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Okay, because of the ads I want to play a qt arm-less rogue now.

How would you do that, /tg/?

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multiclass into something with telekinesis

>chimenyspeak art style
If I'm to make any guesses this is gonna get real lewd real quick.

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Is this porn? If so, I want to see the rest of it.

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Depends on the setting/system

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reverse google tells me nothing what is source for masturbation purposes

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its on the 4chan ads atm.

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Right now it's ecchi at best, but there's definitely no shortage of smutty jokes

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Ya op were gonna need to know what your playing

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>not using adblock

Just post a link.

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Scroll down and look at the banner ad

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just turn off adblock..?

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Dear god, the anatomy in this comic makes me cringe.

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nigger, just link the fucking-

Thank you. Jesus christ.

>looking at ads

What the fuck happened to you people

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Not really wanting after first few pages

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just set it to display ads on 4chan, nothing like giving moot some extra moola

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We need to buy him that yacht filled with money somehow

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The art style is pretty shitty at first. It gets cuter as pages go by

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>Please support 4chan by disabling your ad blocker on *.4chan.org/*, purchasing a self-serve ad, or buying a 4chan Pass.

You see this message?

This appears three times in every window.

I made sure AdBlocker was engaged SPECIFICALLY because of this, Captcha, and Pass Begging.

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>a qt arm-less rogue
>not qt armless berserker

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ITT: Too lazy to draw arms shouldn't stop you from being a comic book artist.

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Other characters have arms, but apparently the protagonist does not. Pretty shit comic anyways; seems like a bunch of masturbation material.

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what a shitty comic

>> No.30045886


a rogue that duel wields rapiers with her teeth.

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I'm now sticking a girl golem with no arms in the next dungeon my PCs plunder.

Just because of this thread. Nothing like adding stuff on a whim to your game.

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>seems like a bunch of masturbation material.

Not seeing the problem here

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I'm okay with the concept of a swordsman having it in his mouth. Hell give him a pet wolf with a sword in it's mouth for ultimate autism rage.

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I'm pretty sure THAT has been drawn before. I just don't dare to look it up.

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Pretty much my first thought, but then I realized she still has legs and a neck.

Clearly she has to be Ball of Arms Man's nemesis.

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you aint got no arms lieutenant dan

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why is she always near-naked?

>> No.30046065

have a guess mate

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>I'm okay with the concept of a swordsman having it in his mouth.

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I would, if he didn't insist on having worksafe boards whilst allowing adult ads on EVERY board. Despite this site's "never browse in public" reputation, I get no odd looks doing so so long as all the ads for fleshlights and sex pillows are disabled.

If all the boards just went red I'd be fine just browsing in private with ads enabled, but as it is it's grossly inconsistent.

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>mfw they die in totally depressing way
>mfw I have no face

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The latest page still makes me cringe. I know it's not trying to be realistic, but it's just... ugh.

Though I'm turned off by Jessica Rabbit.

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>>mfw I have no face
What are you? Tapeworm?

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So the only reason for this comic is that the artist is too lazy to draw arms, but likes poorly drawn boobs, right? It's like a magical realm that's caused by laziness.

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Why does this thing have no arms...

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OP, you made the classic blunder.

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I'd still play, provided I could play a girl with golem arms. Really like the half-forged concept, but never get a chance to play it. Tried a 4e Artificer one time. God damn, that Path was shit though. Would rather just roll a Warforged and refluff it.

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Weird fetish. Or just lazy artist who can't draw arms. Probably both.

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>not buying a 4chan pass and allowing 4chan ads through adblock

It's like you want this site to die or something

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>amputee fetish
But Anon, limb-impaired girls need love too.

>> No.30046261

There's a difference between loving a girl missing a limb and loving -when- a girl is missing a limb.

>> No.30046266

I can understand amputee fetish. In fact, Rin is best girl.

But there's not even stumps here. This isn't simple amputee fetishism.

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Problem is pretentious dudes that go like "no, this isnt JUST masturbation material, like, she has personality and a story."

I don't mind porn, but I have a pet peeve with folk that don't admit they are doing fapping material.

>Now, I bought this anime statues because I am a fan of the show.

>This comic is really good. You know, the one about the big boobed mary sue filled with deus ex machinas and plots that make no sense. not it has nothing to do with the boobs or the fact she is often naked.

>The fact that this character is lesbian is not to fulfill my sexual fantasizies in a imaginary universe, it just fits her better. (of course it does, her purpose if your you to masturbate about it, doofus.)


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It's masturbation fetish fuel don't worry about it.

Amputee girl with massive physics busting tits.

The perv was rubbing one out after every drawn frame I guarantee it

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I told my players that they could bring any concept they wanted to the table and i'd make it work because the setting is very open and AD&D gives no fucks.

>MFW everyone wanted to play human fighters and elven rangers.

