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Dark heresy: Dark adventure system that allows for all manner of situations.

Rogue Trader: Boundless adventure! No rules to tie you down! Yarr harr!

Only War: Sure you roll dice all the time, but tactics and strategy weigh a lot more since you are only mortal men, allows politics and all that yummy stuff.

Deathwatch: Roll dice in combat: The game. Yeah no. Why would anyone use this system again? Space marines are dull and bound by all manner of creeds and honor. Even investigating stuff is out of the question since that is an inquisitors are of expertise. You cannot make a compelling advenure in this system, I am convinced of that.

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Unless the adventure is that your chapter master fell to chaos, and only the party knows. You then have to fix the problem while keeping the Inquisition from getting curious. I'd play that. But I am having trouble coming up with a "not in the Horus Heresy" kind of plot.

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What if you like rolling dice?

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Then you are retarded. Stay away from RPGs please.

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So is this a 40k RPG general, or just a shitty attempt at trolling?

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I suppose one could call it a thread about discussing the differences of the FFG 40k RPGs. And shitting on DeathWatch.

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Hello, is it me your looking for?

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Rogue Trader is best system.

Come at me faggots

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>stop liking what I don't like

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Been looking to start an Only War campaign but my group doesn't seem very up to it because they can't see any great adventures coming out of it. If anyone's got any Only War stories to try to encourage some new players I'm definetely listening

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I'm comin' at you faggot

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What a pleasant surprise, I expected much worse under that spoiler.

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>I can't make a compelling Deathwatch campaign!
>That means no one else can, either!

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For some reason I read that as Orky War

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I would like to think Only War is very, very, very fun.

However, my group cannot play that for shit. In Dark Heresy, for example, the Psyker wasted all his fate points trying to see if he could survive shit-talking the Sister of Battle in her face.

And my only other experience is over Roll20 and that group got boring as fuck. I was a techpriest and I tried to bring in Rollplay durring downtime, but no one did, and when we entered combat it was 2 hours of watching the operator and his buddy in a HERETECH MODIFIED SENTINEL using their 8 BARRELS OF HELL (Fucking 4 heavy bolters, 2 lascannons, and multilas guns) and take all the fun while my Techpriest and my servitor buddy was only able to run 1/3 of the way to the combat per turn.

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It's more difficult too anyways.
Especially when you have to deal with your group. You can't bring the dick-arounders to this game. The game would not allow it unless you want to toss the book and allow things like Angry Marines or Pretty Marines.

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hey how is fear and loathing coming along

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Only War can be very fun

My group ended up playing the 40k version of M*A*S*H

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I want your group. Or to be in your group.

Take me with you.

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Well we could use a Klinger..

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Exactly how it should be. Only War is meant to be "40k version of [war related property here]"

You can do anything from Black Hawk Down to All Quiet On The Western Front to Starship Troopers.

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>40k Hogans Heroes

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>40k Black Adder

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If I'm to assume Klinger is your word for Techpriest... I'm your man!

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>40k Dad's Army

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>40k Flashman

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>A transvestite Techpriest trying to get out of the guard by acting insane

Thats hilarious..

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Do you want the truth, or the North Korean truth?


Every time I've tried to play Only War, it's always Chaos as enemies. I find chaos boring.

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Got news for you, bud.

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Convince whoever your GM is to use something else. Like Orkz. Or Dark Eldar. Get you more incentive to NOT be caught by the enemy.

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>40k 'Allo 'Allo

I dont even know how that would WORK but I would play it..

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Eh, it's over now. I graduated months ago. The only thing holding me back from finding a game is the job search.

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Achilus Crusade is pretty much "How to run a non-combat Deathwatch session: the book"

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This happened between two assignments (we are part of a campaign to retake some vital world from Orks with combined forces of a whole lot of different IG regiments, just landed on the planet, made a base containing camps for all the regiments and done some scouting missions).
During some time off, two guys from our group stumbled into a camp of high-gothic speaking IG. One did a charm check, hoping they would be willing to help them learn the language. The check failed, the regiment turned out to be snobs that beat the shit out of our two guys and kicked them out of the camp. Afterwards we planned revenge by sneaking into their camp at night, hiding a xenos weapon we looted earlier (we like taking trophies that can potentially get us into trouble) in one of the officers lockers and turned their regiment flag up-side down after smearing it with poison. One of our guys nearly got caught, but by some miracle (and die rolls) managed to get away undetected. The result of all this was the Inquisition burning the flag for being 'Chaos-infected', executing two of their regiment (including one officer) for heresy and around three quarter of their camp getting sick (we were just about to get sent out, so most likely they will die horribly). All in all a pretty sweet revenge. We also stole some high gothic books from them for learning.

