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Cultist thread 2: The Threadening.

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Alright, about 2 more hours or so of time left. Lets see if I can fill one more thread.

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Old thread, by the way >>30100514
And link to the full collection.

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Found the image I was talkin' 'bout.

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Kinda worked in the last thread too.

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I take it you couldn't find the full version of that thumbnail I posted?

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Unfortunately no. I was told it had only been posted once.

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Can one of you gentlemen point me in the direction of the comics?

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Which comics?

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How hard can it be to get the damn star right?

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At least she tried.
I've definitely seen better cosplay, but then again, I've seen much, much worse.

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I keep meaning to rename this. "This can only end well"

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You'd think it would eventually learn...

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I weep for its hive fleet.

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Posting two cultist images I requested from drawfags.
>I asked for almost 2 years after DESU and such all got SoB suits but not cultist-chan
>finally get the request done, and in color!

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... Crap it's on my dead computer. The other cultist chan I requested.

Damn. Posting my fave comic strip of cultist chan instead.

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So are there ways for cultists to come back from all their relatively suicidal missions?
Like, I think I read that those dedicated to khorne who die like bad asses stabbing a space marine in the eye with a rusty bayonet get to become bloodletters. Or that Papa Nurgle brings back their rotted corpses if they do a good jorb.

Or is it if your just a ho hum human your fucked?

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Lurking, just want to say you're doing god's work anon.

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I mean 'collector'

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>come back
Not really. Human souls are dim and take forever to become a demon unless taken by the gods themselves during a demon raid. Like nurgles rot, and that whole section in the first 40k daemon codex explains.

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You're welcome.
But I only got about 15, 20 minutes tops before I need to head out.
It's Radiance night. and Deadlands tomorrow.

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Don't worry, Unyuufex gets a friend eventually.

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Oh hey, TheCollector, have you been keeping up with the new pics of Chaptor and Hazel over in /co/?

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Are Magpies attracted to shiny things?

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I'm not even going to pretend I know what's going on in this one.

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Just wondering if you got the newest ones.


These aren't currently posted in the thread.

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Well I try to keep ahead of them, but I do work full time, so I can't be watching 24/7 I admit.

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Here's a more solid link where hew Hazel pics accumulate


I just like competing with you to see who has found more.

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Alright you crazy cats, I have to head out. If this thread is still around in... 5 or so hours when I get back I'll be happy to continue.

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If you have the file name for the thumbnail when you saved it (the Epoch Timestamp) then you might be able to find it in on suptg or archivefoolz.

Archivefoolz usually saves /tg/ pics for some reason, and even if it doesn't you could still reverse image search it from there provided you find it.
It'd give you better results than trying to reverse image search the thumbnail anyway.

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Is this how she originated or just some guy wishing he was cultistchan?

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I got the thumbnail from the archive. Here's the original thread:


It's from the year 2010, before the site saved images, and I haven't been able to find it anywhere else.

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>just some guy wishing he was cultistchan
This. CC is just R63 of the cultist unit from DoW. Her terrible accent is supposed to be making fun of their own ridiculous voices.

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Not saved on foolz, warosu, suptg, or the /tg/ booru/

On the upside, if it ever does get posted again, there's a good chance foolz will save it and the image in the post you linked to will become an active link to the pic rather than a redirect.

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I forgot how annoying Cultists were to listen to.

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A very nice idead is utterly ruined because the artist can't draw faces

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I'm curious if TheCollector has the crossover pics or is even going to post those.

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These girls test my faith...

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There were a few in the last thread.

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I make a motion for Lolicron

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We can always use more Lolicron. Have you read the erotic fanfic the smut thread did for her?

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Didn't we decide she was one of the Emperor's mortal descendants?

The idea being that she is heir to the Imperial Throne but either cant remember or care for it. Also the Emperor never met her. She was the result of a one night stand and once it became illegal to worship him she decided to find better gods.

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Shouldn't she be a Gray Sensei then?

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That would be silly. The Sensei are canonically immune to chaos. That is, when Sensei WERE canon, that was how they worked.

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They weren't canonically immune to Chaos, they could only go over to Chaos voluntarily (Gray Sensei).. And of course the Sensei are still canon.

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Grey Sensei were the exception to this. They loved chaos and chaos loved them.

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Is this too innapropriate for /tg/?

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Collector? You're not dead after all, you twitchy buzzard? Well I'll be.

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It is very appropriate for muh dick. I need moar cultist-chan 34

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I think it's technically a 12/12A at most, at least by UK film standards.

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I think it's technically a 12/12A at the most, at least by UK film standards.

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I didn't see the ones I was thinking of in it.

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>tfw when there's one piece of cultist-chan foot fetish art, and absolutely no writings of it, on all of the internet.

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>one piece of cultist-chan foot fetish art
Nigga, last thread alone had like 10 at least.

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Well fuck, I missed it. Is it in the archive?

>> No.30122457

You liar! I just went threw the archive, and there was 2, one of which wasn't even cultist-chans feet! Why would you do that!?


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Alright, this is a bit off-topic, but for some reason, this is the only thread I can post in. Is Captcha not showing up for anyone else, and is there anyway to fix this? Instead of a captcha, I just get a really long entry box, and even when I start typing, the captcha doesn't appear.

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Sounds like you have some extensions or addons mucking it up for you.

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Copy-pasted from the top of every page:

We just changed CAPTCHAs to show on-demand (once you start typing a post) for two reasons:
1) It should decrease their difficulty since Google penalizes you for requesting a lot of verification images, but not solving them, which had been happening.
2) For the privacy concerned among us, we still load the JS but it only hits the API when you're actually posting.
tl;dr: The number of black inkblot CAPTCHAs displayed should decrease dramatically.

We're also working on verifying the CAPTCHA before image upload for larger images, which should be done sooner rather than later.

Reminder: If your third-party 4chan extension is broken, try the native extension by clicking [Settings] in the upper-righthand corner of the screen.

tldr: Stop using your extension until it's updated.
>not having a pass

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>Stop using your extension until it's updated.
4chanX just fixed itself, too, so the point is moot

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