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>Watch trids
>arrive late
>conserve snacks
>and never, ever, cut a deal with a GM
Shadowrun 12e mantra

>old thread

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first for brother sharp bot

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2nd for Aztechnology

The nicest of megacorps!

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Sprites have no mental scores or meatspace skills. How would /srg/ handle negotiating with a free sprite?

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Okay, apparently single sensors cost 200 nuyen at the cheapest, and I don't have much money to spend. Time for microphones, I guess.

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So other than the Yakuza, Mafia, Vory ect. , what organized crime operations do people use in their games?

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Smuggling ring of over the top Texan stereotypes. Install smuggling compartments in certain cattle and hide drugs, guns or whatever in them.

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>“He wanted to have a wife and a home. So, he puts on woman’s clothing and imagine himself as a woman. That way, combined, he would have both happiness and a home. Some people may laugh him, some people would make fun of him. But who will go to help him? to understand him?”
Most /tg/ character ever.

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You mean other than all the ones listed in Vice?


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So basically No Country for Old Men.

>mfw I imagined a chromed-out Anton Chigurh
>"Call it, chummer."

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Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but I'm stealing that, although I'm replaing cattle with absurdly huge trucks and SUVs.

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Yes. Vice had a lot of decent stuff, but there's a lot of room in the underworld.

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Alright, I'm going to try and make a Face/Martial Adept.

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Im serious but its probably not as crazy as you think. Some ranchers figured they could make some good money on the side working with a Ghost Cartel, and things started spiraling out of hand. Faster than they could realize they were knee deep in crime, favors and bodies while carrying gold-plated Cavalier Deputies, and if the herd carrying BTL chips doesnt get to market by next week someones getting taken out to pasture.

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So, like, a whole organization made up of my character?

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Looks like them Shadowrunner boys are at it again...

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the idea of anton chigurh as the bad guy in a shadowrun campaign is a new development i must consider

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Which edition?

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Any vehicle rigger that hasn't jumped a broken bridge while driving on two wheels and being persued by local law enforcement isn't doing their damn job.

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DM probably won't change his mind even if I ask nicely.

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I'd go with it. Qi focii are pretty good. Take one rank of Improved Reflexes, a Qi Focus for the same, Killing Hands, Critical Strike, and wait for the book with martial arts to come out ...

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Maybe I'll just threaten the DM until he switches to 4.

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*Dragonslayer, Raven, Seducer, Shark, Snake or Thunderbird make good choices, depending on your temperament and focus.

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I want to make a drone rigger who is a 37 year old Croatian man, who either by some quirk of magic or hostile cyberware, thinks that he is Freddy from the ancient Vid show Scooby Doo Where Are You? He goes to great lengths to imitate the show, which includes...
>A complete replica of the Mystery Machine with cloaking to make it seem like an unmarked van on runs.
>Trademark ascot and shirt
>A voice system connected to his commlink that allows him to talk in sound bytes from the show, otherwise he can only speak Croatian.
>All drones being named after members of the gang, with the largest being a gun drone that is, for all intents and purposes, scooby doo.
>Attempting to skin the faces off of important people we kill, to see if they are Old man jenkins trying to scare away the locals.

Am I crazy to want this /tg/?

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It advises to treat Pilot Programs as if they had a mental stats equal to their rating.
So I do the same for sprites/free sprites.

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You could just take the "Dead Personality" Quality from "Sim Dreams and Nightmares", which means you have no personality of your own.

Add a Freddy Personasoft, perhaps some biosculpting to make yourself look more like he would, and a voice control augmentation.

Bam, you've got your freddy, he's still effective, and ready to split up the group.

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>either by some quirk of magic or hostile cyberware
You wouldn't even have to make him insane, he could just be some guy with a crazy fixation, the Sixth World is full of them.

There's one guy in 5E Coyotes that decided to emulate the Teutonic Knights, because some trid blockbuster had a huge impact on him.

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Forgot my image.

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Everything other than the last one's not all that crazy, relatively speaking, for a runner. It's basicly the kind of shit the Distinctive Style flaw was made for.

Pretty hardcore Pink Mohawk, but it could work.

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So, does anyone have any favourite shorter books as far as fluff goes?

I quite liked how Way of the Samurai did the whole messageboard thread going WAY off topic.

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Hardly shorter and from a previous edition, but Cybertechnology is by far the best 'ware book for outlining the sheer emotional impact of having inhuman tech plugged into your body.

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Where can I go to get information on what the megacorp Grids look like in Shadowrun? 5th edition if it matters

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It'd be probably worse if he's just a regular dude with no magic or chrome at all. Most of his menace is from people not expecting him to be what he is. Your mage tries to assense him, turns up nothing, you think he's just a guy. But you're wrong. You are so, so wrong.

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My relation of a dark skin tone.

On the same note, Matador's rules for mercs in Fields of Fire is actually a pretty decent read, and if you take out the parts about magic and scifi tech, is actually a good guidebook for anyone in the military.

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Fields of Fire is another old book I use all the fuckin' time. I think that and Rodgers' Rangers Standing Orders are on my gaming table more than anything else. Unless it's one of the campaigns where I'm using Cyberpirates. And those campaigns are usually pretty awesome campaigns.

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If he has to be chromed, he'd likely work best if he had was similar to the old Chicago mob doctor mentioned in Feral Cities; workhorse implants at least two decades out of date, but he's enough of a monster to not need anything more.

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>Rodgers' Rangers Standing Orders

Not Shadowrun related, but an abridged version of that shows up in the Deadlands: Hell On Earth book Waste Warriors, the one dealing with former military characters. Right after the part where the narrator smacks it in to the secondary character's head that the full-auto setting on his rifle does not exist until he says it does.

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What about bio-augs?

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operator as fuck

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It really is. It even has an REMF flaw to explain how a character came out of the Last War with a shitload of military equipment and a lot of enemies.

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You know, if an NPC had enough of those, it might actually help explain the whole uncanny valley fear response.

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Well, you could also make him a mana void if you want to just inspire that in mages.

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Actually, replying to my own post, it might be a neat idea to make him a Changeling, but with only metagenetic qualities that aren't visible from the outside. Bicardiac, Balance Receptor, Broad Auditory Spectrum, Low Light Vision, Electrosense/Magnetosense, Metagenetic Improvement (Attribute), Nasty Vibe, and Thermographic Vision for pos quality options. Astral Hazing, Critter Spook, Unusual Hair for neg quality options.