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I've been enjoying the party dynamics of Deathwatch.
>A Dark Angel
>An Ultramarine
>A Salamander
>A Lost Legionairre (now chapter)
>A Black Templar

>Salamander and Black Templar constantly get into fisticuffs
>It's become a reoccuring gag to laugh when the Black Templar enters the room. Always asks something like "What's going on/what's so funny?". Always answer regardless of who's present: "It's a First Founding thing, you wouldn't understand."
>Ultramarine always tired of the party's shit because he's trying to keep 4 vastly different chapters killing the enemy instead of each other (Though he, the Salamander, and the Lost Legionnaire tend to get on with each other fairly well).

Oh yeah, sometimes we kill xenos or whatever.

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By having Deathwatch Marines angrily glare at eachother, shout at eachother, and reminense with eachother?

>I have seen Achilus Crusade. I'm just assuming.

Anyways, Space Marines not fighting sounds boring as all fuck

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>"It's a First Founding thing, you wouldn't understand."

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North Korean truth please, I need some good news after today

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You dick around with space marines, give them missions that require finesse, drop them on a planet where humans live with xenos/abhumans and they need to stop it from falling to chaos/nids/tau. They have the kill team, an inquisitorial rosette, and no backup.

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Whenever I try to run a non-combat deathwatch session my neckbeard players keep grunting that it's "Acolyte work" and just shoot everything.

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Progress on the book has gone so well I will finish it up within the next few days. It has been expanded to every xenos ever mentioned in the book, no matter how minor. That's right, you get K'nib! In fact, FFG and GW have advance copies, and they like it so much they are selling the entire line to me, for they acknowledge they could never match such perfection.

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A war mongler? Shouldn't that be war monger?

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>It's a First Founding thing, you wouldn't understand.

Codex approved!

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> a salamander techmarine joins the party
>curently fighting tau
>i leap onto hijacked manta hangar door and have to hang on
>have one hand free
>decide to aim 'the finger at tau commander

> a shaso after having his base decimated
>sees a salamander hanging onto HIS STOLEN MANTA
>giving him a rude gesture
>suddenly exterminartus

i admit its the worst of them but deathwatch can have some truly funny moments so long as you arnt murderhobos/grimderp-tists

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Then you need some players who aren't horrendously biased in favor 2e and 3e's brain-dead representations of space marines as "Yell name of Emperor, and kill everything in sight"

Deathwatch requires players who have actually read some decent marine novels (Helsreach, Wrath of Iron, Death of Integrity, etc) and not the horseshit found in codices and 15+ year old novels.

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>No one mentions Black Crusade.

Guys what about me? G-Guys!? HEY WAIT UP!

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Too bad the only people that want to play Deathwatch are one note manchildren who want to play their speshul snowflake marine, and at the end of the day all they do is roll dice.

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More like "Shout at each other and reminisce with each other as a cover so noone will realise they're actually trying to root out the Alpha Legion infiltrator who arrived on the station nearly 100 years ago"

Also, libraries full of ancient super-secret information that even inquisitors get the "If I told you, I'd have to kill you" treatment with respect to.

Aaand also there's an arena where they can just throw whatever Xenos they like against each other to see who would win if left to their own devices.

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To be honest we give the Black Templar more crap than he deserves. Tons of small, snide remarks like that about him being a successor (Or extremely blunt remarks when he gets into fisticuffs with the Salamander)

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A game about as big of a cunt you possibly can be. Brilliant.

>> No.30154272

Go away Black Crusade. Your just a book for people to do things they already do in Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy, with less fun hiding from the Imperium and getting away with it.

>> No.30154293

Call me back when you can find some players mature enough to not murder each other in the first session.

also when the Nurgle book comes out...please?

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A game about being as big of a cunt you possibly can be. Brilliant.

>> No.30154314


The Book of Generally Not Feeling Very Well has been delayed to make room for more Star Wars stuff.

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You're just Rogue Trader with the warrant of trade peeled away. Your only value to me was coercing the party into playing completely straight with each other instead of their usual shenanigans of trying to fuck one another over at the first opportunity.

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Meh. In Dark Heresy we took it to heart to treat the VoidBorn bad.

