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Fuzzy Logic Edition

Old thread is autosaging

ITT: Lists, lore, questions, answers, heresy, retribution.

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Do Chaos Space Marines get sucked back into the warp when they die, like daemon do?

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Only if Chaos likes them.

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No, they're living beings, not daemons.

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I kissed my mom plenty of times

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>The Dregs are a quiet corner of Nurgle’s vast garden. No paths lead here, and there is certainly no way out, for it is surrounded by stranglespines and stingleaves. It remains a place of shame.

>When Nurgle’s mortal followers are slain, some are returned to the Dregs. In this quarter of his vast garden, they wallow in the knowledge that they were felled in combat. It is a depressing, swamp-like place, a quagmire of failures. Eventually, they may be returned once again to the mortal realm, but there are those here too who are doomed to remain forever. Among these lost souls are a small few who turned traitor to Nurgle, seduced by other gods, and have prevented his loyal minions from spreading disease. Other have failed spectacularly to follow Nurgle’s orders, losing precious vials of pestilence or spilling rare plagues on dead worlds. Even those who were once the most accomplished servants receive no mercy when they have raised Nurgle’s ire, and are doomed indefinitely to associate themselves with creatures far beneath their own standing. They remain here in a state of decay until they are forgotten.

>Seldom does Proud Father Nurgle dwell upon this quarter of his demense.

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Just a minor question really, is there any corrupted terminator armor in chaos rising? Is this even the right place to ask such questions?

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Their corpses remain. What happens to their soul is another discussion entirely

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Asked this in the previous thread, but it was near death, so I'll ask it here again.

Can someone give me a bit of advice?
I am new to the game side of 40k, though I have collected models for a while now,
I have nids, and both types of eldar, but I am not sure which one I should make into an actually playable army.

I got 1 hive tyrant, that is unassembled, along with a carnifex, that is also unassembled. I have 6 tyranid warriors, 4 of them with devourers, and scything talons, 1 with venom cannon and s-talons, and another with barbed strangler and s-talons. I got 3 raveners with scything talons, rending claws and thorax devourers (I think.) In addition, I got one full brood of gargoyles, a genestealer brood, and small number of termagaunts and hormagaunts.

With the Eldar, I got 2 wraithlords, one of them unassembled, a box of the new wraith guard, 3 old metallic wraith guards, a falcon, 2 dire avenger squads, (one unassembled), 5 warp spiders, 5 striking scorpions, 5 fire dragons, a farseer and 3 warlocks, one eldar jetbike, and a squad of guardians.

Finally, I got one squad of Dark Eldar kabalite warriors, 6 reavers, a ravager and a raider, along with an Archon.

Basically, I would appreciate any advice someone who actually knows how to play the game, on what sort of army I can even make out of the stuff I already got. I don't mind if the army isn't very competitive, as long as it is at least playable. I just want to actually get some use for all my plastic and metallic little men, that have been sitting in the attic for the past 2 years.

Someone did suggest making an eldar list with DE allies, but that only raised further questions for me. Are Eldar with Dark Eldar allies considered cheesy or anything? I don't want people refusing to play with me.

Also, I have heard that the Dark Eldar are hard to play. I have never played 40k, so I am not sure if I should make my first actual army partially dark eldars.

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>Never Kissed Girls
My boyfriend can vouch for that, yeah.

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Right now the Meta is Beastmaster Flocks are competitive. If you're allying Eldar you can Psycic twinlink your Dark Eldar guns via Prescience. They're not really that cheesy. Also, yes, they are hard to play, they really make you think about your actions.

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>Leandros, a newly promoted Veteran just assigned to the Captain's section
>Constantly questioning his orders even over the Sergeant's agreement
>Willing to let the Orks continue their rampage because his interpretation of using the jump packs into the fray was flawed
>Instead of taking up his concerns with an Ultramarine Chaplain turns Titus over to the Inquisition
>Never sees combat again as an Ultramarine; no one trusts him to fight at their side

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Are Eldar more forgiving?
Thus far, my experience with the actual game side of 40k is limited to few matches I followed in a GW store, and to few experiments I had by pitting a squad of dire avengers against my 4 devourer warriors.

I just don't want to ruin the game for myself by trying to play an army that is especially hard for people new to the game.

