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So now that much time has passed since the release of Retribution and it's unclear if Relic will ever make any new 40K games.
Let us share our thoughts on the series.
The moments we loved and hated.
Time for a Dawn of War(Space Marine is allowed as well) thread!

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Bluddflagg best kaptin

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The Shas'O in last stand rocked. Cool gear, abilities, and awesome quotes.

Worth every dolla!

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I believe he's the only DLC I don't have.
I loved the Captain and Mechboy in last stand though.

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Enemies of the Imperium, hear me. You have come here to die. The immortal Emperor is with us and we are invincible.

His soldiers will strike you down. His war machines will crush you under their treads. His mighty guns will bring the very sky crashing down upon you.

You cannot win.

The Emperor has given us his greatest weapon to wield. So make yourselves ready.

We are the 1st Kronus Regiment, and today is our Victory Day.

That speech, and doing the Tau stronghold mission as Imperial Guard and sneaking a a Vindicare through to assassinate the Ethereal were my stand-out moments in DC.

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>tfw I never used any special units
>tfw my IG tactic in DC was just getting a Baneblade or Leman Russ tanks and winning
Man, I should've been a bit more imaginative.

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A question from someone who didn't play DoW.
I know there's a mission in Winter Assault where you need to bring the bloodthirster to the avatar so the first could kill later.
Was there any missions for eldar where the avatar did at least something usefull?

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Best time ever in that game

Last stand with triple lord commissars.

>"a fine day to die, is it not lord commissar?"

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Dude, my tactics in both DC and SS for Spess Mahreens and Sistas was just spamming Assaults or Seraphim.

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I really liked the Exterminatus part in Retribution.
Probably my favourite moment in the game.

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Leandros was right.

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He was the right man to be dead wrong.

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We'll never find out what happened to Titus.
Would've been interesting to know what happened to him.

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Angelos's monologue was better than the Inquisition scene.

It sends chill down my spine whenever I listen to it.

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I wish there would have been at least one DoW game that uses some regiment other then the Cadians for the IG. I heard originally the Vostroyans were supposed to be the Guard in Retribuation but then they changed them to Cadians.
The Krieg DLC was refreshing though.

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Yep, it was pretty great.

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>Would've been interesting to know what happened to him.

It's pretty obvious.

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I love how he loses his shit when he sees the Ork crew catching up to him on Typhon.

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Nope, not as far as i can recall.

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>dat mary sue

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As much as I like Cap'n Tits, I must admit that Leandros was indeed right.

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>DoW comes out
>holy shit i never knew how much i loved 40k until this moment
>Winter Assault comes out
>worthy expansion, realize imperial guard is fuckign awesome
>Dark Crusade comes out
>Soul Storm comes out
>wtf is wrong with you relic, has the team suddenly changed?
>DoW2 comes out
>eeeerrr... what the fuck is this relic?
>DoW2 expansions come out
>why... just why would you do this to us?

dow is dead as a series, if they make a dow3 it will be just another coh clone

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Does dying count?

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I've found the DoW II series fun in a different way from the DoW I series. Can you say that you did not enjoy reading the story bits on weapons and armor?

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DoW 2 was actually fun if you ask me. It wasn't so much a strategy game as DoW 1 but the squad based hero campaign was fun.

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>"Chopped shoota" or something
>"Dis looks chopped. I can tell from the chop marks, and from seeing quite a few chops in me time!"

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I enjoyed that speech too, primarily because Victory Bay is my favorite stronghold mission; crushing the Guard is lovely, especially when you get Fifth Company to join you.

Tau all the way.

Also, I'm rooting for the Eldar campaign in Retribution to be canon.

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Oh you.

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What was the Eldar ending?
Never finished their campaign.

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The Eldar get Taldeer's soulstone back from the fallen Kyras, then Ronahn returns it to Ulthwe while the other three go back to Alaitoc.

