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Welcome to Academy City. The weather is partly cloudy, the time is morning and the date is July 15.

You are Kyril Torikov, a Level 2 Telekinetic Child Error and survivor of what is now known as the Graviton Bombings. You probably would not have survived if not for your friend Sagara who tackled you out of the way of the blast. He’s still in coma but show signs of brain activity and as you’ve been told should wake up any day now. The doc says he’s on the threshold but it was as if something was keeping him from crossing it.

It has been three, no, four days now, since the first bombing and things haven’t gotten any better. Your friends have been helpful in gathering information however but it was up to you how it was going to be dealt with. Nakazawa had an in with an Anti-Skill officer and that meant official information, for all that it entails. Kyousuke knew a few less unsavoury types in his circle of musicians. The word around the street is that there’s some kind of new dope that’s been going around making Ability Users stronger. Tadakuni had been your eyes. Details of the scenes, the victims and other notable details were passed on to you.

>> No.30041642

Though not normally the brains of the outfit, Sagara did that, you collated all the information. Pinned to the wall of your dorm room was a map of the city with the locations of the bombings marked on it. Several printed news articles were also pinned and dated. There had to be a connection here you knew it, and that’s what you’ve been puzzling over the last few days. It wasn’t the only thing you did but with all the data you had, you haven’t gone out very much.

What have you prioritised after investigating the bombings?
>Ability usage
>Physical fitness
>Your homework

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> Ability Usage.

I have to turn in soon, but good luck with your Quest. I've wanted to run something like this, but I keep tripping up over the setting.

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Get that homework done first so you can spend the rest of your time at your leisure.

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>>Ability usage

>> No.30041700

>>Your homework
Mediocrity quest?

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> Ability Usage.

>> No.30041728

>>Your homework

>> No.30041741

>Your homework

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>> Ability Usage.

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Ability Usage

I suppose we could do both.

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Seems like /tg/ doesn't understand the importance of education

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But what about the importance of moving things with your mind?

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>Ability usage
I know next to nothing about this series, but it seems pretty cool.

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>implying education actually matters in AC
Either you have the ability/potential to be powerful or you don't. By this point in his life, the MC is pretty much locked into being a shit-tier Esper.
What year is it? Why are we investigating the bombings? Is it a personal interest, or are we part of some organization?

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Despite it being summer, there was still homework. You wanted to get that out of the way as soon as possible. It also helped that part of it was related to your ability. Thus you spent most of your free time telekinetically writing down the answers for math and science and so on. Most Level 3s are supposed to have powers that they could use in making their life easier or so they say. That said, you were not going to try telekinetic shaving again, you still need your nose after the first time you tried.

As for your other injuries, they’ve healed up pretty well. They were only just scratches and even then you only needed the painkillers for a day or two. There’s still some left and you decide to keep them on.

Today is a brand new day and with the leads you have you could probably chase one up now, maybe two if you hurry. Which one do you follow first?

>Investigate official channels of information
>Kyousuke’s rumours
>Tadakuni’s eyewitness accounts

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>Kyousuke’s rumours

>> No.30042031

>>Tadakuni’s eyewitness accounts

>> No.30042046

>Tadakuni’s eyewitness accounts
Check if any of these sound promising. If not, go to the rumours.
>Kyousuke’s rumours
Everything in AC is either underground organizations composed to retarded teenagers or magicians. If it's the latter, we're fucked anyways.

Anti-skill is worthless. Let's just ignore them.

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Someone did archive the previous thread but here's the OP's number if you're looking through foolz: 29995928

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Wait, are we level two or three?

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>not putting a link to the archive in OP
>not putting the Quest number in the OP

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We are Level 2 trying to reach Level 3.
I knew I forgot something.

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If we're gonna look into some terrorist bombing shit, maybe we should go buy a gun or at least a knife. Level 2 telekinesis isn't really going to cut it.

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>buy a gun
>in Japan
>in a super-isolationist city in Japan

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>something was keeping him from crossing it

calling that the bomber and sagara switched earphones. "level upper" had coma without waking as a symptom right?

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Considering how useless yet numerous anti-skill are it should not be "hard" to acquire one from a raided storage. Too bad we don't have access to AC's hidden side so that plan falls kind of flat for now.
Just keep it in the back of your minds.

>>Kyousuke’s rumours
Look up new arcades on the net. An esper gotta unwind.

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I think we should have a signature object for our TK attack

a piece of shrapnel from the arcade bombing?
a coin?
a razor blade?

>> No.30042347

Arcade tokens.

>> No.30042351

A taxidermy butterfly

>> No.30042365

A bottle full of our own semen.

