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You are otto schulte, a twelve year old girl on her way to destiny - you are a student of the scholia progenium on besvir, and a prospect to become one of the selected officials to one day lead the great imperial armies in battle, if you survive. Little is know of your past - you only know what your uncle(whom you've got no blood relation to) told you: They where charged with your care before you where old enough to crawl. For as long as you can remember you've lived amongst the stars onboard shiftships traveling the interstellar void of the immaterium.

You've arrived at the scholia progenium of which you where assigned, unfortunately so have Nikkobar the big oaf - a bully of whom you meet just before coming to the scholia, and his gang of misfits! Not all is bad, you've also meet the more friendly planetborn Angelina whom the planet mold seems to have left alright. There is also the "twins" to worry about, and how to survive the practicals, and as ever the ongoing mission to rid the world of your accursed first name "otto" - a administratum fuck up that left you with a boys name.

Your story is only just beginning.

Last week we ran through the forest, slept in the woods and shot a bunch of people.

"Where did I leave the bolter?" - Famous last words of Commander Ranmalint

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Commissar Paste: http://pastebin.com/mpMMvnqk

My twitter: https://twitter.com/CommissarQuest

Roll rules:

Lowest of first three rolls for things the character is skilled at doing.
Median of first three rolls for things the character is "capable" at.
Highest of first three rolls for things the character is utterly shit at.

You have to "beat" your stats (which for now are hidden by popular demand, this may change) so low rolls are good.

Cont post explained:If there is a post marked at the end with "cont" its becouse your QM is lazy, and can't type fast - or becouse he wants to give you the option to jump into the current events, or offer opinions, if none are offered he'll continue as normal

Disclamer in regards to Re:Spelling:I suck at spelling big time, like big time.

I got a twitter: https://twitter.com/CommissarQuest

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(Someone is just very confused about that image swap)

Wind, it was pleasant in a way feeling it flowing over your face, even if the caked dirt from yesterdays adventures shielded you against it somewhat. The air stank of planet, that particular stench that you'd come to associate with the Scholia, it felt weird in your nose - to strong, to "fresh", almost like someone was showing ice down your lungs. The boat you rode on shook occasionally sending waves out over the otherwise calm river, the sun warmed your tired limbs heating the grip of the Bolt Pistol in your hand. Now properly in the light you could appreciate the workmanship of the tool of war - you could not help but find it beautiful in a way, its hard cut surface of polished black, the tiny engraving of skulls on its side - the handle wrapped in leather. It was a tool of war you had in your hands, and you where using it for its given purpose.

On the other side of your barrel, a meter or so away on the other side of your ride sat your captive, a forest man whom had come to be brought low by your skills and fast thinking, the two of you have been like this for a good ten minutes, you pointing your weapon at him, he, stearing the boat.

>What do we do?

>A: Tell him to go faster, you need to hurry.
>B: Pick his mind on the Major.
>C: Silence.

>D: Other

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>>B: Pick his mind on the Major.

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Let's not talk to him. Last time we tried talking we got stabbed.

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Silence. It was quiet on the tiny boat as it rocked back and forth over the waterline, you where hungry - thirsty, but most of all you where bored, you let your thumb gingerly slip over the edge of the gun, caressing its side gently, your arms where starting to hurt from the pain of holding it leveled at the boy, you knew you'd have to lower it eventually. Letting your tongue wet your dry dirt-caked lips you decide to talk with him to take your thoughts of the manner.

"So, who's this major anyway? How did he come to you?" The boy remained silent until you tightened your grip on the bolt pistol, feeling it settle into your hand with a disturbing ease. "'e came to us 'few months 'go.. we be jist livin' doin' au thin' when de major showes, he's got em all fancy peopli' with 'em - told us tae bugger off... so, 'ol elder showed 'im 'our homes.. and he said he'd be helpin' us.."

"Helping you against what?"

"Y'all, comin' to take our homes.."

>What do we do?

>A: Retort: "Its not your homes, it belongs to the scholia."
>B: Silence.
>C: Insult him, tell him to shut up.

>D: Other.

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>>B: Silence.

