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Constructive criticism edition.

I loved this one. Last time I saw it, I rolled a monk of Ersu. This time, I'm having trouble deciding between a Marked knight and a ranger of the Long Man. Both are pretty badass.

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As promised, Silver Wings pastebin.


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OC that was made today, be gentle, hope you enjoy it.

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Rolling a disciple of Emilia.
I carry a sword on me at all times, but rarely use it.

Shouldn't that be super suit? A suite is like a hotel room.

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but the last CYOA thread isn't done yet...

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its cute, definitely a good change of pace from the usual stuff

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lets go to space prison!

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Lokt kinda sucks
>happen upon a follower of Quet
>he boops your nose
>suddenly a horde of angry former thralls is staring you down and there's nothing you can do about it

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Nope, fuck this fuck you.

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well fuck me!

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heh, it actually fits with the amount weve been getting

i dont know, how fancy is the suite

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my first CYOA

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Are you intentionally baiting grammarfags?

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>The shit storm was due to elitists that insist they know better than everyone, but refuse to back up the claims outside of unproven claims that they're teachers or experts of some sort. They don't even back it up with showing they could do it better with their own CYOAs and the ones that claim to have made CYOAs that live up to their own expectations refuse to show us the ones they claim to have made.
>Until the snobs infesting our thread get out on their own or get kicked off their high horses these threads shall know no peace.
>Those that can't do, teach. Those that can't teach, critique. Those that get called on it list a bunch of famous people that were doers, teachers and critics of note as if they have anything in common with the people they're listing.
Let's be real here. No one with any real expertise is going to waste time educating people who are rude and belligerent about it. Just say your piece, if it makes sense it makes sense, if not then it doesn't.

Also, posting your CYOAs or CYOAs of someone you respect in response to what is a clearly hostile and probably trolling post is just bad judgement. Expecting it to "convince" them to change their ways is even worse.

Rather than stirring up shit against people who know something and share it, why not stop being rude? Why not just get better at what you're doing? Why make a soapbox issue out of it, invent a divide between two factions and wax poetic about the "cancer" in the CYOA community? Who asks for feedback and then complains when someone points out typos, awkward grammar, and bad presentation? Don't be that guy.

Honestly, you sound like you have a huge chip on your shoulder. I don't know why that is, but I hope you get over it soon.

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The irony here is it's Amlia, not Emilia. But I don't blame you.

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well it makes a lot more sense to fuck in a suite than it does in a suit

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Last one was also General. Would you prefer it without the capital?

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noop just retarded :(

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>inb4 Space Janitors

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I recognize that sentence composition, I think. If it's you, keep making great OC.

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Last one was also not linked from the previous thread, making the name less directly applicable. I would prefer these threads don't become eternal sloughs of shitstorming, as it has been this week, or of circlerjerking and off-topic shitposting, as in many generals.

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hay who likes pirates?

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Can I move the house?

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>Light Bipedal, Flight, Collapsable -35
>Mind Link, External Status -25
>Prog Nanites -10
>Plasma Shield -15
>Sentient AI -15

No points left over for weapons, but i'm hoping i won't need them.

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its not like the name will cause the thread to change

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True, but it indicates a shift in thread creation philosophy which is most definitely associated with shifted in-thread behavior.

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oh anon dont worry, life will get better soon, just keep doing your best

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>TFW someone dumped all 4 parts of your CYOA in a non-CYOA thread because they asked about sailing stuff.


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I don't fucking want to be a space elf.

Also, 100 points aren't enough imo.

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you best start believing in CYOAs because you're in one!

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wow i was actually in that thread today and i didnt realize it wasnt the CYOA thread

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I went to start a CYOA thread earlier today with it and then i found out it was there. That was disappointing. Apparently the dude was asking for help, and my CYOA was helpful.

So it wasn't all bad.

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What did you think it was?

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not mine anon
I know! so many options so little points.

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Why were you dissapointed? Just because the thread was already there? Because, a few hiccups aside, I don't see much wrong with the last thread.

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Hunter or maybe nakama for me. Nakama has a huge drawback in the final life, though.

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i was just absentminded

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It's mine, sorry for the confusion.

I couldn't see any other thread, so i thought it had died overnight.

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I never get this one.

You get 100 points, the maximum combination costs 80.

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And this will be the first time I notice that there is a part 2. What a moron I have been.

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>maximum combination
What is it? I have always maxxed it with the cheapest suit/mobility options.

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>I couldn't see any other thread
For future convenience:

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That's handy.

Manual searching just became obsolete.

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Nice, really. I like it. It isn't my thing, but I really like the direction.

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Dear God...you intentionally brought this here?

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You forgot to post the map.

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Maybe he wanted 'Major' instead. Less Rank inflation NOW!

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>name places for England, Germany, and Spain
>nothing like them on the map

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>constructive criticism

Add a heading to the races and locations so we can preview our options before reading each one of them. In other words, put Sharkanian, Octoperson, etc. in big-ish letters above each of the pictures or walls of text.

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As much as I want to take fisher king and live in a crazy Castlevania castle I'm kind of worried that shit will happen around the house that will cause my death due to not being able to place it safely in another dimension where I don't have to worry about the planet blowing up one day. A lot of catastrophic shit can happen in an eternity.

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>Personal Cell -12
>Personal Cell Turret -5
>Female Humanoid Alien Slave -10
>Jumpsuit -1
>Toolband -2

The really quiet life, secure, uneventful.

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I actually have a FATE game of that going, first session was pretty fun.

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>Not my OC
>fictional map
>names describe countries' play style, not geographic locations


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I like this one a lot. I also saw you mispost it earlier.

>Shy Baby Orca Twins (-6)
>Magic 1 (Free)
>Magic 2 (-6)
>Magic 3 (-6)
>Manta Physique (-6)
>Hunted (+8)

Hunted by royalty for practicing forbidden arts, I would travel to the frigid waters of the north to avoid their wrath, whereupon I would discover two wayward orcas to serve as my familiars and companions. I would use my mastery of magic and natural hypnotic talents to protect them while they're still young and shy, then teach them to hunt for themselves as they grow bigger.

Their natural caution around anyone-who-isn't-me would make it much easier to train them to attack my enemies or anyone else I deem a threat to my immediate safety. I would also take the time to create a stockpile of enchanted artifacts and potions, ultimately setting myself up as an arms dealer for the Sharkanians. Through guile and shapeshifting magic I would then attempt to manipulate the Empire and the Atlanteans into waging war against one another, both to divert attention away from myself and profit from the ensuing chaos.

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It was never intended to be geographically similar.

>> No.30177771

Then why use the same names?

>> No.30177794

That is probably a good idea.

>> No.30177816

Cultural similarities and stereotypical portrayals.

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So the smallest discrete landmass in the map has the same culture as a large but fractious power from the center of a continent?

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>Travel to Africa, get people to calm the fuck down, help plants grow and heal the sick.

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>why use the names

Albion with the royal navy?
Castiella with the privateers?
Mestari with the ice-breaker ships?

Gee, I wonder.

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To which do you refer? That sounds a bit vague.

>> No.30177966

The Germans obviously.

>> No.30177985

Well the smallest landmass with a name is Alemania so I'd guess that one.

>> No.30177986


Can't tell if trolling or stupid.

>> No.30178010

Oh right.

It's essentially the same, but condensed. It's not the exact culture, so the best way to describe them would be !Germans or NotGermans.

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>> No.30178033

You mean like "Italians" or "French"?

>> No.30178047


Germany also has the smallest coastline out of Spain/England/Finland and this is a naval COA. What's the problem?

>> No.30178075

Yeah but in real life it also had the biggest inland.

>> No.30178085

Except they're competent and don't surrender.

I made the thing.

>> No.30178161


It's obviously not a recreation of an actual world map. It's a re-envisioning of the countries as archipelagos. Germany didn't dedicate a whole lot to its naval prowess compared to the Scandinavians, the Spanish and the British prior to the world wars, when ships like these wouldn't be obsolete.