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Dawn of War and Alexander's Cadians showed me that Imperial Guards could be relentless zealots and not just more meat waves for the grinder

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Whatever happened to the /tg/ Dawn of War league? It just up and died one day

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>tfw there will never be a perfect combination of Warhammer 40k universum and Company of Heroes gameplay.

So close, and yet... so very, very far.

Anyway, I enjoyed the games greatly. Would love more if my friends played with me, but they never listen.

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Dawn of War II?

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Almost. Needs bigger armies and more races

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Why the fuck is he so expensive? He literally costs twice what the game cost. I'm absolutely broke right now, but I want him really badly. I've only gotten the game recently, because a friend of mine got it so we could play it together, but I'm having a lot of fun with the Chaos Sorcerer. It's kind of hard to choose between Narcissistic and Summoner, because I'm squishy as fuck as a Summoner but the Force Commander does serious work when I copy him, but have a hard time dealing with beefy targets as Narcissistic even though I'm pretty good at surviving.

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Wait for the steam sale, dude.

He is much cheaper during it.

Just 3 dollars, I think.

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Aye. The game basically seems to be play him, a psyker, or gtfo

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I had good fun with 2's multiplayer. Mained Orks, had the Warboss roaming about with two shoota and two slugga mobs. Few people were ever willing to build suppression teams, so I often had room to tear shit up. So many players would leave retreating too late and let me mince their early units.
I liked the power so many units in their abilities. Assault marines roaring up in an arc to slam down on the enemy, Dreadnoughts unleashing hellish assault cannon barrages like the DOW1 intro, all the tide-turning options for commanders that so dramatically altered the ways each faction could be played
They got a lot of character into the improved animations too. The ponderous but smooth stride of the Wraithlord, the stubby waddle of the Dreadnoughts, the slow heavy footfalls of the hulking Carnifex (Saddens me so that he's so far from his old place as King Nid)

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Lord general + guardsmen and sarge + flamer is really good at whittling low mobs. Paired with a SM commander taking on the big dudes and the tau commander giving fire support, it really works

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I've been spending a lot of time doing the Titanium Wars mod- is it me or is the campaign AI much smarter than usual? I'm not sure if it's even possible to get the wargear for the 3-to-1 kill-death ratio since I can barely clear a map without using a Titan. Am I the only one with this problem or do I just suck?

Also, Macha is the best Farseer of all time.

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Can't seem to enjoy titanium wars

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And yes, Soulstorm was worked on by a different team. Iron Lore were not known for there...er...iron lore.

>> No.30077738

I'm fairly sure that was because they had to deal with Relic and THQ meddling. If they had been left alone maybe they would have made something less terrible.

>> No.30077775


Alexander in the last mission made me laugh. I was protecting my heroes as I thought if I lost them I'd autofail

>Sees Alex fighting Necron by himself
>Is vaporzied in dynamic death
>"You call that a wound!? MEN! TO ME!"


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Did THQ basically force them to add aircraft?

>> No.30077801

>you will never play a rogue trader/inquisitor rpg in the 40k universe because everything needs space marines

>> No.30077813

But you can. In DoW 2: Retribution :^)

>> No.30077818

Uh....Dark Heresy? Rogue Trader? Are you not aware those games exist?

>> No.30077820

Yes. It was their idea, along with rushing the game against IL's will.

>> No.30077822

I'm pretty sure they meant video games.

>> No.30077834

Well I don't know about Inquisitors, but Rogue Traders wouldn't make for a good vidya. Too much freedom and possibility available to the player.

>> No.30077857

Much of it (most?) was outsourced to them, but they did still work with Relic. And from what I saw of the developers who engaged with the community, they did seem to care, but were majorly rushed for time.

They also did liaise with GW on some issues at least. For example, the matter of air units hovering, or this post here from the producer/lead designer:


>2. Those were actually our idea--it sort of popped up in a random conversation between our particle effects artist, one of the other designers, and myself. GW was definitely very much on board for it, though. It's funny that you mention you wanted their buildings to be mobile--my initial design had them that way as well, trying to emphasize the mobility of the DE. However, we stripped that out pretty early, whem another designer pointed out some annoying 'sploitz that would be possible if we went that route.