>> No.30124365

Why can't you just go somewhere else instead of starting a fight over it?
You can't win against the scholia anyway.

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Awaiting consensus

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i'll switch to >>30124365

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"I know nothing about taking your homes, but if the scholia wants them, you won't be able to stop them."

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You give the boy a look over, he's clad in simple brown clothes - his hair tied up in a ponytail, while his face appears clean (save the faint lines of hair that framed his cheeks),
his hands where covered in a thick layer of grime and dirt. His brow was furrowed, if in anger over your comments or focus on stearing the boat you could not say.
Lowering the gun slightly, you decide to continue the conversation, curious over the comment.

"Why can't you just go somewhere else instead of starting a fight over it? Its not like you can win against the scholia anyway" The boy looked at you for a moment, eyes flashing with something.. anger? Disgust? Fear? You can't say.

"It be 'our home 'afre it where yer, we be doin' fine, the major be helpin' us no."

>The sun glared in your face.. but the trees where growing thinner alongside the river bank.. Where you perhaps approching the sholia mud grounds?

>What do we do?

>A: Silence, await the mud grounds.
>B: Retort.
>C: Tell him to go faster.

>D: Other

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Don't want to hit shallow water at high speeds, we'd be tossed out the front if we hit something.

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I really hope we're there so we can get this idiot off our hands.

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>>A: Silence, await the mud grounds.

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C-Can this really be Commissar Quest? You make a great day even better. Thank you.

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Your stroking me ego to hard here anon, soon my fingers won't stop moving
A minute slips by in silence, the boy turning his gaze away from you staring out over the blue calm water of the river, soon another one escapes you, then another. The spray of the water beat up by the rumbling boat spraying your hair moist and mixing the packed dirt on your clothes into a seeping mud. You wanted to toss them off right here, but the idea of lowering your gun for any reason seemed even more frightening, the reassuring feeling of the heavy pistol nagging on your feelings - you did not like the way it made you feel, it was a tool of war.. it turned those men into...

You push it away again, before your bowels turned and betrayed you, suddenly having an empty stomach felt like a blessing.

The tree's grew ever more thin as the boat tore through the water. You heard it before you saw it, the load rumbling of the distance machines drowning out the pitifull sound of the boats tiny engines - between the tree's you saw them, the black boxes of the Imperium driving across the large dust grounds of the Scholia, training their future soldiers.

"Take us in" you say, suddenly alert - the gun at the ready "Nice and easy.." the boy gave you a hooded look before grabbing the rudder firmly, steering the tiny river boat towards the shore - its lack of a deep keel allowing it to comfortable snuggle up to the landmass, "You need to let me put the gangplank in.." the boy begins, but you cut him short with a "Do it, hurry" eager to get of the thing.

>You have sat foot on land again, standing next to the river with the boy not long from you, giving you a glare.

>What do we do?

>A: Let him go
>B: "You are coming with me"
>C: Call for help, hope someone hear you.
>D: Sneak into the dust grounds.

>E: Other

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>"Go home before I kill you."
And just start walking, someone will probably notice us, but the image of a girl striding determinately towards the school with a bolt pistol just gives me a commissar vibe.

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>>B: "You are coming with me"

>> No.30125467


>B: "You are coming with me"

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He's gonna tell the adults about the Mayor and explain why we aren't with our group.

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We need him to prove our story.

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As far as I remember the only condition for the practical was to survive the night.

We don't really need to prove anything.

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If that's the case we can let him go.

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I think it was:"Hold your foxhole and get picked up there". Better safe than sorry. And I feel bad about it. Knowing he'll get tortured to death.

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We were told we were to show up for extraction. If we show up at the scholia like this they might misunderstand and say we violated orders.
Remember what they did to the boy who hadn't followed orders at the latest practical?

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I think it was we have to wait for pickup.

Really taking this guy is just so we can prove that the information that there is someone helping the locals out is true and not something we made up.

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We'd also let a prisoner with important information about enemies of the Empire and a Traitor to the scholia go. More than enough reason to get BLAMMED. I say, he comes with us.