>> No.30178212

And the Finnish aren't really racist slavers.

There's artistic liberties i've taken when making it.

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Arcane Awakening 1
Psychology 2
Athletics 3
Elemental Magic 6
Defensive Magic 9
Telepathy 12
Telekinesis 18

Ocular Demonics

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>> No.30178688

Basic Training:
>Athletics -1
>Mechanics -1
>Computer Science -1
>Enhanced Perception -1
Advanced Training:
>Neural Cybernetics -3
>Robotics -3
Expert Training:
>Scientific Theory -6
Basic Modifications:
Bionic Limbs -8
Advanced Modifications:
>Ocular Bionics -6
>Tent -1
>Polymer Armour -1
>Robo-bob -3

An elite assassin and a master problem-solver, Kat and Zash are sent on missions requiring delicate work involving high-priority targets and technology. Able to hack in and neutralise any firewalls, sentries or turrets, these two can do what many others cannot.

>> No.30178772

SO how do i go along making my own CYOA? anything in particular needed?

>> No.30178798

Opus would be no brainer. Why? Bit too easy to exploit.

>gain 10% of annual income per week(that would be nearly 3-5k)
>set up an investment company, with you in charge
>pay yourself annual income of 1 million, then start to rise the sum progressively as you pump more of your weekly extra into it
>infinite cash flow achieved
>bribe corrupt government in poor nation n.187 with huge population/run an elections with promise of moon form the sky/military coup with mercenaries
>establish yourself as absolute monarch with unlimited power
>pay near infinite corporations tax through your own company to this new state of yours
>suddenly poor nation n.187 has surplus of few trillion that goes into military that has sworn oath to you only and rest goes into healthcare,education and investments to your new nation(huge public programmes are also launched)

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>> No.30178875

Download Gimp.
It's like a free version of photoshop.

Or use paint if you don't ever want to move things around or edit it at a later date.

>> No.30178894

Great. Now, let's do it the way it went down the last time I saw this posted:

Followers of Lokt, Quet, and XM awaken immediately from the dream. Followers of the other gods, along with those who choose to be marked, are held in dreamspace for a year.

Good luck finding poor nation n.187 after XM's followers get through with it.

>> No.30179173

I don`t think that they will totally destroy our modern economy or states in mere year. But in where does it state they will awaken year later anyway?

>> No.30179259

GIMP, Photoshop or Paint.net for the image editing part. Basic ms paint is insufficient for most /tg/-style CYOAs.

As for the process, the hardest part is the writing. Text takes up more space than you think, and it can be hard to get everything to fit. I try to keep everything under one written page (and inevitably fail, but it's a good goal).

>> No.30179413

>Have 3-5k
>I'll just invest it
>Now giving yourself millions of dollars annually
>"I'll just invest it and become a multi millionaire"
>"I have no idea how the economy, stocks, entrepreneurship, or businesses work"

>> No.30179415

I really like to follow this:

Never write with more words what can be written with less.

Condense your descriptions and be concise.

>> No.30179811

I like it. I'm not entirely sold on the background, and there are a couple moments where the grammar fails or the writing gets awkward (Grammar: comma instead of a colon between "telepathy" and "enough" in the manta. Style: "legs are foregone," "yours to plumb," etc.), but nothing too terrible. It's a really fun idea.

My choices:
>No Man's Land
>Right Hand Crab (2)
>Magic 1 (free)
>Magic 2 (6)
>Magic 3 (6)
>Resources (4)

A hermit wizard is me.

>> No.30179865


Except that process would take you your entire life, if not longer. 3-5k per week is $260k per year. You're not exactly Bill Gates at this point.


Lux would be my choice if he didn't ban sex. That's a dealbreaker. I'm going to have to go with XM. Future sight + teleportation can lead to all sorts of fun hijinks; I don't have a weak stomach, so the side effects won't kill me. The tentacle power is decent enough for self defense. Hopefully I'd be able to see a Quet disciple coming in time to stop it. And no taboos means all the sex and caffeine I want.

>> No.30179900

compound interest

>> No.30180029

Faction: Order of the Silver Wings

Basic Training - 4
>Light Arms Training
>Enhanced Perception
>Computer Science
Basic Modifications - 8
>Bionic Arm
>Bionic Arm
>Bionic Leg
>Bionic Leg
Advanced Training - 6
>Ordnance Training
Advanced Modifications - 6
>Ocular Bionics 1
Expert Training - 6
>Expert Combat

>Pop-Up Tent - 1
>Robo-Bob - 3
>Robo-Bob - 3
>Power Armour - 3


Get Ulfrick, get robots, get weaponry, begin adventure to punch evil in the dick while building up robot army. Simple enough.

>> No.30180062


I don't know man, following XM is a bit of a gamble. There are no taboos, but XM's agenda is a complete mystery. There's no telling what hidden catches there might be, particularly if your Dread Vision turns out to be incapable of shedding any light on XM's motivations.

>> No.30180082

I don't know. Has anyone actually checked on the Finns lately? Who knows what's happening underneath all that snow?

>> No.30180109

>> No.30180149

Long Man. You get to be both a religious terrorist and an Eco-terrorist!

>> No.30180156

>Except that process would take you your entire life, if not longer. 3-5k per week is $260k per year. You're not exactly Bill Gates at this point.

You can also create that company at earlyer stage and pay yourself with even more as annual income. It would not take so long, especially if you would take an loan or so forth.

Also you can just turn atoms into Au(gold) that is fairly simple in it`s atomic structure to speed up the progress.

>> No.30180171 [DELETED] 

Not sure if too lewd. No nudity per se, but you get the jist.

>> No.30180172


>> No.30180185


I feel like disciples of Lokt and Optus could stand to profit immensely by working together. The former tend towards warmongering, while the latter could likely rake in a great deal of money working as arms dealers and helping the Loktites to exacerbate existing conflicts for personal gain. And of course there would be plenty of room for the two to try and manipulate and betray one another in the long term.

Likewise, I think it would be interesting to see what disciples of Ur, Amlia, and Ersu could manage to do to better the world if they decided to work together.

>> No.30180197

>And the Finnish aren't really racist slavers.
Yeah, clearly that nation should have been Sweden.

>> No.30180202


A gamble, yes, but an acceptable one. As his disciple, my job is to somehow bring that agenda to fruition. I think I can assume that he'll need me alive until it's finished. I guess worst case scenario, he wants to annihilate the whole god damn planet via tentacle-molestation. But it'll be a fun run until it happens. Who wants to get old and decrepit anyway?

>> No.30180209 [DELETED] 


>> No.30180226


>1 of 7

You've got the old version, bro. That one's up to eight pages now.

>> No.30180243 [DELETED] 


>> No.30180245

Meanwhile in Helsinki

>> No.30180248

If i modeled them after Sweden, then instead of being racist slavers they'd just sell build-it-yourself ships.

>> No.30180279


Someone really needs to put this thing into a pdf, because posting 7-8 pages in a row is a fucking pain.

>> No.30180283

Seriously, Helsinki is fucking weird. To my knowledge, the other Finns think so too.

>> No.30180302 [DELETED] 


Oh yeah? Shoot, I wasn't aware. Is there any notable differences in the newer version? I'll just wipe it if the new one matters terribly.

>> No.30180316

I'm fairly sure there's a lot more options, and positive changes.

>> No.30180324


A lot of the monsters were shuffled around onto different pages, some descriptions were changed, and a handful of new monsters were added.

>> No.30180330

Wait a second. Are these supposed to be modeled after the nations as they are in the modern world? I though it was based on them during the age of sail.

>> No.30180364


Welp, looks like I gotta take the cat girl. Too many dominants in that list.

>> No.30180366

That would make the racist slavers the Dutch anyway.

>> No.30180377

I've deleted the old one, then. No sense cluttering the thread if a better one is out there. >>30180279
has the right idea, though. A .pdf would be nice.

>> No.30180389

That's what he's modeling them after, not the modern versions. Scandinavian ancestors are rolling over in their graves at what most of Scandinavia has become.