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Im thinkin of gettin some fantasy ogres to convert into heavy weapon teams, one guardsman yelling at the ogre shooting the big gun of my choosing.

something like this but on the big base.

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>Are Eldar more forgiving?

Better armour saves and sturdy transport makes me say yeah.

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My Dark Eldar tend to win fantastically or fall apart completely.

Just judging from what I've seen of Eldar players, they can recover more easily from a bad turn.

That's awesome. I'd love to see those models

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Are scourges useful?
I kind of want to get a box of them because I think they look great.

What about wytches? The local store here is selling them at discount. I don't really like them as models though, they show off too much skin. I like my eldar best when they have mask and armor on.

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Ok, I'm not really very good at the Eldar names, but I've seen a lot of Jetbike's with a magic HQ in it, and those big wraith robot's, with Flame Throwers that can cause ID.

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>Discount Wytches
One, YES. Best melee tarpit 5eva. Also, they're not wearing armor, because they don't need no armor where they're going. Y'know, Close Combat. They have a 4+ invuln in CC. Take an Agonizer Sybarite, and ALWAYS give her a Phantasm Grenade Launcher. You see, it gives you Defensive Grenades, and those give you Stealth (5+ cover) if a unit is shooting at you within 8"

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Also Scourges are pretty Ok if you give them Haywire blasters, and remember, for the love of god Hug Cover. Camp cover all day erry day. Camp cover like it's going out of style.

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Oh, I know the fluff reasons for why they don't wear armor, I just don't like their aesthetics.
All that bare flesh and non helmeted faces look bad to me.
Though, I guess I should buy one box of them. There were two of them for only 17 euros at the local store today, when I went to buy paint and stuff.

Getting more models that I need to paint, and figure out a good color scheme for, is kind of dreading though.
You see, most of my models are unassembled, and unpainted, and have been so for years now, as I haven't had time, or just haven't bothered painting them until now.

That's kind of how I figured they need to be played. I might get a box of them. Does one box have enough feathery wings for every model, or do you have to use those batwings? They look pretty ugly to me.

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I think it's 2 Feather, 3 bat. My paintscheme is Bright Pink, so do take some time to figure out what looks good to you.

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Scourges are pricey. They have some nice tricks they can pull off and are more durable than your average Dark Eldar infantry. The problem is that they're 22 points a piece. Use them with care and you should be okay.

Wyches took a hit and got a buff with the edition change. Overwatching flamer units hurt a lot because that's d3 hits that are going to ignore your armor and wound on a 3+ or 2+. I still think they're fun. And haywire grenades are godly at taking down vehicles. Charge a vehicle with even 5 wyches from a Venom and watch the fun.

I'm guessing that Wyches will be buffed slightly when the Dark Eldar get updated.

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This must've been asked a billion times, but what happens to a human when they die?

>> No.30198237

>Shit taste
Well, can't argue with you there. My favorite movie is Jurassic Park 2, and I listen to Coheed and Cambria on repeat.

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I really dislike the batwings.

For the dark eldar, I have been thinking of dark, purplish colors, kind of emulating a color scheme I came up in a totally unrelated project, so the deldar aren't as big of an issue for me.
My color scheme problem really is mainly with the Craftworld Eldar. I can't figure out how to paint their non aspect warrior forces. I have guardians, 2 warlocks and a wraithlord in saim han colors, but I kind of dislike the color scheme nowadays. I painted them when I first got into the hobby, and just went with the box colors.

Nids are also kind of an issue, but not as big as the CW eldar, as the nids don't need to look as brilliant in colors as the CW eldar do.

Does jumping from cover to cover and shooting the crap out of things from safe distance work for scourges?

When was the Dark Eldar codex released btw? I remember it being brand new when I bought it, but that was years ago, before I put my minis into storage.

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If you wanna restart, Simple Green is this cleaning solution, that you can leave plastics in for a long time, and it'll strip off all the paint.

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There is, yes

>> No.30198422


I don't think that they sell that stuff in Finland, though I doubt that it is that different from any other cleaning solution.
I assume that it works for metals as well?

Though, repainting stuff besides the maybe the warlocks, is not really a big concern for me right now. I have two squads of Dire Avengers, that probably are enough troops for the size of games I might start with, and I got all other forge organization slots filled too with the unpainted stuff I got.

