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The Emperor Sucks Edition

I'll start.

Working on building up a Chaos Daemons army. I got a sweet deal on one and I have a good assortment of models from all of the gods. But it's mostly Tzeentch and Khorne.

I'm a player that plays for fun and narrative over winning, but there are some units that are just garbage and even I don't take them. That said, I really want to like the Bloodcrushers of Khorne, but on paper, this looks like one of the worst units in the book for its points cost. I'm probably going to take them anyway because it's a great model. Can anyone see an upside to them that I can't?

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Does anyone have a download to the Digital version of the BA Codex?

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Any comments on my Tzeentch themed CSM/Traitor Guard list?

Primary Detachment

Total Roster Cost: 2480

HQ: Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour (1#, 187 pts)
1 Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour, 157 pts = (base cost 105 + Mark of Tzeentch 15 + Combi-Meltagun 7 + Sigil of Corruption 25 + Veterans of the Long War 5)
1 Burning Brand of Skalathrax, 30 pts

Elite: Chaos Terminators (6#, 306 pts)
5 Chaos Terminators, 250 pts = 5 * 39 (base cost 31 + Mark of Tzeentch 5 + Veterans of the Long War 3) + Chainfist x2 24 + Combi-Meltagun x2 10 + Lightning Claws (pair) x3 21
1 Terminator Champion, 56 pts = (base cost 33 + Mark of Tzeentch 5 + Chainfist 15 + Veterans of the Long War 3)

Troops: Chaos Space Marines (11#, 253 pts)
9 Chaos Space Marines, 162 pts = 9 * 16 (base cost 13 + Mark of Tzeentch 2 + Veterans of the Long War 1) + Close Combat Weapon x9 18
1 Aspiring Champion, 46 pts = (base cost 23 + Melta Bombs 5 + Mark of Tzeentch 2 + Power Sword x1 15 + Veterans of the Long War 1)
1 Chaos Rhino, 45 pts = (base cost 35 + Dozer Blade 5 + Combi-Bolter 5)

Troops: Chaos Space Marines (11#, 263 pts)
9 Chaos Space Marines, 162 pts = 9 * 16 (base cost 13 + Mark of Tzeentch 2 + Veterans of the Long War 1) + Close Combat Weapon x9 18
1 Aspiring Champion, 56 pts = (base cost 23 + Melta Bombs 5 + Mark of Tzeentch 2 + Power Fist x1 25 + Veterans of the Long War 1)
1 Chaos Rhino, 45 pts = (base cost 35 + Dozer Blade 5 + Combi-Bolter 5)

HQ: Daemon Prince (1#, 355 pts)
1 Daemon Prince, 310 pts = (base cost 145 + Power Armour 20 + Wings 40 + Increase Mastery Level x3 75 + Daemon of Tzeentch 15 + Spell Familiar 15)
1 The Black Mace, 45 pts

Heavy Support: Obliterator (3#, 243 pts)
3 Obliterator, 243 pts = 3 * 81 (base cost 70 + Mark of Tzeentch 8 + Veterans of the Long War 3)

Heavy Support: Obliterator (3#, 243 pts)
3 Obliterator, 243 pts = 3 * 81 (base cost 70 + Mark of Tzeentch 8 + Veterans of the Long War 3)

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Allied Detachment

HQ: Primaris Psyker (1#, 70 pts)
1 Primaris Psyker (HQ) [Guard], 70 pts

Elite: Psyker Battle Squad (9#, 100 pts)
8 Psyker Battle Squad (Elite) [Guard], 80 pts = 8 * 10
1 Overseer [Guard], 20 pts

Troops: Infantry Platoon (45#, 330 pts)
1 Infantry Platoon (Troops) [Guard], 0 pts
4 Platoon Command Squad [Guard], 59 pts = 4 * 6 (base cost 6) + Medi-pack 30 + Vox Caster 5
1 Platoon Commander [Guard], 11 pts = (base cost 6 + Melta Bombs 5)
9 Infantry Squad [Guard], 55 pts = 9 * 5 (base cost 5) + Vox Caster 5 + Flamer x1 5
1 Sergeant [Guard], 10 pts = (base cost 5 + Melta Bombs 5)
9 Infantry Squad [Guard], 55 pts = 9 * 5 (base cost 5) + Vox Caster 5 + Flamer x1 5
1 Sergeant [Guard], 10 pts = (base cost 5 + Melta Bombs 5)
9 Infantry Squad [Guard], 55 pts = 9 * 5 (base cost 5) + Vox Caster 5 + Flamer x1 5
1 Sergeant [Guard], 10 pts = (base cost 5 + Melta Bombs 5)
9 Infantry Squad [Guard], 55 pts = 9 * 5 (base cost 5) + Vox Caster 5 + Flamer x1 5
1 Sergeant [Guard], 10 pts = (base cost 5 + Melta Bombs 5)

Fast Attack: Vendetta Gunship Squadron (1#, 130 pts)
1 Vendetta Gunship Squadron (Fast) [Guard], 0 pts
1 Vendetta [Guard], 130 pts

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I feel like I should explain this one. The Primaris Psyker (modeled as a rogue psyker) rides with the psyker battle squad (hooded cultists) in the vendetta.

They get out. PBS casts weaken resolve on a unit, PP uses Psychic Shriek to obliterate it. There's 4 points of failure for this combo. 2 psychic tests and 2 deny the witch attempts. Too cheesy?

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How do you defeat Tau squatting in 3 Void Shields?

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>7th Ed
>All models with a 3+ armour save automatically gain a 6+ Invuln save
>All models with a 2+ armour Save automatically gain a 5+ invuln save.
Yay or nay?

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My tactic against Tau is always to close the distance as fast as possible and get into close combat. Only the Guard can shoot it out with the Tau and even then, they're at a disadvantage.

So personally, I see void shields as yet another reason to get in their faces as fast as possible

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May as well considering weapons ignore them anyway.

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Is "War Elephants" a silly name for a chapter /tg/?

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The best I can find is a scan of the original codex, not the digital version


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May as well considering D weapons ignore them anyway.

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So a buddy and I are getting an apocalypse game going on the weekend, anyone have any experience using the new unnatural disasters? We've only got about 6000 points each and it just seems like theyre going to chew threw our armies

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When you're painting an army that has a Black color as their base, is there anything keeping you from just priming it black with spraypaint and painting the details?

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Black seriously dulls the colors underneath. So you have to ask yourself which is more important to you. Is it speed and less effort, or better looking models?

If you'd want better results that require more effort, this is how I do black armor:
Prime black, airbrush white at a 45 degree angle so that the recesses stay black. Then I base coat the black armor with Vallejo Black Grey. This is a shade down from black so it leaves true black in the recesses and a lighter black in the raised areas. I like the effect.

If you don't have an airbrush, you could try priming grey or white instead, then base coat Black Grey, then wash with black ink mixed with matte varnish to help it flow to and stay in the recesses.

Or you could just prime black and paint on the details on top of it

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So I have a shitty question. If I put Aura of Dark Glory on a model that has a 2+ save, I am actually retarded, right?

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2+ Armor save and Aura is 5+ Invuln. Just answered my own question

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Here's a couple of things I've used Bloodcrushers for to mixed effect.

1. Icon Delivery. 12" move will ensure that by turn two, that Soulgrinder of Khorne will be deepstriking right into the soft moist folds of my opponent. Also used to deepstrike Skarbrand where his bubble of hate and rage does the most damage.

2. Herald Escort duty. While the puppies of Khorne are arguably better in terms of defense - more bodies/wounds for less - the Bloodcrushers hit harder in close combat. Then you realize the puppies come with scout and super deny the witch and you have next to no reason to bring Bloodcrushers. Still, they hit harder!

3. Early pressure/Distraction. Or in some cases, surprise buttsecks. 135 pts = 9 wounds and 9 attacks with ap3 and a decent strength. Also HoW. It's dangerous enough to warrant shooting at it and if you ignore it, well 12" guarantees a turn 2 charge so happy days.

I won't lie. All of the above sound like I'm grasping for straws and I am. Bloodcrushers just aren't that good and to make things worse for them, the puppies are better. I actually just use the bloodcrusher models to model my heralds of Khorne these days

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How do I make lychguard work in 1500?

I love their models and really want to use them.

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>Still, they hit harder!

Only against stuff with 3+ (and maaaaybe 4+) armor. Against basically anything else the higher volume of attacks from the dogs will win out

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With Warscythes? Try not to, they're not particularly useful.

With Disruptor Shields? Attach them to a Warscythe Lord/Overlord (or better yet, Obyron or Orikan), and use them to bodyguard your HQ while they get into assault. Few other options in the codex are as good to attach to an HQ that wants to melee. However, they're still not particularly as good as putting him on a CCB, but that's how you use them.

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Shhh. They hit harder! In all seriousness, I totally agree. At the end of the day, you're getting more puppies per point than you're getting bloodcrushers which translates to more attacks. Sure the bloodcrushers can get an axe of khorne upgrade, it's not enough to make up for the extremely expensive squad

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I've gone through the list and I have a list of questions.

1. Why veterans of the long war?

2. Why so many infantry platoons?

And your combo as described in >>30148230
isn't cheesy.

