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Okay /tg/, you have to select a mount for your adventure.

Which one you pick, and why?

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>Surprisingly intelligent
>Survives in hot and cold enviornments
>Doesn't need a ton of food or water
>Spits in the eye of people I don't like

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I'm Ali Ababwa after all.

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You already have 75 golden camels.

Purple peacocks you have 43

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isn't that a bush elephant? can they be tamed?

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A dog. Mount, battle-comrade, friend, iron provision...

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Depends on the terrain.

If plenty of food and water then always elephant all the time.

If not then camel.

Never horse. Don't need to go anywhere fast. When I get there I get there hard and everyone knows I have gotten there. No need to hurry.

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superior version.

Which mount do pick, /tg/?

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>mfw I play as smaller races just for the ability to ride an unconventional animal

You don't know glory until you've charged into battle riding a turkey

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Be halfling druid, wolf mount, wolf compainion, turn into wolf
>Born into a pack

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Don't forget
>Discount if slightly used

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Our druid did that, until she somehow ended pregnant with a wolf litter

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Geomancer here...I did something similar, but on a bigger scale.

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Well, the one on the left is clearly using a fleshy lure like an anglerfish to entice people to it's mouth, so fuck that right there.

The centaur is the only one that I could ride comfortably, the crab is too close to the ground. I'd have to ride that shit indian style, and cramping happens real easily in that position.

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Dire goose

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Did you ride the continental drift?

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she...she has stockings on her front legs...

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Didn't you post this exact same thing yesterday?

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Alright you fucking furry Weab, what the fuck do you want us to call a the anime half human half horse.

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There is something I don't get. The bicorn is supposedly meant to be so alluring and seductive men will fall in love right away.

But how in fuck's sake can she be seductive if she is HALF HORSE?!

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I believe that particular one is a "bicorn". Something like the succubus version of an unicorn

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Never heard of it before

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Crab could help you fight with her pincers, though

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Get your bullshit out of here. That there is a human torso on a horse body. That shit is a fucking centaur, you cunt

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Yeah, but you'd have to stay near water the whole time. Crabs dry out real fast. Also, the smell of seafood disgusts me

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And the centaur with kicks.

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>Doesn't like seafood
are you gay?
Crabs are awesome, you can eat her pincer, doesn't matter, it'll grow again.

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not all crabs do, though. Also, fish and crustaceans don't really smell until they are dead

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>not picking Shai-Hulud

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Out of the way fuckers best mount coming through.

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but it would be more awkward because she would have to turn her back to the enemy.

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is this shit from monster girl?

fuck, I think it's time to start playing that game..

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Not that guy but she could kick with her front legs.

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>not giving your mount-wife a scutum and a spear

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Crabs walk sideways, try mounting something like that without looking ridiculous

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>Not having a war hippo

The fuck is wrong with you guys?

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if she knows how to use a bow she could always provide cover for you

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Probably not that difficult if she plans the manoeuvre beforehand.
Monstergirl Encyclopedia. Not related to the game at all.

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>Centaur girlfriend has shield and lance
>I'm a samurai
Best couple ever.

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But the crab is DFC master race

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Hippos hate water.

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I'd like to make it to the front alive, thankyouverymuch.

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they need constant watering on their skin idiot
better use something rugged, like armored great stag

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>Take a mammal that lives in water
>Cover it in plate armor.

Yeah. no thanks.

And before you fuckers jump on me, yes, I know hippos can sprint on land over short distances. Shut up.

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If only she were a peacock mantis shrimp monk

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why would you want to marry a centaur? that one doesn't even has the proper parts

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>over short distances

that's the thing. A hippo would suck as a mount unless you were in a marsh or swampy area

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>Guy weilds katana
>Girl shield and lance
Good luck hitting something with that weapon that has no reach

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it's vaguely related to the game, the artist worked on a bit of the art for MGQ.

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Damn, I didn't even know the Monster Girl community had such a cult following.

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Horse. Camels bite and spit, and I'm not in a desert. Elephants seem like a lot of effort.

Warmblooded horses are generally pleasant to work with, and I'm actually good at riding them.

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This is the best mount

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>Repeatedly maiming your waifu mount.
>Hearing her screams in pain as you devour her flesh in front of her

Yeah, that will end swimmingly. I'm sure she'd let you ride her

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that is a fucking MASSIVE hippo!

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They cut off their own pincer all the time.

Mainly because their brains are too small to feel pain though, so yeah, I don't think it would work

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I'm ready, knave

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I choose the strongest, toughest and smartest

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Also comes in only slightly retard while horses are always fully retard unless you train them for years and years.

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is true that for monster girls letting a guy ride them is akin to marriage?

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Gotta be the elephant, but you'd have to train it really well. They do get scared by mice (really) after all

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you, sir, i like

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Center, whatever it is. Left would eat me, and I don't want to get crabs.