Our Voidborn Techpriest is blamed for everything. Especially when the Psyker caused it.

>Pskyer rolls to piss off Commissar
>Fail Roll: Commissar's head explodes
>Fucking Voidberg.
>Fucking Robot
>Fucking Robot Voidberg

>> No.30154329

Also some kinda vault that only opens for the chosen ones of an ancient prophesy in a time of dire need. People know the superset of what is inside it, but not what specifically is in there right now.

>> No.30154365


"Behold, brothers! The Vault opens!"


"Brothers, rejoice! Choco-tacos!"

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I find that Deathwatch is much better suited to one or two session scenarios rather than long-form narratives. At the end of the day all the characters are Marines after all and while they can be of different mindsets, skillsets, and philosophies the Deathwatch does not generally do detective work.

The Deathwatch rules and overall gameplay, in my opinion, work better for gameplay more in step with the Inquisitor skirmish game rather than Dark Heresy.

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In the last game, our Khornate killed his brother by ripping his skull/spine out of his body (ala the glorification to Khorne, he got an extra infamy and corruption due to it being his brother)
The brother's player gave permission before hand that he was OK with this sequence of events

Basically the Khornate brother lost his eye to genestealers, and his brother keep failing all his dodge/parry checks the whole way through, including one instance where he was forced to burn Infamy. Finally his brother killed him off and had his eye implants.

"I gave him one last chance to dodge" Dramatically points at implanted eye, "HE DIDN'T."

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>39.000 year old Choco-Tacos

I really enjoyed Deffwotch.

>> No.30154447

true but you get that problem with every rpg
the true point of deathwatchforget its not about the battles and the dice rolling. but the choices and glory inbetween

>has to help a very arrogant iron hand npc
>on stealh-ish mission to demolish crashed hive ship
>iron hand is constantly pissing me off
> try to intimidate him, and he easily bitch slaps me with servoarm
>have both pride and being salamander
>FUCK THE STEALTH! nearly smash wall in rage

i also had the firey visions which made my marine think that an IG regiment i met ,that had the same surname, was my family. and some of them turning into chaos

>turns out none of them were going into chaos
>turns out i was closest to chaos due to pride and rage
>inquisitor forgives and doesnt execute me due to him useing said visions to actually get a secret mission done for him
>MFW i got trolled this entire time, gg gm

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You know, I had a lot of fun with Exelion: Anarchy Reigns as well, and I hope Spess Mareen: Republican Commando and C'tan Star Stories go just as well.

I do have to thank the players of Exelion: Anarchy Reigns though. They did help with playtesting the stuff that's in Fear and Loathing in the Eastern Fringe.

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Choco-tacos never go bad. Trust me.

>> No.30154618

We don't have them where I live, are they just waffle cones shaped like tacos?

>> No.30154631


Yeah. They have ice cream, peanuts, and chocolate in them.

>> No.30154670

That sounds amazing.

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With DeathWatch I am very confused as to handle hostile situations inbetween players or if the players decide to attack an ally/Inquisitor. What would the repercussions be? instant death?

>> No.30154718

>Attack an Inquisitor

>> No.30154720

>Exelion: Anarchy Reigns

Oh that was the evil campaign, right?

>> No.30154860

Either they kill the Inquisitor and no-one finds out (unlikely), they kill the Inquisitor and others find out so they're declared Excommunicatus Traitorus, or the Inquisitor kills them.

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I never understood why people called it an evil campaign. Nothing was disruptive or anything. It actually went quite smoothly.

>> No.30155051

Pride and rage run the imperium chaos isnt the fucking dark side fagot.

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do we have playable necrons yet

>> No.30155212


So..wheres the lost legionairre career? Cant remember seeing it before..

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Rites of Battle, talking with the GM, having a group that won't go apeshit and scream "snowflake."

ought to be fairly easy to do if you have a dedicated group of friends into the setting. I would not recommend trying to do it with an online group however.

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Sort of.

I made some for a future game

>> No.30155486

They have a full on game for heretics, I'd like one for xenos.

>> No.30155582


I would like to play HiveMind

>> No.30155589


That's actually what Shas is working on, a book with playable Xenos like Tau and Eldar. He's just being a lazy dumbshit and not finishing it.

>> No.30155627

So then play the tabletop game.

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do you WANT me to post what I currently have done?

>> No.30155666

What I want is an ork 40k rpg. It would have to be fairly odd though.

>> No.30155688

They have rules for it.