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Hunh...considering how most canon changelings are flamboyant freaks and fetish-fuel, this might actually be good for throwing the players for a loop.

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I'm pretty sure "benign" changelings just want to stay incognito and don't attract attention to it.

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Kind of questionable, since pretty much every example given's been as out there as possible and unable to hide their differences for the most part.

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I do about 9 damage with my fists, which I don't think has any armor piercing. Is that enough to do decent damage?

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You can judge this yourself by comparing it with an average stun / physical wound track after buying hits 1:3 for the soak roll.

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>2nd for Aztechnology
>The nicest of megacorps!

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5 is fantastic.

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Well hey, as long as you're just buying their shit at the corner Stuffer Shack, they seem nice enough.

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Last time I was at as Stuffer Shack for some late night food, it ended with a car bomb going off (popping my ear drums like kettle corn) and a couple of assholes looking for some woman and her baby kid.

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Here, let me run the math for you.
"Average" guy with BOD 3 is going to have 10 Physical, and be wearing 6 Armor for a total of 9 soak. That's 3 hits bought, negating only 3 DV. Not counting the net hits from your attack roll, that's still 6 DV unsoaked.

However, you should note that melee attacks are resisted using Impact, not Ballistic, and most armors have Impact ratings that are substantially less than their Ballistic.

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Well, I guess I really wasn't talking out of my ass during that barroom converation I had a few months back; there really will be a day sometime soon where people get nostalgic for how much richer and more authentic a sound MP3 files had compared to whatever music format dominates at the time.

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There's a treat for you.

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Complete newbie here. In the Shadowrun universe, how in the hell do runners avoid being picked out and captured/killed after doing a job?

>> No.30185826

making sure you have some one to clean up after you

>> No.30185866


Er. In general, who wants to capture/kill them? The corp that hired them? Why? They just hired a bunch of professionals to do a job for them. I mean sure maybe occasionally you'll get a "now we don't have to pay you, ha ha" situation, but 95% of the time... there's really not much benefit in it for the corp.

The corp that they ran against? If there even was one - if it wasn't an internal security run or a run against a dangerous magical threat or whatever? If the shadowrunners did their job optimally, the corp they ran against will often never even know that shadowrunners were involved. If they screwed up somehow, well, even so, why go after the shadowrunners? They're just doing a job - they're a weapon. What does the corp care? They're going to go after the corp who hired the runners, not the runners themselves.

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By not letting them see your face, not leaving fingerprints, avoid DNA evidence, dispersing Astral Signatures, hacking cameras, deleting evidence, paying off corrupt cops.

There's a whole bunch of ways.
Runner's Companion has a really good intro to Shadowrunning, so i'd advise reading that.

However the most important factor is not having as asshole for a GM who will pull the most ridiculous bullcrap in order to keep the police on your tail.

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I asked last thread, but was unsuccessful so gonna ask again as a disguised bump.

Does anyone have any tables or other neat things for 5e Technomancers?

>> No.30188568


All technomancers in 5e killed themselves as they suddenly started to suck at life.

>> No.30188634

But my car was made to b amphibious and dive INTO the water

>> No.30188635

nope, not really

>> No.30188691

Ah okay. That makes more sense

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Just a quibble, aren't hits bout at 4 die/hit, so 9 die would be 2 hits

>> No.30188738

He probably didn't mean buying hits as in the optional rule, just translating the probability of rolling a hit.

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So, why was the Nadeshiko in R4 exactly?
Seems like a perfectly good drone that can be fun to use
Not to mention that, lack a cyborg-brain jar (CCU?), they're affordable instead of being insanely expensive

Also, what the hell is an 'autogyro'? Is that just a fancy way of saying "small helicopter"

>> No.30188753

Fair enough, I just like the hit-buying system because dice hate me

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Lets come up with simple but fun Run ideas.

A local mob boss, is laying low as his rivals have been attempting to assassinate him. The jokes on them, hes been planing this for a long while now and is using this chance to have his assassins kill them instead, but to make the plan work he has to stay hidden, even from his own people.

However, he's grown accustomed to the finer things in life, and even just the simple things.

Enter the party. Through your fixer the Mob Boss Johnson hires the party to run his errands for him.
Getting his suit from the cleaners, ordering take out, picking up real food from the grocery like Milk, Eggs, butter, bread... etc.. Delivering a few packages... stuff like this.

All the while the PCs have to dodge the hit men looking for the Mob Johnson, loose tails, and not lead them back to his safe house...

This is all part of the Johnsons plan, keeping the other guys best men following the party, while his best men go after his Rivals directly.

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Didn't you make your obeisance and offer sacrifices to the dice god DeeSicks?

>> No.30188819

Are pets a thing that happens in Shadowrun? Like, can I make a runner who has a dog?

>> No.30188840

I am afraid that shadowrun does not support pets, if you want a pet go play marysuesnowflakefaggotsimulator 2e.

>> No.30188841

You can get genetically engineered pets, as well as robot pets.
You can probably get normal pets as well I believe, but they're probably expensive as shit.

>> No.30188867

>robot pets
Are we talking this or what

>> No.30188888


More like genetically enhanced cyberdogs. They trade in some Essence for more reflexes to really clinch those difficult Fetch rolls.

>> No.30188895

My first run in the game I'm in was raiding some halloweeners. They had a hellhound, I have a hell hound.

>> No.30188897

Yes, but much more advanced.
You have to take care of them, take them for walks and feed them. You can turn that off though.
Their walking movement supposedly looks very lifelike, but they haven't quite gotten the kinks worked out of running or other fast movement yet.

>> No.30189007

Buh'Ket'O' is the only dice god I follow

>> No.30189022

Running Wild is the book for you
Might want to be an adept with animal-powers

>> No.30189046

>want to play Shadowrun
>not sure which edition to use
wat do /tg/

>> No.30189050


Actually, I was thinking of making a character with a Merlin Hawk
~8k nuyen, and "Merlin Hawks can cast any Detection or Illusion spell."
With 5 magic, 4 summoning and spellcasting, they're no slouches either

>> No.30189063

4e. 5e is a janky crock of shit.