>> No.30198446

You can use Nail Polish remover on Metals, works so much faster, and won't melt metal. Will melt plastic though.

>> No.30198511


Thanks for the tip.

Now that I started to think, I am kind of doubting if having just two troops is enough. Isn't the basic army requirements a HQ option, and two troops?
Are guardians any decent troop choice?

>> No.30198526

Yes, and pretty decent, yeah.

>> No.30198583


Are they useful without the heavy weapon platform thing?
I don't think that I have one.

>> No.30198600

They're pretty okay objective scorers, a Bright Lance is always helpful though.

>> No.30198698


I wonder if there is any way to get a heavy weapon platform without having to buy one of those big guardian sets. Does GW sell them separately, or do I have to look for one from Ebay or something?

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Which one of the DH/DW/RT/BC/OW games is most enjoyable?

I understand that's a very subjective thing, but I'd like to know which ones are favored and why so I can choose one most fitting for my group.

>> No.30198899

RT. You can be an Ork.

>> No.30198989

Always thought the Empress of Mankind was a hottie.

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>> No.30199153

Man... The Emprah should have been a girl

>> No.30199194 [SPOILER] 

Hot new image of her to fap to

>> No.30199269

>Grandma, what a massive warp presence you have!
>- The better to guide you through the Immaterium with!

>> No.30199293

How do I make a 40k (wargame) campaign?

>> No.30199384

Actually, now that I think of it. There would be no 40k as we know it if he was.

>Horus rebels
>The Empress gives him the mother's Look of Disapproval and tells him she's very disappointed in him.
>Horus goes to his room to think about what he did without distractions like supper

>> No.30199443

Big E already have Lorgar the mother's Look of Disapproval and look how that turned out.

>> No.30199494

So in fluff terms, who outside the Inquisition is actually privy to the existence of the Grey Knights? Do chapter masters of other chapters know of them?

>> No.30199520

So why didn't the Loyalist Legions just Virus bomb the ever loving shit out of the Tratior legions at Isstavan V?

>> No.30199594

>implying Horus wouldn't be a daughteru
>implying there wouldn't be a Heresy filled with angsty rebellion, catfighting, and jealousy, scorn, and "my mother stole my boyfriend"

>> No.30199655

Because they thought they have a 7 vs 3 numerical advantage until it was too late.

And at that point they could plausibly assume their brothers were redeemable.

>> No.30199691


Makes more sense to do so than not to

>Wipe out the enemy completely
>Zero casualties on your side

Plus it could have been said and done by the time the Not Tratiors got there.

>> No.30200124

>Wipe out the enemy completely

See if that was the way the Great Crusade operated, it'd run out of steam very fast. You want to expand and conquer other people to unite them, if you just kill them you end up with nothing. If you're fighting humans (or Astartes in this case), you want to beat them with as few casualties as possible and conscript the survivors into your cause.

At this point they didn't know how bad the corruption was, they could just hope to defeat the traitors, capture/kill their leaders, have them brought to justice and redeem those who could be redeemed. Perhaps even most of them, if it really were only the Primarchs who've gone loopy.

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He looks like Commander Shepard.

>> No.30200468

What about those of us masochistic enough to play Codex: Inquisition?

>> No.30200520

"I'm only an Ally."

>> No.30200545

Let me rephrase.

What about those of us masochistic enough to play Codex: Inquisition as a primary detachment without taking any allies?

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>> No.30200652


>>30200636 Ha to that. I'd go with, in that case

>I can't play games over 1000 points.

>> No.30200671


>> No.30200841

Here are a few appropriate ones:

>I'm not even a real army.

>I spam land raiders because I can't take more troops.

>I like to pretend I'm important.

>> No.30201329

Would a Renegade Chapter be more adequately depicted with a C:SM force or a C:CSM force?

>> No.30201480

>>I like to pretend I'm important.

I lol'd.


>> No.30201500


Chaos Renegade = CSM
Non-Chaos Renegade = C:SM
Chaos Renegade with no outward mutations/newly turned = your choice

>> No.30201518

Do Chaos Space Marines have the means to reuse/repurpose xenos technology?

>> No.30201581

Blackstone Fortresses, various daemonic weapons, one of the BFG escorts was made partially with alien tech, etc. Chaos doesn't give a fuck who's tech they use.

