad

>> No.30280384

>Elves, a older, more advanced race, in the decline.

Notice a trend here?

The end result is the same thing seen in almost every fantasy setting since Tolkien penned his books. Elves are ALWAYS in the decline because authors or publishers have zero imagination or are too afraid to buck the trend that Mr. Tolkien unintentionally started, including the Eldar in 40K.

Original case still stands.

>> No.30280541

heck, those hacks are too unoriginal to even come up with their own races. Constantly recycling the dwarves and elves.

>> No.30280566

Is there a single setting taking place during the gold age of elves ? (or dwarves, or any usually declining race)
In fact, I would want anything without the lament of how everything was better before for once.

>> No.30280618

Orikan shut down the Farseeing ability on an entire Craftworld.

And let us not get carried away with the retardation bit.Other Craftworlds are equally as retarded, if nt even more. Example is Saim-Hann.

>> No.30280627

Are you really that stupid? Official background isn't fanfiction. Do you even know what fanfiction is? Do you even shave yet?

>> No.30280653


>> No.30280670

>We've never had it better what with Iyanden giving a single craftworld two different 'win 40k' buttons.
What does that even mean?

>> No.30280674

And then wreck it with orcs and human barbarians! WOOOOT!

>> No.30280689

I'm working on creating a setting where elves are actually on a major rebound against the dominant human forces that conquered and enslaved them before.

>> No.30280754

Truth hurts ain't it? You bash Starbane's craftworld a lot and cut them out from the rest of Eldardom but in truth they ain't that different than the rest in the competence department.

>> No.30280766


The Iyanden codex gave Eldar two victory conditions with Iyanna's prophecy and Veilwalker's prophecy. They literally have a deus ex machina with Ynead.

>> No.30280801

Was it ever explained why Yriel opposes Iyanna's vision?

>> No.30280805


>> No.30280825

Alaitoc can't win a single war.
Others can.
That's it.

>> No.30280827


He never did oppose Iyanna. Iyanna just thought that he might if he were around.

>> No.30280833

huh, this is the first bait picture I have seen where there was actually BAIT instead of just a baitless hook

>> No.30280847

The Elder Scrolls.

Morrowind is the Dunmer in their prime. During Skyrim the Altmer are having a resurgence of power and influence, and have the Human races by their balls. The Dunmer are also in the middle of growing in power by that time as well.

>> No.30280851

She wants Iyanden dead.

>> No.30280890


Alaitoc kicked Abaddon out of a maiden/exodite world (Black Legion supplement) and neutralized a Waaagh! (Ghost formation Datastale).

Pretty sure there are more examples of them winning. I am gonna look them up just so to stop you guys from picking on the BEST Craftworld.

>> No.30280916

And why does she think that?

>> No.30280922

You're a bad person and should feel bad.

>> No.30280972


Don't make shit up.

>> No.30281014

Shit, dude, we've already been through this.

>> No.30281026

Doesn't she want to do a massive necromancy spell using these tears?

>> No.30281050


>He thinks living eldar don't use the infinity circuit

Anyone can use the infinity circuit. Both living and dead. It's a basic means of communication. Learn the basic lore and actually read the book.

>> No.30281094

this is 40k grimderp...
So either it fails...
Or it works too well and slaanesh knows defeat to be replaced by the new chaos god Ynnead

>> No.30281127

> cast souls into
You can't cast souls of living there.
That's two different things.
Surely, the whole Ynnead thing could mean some hivemind shenenigans for the whole eldar race.
But certain eldar of Iyanden should die as a catalyst for this.
Why do you think else she can imagine Yriel opposing here if everything is so cool and promising?

>> No.30281135


Has anyone actually read this book?


If you want to pull stuff out your ass sure.

>> No.30281171

Merging the souls of living with the dead? Sounds like abhorrent necromancy and possibly dangerous.

If was not harmful to the living and dead Eldar in anyway, then she wouldn't be doing it behind Yriel's back.

>> No.30281220

>You can't cast souls of living there.

Have you EVER read ANY fluff with the infinity circuit? It's practically their internet. They use it to figure out who is doing what where. And the fluff quite clearly says the infinity circuit and tears are part of a prophecy that will see the Eldar reborn and the living merge with the dead. No mention of her wanting kill her own people outside of your bullshitting.

>Why do you think else she can imagine Yriel opposing here if everything is so cool and promising?

Making as much assumptions as you like. It doesn't change what is written.

>> No.30281252


>Prophecy of rebirth
>Merges living with dead and destroys Slaanesh

You sound buttmad that Iyanden got an achievable means of winning.

>> No.30281268

That's no assumption, dude.
It's stated outright she hided truth from Yriel for some reason.
It can't be a nice reason, because who else wants Iyanden and eldar reborn more than Yriel?
Surely, if person like him could find it a bad thing, there's some dirty secret.

>> No.30281275

I am not.

I am just confused why Yriel would find it bad, if it's so great.

>> No.30281301

>It's stated outright she hided truth from Yriel for some reason.

And you assume it is because she wants to kill everyone despite it explicitly stating she wants the rebirth of the entire race.

>> No.30281326

Probably because DRAMA and because CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.

>> No.30281337

What's your explanation then?

>> No.30281356

>If you want to pull stuff out your ass sure.
Are you seriously saying GM would allow for chaos to be defeated and their cash ticket to end?

>> No.30281416


I dunno, it's a mystery. But saying it is because she wants to kill Eldar for no reason is clearly bullshit and not at all what it says in the fluff.

The only iteration of Ynead fluff that was predicated on the death of Eldar was one sentence in the 6th edition. In Gav Thorpe's 3rd edition story and now Ward's supplement it is just to do with the infinity circuit.

>> No.30281441


No. I'm saying there are possible outcomes for Eldar to win. Obviously no one can conclusively win because then there would be no setting, but the Iyanden book presents some ideas for how the Eldar could win.

>> No.30281479

>No. I'm saying there are possible outcomes for Eldar to win
>Obviously no one can conclusively win because then there would be no setting
So... we are in perfect agreement then?
No matter how plausible their victory is, they are not going to win, something will come up, because that is how GW makes their money

>> No.30281555


In the context of business decisions yes, but you're being an autist who is ignoring the context of the dicussion. It was a discussion about how the Iyanden book laid out some means for an Eldar win state, so meta-bullshit about GW not advancing the setting is pretty moot.

>> No.30281571

>You are being an autist for discussing the meta
Ah, OK. Good to know.

>> No.30281606


Seriously, if that's your attitude there is no point discussing anything in the lore because 'hurr durr, plot doesn't advance'. It's a setting. Plot isn't supposed to advance, it's supposed to set up potential narratives.

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