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You are Shax Bonemurder, Raid Leader! You're on the prowl for some gnolls, which are supposedly rude hyena men. You don't know what a hyena is, but people keep saying that like it should mean something so you nod along so people don't think you're stupid.

You're out here with the three clay golems, Allonces, Gneb, Rund, Xab, and Mani.

>Current Raid Roster: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

>Ability Tree: http://pastebin.com/aBfqv1vP
>I haven't abilities list yet, because I've been busy and also I'm lazy.

You've been seeing a bunch of totems and signs like that, so you figure you're getting pretty close. Allonces is looking pretty nervous, too. "Hey, elf-girl," You call out, "What's got you on edge?"

She looks about nervously before responding, "It's my adventurer sense. I can tell we're getting close."

Do they really have something as convenient as that? And if so, how did you get the drop on her party earlier?

What's the plan boss?

>Send the sneaky boys out ahead to scout for the gnolls while you travel at a leisurely pace.
>You're on their turf. No point in sneaking around, they probably know you're here already. Let them come to you!

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No sneakin.

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No need to be sneaky and rude. Be polite and ask them nicely

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>You're on their turf. No point in sneaking around, they probably know you're here already. Let them come to you!

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>You're on their turf. No point in sneaking around, they probably know you're here already. Let them come to you!
We're here for negotiations.

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Gonna be pretty tough to break that vote. Writing.

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"Whaddaya think, boss?" Gneb asks you, looking all around the plains like a paranoid owl, "I'm gettin' the heebeejeebees thinking about all those weird hyena guys lurking around out here watching us like a bunch of creeps. Want me and the boys to go flush 'em out?"

You shake your head. "Nope. Don't take her adventure sense so seriously. Besides, we don't want to start a fight if we can help it. Nothin' says we can't get along with these gnoll guys."

Allonces sniffs loudly in what you assume is some sort of sign of disapproval, but since you don't know any SNOOTY ELF mannerisms you wouldn't know. The night basilisk you're riding waddles along at an easy pace with the lumbering clay golems behind you. All this sunlight is kinda making you dizzy, and you haven't been on such a flat and open section of the plains before. For someone used to living in a cave, it all feels a little disorienting. Up ahead, Xab is talking to Rund about some folk tale about a Gnoll Matron and her children growing up to squander some sort of kingdom. WHO CARES.

{Pardon me, Shadx.} AHHHHH. You turn around and look at the clay golems. {I just felt I should warn you that there is rampant elemental activity ahead of some kind. Whatever these creatures are, they are very good at handling spirits such as myself.} You look at them for any further info but they just remain silent.

Well, so they might have some rock guys, too? That sounds just awful.

"Hmn?" You hear Gneb grunt, "Looks like they're sending a welcoming party."

A lone shaggy dog guy with a long snout is skulking through the tall grass towards your party.

>How do you introduce yourself?

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>"I am Shax, glorious raid leader! This is my raid! Who are you!?"

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Say nothing else

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"Hi. I am Shax Bonemurder, leader of this raiding band.

I'd like to do all this peacefully and talk with your boss."

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Have one of your minions introduce you. You're the leader after all.

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Introduce ourself? Like a peasant? We have people to do that for us now.

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Rolled 39

That would be great, but, uh, I don't think anyone in our group is good at doing that.

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We're the party face though!
Don't you also want that sweet diplomacy EXP?

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All the more reason for them to start practicing. Field experience.

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And Chief though the minion talents were useless.

>> No.30153442

I'd rather they take lessons from Whoop first.

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This doesn't win, though. Writing!

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The dog guy sniffs around a bit and lopes over to you. "Hey." You instinctively fight off the urge to say 'Sup? "You're on our land. You aren't hunting us," He glances at Allonces, "We think. Who are you?"

"Hi. I'm Shax Bonemur-" You're cut off by a hiss from Allonces. You glance at her, and she waves you over. You lift a finger up at the gnoll for time and head on over.

"Why are you introducing yourself like some kind of peasant. A true leader makes someone else do it while they look all imposing." Now that you think about it, very few of your bosses ever said who they were. Maybe she has a point. You head over to the boys.

"Hey, one of you go tell that gnoll guy who I am, okay?" Gneb and Xab look at each other. Rund raises his hand. "Not you, Rund." He looks a little disappointed.