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I was such a fan of dawn of war and I couldn't believe how drastically they changed the gameplay... how do you manage to dumb down an already relatively casual strategy game?

I will admit that retribution's campaign was a lot more fun than the story mode in the past five games, but still

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I'm considering picking it up, if only to see how much crap the Bloody Magpies stole. When is the next sale gonna be anyway?

>> No.30078092


I am aware of those, but I'd like to play a vidya rpg played out along the lines of Mass Effect.

>> No.30078171

I know. One that isn't made by Bioware, I would hope- the combined greed of EA and GW would probably rip a hole in reality.

>> No.30078204

I noticed that the buildings have so many hit points with that mod that its impossible to take out a base in the campaign mode before it's so heavily fortified that you need superheavies just to break through the defenses- and that's just on normal mode! Is there a way to keep that from happening?

>> No.30078253

>Creative Assembly working on Alien themed walking simulator
>Relic doing fuck and all
>CoH 2 wasn't as good I was expecting
>Hopes of a WH40k Total War are at an all-time low

I hope DoW III is good, better than CoH 2.

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Bioware is shit.

The whole campaign would be heretical romance shit and cover shooter gameplay.

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>> No.30078370

Bioware would probably completely mess up the lore.

>> No.30078374

>We'll never find out what happened to Titus.
>Would've been interesting to know what happened to him.

Or do we?


Seems to me as a rehash of Chaos Rising -> Retribution SM story arc, but then again, they would 'clean out' in the Ultramarines...

Turn him into a sympathetic heretic and voilá, a masterpiece for anyone who hates ultrasmurfs, mary sues and Matt Ward in general.

>> No.30078381

You know who was even more right

>> No.30078417

He went right through my blade.

>> No.30078430

It's better that we didn't.
He supposedly was meant to go rogue, then come back and get a new Chapter built around him. That's, like, Dan Abnett/Ultramarines The Movie tier fluff rape.

>> No.30078453

>a masterpiece for anyone who hates ultrasmurfs, mary sues and Matt Ward in general
>still subscribing to the "hurr durr, matt ward, spiritual liege" meme

>> No.30078460

Nah, that wouldn't be it.
Titus is the PC, and he wouldn't want in with Leandros.
Sidonus, on the other hand...

>> No.30078481

>insulting based Abnett

>> No.30078498

Has anyone played the Elite mod for Dow 2?
What is it like?

>> No.30078506

>defending Fagnett

>> No.30078525

>insulting based Abnett
>using a "witty" nickname

>> No.30078714

As much as I like heretical romance, Bioware is absolutely terrible at writing romances of any type. I've seen porn with better characterization, for fuck's sake.

>> No.30078756

It depends on the romance, but I've seen several that I enjoyed a lot. Which ones in particular did you have a problem with?

>> No.30078805

Perhaps I should have clarified somewhat- Bioware used to be pretty good with them, but now the quality of their writing has been dropping quite a bit. Especially with the "quantum sexuality" thing they've been exhibiting in ME3 and DA2. For example, how did Anders go from being a skirt-chaser in Awakening to talking about how he's always preferred men in DA2? It makes no sense.

>> No.30078844

Er. There was nothing quantum in ME3; Kaidan's bisexuality might not have been directly intended in ME1, but was added primarily because of the subtext that his large gay fanbase stuck onto, which... well, I have no personal knowledge of Kaidan's romance and don't like men that way, but it didn't seem terrible. As for Anders (and he's the only one any complaint could be brought against; Fenris is a new character, Merrill's sexuality was never referenced, and Isabela was always bisexual), Anders just sometimes talked about women in DAA (not even that often), and comes across as a bit more shy about men. It's not seamless, but it's hardly terrible.

>> No.30078924

There still isn't any 40k video game for :
> a Total war like game where you command a crusade/black crusade/waaagh/etc through a whole sector
> noir Inquisitorial investigations
> Borderland with orks
> a squad based shooter with IG
> pure RPG

>> No.30078965

I don't think "noir" fits well with Inquisitors; they have way too much official power. They're not ground down by the universe, they're one of the boots doing the grinding. This would work better with an arbitrator, or better yet, a regular enforcer.