>> No.30180402

Problem is it's curated by a /d/eviant and /d/ doesn't take PDF.

>> No.30180420

And the Swedes would be fabulous faggots killing Poles with pistols in funky aborted charges.

>> No.30180432

That was a joke.

Alemannia are happy merchants.
Mestar is Sako as a country.
Albion is British as fuck, but good dental.
Castiella is Spanish-like.

It's a loose basis with room for freedom.

>> No.30180462

>Scandinavian ancestors are rolling over in their graves at what most of Scandinavia has become.

wealthy first-world nations that tend to be near the top of international rankings for education, development, democracy, and so forth?

>> No.30180477

Anybody had the sorcery one from yesterday with the unreadable choice names?

>> No.30180478

I'm looking into combining them now.

>> No.30180479

doesnt matter, someone who has the pictures here could slap them together and post it

>> No.30180494

You seem fairly to miss the point that I made about the loophole. Besides, would you yourself manage that company that you would have created? naturally not, you would hire someone with more exprience and skills to lead company, meanwhile you would just abuse loophole much as possible.(but that would indeed create an crash if suddenly millions and millions would be invested in stock market, artificially rising the value of stocks.)

>> No.30180537

More like bunch of brown people eroding away their culture.

>> No.30180631

"hey, brown people, please come to our country and show us what having a culture is like, because we are white scum and dont have such a thing"

>> No.30180642

>> No.30180834

Rolled 17

>fisher king
>"Someone who greatly affects the land around them"
>this cyoa
>"you get a shapeshifting tower but you are unable to effect the world to any real degree"

Top Lel.

>> No.30180875

the land around you where you planted your house

>> No.30180911


You probably have at least some control over the immediately surrounding area, such as whether or not the building has a courtyard or something of that nature.

>> No.30180924

but you can greatly affect your "land", it's just that your land only includes your building

>> No.30180936

Rolled 15

so it's really Fisher landowner?

>> No.30180956


You're the king of your castle.

>> No.30180960

can you go do TOP LELE somewhere else?

>> No.30180970


>> No.30181019


Why would you use lel instead of lol? Think about it. It doesn't mean anything, its just the modification of the actual acronym lol. You don't even know why you use it. Somewhere, sometime you saw a few people post it and hopped right on board. Too mainstream for lol right? Thats so old, its meaning makes sense but you dont feel comfortable expressing your approval of things on the internet with the common old "lol" thats been around for so long. You'll man up and use the purposely misspelled version with no discernible humor or purpose besides making you look like a complete idiot while you maintain the false concept that other people find it amusing or appropriate and using purposely misspelled words shows the world that youre not afraid of anything and are part of some grand inside joke that no one finds funny. Theres a lot going through your head, but you realize I am right. You will try though, to get the best of this exchange. What are you going to go for? Newfag? Summer? Oh damn there are so many options to choose from. An implication that I'm underage perhaps? Thats always fresh. Maybe you'll just shut down. I think you should go with something about butthurt or being mad or even comment on the length of the unproportionally long comment that so swiftly brought to your attention that you are a faggot that tries oh so hard to fit in. Careful though, is this even oc? Tsk tsk hard to say dont want to get embarrassed anon. I'm sure you could find some grammar or spelling errors as a last resort. I can't wait, Its always fun playing insult roulette.

>> No.30181037

City state
Basic training - 6
>light arms training
>Enhanced perception
>Basic martial combat
>Arcane awakening
Advanced Training -12
>Advanced martial combat
>Elemental magic
>Defensive Magic
Expert Training - 6
>Expert magic
Advanced Mods-6
>Nanomachines son
>pop-up tent, spellbook, power-amour and meteor sword
for a companion I would chose Aventia
I'd probably try and start a start a magocracy in the city as well as kicking out any demon worshipers

>> No.30181046

kids need something like "xD" to feel special and included, the terms cycle over time and in different communities

>> No.30181056

Rolled 6

you seem very easily offended.

>> No.30181125

I've got to say this here: I really, really can't stand how the powerlevels of ballistics are based on caliber. That doesn't make much sense at all.

Like a "5.56 caliber weapon" says 5.56x45 to most people, but if you know what it's talking about in terms of caliber, you might as well .22LR is the same then. Or alternatively, that 5.45x39 is only a light ballistic if 5.56 is the baseline for medium (which similarly makes no sense).
Or that pic related, .22 Eargensplitten Loudenboomer isn't going to hurt like a bitch when it reaches whatever's on the other end (if its sheer speed doesn't tear the fucking bullet apart midair first).

The ballistic powerlevels need to redone at least in J/ft*lbs or speed or something. Caliber isn't going to do it, and to anybody that knows, is really muddling the issue to the point of absolute insanity given how many different bullets exist.

>> No.30181151

>> No.30181152

Ersu is the best here, and it's no contest. Immortality as a happy go lucky adventurer?

Just bring a laptop with charger and you're all set for the rest of eternity, that is, if you get bored of flying around.

>> No.30181187

Rolled 5

also you forgot autist it's all the rage in 4chan insults.

>> No.30181189


While this is either pasta or an overreaction, I completely agree. I don't know where or when this "lel" and "kek" thing starter (though isn't the latter from Warcraft or something?), but I'm sick of seeing it. Kind of like how "bait" suddenly became the new word for trolling completely out of the blue one day.

Well anyway, this is off-topic.

>> No.30181190

>Eargensplitten Loudenboomer
Is this just German for Loud-Booming Earsplitter?

>> No.30181194

amlia is better

you can take care of the people you love and when you die you go to heaven and spend time with your hot naked goddess

>> No.30181221

No, obviously it's an ear-splitter loud-boomer.

>> No.30181246

This is a vague request, but does anyone have that "You can choose only one" chart of girls (and some monster girls) lined up with their pros and drawbacks listed? The artstyle of the image was like pic related. Said pic may actually be from it, but I can't remember.

>> No.30181259

yeah, i have several versions of it

>> No.30181266

It's a pretty good measure for this CYOA's purposes. It would be pretty out of place to talk about the cross-sections and steel composition of various melee weapons, too. Or the detailed nature of any number of the things in that CYOA. You just know a lot about firearms, so it bugs you. But that level of detail doesn't belong there, in my opinion. But then it's not the greatest CYOA, either.

>> No.30181294

if that level of detail doesnt belong, then the round types should just be called "light, medium, heavy" etc

the fact that something is wrong and doesnt make sense is always a valid thing to point out, even if its something you dont care about yourself

>> No.30181324


>> No.30181343


Yea there are a lot of other issues with that one, like as far as the explosives go on that they would be better for crushing a person in the armor than blowing them up. But your issue with the caliber is nothing compared to the fact that lasers are measured in watts, not temperature, and they make no sense when measured in temperature.

>> No.30181362


P-please help me find it.

>> No.30181385


Actually "lel" is a combination of "lol" and the redditor's "le". It combines two methods of extra-4channic shitposting to create a native and homegrown derivative, which achieves a greater shit-per-character but is also easily discernible as ironic.

>> No.30181387

It should at least clearly demarcate where the baseline is if it's going to be exact.
It's easily fixed right then and there by going, for example:
Light: About .357 Magnum (or else, what, .357 Sig?)
Medium: About 5.56
Heavy: About .50 BMG

Absolute caliber alone is one of the worst possible ways to describe it because it literally doesn't tell you anything, especially if you DON'T have knowledge about guns.

>> No.30181401

i thought lel was a lot older than reddit le

>> No.30181411

So there's even more holes in that CYOA than I what I saw.
Disappointing, since the original idea was fairly good. Needs update.

>> No.30181419

>isn't the latter from Warcraft or something?)
Not the way it's used on 4chan. It comes from topkek, a /s4s/ meme which is derived from top lel, a /sp/ shitpost based on top gun and lel. The /sp/artans love combining shitposting things, they being also the originator of lel.

>> No.30181448

Kek was what Alliancefags saw when Horde typed lol.