"Hey, I'm not that foul!" Mani shouts, waving his fists at the golems.

The gnoll looks at the golems for a moment, then back to you. "Interesting trick," It laughs for some reason that you can't figure out, "Which one of you is the shaman who commands these beasts of earth? None of you look the part." It does that wheezy laugh again. Wow, what a jerk.

>Tell him the truth?
>Play the part!
>Make someone else play the part.

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A long ways away from here, now I'd like to speak with your boss. Pretty please with a giant sword on top?

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>Make someone else play the part.
Make Xab do it. His fancy words sound kind of magic-ish.

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"I'm asking the questions, not you! Where is your leader?"

>> No.30153735

>Make Xab play the part

>> No.30153745


Tell me what you know!

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>> No.30153773

"If you can't figure it out on your own, I don't really see any reason to tell you.

And you haven't even introduced yourself, how very rude of you."

>> No.30153818

Got a general idea of how to work this. Writing.

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A shaman? You don't have any shamans around here. Xab speaks up. "IT IS I, THE MASTER OF ELEMENTS."

The gnoll glances at him and back at you, laughing. "It isn't him."

You shrug. "I don't really see any reason to let you know that, to be honest. He's a pretty far ways away from here. What I wanna know is who you are and where your boss is so we can talk."

The dog guy snickers and shrugs. "My name is Grak'yak Fiendpaw, and I'm the... elected emissary for the united clans of Bale-eye the Foul Pawed One." He shakes his spear. "They gave me this to protect myself in case you were violent. Honestly, I'm not sure what it would have done."

You shake your sword at him. "I got this thing."

"That is quite the thing."

"Yep!" You shake it at him. "So... about your boss? Is he that Bailey guy?"

"Bale-eye. Yes. He isn't here, though." He glances behind him. There is a tangled group of low, twisted trees. "He's pretty far away, actually. Like your shaman." He points over at the trees. "But the Fiendpaw chief is that way if you want to speak to him."

>Sure whatever.

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>> No.30154267

Tell him we're here for epic diplomacy and loots

>> No.30154282

Don't waste your time on small fries, Shax. Move on to the greatest of things, forward!

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>Sure whatever.

>> No.30154306

>>Straight to Bailey, Do not pass go

>> No.30154345

>>Sure whatever.
We need to get some supporters to convince this guy and we can also get a few recruits.

>> No.30154350

>Sure whatever

>> No.30154394

>>Sure whatever.

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"Okay sure whatever." People talk way too much in these 'diplomatic discussion' things.

"I'm glad you'll come to see us." Grak'yak leads waves you toward the shrubs and weak looking plants, and, when passing through, you feel your vision warp. A large gnoll camp unveils itself before you. There are tents and smoke a plenty, as well as plenty of yipping and chatter between the gnolls. They watch you but are otherwise not impressed as you roll in with your entourage.

Well, whatever, you don't really want to impress many people. Grak'yak leads you to the largest tent in the center. There are several dog dudes sharpening various weapons in front of it. He flips a flap up and waves you in. An absolutely huge gnoll waits for you inside. "Greetings. I hear you're a raid leader? Welcome to my encampment."

"Howdy, thanks." You look around, a gnoll wearing some sorta veil offers you a drink, and you immediately gulp it down. "So... can you please stop kicking up so much of a fuss?"

The large gnoll gives you a flat look. "What makes you think I'm in charge of what these tribes do?"

Your head is pretty dizzy from that strong tasting stuff. "Uhm, you're the boss of this tribe right? So just make them not be so noticable. Adventurers are pourin' out of Manderlay, you know. To hunt you guys."

Standing up, the big gnoll moves closer. "And that is precisely what I'd like to do. Standing out too much isn't my style. But Bale-eye... he has delusions of ascension. As if anyone has been blessed with the spirits in such a way within a century."

Oh great this is gonna be some sorta plot.

>Excuse yourself upfront. No time for intrigue!
>I'm listening...

>> No.30154907

>stop listening
"SOOOO, I just need to beatup this Bailey person until he stops being crazy?"

>> No.30154908

>I'm listening...

>> No.30154951

Look, I'm pretty sure we both know where this is going. This isn't my first time at the rodeo. You don't have to say any more. We have the same goal in our hearts.

We'll make sure his ascension succeeds! Bye!

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>Go on.....