>> No.30189107

4e has more material available and it has chummer
Chummer is great for making characters

Also, 4e has karmagen, Build-Points, and priority gen, 5e only has priority gen
Guess which form of character generation is the least fun
Guess which form dovetails nicely into a karma-as-growth game

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>> No.30189164

It should be noted that 5e has interesting stuff (and completely stupid stuff, but every edition has it's own brand of stupid) and may grow to be better than 4e, but it's still 'new', so... there's just not much to it

>> No.30189271


Agreed, 5e fixes some of the bad math of 4e and makes awakened less likely to ROFLSTOMP all opposition but it's got way less support going for it.

Once the usual suspects of street magic, arsenal, and augmentation come out it will probably be the better game. I think we can safely assume that 5e Rigger's Black Book will never come out.

>> No.30189383

Sure it will. Just before 6th edition hits.

>> No.30189417


I think you mean a april fool's day prank right before 6e comes out.

>> No.30189446

I still don't get why the Nadeshiko is a joke
Is it because it cooks and cleans while having a semi-decent mimic system?
Because I would totally buy a robo-waifu

>> No.30189479

It isn't. Not everything in Rigger 4 is a joke.

>> No.30189489


O-oh Krieger-san I'm so happy you give me body so we can drive around in van together!

>> No.30189557

After a quick look through, I guess the hover-boards/hover skates are pretty legit

>> No.30190822

>why was the Nadeshiko in R4
No one knows. My guess is that it's a take-that at all the magical realmers that want a sexbot (as if a meatpuppet weren't good enough for them already).

>what the hell is an 'autogyro'?

>> No.30190859

Dog owners confirmed for mary sue snowflake faggots

>> No.30191203


Have you ever seen people with pets... fucking fur fags.

>> No.30191817

Is "Geek the mage first" a common in character expression?

>> No.30191846

so common, just behind "never cut a deal with an elf"

>> No.30191852

>watch your buddy
>shoot lines
>conserve your stash
>and never, ever, cut novacoke with a dragon

>> No.30192125

>Adopting stray dogs off the street.
>Squandering your own meager resources to take care of them.
>The other members have to go back to their cold, empty bolt holes, yours is full of love.
Shadowrun can be a hugbox at times.

>> No.30192608

Furry Detected.

>> No.30192705

What about cat-owners?

>> No.30192737

>like having a pet makes you furry


>> No.30192829

No logic involved, just a wannabe troll and successful shitposter.

Rules for pets and their training are found in Running Wild, btw, if you're still playing SR4.

>> No.30192838

>not adopting a slightly defective cyber-mastiff from a security company to guard your doss during the day when you are doing legwork

>> No.30192872

Technically the original asker of the question (me) kinda left and came back.

And no, I'm in fifth, so I'mma have to ask my GM about 'em if I wanna have a dog. Thanks, though

>> No.30192921


Dog would be fine as a low cost dependent life style choice IMHO

Actually having a combat relevant doggie would be much more challenging simply because you basically need wired and cyber to be remotely decent in melee

>> No.30193104

Shadowrun GM here, needing Shadowrun advice.

I don't want to run sessions which is basically pre-planned runs that I expect them to take and run with. Can any fellow Shadowrun GMs offer advice on how to best prep myself for a session, be it from various Runs the players may be interested in, to random stuff that can be happening in their lives.

Is there any GM resource for some prepackaged locations that can be easily applied to a group of Shadowrunners? What is the best way to plan for a Shadowrun session? I have decent improv-skills, but not good enough to pull an entire run with floorplan on some place to storm/infiltrate straight out of mya ss.

>> No.30193119

Are you suggesting... Dogmentation?

>> No.30193130

>Prepackaged Locations
Search for the Sprawl Sites pdfs.

>> No.30193183

If there's one thing cat owners definitely prove they don't need in their lives by having a cat, it's love and affection. So they're kinda like cynical furries or something

>> No.30193237

He never yapped for this!

There is no single best way to plan, IMO.
What works for me, doesn't work for other persons necessarily.
However, I'll tell you how I 'plan' things:
First, I find a plot hook. Can be random inspiration, from watching a movie or TV show, or something the character did in the last session. Maybe based on a negative (or positive, but I use that less often), quality, or a contact who needs help. Knowing the characters is half the battle, because if they have decent backgrounds, you'll have plot hooks galore.

The next step is deciding on where I want to go with the hook. A goal, if you will. I also decide at this point if it'll be an actual job with a Johnson or someone else offering money or other incentives.

From there on, I just think up a kind of connect the dots. I think about how the runners will be able to achieve their goals, and prepare a few situations or locations. This is not a fixed thing. The group may never use the line of thought I prepared. If this happens, I'll just reuse my preparation in a different run later.
Most often though, they'll skip along the locations and events and somehow arrive at the goal.

Never forget: No plan survives first contact with a player, so I've found it most useful not to have a plan.

>> No.30193323

>combat doggie
And risk my fuzzy friend getting shot? Not unless they can turn invisible and spend fifteen ininterrupted seconds tearing out someones throat in a horrifyingly violent manner.

>> No.30194319

One of my players took Knowledge: Matrix Games at 5 ranks. What are some comically appropriate times to call for use of this skill?

>> No.30194450


Information broker will only deal with the character online in a game... thats the only place he'll give up to trade the information at...

However hes in a highlevel zone or in an elite guild...

>> No.30194574

>What are some comically appropriate times to call for use of this skill?
Knowing about top players in various games, how to play the games, knowing where to find the cracked versions so they could play for free...

It could probably be used for info on some of the corporations and divisions that make Matrix Games, but that's probably not as funny.

>> No.30194605

It's astounding how true to life some of those games are. Especially the shooters. Even if you don't know how to fire a gun, you could easily know what a good gun is and what the strengths and weaknesses of them are.

Chants, too. In Fantasy-genre games, you have chants to summon or bind or dismiss spirits. In a pinch, back to the wall, they have something to call on.

>> No.30194657

The run is against a paranoid gamer
He's programmed his home defences to mimic some seemingly impossible and obscure game's trap pattern
If the character makes the roll, he can walk through easily

>> No.30195186

My group is looking for a new game to play. We've never played shadowrun. Why is it good?

>> No.30195234

It has a very unique, fleshed out and fun setting.
The rules are (for the most part) very good and pretty easy to learn
You play as cyborg elves shooting machineguns at dragons.

