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So now that the Overfiend is routed and the Eldar of Saim-Hann are dead, what will the Space Marines do with their Avatar?

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Loot it, scrap it, and sell it to the AdMech?

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>Eldar send Eldar to assassinate Eldar
>Space Marines send Space Marines to save Eldar

Do Eldar ever get tired of being ignoble?

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>what will the Space Marines do with their Avatar?

Forget about it and never mention it again like in DoW.

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But this Avatar is no longer loyal to the Eldar.
Also it didn't crumble into inert matter.

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>But this Avatar is no longer loyal to the Eldar.
Wait just a fucking what?

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Make it a part of the Chapter.


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They abandoned it long ago so it reached out to get new friends, which were the Orks of Octarius, but the Marines defeated all comers so now the Avatar is in their hands.

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Calgar will take it and teach it discipline and the ways of the Codex Astartes.

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Didn't /tg/ already write this fanfic?

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You beat me to starting this thread, OP!

Darn you!

The marines didn't get their hands on the Avatar yet. They are on the way to his throne. Guess who is waiting for them there, hiding in the shadows.

The Ranger from the Shadow Captain

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Is that you, Carnac my friend?

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>A being of absolute aggression was on the planet’s threshold. Beneath the surface of the planet, the fragment of a shattered god responded. There were none of the deity’s worshippers at hand to propitiate and redirect the inchoate hunger for war that the shard embodied. But now, near at hand were more of the beings who not only did not resist the shard’s desires, but were eager for its gifts, even if they did not yet know it. They were pure. They were aggression and war and nothing else. They fed the shard with violence, and it repaid them with the capacity for even greater feats of destruction.

>The shard’s essence reached out and caressed the kroozer. It was drawn inside, called by the enormous potential of the creature whose will the ship obeyed. The creature was found, and mindless energy underwent a kind of ecstasy. It poured itself into the orks and, most of all, into a monster whose capacity for violence was infinite.

>In the darkness of its temple, the shard vibrated and glowed. It called to the monster. It fed him and promised more. It promised him power on the same scale as his dreams of rage.

>The moon of ill-omen had not just risen over the planet. It had risen over the galaxy.

The Avatar wanted the Overfiend as champion. The Eldar seer said if the Avatar joined with the the Overfiend, he would be godlike and unstoppable. The Tyranids, humans, Eldar, all the galaxy will swept by the godly Waaaagh!

Too bad the Marines cleaned up the mess of the Eldar and saved the galaxy for the millionth time.

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Of course.

You denied me of the pleasure of striking the first blow against the Eldar this day.


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>Something entered the ship. Ha’garen felt it at an atavistic level. There was an apprehension of the alien and the divine, but no more. The orks had a much stronger reaction. All of them paused where they stood, and roared. The collective shout drowned out the machines. The roar was triumph, glee, ferocity, power. It was the sound of a species on the path to apotheosis. For a moment, the orks seemed to glow. No light shone from them, but they radiated energy in an almost palpable form. And they grew. That, Ha’garen could tell, was no illusion. Armour strained against expanding chests and swelling limbs. The footsoldiers, the greenskins that the Space Marines saw as little more than cannon fodder, suddenly had the mass and ferocity of elite units. The officers were turning into monsters of war. And the Overfiend...

>Ha’garen was reluctant to apply a word to what the Overfiend was becoming. He did not want to used a word like ‘god’.

>The undertow was hard to resist.

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Clearly, they now have an Avatar of the Emperor.

That sound you just heard was every Thorian jizzing his armor at once.