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>> No.30155080

Alright. Writing.

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You fight the urge to roll your eyes at the slow pitch, and eat some more of the free food they have laying around. It is very spicey, but you don't care too much. Your eyes are watering from all the spices. It's okay! Free food must be eaten.

"If you'd like, I could probably convince the other chiefs to return to their more peaceful ways, but as long as Bale-eye exists the flames of war will continue to burn." This time you really do roll your eyes. "I do have a few ideas of how to take him out, but," Here he goes, he glances at you, "I'll need your help. If you're interested."

You're chewing on a tough roasted animal of some kind. You assume a lizard. Finally, you tear a chunk free. "So," you mumble through the food, "What is it you want me to do, exactly? I'm not exactly a huge group of raiders here." This stuff is practically flavorless compared to the spicey whatevers from earlier, "And I don't really wanna fight a whole army of dog guys to kill Bailey for you."

He laughs and settles down across from you. "That's the thing. You don't have to do any of that. I just need someone to bring me Arx'talokukk's sigil." You can't even pronounce that, much less know what it is. "It's a sign of favor from the elements. Arx'talokukk is a particularly tempermental fire elemental. He'll demand a test of some sorts."

"Neat, so why don't you do it?" The dude is huge, he can probably handle himself.

The big gnoll shrugs, "It's far away, and there are adventurers hunting for gnolls. Something tells me a little goblin and her small party would have a better chance of getting there."

He ain't telling the whole truth. But it might not really matter. The food is all gone now, too.

>Agree to his quest! Maybe get more info.
>Agree and then just go to Bailey anyway.
>Sorry, bucko, you're on your own.

>> No.30155323

This sounds pretty lame, you should just go talk to Bailey, Shax.

>> No.30155326

>>Agree to his quest! Maybe get more info.
And then do this, to get both sides of the story.
>Agree and then just go to Bailey anyway.

>> No.30155330

>>Agree to his quest! Maybe get more info.

We already made friends with one elemental. Maybe he can convince the fire elemental to give it to us?

>> No.30155336

How do you gnolls feel about Earth Elementals?

Fire stuff sounds tempting, considering we have a fire-resistant cape. I'll vote to at least check the place out and fish for blessings.

>> No.30155353

>Agree to his quest! Maybe get more info.
Ask our elemental guy if he knows anything about this fire dude.

>> No.30155371

Sidequests are kind of out thing, it seems
We're not likely to start turning them down now

>> No.30155397

Hey, maybe the fire resistant cape will come in handy.

Might as well go for it. We've befriended one elemental, might as well befriend them all.

>> No.30155432

Shax is the bone of her sidequests.

Her entire body is made of sidequests.

Alright, writing!

>> No.30155499

we have injured. it's TOTALLY the reason why we're putting off our real job.
>hides magical loot.

>> No.30155663

"Okay, I'll go see this fire elemental guy and see what's up with all this business, alright?" The dog man's face splits into a savage grin.

"Excellent! I'll be eager to see you return." You try to start up some more small talk with him, but they are all met with short disinterested phrases until the atmosphere gets really awkward. Talk about a single minded guy. You do manage to get directions to the elemental.

You excuse yourself with great difficulty and head outside the smoky tent. Your eyes are still watering. The first thing you see is Allonces attempting to apply lipstick to a gnoll. Others are watching with great interest. Do these things even have lips you aren't really sure. You barely have any lips. Mostly just fangs.

No one seems surprised when you tell them that you've agreed to go impress a fire elemental to get a sigil to make dog people like one dog person more than Bailey. Not much later you get some supplies from the gnoll camp as blessings for your journey and head out.

You tell Gneb the directions you were given, and he says he'll do his best!

>Roll d20! Wandering around the plains.

>> No.30155695

Rolled 17

Time to get lost.

>> No.30155750

Rolled 15


>> No.30155768

Rolled 7

lets see what we get

>> No.30155771

Rolled 13

Mine is the nat20 that will pierce the heavens.

>> No.30155774

Rolled 20

Can we go see the head honcho before returning to this guy, i want both sides of the story.

>> No.30155777

Apparently not!

>> No.30155783

Rolled 11

don't forget the fire cape.

I'll be back in a few hours.

>> No.30155797


I feel compelled to listen to you!

But, the future refused to change.