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>> No.30155770

Really? Where? Or are you talking about the playable orks in Rogue Trader? Because I was thinking of some kind of fusion of Only War and Black Crusade where you could choose from professions like Flash Git, Nob, Tekboy, or Wierdboy and get some other orks and have hilarious orky adventures.

>> No.30155779

>tfw my only war game ended up as a strange mix between Kellys heroes and generation kill

>> No.30155804

Yeah, those rules.

>> No.30155828

...Isn't that exactly how the game should be played?

>> No.30155871

I've been running death watch for my friends for a while now and we've been having a blast. When we first started everyone was new to role playing, you could almost say that they were uncomfortable with it and that kinda translated to their pc's. A group of marines from diffrent chapters learning to work together. After a few games they started to develop little quirks and they now have full on banter in character. Even though the way they act isn't always accurate to the chapter they are from.
The team is-

>Dark angels librarian. The cautious member of the team. Often takes command even when he isnt the designated team leader. Tries to act like the straight man but drops the facade when in combat. Kinda like 40k Kamina

> Blood angels Assault marine. The actual straight man. Frequently butts heads with the librarian over his unorthodox tactics.

> Ultra Marine Tactical Marine. The others blatant disregard for the codex makes him somewhat uncomfortable but they are starting to rub of on him. Once performed a rocket jump in zero g. Not as social as the rest. Has a odd preference for a specific missile launcher, gets defensive when this is brought up.

>Black templar tactical marine-space judge dredd

>Raven Guard assault marine- A bit of a showoff. Likes flashy combat moves. Ego the size of a battle barge. Squad clown. Acts a bit like Siefer Zeed from the death watch novel.

>> No.30155929


Where in Rites of Battle exactly?

I cant find it..

>> No.30155934


fucking do it faggot

>> No.30155957

Show us.

captcha: thangin there

>> No.30155963

> their blatant disregard for the codex astartes
> blatant disregard for the combined teachings of 10000 years of Imperial heroes/maater tacticians
To what end?

>> No.30155986

Create your own chapter

>> No.30156036

should have rephrased that. I ment they are more like a by any means team. Using tactics not outlined by the codex, LIke captain titus jet packing out of a thunder hawk.

>> No.30156054

I like you. Played a Noisemarine WarBand oneshot recently. Much fun was had. For the next game we are going for a relatively low powered human only infiltration game. Very much looking forward to it.

>> No.30156057


I dunno I cant see it..

Fuck it

>> No.30156071

Technically what the Codex advised against was Titus jumping out of the thunderhawk with a jumppack without knowing what it was he was jumping into.

>> No.30156093

There is an entire chapter in rites of battle dedicated to generating a homebrew chapter.

>> No.30156137

If you have been working on it, does it have things that done pertain to combat and tech use? I don't mean to offend, but your home brew stuff tends to overlook anything at doesn't pertain to combat.

>> No.30156141


Oh I thought you meant there was an option in one of the chapters for a lost legion rather than homebrewing your own one..

>> No.30156151


Changelog since last time
-Book now renamed Fear and Loathing in the EASTERN Fringe, since a homie said that there was already a place called the Fringe in the Galactic West.
-All Necron careers added
-Lychguard renamed Vargard
-All special abilities added
-Two thirds of the Eldar Aspects are in there

I intend to finish the aspects tonight. Incidentally, those Necron careers will be the ones I use in a future game, unless an official Necron stat set comes out.

>> No.30156189

No, lost legions exist to homebrew the fate of, and for BL to >imply before saying "lel, that >implication was full of shit, but we're going to >imply more anyway" en ad naeseum

>> No.30156223


How did you imitate those advancement tables?

>> No.30156255
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It's an option in Word. One of the table formats is the exact same.

>> No.30156488


You can make a compelling campaign, without any system and dice using only imagination and roll-playing to push the story forward. Manuals/systems/dice are only tools to make that process easier.

If You cannot make a compelling adventure in any system is a sign of Your shortcomings and lack of experience as a DM. Don't dis the system just because it does not suit You.

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>Fire Dragon description

I love that joke

>> No.30156721

Deathwatch seems like it should have been used in conjunction with rogue trader or ascension-level dark heresy much like Grey Knights in the Daemonhunter splat. Autistic super-soldier-monks are interesting when among other, more "normal" characters, but not when everybody is an autistic monk-supersoldier

>> No.30156804


would You rather attack Inquisitor as a SM or stand up to/speak heretical/defeatist things in the presence of a Commissar as a Guardsman?