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>Is "War Elephants" a silly name for a chapter /tg/?

Absolutely not, it's glorious. Make sure to get a few references to Hannibal of Carthage in the army somewhere and you're set.

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Nigga, that was my whole plan!

Pic related a "War Elephant" Marine.

>> No.30149871

I've always wondered about the veracity of that account. How does one get elephants to cross the freaking Swiss Alps to get to Rome? Something does not sit right here

>> No.30149885


Hannibal Fucking Barca that's how!

>> No.30149931

It's almost like he's a tactical genius...

>> No.30149973


Weird right?

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1. It's a homebrew legion of space marines that went renegade thousands of years ago. I put it in the list to fit personal fluff, but I'm not married to the idea and I could always change it. It helps when I face my group's space marines though, obviously.

2. They fulfill the role that cultists do in a vanilla CSM list. Depending on the game/opponent I either send them out as cannon fodder to die while my more valuable units get in position, or I have them hang back and claim objectives

>> No.30150533

Thanks for the tips. I'll give them a shot because, why not? I'll probably end up facing the reality that it's a liability to the list, but dammit I'm going to have some fun with them if it kills me.

>> No.30150651

Is a Powerfist/Thunderhammer worth it if you know you'll be facing all T5?

>> No.30150740

Anything above S7 against T5 is starting to get into overkill range. Unless you want S10 to instant kill multiple wound T5 characters. Do you have a S5 character to put a powerfist/thunderhammer on?

Captcha: vengeance nmentrN.... vengeance enemy in turn? Take a number, I have enough vengeance for everyone!

>> No.30150773

Naw, SW vs Ravenwankers.
Figured it'd be a fluffy grudgematch.

>> No.30150820

Fair enough. About the only unit that's a bit of a miss to me would be the chaos terminators but that's a personal bias against them. Honestly, the list looks okay to me.

>> No.30150847

On a HQ/beatstick, I'd say so. Wounding on 2s is always good and if you have the extra five points, why not go for gold and get the thunderhammer? Looks pretty awesome on a model, anyways. Now if you're talking about things like wolf guard and what not... no not really. The only reason you bring a fist/hammer is to go through 2+. Wounding on 2s is just gravy

>> No.30150885

Well, really S7 and above is getting into anti-armor range. That said though...

I don't have much experience with space marines, but my Inquisitor-led Imperial Guard has lots of veterans and plasma gunners that does well against all infantry.

I have a demolisher tank in there too that turns T5 into red paste. Maybe consider a vindicator?

>> No.30151245

How hard is it to convert models to true scale? Really want a Dark Apostle after reading going through the Word Bearers Omnibus but it bothers me that they are around 8 feet in fluff and barely taller than a mortal on the table top. Would this be hard for my first model?

>> No.30151289

What exactly do you mean by true scale?

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>> No.30151338


>> No.30151339

If you have terminators make sure you use Chaos terminator heads (with all the heretical markings removed) so they can be tusked just as the elephants of their name.

>> No.30151436

Ah. I honestly wouldn't know. I've only just started scratch building models from bits myself but I don't know what kind of work would be involved in adjusting the proportions on an existing model. I figure it would be easier to find an alternative model from another company and do some conversion work on it to make it more Word Bearers-y

>> No.30151448

Making marines BE 8 foot superhumans, instead of just having an inch or two on the average guardsman.

>> No.30151547

Looking at that model, it's a chaos terminator body with a chaos marine head. The terminator weapons are chopped off. A bolter is glued on and held in one hand instead of two, I'm guessing so that he didn't have to re-pose the arms. Then he greenstuffed details in. If you ask me, this is more expensive and effort intensive than it's worth

>> No.30151567

Im probably only going to do this for one model so it hopefully wont be too terrible for my wallet

>> No.30151982

Black Templars Kill Team, 200pts

Crusader squad (7)

2x Initiates w/ BP+CCW
2x Neophytes w/ Shotguns
Initiate w/ Plasma gun (Master Crafted)
Initiate w/ Power Sword (Hatred)
Sword Brother w/ Power Sword (Leader)

Attack bike with Multi-Melta (Infiltrate)

>> No.30152097

Any idea onw hat company to look at?

>> No.30152142

Just as Dark Eldar defeat anything else. I go fast.

>> No.30152263

Good question. If you had asked me this say 3 years ago the names I could provide you can be counted on my hand. Now with kickstarter and a variety of small mini companies popping up like mushrooms after the rain... your guess is as good as mine. My only advice would be to try sites like Warstore to get a good feel of the existing market and go from there

>> No.30152378

Some anon(s) were giving me advice about my 1k CSM list last night, mostly about what to do with Termicide/Terminators. Thread died, so hopefully they are here to help me out still.

Daemon Prince: Daemon of Tzeentch, Power Armour, Wings, The Black Mace - 265 pts

4 Terminators: Mark of Tzeentch, 3 Lightning Claws, 3 Combi-meltas, Champion w/ Power Fist and Combi-melta - 187 pts

18 Cultists: Champion w/ Shotgun - 84 pts
18 Cultists: Champion w/ Shotgun - 84 pts

Fast Attack
Heldrake: Baleflamer - 170 pts

Heavy Support
3 Obliterators - 210 pts

Total - 1000 pts

>> No.30152607

You should probably split the Obliterators up, both so you can maximize what weapons you have available to fire from them and also so that when one inevitably dies you don't have to risk losing the rest of them to a failed morale check

>> No.30152645

Thought Obliterators were fearless, no?

>> No.30152669

They were, but lost it in 6e.

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I just finished assembling my three squads and after I'm done priming and painting them, I need to base them, I was thinking of a snowy base but I don't have any snow flock or whatever citadel or woodland sells because I forgot to order.
I went to the "best" hobby store to get some paints (pretty good acrylics and extremely small fine detail brushes) and the best I found for basing material is a bag of very very small brown rocks, it's almost sand to be honest, would I be able to use those for basing and then painting over that with white and drybrush that for shadows? Or is there a better way to base with snow? I've read that baking soda is pretty good but idk.
General basing tips, tricks, advice, you name it.

>> No.30152817


I don't know If I want the whole chapter to take the whole "elephant" them that far. Mostly their just Carthaginian inspired marines.

But It would be cool to see a captain go that far with the theme.

>> No.30153007

Why meltas? Plasma would be a better choice against things like wave serpents and the like and a chain fist can handle av14 should you ever meet it. At 1k the powerfist is plenty fine

>> No.30153011

Got everyone sealed today

Now I just need to wait for my chinaman riptide to get here and I'll have my first 500 point force so I can go up to the GW and spill my spaghetti for misunderstanding and not knowing rules

>> No.30153141

I'm too lazy to convert them I guess.

>> No.30153186

Why not "Praetors of Carthage" or something more pompous? I always thought that adjective animal chapters are kinda lame, but then again, I play semi-smurfs.

>> No.30153297


I don't want pompus though.

I wanted a chapter that when they came to their homeworld of Karthag for the first time the local human populace said the marines were much like their war elephants in strength and it kind of stuck.

>> No.30153304

Have him ally in a Count-as Inquisitor and/or Retinue that will act like Dido and her court

>> No.30154297

Hey guys I'm running a 2 man XV8 squad with Flamer+Burst Cannon.

I know they will end up being close so what support system would make the more survivable?

>> No.30154462

If they're that close in the action, they'll be trying to tank anything nearby that may have survived the templates.
Keep 'em cheap.

Burst cannons are probably the worst weapon for crisis'. Consider TL flamers or two separate flamers.

>> No.30155211

I never liked Tau myself... until I started reading up on the Commander Farsight and Farsight Enclaves lore. I dunno, something just clicked and I seriously dig them. Now I'm considering an army. Are crisis suit heavy armies viable? Or should I keep a balance of Fire Warriors and other units?

>> No.30155948

Can someone explain how warp travel works? I just started reading the Horus heresy and im in Fulgrim and they still haven't explained how it works in any kind of detail. Also will they ever explain the more in depth stuff such as how the astartes came to be and what the gene seed is and all the other implants and such that go into making an astartes?

>> No.30156168

Don't know from experience, but my friend made some pretty good looking snow from baking soda mixed with PVA glue

>> No.30156895

Go to www.lexicanum.com, it has everything you're looking for and more

>> No.30157005

>play orks
>almost none of my models gain any benefit
>literally every other faction becomes massively harder to kill

You suck.

>> No.30158409

>implying Orks can kill anything anyway


>> No.30158717

Dunno if a single request is worth an entire 30k General, so I'll ask here...

Anybody have the info on Catulan Reavers from Massacre? Like a scan of their page or something?

>> No.30160600

You... you take that back!

>> No.30161043

Just a reminder to all those 'Tournament players' who were running off at the mouth about nids being good and hard countering the elite eldar tau meta. (As if a new dex with a mono build same as the old one is good).

Yah nids didnt even place in LVO oh look you were full of shit after all. Not that it was ever really in doubt to anyone with an understanding of the game.

Good job being the worst of the worst at 40k, at least youre alright at pretending you know what youre talking about anonymously over the Internet.