>> No.30201621


Yes, but they'll probably just not give a fuck and turn it into daemonforged tech.

Anything Orks can do Daemons can do if they really wanted to. They just don't want to because they don't have the need or drive to do it like Orks do.

>> No.30201628

I'm certain Titus is now a disgraced member of the Deathwatch, being sent on suicide missions and succeeding spectacularly.

Search your heart tg, you know it to be true.

>> No.30201767


The devs already released their storyboard plans for the following 2 space marine games.

>> No.30202359

So it seems. Dante once offered the Sanguinary Guard to the Grey Knights to banish Ka'bandha, and agreed for them to be mind-wiped afterwards.

From my understanding, only the Emperor and Horus were authorized to order the use of the virus bombs.

>> No.30202402


Yes, chapter masters do. Usually the chapter master is the one marine who doesn't get mind scrubbed after working with GK due to prior arrangements.

>> No.30203319

Posted this list a few times, just wanting to make sure it's 100% good before I throw money down on stuff.

Daemon Prince: Daemon of Tzeentch, Power Armour, Wings, The Black Mace - 265 pts

4 Terminators: Mark of Tzeentch, 3 Lightning Claws, 3 Combi-plasmas, Champion w/ Power Fist and Combi-plasma - 187 pts

18 Cultists: Champion w/ Shotgun - 84 pts
18 Cultists: Champion w/ Shotgun - 84 pts

Fast Attack
Heldrake: Baleflamer - 170 pts

Heavy Support
Obliterator - 70 pts
Obliterator - 70 pts
Obliterator - 70 pts

Total - 1000 pts

>> No.30203435


Daemon prince with armor, wings, and mace is always a solid buy and can be statted differently with those bits, or can be assembled with different bits.

Terminators are only worth buying with combis.

Cultists are always worth it. Don't know what weapon options are best for them though.

Heldrake you don't even have to ask.

Oblits are good.

So I guess the only thing you should do when you buy your models is magnetizing the weapons on your terminators since the best way to run them is just combi-bolter and that's it.

>> No.30204937

If you can squeeze in the points, a spell familiar is a great investment. It has saved many a spell from failing at critical moments for me

>> No.30205199

It's stated on Lexicanum and Wikis that Pariahs can be categorised.

So far all we got is the "Blunter" Untouchable [ à la Wystan Frauka, Distaff, Jurgen]
and the Pariahs à la Culexus Temple.

Also are Culexus Assassins entirely reliant on their Arcane Eye to kill shit or are some of them so powerful they need to be limited not to murder every psyker they come across in a 100f radius. [I'm exagerating, but it seems that lugging around the Arcane Eye all the time would be fucking dumb and Culexus Assassins would be entirely reliant on their gear]

Also, are all Eversor named Fluffy ?

>> No.30205952

There was an Omega Minus FETUS in Atlas Infernal.

It killed Grey Knights dead.

>> No.30206214

I really like Blood Angels thematically, and like the idea of Jump Pack troops and Death Company and what not.

Are they really as bad on the table as everyone says?

>> No.30206234

Sheeit, got a download link?

>> No.30206257


Depends on how good your opponents are.

>> No.30206263


>> No.30206386

They're an old assault army designed with old assault rules in mind. The new edition's change to assault mechanics was not kind to them. To be fair, many such armies/builds suffered similar effects though. The general attitude on the internet is that Blood Angels are shit now. Your mileage may vary

>> No.30206449

They still have as good/better Tacticals, no?

Are DA any good right now?

>> No.30206531


Their tacticals are the worst in the game right now idiot.

>> No.30209893

Might be looking to get me some Elysians. How's Forgeworld Discount as far as quality?

>> No.30209955

I was originally going to run the Terminators 3 strong with combis, but it got suggested that I give them the extra.

For the Prince? He's not a psyker. If I drop the extra gear on the Terminators I can give him some levels though.

>> No.30212286

Blood Angels are fine. The changes to assault are not severe enough to dismiss them. In fact, with the kinds of armies many people are playing now, they're incredibly vulnerable to getting charged (Riptides, for example). Because many players just assume assault is bad now, they don't plan against assault. That makes them vulnerable to it.