How would the Borderlands Ork thing go?

>> No.30079089

In fact it was initially arbitrator and I forget to change the adjective. Both are good, but I think the inquisitor is more iconic.

For Borderlands Ork, I was just trying to find a relatively simple game with a fun mindset. Just add true CC weapons and an orkish story line and you are fine. Though going mad with vehicle would be a plus.
Actually while playing Borderlands 2 I was thinking about how inserting 40k into it, I'm (very slightly) worried about myself.

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I love the voices the Eldar have in Dow games, especially Dow 2. The Wraithlord at the beginning sounds fantastic:

>> No.30079219

>A Rogue Trader game somewhat based on universe travel as seen in Mass Effect
>Story is somewhat indiana jones-y with you being after a great prize and a rival Rogue Trader seems hell bent on making sure he takes it from you

>> No.30079239


Wow, that sounds just like a reaper from ME.

>> No.30079403

But isn't Taldeer alive and well making half vindicare babies?

>> No.30079445

Soulstone is what she calls her vibrator

>> No.30079452

But... Abnett isn't very good. He's like barely ok and has written the same story 50 times over.

>> No.30079465

It most certainly was terrible in terms of attitude change. He went from happy go lucky cat loving bro to emo gay sex is my life terrorist.

>> No.30079498

Well, that's a completely separate topic from sexual orientation.

I personally thought that his change of demeanor, given his possession by Justice and his getting fully behind the cause of mage freedom, made sense... but I will admit that I played DA2 before DAA, and found Awakening Anders to be... fun enough, but not as interesting. Although if you look, you can see that even in Awakening, Anders hates the templars and the way that mages are treated, he just hides behind a shield of humor and is content with running away.

>> No.30079609

Imagine if instead of depressing he had gone Zorro instead. SuperHero mode Justice/Anders more about ends than punishing the templars

>> No.30079688

It may well have been. Dragon Age 2 was deeply imperfect, but I still have a lot of affection for it; I found it more fun to play, somehow, than Origins, and I'm unashamed to say that Merrill is wonderful.

>> No.30079714

>I'm unashamed to say that Merrill is wonderful.
Merril is fucking awful and autistic, though. Sociopathic, too.

She also is a complete 180 from Origins.

>> No.30079739


No, she is dead, and LCB isn't canon. Everyone who thought that it would be canon is fucking deluded.

>> No.30079744

Well, you're free to think that my waifu a shit; I won't drag the thread down by arguing that.

>> No.30079790

>honestly liking GIGGLESQUEE

>> No.30080086

Does anyone know of any good mods for DoW2 that bring back the scale of DoW1? An increase in population cap at least?

>> No.30080113

Did Relic kill her off to spite LCB fans?

>> No.30080144


No idea, though I doubt it. I dread to think that the LCB "fandom" ever was big enough to be noticed by Relic at all. It was shitty fucking fanfic that would be best to be forgotten.

>> No.30080159

It was, however, noticed by FFG, at least judging by a couple of nods in Ascension.

>> No.30080249


Also, it was fun to use Eldar to rape absolutely anyone in MP.

Anti-vehicle turrets that also destroy any infantry unit's morale in 2 shots? Teleporters with grenades that can instantly take out the enemy HQ? Stealthed, teleporting buildings?

I imagine my opponents didn't have that much fun though.

>> No.30080320

There's just some guys at FFG who seem to love memes in general (or possibly even only one guy). For better or worse.

>> No.30080767



God, DOW series was so good when it came to voicework.

>> No.30080847


>Based Scott McNeil has wraith units
>Dat warlock voice

Veldorath was a God tier warlock.

>> No.30080934

And Sorcerer. Jury's out regarding his Chaos Lord, and let's not talk about the cultists

>> No.30080990



I hope that Eternal Crusade will have voice modifiers that allows people to sound like that.