It has since been used synonymously with lol.

>> No.30181462

Not in modern usage anyway. The reddit le is a fair few years old, lel is only one or two.

>Kind of like how "bait" suddenly became the new word for trolling completely out of the blue one day
I reckon folks just got tired of "trolling" as a term, mostly because of overuse of trollface across the internet coupled with the general xenophobic hipsterism common to 4chan.

>> No.30181465

I misspoke. That level of obtrusive detail doesn't belong. The options are referred to as light, medium, and heavy ballistics, in fact. I imagine the author just included caliber ranges for a flavorful metric for the uninitiated.

Putting a caliber range on specific weapons makes sense, doesn't it? Certain round calibers work with certain barrels, do they not? That is what you are paying points for, after all, weapon installation, not some abstract idea of "damage".

>> No.30181483

>> No.30181484

any three letter word

>> No.30181494

Yeah, but on 4chan it comes form the topkek, not from WoW.

>> No.30181509

Hey, that's one of mine. Good to see someone saved it.

>> No.30181525

But it would be a lot easier to swap out the barrel than the chamber anyway.

>> No.30181537 [DELETED] 

I saw it first.

>> No.30181547

I'm pretty sure that people who don't know anything about guns are perfectly happy with "bigger caliber = heavier weapon". Another issue is people who know a little (a dangerous thing) wanting this or that unlisted gun; making ranges enables them to look up the caliber and fit it neatly in a category.

>> No.30181548

Typically the chamber is part of the barrel. Only on revolvers and rare others are they separate.

>> No.30181599

>Putting a caliber range on specific weapons makes sense, doesn't it?
Not in the way the CYOA did.
>Certain round calibers work with certain barrels, do they not?
What are you getting at? Yes...? Or else we'd have exploding barrels or be using uselessly rifled muskets with too-small bullets.
>That is what you are paying points for, after all, weapon installation, not some abstract idea of "damage".
The shit? That's exactly what you're paying for.

"Light/Medium/Heavy" by itself tells you nothing, and that's the original metric by which you're going to decide having a weapon at all is worth it.
The addition of calibers in the original CYOA is supposed to give you an idea of what's the relative power of that weapon level compared to actual bullets. It fails at that by going for objective caliber which tells you just slightly more than Light/Medium/Heavy to begin with.

If you don't know what those choices are relative to something, then there would be no reason to choose them.

>> No.30181634

of course theres a reason to choose them, you choose heavy so you can do more damage

>> No.30181640

And why not the space Janitor?

Starting points 30+4 for janitor job
>Nanobot upgrads 15
>Personal cell+screen+earth entertainment 17
>Jumpsuit 1

So basically I have a comfortable life, Fast healing, the drone guards protect me and do basic commands
So I command them to help me clean whatever I am assigned to
Then I get earth entertainment in my personal cell.

No one would mess with me, and I'd have plenty of free time to pursue dat delicious xeno

>> No.30181660


What exactly are we limited to when it comes to the Master of Creatures boon? Anything in the same vein as Digimon/Pokemon, in that you're training supernatural/technological entities to fight for you? I take it something like Monster Rancher would count, but what about Shin Megami Tensei?

>> No.30181662

>I'm pretty sure that people who don't know anything about guns are perfectly happy with "bigger caliber = heavier weapon".
If we're going to go with the "I learned from COD" theory, that implies that everyone doesn't know better, which is an issue. And for those that don't, you're not sure of the relative differences enough to understand what the different power levels are.
>Another issue is people who know a little (a dangerous thing) wanting this or that unlisted gun; making ranges enables them to look up the caliber and fit it neatly in a category.
If it were a range, it'd be nice. A flat caliber statement makes no sense. There are lots of .22x/5.x bullets. If you look them up and their relative relations on wikipedia, without knowing more about guns, you'd not be able to tell what's a pistol or rifle round.

>> No.30181664

Deus Vult
Black sun
Wild Age

I get to guide the hand of humanity.

I will never be know though :(

>> No.30181669

Rolled 5

4chan ain't xenophobic man, hell i browse reddit

>> No.30181703

>you choose heavy so you can do more damage
You also don't know how much damage that is. It may well be strong enough to take out tanks. Or it's strong enough to shoot down an aircraft carrier through-and-through. Or it's enough to shut down a car. That makes more sense than the given numbers.

Who knows? The way you're describing would have it be "it's a heavy weapon and does more than a medium one."
Not only is that boring, it doesn't actually tell you anything.

>> No.30181712

Get the fuck out you
Got me.

That hook doesn't even have any bait on it at all. Seems like it would be better to use a picture of salmon eggs or nightcrawlers or something.

>> No.30181739

you just need to starve them long enough for metal to look delicious

>> No.30181765

Fish aren't very smart; they'd probably have started eating each other or dying straight off and the survivors eating that one by then.

>> No.30181788

then you genetically breed a taste for metal hooks into them over a few hundred generations

its really simple

>> No.30181800

Points 38
>Psycho serum -15
>Personal Cell+screen+fun pack -17
>Melter gun -6
I guard a minor crime boss, use my telepathy to tell when someone is going to attack him.
Relax in my personal room and watch earth TV with hopefully pic related

>> No.30181802

Bipedal Mesh
No controls necessary I presume
X ray, thermal, night vision
Nonlethal weapons
Light laser
Augmented Reality, Sat Phone.
Full invisibility, Adhesion.
USB, Sentient AI.
Basic Nanites.

Solid snake, eat your heart out.

>> No.30181837

What happens when you succeed and you have created terrifying metal-eating fish that are perpetually starving? It's like the beginning of biological-origin'd grey goo.

>> No.30181871

no see, they cant actually eat the metal, they just like the taste

you need to think about these things in advance

>> No.30181877

yea, I'd hit it.

>> No.30181894

>I'm pretty sure that people who don't know anything about guns are perfectly happy with "bigger caliber = heavier weapon".
5.7 FNH is most certainly not stronger than 5.56 NATO even for punching armor and it's bigger.

>> No.30181910


Is someone gonna post the full version of that monster girl thing or not?

>> No.30181915

10/10 would cuddle and click with.

>> No.30181937

>(unintelligible sounds translated to) Are you sure this is what you want me to wear?
>Of course my insectoid beauty
>(more percussive sounds) What do these symbols on the front mean?
>They mean respectful person

>> No.30181975

But the Prawn could read. They're pretty fucking smart.

>> No.30181976


Amlia seems like the way to go. Heal is a really great way to make friends. Even just accepting donations you would end up fantastically wealthy. whole nations would be willing to defend you when quet decides to be a faggot.

>> No.30182000


>Marvelous and Magnificent
>Howling Winds
>Steel Wills and Gunsmoke


>> No.30182023

Yes, but this is cannon where the prawns never encountered humans before, you are a one of a kind on this space hulk.
The only thing they know about your culture, language, etc. is what they see in you.

>> No.30182045


Depends on whether it's a Worker Class or an Administrator Class.

>> No.30182052

It's funny because the measurements aren't exactly accurate descriptions.

5.7x28 and 5.56x45 are actually the same diameter. The diameter of the rifling is 5.56mm but the bullet is 5.7mm, and preferences for different measurements leads to different names.

>> No.30182113

you are on /tg/, this was never in question

>> No.30182133

>ballistics are divided into three options called light, medium, and heavy
>each option installs a weapon capable of firing a particular caliber range
>each option includes background things like maintenance and ammunition
>weaker and stronger rounds are are available in each caliber range, and you are assumed to have access to all of them
Just what is the problem with this, exactly?

If you believe that light, medium and heavy imply damage, then let's just assume ballistic technology in this setting is is in agreement with this, due to any number of unimportant factors.

If you insist that light, medium, and heavy "tells you nothing", then go by the caliber range. Take the option, and use the best damage you can squeeze out of that range. Remember, there is no gameplay here, just choosing and musing.