Descent of Angels is an amazing rule for deep striking Assault Squads, and makes them incredibly effective even with the rules changes.

Death Company, however, is usually not worth the points. They're just way too expensive.

But as Blood Angels are get what is arguably the best special character in the game: Mephiston. And even if you don't want to run special characters, the standard librarians are downright amazing as well.

So, no, they're not as bad as everyone says. They're not the greatest army on paper, but they're definitely not anywhere close to being the worst.

Never take tacticals as Blood Angels. Assault Marines are better in every way.

Dark Angels are decent, but they're a very different kind of army. Blood Angels are all about going on the offensive and getting in your opponent's face. Dark Angels are all about sitting back and letting your opponent come to you. The reason I think Dark Angels are weaker than Blood Angels is because Space Marine gunlines are not as strong as the gunlines of some other armies. Plus it's incredibly vulnerable to pie plates. Blood Angels, on the other hand, can rush into close combat, and entirely negate their opponent's shooting.

>> No.30212300

>How's Forgeworld Discount as far as quality?
You get what you pay for. If you're paying less, you should expect poorer quality.

But sometimes you get lucky.

>> No.30212905

i'm new to warhammer so a question:
aside from "muh grimmdark" would it actually be possible that:

> empire gets their shit together for a month
> talk to eldar and tau "lets kill each other later"
> alliance together and go around fucking up nids, orcs, necrons and some chaos in no particular order

>> No.30212933

Happens all the time. And then they kill each other later.

>> No.30213003

time is a very relative concept anon

>> No.30213047

>empire gets their shit together for a month
The whole basis of the setting is that the Imperium does not have, and can not get, its shit together.

>talk to eldar and tau "lets kill each other later"
That's heresy, anon-kun.

>> No.30213084

I have a question, would anyone consider taking a whole company as an option in Apoc games? Lets say, you had an elites choice that consisted of a very high initial value, but had up to one hundred space marines consisting of one total company.

>> No.30213127


Or, if you get tired of being a filthy casual:


>> No.30213191

I'm talking force organization, an option to TAKE a company in apoc games as a force org slot (or series of slots) with obvious draw backs.

>> No.30213214


Tyrant’s Legion 2nd Company ............................300 points (0-1)
Legion Centurion 5 5 4 4 2 4 2 9 3+
Legion Veteran Sergeant 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 3+
Veteran Legionary 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 3+
Apothicary Vivisector 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 3+
Unit Composition
• 1 Legion Veteran Sergeant
• 9 Legion Space Marines
Unit Type
• Space Marines: Infantry
• Veteran Sergeant: Infantry (Character) Wargear
• Power armour
• Bolt pistol
• Vivisector Nathecium (Apothicary Vivisector)
• Combat shield
• Combat blade
• Frag grenade
• Krak grenade
• Void hardened armour
Special Rules
• And They Shall Know No Fear
• Chapter Tactics (Astral Claws)
• Legion Combat Squads
• The Tyrant’s Due
Dedicated Transport
• If the unit numbers ten models, the unit may take a
Rhino or Razorback as a Dedicated Transport at the appropriate cost.
- Up to ninety additional Space Marines ........+10 points each
- Up to five Apothicary Vivisectors …………………. +15 points each
- Up to five Legion Centurions…...………………………….+40 points each (These Centurions may take the normal options listed for them in their unit entry.)

>> No.30213226

Assuming I had the models and my friends were patient enough to play with me fielding a whole company of space marines, I'd totally do it.

Also in Apoc games there's no force organization chart. You don't need special permission from the rules to do that. You just need people willing to play against a whole company.

>> No.30213262

im certain leandros was killed by an ork kommando that slipped into a transport ship, shot him in the back with a looted bolt pistol, and slipped out through an open window.

>> No.30213278

Oh. Well I was messing around with the idea of having a slot for a company being at full strength or less, for plot related purposes and for fun.

>> No.30213323

40k is a setting. If that's the story you want to tell in your games, there's nothing stopping you

>> No.30213492

I'm not sure how well you know Apocalypse. But Apoc Formations don't cost any points in the latest version of Apoc rules and they give you rules benefits.

Here's what you're looking for

>> No.30213512

The scananon must have been in a hurry though.

Check /rs/ for the pdf

>> No.30213542

This shit is way out of date. Who's up for a new version?