>> No.30161061

You dont think a well built ork army can kill things?

You got an infestation of bad ork players in your FLGS, better call pest control.

>> No.30161097

HQ: Chaos Lord powerarmour
Mark of Khorne, Juggernaut, Axe of Blind furry, Sigal of Corruption. Put him with five unmarked Spawn.

Hard to kill blob of anger and murder.

>> No.30161165

Yep I remeber that, people saying using your two HQ slots for devo flyrants was not fucking the rest of the army for synapse among other retarded things...

Just checked tau didnt make the top ranks either, interesting.

>> No.30161234

>As if a new dex with a mono build same as the old one is good

It hasnt even really got a mono build, to have one of those the FMC circus idea would have needed to work.

>> No.30161274


I remember some dude spouting off about his tournament cred and how all the good players were working on top secret tech to win with Tyranids.

Fucking lol'd.

>> No.30161313

(Warlord) Librarian w/ Mastery 2 - 80 points

10x Tactical Squad w/ Melta Bombs, Meltagun and Multi-melta - 145 points

10x Tactical Squad w/ Plasma gun, Missile Launcher and Melta Bombs- 145 points

7x Scout Squad w/ Shotguns, Heavy Bolter and Melta Bombs- 89 points

Predator w/ Storm Bolter, Twin Linked Lascannon and Lascannon sponsors - 140 points

5x Assault Squad w/ 2x Flamers, Powefist, Combat Shield on Veteran Sergeant and Melta Bombs - 115

Dreadnought w/ Twin-linked Lascannon and Extra Armour - 135 points

Total: 849 points

>> No.30161395

Yep those were the ones.

Or the guys that though that using 2 HQ slots for Flyrants wasnt going to fuck over the rest of the army.

I believe one of the quotes was something along the lines of "I feel like youre just throwing buzz words at a situation you dont understand."

Because apparently calling tau and eldar, tau and eldar, or pointing out that some fa/tg/uy is just spouting off net list theory that doesnt add up, apparently means you dont know what youre talking about.

Guess how we know how that turned out, back to the secret tyranid pro tourney layer they go...

lol to the max

>> No.30161539

Can someone give me the info on Chinaman again?

>> No.30162123


>> No.30162349

How many Scything Talons does the Hive Tyrant kit come with?

>> No.30162379

it comes with a pair, the flying legs have scything talons so maybe 2 pairs if you model his with wings but otherwise youre gonna have to buy another pair of scything talons

>> No.30162843

This what you're looking for?

>> No.30162904

Dem mould lines mang....

>> No.30162944

My boys tore ass so hard yesterday that by the end of my turn two the enemy had lost all but their Ironclad.

I came, I saw termies, and I threw sets of 60 dice at them untill they fell down.

>> No.30163526

Thanks for the info, probably should have asked before assembling the suits + weapons.

What would you suggest for a commander that i'm wanting to have more of a support role?

Thinking about making him my main marker light supplier in a unit of 4 drones plus his own drones and controller.

>> No.30163606

Comanded has access to specialist wargear, it goes to waste if he isn't out making shit dead.

If you absolutely have to, try to match ranges so neither the commander nor the markelights have the longer or shorter range.

>> No.30163637

I love you

>> No.30163662



>> No.30164182

My friend does this;
>Commander w/ no weapons, command and control node and iridium battle suit
>Attach to plasma/fusion crisis team
>Murder MEQs
Friendlymander best commander

>> No.30164232

Used the DespairTek/Deathmark combo.

New personal record: 19 ork boyz in one shooting phase dead.

>> No.30164272

Awesome, though makes it less inspiring when one remembers these guys canonically NEVER BATHE and so they likely smell like a combination of vinegar, fungus, and AN EXHUMED MASS GRAVE OF BEHEADED VICTIMS BUTCHERED FOR THE SKULLL THROOOOOOOOOOONE!

>> No.30164311

> I really want to like the Bloodcrushers of Khorne, but on paper, this looks like one of the worst units in the book for its points cost. I'm probably going to take them anyway because it's a great model.

I fully agree, and have build a brood of seven of the damned things nothing have ever made me rage harder over a new codex then what they did to them.
GW's fetish for 3 wounds with no armor have frankly been the bane of Khorne tanky unit and I have yet to field my Khorne army to satisfactory extend post the new book.
The combination of fewer attacks, the removal of their armor save, no eternal warrior (was to be expected) plus costing 5 more points just was the last nail in this unit's coffin.
Hell, we don't even have the Nid players synaps excuse to take warriors.
Every unit that isn't the horrid looking hounds just flat out got worse (for khorne) now and while I have the numbers to field the hordes that GW wants us to do now, it's just not the same.

The only real use I could see these models are herald count-as.

>> No.30164333

As a Nid player, I weep for the Bloodcrusher.

They were such a cool unit... Such a waste.

>> No.30164402

XV8 suits look like crap, what should i proxy with?

>> No.30164429


>> No.30164462

So, are there any Gundam figures that are both in the appriate size and not expensive?

>> No.30164916


>> No.30166016

Most of them are actually Riptide scale and cost about $20.
I don't know of any smaller ones.

>> No.30166069

>generic human

>> No.30166220

Look, in the grim darkness of the 41sh millennium, pitiful manlets are called Ratlings.

>> No.30166223

You have a couple of options.

http://www.bandai.co.jp/candy/gundam/converge/ These aren't kits per se but I believe they are about the size of a crisis suit. Maybe a little taller and slimmer though.

the 1/144 kits vary depending on which model you get. Most Gundams are about 18 meters in height IRL so it places them just a little above the Dreadknight in size. However some of the smaller ones - F91 and Victory series - are in the in 15 m heights and after the scale conversion should be plenty tall for broadsides. You could probably lower the height by adopting the bent knee pose the broadsides are doing too.

Last option are the ones you get from Gachapon capsules. Those can vary in price and a little on the small side - just a little under a crisis suit I reckon.

>> No.30166868

Cannot unsee

>> No.30166947

Alright guys, question.
Is he worth it for a Daemon army? He seems like he's got his uses, but it seems like he needs to be hidden away with some bodyguards to stay safe while he does his thing.
Of course I'm tempted to have him rolling around to assassinate characters after looking at his cc stats and because he's a FMC, but I feel like he would really need some pretty good bodyguarding with his shitty toughness and low wounds.

>> No.30167072

I'll have to say yes, he is worth it. Here's why.

Yes, he's T5 with 4 wounds but that's mitigated by shrouded - and you can claim cover saves even while swooping - and EW. Tack on the need for skyfire to not snap shot him and he's actually very survivable. In melee his high I and ap2 fleshbane attacks will see him through most things. Just don't send him charging into hammernators or tarpits and you'll be fine.

You can also use his telepathy shenanigans to lockdown or just take units out of the fight, thereby removing pressure from him. Honestly, he's an all around great character with utility up the ass. I also honestly prefer him to Kairos but that's cos he fits my style more. My only beef? He's not a greater daemon but hey, small price to pay for this swiss army knife

>> No.30167166

For a Blood Ravens army, which would be the Chapter Tactics that best fit the flavor of the Dawn of War games?

I'm leaning towards the Imperial Fists

>> No.30167242


>> No.30167254

Wow, I didn't know that Shrouded gave him those saves even while swooping, that's fuckin awesome. And yeah, I don't like that he's a not-a-greater-daemon, but I suppose I can just run him alongside a Keeper, no biggie.

>> No.30167306

Actually, i'd rather recreate them via chaos space marines codex because they're obviously closet traitors

>> No.30167388


there isn't a closet big enough

>> No.30167573

Well, it's one of those read as written vs read as intended debates. Basically since everything is based on true line of sight and belakor's model is not on a flying stand, you can argue that he would benefit from cover saves from area terrain, ruins, etc even though he is technically in the air since his model is still on the ground. You'd probably be right too, but it is something you should cover with your opponent first because the difference is 2+ in ruins and 3+ in area terrain and he doesn't get dangerous terrain tests

>> No.30167574

Check the 1d4chan page. They're more than just viable, since you can upgrade them for everything, and using them as troops might make you lose friends.

>> No.30168986

Does anyone know how i would go about kitbashing a servo arm?
Im trying to make an Iron priest and the one thing i need is a servo arm

>> No.30170483

You can use whatever you want. Because they were gifted the tactics in various unrecorded exchanges with their brother chapters.

>> No.30171191

Rolled 6

How to utilize Necron Tomb Blades? Jetbike unit type is one of the best in the game, but really they're just Immortal weapons mounted on a Jetbike, they can't really threaten anything but light to medium Troops.

>> No.30171438


Highest nid placement was 24th


Those tourney boyz and their secret strategies sure worked out. LOL

I wish one of them would show up in a 40k general instead of just lurking out of embarassment, id like to ask them what its like to be the worst fa/tg/uy at 40k.

Those fucks got served with a side of fries.

Fucking lol'd to the max.

>> No.30171588

check the archives

>> No.30172049

Give them particle beamers, 5 S6AP5 blasts are devastating against light infantry, light vehicles and even work well against MEQ through volume of fire and wounding on 2+.

