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Alright, /tg/, I'm a Dungeon Master and a friend has recently introduced me to Bollywood movies and I've enjoyed them greatly.
Now how do I make adventures based around this theme? Impromptu musical numbers will, unfortunately, not be easy (if even possible) to pull off.

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Oh, and if it matters, we're using 4e DnD. (inb4 your system a shit)

Failing this, so the thread isn't completely selfish, good inspiration for adventures in any system. Movies or other media.

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Pose dance numbers as a skill challenge, perhaps invent new skills for it.

Bollywood typically has a male and female lead, try to have the party reflect that.

Lacking the skill have them make a stat check (1/2 level + mod) with an appropriate description of what they intend to do.

Dexterity, obviously could be a graceful dance across the dragons line of sight

Strength could be picking up a fellow PC and spinning with them, and then throwing them safely away as their turn begins, giving them a bonus to their next check for the dynamic entry into the dance.

charisma, you know how to move for others to appreciate it. Perhaps belly dancing or a singing portion.

Int and Wis strike me as speaking lines. Perhaps the clericis the wise uncle and int is the cruel and heartless vizier who fell in love with the female lead. I dunno.

I dont actually Bollywood.

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That's...actually pretty damn good. If you hadn't said anything I would have assumed you *did* Bollywood.
I have a cleric, and I have a neutral evil not-Arthas. Perhaps they could serve as the those roles you mentioned.

If you are going to Bollywood, I've got recommendations, but only if you care to try. Won't waste the digital ink if not.

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> arabian nights

Dude, Bollywood movies are movies made in India.

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Look at Squat Crusade: The Musical on 1d4chan. Shas made musical instruments into psychic powers, basically (and as long as you're willing to submit to the Necron treatment, with only a 3% chance to lose your soul, it's fine).

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I tend to think that to really get the Bollywood feel right, you really need to go gonzo. It's not just about the dance numbers, singing, and so on... it's also about heroes that can punch the gravity out of people and gods that will readily manifest as witnesses to your epic deeds.

Any given edition of D&D can get most of the way there, but I tend to think that this whole tone could be a bit better supported by Exalted. If your entire group is familiar enough with Bollywood tropes, you could probably do it pretty well in FATE too... but that would require that *everyone* is on board and able to identify the kinds of aspects that any given scene or character might have to tag or compel rather than the thing being able to hold people's hands in such a way where they'll fit into the genre without necessarily knowing a whole lot about it.

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make the campaign a melodrama centred around people who just fell in love, for which no reasons they could be in love has been shown.

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Well, bugger. only one other guy has even seen one of these movies, and that was only two, and action movie and a college drama/romance.
As for the system, teaching these guys a *this* system is hard enough. 3/5 of them barely understand 4e as it is.

It's petty, but I was hoping to be slightly sneaky about it, and slowly move the group away (or at least one guy) from grimderp. See my "please halp" here: https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/29670204/
tl;dr guy's a big fan of gore/violence, and even plays a neutral evil character (which I've begrudgingly allowed), and only one of them is playing a good character, a lawful good cleric of the god of compassion and selflessness. Basically if Mother Teresa was a man. And a teifling.
One's an apathetic mercenary, and all he likes is combat. Another's player is so drunk he really doesn't do any roleplaying or combat. But he's a cool guy, even if you have to repeat stuff every now and then to him. The last guy is a chaotic neutral assassin who is now trying to reform and use his powers for good, with the help of the aforementioned cleric.
Please note that I'm only basing these alignments off of the character actions, only one of them even knows what the DnD alignments are.

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