>> No.30155802

We can always ask the fire elemental what's up. Or just get his favor and keep it for ourselves to boss all the gnolls around.

>> No.30155922

You write like pokemon games talk

>> No.30155931

>You try to start up some more small talk with him, but they are all met with short disinterested phrases until the atmosphere gets really awkward. Talk about a single minded guy

10/10 Would chuckle again.

>> No.30155946


When a QM locks eyes with his player, they have to quest!

Questing can really tire you out.

>> No.30155983

I wanna lock eyes with you every night Chief.

>> No.30155993


>> No.30156149

Surprisingly, you end up wandering around for a few horus before promptly stumbling upon blasted plains. Scorch marks mar the land in several, scattered directions in a seemingly random pattern. You're not sure what made these JUST KIDDING obviously it was the fire elemental. What else could it be?

"Alright, good job boys, this seems like the right spot. So now we just gotta find out where Axetalkox is at, and we can get this whole thing over with." You look around at your assembled members of the party. "So, how do you think we do that." Blank expressions all around. "Mani...?"

"What, just cause I got red hair means I know how to summon a damn fire elemental?"

Allonces loudly whispers to Xab, "I was thinking the same thing as Shax, to be honest." Xab nods and looks at Allonces with great interest in her thoughts. All the boys act weird around her.

"Well, we got no option but to wander further! Forward!" You wave the boys onward. There isn't much going on up here, to be honest. You see a bunch of charred trees and plants and what looks like bones. Wait, bones? Huge bones. All over the place suddenly. You turn to the clay golems. "Sooo, got any ideas what this is about."

They don't even turn to look at you. This guy needs to pay attention at the right times, and also be less loud. Maybe Whoop would have an idea of what to do here?

>Blunder about more to try and find a clue. It should be obvious what to do if the gnoll man sent you out with no instructions for this. Roll a d20! For luck.

>> No.30156169

Rolled 13

Good or bad?

>> No.30156171

Rolled 14


>> No.30156182

Rolled 14

yay luck

>> No.30156187

Rolled 8

I got this.

>> No.30156215

Rolled 15

We are the best as blundering

>> No.30156235

Sufficient blundering. Writing!

>> No.30156391

Which would fit Shaxx's image?

>> No.30156415


>> No.30156436

out of these 3?

>> No.30156467 [SPOILER] 

None of those match, this is the real truth.

>> No.30156473


Skin color of this one. Her clothes aren't that detailed, and she has no horn. Also the smaller ears.


Eyes, hair (she has a ponytail though), and general attire of this one.


Her eyes are much rounder.

>> No.30156474

I'd probably go with the first one. Third is too old and I don't want to associate Shax with smut so that rules out the second.

>> No.30156692

After wandering around the ashen wastes for what feels like hours (it was only fifteen minutes according to your watch), everyone starts grumbling. You better start doing some thinking, and fast!

You put your mind to work. Bones. What is the point of these bones? And clearly this place has been hit with great gouts of flame somewhere along the way. There isn't really an epicenter to these blast marks, and you are pretty sure they have happened at different times, so you don't think it is one large explosion. So whatever has marred the ground here happens at different times. So following that logic, if you could find what triggers the appearance of the fire eleme-

{Hello, what are you doing here on my chosen ground, goblin?} A small vaguely humanoid shape of fire shifts wildly off to the side as it approaches you. {Choose your answer carefully!}

You feel so relieved that you don't have to think any longer that you spill the beans. "Hey, I'm here to impress you and get a sigil so I can stop some dude named Bailey's ascension."

{Ascension? I doubt very much that anyone is close to doing that.}

"What is an ascension anyway?"

{You sort of ascend beyond mortality and becoming a living force of nature.}

"Oh, that sounds neat."

{It basically is.}

"So, I don't want him to ascend cause he would cause a whole lot of ruckus."

{I like ruckuses.}

"Me too, but not right now. It'll make my job way harder if he doesn't cause less of one."

{Oh, what is your job?}

"I'm a raid leader."

{What are you raiding.}

"Oh, this and that."


"But if it goes well, the people I work for will cause a huuuuge ruckus."

{Ah, that sounds nice.}

"Yeah." You sort of ran out of things to say. You shift uncomfortably on your mount.

{So, um. You want to take my trial?}

"Sure. What is it?" You swear, if the elemental tells you to go and fetch something you will LOSE your MIND.