They are however as glasscannon as it gets, and sadly not worth taking over most other options in the codex.

>> No.30172745

It doesn't help that they are competing with canoptek wraiths in the same slot.

>> No.30172915

>and even work well against MEQ through volume of fire and wounding on 2+.
That doesn't really sell me. It feels like garbage to shoot a blast of AP5 at MEQ since they're just going to save it. Lots of wounds or not, 2/3 chance to save is odds I'd give to the Marines.

>> No.30173288


>> No.30173397

You CAN scavenge one from a Missile launcher backpack.

>> No.30174618

Looking for some help on a Chaos Space marine plague marine army or a Nurgle army. Ive got enough funds to maybe crank out a 750 point army to start with.
As for what i am thinking maybe something like this.

HQ: Chaos Lord, MoN, Bike

troops: 2x:7x Plague marines 2x melta 2x flamer, 2x rhino

Fast Attack: Heldrake.

im not really worried about the amount on the table atm. I dont really like many other options. aside from Oblits and maybe cultists. But i am open to other options.

>> No.30175160

What do i do with these...

>> No.30175339

Send them to me and I'll give them a loving home.

>> No.30175548

Donate them to goodwill/salvation army. Make some kids day.

>> No.30175570

So, I want to into Deathwing. For fluffy reasons (and because Azrael doesn't have TDA) I'm going with Belial. His guaranteed warlord trait is "The Hunt", which means if he (or his unit) kill the enemy warlord they receive an extra victory point.

Combined with deathwing assault (auto turn 1/2 deepstrike) and the fact that he doesn't scatter when he comes in, I want to just drop him 2" away from the enemy warlord, attempt to weather the storm of dakka, and get first blood, linebreaker, slay the warlord AND the hunt. 4vp in a furious first two turns.

Obviously this won't work if the enemy warlord is in a huge blob, or in reserve, but that's not very common in my local meta.

My questions are:
>Sword of Silence and storm bolter
>pair of lightning claws

with that established...
>regular terminator retinue (scoring)
>deathwing knights (more survivable, one turn of ass kicking smite mode)
>deathwing command with whistles and bells on (banner, apothecary, champion, etc)


>> No.30175625

>"Sister Anna, what's this?"
>"They're the saviors of the mankind who fight to protect us in the name of the Emperor"
>"Even me?"
>"Even you..."

>> No.30175644

>How do I into Warhammer 40K?
I just downloaded all the fiction novels and am going to start trying to go to my local nerd store on WH40k night

>> No.30175667

Thoughts and opinions on the painting?
Ipad pic so sorry bout that

>> No.30175695

YES! Do this but hide them in a kids VHS or something so some neckbeard doesn't swipe'em first

>> No.30175808

Figure out what army appeals to you (fuck balance discussions, pick which ones are aesthetically/fluff cool), then get the Codex and a box of Troops for them. Your first model purchases should be 1 HQ and 2 Troops, since that's what necessary for the core of your army. From there, you can get more into the crunch and pick what units are good to field, or pick which ones are cool looking and buy those.

Everyone does the hobby differently. Some people just like the models and do nothing but build/paint/etc. Some people are powergamers and build the most powerful army on the table. Some people have the money and just buy everything that looks cool and end up with like 3 armies. Which are you?

>> No.30175840

Scheme and model look cool, but it's too blurry to talk about the painting in detail. Try again?

>> No.30175980

You'll need the rulebook, and/or a chill old neckbeard to help you. Pirate the big rule book for some good lore, but buy the mini-book from Dark Vengeance (the starter set) for everyday play. Alternatively, get a laptop or tablet and just use the pirated rulebook. DON'T SIT DOWN AND READ THROUGH THE RULES YET.

After that, you'll need your codex of choice. Your codex is a mini-rulebook that has everything relevant to your chosen army. As far as choosing your army, most people will say either to >pick the one you like to look at, >pick the one that fits your playstyle, or >pick the one with a model count you can live through painting. Do all three.

Once you've picked your army and bought the codex, the units are arranged into types (HQ, Troops, Elites, Fast Attack, Heavy Support). 90% of games require 1 HQ and 2 Troops in your army, with everything else being gravy up to a certain maximum (for example, 2 HQs max, 3 Elites, etc).

NOW READ THE RULES.... SORT OF. Look at your HQ options, and your Troops. Look at their rules. Some of them are specifically described in your army book, others are described in the big book. Learn those rules that are relevant to you. I'd rather play against a guy who really knows his own shit than one who kinda knows both of our shit.

See if some fatbeard in your FLGS has the models you would be buying, and ask if he'll let you try a game using them. At least around here, most regulars have 3+ armies and will share within reason.

If those units you've tried click as right, go out and buy some. Build a 500 point army and play a bunch of tiny games. Be someone's ally in a larger game if nobody wants to play little games.

I've run out of steam but there are my thoughts, incomplete as the message is.

>> No.30176298

Let's have a second go

>> No.30176319

Yeah I don't have a better camera on me. This si as good as it's going to get sorry :/

>> No.30176631

Not the guy you replied to but I'm also looking at starting an army. Are there any places I can read up on how the different armies play? Tried googling around a little bit but most hits seem to be several years old.

>> No.30176710

In this hobby, years is a relatively minor timespan. If you're looking for a general overview, they'll be mostly correct. Details will get less accurate over time, but space marines will always be the jack-of-all, IG will always be infantry and/or armor spam, etc.

>> No.30176794

Hey all, relative noob to the new (post 3rd Ed) rules, but was looking to get back into the game sometime this year.

What happened to the sisters? Did they go the way of Dark Eldar in 3rd, and am I mistaken, or does Dark Eldar actually have an army now?

Excited to see that good ol' Orks finally got a new codex as well. Flyers in codex? What madness is this? Next we'll have titans or baneblades... oh my.

Horus Heresy marines too? Wow. I can feel my bank account screaming.

>> No.30177042

Ah I see! I'm torn between Raven Guard SM and Daemons as a first army. Both just seem like they would be a lot of fun to play.

>> No.30177179

Sisters and DE are still kicking (weren't DE only introduced in 3rd?)

Orks "new" codex is almost 8 years old. New one will be out soon though.

Titans and Baneblades are usable in regular games these days. Flyers are the least of your worries

>> No.30177277

DE were introduced in 3rd, but had little support, and were ridiculous expensive (at least in my area). Similar to how it seem the SoBs are now.

Damn, they got the new codex probably two or three years after I left, but Orks still get no crunch love, and you can use Titans and Baneblades in REGULAR games?
Crap, that's horrifying.

Also, I noticed the price jumped a fair amount.
Did this mean that recasters/proxy models jumped a lot too?

>> No.30177640

Raven Guard are an interesting crossover, being a very sturdy, solid unit (space marines) combined with a lot of early game mobility.

Daemons are... Well, I'll be honest I hate them. They're awesome in the lore, great for thematics, but the army is super irritating to play against. LOL RANDOM TABLES ALL THE TIME

>> No.30177726

Are successor Chapters allowed to take the original Chapters special Characters?

If this is the case wouldn't one be able to create their own Chapter and be able to field any character they want (so long as they're from the same original Chapter) each game if they claimed to be successors of whatever Chapter they decide?

>> No.30177757

What are the best chapter tactics for an marine army that has 5 Scout squads for troops? None of the Chapters that use scouts extensively in the fluff have tactics that really benefit the scouts themselves so I am at a total loss.

>> No.30177797

Yes, because on the tabletop it doesn't matter if your Ultramarines fielding Marneus Calgar are blue, pink, or polka dot. They play the same.

>> No.30177880


Raven Guard are more fun and have more flexibility and options.

Daemons has a very focused goal and is more restrictive in your choice of units and gods to follow unless you want to play a shit list that simply doesn't work.

>> No.30177940

Yes. I don't think that they specifically allow you to in the 6th edition codex, but they don't forbid it. And the 5th edition codex did say that you could have the parent chapter's characters for your custom chapter. Every chapter has their heroes. So for example say your chapter, the Death Bunnies, are descended from the Ultramarines. You could say Captain Poofypants counts as Captain Sicarius.

>> No.30178000

So what's up with the Fire Raptor from IA2: 2nd Edition not having any of the options listed in the experimental rules? Not having ball-turret mounted autocannons makes it seem kinda shitty.

I just bought one for my CSM, and I'm worried that Forge World will nerf it whenever they release CSM rules for it.

>> No.30178052

So guys, if I buy a box of Dark Vengeance at my LGS can I use that to make a Chaos Space Marines army. I read I need 2000 pts to make an army.

I've only seen people playing while I was at FNM so please tell me what's up.

>> No.30178060


It's a typo they FAQ'd the autocannon ball turrets in.

>> No.30178089

So guys, if I buy a box of Dark Vengeance at my LGS can I use that to make a Chaos Space Marines army. I read I need 2000 points to make an army.

I've only seen people playing while I was at FNM so please tell me what's up.

>> No.30178195

Thanks, I just read the FAQ.

I'm glad the Autocannons are still in. I'm kinda relying on it and a Heldrake as my primary anti-air. It seems like slightly less of a dick move than taking 3 Heldrakes.