>> No.30156828


so a success ?

>> No.30156973

>linking a pdf file in the image box
truly, /tg/ is full of wizards.

>> No.30157076

At least the Commisar will just shoot you.
Inquisitors will do all kinds of shit to you. Turn you into a daemonhost, various psyker-related punishments, hand you over to the Ordo Assassinatus… an Inquisitors greatest weapon is creativity.

>> No.30157078

Moot gave us the functionality a few months back.

>> No.30157085

/tg/'s allowed to do that as long as we don't use it for uploading pirated things, for liability's sake.

>> No.30157215

Thanks Shas.
Tyranid rules when?

>> No.30157255
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Why would you want to play the NPC race?

>> No.30157262

only in 40k the good option is just getting shot in the face

>> No.30157302

It's like Pokemon. Gotta play 'em all.

>> No.30157345
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fuck you shas

>> No.30157355

what rolls have rules?

I know freebooter, kommando, mekboy and weridboy

is there anything else?

>> No.30157409

>Still using the multiplier on unnatural attributes.
Would you be willing to make it like the later versions of the game?

To be fair, he's got a point, and it's not like hivemind really gives you any rp opportunities. Plus, your options as a tyranid are: eat everyone or die trying.

IDK, I didn't look at it very hard, so you know more than I do.

>> No.30157467

It's like setting a D&D Campaign in the USSR
>You life is terrible. It has always been terrible, and it will continue to be terrible for the foreseeable future.
>If your weapons weren't unusable, you would have killed yourself ages ago
>If you are lucky, your Commissar will shoot you for insubordination today.

>> No.30157484

I use it as a kind of a back up. My group is super into 40k and overarching stories. Depending on what they are planning to do, they are different members aboard a Rogue Trader ship sent to secure the trade lines in the Jericho Reach. During a resupply or delay for the ship, they are dark heresy characters, investigating chaos and hidden alien threats with the crew. During trade missions or space combat, rogue trader's band of power mad mercenaries. When they are needed, the space marines deal with the navy or investigating places normal humans can not hope to survive. So far it has pretty fun, though how im going to end each story arc is going to be tricky.

>> No.30157507

well then I'd say we are missing painboyz, nobs, lootas, an\d most importantly warboss

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>Would you be willing to make it like the later versions of the game?

No. I'm preferable to the DH/RT/DW system over BC/OW system. It is what I run my games in, and I prefer everything consistent. However, an easy fix is to just say every level of multiplier is +4. So Unnat x2 would be +4, Unnat x3 would be +8, and so on. Also, any time something is based on DoS, just add "Beyond the First" to the end. For example, "penalty for every degree of success beyond the first." It should also be easy to remove things like Silent Move and Conceal, and replace it with Stealth.

However, some of the weapons in future sections (such as the HF Blade and maybe the Ordo Chronus chronogear) will definitely have notes on how to use them in the later systems.

>> No.30157554


>It's like setting a D&D Campaign in the USSR

It's like setting a D&D Campaign in the USSR, in 1942, in stalingrad ... only its everywhere like that so there is no victory of 1943

>> No.30157676

You keep the part of the game that states you're more accurate going full-auto than not?

>> No.30157716
File: 496 KB, 300x210, Kittens Scatter.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I do. I guess I just kind of like it that way, even though the official stance of "More bullets downrange means more chance of hitting" is a little wonky.

>> No.30157783

Sounds like you need a Carcharodon to be creepy and sit in the corner.

>> No.30157793

My group is thinking about doing a Deathwatch game actually. One wants to make a Salamander, another a Dark Angel, an Imperial Fist and a Space Wolf.

I think Dark Angels and Space Wolves are in the core book, what about the other Chapters?

Too bad there isn't a Horus Hersey verion of the game,

>> No.30157818


Or rather smell of blood and be silent in every conversation. And when someone finally asks him for an opinion he just snaps his teeth and shrugs.

>> No.30157825


First Founding, Honor the Chapter, Rites of Battle is what you want

>> No.30157916

there's also no reason you can't set it during the Horus Heresy. There are even rules for the older marks of armor. Hell you could even set it during the unification wars seeing as there are rules for mark 1 power armor.

>> No.30158031

But he would be a total bro to have around in case of HERESY

>slow painful maiming to those who oppose the emperor, and by extension the deathwatch

>if i ever get in a deathwatch game I am playing a space shark.