>> No.30156730

{It isn't complicated, I summon a beast from the elemental plane of fire, you prove your mastery over it, and then you get my favor. No one is allowed to help you.}

You think about your cape. Isn't it like cheating here? "I readily agree to the test."

{Oh, you don't want to, like, talk about it a little?}


The flames flicker a bit. {Okay. Let me summon the beast I guess.}

With a roar of flame, a huge arcane gate appears. You feel a surge of magical energy in the air and a roar is heard. From the gate, two bronze skinned dwarves whose heads are on fire appear with a beast between them. A large, snake like crimson monster writhes between chains that they carry. "Hey, Mani..."

"No, I don't fucking know them."

With a shout the beast breaks free and writes towards the fire elemental who is now yelling something in an unintelligable language. The dudes who heads are on fire duck back into the gate, and the serpent turns towards you and lets out another ear splitting howl. You'd rather not risk the mount, so you dismount casually.

>Charge it! Let's start things off aggressive.
>You auto win against fire attacks so wait till it shoots fire or something and then counter attack.

>> No.30156754

I hope every time we meet an elemental it's as awkward and surreal as these first two.

>> No.30156759

>You auto win against fire attacks so wait till it shoots fire or something and then counter attack.

This option has autowin in it so it must be the best

>> No.30156762

>Charge it! Let's start things off aggressive.

>> No.30156775

[X] Charge!
We auto win vs fire so smashing into it head first ( or sword first ) seems like fun

>> No.30156782

Start spinning while in Wary Tortoise Stance so we can wind up a counter attack quickly.

>> No.30156784

>>Charge it! Let's start things off aggressive.

>> No.30156818

We should ask more about this ascension thing and about this guys relation to the gnolls after this.

Provided we don't get burned to bits.

>> No.30156821

>>Charge it! Let's start things off aggressive.

>> No.30156850

Charging in confirmed.

Roll a d20!

>> No.30156865

>You auto win against fire attacks so wait till it shoots fire or something and then counter attack.

Proving mastery doesn't mean beating up. Or just beating up. We probably have to tame it or something so let's see what it does first.

>> No.30156869

Rolled 14


>> No.30156882

Rolled 7


>> No.30156886

Rolled 1


>> No.30156892

Rolled 3

Well, Queen's Seven Seas of Rhye just came up so we gotta win right?

>> No.30156900


>> No.30156907

There we are.

I was wondering what happened to the usual dice.

>> No.30156922


It's been a while.

Where have you been, dice?

>> No.30156929

Rolled 11

Well dicks. We were doing pretty well for a while not crit failing.

>> No.30157051


>> No.30157180

Alright. You're ready. You have trained every morning for this! Leveling your sword in a wicked cool grip, you begin dashing at the snake monster. You start working yourself into a good spin, even though you're a little dizzy. The air wooshes around your head and... you trip up over a bone and roll along the ground most of the way there.

You hear various 'oohs' and 'ouch' sounds as you bounces along the ground. You accidentally drop your sword. Jeez, that hurt! You stand up and rub your head for a moment before something slams into you. The snakes tail bats you roughly aside, and you go tumbling a bit further.

This is just the worst! You put one hand on your bruised side and look around for your sword. You think you see it...

You try to dash for it! The snake rears back and sucks in a breath. A second later a torrent of flame gushes out of his mouth as you run to the sword. You get enveloped in the flames, sure to be burnt into a crisp...


Oh wait, no you didn't. You've got this cheating cloak! The fire is harmless and you run through it no problem. You manage to grab the sword, a bit worse for wear.

>What do? Suggestions could improve your d20 roll's result! But still roll one.

>> No.30157225

Rolled 3

orite the cloak
(spin around a lot)

>> No.30157243

Rolled 20

Activate our inate Goblin powers and fuck his shit up

>> No.30157250

Rolled 18

Roll under it and swing up hopefully cutting it in half (or.just.ruining his day)

>> No.30157252

Rolled 6

Go low and try to knock it off-balance.

>> No.30157259

Rolled 9

I don't know! Hit it really hard! How do you fight something made of fire with a sword?

>> No.30157281

Can this persuade you to ignore the crit 1?

>> No.30157287

Rolled 3


>> No.30157290

Like this >>30157243 i would guess.