>> No.30178227

Games can be played at anywhere from 500 to 1850, or even higher
Stick to the 1000-1500 range
There's enough models in Dark Vengeance that with some converting (or just painting the Dark Angels as Chaos Marines or vice versa), you can get a 1500-ish army of SM, CSM or DA

Still, it's better to get a grasp on the fluff and figure out which faction interests you the most before going out and buying something

>> No.30178243

You read wrong. As long as you have 1 HQ choice and 2 Troops choices you have an army.

Point levels are decided between you and your opponent. And it's usually what the guy with the least points has. In my experience most people don't play over 2000 points though.

>> No.30178272

Hear ye, Hear ye, all fa/tg/uys on this thread. I propose an addition to 40k Rules:

>To any player that chooses to steal the initiative: If you attempt to steal the Initiative and Fail, then you may not use your Warlord Trait for the 1st turn-- your Warlord was too busy trying to steal the initiative!

This finally adds some incentive NOT to always try to steal the initiative. Thank me later.

>> No.30178276

I would say Imperial Fists. Re-rolling some hits always helps, especially since Scouts are BS3.

Unless you're using lots of snipers, in which case Iron Hands' Feel No Pain on top of their (presumable) cover save should make them a bit more survivable.

>> No.30178292

Haha yeah, I can imagine the Warpstorm table getting real old after a while.
I think both my armies would be suboptimal at best. For Daemons I'd want to go for a fast melee force with Daemonettes, Seekers and units like that, and if I go with Raven Guard I'd want to run an Assault Marine army. Perhaps I'll just keep RG for a small kill team list.

>> No.30178361


>> No.30178458


tau player

>> No.30178482

This guy >>30176794 here.

Just wondering how many of you use recasts, proxies and the like.

Used to play Orks, but I just skimmed through their codex, and have to say I'm not liking it very much.

Took a quick peek around, saw that you can buy 9 Sisters of Battle for ten bucks online, and 5 marines for a little more, so if most people are okay with recasts (will likely be playing at non-GW store, one guy definitely recasts/re-purposes already).

So, I'm looking at possibly starting SoB or marines, unless anyone here can tell me why it might be a horrible idea.

Any advice you might have would certainly be appreciated.

>> No.30178681

Well... as a guy that owns several armies, including Sisters, and a casual player that plays for fun over winning I'd advise against them unless you are a die hard fan. They're truly awful, rules wise. Worse than Tyranids.

I sometimes use them against new and bad players as a handicap. Use them at your own risk

>> No.30178871

>Soon enough
>Soon enough
I cannot wait this long.

>> No.30178990

Dark Eldar have a codex that was updated in the last edition (5th). They have retained their glass cannon status. Jokingly called '40k on hard mode'.

If rumours hold true, Orks should get an updated codex for 6th within the year.

Daemons are tricky to play (random tables and a different playstyle than most other armies), but can put some serious hurt down if used correctly. Of your two choices, the more beginner friendly (gamewise) is Raven Guard, but if you like the Daemon aesthetic, go for it. Just keep in mind several Daemon units are older models and sometimes hard to find/expensive. Meanwhile Raven Guard would have most models readily accessible (at least in comparison).

>> No.30179075

Why arent SM and CSM true scale right off the bat?

>> No.30179105

Damn, they're really that bad?
I would have thought with all the flames, meltas, exorcists, on top of the invul, and the same gear as marines could have at least made them a bit competitive.
I'm definitely a huge Sisters fan, read one of the books, loved the fluff in the old books, and really like the whole space nuns with flaming guns things.
Any ways to make them a bit of a match for a better opponent?

Well, if I hold out until June, as >>30178871 is saying, then maybe I'll like my greenskins a bit better.

Dark Eldar do seem really damn cool, but they also seem like they either annihilate their enemies or get completely tabled.

I should have mentioned that marines would be a last-pick for me, more of a case of affordability and an interest in some of the chapters.

>> No.30179189

Got a 3500 point apoc game coming up. Heres what I tossed together for Grey Knights

Coteaz -100 pts
Draigo - 275

Elites -
Paladins x9 (one being apothecary) - 660 pts
Psycannon x2, Sword x 3, Halberd x3, Hammer x2, Brotherhood banner, psy ammo

Grey knight strike x10 - 240 pts
8x swords 2 x psycannon psybolt ammo

Grey knight Strike x10 - 240 pts
8x swords 2 x psycannon psybolt ammo

Heavy Support

Nemesis Dreadknight - 260 pts
Greatsword, incierator, teleporter

Nemesis Dreadknight - 260 pts
Greatsword, incierator, teleporter

Dreadnaught - 135 pts
TL autocannon x2, psybolt ammo

Fast attack

Stormraven 255 pts
Multi melta, assault cannon, hurricane bolter, psybolt ammo

Stormraven 255 pts
Multi melta, assault cannon, hurricane bolter, psybolt ammo

Fortification -

Aegis Defense Line 100 pts

Warhound scout titan 720 pts
Doublebarled turbolaser, vulcan-mega bolter

>> No.30179211


You must have no FW models. SoB aren't that bad after the update and buffs.

>> No.30179449

The problem with sisters that all the flamers and meltas are the only things they have. Other then the exorcists, EVERYTHING needs to be within 12" to do anything which means they have to play rhino/immolator spam to have a chance to do anything but those lists are incredibly easy to deal for every army in the game. Without the transports the SoB have to walk across the table and will be killed before they get to do anything.

>> No.30179545

Bumping this for answers, I don't want to throw down all of the money without any advice.

Also, another question: How's this loadout for terminator squads?
>Sergeant w/TH+SS
>Terminator w/Chainfist
>Terminator w/2xLC+CML
>Terminator w/TH+SS
>Terminator w/TH+SS

I'm trying to keep too many points off of any single model (as much as one can with terminators), while keeping the TH+SS in the majority for delicious invulnerable saves.

Pic chosen at random.

>> No.30179577


That's why all the good SoB lists are just Exorcist castles on a skyshield or 24" armies with Immolator spam.

>> No.30179598

Can you clue me in? I must have missed whatever update and buffs there were.

Don't get me wrong. They're rad as hell fluff wise and model wise. It's just always an uphill battle on tabletop. I don't mind losing. I don't mind losing half the time. But like 9 out of 10 is getting ridiculous.

I might be missing something though as the previous anon is hinting at.

Off the top of my head though, you could try using fortifications to beef them up. I haven't tried that yet myself though

>> No.30179605


Sergeant should have fast weapon for challenges and point saving.

You only need 1, at most 2 SS in a squad because they will give 3++ to everyone if standing in the front until they die.

Dual LC and CML on one model is too many eggs in one basket.

Chainfists suck and is pointless in a squad that can already rip open any vehicle even without the chainfist.

>> No.30179631

so should I download codexes or is there a better way to find the fluff?

>> No.30179636

the problem is immolator spam doesn't work. Exorcists were not the problem with sisters

>> No.30179653

Best to pay for them so that way you continue to support the fine company.

>> No.30179677

>Can you clue me in? I must have missed whatever update and buffs there were.

The Repressor is back up to 6 fire ports plus the 2 top hatch.

The Avenger is a SoB flyer with good firepower and durability and price.

Battle Brother IG with all the perks that brings along.

More reliable Celestine resurrection. VERY good for last turn plays.

More reliable Faith. Reliability always > slightly stronger but unreliable/random.

Jacobus buff.

It doesn't make SoB without allies or fortifications super amazing, but SoB have some better options than Tyranids at least who received a straight nerf while SoB got buffed.

>> No.30179705


Immolator spam "doesn't work" just like Rhino and tactical marines "don't work".

So if you think SoB are bad but non-biker marines are playable.

If you are one of the people who say space marines are bad, then nevermind since you're right.

>> No.30179729

call me

>> No.30179731

Sup /tg/ents.

Me and my friend have slowly been expanding our lists since we split a DV box. I went with the DA and heres my current list.


Captain - 145
-Artificer Armor
-Lion's Roar
-Power Sword

Librarian - 75

Command Squad - 240
-5 man squad
-Company Veteran
-Sacred Banner of Devastation
-2x plasma pistol + Chainsword
-2x Combi-Plasma
-1 melta-gun and power fist


Tactical Squad - 180
-10 man squad
-1x plasma gun
-1x plasma cannon

Tactical Squad - 70
-5 man squad

Fast Attack

Darkshroud - 100
-Assault Cannon

Ravenwing Attack Squad - 95
-Plasma Gun


Terminator Squad - 490
-10 man squad
-2 assault cannons
-2 chain fists

Mortis Dreadnought - 105
-Dual Missile Launchers

Total : 1500

I also have a small Blood Angel army thats currently at 900 points. I'm considering cutting some fat from both lists so I can use the Blood Angel as an ally detactment for 2000 pt games.

>> No.30179751

I was thinking TH/SS on the sarge so he can survive in challenges, but I can see your reasoning.

Duly noted on the SS issue, should I go with fists or claws instead?

Dual LC is free, and (IMO) better than SB (can only fire one weapon per turn anyways) and PF (they just seem lackluster to me). How is that too many eggs? It's a free upgrade and a ranged weapon.

