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This is how I Cosmic hero.

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Sounds pretty Exalted to me.

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I how final encounter with BBEG

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This is how I detect feels

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This is how I Quest-Giving NPC

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This is how I teamwork

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This is how I easy loot from dumb city people.

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expand on this?

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This is how I turn a near-TPK into a profitable affair.

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This is how I last stand against insurmountable odds.

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Loki is as Loki does

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This is how I World of Darkness

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This is how I Paladin.

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You think he ever scratches his ears with his pointless pointy shoulder thingies?

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This is how I go out in a blaze of glory.

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This is how I god of war

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This is how I PTSD.

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Funny, this is how I smite

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This is how I Fighter/Thief/Rogue/Cleric

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The one that loses a lot?

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This is how I Tiefling.

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This is how I final battle.

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Funny, this is how I hunter/ki- I mean smite

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this is how i alchemist

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This is how I Paladin.

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This is how I kobold.

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This is how I BBEG

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>Negotiations were tense following the Primordial War.

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That's also how I BBEG
>Shiggity diggity

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His attitudes and actions could, in a lesser being, be construed as 'bad' or 'evil'. Such petty concerns do not apply to Doom, however.
Here, have another BBEG

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It's funny how hard Doom gets dick-ridden sometimes. Like the Marquise of Death arc. Or that time he got the Infinity Gauntlet and beat the Celestials.
Any writer ever have an in-story call out against Doom?
>How I reluctant but true hero

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well yeah, do you know how many times Aries got his ass kicked by foes a "God of War" should have had no trouble defeating?

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This is how I Warforged Fighter

>> No.30229241

There was that time they stopped fucking around and made him a good guy.

And then that time he got his ass handed to him for trying to steal Scarlet Witch's power.

And Morgan Le Fay kicked his ass and probably would've made him her eternal slave if the Sentry hadn't been there.

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This is how I dynamic entry.

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This is how I rescue the damsel in distress.

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This is how I monk

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This is how i unarmed skill

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This is how I paladin.

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This is how I warlord.

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Squirrel girl also beat him iirc.

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Wing Chun never looked so cute

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FF#16 was just him getting his shit pushed in by Antman

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This is how I skald.


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where in the world was this from?
Cap never swears that often

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This is how I Warmaster

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It's an edit someone made in response to Sally Floyd being a goddamn retard in Front Line's Civil War tie-in.

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The god of war he describes is Athena, the goddess of strategy, politicking, etc.

He's describing himself as Ares, the god of "wrecking your shit with a rust knife", chodes, and sleeping in a man's peeled skin.

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Holy fuck man.

That's a BBEG if I ever saw one. All glory to The Penguin.

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He's still loses significantly more often then he should with a title as lofty as his

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This is how I gunslinger.

>> No.30230298

Really, he's just the God of Getting His Ass Handed to Him So Norman Osborn Knows That Whatever They're Fighting Is So Strong That He Needs the Sentry, or the God of GHAHHSNOKTWTFISSTHNTS for short.

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(shrug) Doesn't matter much. Athena's concerned with conquering nations and forging empires. Ares just likes to crack skulls and lay some bloody teeth on the asphalt.

It's not like Ares and Athena are contradictory elements. Athena sits in the commander's tent, Ares is right there on the front lines.

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Judge Dredd is the worlds best Paladin. A total commitment to the exact letter of the law, EXACTLY as written.

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Meanwhile, Marvel Athena is Goddess of Keikaku.

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Muh nigga.

This is how I half-dragon.

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I don't know about that. I read DC.

Also, this is how I Deathwatch.

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This is how I Chaotic Neutral.

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this is how I fallen Paladin

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He's the kind of guy I want to befriend. Maybe learn some stuff from him. Why not.

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This is how I journalist

>I actually played a blatant Spider Jerusalem knockoff in Dark Heresy; shit was SO cash.

>> No.30230575

That's a good fallen Paladin, well done.
>how I rogue/thief classes

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This is how I Nemesis.

>> No.30230675

Did you get to use Chairleg of Truth at some point?

>> No.30230680

Then they should change his title to God of Brawling.

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I'm pretty sure Kurt is a born Swashbuckler, but close enough.
This is how I BBEG

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I would freely and willingly follow Treize or Zechs into battle any fucking day.

No joke.

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A part of the rules that our GM used was that each squad gets certain gear when they start out, including microbeads, dataslates, manacles...

... and a subdual weapon.

Yes, knocked an IG deserter bloody. Got him to tell me where the rest of them had run off to.

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This is how I NPC

>> No.30230750

This is how I build the campaign climax

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This is how I bard.