>> No.30195261

>At Dragons.

Sure Chummer, if your playing a suicidal elf sure.

>> No.30195353

>Shooting at dragons

>> No.30195424

I'm sure by "shooting machineguns at dragons" they meant "running their stupid asses away from Mr. Johnson trying to get them to shoot machineguns at dragons"

>> No.30195441

Lots of depth and a well-established setting, arguably higher risk of failure, ability to flesh out your character more via skills and qualities.

>> No.30195452

What are the things what you would do as an infiltrator or otherwise a stealth type character?

>> No.30195469

Infiltrate. Open doors. Disable physical security.Steal things.

>> No.30195485

Do runs for Wuxing where I mess with other corp's Feng Shui.

>> No.30195489

You forgot 'palm a grenade into a cop's pants'

>> No.30195512

Sneak Woad or K-10 into peoples food and film the result.

>> No.30195532

>not walking on that job

I won't put any flowers on your headstone, omae.

>> No.30195545

In broad terms, you create security holes for the group to work in or pass through. You can do that through disguise and social infiltration, or by sneaking, silent takedowns, and cracking locks / helping the hacker pinpoint where to target.

Generally, everyone should be an infiltrator to some degree.

>> No.30195558


>> No.30195890


>Is that Sarah Connor? Don't remember that in Terminator or T2JD
>Did she shank him with a stolen Biro?
>Can't tell, no matter how many times I watch.
>Heh, this gif is hypnotic
>Wonder what it's called
>Hmm... if only the poster stuck a clue in the name
>Drag to Google Image Search
pic related
>Click 2nd link (YouTube)
>2 Hours 2 Minute Video
>Look at watch

Fuck it. I'm watching a (probably badly paced probably mediocre) 1990s universal soldier knockoff to satisfy my curiousity as to whether she just maimed the suit.


>> No.30196061

Hey, chummers. Got a question for ya.
Could something like the team from Cyber City Oedo fit into the shadowrun universe? Hardened criminals working off their sentences by doing jobs traditional law enforcement don't want to touch with a ten foot pole because they're either political or literal suicide.

>> No.30196083

That's what cranial bombs are for, so sure, why not, although I'm not familiar with the source.

However, it takes a lot of player agency away if the characters need to do what they're told or boom. I'd be careful with it.

>> No.30196089


7 minutes in and Weekend Sexchange Jean-Claud-Van-Damme, owner of Evil Megacorp got punched in the face by protesting rioter / rioting protestor, civilly conducts interview afterwards like it didn't just happen.

No oppressive Corp Police brutallity response.

This film is GOOD WEIRD. Its like someone who admires David Lynch and cyberpunk stopped taking their medication.

>> No.30196195

Sounds cool, but sticky political missions brings up the question of deniability and whether the suicide team could be traced back to their employers.

>> No.30196255

Isn't that what you have mages that can explode your head from the other continent with a bit of your DNA for?
Failing that, conventional explosive would work just as well, as this anon pointed out: >>30196061

>> No.30196353

genewipe is a handy mod for stuff like that

>> No.30196355

Ritual spellcasting isn't all that good. It can be awesome (in the original sense of the word) when used on an unsuspecting victim, but it doesn't work all too well for real blackmail.
It's too easily countered when you know what you're doing.

>> No.30196359

Im thinking stuff more along the lines of "Prisoner A was in custody of KE maximum security a week ago, and after we captured him trying to kill the senator his head blew up. Lets call up the legal division to send KE for a word or two."

>> No.30196538


PS: Lonestar is in charge of prisons. Just a small detail

>> No.30196597

No, they're not.
Lonestar is one of the several providers of prison service. KE has their own prisons, just as any number of private contractors.
The sticky situation is that KE is in charge of Seattle law enforcement and a few of the prisons are still under LS management after they lost the contract to KE. It can lead to shitty things.

>> No.30196619


So LS still has prisons with people in them, but KE doesnt use them and put people in their own prisons?

That does sound fucked up yeah

>> No.30196665

It's a question of jurisdiction, IIRC. I'm away from books right now, but people usually get put in the next slammer, not the one across town. It can lead to KE cops bringing you into an LS prison.

>> No.30196681

The funny thing is that your link is a better version than the one on Netflix, which is the fullscreen cut.

>> No.30196712

And I think it's the fullscreen TV cut, at that.

>> No.30196924


This film is like the bastard grandchild of

- Robocop's ED209
- An OCP former-yuppie-executive Golden parachute reunion dinner
- A dodgy Predator fan remake
A first draft for "how we should write The Joker" in The Dark Knight
The Running Man
Johnny Mnemonic
Die Hard
and Mad Max.

Its like they flung spaghetti at the fridge until it looked EXACTLY like the Mona Lisa.

Fuck me this is glorious.

>> No.30197213

>A first draft for "how we should write The Joker" in The Dark Knight
Not a bad way to describe Brad Dourif. He's wonderful.

>> No.30197784

What's the difference between 'omae' and 'chummer'?

>> No.30197813

Best friend and buddy, basically

Both can be used sarcastically

>> No.30197815


See pic.

>> No.30198407

The difference is "Chummer" is 1-2-3rd edition, "Omae" is the post-matrix crash japanfication of Seattle equivalent. (Basically, Omae is the new Chummer.)

Basically, like how "Buddy" became "Dude" which became "Bro" over time

Or how "lol" became "xD"

Generationnal thing.

>> No.30198442

I distinctly remember omae from third edition.

>> No.30198507


This film is all sorts of wonderful.

>> No.30198835

How in the hell does Shadowrun have such a small footprint?

>> No.30198882

What would an adaptive auto-responder be considered? Adaptive as in one that can develop into its own thing instead of simply mimicking the guy who created it as his autoresponder. Is that an AI and therefore pretty much unattainable by players and especially impossible to implant in a pair of shades?

I'm playing a Dirk Strider expy as a rigger and have no shame about it whatsoever.

>> No.30198931

I fucking hate that word.

Anyway, an SK auto-responder developing to the point where it is its own literal identity is definitely AI territory. An auto-responder capable of carrying a conversation well enough to fool most people into thinking that it is the person is theoretically doable, though given SR5 you'd likely have to link it and your memories up via the Matrix for cloud processin shenanigans.

>> No.30198940


It's funny though. Omae is fairly derogatory in its native Japanese.