The anon I was replying to mentioned people who don't have knowledge of guns, I didn't bring it up and was just going with that and responding to it. I wasn't implying no one knows any better. The people who don't they don't have a fine understanding of the power levels, but that's fine since they don't have a fine understanding of things like a tanks durability anyway. People model these things to whatever degree of detail that pleases them within what they are capable of.

For people that do know their ballistic firearms, then you know what each caliber range is capable of delivering. Everyone should be happy, except people who know enough to want clear expectations, but not enough to provide them based on the information given.

Right. Why would you use that specific round to represent the caliber range then, or expect it to obey power levels? If you try to shoot an arrow with a foam tip with a +5 masterwork bow, the result is shittier than a good arrow shot by a regular bow. This doesn't invalidate the categorization system.

>> No.30182246


>>30181509 here. That's an interesting synergy. Didn't realize you could use the passive effects of wind for easy sailing. And M&M lends well to buccaneering. More power to you then.


Yea and hail, priest king of the eclipse.

>> No.30182258


Manta Demon living in the darkness of the Trench
-12 pts. Magic 1,2,3
-6 pts. Physique
-4 pts. Resources
-4 pts. Pair of baby Dunkleosteus terrelli
+2 pts. Musical Curse
+8 pts. Hunted [For stabbing people who sing in the throat with my barbed tail]

I will gladly ally with, and help anyone who can keep their singing to a minimum. Or at the least keep the songs from tasting like Diabetus.

>> No.30182325

Getting 38 points here
>Psycho Serum
>Xeno Serum
>Job-Gang member

Join a "community of allies" with enhanced physical abilities and psychic powers+a goddamn railgun.
I'll be at the very least useful for my abilities

Try to shack up with anything vaguely resembling a blueberry

>> No.30182476

Tried to get magic items done today, but weather got in the way.

So a preview and hopefully tomorrow will be done.

And science continues to do things we probably wouldn't want it to.

>> No.30182557


>Why have words that mean different things?

As any new terms the usage is changing and developing, not all people mean the same thing by these terms but there are subtle distinctions in meaning.

'lol' is an expression of general, and genuine laughter and amusement.

While 'lel' is the sarcastic mocking laughter

'kek' is either derisive as in its original meaning of mocking the Alliance player you killed in WoW. It has also now gained a bit of the 'I see what you did there' chuckle of recognition.

'Lulz' is not an expression but a motivation, a need that some people share of messing up the anthill and watching the ants scramble.

'trolling' is the activity that someone might undertake for the 'Lulz' and 'bait' is the provocative statement(s) that he uses to gain a response.

'baiting' is an attempt to 'troll', which might illicit a 'lel, obvious troll' from the prepared, but if it is successful might get a 'kek' from the person who thought it 'lulzy'

>> No.30182577

>D&D Alignment grid
I don't know how I almost missed that.

>> No.30182670

wow, I totally missed that, thanks for pointing it out

>> No.30182738

I already fixed some of the problems I saw.

>> No.30182814


>nerve suit
>augmented reality
>x-ray vision
>thermal vision
>sentient A.I.
>2 instances of nonlethal weapons package

operators are standing by.

>> No.30182886

It used to be "retard" and "faggot"

But given the state of things "Faggot" is not longer an insult, just a recognition and term of endearment, given the recent trap thread.

And ever since Minecraft came out, and the western world got a better understanding of autism, and what it is... Austism is actually probably the closest designation to what an anon's sperg-out session is like.

Autistic variations related to rage and the inability to understand social constructs norms etc.
You get the idea.

As an example, "Chalice-guy" is probably legitimately autistic if he isn't trolling because of how aggressively and obliviously he pursued people for saying that playing a lactation breast expansion fetish in a TTRPG is wrong.

>> No.30183240

Yeah, People on this board find it weird I don't want to be a little girl.

>> No.30183262

Why would you not?

>> No.30183336

I'd rather have sex with them.

>> No.30183364

These aren't mutually exclusive.

>> No.30183367


Not wanting to be the little girl is fine. There are appropriate alternatives, such as being: a bard, a dragon layer, a mechanical abomination, tentacle monster, or pimp sword.

>> No.30183426

>Ujimodan Alumnus

>Basic Training
1 - Light Arms Training
1 - Arcane Awakening
1 - Shadowing

>Advanced Training
3 - Defensive Magic
3 - Shadowmeld

>Expert Training
6 - Assassination
6 - Expert Magic
6 - Expert Combat

>Basic Modifications
3 - Aquatics

3 - Power Armor
7 - Transmundane Carry Bag

Roland, Aristocrat's Son

I'm feeling pretty good about my use of credits. Thoughts, anyone?

>> No.30183450

What about a pimp Warforged?

>> No.30183455

>>30182557 see >>30181419

>> No.30183504


So long as it is a combination of pimp, and usually non living materials its good. Warforged, awakened weapons, pimp building, all acceptable.

>> No.30183506 [DELETED] 

>mechanical abomination

Know that you mention it, I wouldn't mind some upgrades.

>> No.30183549

>mechanical abomination

Now that you mention it, I wouldn't mind some upgrades.

>> No.30183587

>mechanical abomination
>tentacle monster

Or you could be both.

>> No.30183625

>chaos tech priest / iron lung

yeah, why not

>> No.30183676

>pimp sword

How would that work?

>> No.30183700

how would it not?

>> No.30183743

I meant how would it function. Would it turn anyone it held into a pimp or would it pimp out who ever held it?

>> No.30183752


>> No.30183793


Its a sword, and its the pimp, so its aware and gets to chose what it does. Maybe it plays dumb and possesses the wielder, maybe it duel wields sluts like the picture above.

>> No.30183820 [DELETED] 

Or I was also thinking that the sword got sexual release every time it stuck a living being.

>> No.30183880 [DELETED] 

Or I was also thinking that the sword got sexual release every time it struck a living being.

>> No.30183898

yeah, its good that you were thinking that, now please stop

>> No.30183920

Hey every one, just finished V.2 of the power armor game, I thought I'd post it here for review until I can get the second one done.

>> No.30183923

first time on 4chan?

>> No.30183949

a long long time ago

i wasnt objecting to the sexual content of what you were saying, but to how stupid and unfitting the image is

>> No.30183973

Siding with Ujimodan

Basic Training:
Light Arms
Enhanced Perception
Arcane Awakening
Comp Sci

Advanced Training:
Elemental Magic
Defensive Magic
Neural Cybernetics

Expert Training:
Expert Magic

Transmundane Carry bag

Partnering with Aventia. Jack of all trades traveling archmage/troubleshooter. Aventia and I run our business out of the city and make our fortune doing dirty work out in the wastes.

>> No.30183984


They get almost absolutely nothing done though.
The sheer disorder, chaos, and Tesla-esque burnt, hidden, and memorized documents, and merely containing themselves to pretty much daemon biology and augmentation levels that would make an Orc snicker makes them utterly useless...

In fact some of the shit regular Mechanicus get done is Double Heresy compared to the stuff that Chaos Mechanicus get done.
They just make it confusing as shit in the documentation and the Inquisition just passes by utterly confused by the toaster whispering dark secrets and blueprints for an AI cloning machine because that's entirely normal for a mechanicus.

>> No.30184002

next time use you words more carefully then

>> No.30184037

no you

>> No.30184057

No pimp then. What character does fit with that type of sword? I say a blood feistiest.

>> No.30184061

>chose both advanced magics as well as expert magic
For what reason? Switch out one of those for Merchantile or something, we can be Ujimodan buddies.

>> No.30184066

>What character does fit with that type of sword?
Someone compensating for something.

>> No.30184092

>little girl
Which reminds me, where are those little girl CYOAs, again?


>> No.30184140

you mean like the people who escape into a fantasy world?

>> No.30184141

they are on foolz

>> No.30184148


>Heavy suit costs 30 now

That's better.

>No 0-cost manual controls

That's worse. Non-real-time controls are a dealbreaker, essentially forcing someone to spend points on the interface.