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This is how I Guardsman

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Uh...no? Paladins have mercy. LG, son.

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This is how I Fortitude Save.

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This is how I Deus Ex Machina.

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"Rogue" was really just a catch-all for the charismatic, dashing scoundrel archetype classes.

>how I fail fetish checks

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This is how I diplomacy.
I am not very good at diplomacy

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Are you thor, or the other guy?

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This is how I Only War

>> No.30230916

This is how I Were-shark.

>> No.30230933

I'm thinking I'm the other guy.
Also, this is how I Rogue Trader

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This is how I can no longer be your friend.

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I, too, have played a Spider-inspired character. It was Shadowrun. Ended up leaning out of a speeding citymaster window and shooting stick 'n shock at corp goons guarding a shipment of medicine, and recording a mid-level exec of Atzlan having relations with farm animals.

Great time.

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This is how I describe combat with multiple foes

>> No.30231246

there's another way?

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Whats this from, since google just gives me 18 pages of GIF sites

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I recall it being on adult swim. Don't remember the name.

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Isn't that Eagleheart?

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This is how I druid

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This is how i pure evil

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You sick bastard.

This is how I cohort

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This is still how I warforged

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Huh. That's how I android boyfriend.

>> No.30231545

It probably is. Adult Swim is kind of starting to blend together for me.

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This is how I Paladin of Good.

>> No.30231582

fucken saved

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This is how I defy evil.

>> No.30231624

This is how I plot hook

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He lost to Squirrel Girl

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>> No.30231756

Looks like Nathan Explosions in the back left of the first panel
>That rejection was brutal

>> No.30231823

>What the hell class would you be qualified to teach?
Well, if you ask...

>> No.30231840

>implying anyone can beat Squirrel Girl

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This is how I roll for Gather Information.

>> No.30231891

This is how I Bluff check

>> No.30231903

This is how I low-level quest.

>> No.30231912

This is how I Epic Adventure

>> No.30231917

this is how I random encounters

>> No.30231961

This is how I DM

>> No.30231968


Fun fact. Hell actually does break loose at Arkham in that comic. Etrigan fixes it and they blame everything that happened on Scarecrow and Fear Gas.

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This is how I evenly cook my hot pockets.

>> No.30231987

This is how I high Charisma rogue

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pic related

>> No.30232047

I know, I love it.

>> No.30232064

That's how I everything, really.

>> No.30232069

>Druids aren't overpowered you guys, i swear!

>> No.30232075

This is how I epic-level animal companion

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Amusing. That's how I live my life.

>> No.30232124

>[euphoria intesifies]

>> No.30232136

Fuck your euphoria. God's in his heaven, all's right with the world. I simply don't need a reason to do good, I do it for its own sake. Can you say the same?

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This is how I political intrigue campaign

>> No.30232213

This is how I can't think of anything appropriate and just want to post this page because Etrigan was mentioned.

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This is how I chaotic neutral.

>> No.30232257

And this is how I lawful evil.

>> No.30232365

I laughed out loud

>> No.30232405


Doesn't spiderman "get tired of people's shit" and become a badass at some point?

>> No.30232426

Yes. Yes he does.

>> No.30232461

After Siege, he starts kicking ass up and down New York City and basically becomes "The Guy" of NY. Gets Jameson off his case (sort of), gets a job where he can start applying his Spider-tech to the real world without raising too much suspicion, and becomes HBIC on a world-saving mission, and generally gets recognized as Grade-A, World-Class Hero.

Then Dan Slott fucked it all up and made him Otto Octavius then killed his brain pattern to make it clear that Peter Parker is gone.

People hated Octo-Spider so much that Peter Parker is returning in April.

>> No.30232510

Really? I haven't read it in a couple of months. It was to be expected, really.

>> No.30232520

This is how I Chaotic Evil

>> No.30232545

Speaking of...

>> No.30232563

The kid has (I hope not had) good taste.

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Jesus Christ, Marvel. Now that's neutral evil.

>> No.30234930


I don't get it. Can someone explain this to me?

>> No.30234939

This is how I Hunter.

>> No.30234946

Marvel hates heroism and positive emotions, thats why we get all this hero vs hero shit

>> No.30234976

It's funny because "Groot" is the Dutch word for big.

>> No.30234980

Doc Ock is currently Spider-Man.

>> No.30234995

This is how I superdick

>> No.30235010

I think its important to mention he did so by stealing peter parker's body and his life, in the process basically murdering him, this was just after he had been running a plot involving killing entire cities because he was super butthurt about having a terminal disease from committing crime and leaping into superhero fists all of a sudden.