>> No.30081005

I don't think relic even noticed. Think of it this way- if they can use the "parallel universe" card to explain Titus being 2nd Company Captain and not Cato Sicarus, I can use it to justify divergences like that as well. (Hey, they were the ones who introduced the idea of having more than one 40kverse.)

>> No.30081023


The voice actors in Dow2 clearly had tons of fun.

>> No.30081289

That's how 40k in general is intended. At least before the IP shitstorm that GW vs Chapterhouse unleashed.

>Warhammer 40,000 trumpets an ‘Imperium of a Million Worlds’ precisely because that leaves room for everyone to come up with whatever they like. Hobbyists can create armies, places, worlds, colour schemes, characters and stories for themselves.

>Often folks ask if Black Library books are ‘canon’. With Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, the notion of canon is a fallacy. There are certainly established facts – the current Emperor is Karl-Franz, the Blood Angels have red armour, Commissar Yarrick defended Hades Hive during the Second Armageddon War. However, to suggest that anything else is non-canon is a disservice to the players and authors who participate in this world. To suggest that Black Library novels are somehow of lesser relevance to the background is to imply that every player who has created a unique Space Marine chapter or invented their own Elector Count is somehow wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 exist as tens of thousands of overlapping realities in the imaginations of games developers, writers, readers and gamers. None of those interpretations is wrong.


>> No.30081347

Why does Soulstorm use the Alpha Legion instead of black legion/word bearers. They're the least chaos-y out of all the chaos marines.

>> No.30081358

Xeno reference when?

>> No.30081431

Because they really only had a vague idea of faction-specific fluff.

Another example of faction fluff abortion: Eldar didn't have Dire Avengers in any iteration of DOW1. They sure had just about every other Aspect shrine out the ass (well, except Scorps and Hawks, the two coolest ones), but by god their basic all-purpose combat shrine was nowhere to be found.

>> No.30081440

I thought the Chapter House thing only dealt with the models and the crunch, not the fluff as a whole.

>> No.30081507

For the same reason that a Sorcerer could call upon Khorne without being annihilated for his insolence.(I mean Sindri- Kyras is enough of a murderous psycho for Khorne to overlook the fact that he's a psyker.)

>> No.30081515

dont save and reload, it fucks with the HP

>> No.30081524

Its fun to see of their faces just like the fuck up when they start doing their ork voices.

>> No.30081550


But it's not even a complicated change. Just change the text that reads "Alpha Legion" to "Black Legion". I don't think the words "alpha legion" are actually read out loud at any point in the game.

>> No.30081558

I only save on the metamap, so that shouldn't be the problem. I would assume it's mitigated by having a good enough HG, but until then I'm finding rushing to be virtually useless, especially now that the victory condition is "destroy all production buildings) instead of "destroy HQ".

>> No.30081579

At the risk of derailing the thread... yes you are correct, but watch how the fluff is going to change to match the new way GW is protecting its IP. The rumor is that the Imperial Guard are going to put a lot less emphasis on custom regiments and play up that Cadian pattern gear is standard throughout the galaxy.

This would match but it does match the behavior of GW recently. For example, they are no longer putting rules in the books for units that they don't produce models for. It stems from the ruling that just putting rules in the codex does not by itself constitute ownership of the content, or something along those lines.

GW has also shit canned fan based projects in the name of IP protection. Look up "Damnatus". GW shut it down because, under German law, the people that made that movie would have owned the content, since GW would effectively be defacto consenting. It may be a small thing, but I doubt that they want that sort of legal precedent anywhere on the face of this earth.

I truly hope I'm wrong, but the rumors of where they're going match their history.

>> No.30081600

>This would match but it does match the behavior of
Fuck. That was dumb of me. Proofreading is a good thing, kids.

This would match the behavior of GW recently*

>> No.30081662

might want to reword that pal

>> No.30081690

When have their changes ever stopped us from remaking the fluff in our own unhinged image anyway? As long as nobody tries to make money off it they have nothing to sue us over.