I'd love to have the girl with golem arms.

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This. My girlfriend is wheelchair bound because of an accident where she lost both legs below the knee (I actually made a thread about this a while ago, since she plays in the game I run), but I've never focused on her disability. I try my best to treat her like a normal girl, because I know that is what she wants. Not to be remembered of her disability at all times

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Hey, hottie!

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>lolicon and pedophilia isn't the same thing at all, you ignorant baka

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>he wants to take away money from moot

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I entirely forgot how poorly designed the Artificer class was.
The again I forgot it existed in the first place.

Then again, all of those "fringe" classes like the Assassin and Vampire just get swept under the rug and ignored.

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>tumblr nose

>> No.30046381

I was waiting For KS to be brought up. Time to leave.

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>/tg/ - Comics & Cartoons

Hell, we do everything better.

>> No.30046397

Maybe a whole party of armless qts?

>> No.30046406

>The art in this fucking comic

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And the difference is loving a human being with or without it's abilities, or feeling a subconcious attraction to people that are vulnerable and can't, quite literally, ran away from creepy folks like amputee fetishists.

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>> No.30046436

Why does that even mean? I've seen people refer to pretty much any style of nose as "tumblr nose", apparently drawing a nose at all makes it a tumblr nose?

There's a LOT of retarded things going on in this comic's artwork, but the noses aren't really one of them.

>> No.30046461

It means the nose is red. But, there is no reason for the nose to be red.

>> No.30046476

That particular kind of nose. If you paint it red it'll pretty much be the textbook example of tumblr nose

>> No.30046493

Is that one even going? And at least that one is open about being porn, unlike this crap.


>> No.30046494

Fancrastic, isn't it?

>> No.30046507

>tumblr nose

>> No.30046515

it took me a moment to get this, but I like it.

>> No.30046520

But the nose in OP's picture isn't red, so I don't get why it's a tumblr nose.

>> No.30046524

Moot's a sell out kike.

>> No.30046542

Because the guy who used the term is deranged, clearly.

>> No.30046548

>tumblr nose

>> No.30046563

Moot is moot. Let's not get into this.

>> No.30046566

Don't be so edgy, Anon

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>had to google Abaddon, but had a good laugh afterwards

>> No.30046578

Play as a frog girl and use my tongue to hold daggers and pick locks.

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>Why does that even mean? I've seen people refer to pretty much any style of nose as "tumblr nose", apparently drawing a nose at all makes it a tumblr nose?

See, there's been this style of drawing noses that's existed since at LEAST the 1950s. So say, at least 65 years.

However, since retards on 4chan feel the need to convince themselves of the inferiority of others, they've decided that this art style originated on tumblr. Obviously this is the case, because tumblr is bad and dumb and wrong.

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My current group can be a bit odd like that, too. Sometimes they'll make magical girls and demi-gods Though it's more 'spark of divine power' than 'half-god.'. Sometimes they'll make generic two-weapon rangers, sword and board fighters and elven wizards.

But I accommodate, because I'm a Forever DM, so the least I can do is roll with it. Usually turns out pretty fun.

One of the last times I got to play, the DM was very strict about RAW only, no reflavoring at all, even if it didn't alter mechanics in any way.

I mean, there's an upper limit to be sure, but having some wiggle room is nice.

>> No.30046599


Penny arcade have gone FULL retard with the tumbrl nose...

Look at the first fucking panel

>> No.30046603

I mean, come on, you never saw any cartoon characters with red noses before tumblr came along.

>> No.30046620

Shes just Rayman with tits.

>> No.30046621


But I get most my porn from there! From Japanese arts to JE tits.

>> No.30046626

While it has existed since the fifties, it fell out of style to use it on realistic stuff. For the past, 25 or so years It's only really been used on cartoony things

>> No.30046629

Oh, no, I recognized the character but the 'lol armless' part didn't kick in immediately. Unless you're saying you did that yourself.

Anyway I'm of a mind with the people in this thread that are calling this utter shit/ masturbation material because that's pretty clear from the artstyle at the least

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>> No.30046648

He said qt, so why did you post that ugly thing

>> No.30046652

>But I get most my porn from there!
Yeah, I don't get why people dislike tumblr. Apparently there are a lot of straw feminists on it, but all I see is porn.

Porn porn porn.

>> No.30046655

The fact that this character seems to have two armpits is causing me tremendous stress

>> No.30046657

Apparently she was born without them because her Dad thought that radiation gave babies superpowers.
All in all, she got away fairly clean.

>> No.30046662

Groups tend to be always protrayed by the loudest minorities

>> No.30046675

The higher ones are his dry armpits that are recessed into his fatty arms.

>> No.30046690

"Fairly clean" doesn't make it justice, I'd say 100% sane for an irradiated kid.