>> No.30157293


>> No.30157304

Rolled 10

I would sex that.

>> No.30157309

Throw in some tribal markings.

>> No.30157314

Needs a pony tail

>> No.30157321


Not without a ponytail, it can't!

>> No.30157341

Called it

>> No.30157348

Spin around to build up momentum, then use the momentum of the blade we've built up to charge the thing and use a spin attack as we pass by it to cut it in half.

>> No.30157382

>spin around

That's literally how we always use the sword.

>> No.30157421

AUGH! Was invading Scorpion Girl Quest not enough for you!?

>> No.30157450

True, maybe we should jump at it and try and swing the sword up to down. It'll be really choppy.

>> No.30157530

We don't have that skill yet.

>> No.30157550

Allonces turns to Gneb. "Wow, I've never seen her fight before. Is she really your boss?" That colossal jerk! You'll show her. You grit your teeth and grip your sword really tight. Anyone can stumble! It was a simple accident! Who wouldn't be able to see that! Also she isn't really that great either!

Standing up, you look at the serpent. It seems to be sniffing the air, confused at the lack of burnt goblin flesh. You are closer now, and less likely to trip. Also you're watching the ground real hard this time, cause there are bones sticking out everywhere, APPARENTLY.

You feel like this momentum is going to be good. You start careening towards the snake monster, and as you are spinning you see it try to move out of the way. It doesn't do it any good as you crash firmly into the beast with a sickening crunch. The scales on the side buckle. You whip out your dagger with a free hand and immediately start prying the scales off. The beast is still reeling for your hit with an ear splitting shriek by the time you finish prying off a good open spot. With a grunt, you pull your sword free. You teeter on your legs for a bit as you bring the sword up above your head. You give a good solid attempt at a warcry as you bring it down, cutting clean through the serpent.

It writhes a bit before crashing to the ground.

{Wow, uh. I don't know if I should count that since you're apparently immune to fire?}

"Just count it."


>> No.30157625

>You talked to gnolls instead of attacking them! You agreed to some sidquests, but had several awkward conversations. 6 BtB exp! 16/12

>You took out a huge serpent from another dimension! But you did cheat maybe a little? 8 MSiF exp. 19/12

>You didn't loot much of anything, but you did eat a ton of free food. Good job! You get four CyRCTHaM exp. 14/12.

You have 1 BtB exp, 2 MSiF exp, and 1 CyRCTHaM exp.

Wow that is a lot of points! I'm not even sure how to process the voting for all of them. What do you guys think I should do? One category at a time or a big amalgamation vote?

>> No.30157682

At a time is better.

>> No.30157709

Let's go one at a time but give us some time to discuss first.

We bought Sneaky Tech last time, right? I think we should go for Everything Has A Weak Point since it unlocks Back Stab.

For our sword skills I'm thinking Snapping Turtle and Megaton Sky Hammer.

Dat's Our Boss or Stray Cat works for social. I just want to clear the requisites for Dark Queen.

>> No.30157723


Alright. Feel free to discuss. I'll be back in a bit to take votes.

>> No.30157745

Reading the pastebin is cool and all, but can you post the skill tree as a chart?

>> No.30157747

I'd prefer both Monkey Grip and Sky Hammer. The way the sword tree works I'd like to have all the first tier stuff.

>> No.30157754

>> No.30157760

I'm in favor of Dats Our boss. Moonlight Champion is secondary for its ability to recruit defeated foes.

>> No.30157768

We can get some idea of what we want out as a mass, though for final choosing doing it one at a time makes things less chaotic.

For our BtB I think we should get "Dat's our boss!", it can lead to DGoV, and I think we're going to be doing bigger raids soon.

For MSiF I'd go for ADoBT, just in case we get up against something that shoots laser beams. And Sky Hammer to chop stuff up.

>> No.30157771

We bought Sneaky Tech, FYI.

>> No.30157779

Bein' da Boss
#Natural Likeability - Whether it is pity, affection, or curiosity, people just seem to like you. Bonus to all diplomatic relations.

#Alignment: Evil Good - You are that sweet spot of evil enough to be a good apprentice to a truly evil guy, and good enough to make paladins want to redeem you. Natural diplomacy bonus to people on the extreme ends of a linear morality.