>> No.30081807

>I don't think the words "alpha legion" are actually read out loud at any point in the game.

The narrator says it all the time, but Carron himself only does twice.

Though I like to think they were Black Legion originally but then Relic wanted to save them for later because plot, so all the instances of the name got changed before recording and little else. Not terribly likely, but eh.

>> No.30081843

I really liked soulstorm, loved that tau flyer spam and had some epic moments, like when my cloaked stealth teams approached the SM stronghold gates and they brought down all the assault marines, but my stealth teams still being cloaked just shot them as they stood about wondering what was happening.

>> No.30081849


Holy shit Fred Tatasciore was Veldoran? No wonder his voice was so God damn manly.

>> No.30081879

As someone who formerly worked in the vidya industry, it is fairly common early on to make those sort of changes and then try to shoehorn everything else around it in the cheapest way possible. At least before the producer steps in and starts locking down content.

>> No.30081883

I know that this is bait, but I'd love it if they could fit in a reference to Xeno as the original (horrifying) concept. Not as a "necron blueberry waifu", though.

>> No.30082116


If Warp Spiders are in, I'd love a voice distortion like in DOW1.

>We live to move


>> No.30082182

>Doesn't want qtc Xeno reference

Your hate of fun is dully noted.

>> No.30082216


>Waifu shit

>> No.30082234

>implying that waifus are expected to be universally beloved
It's a naturally individualistic thing.

>> No.30082258


>> No.30082269


Waifu autists are a plague to be culled. Your pathetic masturbation fantasies have no place in 40k.

>> No.30082284


The Eldar sounded too feminine in DoW1 in my opinion.
The fire dragons were the worst offenders.
Seriously listen to these guys:

Is that really what you imagine guys called Fire Dragons to sound like?

>> No.30082293

>what are Space Marines?

I think the Fire Dragons are women.

>> No.30082307

Eh.. they're space elves.

>> No.30082318

I didn't really get that either. Or why the Warp Spiders had those weird-ass sprite guns instead of Deathspinners.

>> No.30082337


They shouldn't be.
This is their freaking Phoenix Lord.
He is like the second manliest PL after Maugan Ra.

Being space elves doesn't mean that you will have to sound like some pansy girl. Dawn of War 2 made the eldar sound way more imposing.
Even the fucking guardians sounded manly.

>> No.30082353

You do know that you were responding to a guy who openly admitted he was being baited, right?

>> No.30082363

I would prefer a Scraplootas reference. Not even Blue, just something about an eccentric band of freebooterz with a titan and way too many grots.

>> No.30082381

Um... pretty sure nothing at all stops Eldar women from becoming Aspect Warriors, including Fire Dragons. What's there to complain about if the Eldar have three units with female VAs as opposed to the zero of almost everyone else?

>> No.30082418

No no no. You don't get it.

Imagine if the Banshee VA was a male. That's just weird

>> No.30082462

Yeah, I mainly added the "Not terribly likely" since I was keeping in mind the series' less-than-religious adherence to this kind of thing. Plus the Alpha Legion's depiction in the original DoW campaign was pretty much the same. There was some Alpha Legion-esque subversion there, but really just from Sindri, i.e. the scheming manipulative advisor who schemingly manipulates his snarling useless moron of a leader. Meanwhile the troops are too busy bunching up and practising their evil laughs to move away from orbital bombardments.

But to be fair, it's not outside the realms of possibility for an Alpha Legion warband to degenerate to the point where they're just as lolChaos as the Chaosiest Traitor Legions. Though when asked on a forum who the Chaos Muhreens in Soulstorm would be, the producer/lead designer mentioned that they were known for being very secretive as a hint, implying that at least he may have known what a more 'typical' Alpha Legion depiction would look like. But then I suppose he wouldn't have been the one writing.

>> No.30082486

Well, even Howling Banshee males have to assume female identities, so they'd be forced to sound female. They're a tad different, being the sole Aspect Warrior type that has anything related to gender about it at all.