The comic so far seems to be pretty shitty "EPIK IT HAZ TEETZ AM GUNNA BUWK MAWK DEI FUG :---DDDD" garbage for teens, I'm right, i'm not?

>> No.30046694


>JE tits.

What? Don't you mean BE tits?

>> No.30046696


>> No.30046701

>this character

>> No.30046708

Oh, Artificer is quite fun. Makes a good weapon user, makes a good implement user, nice range of interesting effects. The problem is that it doesn't have a lot of options, so every artificer winds up being built the same unless you multi-class.

Later material also make some builds more effective. You could spend a feat to use crossbows as implements, so you could take weapon and implement powers together without having to spend extra cash maintaining an implement and weapon.

Class itself also synergizes (though MC or Hybrid) with Warlock and Swordmage quite well, so there's some flexibility there.

Just that a straight Artificer is pretty bland, with only two choices: Weapon user with the Battlesmith (I think that was the name) PP or an implement user with summons. Dragon was at least decent to them.

It's just the Self-Forged PP that was complete and utter shit.

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>not stroking the sad panda
Do you even fap?

>> No.30046724

>I want to see what's in this ad
Well then turn off adblock



>> No.30046734

God, I hate KSfags

Bikko, Nice, Balalaika, the holy fuckin trinity right there. Leave your shit-tier cardboard cutout cliches at home.

>> No.30046751

The topic was about the content of the ad though and didn't have any link to it is the issue, I think

>> No.30046766

>can I whale on this git

>> No.30046769

God, I miss John K.
All prissy network execs must hang.

>> No.30046777



oh the irony

>> No.30046808

That show was horrible in my book.
Really. I found it disgusting.

>> No.30046809

>charging money to read a webcomic

Nope. Anyone got an /rs/ of it, or an imgur mirror or something?

>> No.30046821

Yo, doesn't matter what side of the argument you're on, keep that shit on /a/.

>> No.30046825

>Being too retarded to operate a site
Nothing's charging anything!

>> No.30046848

There are things for sale on that site, but there's also a free comic. Try again.

>> No.30046862


What is JE and BE?

>> No.30046863

It doesn't cost anything to read it, as far as I can tell that's just a side story

>> No.30046880

no idea.
Breast Expansion?

>> No.30046886

I love that video.

>> No.30046887

The second half of the hebejebes?

>> No.30046896


Is not even a side story. Is a donation that lets you download a zip with all the comics.

You know, to show the artist you like his/her work?

>> No.30046912


BE is breast expansion.

JE is... Justice expansion? something related to SJW?

>> No.30046919

Jessica Elwood

>> No.30046931

One thing I can respect in this comic is that she kills the supervillains.

>> No.30046942


weird. I've never seen that artist draw BE

>> No.30046944

>JE is...
A fat mexican furry.

>> No.30046963


I don't think the tits she draws count as BE

>> No.30046968

Rayman finally fucked one of them fairies I see

>> No.30046970


> this appears three times in every window

I have seen it exactly no times
Maybe it's behind all those adverts you're blocking?

>> No.30046971

No, Je it's the first person of the singular in french.

>> No.30046973

Read up the whole chain, someone thought that the person who wrote it meant BE and then people were idiots and didn't know what either meant

>> No.30046998

A lot of sites do that actually

>> No.30047010


what about >>30046777 ?

>> No.30047025

Jessica Elwood & Breast Expansion

>> No.30047028

I can confirm that this is a thing, even not counting OCs

>> No.30047035

Screw that finicky shit. Finding porn is not hard.

Also; 3DPD 4lyfe.

>> No.30047050


Jessica Elwood doesn't draw breast expansion, though.

>> No.30047065

The artist always draws her chicks with huge tits

>> No.30047076

Wow, you mean a comic with no editors has spelling errors?

>> No.30047079 [DELETED] 


>All this new

Neo /tg/ is real

>> No.30047096

I like this, if only because it's saying that superheroes are gay retards.

I would love to play a character like this in M&M or some other related system.

>> No.30047107

I like them this young and innocent.

>> No.30047124

This reminds me of a thread I saw a few years ago where this wheelchair-bound ca/tg/irl was asking /tg/ if they'd date a girl in a wheelchair. She had a crush on some guy in her group.

>> No.30047130

Read through a bunch of it. Standard superhero schlock about the hero/villain cops and robbers game, giant monsters, and other horseshit.

Could be good if the author spent any time on any of his plots at all, but nothing is elaborated on and he jumps from arc to arc WAY too fast.


>> No.30047148


maybe you could stop being a smug loli and explain? does she has a secret place where she draws BE?


I had the idea that BE was above "huge"

>> No.30047163

I like this, if only because it's saying that tits are hot.

I would love to play with boobs like this in the park or some other related place.

>> No.30047174


>> No.30047205

That too. I like this comic.

>> No.30047216


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