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Dumping old /tg/ 40k comics and culture, because why the fuck not?

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Damn I hate that new posting limit

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keep post bro

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He is kill

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knew it

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Well we all saw THAT coming.

She could have at least blown him first.

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Let's go with some Cultist-chan I guess ... Does /tg/ remember?

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Well shit, now I want to play a 40k VN.

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That's not what the Emperor stood for.

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To be honest, the stories drawn by that guy were usually too sweet for something 40k-related

pic related I guess

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Part 2. The commissar and her retarded retinue...

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>ignorance is a shield
this is proof people

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Okay, not 40k related, but it's still good ol' genderbending in a traditional game

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Eversor butt

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Oh yeah, forgot that one. If you're not familiar with Macha and her quest to lose her virginity, this comic won't make much sense to you

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pic related, not the same author

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Pic related

Man, how old are those

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Okay, will proceed to drop random stuff now.

What does /tg/ want dumped? Pinups? Comics? Fun pictures? Old stuff?

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Imperial Fists were something else back then

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I'm thinking at least 3-4 years for some of it.

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They're still that.

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Old stuff please.

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They're not supposed to be scats adepts anymore, right?


here we go

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Fucking captcha

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Anyone remembers the /tg/40K jRPG that we talked about but failed to Get Shit Done(tm) with?

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Thanks for dumping some pictures, OP. Got me feeling nice and nostalgic. And newfaggy. Don't remember your first series at all.
>first picture I ever saved off /tg/

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It crack me ups how much old memes there's in those, and how they are probably considered stale or outdated today

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I think stale might be the wrong word, but 'no longer fresh' or no longer 'in' is accurate. The times are a changin', and they don't stop.

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How could I forget? I even remember trying to make pixel art for a Tactics style version.

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>old memes
Let's go all the way back to Warhammer Wednesdays.

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Back when /tg/ got shit done.

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Okay, this one is possibly the thing that made me discover 4chan

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I found her entry page

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Dat battletoad in the war wagon

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What's this one from? It's good seeing a Smurf being cool for once.

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>Litany of Litany's Litany
after all these years, still cracks me up...

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You know I never though about it... But why is Nurgle missing from the dog?

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Shit man, now that is something from /b/


I have no idea, bro. Sorry

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Ahh the classics

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If you don't know about this one go read the story of Beowulf on 1d4chan.

Seriously, go do it right now

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This one is often copied by people

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That motherfucker was officialized by the tabletop RPG, right? Like how there's many references to Raege and other /tg/-culture NPCs in some of the most recent books

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Oh shit, after all those years I just noticed the bells and whistles on the bikes

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You mean The Guy Who Cried Grendel

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love can bloom in the trenches of 40k

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Always wondered what happened to the poor guy that drew this

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Yep, FFGs canonized Beowulf, LIIVI and Boone (from Ragged Edges of Raege, and thus canonized the whole Ragged Edges thing). There might be one or two more but those are just off the top of my head

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Don't make me start posting Krieg-chan

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That comic is pure unfiltered truth though.

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surprise no one has made a Legion of the Damned Angry Marine

>Always angry, even beyond the point of death

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Meh, who am I kidding, it's Krieg-chan time


> implying redshirts would ever, ever try to dissuade you from buying something

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oh that one just thinking about it makes my sides hurt

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I'l help you in spreading my peculiar sexual fantasy

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I'm wondering what newfags thinks about something as silly as Fuklaw

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they should learn to love it like I did or GTFO

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Heresy, we all know that under the mask Krieg-chan looks just like Victoria Seras

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Although, unfortunately, the canonity (?) of FFG is questionable. Aaron Dembski-Bowden noted that while he last heard that only GW, FW and BL are canon, he was unsure about FFG and saw them as well-written enough to be considered canon.

Although one could argue that Dark Heresy Core is entirely canon due to publishing shenanigans.

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It doesn't matter if it's official canon or not. What's matter is if it's canon in your head

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>CAPTCHA: aimagain man

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have mercy, there are so many supplicants for Krieg-chans affection but only so little of it to go around. A second krieg-chan would be a boon to all those that seek love in the grim dark trenches of 40k

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At some point, when trying to know what's canon and what isn't becomes a continuous issue, you do what >>30085365 says.

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>words words words words words

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I myself consider FFG entirely canon, and I'm seriously thinking of writing to FFG and ask about this situation. They should know about the situation, right?

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I've always loved that comic. It's the attention to detail most of all I think.

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Daily reminder that Black Library's Horus Heresy series is canon.

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> A weekend at Camp Cadia

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Shit, Muju. The little singaporean has been here all this time.

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It's the other end.

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any more?

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Naw just posting some of Mujus stuff i've saved.

Next up is some BanHammer40Kun

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Kinda, I guess. Note how D'Arquebuse made his path.