>> No.30158167


when enyone is trying to be social with him he just brakes any personal face and leaves his face less than inch from other SM face. And then just stares completely mute with those huge, coal black shark eyes in theirs. Just that, no moves no other actions no response. Just being mega awkward. And if someone survives that for more than a minute he would just slightly move nostrils, like he's smelling something.

>> No.30158209
File: 1015 KB, 190x180, Foxes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I... I love you anon...
>have some foxes

>> No.30158267


Thank You, they are appreciated

>> No.30158343

I might actually do that...that sounds fun. I wonder how you could do some of the Legions like Sons of Horus or Deathguard, pre-Hersey though, Since Death Guard aren't all Nurgled out yet and such.

>> No.30158397
File: 25 KB, 510x544, thisisnotmymug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Necron section, Deathmarks
>Opening blurb about "Mr. Bones"
>now I want to play a malfunctioning Deathmark who now views a small human child as his Phaeron.

>> No.30158452

Your games always sound ridiculously fun as hell

>> No.30158456


Well, the rules are right there. Nothing's stopping you anymore except your GM.

>> No.30158526

And my lack of a gaming group. But, your point stands. I'm going to fire up the printer.

>> No.30158635


How about Iron Hand "infected" with Necrodermis (totally unlinke their primarch, absolutely original idea)

>> No.30158640


The entire Necron section leaves me out of breath.

>The retarded phaeron
>exasperated cryptek
>newcrons vs oldcrons
>"I didn't know they talked"
>The Ancient Codes Flowchart

>> No.30158735

well Deathguard seem like they fought as massed heavy infantry for the most part and just ground their enemies down. Sons of Horus don't seem to have a particular combat style they seem to have the organization of the ultras mixed with some of the tribal aspects of the space wolves. I don't know if you can put the sons in a box like the other legions.

>> No.30158767

>The use of Deathmarks is strictly forbidden against honourable opponents.
>however, the definition of "honourable" is a matter of great debate
>that flowchart
Now I keep picturing the Necron bigwigs huddled around the chart while the Deathmarks sit around looking vaguely mopey.

>> No.30158777


Imagine a Night Lord in Deathwatch ... he would not fit very well

>> No.30158849

Oh god, I just made it to the Firedragon section.
>Their tactics include such masterful arts as "everyone around you has a meltagun". Their training is "meltagun".

>> No.30158910


Wait until you see the Howling Manshees...

>> No.30158949
File: 96 KB, 400x346, Laughing Death.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got there

>> No.30158978

but anon striking fear into the hearts of xenos and your fellow kill team members is great fun.

>> No.30159012


"Okay, they surrendered. Now what?"

"The chart says they're honorable."

"But what if they betray us?"

"Then they aren't?"

"How long do we have to wait for any betrayals?"

"The chart doesn't say."


>> No.30159050


>The runes fortold: Let there be bitches

>> No.30159215


Despite the fact that every time I open the pdf my sides escape into orbit, most of the things are actually decently designed. I might make a Corsair for my next game.

I'll wait until weapons are in though, so I don't have to sift through 5 books to find weapons.

>> No.30159235

The "fae asses" line is what gets me.

>> No.30159276
File: 43 KB, 500x376, Kitten MOM MOM MOM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Incidentally, if anyone finds any typos, post them so I can fix them. I already found a few, so there's probably more.

>> No.30159326

In the "Alien Mechanisms, Alien Minds" box in necrons, it says "either war" instead of "either way", but that's pretty minor.

>> No.30159352

>rules for playing a Necron

You have no idea how much I want this to happen. That sounds like the best. Thing. Ever.

>> No.30159356
File: 408 KB, 500x345, intredasting.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You put too much time into this, Shas.

That being said, I want to be in that Necron campaign so very badly. I'm just going to leave this e-mail here.

>> No.30159399

I blame Call of Duty - it convinced people that Operators Operating Operationally is just regular shooting people business, but with cooler gear and callsigns.

And while I haven't read Deathwatch, I'm reading Rogue Trader now and I'm almost crying because of all the potential
>mfw never gonna have a group to play
>mfw never gonna play jet pack Missionary
>mfw never gonna have a transport filled with Guardsmen totting the swankiest gear

>> No.30159409
File: 1.59 MB, 200x127, Kittens on Slide.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




I have a lot of time now that I've finished university again. That said, C'tan Star Stories won't be for a LONG while yet. I want to run Spess Mareen: Republican Commando first, and that won't be until I find a job.