Chainfists are 8+2d6 (avg 15) vs hammers/powerfists 8+1d6 (avg 11.5), it seems like a big difference in peeling open anything bigger than a rhino.

Understand, I'm not arguing. I'm just asking for clarity of reasoning.

>> No.30179758

Google Lexicanum

>> No.30179797

There's plenty of wikis out there that have all the lore shorthand.

>> No.30179827

>How is that too many eggs?

Because if your high value CML guy gets sniped out you lost your blender LC guy.

>> No.30179841

Cool we are in an accord then

>> No.30179843

Okedoke sports here my army I am making.

Lord - Terminator Honors, Mark of Nurgle, Chainfist, Combimelta, Gift of mutation @ 165 points

7 plague marines - 1 Melta, 1 Plasma @ 193 points

7 plague marines - 1 Melta, 1 Plasma @ 193 points

7 plague marines - 1 Melta, 1 Plasma @ 193 points

Daemon Prince - Power Armour, Mark of Nurgle, Wings, The Black Mace @ 265 pts

Total is 999 points (Yeah I know its ironic trust me) This is a list that im using just to play with bros and dont expect to win anything with it. How is it?

>> No.30179870

>Chainfists are 8+2d6 (avg 15) vs hammers/powerfists 8+1d6 (avg 11.5), it seems like a big difference in peeling open anything bigger than a rhino.

If your goal is to one shot Land Raiders then you should be taking much more Chainfists. With that many hammers and fists, you will glance most AV14 to death anyway, and AV13 and under is already overkill anyway. And what vehicle even has AV13 rear? It will always be AV10 or 14, sometimes 12. You don't need chainfists for 10-12 and you shouldn't be charging Land Raiders with terminators to begin with, although if you wanted to, you'd still be able to crack it with some supporting fire and the hammers.

>> No.30179927

Wow, I just got to the allies rules.
I can't believe GW actually put into the rules something that players have been doing since the dawn of warhams.

Allies make my SoB choice one hell of a lot easier, exorcists+hellhounds for light-tank horror anyone? Or try some pie-plates, deepstrike termies, or even just some motors/lascannon from guard.

Those are just a few ideas off the top of my inexperienced head, not sure how viable they really are.

>> No.30179932

Are the new nids really THAT bad? I'm new to 40k but I have really been considering starting a nid army. I just like the look of having a swarm on the table. That new Tyranid swarm box seems like its worth it (I think the Carnifex is basically free).

I was thinking that a brood of Carnifex's and 2 Exocrine's could put the hurt on someone from across the table while a huge army of gaunts move up the table. Maybe put the gargoyles with a flyrant so they can fly around and bum rush crap?

What does everyone think?

>> No.30180034


They're not the absolute worst in the game but they went from one of the better books to one of the worst. They received two straight nerfs in a row. They were super OP in 4E so were rightfully nerfed in 5E. They couldn't do anything until 6E rules made their 5E book playable, and then 6E took away all the stuff that worked in the 5E book and now your army eats itself unless you sit on one spot or make an army composed entirely of shitty units.

All the people who said the new Tyranids are good are straight up trolls, blatant liars spouting bullshit like "they barely received any nerfs" "everything went down in price". The handful who seemed to not be retarded turned out to be wrong with the latest tournament results and their super secret awesome strategy didn't do shit.

If I was going to start 5E Tyranids the new codex wouldn't stop me from starting them, but being in denial about the obvious power drop is pointless. At least you can still play a MC list even if it's slightly different/less effective, and now horde lists are slightly more viable. The overall product is still a net loss in playability regardless.

>> No.30180105

man, that's expensive

>> No.30180182

Considering how often the DoW 2 tried to make the codex not sound completely dumb, I think ultramarines would be a good chapter tactic to use for fluff

>> No.30180333


That's fucking stupid. It's a 1 in 6 chance.

>> No.30180363

Only bad ork players think orks are worse than nids, they are a mid tier army if you know how to play them.

>> No.30180417

the point of stealing the initiative is the give the person who won the roll to go first an incentive to not just deploy all the way up to abuse the fact they get to shoot first

Your suppose to want to seize initiative

>> No.30180438

Question, If my ministorum priest does his war hymn to do a smash attack while with an eviscerator does he get 10 STR? x2 str from eviscerator and double str for smash attack.

>> No.30180502

>mid tier if min/max monobuild
>low tier if not

If that's not what you call a bad codex then I don't know what is, considering even the worst codexes have high tier monobuilds.

>> No.30180587

Hell yes

>> No.30180712

Nid idea

Giving synapse units EW right out is dumb, but what if synapse models got EW as long as they were in the bubble of synapse of another unit with synapse

>> No.30180750

>Monstrous Creatures with EW and Regen
that's why

>> No.30180773

back to the drawing board

>> No.30181060


Warhammer wiki is better than lex

>> No.30181639

Or maybe a synapse unit may opt to give one friendly unit within synapse range EW.

>> No.30181676

Weekly house rule plug.

>> No.30181758

So I had an idea for a Space Marine Chapter based off A Game of Thrones. They would be called the The Five Kings and all normal marines would be painted the same colour (haven't decided what yet) but each squad would have pauldrons painted a different colour based on the colours of a House of Westeros. HQ choices will be gold (or a least prominently feature the colour) because they're "royalty" and to bring to mind House Targeryan and either their retinues or Elite units will feature white on their pauldrons and capes to represent Kingsguard.

Taking the idea further, allies will also follow the same theme. For example Tau will be themed after the Children of the Forest, Templars as the Nights Watch, Space Wolves as Wildlings and Imperial Guard after Gold Cloaks/other low-born. Not saying ill be taking any of these as allies, they're just ideas.

So what do you guys think?

Also this is based of the show not the books, please don't spoil anything for those who haven't read the books yet.

>> No.30181797


Needs WHFB dragon flyers.

>> No.30181830

But I'm not an Ork player. Read my post again.

My armies
>Dark Eldar

>> No.30181860

>IG faggot treadhead tryhard
>fetish nun neckbeard
>super edgy CSM DE

You are literally the worst thing about this game. The only way you could be any worse is by playing the top 3 armies as well.

>> No.30181963

No need for name calling just because you mis-read a post.

If you have an argument to make about what I said about Sisters, go ahead and make it. But shoot for a little higher on the pyramid this time. I'll respond to counterargument or above.

>> No.30181983

Don't be a twat, people are allowed to have differing opinions.

>> No.30182025


But your original argument was not even counterargument or above.

You have no experience or evidence that orks are bad.

>> No.30182061

>Don't be a twat

What a twatty thing to say.


The irony thickens.

>> No.30182138

Alright. I've been patient but clearly you have no interest in having a discussion. At no point did I say anything about Orks in my post:

>Well... as a guy that owns several armies, including Sisters, and a casual player that plays for fun over winning I'd advise against them unless you are a die hard fan. They're truly awful, rules wise. Worse than Tyranids.

>I sometimes use them against new and bad players as a handicap. Use them at your own risk

Have a good night/day, sir.

>> No.30182232


So you're a casual player which means you're not even trying to do well. You admit this readily yourself.

You don't even play Tyranids but you think you can somehow compare them with your own experiences when they're still this new and even the world's best players haven't had enough time to crack the codex.

And now you're trying to veil your ad hominem by spewing people are just insulting you or not trying to have a discussion.

Just because you have what technically passes for an argument doesn't mean it's a good one that's even worth refuting.

I could say something equally asinine, like new Tyranids are good, I've played with them and won some games.

>> No.30182245

Relax, brother. It is simply a very small troll. I would actually like to know what gives you such a low opinion of them. They still seem viable, if a bit low on the totem pole, compared to the new nids.

>> No.30182415

Oh I'm not bothered by him. I know he's a troll. I thought it might be a good exercise to try to talk someone like that into a reasonable discussion. It doesn't work all the time though.

I haven't had to face Nids since their update. So I'm mostly going off what the general opinion of them seems to be. That said, I do know my Sisters army and I do know the Nids before their update. So in my opinion, the Sisters are worse than the old Tyranids. And if the general opinion is that nothing has changed for them or they have gotten worse, I was just warning that newer Anon that Sisters are a bottom tier army, and in my opinion, worse than Nids.

(However, that other Anon that pointed out the updated Repressors has a point. I haven't tried those out yet and I haven't gotten any fortifications terrain, so that's another thing to try)

>> No.30182435

>I haven't had to face Nids since their update.

Then how the fuck can you even use them as a comparison? My god, and you talk about refuting arguments?

>> No.30182457


Stop posting, you didn't even know about allies. You have zero position to make any sort of judgment call about anything regarding 6E.

Especially when your logic is 5E SoB < 5E Tyranids (which is true), and then somehow you make the leap into 6E SoB < 6E Tyranids even though you KNEW that 5E Tyranids > 6E Tyranids.

>> No.30182596

A fair opinion, the older nids were fairly balanced and from the sisters I have fought against, they seem like they are missing key components. The newer nids are a massive disappointment though. I was of the "it cant be that bad" group until I dusted off my old nids and used the new codex... the results of those fights were very different than the ones Ive had in the past. The loss of a few special characters and spores just hurt too much. I would be required to buy venomthropes or bring back the units they cut from the codex to be effective. GW seems to be in the habit of spotting units people use as a crutch for sub-par armies and removing the crutch, giving you something almost worthless but required in return.