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They also canonized the late Commissar Dan.

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One of my favorites writefaggings

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does any one have the sisters of cleaning text?

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for all you hipsters out there

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Here's how it would actually go

>"Hi, I'd like to buy these two boxes for my son"

>"Very good sir, would you also be interested in purchasing some of our excellent paints for your son?"

>"No thankyou"

>"No problem sir, here's your receipt"


This is something that quite annoys me about comics or tv shows that depict wargaming. So often, they just get it completely wrong. I have never, ever, played with someone who actually said "BOOM" and "BANG" when his weapons hit the enemy lines, or made zooming noises with his planes or tanks. Contrary to what some comics would have you believe girls do frequently walk into game stores and many of them are bigger neckbeards than the blokes.

And with regards to that comic, no-one selling Warhammer products, least of all redshirts of all people, is going to not sell a product to someone because they're used in different systems. The most they'd ever do is politely point out that the two aren't compatible, but unless the customer asked them, I honestly can't see it happening.

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My ribs!

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I remember LIIVI and Beowulf, but can I get a citation on Boone?

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A bit long, but it made me laugh

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For Only War, there's a sanctionned psyker class, and there's a quote from the "Boons of St-Alice" or something. Boons of Alice, Alice Boone...

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Anyone remembers Trapmarine? Can't remeber the name of the drawfag who drew him/her/it though

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Clearly we must clone AN ENTIRE ARMY of Krieg-chans!

I would post Tittynids, but 4chan doesn't like my censor edit...

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a krieg-chan for every neckbeard, glorious earth works for ever yard and lawn!

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That's a stretch. It doesn't canonise Ragged Edges at all.

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I remember anon, I remember.


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It's under the Awakened Psyker alternate career path in the Navis Primer. The fluff for that class also mentions a daughter of a planetary governor that awakened late to her powers and was sheltered by her father, and through his contacts avoided getting OMNOM'd by the throne and instead sent into Imperial Guard service even though she was a very weak psyker. This happens to be the backstory of Alice Boon from Ragged Edges of Raege and written several years before FFG released the Navis Primer for Rogue Trader.

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I'm going to use this expression from now on
>are you ready to have your biomass harvested, darling ?

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There you have it >>30086016

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i wish Lolcron come back a d drawfag again

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would you, /tg/?

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Chaos-Stompin' Commissar Rangers

We need a new version with Raege added as pink Commissar.

>> No.30086409

In a heartbeat!

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Heresy! *blam*

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Well post it mang.

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Okay /tg/, this was a good thread, but now I'm falling asleep. Had surprising fun posting some of those old things. Good night

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Every GW brick and mortar I've been in, the guys have been more than happy to let customer buy what they say they want to buy. They'll attempt to pile on more stuff of course, but I've never heard of a sales denial.

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Uh sister, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but you aren't a Loli anymore...

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You cruisin' for a bruisin' mate

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I kinda liked the webcomic.

Except for the futa pixies, those were way too far over the top.

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What comic is it and where can I find it?

>> No.30087862


I don't think it's more than this one page.

Quite a lot of references are loaded into that one page though.

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What is this glorious thing.

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I concur, well saved

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So I'm gathering there was a furry purge by racists at some point, before Moot just gave up and let them all back into Ponyland?

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Well there was that time they made a furry board then banned everyone who posted on it, but I think those pictures might actually predate /tg/, back when /b/ just had random 40k threads

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Man not even furries like mlp shit

>> No.30091333

Furries were unpopular, and there was indeed a purge. But they're not directly related to MLP.

>I think those pictures might actually predate /tg/
They do.

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Christ almighty. I remember when just about all of these were new.
I was in most of the threads where these were originally posted.

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I have 511 Cultist Chan picture. Just about ever one in existence. (every one I know of) It takes me 4 or 5 hours to post them all...

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>that picture
one of the worst examples of cherrypicking I've ever witnessed in my entire life

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Jesus, that picture is terrible

Because I used a touchpad

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Then fix it.

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Terranis Holds.

>> No.30092827

Did we ever get a picture of the finished costume? The whole thing I mean.

>> No.30092856

Wow, it has been way too long since I've attempted to draw anything, I am so malpracticed

At the very least it's an improvement

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I fucking like you.

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I wouldn't speak so soon, I accidentally caused the scourge known as Advice Techpriest after all as well as pic related

I wouldn't even bother bringing it up if this wasn't an "old /tg/-40k shit" thread

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Nothing will make me stop loving you anon.

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What does than mean? Table of contents?

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The Ork is confusing Chapters of a Book with Chapters of Space Marines.

>> No.30093289

Space Marines have Chapters. A book has chapters.

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It's a joke, if you don't know English well enough you won't get it and it'll lose humor with the explanation.