>> No.30159449
File: 933 KB, 400x300, batmanwatchesfullhouse.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



I would also be interested in that Space Marine game. Not that I'd want to be in both.... well okay, i I mean I WOULD, but i wouldn't want to steal spots in both games.

I'm gonna go now.

>> No.30159471

>Orky War
Now that would be an awesome game.

>> No.30159476

I had a great group for a while, everyone was running around with whatever weapons they were having fun with doing Indiana Jones with magic space-apes on the planet of Evil. It's way more fun when players forget that Space Marines are fearless and when there are actually magic monkey rocks that pen armor. Rail-rocks, I called 'em.

If you're not going to be using them for a while, what's the chances you wouldn't mind someone else, say, stealing the idea and doing it first? Granted it is your idea, but...

>> No.30159518

>Final Destination.gif

>> No.30159524

Actually, that would be the very core concept of a space marine you can blame. What does a space marine in 40k do aside from killing shit? Practice for killing shit and that's really it.

>> No.30159540
File: 2.00 MB, 394x215, Kittens Play.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You want to run a Necron game? Go for it. Do tell me how the stats handle so I can make adjustments as needed. Unlike the Tau classes which got playtested, the Corsair and Necrons are completely new and I have no idea how they run, so unexpected weirdness could happen.

>> No.30159923

Well, Space Marines are a shock force, all considered.

But Deathwatch, I though, was supposed to be operational. Sure, you're a hulking ubermensch armored like a tank, but in Deathwatch, you kind of go... sneakier, since you don't have the chapter's might su[[porting you at every turn.

>> No.30160087

Only complaint is how they worked Necron Sanity. They need to keep the From Beyond trait as normal, not allowing insanity gain as normal.

Instead of losing attributes every time they phase out they need to gain insanity (insanity gained this way ignores "From Beyond"). This makes a whole lot more fluff sense because they aren't getting weaker when they phase they are just slowly losing their minds.

>> No.30160110

>>I can't make a compelling Deathwatch campaign!
>>That means no one else can, either!

>> No.30160177
File: 29 KB, 230x338, TheStormlord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Instead of losing attributes every time they phase out they need to gain insanity (insanity gained this way ignores "From Beyond"). This makes a whole lot more fluff sense because they aren't getting weaker when they phase they are just slowly losing their minds.

^^This makes a lot more sense^^

>> No.30160206

Spess Mareen would be a bit of fun to no end. I hope >>30159356 doesn't mind me borrowing his tactic...

>> No.30160245

I dunno, it makes sense, but it's not good from a player point of view. Being immune to insanity is a huge boon, and only getting a little bit of insanity when you DIE is freakin' huge - You'd have to be gaining 20+ insanity per death to make it adequately worth it. I think the points of attributes makes more sense, but maybe only a few of them at a time, maybe at random, might be better. Or, maybe for each 5 points of attribute lost, Necron players might be able to "buy them back" as an Advance for like 200-300 XP each time - Enough to keep your good stats high, but too costly to keep dying off like a red shirt.

>> No.30160306

I dont think you understand the powerlevel that Necrons, let alone a royal court is actually suppose to be. They should be mowing down space marines like fields of wheat.

They shouldn't lose potency overtime, but if they over extend themselves they should be delusional nutcases.

>> No.30160326

when I played deathwatch the inquisitor would always get caught up in something with his apprentice and the marines would split up and go off on their own to do shit.

>> No.30160359

I figure this might be a decent place to ask.
A couple of friends of mine invited me to a game of Rogue Trader, but I've never touched 40k before, and everything I know about it I've gleaned from the front page of /tg/. What do I read/watch to get myself up to speed enough to not horribly embarrass myself/get executed for heresy?

>> No.30160360

this, in word bearers they deep strike a chaos lord in terminator armor, 100 chaos terminators, and a dreadnought to fight one necron lord

>> No.30160387

Maybe? But the Necrons being shown in the document seem to me to be somewhere around Rogue Trader power levels rather than Deathwatch. I mean, they're stronger than the Rogue Trader classes, with a cursory look, but we're not talking HQ's but rather Elites choices here, at least that's what it looks like at first glance. And i'm more than a little tired at the moment.

Either way, losing some stats is way scarier to the player playing the character rather than getting some insanity. And if they're gaining huge insanity, and only when they're dying, that's a lot of sudden character character changes, and that's less fun to play.