Oh well, that's why I started this little project.

>> No.30182988

That's something I've noticed. It seems like they're at trying to beef up underpowered units whether to try to balance the game, or boost the sales of models no one takes, or probably both.

But then you get updates like the Tyranids and the Sisters and you gotta scratch your head and wonder what they were thinking.


Looks good so far. I'll have a look through my group's previous campaign docs to see if there's anything I can add

>> No.30183674

SoB anons, care to give a new guy a hand?
What sort of builds to avoid like the plague; whether or not I should cram a priest into EVERY UNIT EVER; if Celestine necessitates Seraphim; whether Immolator/Repressor spam with basic sisters is to be desired; merits of your favourite units; and whether or not you should take allies would all be amazing things to answer, as well as any other play-related input.

Oh and pics.
Pics would make my day.

>> No.30184763


This is generally good advice.

If you want lots of SoB pics, google for it, download like 5, start a SoB art thread, post them, and watch everyone shit themselves in their rush to post more

>> No.30184855

/tg/, this is a question I've had on my mind for sometime, but searching around I've yet to find the answer.

I've seen all the arguments/discussions about the armour of Imperial vehicles and such (generally compared to the M1 Abrams), but what I'd like to know is this:

Has anyone got any esimates or just plain guesses as to the effective armour of the bulkier Tyranid things, drawing from the lore? The key units I'm interested in would be Warriors, Carnifexes, Tyrants and Tyrant Guard.

Obviously the actual game rules don't represent such things well, which is why I'm curious as to what a more 'real' example might be.

>> No.30184995

Well thanks.
Can't believe I didn't consider 1d4chan for tactics.

Maybe I'll start an SoB thread in the morning, I need to sleep now.

If any players would still like to throw their two cents in, it'd be greatly appreciated

>> No.30185410

Thinking about getting into warhammer 40k anyone got a 6th edition tierlist?

>> No.30185505


Space Marines

Rest don't matter.

>> No.30185546

No ChSM: Hellturkey league?

>> No.30185618

I heard the GK were pretty cheesy

>> No.30185663

Is it true that they are changing the name of the imperial guard?

>> No.30185875

Probably. Supposedly a way to make their armies clearly their IPs (such as why they changed SoB's name)

>> No.30185917

Why would you bother stealing, going second has its merits too, like getting the last turn to take objectives and shit.

>> No.30185957


Same dumbass is making the same argument in the other 40k thread.

He was already informed how retarded he is. I'm guessing he got Seized on and raped off the board sometime in the recent past.

>> No.30185989

sup gen/tg/lemen

I recently bought a cool ork starting set and starting paint set.

I want to make a badass bad moon army, but I have no idea what I need for a small army to begin battling and gain experience.

Any tips what I should buy?

Also, which yellow paint is the best for the bad moon clan? I currently use sunset averland, but it looks more orange than yellow..

pic related is my first ork painted, any tips?

>> No.30186084

>pic related is my first ork painted, any tips?

I'm the worst painter ever, but buy some washes. Washes are painting cheat codes.

It'll go from looking flat and like you spraypainted colors onto it, to having all kinds of depths and shading, just because you slapped some shit on it haphazardly.

It's awesome.

>> No.30186104

Best for a chapter from a mountainous region

>> No.30186118

You found yourself a winner.

We need to start another Name thread. I've been stuck on naming my chapter for like a month now.

>> No.30186391

Its looking that way. Astra Militarium or something like that. Probably like what the other anon said, for IP reasons.

>> No.30186409

Being the worst painter even in this field is a bold claim. Prove it

>> No.30186503

As of now, their name is Nova Beacons, but I don't think I'm going to keep it. Other names being considered are Nova Vikings, Nova Titans, Nova Crusaders, Nova Anchors, and Nova Knights. As you probably noticed, I want to keep Nova as the first half.

As far as fluff goes, they are a small chapter designated specifically to defend a very important relic known as the "Lighthouse". It picked up this name from the locals, due to the fact that most of the surface of the planet is covered in water and the relic is a large tower on a small rocky island. The chapter originally was scoffed at for being deployed to do "IG" work. After a month the relics true nature was revealed. It is a powerful warp gate that could transport a large fleet near Terra. As of now only a few hive fleets know of the relic, so they find themselves fighting off tyranids fairly often.

They're seeded from the Novamarines, and use the codex astartes, with a slightly larger devastator reserve.

The Initiates wear the color scheme in pic related. Sergeants wear a white helm, and Captains wear two orange pauldrons. Occasionally they can also be seen wearing a white helm, similar to the Sergeants.

I'm open to all name suggestions, bonus points for nautical themes. Again, Nova (blank) is what I'm going for.

Thanks guys.

>> No.30186566


What kind of washes will I look into?

Im but a poor student so I have a limited budget, so no 20 different washes please

>> No.30186583

This is the chapter badge I think I'm going to use, however I am still undecided here as well.

>> No.30186632

Well first, get Flash Git Yellow to make them look nice.Then get a green looking wash, should still be called Thrakka Green. Warboss green for the skin and if you wanna base that skin use Orkhide Shade, or whatever they call it nowadays.

>> No.30186680


I have Waagh flesh green now, do I paint over that layer with warboss green and then apply the thrakka green wash?

Do I use a wash over my yellow bits?

>> No.30186794


>> No.30189375

I'd also say that no matter what your army is, black and sepia wash is required. If you can't spring for both, get black as a higher priority

>> No.30189475

Are striking scorpions any good in the tabletop?
Also, is the biting blade useful, or should I have assembled my scorpion exarch with the claw?
If so, how do you take metal models apart, when they have been glued together?

>> No.30189719

>2x missile
>target lock
>Drone Controller
>use fast slot to give him a unit of 4-5 marker drones

Congrats, you now have BS 5 markerlights and the commander can still fuck shit up. I either do this or

>2x missile
>target lock
>puretide chip
>throw in with 2-3 man crisis team

I'm not a fan of weaponless Commander

>> No.30190157


which army is the most effective at BRRRRRT?

>> No.30190423

We can offer DAKKA

>> No.30190444

Orkz, imperial guard, tau

>> No.30190466

Can I get some opinions, sports?

>> No.30190537

At a thousand points in a casual setting you're going to fuck shit up. You probably would in a competitive setting too.

>> No.30190568

How? I thought foot slogging armies with DP's were kind of shitty

>> No.30190712

At a 1000 pts, anyone is gonna have a hard time bringing to bear enough fire power to try to deal with 21 plague marines and a DP. There's no drake though, so I wouldnt call it broken or anything.

>> No.30190741

>There's no drake though, so I wouldnt call it broken or anything.

Friends and I all decided on no fliers at all. My friend is making a Khorne Berzerker army, how fucked is he against me?

>> No.30190780

Also, I wanted to ask: Should I have wings + black mace or psyker mastery levels isntead?

>> No.30190790

First part is a go. You kinda use the base as a way to set the color of the green, you option to not paint the muscles. like in Black Reach. Then yeah add wash on the skin and you're good. But don't wash the yellow, that would look horrible. You'll want a wash on your metal looking bits, I think Nuln wash should make it dirty and orky.

>> No.30190792



>> No.30190849

I dunno, if he gets the charge first you're dealing with str 5 against your tgh 5. That feel no pain is going to save your ass because you're both fearless but he has higher weapon skill. Your biggest asset is going to be your DP in this battle because of his high initiative and ap 2 attacks. Though make sure he doesn't get tar pitted with a shit ton of khorne bezerkers because the DP is frail and will crumble under all of their mighty blows, or he's just sitting there for three turns trying to pick off resistant marines. You're dealing with khorne, the problem isnt him getting fire power, it's making sure you keep him far away enough. But, with bolters only doing the most damage when twinlinked and you having to be within 12 inches, you may be fucked without big heavy support.

>> No.30190865

Well that's arguably the worst CSM build vs. the best.

Flying, black mace DP is absolutely better, but I've had a shit ton of fun playing with a footslogging Nurgle psyker with dudes around. Up to you I guess.

Also IDK what's up with that lone termi lord.

>> No.30190879

I meant rapid fire ,not twinlinked, I keep getting their names mixed up.

>> No.30190914

>Also IDK what's up with that lone termi lord

Well, what would I use in his palce?

>> No.30190916


The 6th E nids beat out the 5th E in the recent tournament. 5th E nids was a horrible codex.

>> No.30190944

>> No.30191003

See, at least someone is "It's not as good as all the other cheesy armies like tau and eldar, but at least it doesn't suck like the last codex!"

>> No.30191006


Scorps are pretty decent. Generally rated as one of the better CC options in a non CC edition. Great counter-charge unit.

Sadly, Biting Blade is useless though. It only gives +2 S now and no longer gets +1 S for each additional wound. Claw is better in every conceivable way.

>> No.30191035


I had my exarch assembled with the blade ages ago.
Do they even sell metallic scorpions anymore?