>> No.30235021

*tips alien warhelmet*

Beta Ray Bill, hero of all enlightened aliens.

>> No.30235037

..Is it strange that I only see framing the one guy as going too far with this revenge plot?
Assuming he was framed, of course.

>> No.30235041

How exactly did this come about

>> No.30235051

Wait, is that duckface?

>> No.30235054

Its an edit

>> No.30235086

The duckface and Green Lantern is edited. I think the rest is legit, though. Tie-in comic to Injustice, the DC alt-universe plot based fighting game by the Mortal Kombat guys.

>> No.30235103

Does Doctor Doom have a twitter?

>I could fix the American debt, if they'd accept the RULE OF DOOM #Americanscantdoeconomics

>> No.30235106

The plot of Injustice was so terrible, but especially the tie-in comic that was made.

That only good part was like the interaction between Green Arrow and Harley Quinn

>> No.30235107

Here's the original

>> No.30235121

This is how I Space Marine initiation.

>> No.30235130

I didn't knew that superman actually uses facebook

>> No.30235136

Wasn't that the whole point of Injustice?

Everything that could go wrong in DC verse, GOING wrong.

I mean, even Kingdom Come wasn't as bad as Injustice in terms of OH SHIT NIGGA.

>> No.30235140

Superman is hip

He's not your daddy's boring moralfag

>> No.30235147

Are you being deliberately stupid man? When someone says something is terrible it refers to the quality of writing.

>> No.30235158

This is how my random encounters start.

>> No.30235159

Has Lindy made a complain video about this fight yet?

I love it when Lindy tears apart Hollywood fights.

>> No.30235161

It was on the level of, well. Mortal Kombat. i. e. the writing was absolutely retarded.

>> No.30235167

I know I'll regret this, but who is Lindy?

>> No.30235173


>> No.30235183

>get up prince of troy
>i won't let a stone take my glory


>> No.30235185

This is how I Chaotic Good.

>> No.30235191

I think he means 'Lindybeige'
Basically a guy who spends his time making youtube videos about historical fighting. Has recently been doing videos on a film about Troy (though I think it was a different one, I think the films equivalent fight scene is in here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFBK-eVl76M ).

>> No.30235194

And this is how I DM.

>> No.30235196

>>30235167 Archeologist on youtube that /tg/ is tsundere for


>> No.30235201

The king of armchair generals.

Nah, he's part of that group of guys on youtube that discuss historical fighting. Except he's got a big interest in fiction, RPG's and such.

There are many other guys like him, but most of them just focus on history, or just fighting.

>> No.30235218

This is how I alchemist.

>> No.30235220


Dredd can show mercy as well. One comic had him stop the usual funeral method (turned into juice and recycled) for a 120 year old lady and had her buried in teh nicest, most expensive burial plot in Megacity 1 just so her husband wouldn't feel like he'd let her down.

The husband still got 15 in the cubes for breaking into the cemetery though.

>> No.30235232

The inventor of the combo dagger/spear/staff/sling!


>> No.30235233

this is how I living bombs

>> No.30235237

This is how I Cleric.

>> No.30235238

A fight to the death for an initiation? At least put a little sport into it man!
This is what they do to initiate hiveworld scum.

>> No.30235262

Sounds like a PC.

>> No.30235278

This is how I fail Fortitude saves.

>> No.30235288

This is how I ruin Maid Quest.

>> No.30235298

>This is how I healer.
>And how I alchemist.
>And how I druid.

>> No.30235310

To be honest, bath salts for the first time won't give you delusions.

Doing bath salts for the first time for 48 hours straight, yeah, that's going to give you delusions.

But then again, staying awake for 48 hours straight is going to give you delusions too.


This is how I shaman/healer/alchemist/astral traveller.

>> No.30235311

This is how I Maid Quest.

>> No.30235320

This is how I bard

>> No.30235345

Mind if I join your party?
>This is how we roll

>> No.30235346

I remember an edit of those guys as one of the most powerful enemies in D&D ever.

It was some old meme, early in /tg/ history. Something about animated armours, or something?

>> No.30235368

I'd have to say that I would too.
Glorious bastards, both of 'em.

>> No.30235371

>belt from drum, not box
>brass facing outward
>ammo belt exposed in drum
>left-handed machine gun in right hand
>pistol that has to be at least fucking .308
>no front sight on pistol


>> No.30235386

Spider was cool, up until the last few panels

That gun should have been real. Fuck Ellis, don't pull the comics teeth right at the end. without a cost the whole thing was just a power trip.

>> No.30235450


People don't hate Octo-Spider. Spock is actually really fucking interesting and entertaining.