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If you were a horse you would think the uncle toms are the retarded ones, Anon.

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Anyone who doesn't pick a horse is a fucking retard. Unless you're traveling through a desert you have reason besides looking edgy to pick anything other then a horse.

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I don't see why it would

I let my little cousin ride on my shoulders but I don't feel obliged to marry them

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Want Bicorn

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>riding an elephant is edgy

>> No.30083293


what's the thing at the left?

>> No.30083296

What if my adventure is to enter my mount into a painting competition?

Clearly Elephant is master race

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>i'm a samurai
Shut the Fuck up /a/, we don't like your kind around here boy.

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>That wurm
I'm pretty sure it's a trap

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Shai Hulud

>> No.30083347

You don't like mounted archers that also love muskets and from time to time use spears?


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Depends on the monstergirl
For Centaurs? Usually
For Bicorns? Not at all

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This. It's good to know someone on tg is putting the weaboo queers their place.

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>Samurai were the only warriors to mix use of Archery, Cavalry, and Spears, and Firearms

You fucking asshole

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Forgot image

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is there any scorpion girl? that would be a kickass mount

>> No.30083450

>ride scorpion girl into battle
>stabbed in the back of the head

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Samurai had a thing where they thought the perfect woman was soft and demure, yet was capable of entering battle to defend their home/family if need be. Said women were expected to use Spears and Shields

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So yeah, you could pretty much add every Eurasian cavalry unit to that list ever.

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Naginata, actually. It's the reason naginata are still considered a "feminine" weapon today.

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Assuming all are friendly and won't kill me...
Companion, if all I really need is back up and not a ride, because it seems like in it's preferred habitat riding would be difficult due to it's means of locomotion.
If we're in an area where riding is possible without worrying about it getting dehydrated/diving into the ground, cool.
Just seems like the most interesting choice to me.

Second choice, centaurs aren't for me whatever they're based on.


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The camel seems right for me, that vendor with the crazy but slightly discounts was really nice

Fine I'll bite, I want the sandworm, but only if she doesn't dissolve my armor and clothes, those are expensive.
If don't, I take the bicorn, I just plainly dislike crabs.

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>Implying I even said that
Don't worry, I don't think you're Hitler. But I totally banged your mom last night.

>> No.30083550

What does that have to do with anything? You think that because they thought Women should fight only in emergencies theyre somehow better or more special than other warriors?

>> No.30083583

I like crabs shredded, spiced, and made into cakes.

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No, but it's why he brought up the Samurai thing

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>monstergirl mount

Cyclops. You sit on her shoulder and she makes godly weapons and armors for you.

And she has massive boobs, too

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>Implying ostrich cavalry isn't superior.
Light footed, swift, can turn pretty quickly.
Perfect skirmisher.

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You sir have fine taste

>> No.30083750

>only mildly retarded

>> No.30083757

The left can't actually be ridden, and the centaur would be awkward to lean around during combat.

I can probably stand on the crab while she moves, and those claws are a tactical advantage. Bonus points for her being the cutest.

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Look, if somebody offers me a riding elephant I'm taking them up on it. That's all there is to it

>> No.30084029

I think I'd go with the elephant.

They make excellent pack animals, they're the smartest of the three(you can train elephants to do just about anything, to include massage), sheer intimidation factor if it comes to battle, they're really damn tough even without armor, they have a smooth ride, and unlike horses(can't speak for camels), they can go all day with me riding instead of having to climb down and walk them during longer journeys.

They take a bit more to care for than horses or camels, but unless you plan on going somewhere they don't like(don't think they like cold, but they live in both jungles and deserts), they fit in just fine.

>> No.30084057


And in cold weather you can always get a wholy mammoth

>> No.30084112

Yes, but it's not easy. It's a bit like taming a wild horse, but with an elephant.

Here's a book and a video about one organised attempt in belgian congo, that took place during the first half of the last century.


(start page 83)

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It must be so comfy in her mouth.

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Women used the naginata, silly. Its sweeping attacks can keep several people away.

Also, I don't think I've seen any documentation of shields being commonly used amongst the samurai; both hands are generally required to use their weapons properly.
I'm pretty sure they also thought shields were either cowardly, or that it was more impressive to rely on their skill or just tanking blows. It was probably all these factors, in both existing weapons and ideology.

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left, fucking a slimy warm fleshy woman inside her own giant mouth vagina... perfect!

>> No.30084516

So basically you're riding around like this: http://youtu.be/zKOhzfkCdbY?t=1m29s

>> No.30084584

Actually, samurai used shield, as huge pauldrons.

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>I hate anime and weaboos.
>that's why I browse 4chan
Just in case you fellows were serious. Samurai are cool as shit even if you don't like anime, guys.

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Point taken.

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I know of some big pavise-like japanese shields. I have no idea how commonly they were used though.