>> No.30160444

>This makes a whole lot more fluff sense because they aren't getting weaker when they phase they are just slowly losing their minds.

The Necrons mnds were damaged because of the Great Sleep. Their minds aren't breaking down because of phasing out. Where did you even get that?

>> No.30160498

I've always seen DW as Exalted 40K- shit that would have terrified anyone in the other lines is just Tuesday to a DW Marine.You struggles and enemies have to be magnificent and over-the-top, even the political ones. A bunch of Acolytes might run from a Daemonhost, but you take them down by the dozen. A Rogue Trader might wheel and deal with planetary governors, but a Deathwatch Marine regularly bandies words with Inquisitors. While Chaos Space Marines have to fight and scrimp for every piece of favour, a Deathwatch Marine has the entire Imperium backing him up.

Don't get me wrong, I prefer more subtle, slower-paced gameplay, but for sheer over-the-top action and melodrama, Deathwatch can be good.

>> No.30160502

For most rogue trader games. the Ciaphus Cain novels are a good place to go - The adventures of funny commissar in a satirical look at 40k fits into Rogue Trader rather well.

Apart from that, read the books themselves, as they're filled with snippets and details about the universe that should help. Maybe pop around 1d4chan, again, a more satirical view but they're pretty good at summarizing things in an entertaining manner. And not everyone wants to get ankle-deep in Grimderp.

Alternatively, go back and watch Star Trek, the old shit, and imagine the entire time that Kirk wears a long, black trenchcoat and steals everyone's wallet, Spock is 90% actual metal and occasionally talks to machines, and Bones is hallucinating any conversation he has with a red-shirt. Also, replace Federation with For The Emperor, no matter what the context. Phazors are melta-guns, and they leave holes in people - If said people are later seen talking, it's because they're secretly demons.

>> No.30160520

>And if they're gaining huge insanity, and only when they're dying, that's a lot of sudden character character changes, and that's less fun to play.

"Necrons dont suffer from malignancies", nothing happen but the number goes up. If it goes up enough they suffer from traditonal character death as they go batshit.

Necrons are hard if not impossible to kill and immune to corruption. The only reliable way they get taken out of the game is when the final twig snaps. They are suppose to be durable as fuck and impossible to get rid of.

>> No.30160534

Old fluff, I just think it fits better than stat loss which makes no sense what so ever.

>> No.30160560

I ran/run a Deathwatch campaign for a few folks I know. The way you make it compelling is exploring the party dynamics, and throwing them into situations where they have to rely on each other to get through. Basically, think a 40k Buddy Cop Movie, compared to Dark Heresy's Grimdark Gumshoe or Only War's Band of Brothers.

The game is (still) on hiatus from Holidays, but they were just about to descend deeper into the Space Hulk I'm having their Watch Post clear out.

>> No.30160613

We're arguing different things.

Yeah, it MIGHT make more sense the way you're doing it. Necrons gain 20 Insanity every time they die, which means they can die 5 times before they never come back. Whatever, that could be a mechanic.

But it's not from FROM A PLAYER STANDPOINT. All it would mean when playing a Necron is that you can die 5 times with no consequence. However, if you lost stats? HOLY SHIT keep me away from those melta guns.

Besides, there's always been a huge distinction between fluff and game. If Necron Lords really could only be taken out by hundreds of marines, why can I kill them with one lucky melta-shot, and regularly trash Necron armies with my Orks?

>> No.30160618

Thanks. I'll check that out.

>> No.30160631

>Old fluff

Oldcrons had little to no personality or minds to lose. So it's doubtful.

Newcrons have already suffered mental damage from the sleep and its complications. No where is it stated that phasing out causes mental issues. The only way I see for them to get any worse in the head department is them getting infected by the Flayer Virus or the Destroyer Curse.

You can apply any rule for your game as you like, but I got to say that it ain't fully.

>> No.30160648

Anyone have the comic where Amberley Vail is just a tween in braces who's writing fan fiction about her dream hunk Ciaphas?

>> No.30161298 [DELETED] 
File: 272 KB, 480x480, Picture of me 14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take a guess

>> No.30165349

Just play DnD

>> No.30165484


Based on how becoming an Exarch was handled, I think the emphasis was put more on things that would affect the player. There was really old fluff that Necrons physically degraded with each phaseout, but it may not apply anymore. Stat loss is a far more harsh penalty than mere insanity at death, which would promote just mindlessly rushing an enemy.

>> No.30165498
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