>> No.30184163

i think he meant like the people who have erectile dysfunction or a very smile penis

>> No.30184194

>very smile penis
This disturbs the anon.

>> No.30184199

Slaanesh or Khorne worshipper. Tho Slaanesh works more.

>a very smile penis

That's Nurgle.

>> No.30184223

new to 4chan?

>> No.30184276

I don't see many smile peni on here.

>> No.30184289

You're telling me a smiling penis wouldn't perturb you in the slightest?

What about a laughing vagina?

>> No.30184307

you really suck at latin

>> No.30184329

youve never had your dick inside a laughing orifice before?

>> No.30184341

Skin suit is 0 points though

>> No.30184342

Maybe add air upgrade. The air supply would be really low for any space travel.

>> No.30184361

Only on meth.

>> No.30184378

>The laughing vagina

Sounds like a elseworld joker title. Elseworld is dc version of marvels what if.

>> No.30184379

>only getting blowjobs on met

this is why you should never try meth kids

>> No.30184380

It'd be nice if you all would stop shitposting at the speed of light. Whatever. I'll post it in the thread tomorrow.

>> No.30184408

just take it as the will of the thread

we obviously need an emotional penis and vagina CYOA next

>> No.30184412

>not being a cyborg

Stop being a luddite.

>> No.30184436

Hmm. If there's no benefit to having all three, you're probably on to something. I figured there would be an advantage/power boost to having the complete set.

If there's not, Mercantile is definitely the way to go. We'll go into business together.

>> No.30184461


Skin suit isn't really an improvement over controls. How would you even control a suit from the inside if it's not real-time? You move your arm, ram it into the side of the armor, hurt yourself, and then 2 seconds later, the suit's arm moves, ramming into your real arm, hurting you again?

>> No.30184491

having that much free space in there would sort of disqualify it as a suit of armor

>> No.30184526

The new Skin Suit description says that the bigger your suit, the slower your movement will be, so I'm guessing that the armor itself hinders your movement somewhat.

>> No.30184581


Like the new pricing, but harpy on the mesh would imply that you become .5 times lighter.

Also the temperature things are still odd, Mesh and Heavy are pretty reasonable, Medium isn't insane, but -30C is a lot easier to deal with than 180C.

>> No.30184623


That doesn't improve the situation. Now you're pressing your arm against the side of the suit, trying to swing it to the side. The suit does not respond in real time. You're pressing on the side of the suit for 2 seconds before it finally starts to move. Then, you stop moving, but the heavy arm of the suit has greater momentum than your flimsy arm and forces it to continue moving even though you wanted to stop for the last 2 seconds.

Sweet suit, bro. More like automatic dislocation machine.


Hindering movement does not mean movement is not instantaneous. I can't move 50 pounds as fast as I can move 5 pounds, but I don't way X seconds before moving 50 pounds. I just move it slower. Yet the Nerve Suit is the first one that says movement is instantaneous.

>> No.30184667

But then again it doesn't say that your movements are delayed. I think you just can't move as fast as you would with the nerve suit.

>> No.30184672

where's part 1??

>> No.30184685


I referenced both meanings.

I don't know where it came from on 4chan but I know I saw it used in wow related memes before 2009.

>> No.30184713

To elaborate, I imagine its like moving underwater.

>> No.30184721

Well I'm sure alien super science prevents dislocation. And I guess it would be more like it takes 2 seconds for your brain waves or whatever bullshit to reach your muscles. Alien super science.

>> No.30184740

I'm sure you did.

>> No.30184747

Right Hand Crab
Me and crabby are gonna study our asses and use our starting wealth to make a killing, plus the magic for that little extra boost when you need it. I just kind of spent the extra four on a paramour cause I like having companions around.

>> No.30184823


That IS part one. See the top right corner.

Part 1: Ships


Part 2: Crew


Part 3: Faction/Group


There's also a map that's Part 4 if you want.


>> No.30184844


Posts are backwards, but you get the picture. Part 1 is at the bottom, part 4 is at the top.

>> No.30184870

Or your monitor is turned upside down.

>> No.30184932

My latest CYOA, hot off the presses.

Unlike my Ocean Quest, i didn't have a direction i wanted to take this in, so i had to start again halfway through.

I made it because necromancers never get any love.

>> No.30184959


>> No.30184993

Fuck, I was just about to go to bed.

>Grimoires all cost the same
Why not just make them free then, and give ten less points?

>> No.30185044

Maybe so you could have more than one?

>> No.30185057


Please unfont this for the love of god I can't read shit.

>> No.30185093

It is a bit of a poor choice but
Come on now. If it didn't have any font it would be entirely illegible. He just ought to pick a simpler font.

I recommend Planewalker, personally.

>> No.30185140

The grimoire is not a requirement, but it helps. You could take those points and buy another 10pts worth of minons if you really wanted.
Also >>30185044
If you wanted to multispec you could.

I see. I want a fancy typeface, however i will use a different one.

>> No.30185165

No, UR The Wheel

>> No.30185201

What are the differences between the info that the different grimoires provide you?

>> No.30185229

One is straight necromancy, essentially vanilla.
One is warping/twisting the living and dead a la Frankenstein.
One is spirit-based.
The last one has ancient knowledge.

>> No.30185234

Each grimoire has a description in plain English. They're all rather vague though, so it's more of a flavor thing.

>> No.30185239


From the sound of it the Book of the Dead is for general necromantic knowledge, broad in scope but not necessarily as powerful. The Leather Grimoire is obviously about fleshwarping. The Spectral Grimoire is probably what you'd take if you want to use the souls of your enemies to create wraiths or simply as a power source, or to speak with the deceased. Ancient Grimoire is who-knows-what-the-fuck.

>> No.30185259

i added a part to this CYOA, can you guess which?

>> No.30185277

If I'm in space prison, I may as well have an eventful life, so I'll go for the slaver position for 40 starting points.
>jumpsuit 1
>snacks (chocolate and juice) 1
>toolband 2
>rebreather 2
>yobot 4
>map 4
>healing gel 5
I want to do a good job, so I'll need to gear up
>railgun 8
>hoverboard 5
>large pet 8
That should let me work forcefully and efficiently as well as sleep safely in a public cell with my armadillo-bear's wary presence. Good life man.

>> No.30185286


>> No.30185290

Enjoying this one. Puts enough rewards out for going murderhobo that you have to build with some security in mind, but keeps the peaceful choices tempting as well.

>> No.30185300

My autism cant handle you referring to the SOEIV as >a drop-pod from one of the "HALO" games

I think its mostly because of halo being in caps and quotations, its just weird

>> No.30185318

Can you handle me giving you a hug?

>> No.30185339

man I'm going to be stone cold honest here I literally haven't showered in a month, and I've been making trips back and fourth to the store carrying back ~30/40lbs of food and sweating a bunch

I think you're going to be the weak link here

>> No.30185427


Spectral Grimoire 40
Ancient Grimoire 30
Leather Grimoire 20
Dilapidated Inn 15
Dhampir 7
I would have grabbed a second Dhampir if I could, but the rest of the options don't look that great, particularly for my plan.

Plan is to fix up the inn, turning it into a tavern, and build a large basement, which I shall extend into a smuggling tunnel in time. I shall do this primarily through legitimate means, I guess the extra coins left over would help. But I shall completely refurbish the place. Then work on improving whatever district of the city I am in. I kind of wish there were more spectral servants, maybe a proper servant type.

As for revenge, I guess that I would charge the adventurers a great deal more than I would a normal customer. Fuck risking my life trying to kill these guys, I shall just open a business and live my life as I see fit with a vampiric companion and a Dhampir bar maid.

>> No.30185434

What magicks does Cassandra know of?

>> No.30185435

So you can only choose one companion right?

>> No.30185445

Spirit magic. I realise now that i overlooked that.

>> No.30185451

I'll take being Marked~ do whatever I want and never die, and completely immune to all the shenanigans around me.

>> No.30185459

>Spirit magic

So the same as the Spectral Grimoire?