>> No.30191064

No idea, maybe just drop the armor. Just seems weird to have a single termi dude on there.

>> No.30191100

Whats wrong the armor? Im bad so I cant really figure it out. The FW conversion set looks so cool for Nurgle though

>> No.30191102 [SPOILER] 


Metals? I don't think so. You could try e-bay I guess. Scorps have been finecast since I can remember.

>Yfw you find out that rumour of plastic aspects turns out to be true just after you bought new finecast scorps

>> No.30191163


I wonder if there is any way to remove the biting blade arms from the metal model, that won't ruin the whole thing. It's not fully painted even, so I wouldn't be loosing any effort or anything.

I am kind of shying away from buying any aspect warriors because of the rumored plastic ones that might be around the corner.

>> No.30191186

Not saying it's bad, but usually people only take termi lords with termi bodyguards/land raider. On the other hand it'll help you in challenges, so not a big deal.

>FW Nurgle
Hell yeah I know. That kit, and the FW Nurgle sorc are my next buy. I had a shit ton of fun with the khornate ones.

>> No.30191303

With a dremmel, anything is possible.

>> No.30191974

I mean more like this. Which army has the best spinning barrels of death?

>> No.30192018

Tau. They do have rotating barrel guns and they do have the best guns that don't rotate.

>> No.30192081


The punisher Cannon. 20 shots from the cannon alone. with sponson and a pintle stubber its like 32 shots. a squadron of theses will rain bullets.

>> No.30192135


Bumping my question since no one seemed to answer.

pls respond.

>> No.30192178


Imperial Army from HH might be getting Rotor Cannons, so you can definitely model them like the Heavy. If you want to go full Superheavy, IG can have a Banblade with a pair of Vulcan Mega-Bolters, or get a Warhound Titan with a pair of Vulcan Mega-Bolters on each arm.

True, Burst Cannons. Put 'em on suits, tanks, aircraft, heavy drones, flyers... Even the Riptide has a bigass one standard. More variety in where you can put them, and much more ubiquitous, but you'll also want to mix heavy weapons in there.

>> No.30192211


Punisher + Pask = Murderboner Engaged.

>> No.30192255

Yep. I tend to run 3 punishers with HB sponsons + pask when i face my friends green tide list.

The orks can't handle the amount of Dakka coming their way

>> No.30193241

I don't think you can double a double. I could be wrong though. I'll have to wait till I can get to a rulebook and read any FAQs

>> No.30193267

>Cheesy in 6th
I mean, sure, if you run a ton of Warbands maybe.

>> No.30193313

Protip: PRIME WHITE. I cannot stress this enough. For your yellows, do
>Averland Sunset, thin layers
>Build up to Flash Gitz Yellow
Also, if you want some worn down look on it, wash Averland with Agrax Earthshade, especially if it has a lot of cracks or rivets. Or, paint black splotches on it, then cover the black splotches with Leadbleacher. Also, for Ork Skin, wash the white with a dark green wash, then moot green any white areas.

>> No.30193574 [DELETED] 

Yes, but you only get one attack. Make it count.

>> No.30193714

No. Smash attacks are made instead of close combat attacks, and therefore don't benefit from strength modifiers of the user's weapons.

All you gain by making a Smash attack with an Eviscerator is that you get to reroll armor penetration rolls, but lose the Armorbane rule because you're not using the Eviscerator. Also, since the Eviscerator is AP 2 anyway, you don't gain any benefit from the other part of the Smash rule which makes all your attacks AP 2 even when not doing a Smash attack.

So really, you gain nothing by taking Smash on a Priest that already has an Eviscerator. What taking an Eviscerator essentially does is give the Priest the option to take one of the other choices from War Hymns while still pretty much having the Smash rule anyway (except better, because you don't have to half your number of attacks).

>> No.30193718

Someone mentioned the Avenger Strike Fighter earlier in the thread, but I guess I'll bring it up again. It's basically an A-10/Stuka grimdark crossbreed with a S6 AP3 Heavy *7* main cannon, two lascannons, a fairly useless rear defensive gun, and lots of options for wing mounts all firing at BS3 (+ 1 vs ground with strafing run, so BS4 in most cases).

Sisters and Guard can bring it as HS, and Death Korps of Krieg can apparently bring a better version with an extra hull point in squadrons of up to three per HS slot.

It's not as much dice spamming dakka as a punisher, but it's got some BRRRRTTT where it counts.

>> No.30194211


There was no need for tools.
I managed to just gently rip the biting blade arms off from the Exarch, with only minor paint damage done to the undercoat.
When I get some glue, I can reassemble the thing with the claw and sword.

>> No.30194226


So you get the special rules of the weapon but not the strength? That seems strange.

>> No.30194251

and it only costs like 130$!

>> No.30194339


Why not mention the vulture? Twin linked punisher cannons.

So with as many vultures and punishers you can take you'll need a pitcher to roll all those dice.

>> No.30194388

>I'm a player that plays for fun and narrative over winning
good on you mate

>> No.30194510

More than that actually, $140 before shipping/tax/etc. Just another reason Sisters get stupid expensive for an army that is middle of the road at best. At least it's a pretty cool model and a decent unit so you won't hate yourself too much if you can paint it well (pic related).

I really want to get one, but the cost and time investment involved in making it look worthwhile certainly give me pause.

>> No.30194529

so yoymart?
yay or nay?

>> No.30194547

As a counterpoint.

You get to shout BRRRRRRT as a wing of them comes in and wipes something off the board with the emperor's wrath.

>> No.30194564

No, you don't get the special rules for the weapon if you're making a Smash attack.

A Smash attack is done instead of making a weapon attack. You're not using the weapon, so you don't get the special rules of the weapon.

>> No.30194757

You can play at any points level you and your opponent want. Standard point levels are something like 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1850, and then 2000, which is at the point which an army starts getting unreasonably big. If you're starting, I'd personally recommend 500 or 750 points at first.

>> No.30194760


So my priest just punches the fuck out of heresy with force of will alone? I'm not complaining.

>> No.30194781

Anyone know what army won the Las Vegas Open??? can't find info anywhere. thanks

>> No.30194927

Alex Fennel

>> No.30194984

>punches the fuck out of heresy with force of will alone

>> No.30195126

Or you get a Maxe of Valaan (or normal Power Mace I suppose) for holy S5 AP2 Concussive, Master-crafted AT I goodness, without needing to half your attacks (not that you get more than 1 anyways)

>> No.30195193

the Alex Fennel army won! Wow, I've never even heard of the Alex Fennel race before. What kind of models can you field if you play as the Alex Fennel???

>> No.30195292

And that is the main reason I want one.

They're not too bad at killing other fliers despite being intended as a ground attack flier, either. It's not a bad unit at all, especially if it turns out that the upgrade from 2 hull points to 3 in the DKoK list in IA 12 can apply to models used in other lists (probably not, but we can dream). It's just so damn expensive.

>> No.30195389


Eldar jetbiker won, no Tau in top 8

>> No.30195982

Can someone give me a bit of advice?
I am new to the game side of 40k, though I have collected models for a while now,
I have nids, and both types of eldar, but I am not sure which one I should make into an actually playable army.

I got 1 hive tyrant, that is unassembled, along with a carnifex, that is also unassembled. I have 6 tyranid warriors, 4 of them with devourers, and scything talons, 1 with venom cannon and s-talons, and another with barbed strangler and s-talons. I got 3 raveners with scything talons, rending claws and thorax devourers (I think.) In addition, I got one full brood of gargoyles, a genestealer brood, and small number of termagaunts and hormagaunts.

With the Eldar, I got 2 wraithlords, one of them unassembled, a box of the new wraith guard, 3 old metallic wraith guards, a falcon, 2 dire avenger squads, (one unassembled), 5 warp spiders, 5 striking scorpions, 5 fire dragons, a farseer and 3 warlocks, one eldar jetbike, and a squad of guardians.

Finally, I got one squad of Dark Eldar kabalite warriors, 6 reavers, a ravager and a raider, along with an Archon.

Basically, I would appreciate any advice someone who actually knows how to play the game, on what sort of army I can even make out of the stuff I already got. I don't mind if the army isn't very competitive, as long as it is at least playable. I just want to actually get some use for all my plastic and metallic little men, that have been sitting in the attic for the past 2 years.

>> No.30196415

>you'll need a pitcher to roll all those dice
Now we're talking.

Thanks all for the advice on BRRRRRT

>> No.30196528


Let's not forget 300 man conscript squad first rank fire second rank fire.

>> No.30196858

Eldar with Dark Eldar allies is fairly reasonable. You could easily take the models you have from both of those armies, stick them together, and play around with the calculator to make it into a list.

>> No.30196946


That is what I have actually been thinking of doing. Are Eldar with Dark Eldar allies considered cheesy or anything? I don't want people refusing to play with me.

Also, I have heard that the Dark Eldar are hard to play. I have never played 40k, so I am not sure if I should make my first actual army partially dark eldars.

>> No.30197018

This thread hit the reply limit and is nearing the bottom. You might want to repeat your question in the new thread


>> No.30197041

Ok, I will.

>> No.30197046

Ignore this idiot (me)

This is the real new thread

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