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Rolled 14

>>B: "You are coming with me"
It is probably him or us, so lets drag him along for now

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"It is therefor my great pleasure to explain to you the rules of this practical, as we stand bellow the light of the Emperor of man: Survival. That is it, you will master the act of surviving against all odds. I highly doubt all of you will make it out of tonight alive, and if you do I have failed in my task!" He points towards the other end of the practical grounds - towards a growing cloud of dust, similar to the one heralding his own arrival, but much larger. "You will be picked up by those transports and put into the wilds at predetermined positions, you will be given a map, general equipment and one Nil-II-Pattern Las Pistol." you shudder at the memory of the weapon, watching as the man correct his cap with a slow, deliberate motion, allowing you to hint at the black short hair hidden bellow it. "Your mission will be to travel to a foxhole and set up camp for the night there, you will guard the fox hole until we arrive to pick you up."

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"You are coming with me" - pointing with the heavy pistol towards the dusty grounds before you "Go on, before me". The two of you begin walking, crossing the thin tree line into the muddy grounds proper, the wind flowing in your hair, barely managing to move the few strands not tied down with mud, the practical grounds are massive - stretching out for a several kilometers to either side - but fortunately not quite as far towards the scholia itself right ahead, you can see the white walls far of in the distance gleaming in the high noon sun, like a jewel on a pedestal of brown and green silk.

The trek is harder then you'd anticipated however, the ground was not made for easy traversing, fox holes and Trench exchanging one-and-another, the only open routes the tracks where the massive war machines lumbered. With a confident walk you continued forward, occasionally yelling at your "prisoner" to move forward, he obeyed, no doubt figuring that between your gun - and the ever increasing number of soldiers around you, he'd have no chance.

Its then you hear your name being called out, in surprise you turn to look at a big hefty man approaching you, clad in cammo clothing. The man whom helped you after your first practical, Broski - lumbers closer, what we he doing here!?

>What do we do?

>B:Talk to him

>C: Other

Someone just quoted me? .. Brb a moment I need to cry a bit

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>>B:Talk to him

>> No.30126019


>> No.30126021

Rolled 7, 2, 1 = 10


>B:Talk to him

>> No.30126030

>>B:Talk to him

>> No.30126042

B: Talk to him. Explain our situation. And introduce our prisoner. Then let him take the lead of things.

>> No.30126069

Rolled 1, 5, 9 = 15


This is going to do wonders to our reputation.

In any case.

>B:Talk to him

>> No.30126075

Tell him briefly about the hicks and the Mayor.

>> No.30126121

talk to him but don't take our eyes off our new friend

>> No.30126307

>This is going to do wonders to our reputation.
First she downs an entire regiment of stormtroopers then she single handed clears out the rebels AND their strange pack of monsters. I wouldn't want to cross her.

>> No.30126417

And she comes back from the dead. I guess they were like:"Did you hear, that Schulte girl didn't make the practical. Guess she wasn't that tough". And then Schulte comes back 2 days later with a bolt pistol, a captured rebel and some serious injuries, but still standing. Bam.

>> No.30126454

>>B: Talk to him

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"Broski!" you call out, for the first time in days letting loose a smile. Turning slightly to smile at the approaching man feeling the tension thats been building for the last few hours let loose. "What are you doing here girl?" the bellows, striding over the uneven ground with practiced ease

Your tale begins.

Broski had been joined by a group of other lasmen as you continued your story, before long they took the opportunity to nail down your prisoner with some old fashioned guard rope. "Still, you'll be in trouble with the Commissars when ye be getting back girl" he tells you as the group begins to walk towards the scholia, the soldiers promising to aid you in your trip, partially because it is a valid excuse to skip out of afternoon duties and part because they seem to have taken a shine to you (broski in particular tossed a few jabs at his friends about you sending him low - had the event turned to a running gag?) "I'll talk to them, but I'cant swear they won't be giving you a punishment." you nod at this the image of the boy getting shot during your first practical fresh in your mind

It was for all to behold a peculiar sight as you acceded the road route towards the scholia proper, a group of seasoned stormtroopers lead by a short red haired girl, bolt gun in her hand, a stern look in her cold white eyes, nobody wanted to get in your way during the trip - even the guards to the roadblock letting you pass without a word. Broski leads the way as you approach the main house - and the teachers lodgings

It is there, you now find yourself seated outside of one of the red-clad mens office, hands in your lap, resting above the boltpistol's cold metal, broski inside talking to two of them - your prisoner seated in a chair opposit of your own - the soldiers lazing around on tables or in one case, playing cards on the floor

>What do we do?

