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I'll keep this short and sweet. I've been sent by /k/ in search of pictures. Pictures of Sororitas. Can you guys help me?

Thank you in advance.

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The commissar's asleep?

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You're the sunshine of my life and I thank you for your services!

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Female Redemptionist is fine too.

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Here you go.

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IDK why people always have sisters being corrupted by slanaash, Sisters falling to Khorne makes more sense

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This is adorable, thank you!

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What the fuck is this girly shit?

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Adorasisters best Sisters alongside psycho Sisters

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If I missed a nipple I apologize

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You best believe I'll help you brother! Enjoy the dump, gonna take me a while to type captchas tho...

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These bad ass chicks aren't your desu desu kawai bullshit

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My armour is contempt

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Theyre more of like "have sex with me or ill rip off your dick" kind of girls

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I told you a thousands times and I will tell you again.

Slaanesh has a monopoly of tits!

Also here is another one for free. The Sisters are about excess faith turned up to the extreme. That's at Slaanesh alley, being the Prince of excess. The virginal purity aspect draws the corruption of Slaanesh as well.

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That picture is just before she gets gutted and used to make a hat for the Knight.

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You know, you always think that these hot mamas would have had scars and shit, but nope. Hot as fuckkk

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>virginal purity
If that were true, they would have fallen to Khorne by now out of sheer sexual frustration.

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Grey Knights are like the virgins of 40k

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Eprah protects that creamy creamys kin bro

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I'd still tend to agree with the other guy that righteous fury and hatred is more likely to see them turning to Khorne, or Nurgle if they suffer a crisis of faith and lapse into hopelessness.

And considering that the core tenet of the Imperial faith is selflessness, you just can't have too much of it when it comes to resisting Chaos.

Also, virginal? I'm not sure on the specific fluff regarding SoB but there's no taboo against homosexuality in the Imperium is there?

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As long as you don't start fapping with barbed wire or something, they don't really care unless you're on a word that need baby factories for tithes or whatever.

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Ok, I'm kinda out of hot chicks in power armor. I'll be lurking if anybody else has anymore pics

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It's odd indeed. I believe most of the pics we see are from stationed SoBs in monasteries that rarely see anything more than purging action and parades. SoB that see regular combat or SoB in warzones should look very messy. And I never seem to see the gigantic muscular and ugly sister Hilda/Berta which should be mandatory in every regiment.

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Implying that it has a canon reason, and isn't just for fetish fuel.

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There might be a prettiness requirement in the recruiting.

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Khorne doesn't offer them anything they don't have in their current faith. Slaanesh on the other hand has many things to offer these innocent repressed souls.

EXTREME SELF DENIAL. No kissing, no holding hands, and ,certainly, no fugging! Emprah allday errday

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old school shit

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love me some repentia

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Well yeah, I'm thinking of the more insidious fall to Chaos than the rebellious kind, I guess.

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One girl posing in latex, and a hundred old men marveling at dat ass.
Classic indeed.

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You can just see Hilda/Berta in the left of the image here >>30117053
carrying a heavy bolter as you'd expect.

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Every time I see that I swear it must be modeled after Teresa.

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and I'm out saved the most fap worthy for last


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You do realize that SOB are no virgins right? There is no taboo against sex for them. One of the Cain novels points it out as a sister superior was fucking one of the other teachers at the school he was working at.

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You know, most soldiers who survive the war does it by not getting shot in the first place.

It's pretty rare that you start accumulating scars as a soldier since that usually means GETTING SHOT, which has NEGATIVE IMPACTS on LIVING.

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Gotta say. When it comes to that mini Everything is Awesome.

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The texture is lumpy as fuck and clashes horribly with the smooth Lego aesthetic.

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Both of you are wrong. There is a middleground between "All are virgins forever" and "Sex is totally okay 100% of the time".

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There is no middle ground in....


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I take it, you saw the movie to

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You mean their porcelain skin doesn't already have that effect when juxtaposed with the GRIMDARKNESS OF THE FUTURE?

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>Implying that made up fluff is cannon
>Implying that there is ever middle ground in the grim dark future.

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heh, that's actually sorta awesome

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>Git in da fokken soot!

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Did not mean to imply it was canon, but it seems to be more in line with the fluff than "no taboo at all" and still adheres to EXTREME SELF DENIAL for several of the orders.

Helps flesh out the orders, which is really needed, and fits their flavor while sticking to the general vibe of SoB.

So it is canon for me, and will remain so until the people in charge of canon ever decide to actually work on the orders themselves.

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>dat salamander

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Well it is stated that there is no virginity rule with the SOB, although it is also stated that not many live long enough to figure that little tid bit of information.

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What a convenient rape breach in her armor there.

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I know they are not REQUIRED to take vows of chastity, but considering the fact that they are isolated nuns who abhor corruption and wish to remain pure for the Emperor, I imagine a great deal of them would take such vows anyway among others. Would probably be like putting another pin on your military uniform, earn you respect in the eyes of your comrades and help elevate your position.

Here is a post made by the same Anon as the marriage cap after someone asked them how they would handle samesex, since that always comes up whenever SoB are mentioned.

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She's probably got a power dentana hidden up there

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>Intent Servo is Intent

And frankly, reminding me of Teeth was cruel and unnecessary. She could easily be the one doing the rape.

>CAPTCHA: demonstra esthoes
demonstrate those?

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I smell an awful lot of FUCKING HERESY!

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Those should be wearing suits of the SoB equivalent of Terminator armor.

>it ain't over until the fat lady deep strikes

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It's not just about scars.
It's about not having perfect white hair and makeup in the middle of combat.
It's about a face full of dust and hair smothered in mud going everywhere.

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>dose literal torpedo tits

but seriously this is awesome

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Khorne, are you there? I think I found one.
Mhm, yeah. Crying blood. Stripping too, for some reason.
Alright, I'll go promise her the power to get revenge. Should I offer the spiky armor?
Mmmk, will do.

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dear OP can you link as the thread from k where sisters are discussed.

I wish to know what Komrades think about them.

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I miss him...

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>inb4 get back in the kitchen

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you were saying?

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/k/ post willis pls

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Do SOBs get babby?

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In the 41st millenium, military grade preventatives must be a thing

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Do Ork Choppas count?

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Pretty sure there's an order that travels to various worlds and marry off sisters to key power holders so the heirs are loyal to the Emperor.

Hand that rocks the cradle and all that. Actually reminds me a little of the Bene Gesserit, wich isn't surprising since 40k is already based so much on Dune.

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The SOB is one of my favorite factions. Not a feminist but that kind of religious fanaticism that they are supposed to represent is best represented by women. It seems more pure and honest.

Just like it makes sense that autistic killed transhumans are men.

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>not sisterminator

come on, /tg/, you can do better than this

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>there's no taboo against homosexuality in the Imperium is there?
One of the Gaunt books mentions a stand up comedian, or something, insinuating that (IIRC) the members other regiments were gay, or something? That'd imply that there's still prejudice against it (and it's still seen as weird) but I'd imagine that overall, unless it leads to the full Slaanesh, people aren't really bothered by it on the whole.

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Fat chance it'd do her any good if she got taken by a Slaaneshi cult, freaks would love it

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Bloodbowl 40k should have been a thing

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Don't leave Xenorita behind!

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>GW will never pander to us
>no female sexy Taus and better SoB models with a superior codex

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You know, SoB art is severely lacking in Heavy Bolter Gun Nuns

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>basket of eggs
Is that referencing what I think it is?

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That's a cake topped with strawberries

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