>> No.30198993


Dang. Thanks anyway.

>> No.30199057

The video games were really shitty
I loved the Genesis and SNES versions, but they were cool atmospheres/worlds on top of shitty game-play

>> No.30199087

It's more rude than derogatory from what I'm reading. I think it has to do with how Japanese culture is in regards to upholding notions of respect. The West is far more loose and crude in comparison, and I definitely prefer it.

>> No.30199101


I imagine in places less Japanocentric than Seattle "omae" might come up less. Our group's been using a homebrew Minneapolis-St. Paul (where we're from) that's heavily Hmong-flavored, and the equivalent expression being tossed around is "phoojywg" (sounds something like pongyew).

>> No.30199132


Whatever it is, it signifies that you're being talked down to.

Case in point: Kenshiro.

>> No.30199170

Horse-demon or Kenshiro
Who has the longer face?

>> No.30199232



>> No.30199268


Excellent timing to bring up JJBA, actually. I was going to ask what Adept powers I should take to best represent a Stand and its absolutely astounding number of punches per given unit of time.

>> No.30199481

Be a mystic adept. Perform no sorcery. Only summoning.

>> No.30199509

>Whatever it is, it signifies that you're being talked down to.
Apparently it's mixed. It's informal, but can either imply the superiority of the speaker or just have a casual usage. Also, apparently there's some stigma against women using the word.

Regardless, assimilated into English the meaning would probably get a hard spin based on what English does to anything.

Just reached the point where the street sam decides to be an hero. Bonk.

>> No.30199583

I'm not sure why but why is it that everyone seems to be all "Never make a deal with a Dragon."? I read the dragon book and not all of them are terrible. Sure a few are bad or too stuck up on their own greatness but the same could be said of people.

>> No.30199584

>Just reached the point where the street sam decides to be an hero. Bonk.

That surprise when their negative quality turns out to be pacifism at 10BP!

>> No.30199590

So is Chummer

It was emerging in the new crowd alongside the Otaku, yes.

BS, the Genesis one is the origin of graphical open world RPGs, and it was awesome. The main quest is just fucking impossible to do without a guide (Feather from a flying serpent? WHERE?!) and the SNES was a good point and click adventure game.

Yes. Kinda like Chinese in firefly

>> No.30199615


This again...
I shoulda screencapped monday's thread.

>> No.30199657


>I'm not sure why but why is it that everyone seems to be all "Never make a deal with a Dragon."? I read the dragon book and not all of them are terrible. Sure a few are bad or too stuck up on their own greatness but the same could be said of people.

"I'm not sure why people are always telling me not to hand steak knives to serial killers. I've handed steak knives to serial killers and sometimes they just use them to enjoy a steak dinner and discuss what its like to be a serial killer."

>> No.30199721


I would play the shit out of this idea

>> No.30199818

i think it's because dragons view runners as disposable tools, something to get work done and then removed if they have to be

>> No.30199865


Middle of the new mexico desert. There are no rivers

>> No.30199965

That's not the same though; you are singling out the worst in people and applying it broadly to all dragons; which are diverse if self-centered species.

>> No.30199976

The Irish Mob, R.O.C, Mexican Cartels, White Hate. Some biker crews too.

>> No.30200002

Certain dragons, mainly those involved seriously in the whole politics thing, will often employ runners as disposable chess pieces.

There are dragons that will hire on runner crews to take on genuine threats or do jobs of importance for issues beyond their own status.

Mainly it's Lofwyr that gave dragons a bad name from what I know. The whole "never make a deal with a dragon" thing is a misnomer, because you can be dicked by any Johnson regardless of their race if they're scheming douchenozzles. The thing there is that dragons have a far greater period of time with which to scheme, and so you can end up embroiled in some centuries-long dispute or power play.

>> No.30200040

The Rio Grande works, I guess.

>> No.30200053

Are the IRA still a thing

>> No.30200066

wait a minute how'd you know it was New Mexico

>> No.30200081


Not really, Ireland is Tir territory

>> No.30200088

>Pansy ass fuckin elves take over Ireland
>Askin if the fuckin IRA still exist

>> No.30200138

Aztechnology here, looking to recruit any wizards or adepts. Must be willing to work overtime and deal with... unsavory work conditions.

>> No.30200245

Let me guess. You're looking for individuals willing to put their hearts into their work?

>> No.30200322

Well, I wouldn't figure it has to be THEIR hearts, per se...

>> No.30200384

But the pay is good.

>> No.30200663


>> No.30200681

>That's not the same though; you are singling out the worst in people and applying it broadly to all dragons; which are diverse if self-centered species.

A serial killer at their absolute most dangerous is a triviality compared to the most benevolent of all dragons having a bad day.

Dragon's are a combination of MAGIC ITSELF and OH SHIT made into a living thing. Sometimes the OH SHIT is impending OH SHIT, so you don't see it.


The whole of the Tír na nÓg thing that happened to Ireland is a dull mess, including who is killing who and why.

Imagine if a book of the quality of WAR! was released several versions ago, to describe what happened to Ireland.

That book would be preferable to the original Tír na nÓg, because at least WAR! was a badly written and editted and on the whole unbalanced clusterfuck containing some interesting gear; including high-risk-high-reward stuff.

What did Tír na nÓg have? Fucking magic, but with a lack of anything you can loot. Fuck all corporations so no one wanting to pay you. Bizarre rules involving a supposedly ancient county boundy lines (that are more modern than the fucking steam engine). And elves because introducing actual Irish mythology into Ireland wouldn't make any sense, and since Harlequin's so beloved let's stuff an island full of elves...

What could have been? Banshees for example - actual doom-singing family haunting nightmarish spirits from beyond. Or something of importance and consequence that's been burried since 3200 BC in a tomb older that's both older the pyramids and demonstrates alarming levels of astrological and archectural finesse. Since New Grange is a thing and historians are still not offering clear insight into "why the hell was this thing built?"

Is the IRA in there? Fuck if I know. Whether they are or not the rest is a dull unsalvagable trainwreck, so it doesn't matter really.

If SR5's retconning shit, I hope the Tír na nÓg is on the list.

>> No.30200739

Video of it.


>> No.30200745


I found the Tir Na nOg book rather enjoyable myself. It had my home town in it, which was cool.