>> No.30042403

A Stop Sign for now?
Pretty sure we'll go for a hoverboard once we get to level 3 and barriers on level 4.

>> No.30042405

A rock

>> No.30042425

Glass beads or shards.

>> No.30042429

A rolled up ball of reese peanut butter cup wrappers

>> No.30042451

That's what you stick in shotguns, along with one labeled "minnows".

>> No.30042466

A fucking gun

>> No.30042487

A Dumbbell

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You take a step back from the wall after you finish your morning routine. On your desk is a list of victims which you had gone through. Over a dozen injured some critically, but thankfully no deaths so far. There were also one or two Judgement members caught in each blast as well, for a total of six casualties so far. Strange but if the targets really were members of Judgement then it made sense. You hold the thought as your anger simmers.

However well you want that conjecture to fit there are also other things of note. Namely, the explosion was due to an ability related to gravitons and using aluminium objects as bombs. Anything from a soft drink can to a spoon could be a deadly implement then. In fact, it seemed like the bastard had started hiding his bombs in bags and stuffed animals. The latter made it children susceptible to finding them.

There couldn’t be that many Ability Users that fit the bill not to mention to the scale of the attack. They had to be at least Level 3 and have a really messed up psyche. Still that was as far as you could go with the information Tadakuni scrounged up.
Armed with information you now need to get a list of suspects
>Go with Kyousuke and do some legwork
>As Nakazawa if he can get you a list

>> No.30042521

>Go with Kyousuke and do some legwork

>> No.30042537

>>Go with Kyousuke and do some legwork

>> No.30042541

>>Go with Kyousuke and do some legwork
We're never going to be a level 5 destruction catalyst madman without doing a little physical activity

>> No.30042559

>Go with Kyousuke and do some legwork.

get out, get some fresh air

and when we find the mother fucker..


>> No.30042565

>Go with Kyousuke and do some legwork

>> No.30042577

>Implying we're not going to BECOME him
Except less furry

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I hated the animu but I found the premise interesting, would I like the light novels or mangoes better?

>> No.30042618

Index Light Novels
Railgun Manga

>> No.30042684

That's an overwhelmingly valid and detailed argument. What you're really saying is: it's pretty good, but I didn't like it

>> No.30042704

I'm pretty sure it's universally agreed the anime kinda sucked.

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We need to volunteer for some crazy shit. The system is rigged against people that don't do well.enough quickly.

>> No.30042800

Well no use sitting on your arse when you could do something. Calling up Kyousuke, you both agree to meet up and go visit some of his friends. Having grown up on the street, you were perfectly comfortable in the more shady parts of town. That you didn’t exactly scream delinquent didn’t matter. In fact a lot of people tend to ignore them, especially when some of the dumber ones pick on others for one thing or another. It’s how they manage to get a hold of information one way or another. You weren’t exactly a saint who went around and broke up such things either though.

You arrive in School District 10, one of the more run down areas. There existed two options, there was a dealer Kyousuke knew but he wasn’t in the business of just giving away information. The other was to deal with a guy named Trick. Neither of you knew who he was or how many guys backed him up but the rumours say he’s been bragging about making a bunch of sales, whatever that meant.

>Kyosuke’s contact

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I found the nun and the lesbian annoying as all hell, I found the stock shonen lead annoying, hated the "oblivious hero unknowingly amasses a harem cliche being utilized to full effect.

they took an interesting premise and turned into standard action shonen with waifus animu #2341.

but I guess its just my fault for having expectations...

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>Kyosuke’s contact

the devil you know (well know better anyway)

>> No.30042818

>>Kyosuke’s contact

>> No.30042826


>> No.30042830

>>Kyosuke’s contact

>> No.30042835

>Kyosuke’s contact

>> No.30042893

"The System" advocates Eugenics and genetically engineered thousands of girls just to be slaughtered like cattle to power level an edgy albino.

I'd much rather go Magneto on their ass (after gaining considerable power of course)

>> No.30042913

Are the light novels worth reading?

>> No.30042928

>Slave name
I don't know why this phrase always makes me laugh my ass off.

>> No.30042945

only one way to find out...

>> No.30042991


Thank you kind anon

>> No.30043097

Better the Devil you knew better. Well you didn’t really know him but Kyousuke did. Could it be considered strange that music brought them together? You don’t have much time to ponder the matter when you finally meet. He sat with a four others who seemed to be listening to something. Music most likely.

At your approach he eyes you warily.

“Kyousuke, is this the guy?” he asks.

The others don’t pay you much mind.

“Yeah, us two can handle it if it’s just setting stuff up,” your friend replies.