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>The Overfiend raised his arms as if to smash the universe. His roar obliterated even that of his army. He was already twice the height of a man, and he grew larger yet. His armour sported a termagant skull on each shoulder, and looked like a disassembled Leman Russ tank. Massive steel plates covered his torso and limbs, and his lower face was protected by a jutting metal jaw. Pistons linked the joints and provided powered assist. The resemblance to a tank went beyond appearance. It must have been, Ha’garen could tell, like wearing a tank. And now the Overfiend expanded. For a moment, Ha’garen thought the ork was going to be crushed by his own armour. Instead, the flesh and muscle won out. The pistons were yanked from their sockets. The fastenings of the individual plates were flexible enough to withstand the pressure of the greater beast. Without the support of the pistons, the monster should have collapsed under the weight of his protection. But he stood at ease, half again as tall and wide as he had been, his fanged jaw now the same size as the metal guard. The multi-barrelled gun in his right hand seemed no more than a pistol. His left hand was an organic version of the battle claws wielded by his lieutenants.

This what happened to the Overfiend when he got on orbit of the planet. Imagine what could have happened if he was allowed to embrace the Avatar fully.

Oh..what could have been. At least we know that the Orks are better at using the power of the Khaine than the Eldar.

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>The Ranger from the Shadow Captain
One whole ranger! Clearly those Marines are in trouble now!

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>They abandoned it long ago so it reached out to get new friends, which were the Orks of Octarius

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Maybe the Ranger has a name and a backstory? That would bump up his chances a little bit.

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>a termagant skull on each shoulder
D'aww, babby's first trophies.
Seriously, a guardsman could do that with legitimate kills.

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As long as the Eldar are put in their place.

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He's no Illic Nightspear.

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To be frank that kind of works in his favor. Nightspear is nearly as incompetent as Eldorath Starbane.

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Keep this up, my ally, and you may yet be forgiven for your temerity.

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>Overfiend abandoned Octarius to find the Avatar
>Failed and lost his flagship and a good chunk of other ships

Looks like Ork is back on the menu, boys!

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Just wait until the ork codex comes out in 2025! You'll be sorry!

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Da Ovafiend was weak. Da Ovafiend was a git. 'E 'ad da whole galaxy in 'is grasp and 'e let it slip away!

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Didn't the war more or less end with kelly furiously masturbating over his new eldar codex?

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Elfdar glassed surrounding Imperial and Ork Worlds to stop the Nids from spreading out and consuming them.
But the Octarius war continues, though with the Overfiend leading his forces away on a failed mission...
I think the Nids won.

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Spehss muhrenes save galxay better at bein eldar than eldra deal w/ it

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Eldar did not put Avatar in the fridge.
Avatar went bad and attracted fungus.
Eldar try to deal with it but Marines show up and murder them all.
Marines win and have bad avatar in their grasp.

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Nope, the Eldar nuked the surrounding planets of the system to slow the Tyranids and also wiped out a portion of the Tyranids.

It didn't work. Leviathan is still going strong and the Orks are still resisting hard.

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Ork codex is next, so I doubt it.

Or to be more specific, we will read about how the space marines beat everyone, in the ork codex.

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>Spehss muhrenes save galxay better at bein eldar than eldra deal w/ it

No, Orks are better at being Eldar than Eldar. Space Marines simply remain on top.

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Only according to hysterical idiots (Carnac anon originally among them, though before I think he argued that it wasn't the case, then he said it was, but now he says it isn't). The purging of surrounding worlds was in since 5e. The 6e Eldar codex just added that the spesselfs destroyed a "major" part of the hive fleet.

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>Space Marine Avatar
Tell me it becomes an avatar of the Emperor or a primarch or something.

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He's still an Avatar of Khaine, he's just not affiliated with the Eldar anymore.

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Khaine confirmed for battered wife.
He got his ass kicked by Space Marines so much that he likes them now.

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More like he's in an unsatisfying marriage with the Eldar, the first dick he jumped on was Orks after all.

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I guess he likes being fought over.

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someone needs to draw this. Khaine as a bruised housewife lying on the floor crying while a space marine in a dirty wifebeater drinks beer while watching reruns of burn the heretic.