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Ah, lol

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have some color.

>> No.30093691

i have that comic too

>> No.30093710

That's pretty slick, not the original artist but I know personally that line consistency/confidence/diversity and color are a few of my major faults so whenever I see anything that is the opposite of that I'm always very impressed

>> No.30093805

i just read his legs

>> No.30094088

I've been looking for a Cultist-Chan picture, wherein she's doing the "We can do it!" fistpump gesture. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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They never were. The only guy who straight up eats shit in the novel is possessed by a daemon.
Though they test out the omophagea by eating all this inedible shit like rotten meat and poisonous flesh and parchment and corpses covered in "excremental sauce", which I always took to mean it tasted like shit.

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oh man, this screencap was the very reason I started hanging around /tg/ way back then

good times

>> No.30094561

You came here for trollplay?

>> No.30094588

Even better that the shit about the omophagea is wrong.

>> No.30094684

I also enjoyed the 40k dogs

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>> No.30094726

You could call that a KHORNEDOG.

>> No.30094761

heh, I always make that joke with my bros
they hate me for it

>> No.30094782

these are all the dogs I have
are there more?

>guard dog

>> No.30094939

He'll always be getting those pig fuckers to charge in our hearts.

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>> No.30095131

>> No.30095141

>> No.30095147

reminds me of this

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>> No.30095186

>> No.30095212

I think it's funny how one of the gods of Chaos is one of the chillest characters in 40K

>> No.30095222

Li'l E incoming

>> No.30095236

>Boss, Oi'm in deks!

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>> No.30095263

prepare for slut patrol dump
at times funny as shit
at times confusing as shit

>> No.30095266

Emp showing mercy to Ol' No-Arms?

I'd call it heresy, but that's the man himself.

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>> No.30095289

I love this comic, it will always be my favorite. Simply because how chill nurgle is portrayed.

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>> No.30095322

I love the ones where his wishes are relayed to the entire galaxy

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>> No.30095411

Did emps have dealings with eldrad to hate him ?

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>> No.30095419

Space Caddy always gets me. Always.

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>> No.30095438

I miss those innocent times when the =][= were buddies with the eldar and ran a library together

>> No.30095450

Image limit reached.

>> No.30095473

I don't think they had personal dealings with each other, but I'd assume Emps would know about Eldrad's activities in general.

>> No.30095544

Ol Papa is the best man around. His good nature is practically infectious.

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>> No.30095627

>a rar archive and a lolwut pear
Wow. That's some fine attention to detail.

>> No.30095768

>tipsy Eldar wench
I like where this is going.

>> No.30095779

>shoop da woop flier
>pedo bear with Chiyo Mihama from azumanga daioh


>> No.30095893

>Sergal & Pyramid Head
>Bullet Bill
There's some serious details.

>> No.30095935

>Orc with Desu goggles
>Guy Fawkes pattern masks

Sweet Jegus, Mary, and Josephine.
...Can ayone translate that Ork script on the vehicles? Yellow boxes seem to spell something...

>> No.30095965

>that one retarded emoticon on the far left grill

>> No.30096012

Hell, even Candlejack is t

>> No.30096018

>Tipsy dark eldar wench
You wont need eyes where this is going

>> No.30096022


He also did Exploitation now webcomic

>> No.30096100


You forgot to mention that the fluff is presented as a quote from a book titled "The boons of Saint Alys".

>> No.30096137

Eternal Crusade better allow us to reenact this picture in (almost) full detail.

>> No.30096237

Always and forever, comrade.

I fluffed my IG company as the remnants of one of the completely shattered regular guard formations to be evac'd off Terranis before the warp storms engulfed the planet. What few veterans are left helped spread the mythos of Terranis among non-krieger regiments. The unit is semi-secretly ashamed and disgusted for what is percieved as cowardice for abandoning their krieger comrades. Because of this self-contempt, they steadfastly refuse to succumb to fear again, striving to uphold their perception of the death korp's ethos even at the expense of self preservation.
tabletopwise, they have never failed a morale check. never. still boggles my mind how, the brave bastards.

>> No.30096560

Would it really be so hard to imagine that a person plays two different games.
And why would you ever assume that one person buying two units is going to pit them against each other by himself, as opposed to rotating which he plays as against other people when the meta, the rules, or his personal interests change?

>> No.30096620

That's from Viz. A satirical comic that pokes holes in British life. A lot of it is very, very true.

>> No.30096784

Shit, that thread is still alive

No more pictures though

le sigh

>> No.30096795

eh, only got pics for half the slut patrol
not enough for a new thread sadly

>> No.30096803


That was a great thread anyway. Seeing it still alive after my good night of sleep warmed my heart.

>> No.30096813

yeah, blast from the past

needed more tankred tho

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