What people hate is that Slott killed off Peter Parker in order to make Otto Spider-Man, and then Marvel went out of its way in the press to be all "Yes, Peter's definitely gone for good. Spock is a new Spider-Man for a new generation and Peter is going the way of Ben Reilly."

>> No.30235489

It wasn't interesting when everyone was written like a retard just so he wouldn't get found ou,t

>> No.30235490


At the heart of every true cynic is a kernel of optimism.

>> No.30235511

I, for one, am happy Spooder is not an angry vegetable.

>> No.30235520


Sometimes, unfortunately, we gotta put up with shit to get to the good stuff. If they figured it out right away, the entire arc would be over before it got started.

>> No.30235531

Marvel's superheroes being written like retards is the standard not the exception.
Look at the likes of Civil War and AvsX.

>> No.30235545

That cop is pretty badass.
Ineffective, but badass.

>> No.30235546

This is how I fantasy ;_;

>> No.30235554

Bullshit, their's optimism and having no fucking cost. NOTHING goes wrong for spider. He gets everything he ever wanted, and loses nothing.

It turned the entire comic into a Disney movie. Not even Pixar, just straight Disney, and not even good Disney.

I would have liked him more as man willing to sacrifice anything to accomplish what he believes in, and then goes out on his own term.

>> No.30235558

Didn't Osborn just say he knows?

>> No.30235572

That fucking ruins the point of Spider. You dumbass.

Spider is as much outside the system as he is a part of the system.

>> No.30235584

That does nothing to change the fact of all the good guys being written as thick as shit because if they acted competent the villain parading around in Spidey's body would have got caught.

Osborn has been written pretty shit for years, like the american government handing him power on a platter and whatnot.

>> No.30235589

Sad fact: It's plain as day that SJ was modeled after Hunter S. Thompson.

That's actually how Hunter died IRL. He suffered from a series of medical complications, then took his own life via gunshot wound to the head. This comic, however, concluded years before he died.

>> No.30235591

This is how I expand

>> No.30235614

Ahhh, so that's why Hunter shot himself.

>> No.30235619

And then HST got shot into the sky by Johnny Depp through some crazy peyote drug fist tower.

>> No.30235644

Dredd is Lawful Lawful.
Paladins need to be Lawful only, not exactly Lawful Good.

>> No.30235651

Yeah, I was shocked to hear he killed himself. He never struck me as the kind of man who'd give up on life, even if it really did take a turn for the worst.

>> No.30235672

Entitled "Football Season is Over", Hunter S. Thompson's suicide note.

"No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun – for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax – This won’t hurt."

>> No.30235688

He likes to do a lot of edgy stuff, but is terrible at it, by losing so much.
Why the fuck is he still a god?

>> No.30235697

Edgy and terrible has lasted for almost all of human history, and it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.

>> No.30235722

This is the tower Johnny Depp used to shoot Hunter's ashes into the sky.

>> No.30235723

If you follow Ares, you will never lose a battle for the rest of you life. It's just that the rest of your life might be somewhat shorter than you think.

>> No.30235784


To be honest I would love a series focusing on a superhero team who work for Doom protecting his country.

All about Doom and his underlings. Fleshing them out and giving some real context of who and what Doom is as a leader.

>> No.30235846

This just makes me fucking hate the penguin and glad batman routinely puts him in a body cast.

>> No.30235871

I'm sorry, I thought the point of Spider was someone who acted outside the system but had to work to do it.
He was man so driven by the need to find and expose the truth that he barely even noticed those he hurt along the way (ex: the girl he ruined by making her porn star).
That he was man who constantly had shit through at him for his quest, and suffered through it (ex, getting his ass kicked, losing his job, etc) but found a way around it.
I thought being outside the system didn't mean there wasn't fucking consequences, because if there are no consequences there is no fucking tension.

The last panels pull the teeth of the entire fucking comic.

>> No.30235920

Here's a flowchart.

>> No.30236016

This is how I Doomsday Weapon.

>> No.30236035

And he runs crying home to mommy when a mean hero beats him up. Ares is a pussy.

>> No.30236041

>People don't hate Octo-Spider.

Yes. Yes we do.

>It's fucking interesting and entertaining.

We're all waiting for this turd to finish dropping so we can flush, like, twelve times and purge the house with air freshener while running the fan for the rest of the night. Then, after we've sworn to never eat month-old leftover mexican takeout again, we're going to take bleach and that strange little brush and scrub until the memories fade from brain damage brought about by that Clorox smell.

Man I tortured this extended metaphor. Point is: there are more than a few people who dislike this story arc and will be pleased when it's done with.