>> No.30213628

Nah, the batwings are rarer. It would go against the fluff if it were the other way to boot.

>> No.30213697

Would it be possible for a Necontyr teenager to be biotransfered into a body of a Overlord or Lord, then after waking up from the Great Sleep go back to be a teenage lil'shit but this time with eternity and a Tombworld(s) to play with?

I ask because I have nothing better to do on V-Day and might roll up a Dynasty with this kind of thing going just for shits and giggles.

>> No.30213708

Pretty much yes. Have fun!

>> No.30213711

Sure. I don't see why not.

>> No.30213741

Awesome. Thanks.

Time for a somewhat silly Necron Dynasty. With music playing in the Tomb World all the time. And they'll have a particular dislike for Slaaneshi followers 'cause the Young Lord is jealous he can't fuck or do drugs anymore.

>> No.30213850

How are wolves edgy? Shouting, carousing, wrestling, limitless bragging, celebrating neverending feasts, fighting for the people and sticking it to the man.
That´s about as unedgy as it gets.

>> No.30213948

Did you get that Rhino you wanted?

>> No.30214075

What weapons should I give to my kabalite warriors and their syrabite, and to the wytches and their hekatrix?

>> No.30215213

Depends on what you're doing with them. I go full dakka and give everyone splinter rifles and one splinter cannon. then I load them up on a raider with splinter racks. Hilarity ensues

>> No.30215386


And if I want them to be also able to damage vehicles, should I just give the kabalites some blasters?

>> No.30215576

Didn't see a list thread, and i just need this list checked over

Overlord: MSS, RessOrb, Warscythe, Phase Shifter, Weave - 205
StormTek: Lightning Field - 35
Lord: RessOrb, Warscythe - 75
Lord: RessOrb, Warscythe - 75

C'tan Shard: Gaze of Death, Time's Arrow - 275

16 Warriors - 208
16 Warriors - 208
16 Warriors - 208
10 Immortals: Tesla - 170

Fast Attack
10 Scarabs - 150

Heavy Support
Annihilation Barge - 90
Annihilation Barge - 90

Nightscythe - 100
Nightscythe - 100

Total - 1989

>> No.30215581

Has Wolf Scout models been phased out?

>> No.30215800

>Has Wolf Scout models been phased out?
And Long Fangs?
Well fuck me, guess GW just refuses to take my money, balls to them then.

>> No.30215869

>get my order from yoymart, clean shit up, try to paint it
>doesnt work
>Mhm maybe its still dirty
>clean it again, still wont work
>suddenly realize my paint hasnt been moved for a week now, shake it, everything works fine

Ugh ... also are there more How To Paint Guides, besides the Dark Vengeance one?

>> No.30216223


>> No.30216265

while your second point is valid your first is crap. The operation of the Great Crusade had nothing to with Isstavan V. Also re-conscripting traitors isn't exactly the smartest idea in the book.

>> No.30217010

>The operation of the Great Crusade had nothing to with Isstavan V.

I beg to differ, the standard operating procedure of the time was still largely that of the Great Crusade. The Traitors' only atrocity at this point was going inexplicably Exterminatus on a single human world and killing some of their own in an internal conflict. The Heresy was barely starting and was yet to go into full swing.

The Legions being extremely loyal to their leaders would be assumed to follow them even if they didn't fully agree with their Primarch. With the leaders captured or killed, their legions could be merged with the existing ones and, perhaps after some serious penance to be decided by the Emperor, restored to Imperial duty. And that seemed like a plausible result considering they were outnumbering the traitors 7 to 3, and the traitors were weakened by a months-long internal conflict.

The loyalists didn't know (and couldn't know) the very souls of the traitors were irredeemably corrupted by the Ruinous Powers. There was no reason to assume the only reasonable course of action was to murder like 15% of the galaxy's Astartes to the man on general principle.

>> No.30217537


>> No.30217897

That's neat, how did you do that?

>> No.30221531

>btw I'm a grill

>> No.30221779

What if it's just a gay guy?

>> No.30222512

Then he's a faggot.

>> No.30225083

I'm been reading some Dark Heresy and Imperial Armour books and been wondering which books have the best fluff?

