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Using your favorite rpg, (assuming it has an alignment/ morality system) tell me what your alignment and / or morality scores are?

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Lawful Chaotic Evil Good True Neutral.

Yes, this is a possible alignment in t he game. With alignment subtypes, you can actually be every alignment at once.

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I'd have to say I'm a puss, probably lawful good, neutral good at worse

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Lawful neutral, because MUH FREEDOMS.

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Do non-D&D games even use alignment?

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Palladium does. Some other games like WoD have morality systems and stats.

I've seen a few indy games that do too.

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Lawful Good in my morals, Lawful Neutral in my politics (Conservative Constitutional Federalist reporting in)

This guy gets it.

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Neutral Good, no question.

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Unprincipled? naw, probably scrupulous

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Normally lawful good or neutral good. Though I've pulled a few Chaotic good characters before, which were usually like idealistic anarchists.

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Probably true neutral leaning towards neutral evil, if we're being honest.

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I'd like to think I'm a good guy but between the blow and everything, probably chaotic neutral.

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Lawful Neutral. Actually, more accurately Lawful Anal. I've almost had some friendships ruined since I'm a stickler for rules, regulations, and even minor laws, even ones I generally disagree with.

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neutral or chaotic good, depending on the day and how closely I've been paying attention to the main stream news/ media.

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Lawful Good. Why would you want to strive to be anything else?

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Apathetic Neutral.

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Compassion 4(I've got way too much empathy)
Conviction 2
Temperance 1
Valor 2

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Lawful Good.
Lawful Evil when driving. 40km in the 50km zone. 90 in the 100. Praise Baal.

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I'm Lawful/Neutral Good in my own perception.

However, I've increasingly begun to understand that most people would have a hard time arguing me as anything other than true neutral.

I don't donate to charities, hate liberals and their agendas, don't care about more than a few select people, and any good acts I've committed were either minor or also served me in some manner.

I don't want to be a hero, the only way I can resist temptation is by avoiding it altogether, and I hurt people's feelings on a daily basis without a hint of remorse.

Basically, most DM's would end up bumping me down from good to neutral after a few sessions, if they bothered to care about my alignment at all.

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I think the same could be said about most of the posters here. Unless you argue that you can be good without actually partaking in good action, that it's the thought that counts.

No offense, but I didn't expect a "librul agenda" /pol/ack to be one of the most honest people in this thread. Good on ya, mate.

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Chaotic Good, tending True Neutral.
Society sucks but what can one basement-dweller do about it?

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Neutral good.

Too laid back to be lawful, too much a fan of a plan to be chaotic, but always happy to help.

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Neutral evil

It's not like I'm out killing puppies but I'm only really acting for myself to the degree that I'd be willing to totally screw over other people if I needed to. I'm indifferent to the law, I follow it as long as it suits me.

Surprised by the number of lawful neutrals thou

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Well, I also hate conservatives and their agendas, but I've never been called "evil" for doing so.

But, if I say something like "Women's Studies is a corrupt hug-box waste of a major," I am routinely dragged out into the streets to be stoned to death.

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Sorry, what exactly is "Good" about you, then?

You sound like a selfish asshole. Neutral at best, probably more NE.

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Lawful evil. I will use the law and the public to get what I want.

If surroundings turn into a state of anarchy, I become Chaotic.

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The volunteer work I've done won't get me any praise, and a lot of people call me stupid for doing it. It's unappreciated, often unasked for and unwanted, and at the end of the day, it's largely ineffectual and I'm just not smart enough to make it succeed.

I keep at it, because I see the need for it, and how there's always going to be a need for it and a shortage of people to do it, since it's largely thankless, requires unhealthy sacrifices, and makes a good number of people unhappy and often angry.

The way things are looking, everything I've done will be fruitless, purposeless, and forgotten, and by the subjective view of things, ultimately meaningless.

If I told you what I did, you'd probably chalk me up as N, or NE in your personal little world, which is fine. I don't do anything so that I can change your perception of me. I just do good things for you, whether you want it or not.

I'm as LG as they come.

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Well it honestly depends. If we're using brutal realism, then yes I'd agree as well.

However, in the world of D&D will is more important than the hard truth. If this wasn't so you could make paladins fall by preventing them to stop evil or barring them from doing good. They wanted nothing more than to do those things and the world or someone in it stopped you.

I barely have the money to keep up with bills and my crappy job takes up enough time that I can't work with charities as I used to (I am an Eagle scout after all). Does this mean I don't want to help? No. If I had the fund and time I would probably spend my Saturdays with Habitat for Humanity or at a soup kitchen instead of catching up on chores before taking an evening shift at work.

Now that I have finally graduated college, I hope to have some breathing room and to catch up on over due charity work. When I achieve this, if I chose to not do these things (especially since they are now committed to this thread for at least its short life) I would be truly despicable and evil, though only known to a few. I wish to do good anons, I only need the means.

Sorry for white knighting.

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Chaotic Nice!

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I'm Reasonible Nice. Sort of like Chaotic Good with Neutral Good Leanings.

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My alignment is Immaculate Solar Righteousness, AKA "Solar Presence Charms".

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True Neutral, like 90% of humanity.

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I'd say Chaotic Neutral with some Good leanings. I resent having my choices and actions restricted, even if it's beneficial, I'm whimsical, and doing one thing for too long/staying in one place too long makes me restless. I find it hard to care about people outside my own family/close friends, but I tend to stick around to help during crises (usually car crashes) and nothing pisses me off more than people in authority abusing their power and the people they're supposed to protect.

So yeah. Chaotic Neutral with Good leanings. Not really a Good person, but not a Bad person.
Fucking hate the word whimsical.

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I am the most righteous person who ever lived, and anyone who disagrees with me shall be summarily executed

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Probably CE.
Using VtM, my humanity is probably 4, 5 at max.
Such is the life in Russia.
I'm still nice to my friends, though.

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Neutral Evil who thinks he's Lawful Good like pic related

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What's the problem with accepting yourself as evil?

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Yeah, Reasonable Nice is probably the best Alignment...
Chaotic Nice is great up until the point your crazy starts freaking people out.

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Rolled 1

Either Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral

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True Neutral, leaning into Neutral Good

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