>> No.30200814


There's plenty of neo-Fenian types running around, but things are more confused than ever. Ireland is basically run by elves now. People in Ireland who are not elves may not like this much. And then you add in the older hatreds; IIRC Sixth World Almanac suggested trouble was brewing in Belfast. I've definitely used neo-Fenian militancy in my SR plots (stuff with expats in North America, mostly, but I think an Ireland-set game would be amazing).

>> No.30200945

What's wrong with Aztechnology?
Don't tell me you believe all that negative made up rumors that people spout all the time.

>> No.30201118


If you enjoy it, I'm happy for you.

With the amount of storytelling and history and bloodshed though, any setting based on "ongoing magic, duplicity and violence in Ireland" could have been the most cohesive, inspiring, hilarious and tragic setting book.

In the same way the US had its civil war parallels and parts of its native culture simultaneous gaining and losing power, Ireland and the Tir could have been detailed like that; in the Eurowar having an island within bombing range of the rest of europe could have lead to a mess of corps tripping over each others feet and a wartime economic bubble.

It could have ripped on present day issues and detailed how the emigration and the Irish diaspora adapted to extraterritoriality and an identity that is effectively a loss of a homeland. Fluff that screams for use as a plot hook or curve-balls. Even a few homages to idiot priests living on islands, brown envelopes and moaning about how magicians these days have no respect for their elders, sure its a shocking disgrace like.

>> No.30201430

Russians! Balls of steel on those dudes, not just the climbing, but making videos of illegal activities in china...

>> No.30201679

So how closely is body tied to size?
Is a drone really big even if it has body 4 only? (Steel Lynx)
Is a troll with 10 body bigger than a subcompact car with 8?

>> No.30201774

It's not, it's tied to how much something resists damage. Size correlates but doesn't have any other relationship.

Pic related is a Steel Lynx, from Fields of Fire.

>> No.30201836 [DELETED] 

Spider drone IRL


>> No.30201902

Wait, what does a robot need a winter coat for?

>> No.30201904

Spider drone IRL


>> No.30201922


Good for concealing things.

>> No.30202036


>> No.30202065

>TFW Comcast is officially buying Time Warner Cable now
>You have one corporation in control of the majority of the net right after the courts basically killed net neutrality
I don't want to live in this world anymore, /srg/.

>> No.30202100

Drone sizes has always been something I've had a hard time visualizing. A medium drone's roughly the size of human, right?

>> No.30202102

I like it, but throw the "he's been planning this" part. If he really has been, he would have stockpiled all the luxury items in his safe-house.

I'd like it better if it was that he still has to conduct buisness for the mob, but has to stay hidden while his hitmen kill the other mob bosses. The party would be hired to play body-guard for his temp. replacement, who goes around trying to follow Johnson's orders.

All the while, Johnson would have to be moved around from safe-house to safe-house time to time, you'd need to fill him in on Temporary Mob Boss Jackie's progress, pick up his daughter from school, run errarnds, and dodge trackers.

>> No.30202127

Well, you have to build an under-net now
One that just piggy-backs off the resonance-matrix using retrans Renraku stormclouds

What's that, treshhold 30-ish?
I'll expect it by the end of the month

>> No.30202174

I'd say Manservant, yes, LEBD no
But that's just how I picture them
'Size' is a really weak point of Shdowrun

>> No.30202198

I was thinking that, but something about it just ticks me off. It's adding human aspect to something that doesn't have a distinguishable face. Even a bandana wrapped around where the eyes would be gives it some kind of feature.

>> No.30202248

Not necessarily. The Predator is statted in This Old Drone, and it's a Medium drone. Then, there's a semi-autonomous wheelchair in Arsenal that's also a medium drone. The 'weight classes' aren't narrow enough to give you any sort of idea on their size, and there's really no way I know of to tell how those lines are drawn.
The GMC Sandal is a Small drone, for comparison, and I imagine it's around the size of some end tables. Which means that drones like the Ferret could be analogous to a rat or an RC car, or anywhere between, with Perception rules being the only thing suggesting size at all.

>> No.30202348

Actually, that kind of raises an interesting point; do people put clothes on their humanoid drones? I could see it having some use to make people more at ease around security bots like the TAN-DEM.

>> No.30202368

Arsenal, page 102

Exactly how big is a minidrone? To a large degree, this is fluid and up to the gamemaster. As a general rule of thumb, apply the following size ranges to different drone types:

Microdrones (Body 0): These insect-sized drones are typically under 10 centimeters in length.
Minidrones (Body 1): The size of a large insect or mouse, minidrones range from 10 to 25 centimeters in length and fit in the palm of one’s hand (or a pocket).
Small Drones (Body 2): These drones range from the size of a commlink or toaster up to the size of a large dog.
Medium Drones (Body 3): Medium drones range from large dog to human or motorcycle-sized. They are unable to carry an adult metahuman, though they could potentially carry a child or small dwarf.
Large Drones (Body 4): These drones range from the size of a motorcycle to a small car. With the exception of medical drones, they are typically not designed to carry metahumans and lack passenger compartments, though a metahuman (other than a troll) could potentially ride on top of one or be carried by one

>> No.30202376

Rev up that encryption, chummer, and grab a copy of Backtrack while you're still logged on.

>> No.30202412

As an aside, this means that the Steel Lynx might be considered the size of a motorcycle
But motorcylces get more body and modification slots, so might as well just adapt a bike to be a death-machine

>> No.30202496

The turret mount that comes stock on a Lynx is pretty dope, and if your GM is the type that pays attention to stuff like the drone crouching down, then it has another advantage.

>> No.30202564

18 armour instead of 12 is pretty nice too

>> No.30202595

actually scratch that, I'm thinking of the Blitzen 2050 which has an above-average body if I remember right (though not the highest as that goes to the TrollHammer with ~12 bod I believe)

>> No.30202632

At that point cost becomes a consideration, as well. The Lynx is pretty cheap for military gear.

>> No.30202890

Why are technomancers bad now?

>> No.30202920

One could argue that they were never good, and their being bad now is simply a continuation of how things always were
I'd like them to be good

>> No.30202963

They're my favourite thing in Shadowrun. This pains me.

>> No.30203028

At least it's not like they're completely unplayable, they're just poorly optimized. Which is fine by me, I play EXCLUSIVELY bad characters.