“Alright, the names Tamezou,” he speaks to you, “You may Ability User trash but a friend of Kyousuke’s a friend of mine. Just don’t push it eh?”

He holds out his hand, you squash the urge to slug him and shake. He has a grip stronger than yours but you don’t show. Weakness out in these parts is a dangerous thing to have.

“Right, the job’s simple, there’s this broad who’s been snooping around so we need you to set up some equipment in the side alley,” he motions to some crates, “Leave it there and don’t fucking touch anything else alright?”

Kyousuke nods and you both get to work. Of course Tamezou’s got other things to do so he waits patiently for whoever pissed him off to arrive. As you work however, a panel falls off revealing some complicated circuit boards and wires. He did tell you to not touch a thing but damn if this doesn’t work it’s on your head.

>Try and fix it.
>Nope, not my problem.

>> No.30043125

>>Try and fix it.

just put the panel back up, he'd probably think you touched it anyway

>> No.30043129

>Nope, not my problem.

>> No.30043139

>Examine it
What are we setting up?
IIRC, these are speakers that jam Esper abilities.

>> No.30043162

>>Try and fix it.

>> No.30043170

>>Nope, not my problem.

>> No.30043190

>Try and fix it.

>> No.30043202

>Try and fix it.

>> No.30043228

Point it out, "Guys, this shts broke."

>> No.30043245


>> No.30043265


>> No.30043271

This. Also don't touch it. Don't fuck it up anymore than it already is

>> No.30043276

>>27164024 seems like a cool guy.

>> No.30043348


>> No.30043397

was it >>>/co/27164024

>> No.30043816

“Hey this shit’s broke,” you shout to Tamezou.

He gives you a look and then spots the open panel.

“Then find the screw and close it we’re a clock here kid,” he shouts back.

You do as you’re told. Somewhere along the way you may have dropped one of the screws or whatever and you need to put it back in place. You find it just as Tamezou’s opponent arrives. She was wearing a Tokiwadai Middle School uniform along with what looked like a kendo bag, the kind used to carry swords in. You don’t bother to speculate what it may or may not contain as you hurried put panel back in place whilst listening in to the conversation.

“You’re a really sore loser Tamezou, calling out a lady like me to a place like this. I’m sure if you beg for forgiveness now I’ll just be on my way seeing as you are wasting my time.”

“Not so fast, I got something to show you,” Tamezou brandishes a trigger and depresses the button.

Maybe it was due to the proximity but you instantly feel something oppressive settle down on your brain. Kyousuke, who was a Level 0 remain unaffected but worried. The girl as well took a bit of a stumble but manages to swing her bag around to block a blow from Tamezou.

“Heh, still standing are you? As expected of The Dictator,” he smiles and pushes her back, “But your Ability doesn’t mean shit now and I’ll show you not to disrespect your elders!”

Stumbling she rips off the bag and reveals an honest to goodness sword that she hefts in both hands.


>> No.30043841

As far as the fight goes she’s matching him blow for blow. Rather, he’s trying to avoid getting cut by a goddamn longsword and the rest of his crew are as well. That said it was still four against one and she would tire soon enough if your headache was any indication.

“You there,” you hear her voice compel you, “Smash that speaker up.”

Now you understand her power as your body moves on its own. However weakened it is still resistable.

>Resist the compulsion
>Smash that shit

>> No.30043849

>>Resist the compulsion

>> No.30043864

>>Resist the compulsion

fuck you I won't what you tell me!

>> No.30043872

>>Resist the compulsion
Don't fuck this up /tg/
We need this guy

>> No.30043890

"Ask me nicely."

>> No.30043913

>Resist the compulsion

>> No.30043916

>Resist the compulsion

>> No.30043927

she's probably evil...have you ever seen a good guy with mind control powers?

the ratio can't be in Justice's favor at the very least...

>> No.30043942

right, what dice we rolling this time?

>> No.30043947

Don't knock evil just yet. We might just go that route.

>> No.30043978

>>Resist the compulsion
Get Kyousuke and GTFO, watch from afar. Get ready to call or find Judgement members.

>> No.30044017

oh, I want to full on magneto. "Espers are the next step in human evolution. Fight the power! etc"

Heck, we should carry around nails and use them on evil doers and call ourselves "the hammer of justice".

>> No.30044154

>smash her

>> No.30044266

On top of the splitting headache you’re developing for whatever the speaker is doing you look her straight in the eye as she gets her sword stuck in one of Tamezou’s thug’s thigh.

“Ask…me…nicely,” you manage.