* Dark Goddess of Victory! Your very presence inspires your troops to greater heights of power! Your foes tremble before your might and your allies sing songs of your glory! ...At least that is what you tell yourself when you feel bad and lonely, or scared by the number of enemies you're facing. You get bonus stats equal to the number of people you're in combat with, allies included! - Requires Dat's Our Boss!

* Moonlight Champion. Like a beam in the darkness! When things get bad, REAL bad, people turn to you for help. And you can handle it. Your troops maintain a high morale despite overwhelming odds. In addition, enemies whose spirits are completely crushed may find you inspiring...

* Like a Stray Cat - For some reason people want to take care of you, even if you have no real skills or use. Natural diplomacy bonus to matronly and lonely nice guy characters.

* Dat's our boss! - Your very presence grants a morale bonus to the abilities of your loyal minions.

>> No.30157785

I agree with Megaton Sky Hammer, but I would prefer Moonlight Champion over Snapping Turtle.

>> No.30157795

Here's what I think:
>Dat's our boss!
>Monkey Grip
>Tokka Form
We really want Rahzar's Wild Ride
>Everything has a Weak Point

>> No.30157806

My Sword is Fight
#Spin to Win - You can whip up a good spinning dash move to really slam into someone. Requires some space and a head start.

* MEGATON SKY HAMMER - Ultimate Punishment Attack! My ancestors call out to me with greivous voices, a dirge whose command is to defeat you!

It's just a jump slash.

#Wary Tortoise Stance - Since your sword is as big as you are, it is a pretty good shield, too! You become adept at spinning it into place to shield your body.

* Bite of the Snapping Turtle - From the Wary Tortoise stance, you can change your defensive spin into a deadly poke! For some reason it hits really hard, but you're not sure why.

* Absolute Defense of the Box Turtle - You slam the tip of the sword into the ground to form a barrier between you and the enemy. Good for stopping super attacks!

* Tokka Form! - While in the Wary Tortoise Stance, you can lash out with one arm. You won't be able to make a precise strike, but you might be able to land some blows in a crowded environment! - Requires Monkey Grip.

* Monkey Grip - Why does this feat exist? Haha! Time for one handed attacks!

>> No.30157807

Moonlight Champion is in the boss tree, though.

>> No.30157808

Dats our boss
Really eat anything

>> No.30157831

Can you Even Classify These Humanoids as Monstrous?
#Rough n' Tough! - You are rougher and tougher than your average unclassed NPC. Enjoy being a monster!

* Super Sneaky Tech - You become very sneaky! Goblins are in awe of how sneaky you can be. Stealth bonus.

* Everything Has a Weak Point - You learn how to work your dagger better! You can get some shivving in on top of your slamming and swinging.

* Really Eat Anything - You have a cast iron stomach and become immune to most poisons and diseases that would occur from ingesting something.

>> No.30157870

I...uh...may have overlooked that.

So my vote is for Moonlight Champion, Monkey Grip, Tokka Form, and I have no strong feelings one way or another on CyRCTHaM.

>> No.30157913

Alright, so let's vote! Being the Boss tree! Whaddaya want??!

>> No.30157921

>* Like a Stray Cat - For some reason people want to take care of you, even if you have no real skills or use. Natural diplomacy bonus to matronly and lonely nice guy characters.
>* Monkey Grip - Why does this feat exist? Haha! Time for one handed attacks!
>* Bite of the Snapping Turtle - From the Wary Tortoise stance, you can change your defensive spin into a deadly poke! For some reason it hits really hard, but you're not sure why.
>* Everything Has a Weak Point - You learn how to work your dagger better! You can get some shivving in on top of your slamming and swinging.
Are my votes.

>> No.30157926

First, can we all agree on Dat's Our Boss? It's just all around good.

Second, I think we should work towards Rahzar's Wild Ride. Getting a top tier ability quick spells nothing but good stuff for us. So I'm in favour of anything that helps advance us towards it.

Third, Back"stab" seems handy, so how about Everything Has a Weak Point?


>> No.30157932

Moonlight Champion.

>> No.30157937

Dat's our Boss!

It gets us DGoV later, and it means our dudes are more likely to survive for later.

>> No.30157957

Rolled 1, 2 = 3

Moonlight Champion

>> No.30157981

Dat's Our Boss!

>> No.30157989

Like a stray cat.
Is that even unlocked?