>> No.30185466

>taking the worst choice

enjoy your empty eternal life full of nothingness while everyone else goes to the afterlife to relax

>> No.30185467


>> No.30185529

All the grimoires
The Inn
1 Thrall
1 Zombie
1 Skeleton Gang

I should be able to amass an obscene amount of knowledge of all kinds of magicks. There's bound to be something along the lines of destructive magic and stuff to extend your life in those books. If all fails I'll turn vamp.

And those shitlords that killed the Master will turn up soon enough.

>> No.30185566


His name is clearly Lester.

>> No.30185576


not with that font

>> No.30185589


>> No.30185601

Apparently people are having issues with it, so i'm going to change it to a hopefully easier to read typface; yet still a bit fancy.

>> No.30185624

>nerve suit
>night/thermal vision
>external hud
>two way communicator
>non lethal weapons
>light melee
>cluster missile launcher


>brain implant 1
>night/thermal/xray vision
>augmented reality
>sat phone
>still not giving my humanity away
>non lethal
>light ballistic
>heavy melee

Man you really have to use all even numbers, I know it would be hell on rebalancing it but it would make picking shit a little easier

>> No.30185633

Leather grumpier 10
Isolated castle 10
Herman 8
Scheming. Spirits 14
Grotesque moth 5
Skeleton gang 2
Zombie 1

I'm in this long term, just build up my forces with Herman and Elizabeth, using the moth and skeletons for manual labor and capture of far straying villagers.and if we get them alive ill let the zombie take a bite. Then what do you have? Frankenstein's. Monster that can make zombies. And if the rabble wants to burn down my castle I've got the schemers to settle things down.

>> No.30185640

yeah, you should, i needed two minutes to figure out the word "created" because c and r are so similar and look like m or something when next to each other

>> No.30185652

Spectral Grimoire
Ancient Grimoire
Abandoned castle
Death knight
Skeleton Gang x2

Honestly necromancy doesn't interest me too much. I have Nayda teach me how to help Cassandra. With her and the Ancient Grimoire I will well on my way to learning other magics. I get a helmet for the Death knight and he can guard me when going in town. Skeleton Gangs shall guard my castle.

>> No.30185733


Shin megami tensei would also work, I presume. You'd be limited to the "limits" that the serie puts there...therefore, being highly likely to be lethal (what with the creatures being not only intelligent, but perfectly able to betray/run off) , considering how that serie is.

>> No.30185851


The weapons section is what needs the most work.

Lasers need to be measured in Watts.
US Navy Destroyer mounted superlaser is 14-kilowatt with a 1 mile range, and is enough to take out planes.
So light should probably not be more then 1, medium 2 and heavy 4 kilowatt beam.

Plasma Weapons would make the most sense with a fusion reactor (Deuterium based ones could just require chugging lots of water for that 0.015% deuterium content)

Flamethrower should be more of a plasma torch and about the same strength or slightly weaker then light plasma, just with a max range of 30 feet.

Compact Toroidal Plasma Guns are theoretically possible and just need tons of energy to work, and would be rather bulky.

1 Mega-joule for light and 3 for heavy would be rather powerful.

By the way the 9 Mega-joule Railgun is almost exactly as powerful as the A1 Abrams main 120mm gun. Is that intentional?

I am the TNT mathfag

>> No.30185996

I sometimes forget that I interact with people like you through the internet.

>> No.30186012

One of my favorite cyoas.

>> No.30186013

If you could put a small addition which let's us know the potential sizes of the suits then I believe that would be useful.

>> No.30186019

I'm thinking about adding an enemies section to this.

Before i do, i'd like any additional feedback.

>> No.30186036


Hm...well, it's not bad the idea to have also a section for the enemies.
Speaking of which, though, also another thing: a drawbacks section to get more points?

>> No.30186038


Original complainant here. Font is a little better. I could probably complain some more, but you've got your heart set on a fancy font.

>> No.30186040

You always forget about the short greasy guy who draws dickgirls in his spare time

I do feel like showering soon though, if only so that I have a chance to shave my balls because it feels better to fap that way

>> No.30186057


>> No.30186068


Also, correct the error/complete the phrase at the end of the vampire description "requires draining them to the"

Another thing: Cassandra's promise? What that would be?

>> No.30186112


That laser can only take out planes because of time on target. You could run through a 6 kilowatt beam and be less injured than if you were shot by most any hand gun. Time on target is insanely important for lasers. If you can keep the laser on target for a single second at 4kw then you are delivering 4 thousand joules(one wattsecond is one joule.) However those watts also won't have the same sort of effect on the target as a bullet hitting with 4kj, because of various issues such as the fact that vaporizing something is a rather ineffective process. As well if you can only keep the laser on target for one tenth of a second you are only delivering 400 joules, which while impressive, is not going to be as effective as nearly any other means of energy delivery, due to how the laser has to vaporize the target to do damage.

So any wattage of the laser needs to be thought of in how long you can keep it on target, rather than just compared to a certain powerful laser that gets seconds on target without anything getting in the way.

>> No.30186121

I think i'll incorporate enemies and drawbacks into the one section.

I feel a fancy typeface adds to the atmosphere.

That was an oversight, translating the text from typeface to typface resulted in sizing errors. I tried to get all of them but that one slipped through.

Cassandra promised to teach you spirit magic, i should clear that up a bit more.

>> No.30186142


Fisher King and Make my house a spaceship.

>> No.30186146

You can always sort your life out, you know.

>> No.30186161

Ignore me, I didn't notice the "height" section

>> No.30186181

its sorted enough, I'm applying for jobs, I got my GED, there is some obstacles like no license and its going to be a bitch to get it, but my life is as sorted as sorted as any of my friends

The only reason I don't shower is because I don't interact with people anyway, I go to the grocery store at midnight and the only other people there smell similarly stinky or whatever

The dickgirls are only going to help, in time, with commission money and that

>> No.30186269

Doesn't the smell get to you?

Don't you think it would be nice to interact with people?

>> No.30186281

I feel like you should share your dickgirls with us.

>> No.30186287

I only found one little girl CYOA in the archives. It's good and I've got it saved but I don't think it's a good idea to repost. And I can't find any other little girl CYOAs.

>> No.30186295


I would love something like a ghostly servant that can't do much, but could clean and tidy up. Because the only one of those that I would trust to clean and is cheap, is the Thrall, and I don't really want to add to my upkeep of needing blood if I can help it.

>> No.30186329

I shall look into it.

>> No.30186338

No on both accounts, the smell kind of wafts in sometimes but I don't care, if I cared I would shower.

I also interact with people enough, I hang out with a buddy and he has his own bad hygiene stuff, but he has a job so hes pretty clean himself. Just his basement, food all on the floors, cat piss smell in the outside parts of the basement, general trash everywhere. We generally go to wafflehouse or whatever because they're open 24/7

Plus, I'm interacting with you right now, I do stuff in drawthreads, have a few good steam buddies


>> No.30186360

I approve
Just find something you like to write about, let other CYOAs inspire you, and think about what you dont like in them and fix that in yours. It's surprisingly rewarding to make a CYOA. In an odd way.
I guess it depends on your plan. Your build is mainly an assassin/defensive build, so maybe if you planned on working in the city-states for Roland and his rich family killing people they dont like for money or something maybe. Or just going on adventures with Roland for funsies.

>> No.30186377

Some of the armoured spirit's dialogue is missing.

>Lester is centuries old, and he can create new vampires only a bite.

>> No.30186387


>> No.30186407

Damn, that's annoying.

I'm making another version so i'll fix it.

>> No.30186486

you're pretty good at drawing the all the stuff but the dick

>> No.30186661

Really? The only thing I'm satisfied with 90% of the time is the dick

what do you see wrong with them?

>> No.30186723

Well this is probably just style but I think you draw the veins way too big and some of the shapes just seem off like too long for the girth. Also you draw them all as being the same girth through out (not actually sure?) but they look off.

>> No.30186765


>> No.30186774


>> No.30186788

So, dickgirl CYOA when?