>A:Talk to the guards (specify)
>B:Talk to the boy (specify)
>C: Silence, await the commissars verdict

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Rolled 8, 1, 7 = 16

>>C: Silence, await the commissars verdict

Dont talk, talking is bad.

>> No.30126633

>C: Silence, await the commissars verdict

Better act disciplined.

>> No.30126652

C: Silence

>> No.30126659

>>C: Silence, await the commissars verdict

>> No.30126672

>>C: Silence, await the commissars verdict

>> No.30126754

What about our stab wound?

>> No.30126757

>C: Silence, await the commissars verdict

>> No.30126930

>>C: Silence, await the comissars verdict

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Before the trip the guardsmen inspected your wounded flank - according to them it was a clean cut that hit a rib -
while it might get infected unless treated you won't bleed out - a simple band aid was given and your prisoner smacked for cutting you)

Moments drag on as you await the verdict, feeling the sweat building behind the filth encrusted on your face, the guards where somewhat rowdy which was reassuring in a way, their careless nature doing some to help you forget what might await you. It reminded you of your brothers aboard your uncles ship, you wondered what they where doing now? Probably helping out scrubbing some plasma manafoil, perhaps tending some cooling junction.

Stroking the gun gingerly in your lap you observed the Commissars door - inside your future was being decided. A stray thought of letting loose the bolters fire on the red clad man if anything went south shivered through you, sending a oddly pleasing sensation running through your flesh, the bolter suddenly feeling warm.

Your thoughts are interrupted by the doors you came from yourself opening up - stepping through them, Angelina - and the rest of your fox-hole group. "Schulte! Your alive!" She yells in surprise, rushing to your side "How are you? What happened?"

For the second time that day, your tale begins.

>It appears they where sent here after you arrived, to await punishment for failing to be in the fox hole at time - they went looking for you instead.

>What do we do?

>A:Talk with someone in the group(specify whom and what about)
>B: Settle in and wait.
>C: Talk to the soldiers.
>D: Other.

>> No.30127135

>>B: Settle in and wait.

>> No.30127141

>>A:Talk with someone in the group(specify whom and what about)
Angelina, tell her about our adventures and our new pet bolder (we need a name for it)

>> No.30127157

Rolled 3, 5, 6 = 14

>>C: Talk to the soldiers.


>> No.30127371

Talk to our entire group.

Need to get the full story of what happened after we disappeared.

>> No.30127372

>B: Settle in and wait.

>> No.30127377

B: Settle in and wait.

>> No.30127461

>>A: Talk with someone in the group (Angelina)

Ask her what they have been doing and fill her in on your adventure.

>> No.30127638

Aren't we still bleeding from a knife wound?
Also probably internally?

>> No.30127682

Read the surprise box.

>> No.30127756

I am blind and a faggot.

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"What did you end up doing?" you ask Angelina as you settle back in your chair, nodding as the rest of the group seat around you "Well, we went looking for Euphrati as you know - but suddenly you where gone - like you said, fell down a hole, Zarkov insisted we'd search for you so we continued to look - in the end we never found Euphrati, it was like he faded away.. we thought you where gone too until we heard you where here" - the other two boys nods in agreement.

"I am just happy your alive still - is that the bolt gun?" Zarkov injects - indicating the piece of metal in your lap, as if suddenly remembering it you bring it up on display - feeling a tinge of pride as the wide eyes of your friends looking it over "Looks dangerous" Angelina notes, you nod in agreement once again recounting the times you had to use it.

>What do we do now?

>A: Toy with the gun.
>B: Wait in silence
>C: Talk to someone(specify)


I still love you anon

>> No.30127913

>B: Wait in silence
>D: Other
give thanks to the bolt pistol for keeping us safe and promise it we will take good care of it, and make sure it gets well oiled and maintained

>> No.30127932

>>B: Wait in silence

>> No.30127933

>>B: Wait in silence

>> No.30127977

>>A: Toy with the gun.