>> No.30203231

It still sucks having people whine at you because you didn't pick the optimal character for the job.

>> No.30203456



Why do people do that? :I

>> No.30203500

If they whine because it's not optimal, they're trying to win shadowrun and should stop
If they whine because it can't accomplish it's primary role, then... that's perfectly justifiable in-character too

>> No.30203516

Fuck em. Theme/Enjoyment should trump optimisation.

I personally play 4e karmagen with complex forms costing rating*2 karma with free karma for forms equaling resonance*2.

Combine that with the bullshit you can get up to with machine sprites and registered sprites and you're stupidly effective.

Of course if you're playing 5e, tough luck Chummer you're dead in the water

>> No.30204031

So what does each corp have going for and against it in 5e?

>> No.30204092

Same thing as usual
More money than god, fewer ethics than satan

>> No.30204320

Horizon's pretty much the king of spin and PR, being able to sway public opinion almost at will, but they've recently taken a hit to their public image since some of their more underhanded shennanigans have come to light. They also don't seem to have the stones to really hurt anyone that fucks with them.

Aztechnology comes in a close second in the PR game, and are so diversified that they've got a hand in pretty much everything. However, their secrets are particularly dark, so everyone in the know views them as more or less pure evil, with a some of the worlds player viewing them as a genuine threat to the world as a whole.

Ares is still a solid workhorse company, but they have some serious internal divisions going on that are leading to more and more serious fuckups.

>> No.30205257

>> No.30205290

>> No.30205314

>> No.30205328

>> No.30205345

>> No.30205425

>> No.30205592


wuzzat from?

>> No.30205644

>wuzzat from?
Shadowrun is big in Germany, from what I know. So probably something from that side.

I'm actually surprised how little a presence Shadowrun has in the US.

>> No.30205685

Like the yanks ever had taste

>> No.30205693

Based on some of those hashtags, I'm guessing a recent or upcoming German release.

>> No.30205764

No idea. Someone posted them (and maybe a few others I didn't save) in an SRG awhile back.

>> No.30205784

It's also apparently somewhat popular in Japan, partly because as a D6 system it doesn't suffer from how hard it supposedly is to get specialized dice over there.

>> No.30205846

Troll Face, Orc Gunbunny, Elf Mage, and... human...fashion-accessory?

>> No.30205888

Alright, so I was working on a Shadowrun map of Richmond, VA to fluff up my campaign there, and I was wondering if /srg/ could take a look at it. Any suggestions would be welcome. Google's map maker only lets you add so many layers so Im toying with formatting at the moment.

>> No.30205972

Troll Rigger/Face and a Human Gillette with a penchant for loligoth fashion.

>> No.30206097

I'm going to presume there's more art where it might be clearer: are those cyberspurs coming out in a fairly unique way, or she actually walks around with needles?

>> No.30206153

They look like throwing needles.

>> No.30206195

Oh, sure, what harm could a maid do?

Looks a bit like a trap in this one (Kei from Moyashimon to be specific), but much like actual girl here >>30205784

>> No.30206227

>Oh, sure, what harm could a maid do?
I thought it was gothic lollita, my bad

>> No.30206248

>I thought it was gothic lollita, my bad
It is. Gothic lolita maid.

>> No.30206274

Either way, it's actually a reasonable get up for bodyguard/retinue.
People might discount her for accessory/eye candy rather than potential combatant.

>> No.30206296

>Oh, sure, what harm could a maid do?
I wonder.

>> No.30206299

>Gloss over the loli

It's japan, it means she has the biggest gun you unsavvy dead chummer

>> No.30206300

I'm mostly going by guess work on that.

>> No.30206344


>> No.30206362

And since steampunk is apparently not only still a thing in the early 2070s, but a fairly big fashion trend, it's not even that out of place.

>> No.30206434

Been trying to build a technomancer for 4e that has a small drone for home defense, was planning on using a ferret. Added a weapon mount and a pistol to it, but a little confused as to how to control it. Any way for a technomancer to spoof the autosofts? Register a machine sprite to run it? Just buy the autosofts for targeting and such? how do I handle this?

>> No.30206461

Options 2 and 3 work just fine. You can also remote control it with your command CF if the situation calls for it.

>> No.30206499

It might be worth noting that, if your lifestyle is high enough, you might be presumed to have a drone or two for home defence
It's one of the fuzzy areas of the rules though

>> No.30206525


Actually thought about making a maid as a character. Not in weird old-timey dress, but a modern "cleaning lady". Who cleans up messy spills better? Who goes more unnoticed?

>> No.30206547

currently rocking the full immersion lifestyle, but I know the dm will try to force me out of there. With all meat stats at 1 I need something to keep me from being killed in my bed, haha

>> No.30206554


I loved the hints they'd had for what "Afroflash" might be, but they kind of dropped that and made really, really weird choices in Attitude.

>> No.30206611

You know, pretty much any decent Invisible Way adept should have an entire walk-in closet full of janitorial uniforms. The clothes do at least half the work for you.

>> No.30206626

Get Genewipe
Because leaving behind DNA evidence would really ruin your rep

>> No.30206656

As far as that book goes, I really hated the steampunk and 80s retro styles, and I still can't make up my mind about noir.

>> No.30206688

shamelessly self bumping

>> No.30206711


Mate, with phys stat at 1 and cyber immersion I'd make you die from the flu without you noticing it (well, I'd have you slowly stack weird maluses until you either decide to log out and find it out or die)

>> No.30206715


As well as a SIN for each of them that lists you as an employee for basically every janitorial company in the city.

>> No.30206740

I like what you did anon

>> No.30206927

haha, I got nurses to take care of that. I think. Crap.
best I can tell you cant command a drone to attack something if it doesn't have targeting software. Am I wrong?

>> No.30207023

If its Remote Controlled you use Command+Gunnery. If its autonomous it uses Pilot+Targeting.

>> No.30207146

Also you could order the drone to ram something, but drones have low body so it wouldnt do too much damage.

>> No.30207149

It's bad, just not as blatantly retarded as the other two you mentioned
I try not to complain, though, I feel like expecting RPG devs to understand fashion is too much

>> No.30207316

Someone with the right build and who was willing to take the time to properly assemble the full outfit might be able to own it, but yeah, I could see it leading to a lot of people thinking they can just throw on a trilby and a trenchcoat and call it a day.