>> No.30186793

Yeah, the veins being that big was something I did on purpose that I have regretted a little.

Everything else is just style, I guess, generally if I want to draw a more feminine futa I would taper one or both ends of the dick, but a lot of the futa I've been drawing have been in masculine/dominant positions

What do you mean by shapes being so long though?

the thread is past the bump limit, I wouldn't be talking this much about it if it wasn't

>> No.30186843

Right, anyway:
>Spectral Grimoire (10)
I wanted the ancient grimoire as well but sacrificing it due to insufficient points.
>Abandoned Castle (10)
If the inn was to be useful at all I might as well tear down the whole thing. I'd be better off converting the castle into a hotel instead. The part above ground, at least; the part underground is where I'll do my revenge preparations and stuff.
I was considering Cassandra until you said that her magic is spirit magic. If it'd been general necromancy instead I'd have likely picked her, but I'll be picking Lester to teach me blood magic instead. And help attract people to my new hotel since he seems very good at socialising with others.
>Scheming Spirits (14)
Because being able to manipulate others is an extremely strong weapon. Especially any important guests who might be visiting my hotel.
>Dhampir (8)
Man hotel, gather info, etc etc.

With 8 points left.

I'm intending to give a vessel (2) to Nadya, but I'd prefer to get a new vessel for her on my own. If I can I'd get a Blood Knight (8). If I can't I'll get me a Shade (6).

If I'd picked Cassandra and I couldn't get a new vessel for her on my own I'd pick the Ghoul (2) because it seems more useful than whatever else I can get with 2 points.

>> No.30186849

I just mean that for the girth you have they seem a bit long :/ also the other thing I just meant you don't really seem to have a middle ground between straight as a rail and super bent

>> No.30186898

Yeah, a lot of the dicks that I draw just as dicks have more organic shapes without going to an extreme, but that's generally because its easier to do it when you draw them in perfect profile like I generally do on the sides of pages, its harder to get it down from weird angles.

>I just mean for the girth you have they seem a bit long

That's dickgirls, at least the way I do them

>> No.30186971


>> No.30186979

>That's dickgirls, at least the way I do them
Yea it seems a lot of people have them like that one of the few that don't seem to long even when they're big are incase's idk why

>> No.30186989

Generally speaking, tits are drawn bigger, asses are drawn bigger, why not dicks?

That's the only way I can justify it at least

>> No.30187006

I like them big but I like them to stay in proportion length/girth wise for the most part.

>> No.30187009

What's with the sudden discussion about dickgirls?

>> No.30187047

Forgot to ask if anyone else knows of more little girl CYOAs. No one?

If not I'll give up on the idea and ask for a continuation of this CYOA instead. Found this one while searching through the archives but seems like it got cut off somewhere.

>> No.30187055

Oh, so you were saying they needed to be thicker, if they're going to be as long as they are?

You have to think about how big whatever hole they're sticking it in has to be, and how much it has to open up to accommodate.
For me at least I don't like the super massive insertions when they're spreading girl insanely wide, at least not as much as I can mind it going entirely too deep

The thread is past the bump limit so I'm not going to be cluttering up the front page with this off topic bullshit, its going to 404 as fast as its going to 404 with or without my posts, and I take criticism when I can get it

I don't feel like going to the /d/rawthread and asking them because again, I'd be keeping them pinned to the front page with posts that aren't requests being filled or people making requests

>> No.30187059

Forgot pic.

>> No.30187060

I like them pink and tiny. The dicks I mean, the tits I like medium and the asses a bit bigger.

>> No.30187126

>You have to think about how big whatever hole they're sticking it in has to be, and how much it has to open up to accommodate.
>For me at least I don't like the super massive insertions when they're spreading girl insanely wide, at least not as much as I can mind it going entirely too deep
Eh yea but if it's already unrealistic with 15+ length dicks (Which no vagina would be able to accommodate that whole length) why not just go for aesthetics by pumping up the girth to match.

>> No.30187166

Like I said, I'm more okay with the length being unrealistic than the girth

This might just be where we differ though, in proportions

>> No.30187209

Ooo new OC, post it first thing next thread. It's always fun to help out perfect a new CYOA.

>> No.30187220

Already? Damn, that's fast.

>> No.30187240

As of nearly sixty posts ago, ye

Its jarring for me as well because I spend most of my time on /co/ and /v/ which both have their bump limits set at 500

Also I checked the /co/ drawthread to make sure I wasn't retarded and they're at 357 posts, just like this thread is

at least until I post this

>> No.30187246

That's just hard mode.

>> No.30187251

I don't like my dickgirls with huge unrealistic dicks. Normal size to undersized is fine, also has to have the balls. A giant clit is one thing, but dick has to have the lumpy eggs.

>> No.30187279

73 minutes ago. Oh well.

Though it can't be helped I guess, since /tg/'s quite a slow board.

>> No.30187309

I wish they'd bump the # of pages on /tg/ at least. Or perhaps give us a /gtg/ something to put these quests and CYOA stuff that would last forever like /vg/ threads do.

>> No.30187314

Miscounted by 120 minutes.

>> No.30187315

Yeah, we just have different tastes I guess

Except about balls I agree with you there.

Vaginas too, even if you cant see it because of the testicles being in the way, my autistic headcanon for all of the dickgirls I draw is that they do have a vagina.

I can never really get behind futa without balls, or without a vagina

Yeah, I looked up a thread on the /q/ archive and apparently its because its a slower board, I guess moot figures /tg/ can make do with less posts per thread and have them last just as long time wise.

I don't think /tg/ really warrants that as much as /v/ did for its generals

>> No.30187329

Well it's a shemale if there's no vagoo

>> No.30187336


>> No.30187614

>/q/ archive
Wait, what?

>> No.30187663

its not rocket science


>> No.30187762

So where is stage 2?

>> No.30187819

Damn, that board only shows up in the archives.

That's what I was asking. Also stage 1 seems to have been cut off for some reason.

>> No.30187825

yeah, it got deleted

I'm pretty sure at least, I don't think you can post in threads in the archive

>> No.30188311

I was designing the rail gun off this one,

And then substituted some of the data for myself so yeah, it was intentional.

>> No.30188386

The harpy armor making you lighter was intentional to help with movement.

>> No.30188393


That thing is twice as long and 4 times the weight of the heavy mech.

Also with the reduced TNT explosion limits the missiles should probably be nerfed from being Nukes (not even mini nukes)

And do the missiles ever replenish or do you just get 4 shots?

>> No.30188410


Are you serious?

Why the hell even have the Heavy Ballistic option, for the same amount of points???

>> No.30188416

Finnfag here, yeah, we do, those living in Helsinki have their own fucking language that we others barely understand...

>> No.30188468

muh space alium tech

at least thats how I assumed the rail gun was so stronk

>> No.30188505


Where's the rest?

>> No.30188517

New thread here:

>> No.30188540

See >>30187819
>That's what I was asking. Also stage 1 seems to have been cut off for some reason.

>> No.30188571


Oh I don't mind the mechs being strong. But the weapons options should all be viable. Right now the 12.7 Heavy Ballistic choice, heck all the ballistic choices are a trap for fools.
It should be at least this good:

And the missiles are town destroyers.

Rail gun is fine since at 9 Mega-Joules it is like a strong tank gun.

>> No.30188690

I think the ballistics options are for having an option to take out less armoured targets without causing as much collateral damage.

The price does seem a bit excessive, especially since there's nothing stopping you from acquiring a conventional weapon later on and just using that.

>> No.30188716

>nothing stopping you from acquiring a conventional weapon later on

Some international laws and the military might disagree with you.
Better grab stealth if you don't want to fight fighter jets.

>> No.30188872


Stage 2... Can't tell if there's supposed to be more, but I found this.

>> No.30188901


>> No.30188947

You already have a veritable arsenal available to you, I can't imagine the military being all that happy with your super suit either, don't see how owning some relatively common ballistic weapons is that much worse.

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