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>In that cycle (the Birth of Fear), Khaine fights alongside the great eldar hero Eldanesh and wields the immortal Blade Wraiths fashioned for him by Vaul, the Smith God. Yet the rune singers also sing the (more reliable?) Cycle of the Avatar, in which Khaine wages war against the Children of Isha, defying Asuryan, the greatest of the eldar gods, chaining Vaul to his anvil, and joining forces with the Yngir.


>In their fury, the gods of the stars and the gods of the Aethyr turned upon each other, capturing or destroying those they could, and striking bargains with those they could not. I saw the forging of the Widow-Makers, the one hundred Swords of Khaine, and I watched the betrayal as one was stolen and hidden far away. I saw the end of shining Althanesh at the hands of the god of Death. I was witness to the final battle in which Khaine was almost split asunder by the destruction of that same Death God, and I saw how the endless warfare fanned the embers of Khaine’s fury, filling Him with power and driving Him into madness. Gripped by unquenchable rage, Khaine eventually turned against The Elder and slew prince Aldanesh.

It wouldn't be the first time Khaine switched sides and turned on the Eldar.

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Bonus points if it's Calgar himself.

>> No.30253155

Iyanden are credit stealing, wankers. A Craftworld gets its glories robbed away and its reputation tarnished to make Iyanden look good.


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That eldar who leads Salamanders now will sacrifice himself eldarising and awakaning the Avatar.
The Avatar will slaughter Salamanders and forget about orks.
Happy End.

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He's a coward Farseer though. Abatab requires an Exarch.
>Implying it could kill the Marines.

>> No.30253686

No Exarch = dormant avatar

The marines will still get the Avatar.

>> No.30253778

Exarch isn't necessary.

>> No.30253874

Unless the farseer or the ranger somehow count as aspect warriors, I don't think the Avatar is getting off his chair.

>> No.30253891

Yeah, we totally can assume the Avatar could become orkish but god forbid us to think a farseer could work as a sacrifice.

>> No.30253921

He didn't become Orkish, he just abandoned the Eldar as they had abandoned him.

>> No.30253926

Taking that at this point he is probably bigger than Swarmlord, I don't think he have to worry.

>> No.30253955

>Taking that at this point he is probably bigger than Swarmlord, I don't think he have to worry.

He's not bigger than the Swarmlord though. He shrunk.

>> No.30253983

He shrunk after that? Dayum shame.

He'l find another Avatar. I am sure of it.

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It keeps happening!

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You know I bet every writer kills the Avatar because no one knows how to write the thing going back to sleep.

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It sits down.
That was hard.

>> No.30258291

I like the way you think, Brother. I think we WILL use it as a holy relic of the Chapter.

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This is BL's Horus Heresy level of retard

>> No.30262741


Not just any Marines: The very bro-est of all possible Marines.

I sincerely hope that this starts the Salamanders on a path of Xenos affiliation and borderline heresy that ends up with them becoming heavy metal Reasonable Marines.

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>The humans had betrayed them. He had deluded himself with the belief that it was possible to forge real links with some individuals of that species. He had hoped, to his eternal shame, that the humans would come to the planet and defeat the orks. He had been wrong. Even if he had the power to take this thing from the planet, what would he do except complete the humans’ victory?

>If he waited, the orks would return. They had no choice. They could not resist the siren call even if they were not conscious of it. And the humans had been weakened by this first conflict.

>Before him, he saw the contours of vengeance given physical shape.

>Rising from the chamber floor was a throne. Seated on it was an immense statue. Its form was distorted, vague, incomplete. It was a body without features. The Lileathan world had been abandoned too long, and what had been left behind had lost its essential connection to the eldar. Endlessly consumed by its fury, the shard of Kaela Mensha Khaine now poured energy into another race, one with an inexhaustible hunger for war.

>From this single point, far beneath the surface of Lepidus Prime, wrath called to the orks.

What do you have against Orks being awesome, anon?

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Orkdar confirmed as canon.

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