>> No.30082498


The voices fire dragons had in Dow 1 just didn't fit them in my opinion. They are meltagun totting, tank popping, flame spouting motherfucking Fire Dragons! You expect them sound the part, but in DoW1 they sound like fat chicks who talk about singing a lot.

>> No.30082503

You clearly feel very strongly about this. You should make a mod and share it with the community.

I'm not even joking. The best mod makers are those that really wanted something in a game, learned the tools, and put in the effort to make great things

>> No.30082511

I actually remember reading that Bale used to be with the Night Lords and got separated from them during the Siege of Terra; the AL found him and for some reason he decided to stay with them. It would explain why he acts nothing like a member of the Alpha Legion.

>> No.30082523


You get female aspect warriors of all kind. Not just Banshees. I fucking love that Fire Dragon voice.


>> No.30082574

Nobody masturbates to Space Marines, though. They're, like, the ultimate stunted manchildren.

>> No.30082589


>You now realize that it is entirely possible Phoenix Lords are composed of as many female warriors as male.

>> No.30082600

Well, firstly, Ian Watson would put the question to your use of "no one." Second, I meant more metaphorically.

>> No.30082605

Maybe YOU don't

>> No.30082666

>You will never french kiss Captain Hairsey

I am sad.


>> No.30082672

Sounds like fanfiction. Relic have never said anything, and at best it would be Goto but what little I've seen of his DoW novel didn't mention it. Though Bale was described as having rampaged across galaxies. Plural.

>> No.30082749

While I like the scale of DoW 1 more, the abilities and combat in general, is just so much more satisfying in DoW 2.
There is no better feeling than successfully obliterating a group of enemy soldiers by suppressing them with shuriken fire, and then throwing in a plasma grenade and watching them being reduced to tiny bits.

Also, the way the Warlock just hurls himself into the melee, knocking everything down in the process, never ceases to amuse me.

>> No.30082751

> Though Bale was described as having rampaged across galaxies. Plural.

And in the Ultramarine novels it was said that the Nightbringer rampaged across galaxies and that Khorne and his minions drowned galaxies in blood. Also recently it was revealed that the Marines are famed across the universe in one of the new releases.

Goto is hardly the only one who does that. It ain't something noteworthy.

>> No.30082772

The eldar aren't numerous enough to have the privilege of gender based discrimination for their aspects. All eldar, men and women alike, who call themselves members of an aspect don the armor of the eldar that founded the aspect and strive to embody all of their aspects. If the aspect armor is male, it is only because the founder of the aspect was male.

There are male howling banshees, there are female fire dragons.

>> No.30082824


I am aware of that completely.
I am not new to eldar fluff. I just think that the voice in Dow1 doesn't fit the Fire Dragons, and that even the male eldar voices in Dow sounded too feminine.

>> No.30082848

Isn't one of the Craftworlds led mostly by women? They based their culture on the Crone goddess of Eldar myth.

I came across it when I was reading the Eldar codex. I guess this means there is a little gender discrimination in Eldardom.

>> No.30082878

>force commander pattinson

>> No.30082887


Yeah Iybraesil are a matriarchy. Eldar are fine with having female Young Kings and male Banshees and such.

>> No.30082907

that's not Davian Thule

>> No.30082918

In DoW1, killing a squad of space marines is just another task.
In DoW2, if you wipe a Tactical Squad, you're doing really well (or the enemy is an idiot).
To me, I like DoW2 more due to how much more decisive combat seems. Each unit loss is more critical, and each unit serves a tactical purpose.
Attacks seem more dramatic, as an assault marine squad in DoW1 would just jump and land softly, while getting shot dozens of times, and then just start yelling as melee combat happens. DoW2 has the crash of the landing, and them using their jet packs to get the assault, as special attacks send units hurling about. Four rockets from a tactical squad in 1 is nothing, a rear hit in 2 is a cause for celebration.