>> No.30236045

The 'Next Issue' was the Death of Captain America.

>> No.30236081

Really? The way they've been written lately Spock getting away with it seems totally legit. Every event seems to collectively lower the IQ of all it's participants after all.

>> No.30236089

You can't live outside the system in the modern world. Certainly not in a scifi world.

You are being retarded and unrealistic.

Spider isn't an astetic monk. He's a one-man sub-culture.

>> No.30236108

This is how I tattooed sorcerer.

>> No.30236134

Rolled 4

this is how I "your encounters are too easy"

>> No.30236178

what the fuck does that have to do with the last panels of the series being a massive cop-out that fucking kills the tension of the series?

>> No.30236256

This is how i bathe

>> No.30236262


is this a shoop?

>> No.30236382

Killing the tension is there to make you realise that Spider is as much PART as NOT PART of the system.

>> No.30236490

wow, I rarely heard such incredible bullshit. Bad story telling cop-outs are somehow deep and insightful?
What's next, you're gonna try to sell me unicorn hair?

>> No.30236531

I would love to see Doom get an ongoing.

>> No.30236582

This is how I DM.

>> No.30236590

this is how i bard
coincidentally, this is also how i irl

>> No.30236625

Sup, /k/omrade?

>> No.30236630

Also because it sells, apparently.

Like one of their reps up and said in an interview, "Look we don't like it either but we're in a marginal business and this is what people are buying."

>> No.30236631

Doom and the Fantastic Four vs a force of invading Russians.


>> No.30236640

want to read the best marvel cosmic. Where do i start?

>> No.30236641

hard core

>> No.30236642

You guys forget that the hero always wins over the villain.

Hero vs hero is much much more muddy. You just don't know who's going to win.

>> No.30236647

"Guy laughs at you. Maybe. The text makes it clear he could've been doing something else and the Penguin just assumed he was being laughed at."

"Elaborate scheme to ruin the lives of everyone around him in order to drive him to suicide."

Yes its a little strange.

>> No.30236657

Thanos can make simulacrums that can fool Watchers.

>> No.30236675

Whoever came up with Squirell Girl should be hanged from the highest tower on Earth.

>> No.30236769

>the only comic in which the Penguin is a good villain

>> No.30236799


>> No.30236807


>> No.30236831

also this

>> No.30236894

This is how I bring down universal constants.

>> No.30236919

The fuck is wrong with that cunt?

>> No.30236977

So you're the worst?

>> No.30237056

This is how I strategy.

>> No.30237059

1. He's talking about the quality of the writing, not of the lives of the people involved.
2. Injustice didn't end with more than half of superhero-dom dying.

>> No.30237136

>implying ultimate bastisch vs squirrel girl wouldn't be the readers winning.

>> No.30237218

>this is how I CN/CE

>> No.30237281


>> No.30237324

Except there are no more heroes, so it's all villain vs villain, and everybody loses.

>> No.30238123

Can't believe nobody posted this yet.

>> No.30238547

Then it goes straight to grimderp

>> No.30238644

Whatever you think about Spock, you have to agree that this was excellent.

>> No.30238669

>fucking retarded cunts that don't understand the word hero

Hero just means doing heroic things. Heroes can do good or evil deeds.

Learn your fucking language.

>> No.30238672

This is how I Artificer

>> No.30238680

Nah, those weren't the strongest ever, but they're Zodars. They're actually immune to every form of damage other than bludgeoning. One could whittle down a Neutronium Golem so long as it didn't pick up a stick to hit him with.

Shit, I had the image, but I probably lost it when I reformated. Fuck.

>> No.30238743


>> No.30238941

Thanks man been looking that pic

>> No.30238972

Stan fucking Lee. He might be a crazy kook who hasn't turned out a good property since the 70s, but damn if he isn't awesome.

>> No.30239363

Could just hop onto the Marvel Now Guardians of the Galaxy, it's bretty gud

>> No.30239486

>Bendis Guardians
Not even once.
Did he bother explaining anything yet? Like several people being surprisingly alive? I dropped it after 5 issues.

>> No.30239642

>Even suggesting someone reads Bendis Guardians
>Not based DnA Everything ever

>> No.30239874

This is how I Paladin.

>> No.30240013

This is how i munchkin.

>> No.30240177

This is how i into new campaign.

>> No.30240214

So far nothing other than glares whenever anyone brings it up.

>> No.30242982

my thoughts exactly.
on top of my usual background thoughts of "man, Civil War was shit."

>> No.30244791

This is how I Paladin.

>> No.30244991



>> No.30244997

This is how I Paladin

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