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I'll probably look like an idiot for saying this, but why does that one fellow have a triforce on his shield?

>> No.30084735

Those seem useful, but they're more like portable cover for archers rather than an actual shield you'd hold on your arm. Look; the artist even depicted a leg on the back so you can leave them standing while you pull your bow out.

>> No.30084756

It's probably the crest of some family. I don't know which one, though.

>> No.30084757

The bow?

>> No.30084778

>Using bow

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Don't forget about the lances.

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Samurai are horse archers primarily

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Linkeru was a reknown samurai

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Once you realize they have quite the arsenal, it seems a waste to use a katana 24/7

>> No.30084917

People don't know that Katana were like knifes for soldiers today, only used when shit hits the fan. And during peace time as symbol of power and to cut peasants.

>> No.30084975


>> No.30085019

More like a pistol then a knife.
I'm sure if they were mainly equipped with bows are spears they'd use the katanas when enemies got within close range.

>> No.30085093

Thanks, Total War: Shogun 2!

>> No.30085100


Horses because they are the best looking and most fuckable.

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That's not entirely accurate; a sword compared to a spear has more comparative use than a knife compared to a rifle.
And if all you have is the sword and a bow, you're going to drop the bow once someone gets within maybe ten yards.

>> No.30085163

This. A sidearm, used when the main weapon (spear or bow) is not appropriate. Maybe that's where all the quick-draw stuff comes from; the assumption is that you'll be in a battle holding something else and suddenly have to switch weapons.

>> No.30085546


>> No.30085642

That's explicitly what it is.
There was never, ever in the history of Japan, a Samurai who went into battle with a Katana as their primary weapon. Ever. They used spears and various other polearms, bows, and later on guns. The katana only came out if their other weapon wasn't useful anymore.

>> No.30085652

I heard horses can control every muscle in their vagina

>> No.30085697

it's called winking, apparently they can clench their vaginal muscles.

>> No.30085705

Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

>> No.30085722

The irony

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File: 255 KB, 813x1179, musashi wielding two bokken.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whup, forgot my image.

>> No.30085801

Bokken =/= Katana
The only time they would use the katana as a primary weapon was duels and if they end up fighting without being able to prepare for it.
The katana is a status symbol. You don't want it possibly getting all fucked up in combat, after all, and there are more effective weapons that you could be using, like any given polearm or a bow or an arquebus.

>> No.30085848

During peace time katanas were like guns today. That's also why you don't see Musashi full armored.

>> No.30085917

A bokken is a katana with a handicap for when you're just that good.

Anyways, you're forgetting that people are people, not robots, and people have pride, especially ones raised in an elitist warrior culture.
Even if a spear seemed more useful, I'm sure there were plenty of men in the past who used their swords right away because swords are manlier.

>> No.30085971

They're also not stupid. For all their "muh honor", samurai were pragmatic as fuck. When the Europeans came along, they gobbled up Portuguese plate mail (Which they then dressed up to look like traditional Samurai armor) and guns like it was candy.

>> No.30086127

Yeah, they we're like any other culture, if they saw something better they copied it and adapted to their culture.

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Can I mount a guitar?

>> No.30086175


Also the deadliest bird on the planet, although I doubt it could swing its sword-like talons while mounted.

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File: 38 KB, 600x397, surf_guitar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guitars aren't made to mount, anon, they're made to surf

>> No.30086205

I challenge /tg/ to come up with an original mount concept.

>> No.30086222

oh god that thing looks heavy

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>Deadliest bird on the planet
>Not Casuari or Emu

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Okay, time to spitball.

How about a cozy, two floor cottage with all your party's stuff, but on tank treads?

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File: 53 KB, 1024x255, Pociag_pancerny_Danuta_1939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Giant millipede armored train.

>> No.30086443


Nope, ostrichs are deadlier according to their kill count, although casowaris are indeed waaay more aggressive, and intelligent.

>> No.30086464

Your aunt.

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File: 61 KB, 1280x720, Pandarider.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30086650

But Emu have superior strategical and tactical thinking

>> No.30086682

>Doesn't know about the Emu wars

>> No.30086731

The one where the wiki listed dignity as one of Australia's casualties?

Good times.

>> No.30086742

I'm really tempted to pick elephant, OP. That just sounds really cool.

>> No.30087076

Based Hojo clan

>> No.30087925


Triple-headed monolith man which is a fragment of Danak, the senseless, blind, mute child who dreams the universe. His father, Rorshcka, bear resemblance to the steed, but Danak's imagination omits the face of the universal-godsoul that lies on the monolith man's chest. On the monolith man, only a slight, heavenly glow shows where the face usually is.

The rider sits atop the central head and screams at the monolith man into submission and action.

Is it original?

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>not choosing the elephant
>not sitting in a comfy howdah
>not mounting your elephant with a culverin
Stay pleb horse and camel

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