>> No.30157997

Monkey Grip means that we can sword in one hand and shiv in the other, so Monkey Grip and something else, I like Sky Hammer.

And then get Everything Has a Weakpoint.

>> No.30158000

fucking dice

>> No.30158009

Dat's our Boss or Stray Cat.

>> No.30158019

Chaning to
Dats our Boss

>> No.30158036

It actually is, but I wouldn't get it right now. If we end up in a situation where things get that fucking bad, then we're kinda fucked if we have it or not. We need things like Dat's our Boss and DGoV to make us strong enough that high morale helps enough to save us.

>> No.30158041

Looking like Dat's our Boss. Alrighty. You'll get that one.

Now for MSiF! First point. What is your command!

>> No.30158076

Megaton Sky Hammer.

>> No.30158088

Monkey Grip and SKY HAMMER
Screw your asking for one vote. I play by my own rules.

>> No.30158092

Monkey grip

>> No.30158124

Dat's our boss

>> No.30158150

I think we should go for Absolute Defense of the Box Turtle. We are a glass cannon. A better defense would be better. And its a prerequisite to Wild ride.

>> No.30158198

Mankey Grip

>> No.30158249


yay tie breaker

You get MONKEY GRIP! I'll give you the cliffs notes version of the other skills:

Improved improvised dual wield lets you use your sword in addition to natural terrain (for example those giant bones) to start totally wailing on dudes.

Rahzar's wild ride takes two skill points and makes you highly mobile, using your sword as a shield, and your offhand as a primary form of attack as you dash between various enemies slapping them silly.

Second point?

>> No.30158291

Bitting of the snapping turtle

>> No.30158301

Megaton Sky Hammer

>> No.30158303

Tokka Form!

>> No.30158305

Absolute Defense of the Box Turtle

>> No.30158322

Bite of the snapping turtle. No really feeling Rahzar.

>> No.30158333

Absolute Defense of the Box Turtle

Shax is weak non-fire based attacks.

>> No.30158388

Absolute Defense of the Box Turtle

We need some more defenses. This stops really big attacks from killing us, that makes me happy.

>> No.30158392

Snapping turtle

>> No.30158407


>> No.30158424


>> No.30158438

Three way tie is killin me you guys

>> No.30158439

Box Turtle.

>> No.30158466

that counts as 3 votes right?

>> No.30158477


Tie broken? Sorry if this upsets you folks, but can't spend all day on it.

Last point! What goblin tree skill you want?

>> No.30158478

Roll a die.

>> No.30158494

>* Everything Has a Weak Point - You learn how to work your dagger better! You can get some shivving in on top of your slamming and swinging.

>> No.30158495

Everything has a Weak Point.

>> No.30158496

Really Eat Anything.

>> No.30158500

Really eat anything

>> No.30158508

It's fine Chief, I'm cool with it.
>Everything Has a Weak Point

>> No.30158512

Everything has a Weak Point.
So we can put a huge sword through it

>> No.30158519

Everything has a Weak Point.

>> No.30158520

Everything Has a Weakpoint

>> No.30158523

>Really eat anything

>> No.30158548

Really eat anything.

>> No.30158579

Looks pretty unanimous!

Alright, well. It is very late for me, and I really need to get some sleep!

I'll do my homework and write out a ridiculous amount of skill descriptions after I foolishly had all the skill trees level up at once.

I wanted to give you guys another game point tonight, but I'm plum tuckered out. I might try to get some stuff going on at the start of next thread!

Anyway! Thank you for playing, as always! You guys are great, and easy to get along with. Seriously. And thanks to all the readers who won't get to play but see this in the archive! You make it easier for me to run at any time by showing up if the usual crowd can't. Thank you!

I'll see when I can run again. I'll post on twitter when I can! Night!

>> No.30158580

Everything has a weakpoint.

Got to get that Back Stab.

>> No.30158615

Good night, Chief. Thanks for the thread.

I'm interested on what our next game point will be.

I'm voting for Otome Game.

>> No.30158633

thx chief
was fun
much enjoyment
such satisfaction

>> No.30158664

Thank you for running Chief! Have a good night!

>> No.30163471


its not. Im sorry.[\spoiler][\spoiler]

>> No.30165772


I save all fanart regardless! Thank you for liking the material enough to draw for it.

>> No.30165844

I tried to edit it a bit to make it less terrible.

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