>> No.30207394

So what does /srg/ know about mana storms? I'm building a campaign set in Sydney and would like to know what would happen if someone tried to leave through the mana storm

>> No.30207496

how many cans of shaving cream can i carry in my bag before it gets suspicious?

>> No.30207523

Do you have a SIN (fake or otherwise) that has your occupation as a shaving cream salesman?

>> No.30207560

now i do

>> No.30207581

Smuggling dinosaur embryos, are you?

>> No.30207612


The section on the Tibetan Shroud in Shadows of Asia may be helpful. Short answer, hanging out in mana storms is not recommended.

>> No.30207613

i wish, it's just foam explosive
10 kilograms of it

>> No.30207625

Buy a SIN that has a forged background as a travelling shaving cream salesman. Then replace the labels on the bottle with something with the word "Miracle" in it.

>> No.30207984

When are the first supplements planned to come out? sometime this year or...

>> No.30208026

There's three books, no core supplements yet. ETA on those has been narrowed down to "soonish"

>> No.30208261

You too? Awesome, Sydneysiders don't get enough love.

Read Street Magic for more info, and if you want the low-down on Sydney look into Target:Awakened Lands, it has an entire section on Sydney.
Like how the Harbour Bridge became a shanty town and the Western Suburbs are pretty much the Redmond Barrens except a mana storm occasionally runs through them...

>> No.30208437

Alright my GM asked me to find some shadowrun books for him. I did a little research and found that one of the books he wants me to get isn't sold in pdf format. The Runner's Black Book.

I understand that the book contains pdf's that I can get separately but that would be useless since the Runner's Black Book contains a bit of content that is exclusive to it.

So would any of you fine gentlemen know where I can get a scanned copy of it?

>> No.30208513


>> No.30208576

What's the stupidest run you've ever done?

>> No.30208609

Runner's Black Book is a compilation of Gun Heaven, This Old Drone, MilSpecTech, Unfriendly Waters, and Deadly Skies. Reading up, I think the plan was to update all of them with the new content added for RBB, but I don't know if they ever did.

>> No.30208632

Which is exactly why I'm asking if anyone has a scan of it. If it comes down to it I will freaking go out and buy the physical copy, unbind it and upload the scans. I don't want to but I will if I don't have another option.

>> No.30208684

My brain is creaking at the moment. How do you think they would fare if they made the PDF core book for SR completely free, and then supplemented that with posters/figures/etc? Sort of a F2P pen & paper model.

>> No.30208803

Also, have something fun while you consider that.


>> No.30208844

What else is there other than gun haven 3?

>> No.30208906

Assassin's Primer and Coyotes. I've got at least Coyotes on my Mega here, and I seem to remember putting Assassin's Primer on there at some point:

Assassin's Primer was sort of lackluster but Coyotes is a pretty damned good piece of source, albeit one lacking gear.

>> No.30208958

No Assassin's primer on there but thanks for the other 2 books.

>> No.30208969

I might have downloaded it and never bothered to up it, I'll scan my computer.

>> No.30209033

Alright, I'm just now uploading the Assassin's Primer, Core book errata, and the gear cards from GH3, because all that shit was lying around on my drive as well. I had a .zip of the digital toolkit but it really doesn't want to load for me, so I'll see if I can find a better copy.

>> No.30209231


Additional fashion for the German version of Arsenal, or Attitude IIRC.
Artist is Andreas Schroth, who also does stuff for CGL now.
German publications usually get something extra, like their own city descriptions or additional equipment, or in the case of SR5, errata included in the first printing of the rulebook. Pegasus is a pretty good publisher, and I have NO IDEA how they made the core rulebook cost only 20€. That's print, not PDF. The PDF costs the same.

There is no extra content, AFAIK. Get the single PDFs.

The first full supplement planned is Run & Gun (new Arsenal), and as >>30208026 said, "soonish" is the only info we have.
There's also, as others mentioned, Assassin's Primer and Coyotes, but furthermore there's two adventures out: Chasin' the Wind (SRM Season 5, Part 1) and Splintered State.
And the Digital Tool Box thing.

>> No.30209329

Here let me just pull the last few sentences off amazon, shadowrun wiki, Wikipedia, and shadowruntabletop itself.

Amazon: The book provides a wealth of vehicles, weapons, and drones for Shadowrun players. In addition, new equipment has been added for the print version, and this equipment will not be released in PDF format.

Shadowrun wiki: Runner’s Black Book collects material from Shadowrun’s successful PDF line of products, compiling Deadly Waves, Gun Heaven, MilSpec Tech, This Old Drone, and Unfriendly Skies in their entirety, along with updated art and information. On top of that, the book includes new pieces of gear developed specifically for this volume, including the punishing Kriss X Submachine Gun and small, smooth TPP light pistol. Each piece of gear is accompanied by a full-color illustration providing a look at the item’s complete details and features.

Wikipedia: Runner's Black Book contains "This Old Drone", "MilSpec Tech", "Unfriendly Skies", "Gun Heaven" and "Deadly Waves" + some exclusive new Gear (print only)

Shadowruntabletop: Runner's Black Book collects material from Shadowrun's successful PDF line of products, compiling Deadly Waves, Gun Heaven, MilSpecTech, This Old Drone, and Unfriendly Skies in their entirety, along with updated art and information. On top of that, the book includes new pieces of gear developed specifically for this volume, including the punishing Kriss X Submachine Gun and small, smooth TPP light pistol. Each piece of gear is accompanied by a full-color illustration providing a look at the item's complete details and features.

>> No.30209356

Seems I was wrong, then. Good luck finding a scan.
Why is your GM so intent on a few pieces of gear, though?

>> No.30209387

He is a collector but he doesn't have space for books so he needs it all in pdf format. Also he doesn't like for his players to not have all the options. He is a nice GM.

>> No.30209400

I see. Good luck.

>> No.30209413

Yeah I'm thinking that I will have to make the scans myself.

>> No.30209996


Good luck mate.

>> No.30210047

Thanks. Probably going to drop $80 dollars on this in a few weeks. Keep one whole and debind the other. If I get lucky enough to find a local company who can debind it for me and do some professional scans I will do so. If/when I do this I WILL upload the complete pdf to here so make sure that you guys grab it.

>> No.30210297

Thread is in autosage, continue here: >>30210291

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