>> No.30228601

Updated my list. Decided I don't need to make the Daemon Prince a Psyker because it's a bit too expensive at 1k. Also dropped some of the Terminator kit.

Daemon Prince: Daemon of Tzeentch, Power Armour, Wings, The Black Mace - 265 pts

4 Terminators: Power Fist, 4 Combi-plasmas - 155 pts

20 Cultists: 2 Flamers - 100 pts
20 Cultists: 2 Flamers - 100 pts

Fast Attack
Heldrake: Baleflamer - 170 pts

Heavy Support
Obliterator - 70 pts
Obliterator - 70 pts
Obliterator - 70 pts

Total - 1000 pts

>> No.30229150

IG&DA hummmm.........

>> No.30229777

Lord Commissar

>1st Platoon: "Raider Platoon"
PCS: Chenkov, Vox, Chimera 3
Squad 1A: Vox, Flamer, Chimera 1
Squad 1B: Vox, Flamer, Chimera 2
Conscripts: Send in the Next Wave, 30 additional models

>2nd Platoon: "Support Platoon"
PCS: Vox
Squad 2A: Vox, Meltagun
Squad 2B: Vox, Meltagun
HWS: 3x Lascannons

Chimera 1-2: Heavy bolter, Flamer
Chimera 3: Multilaser, Heavy bolter

>> No.30229801

Should have clarified, 1000pt city fighting guard list.

>> No.30229813

'Units that have one or more models in base contact with enemies are locked in combat.'

Does this mean that if I butcher enough enemy models, their unit is no longer locked in combat?

Pile In moves apparently take place at 'the start of each Initiative step.'
Does this mean that a model piles in before it attacks? Which would go a long way to counteracting said butchering removing them from close combat or making them unable to hit.

>> No.30230193

After reading the fluff about chapters this is what I got.

>Ultramarines: 1v1 Necrons, Tyranids, Orks and chaos with some degree of help. Survive 2(I think it's two) massacres. Hold the codex in high regard
>Salamanders: The underrated chapter. Bro tier in campaigns( willing to do things that are also important but not heard of because "f-for muh Emprah!" like escorts or providing additional firepower to a weaker allied force)
>Blood Angels: Fucked up gene-seed. Like the Ultramarines, they have asked other chapters and species for help for survival. Had inner conflicts and could go full chaos during battle

>Death Watch: The "set aside your problems with other chapters and lets get shit done" chapter
>Emperors Fist: Brightly colored SM that, despite invoking the title of the person they believe in, get their asses kicked
>Dark Angels: Muh edge. Would fuck you and the planet they are supposed to defend by going after one fallen angel; even if it means they have to kill you or send you to the salt mines.

>Luna Wolves: Gene-seed turns them into feral humanoids. Almost every chapter dislikes them
>Iron hands: Suffered a major defeat during Horus Heresy. Ever since it's "FUCK THE FLESH! IT'S USELESS!" Major assholes of the chapters.
>Black Templars: Mirror to the black legion. "Fuck long range weapons! In a world full of nukes, planet-fucking insects and magic, let's use swords!"

So really, the Salamanders and the Deathwatch are the only chapters that don't follow everything blindly nor have a conviction against other chapters and do tasks that are generally overlooked. The Ultramarines and Blood Angels are strong enough to fight a typical invading army 1v1 unless the need is dire enough. The Iron Hands are borderline heretics and every other chapter is a specialized chapter that either do exceedingly well or get fucked.

Am I getting this right?

>> No.30230263

>Luna Wolves
I think you meant Space Wolves, anon.

>> No.30230395

Yeah I got confused with them and Space wolves. mybad

>> No.30231376

The Deathwatch aren't really a chapter as such though, they're a Chamber Militant of the Inquisition.

There's Ordo Malleus fighting the Threat Beyond - daemons. Their Chamber Militant are the Grey Knights.

There's Ordo Hereticus fighting the Threat Within - heretics, mutants, rogue psykers and so on. Their Chamber Militant are the Adepta Sororitas (Sisters of Battle).

And then there's Ordo Xenos fighting the Threat Without - aliens. Their Chamber Militant is the Deathwatch.

>> No.30231645

Dark Eldar Fluff question - more specifically about Commorragh:

Once you get past the wanton slaughtering, constant assassination attempts, and whipping of slaves, what does the average DEldar DO all day in the Dark City?