Slight of hand achieved.

>> No.30127987

>A: Toy with the gun.
Spin it baby!

>> No.30127996

>>D: While you wait, speak the Litany of the Bolt Pistol in thanks for it saving your life.

>> No.30128027

Gets my vote.

>> No.30128214

Rolled 7, 7, 2 = 16

>>B: Wait in silence

>B: Wait in silence

Yes, lets play with the dangerously lethal weapon whilst surrounded by soldiers while awaiting possible execution. tg smarts.

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You gingery return the pistol to your lap, feeling the cold metal through your pants - aside from the smalltalking soldiers no one else speaks, your group deciding to remain silent, your collective gaze held against the red-clad mans office. You don't react at first when the door suddenly opens, revealing Broski standing in the door - two of the red-clad men behind him, you catch a glimpse of a window and the sun outside from inside their office. "Otto Schulte" one of the intones as he approach you, a tall man with a serious look on his face. The other calls out towards the soldier in a language you don't understand, and they all jump to attention - before you can say anything they've already begun to move your prisoner out of the room. "Answer me when I speak to you" the man repeats and you are forced to return your gaze to him. "Y-yes" you stutter out, your fingers lingering over the bolt pistol instinctively.

"You've placed me in a interesting situation, normally summery execution would do for someone breaking rules - a good example amongst the first years too, you all die like flies either way." you feel your gut knot at his words while he continues speaking, his voice dry like a desert "Failure to comply to basic commands, your orders where to hold that fox hole - if this had been a military action you could have jeopardized an entire operation by your carelessness."

"Killing you would be the quickest and most expedient way to get rid of you - but, Lord-Commissar Arkilam seems to disagree - he wants you flogged, a waste of medical attention and syntskin if you ask me, but I will relent - thank the emperor as he have deemed fit you shall receive pain and be allowed to serve another day. You'll be summoned for your public flogging in the morning - now begone of my office, the lot of you."

>And with that Commissar Quest XVIIII comes to an end.

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>And with that, Commissar Quest: Return Of The Practical Part 4: OH LORD WE'RE ACTUALLY PLAYING. comes to an end

>Its now 23:52 GMT+1 and our time for the evening is at and end

>We're stopping here since its a good place to do so narrtivly

>Thank you to everyone that showed up tonight, it was great to have you.

>No coffee break tonight, its horrible.

>Sorry about the slower-then-average updates tonight, I was preoccupied somewhat.

>Loads of discussion tonight, I was shocked at the amount of players despite my break!

>Would love som feedback - what do you like/dislike about Commissar Quest?

>Like always I'll be around for awhile as I unwind for bed answering questions about commissar quest and life in general.

>We are now archived http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/30123737/

>> No.30128730

And this is how Otto Schule found her calling as a Sisters Repentia

>> No.30128750

good run OP, let us know when the next thread will be

>> No.30128859

to do list get some tape for chest to avoid showing off the nearly nonexistent goods during the flogging as we have our back torn apart by a whip and pieces of flesh are removed.....yes that actually happens in serious flogging we can expect permanent scarring back there

>> No.30128888

>, a waste of medical attention and syntskin
Implying implications about getting any.

>> No.30129224

Probably next week, same time.
Oh yes, floggings are pretty nasty.

>> No.30129247

>Would love som feedback

Those of the imperiums servants too eager to kill their own are too easily accused of seeking the favor of other gods.
Thus there is a restraint to the context of the violence they employ.

>> No.30129329

Woo! We are "only" getting flogged!

It's going to be even better if we can hold our tongue and not cry out in pain. Though it is interesting that the Lord Commissar has taken an interest in this case.

Makes me wonder if there is something in our file. The Tech Priest was quite interested in it as well.

>> No.30129590

>>Would love som feedback

Please learn the difference between to and too.

>> No.30129797

Rolled 10, 10, 1 = 21


Pretty much this.

I get that Commissars are already pretty callous, and being so doesn't exactly mean that they follow Khorne, but as they say getting to Lord-Commissar should mean they have some restraint and not just mean he feels everyone is a piece of meat to the grinder.