>> No.30082968

>its tough being a box

>> No.30082971

Whatever, just stay away from my Avitus

>> No.30082977

The Marines thing is probably just poor wording, and I'm not going to get into the issue of how universal the Chaos Gods are, but Khorne at least is a Warp entity. The Nightbringer example sticks out though, since at no point did the Oldcron codex - which McNeill actually worked on - mention the C'tan taking their war outside this one. Apparently he said the same about the Dragon in Mechanicum as well, and of course he was responsible for the Khorne one. Maybe it's just a thing with him.

>> No.30083007


>McNeill fluff

Stop. Just stop. That way madness lies. Nothing makes sense.

>> No.30083013

better then being boreale

>> No.30083248


The gameplay in Dow 2 is just more rewarding to me at least, as the choices you make when producing units, and engaging the enemies have way bigger impact to the flow of the game, than they do in Dow 1.

>> No.30083384

DoW1 is a RTS while DoW2 is a Real Time Tactics.

>> No.30083439

Do only I think that Winter Assault except Dark Crusade was best expansion?

Dat final speech of best general ever also known as a Sturnn.

>> No.30083452

>mfw DoW1 is what got me into 40k
gotta love Dark Crusade for making me fall in love with Necron

>> No.30083459

based orks

>> No.30083465

Woz waz dat? I jast enjoy crowdin' me shooty boyz and lissen to dat bootyful sound of DAKKA.

>> No.30083645


The Ork Campaign in Retribution is easily the best.
Captin Bludflagg=best freeboota!

>> No.30083782

>How I 'em supposed to hide in da lava?
>Mork knows I'm not trying dat trick again
Based DoW 2 orks.

>> No.30083834


Bludflagg also figured out where Kyras was hiding all by himself. A moment of brilliance where he surpassed the logical thinking abilities of most other faction leaders in Retribution.

>> No.30083884

that's because Orks don't need a silly religion to control thoughts. thinking outside the box is frowned upon in the Imperium and it gets you shot

>> No.30083914

dude you have gone full reddit

>> No.30083944

Hopefully for DoW3, they'll burn the engine down and start from scratch.

Both in DoW and DoW2 (and CoH2), the biggest problem was that the engine couldn't handle actual armies. Troops would get stuck into each other, pathfinding would fart out, and tanks would spin around uselessly or worse yet backing towards the enemy. And the camera is always zoomed in too much so you can't really make effective strategic decisions. It always turns into churning out a big blob of heavy firepower and sending them to an enemy.

Still love the games, though. I did like the RPG elements they added in DoW2. And the alignment stuff was neat in Chaos Rising. Probably one of my favorite expansions ever.

>> No.30083973


Never even been to reddit.
My years spent on this site have made me abhor any non anonymous form of posting.

>> No.30084171

>implying it will ever exist

>> No.30084860

Dat lady who does the Hive Mind.

>> No.30085053

>Original DoW
Balanced and fun.

>Winter Assault
Unbalanced and fun.

>Dark Crusade
Really unbalanced, still pretty fun

Did a damn good job at balancing everything, disappointing on release, pretty much required these days if you want to play the game properly. Also, pretty fun.

>> No.30085245


You're joking, right?

>> No.30085367

Nope, completely straightfaced serious. Sure, the campaign was disappointing, and the new races were kind of flavourless, and the aircraft look dorky, BUT the work that Iron Lore did to balance the game deserves more credit.

At release, Soulstorm was shitty and not worth anybody's time or money.

Years down the track, Soulstorm costs like a dollar and makes the game much, much more playable. You might as well.

>> No.30085385

Not that guy you're responding to. But what was so bad about it? I liked it just fine. Never played online though

>> No.30086119

Mostly, the rampant glitches and the ham-handed implementation of flyers, and that the whole thing was basically a shoddy rush-job.

>> No.30086859

I couldn't play DoW2, the Marine captains hair and art style put me off to much.

Looked like he should be in a boyband.

>also I would have prefered a points level like Final Liberation style of game rather than the standard RTS of DoW1

>> No.30088215

That's why they call him Force Commander Vanilla Ice. The similarities are uncanny.

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