>> No.30231684

The Deathwatch are a branch of the Inquisition that pull Marines from every chapter and assemble them into specialized units trained specifically for the hunting down and killing of xenos.

They only recruit the best of each chapter, and once joined, the marine loses all chapter affiliation and serves an Inquisitor of some description.

>> No.30231701

Black Templars are basically holy crusaders. They don't follow standard force organization, and recruit large numbers, with their military strategy focused on pursuing long, drawn-out campaigns and crusades against foes, and they love the process of heraldry and they like their Champions a lot.

>> No.30231717

No more Knight Titan pictures, teegee? I'm really hoping it wasn't an elaborate ruse...

>> No.30231802

You mean there are other ways of spending one's free time?!

Joke aside, I imagine they get high. Very high. On stolen souls and sex. Whilst plotting the downfall of their rivals (every other DEldar)

>> No.30231815

>loses all chapter affiliation

Except they dont. They still carry the original chapter symbol on their left (or was it right?) shoulderpad. Also, serving in the Deathwatch is only temporary, the Deathwatch only has one permanent Adeptus Astartes member.

>> No.30231838


Cool I dont exist, I told my friends I wasnt real but they never believed me

I'm the Wilfred of 40k

>> No.30231870

Crochet, drink hot choco and cuddle with their families?

What did the Eldar do before the fall? I'd imagine the DE's everyday business aint too different from what it was. They're probably sitting around perfecting whatever craft they might be interested in, albeit with a sinister twist, whilst getting fucked up.

>> No.30231976


Party, do drugs, and rock out.
Watch holovids of Lelith's gladiatorial matches, while pleasuring themselves.
Indulge in various forms of entertainments and obsessions.

Basically, I imagine that at least the reasonably well off Dark Eldar, pretty much live a life that is kind of a combination of an eighties rock star, paranoid drug junkie, and a member of a mob. Violence, sex, drugs and rock and roll.

>> No.30232005


...But what about Lelith herself? What does SHE do all day when she's straighter than shit?

>> No.30232011


She has bubble baths with rubber duckies

>> No.30232019


I knew I saved this picture for a reason.

>> No.30232026


Probably trains, and trains some more.
She is best of the best for a reason.

>> No.30232139

In the free time she wears a warsuit and becomes Drazhar. That's why no one heard his voice or seen his face yet

>> No.30232261

You're one of those people who get all pissy when somebody complains about plot holes in fantasy games because OH MY GOD GUYS THEY HAVE DRAGONS AND MAGIC SO ALL LOGIC IS OUT THE WINDOW, aren't you?

>> No.30232288

I was hoping it was. Damn rawboats.

>> No.30232631

I'm gonna' make me some objectives
Are 25mm or 40mm bases more appropriate?

>> No.30232648

I want to drink her bathwater.

>> No.30232684

>City Fighting
>No artillery or mortars

>> No.30232703

Rolled 5, 2 = 7

But don't you get it anon

If anyone criticises your favorite you just have to go

>muh suspension of disbelief
>muh satire

To be a super cool dude make a joke about >muh eagles too

Nothing can ever be poorly written now it's either ~satire~ or its FICTION so it doesn't have to be REAL

>> No.30232994

God just imagine what fulgrim would be like

>> No.30233201

Can you get assassins in marine armies without having to have inquister a and other nonsense?

Is there anywhere I can download the assassins rules?

How effective is each assassin currently?

I like assassins

>> No.30233233

I miss the time were you just could stick on in your imperial army.
Eversor or Callidus were pretty fun for me.
The first tends to attract LOTS of fire but that's just how it should be.
Succeding in his objective or not, most of the time he will kill a lot of dudes and then explode.

>> No.30233350

I hope to answer this question via writefaggotry sometime this weekend.

In this wacky timeline, she's got a kid (pic related). And you can't have the "Princess of Commarragh" dying to random assassins, especially when it's your kid. So... training montage!

>> No.30233370

oh but we know

>> No.30233476

That just makes fulgrim and ferrus friendship even weirder

>> No.30233924

>I can't afford a better and more up to date army.
Maybe a while ago, but not anymore. It's basically like building an assault SM list, but you have to buy crusader gear on top of it.

>> No.30234383


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