Believe me, if the guy was this way while in a war he would be dead pretty fast. Because in a pitched battle, the first to die are the ones that everyone hates.

Maybe i just have imagined a very different idea of a Schola, since from what Ciaphas Cain (The Greatest Comissar EVER) said his time was stressful, dangerous but not having a certainty of death for causes outside our control or just because the big dick in charge has to use fear as his main tool.

>> No.30129896

Rolled 4, 5, 4 = 13


Eh, got my ideas mixed up.

I get that Commissars are already pretty callous, and being so doesn't exactly mean that they follow Khorne, but as they say getting to Lord-Commissar should mean they have some restraint and not just mean he feels everyone is a piece of meat to the grinder.

Believe me, if the guy was this way while in a war he would be dead pretty fast. Because in a pitched battle, the first to die are the ones that everyone hates. As said by Ciaphas Cain (The Greatest Comissar EVER).

Maybe i just have imagined a very different idea of a Schola, since from what Ciaphas Cain implied it was a stressful, dangerous but not having a certainty of death for causes outside our control or just because the big dick in charge has to use fear as his main tool.

>> No.30130034

The Imperium have never had much care for the individual life, from what I've gathered(there are a hundred ones where you are coming from, not all of those can be converted into soldiers, you'll need to weed out the weak), I tried to convey that if you get executed to bolster the moral of the others (aka: Look, this one did not obey her orders to the letter as is expected) it would be worth it, that coupled with the fact that first years are generally concidered worthless since a lot of them fall out of training early - like in most elite military organisations, only here falling out means death - or possible being converted into some manner of serf if you are lucky. In general: Its a tough life becoming a Commissar and I am trying to get that across.

It should also be mentioned that psycological breaking is handy - say a good cop bad cop, now you'll like the Lord-Commissar, while fearing the other one. Practical for both parties, always remember there is often a reason behind all that happens.

One of these days I'll master english, one of these days. I'll look into that particular element.

Only getting flogged is nice, I could have gone with chinese water torture or the stretch bench.

>> No.30130751

No. If someone falls out of commissar training they go into regular guardsmen.

And it is not common for imperial citizens to be killed outside of gang wars and enforcer crack downs and forced purges. Some citizens are summarily shot for mutation or more usually, killed at baptism by the ecclesiarchy (in my own version of the story). Only the Inquisition has the authority to exterminate whole groups, however planetary governors have at times showed tendency to kill their own people. E.g. Such as planetary governor Mao Tse Tung.

Normal societies cannot exist with a level of violence above that. And the imperium is no different. This is why the majority of enforcer precincts and PDF regiments are seen as incompetent. Because their too lazy to be extreme.

The average level of violence in the imperil is somewhere between Hiveworld Hells Kitchenus 1920s NY, and South African tenements. And most all hive worlds are combined with chornobyl outside for good measure.

The rest of the imperium probably lives something like 1700s London. The most major difference is Forge worlds where generally everyone is treated like slave cattle.

>> No.30130888

>Only the Inquisition has the authority to exterminate whole groups
not so, all the worlds are vastly different in how they are goverened, even the Scholla's, they come in all shapes and colours

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Here, i tried to draw the bolt pistol. The bolt pistol is a human variant manufactured on one of the nearby imperial worlds. It seems to be copy of an older variant space marine bolt pistol of some kind and contains elements of other bolt pistols too. Painted in the black enamel of the Commissariat and enlayed with 4 gold skulls, it uses the unusual straight box magazine.

Vexus Pattern Bolt pistol: 32m S/2/- 1d10+5X Ap4 Clip8 Reload 1full, Wt 4.8kg.
The Vexas pattern is a weighted pistol, to further enforce its authority. If used in melee it can be used as a club. It gains the profile 1d10I. It also has the unusual feature that it can switch the side it ejects cartridges from this also adding to its weight. If used in the non dominant hand it does not inflict a -10 penalty, allowing users to switch hand seamlessly with the pistol. Whenever a character uses the pistol to fire around a barricade or wall, resting the pistol on it they gain +5 BS.

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