Giving you a bored look she casually pulls out her sword as the remaining three thugs back up to Tamezou’s dismay. You hear her say one word amidst the supposed silence,


She shoots off towards you. Faster than you could imagine a girl like her could. That bloody sword is coming towards you. Or perhaps it was the speaker-thing behind you that she was aiming at. It would make sense. If the dampener was down then she wouldn’t need her sword.

What do?
>Try and stop her (How? Also give me 1d20)
>Dodge out of the way

>> No.30044283

Rolled 19


>Try and stop her (How? Also give me 1d20)

>> No.30044306

sorry, I meant:

try to side step and maybe trip her, if possible

>> No.30044318

Rolled 5

>Try and stop her

she wrecks the speaker we're all fucked

>> No.30044319


>> No.30044322

Bare-handed sword catch: the way real men do it.

>> No.30044331

Before I forget, the default attempt to stop her will be a full-body tackle.

>> No.30044337

fair enough, let's do that

>> No.30044357


Supporting this notion.

>> No.30044360

full body tackle, eh? Sure why not, forget >>30044337, then, we go for full frontal assault

>> No.30044383

Goddamnit Wrenloft make up your mind.

>> No.30044400

Wrenloft is only good for throwing dice, don't ask him to do hard stuff like think.

love you Wrenloft

>> No.30044402

Just trip her ass

>> No.30044412

Hey, I didn't know the default was a full body tackle

>> No.30044422

this is something a protagonist would do

>> No.30044438

I did try to add that in quick you're flipflopping like a pair of sandals.

It's all good though.

>> No.30044454

>full-body tackle
This is perfect for shenanigans, not stopping a girl skillfully mercilessly lunging at you with a goddamn longsword.

>> No.30044467

It's also something wrenloft voted for... at one point.

>> No.30044519

Rolled 15

Ten minutes are up, looks like you want to stop her and just to be clear, please quote
>Sword catch
You have five minutes.

Also don't mind me, just rolling for opposition.

>> No.30044528

>Sword catch

>> No.30044532

>Sword Catch

>> No.30044538


Sword catch.

>> No.30044547


>> No.30044549

>>Sword catch

>> No.30044565

>Sword catch

>> No.30044569

>>Sword catch

>> No.30044605

We're going to die.

>> No.30044613

We rolled a 19. We're fine.

>> No.30044631

She rolled a 15 and we're trying a retarded plan.

>> No.30044639

We'll just put up, like, a TK field around our hands or something. I don't know how this setting works.
It'll be fiiiiiine.

>> No.30044650

We're fine

>> No.30044658

>We rolled higher than her.
Not seeing a reason to worry.

>> No.30044664

How much morphine did they give us at the hospital?

>> No.30044682

how about you wait for everything to go wrong before you start complaining?

there's always at least one guy fretting over decisions in quests....

>> No.30044691

You acting like a little bitch right now

>> No.30044928

Rolled 11

You know that if she destroys that speaker then it’s all over for the whole lot of you. She’s wicked already with that sword but if she fully has master over her Ability then you all might as well be puppets to her. So you do what could be considered the stupidest thing ever, you attempt to catch her sword as she thrusts it forward.

True she wasn’t aiming at you, and it takes a special kind of person to just jump at the blade like that. Regardless you try to catch with your armpit, knowing it wouldn’t hurt too much and you wouldn’t lose fingers in the process. With the speed she was moving you’d expect for it to hurt more and it doesn’t seem to. Probably because you were subconsciously using your Ability to guide the blade and halt it despite the dampening effect that’s got your brain feeling like the weight of the world was on top.

The speaker doesn’t even tip over.

She’s really all up in your face and for that moment, that one microsecond, her face contorts in to surprise before she let go of the sword and kicks you in your stomach. Falling backward on your ass with sword gripped tightly, you watch as two of Tamezou’s tackle her and pin her down. He walks up casually to you.

“Nice work,” he says, “For Ability User trash anyway. Right, I got what I wanted, what do you want to know?”

>What do you want to know? (Write-in, I’ll try and fit as many questions as reasonable)

>> No.30044981




>> No.30044985

"My friend got fucked up by a graviton bomb. I want the fucker responsible. Know anyone with that kind of MO?"

>> No.30045004


>> No.30045022

We're keeping that sword.

I'm supporting this guy.

>> No.30045030


"Out of curiosity, what will happen to her?"

>> No.30045075

do we suspect if the bomber is on that power up drug?

has he heard of any gravity espers being..disgruntled?

>keeping that sword.

she was perfectly willing to stab us before, lets not give her a reason to make it personal.


>> No.30045077

We are keeping the sword, and the girl. We don't need information at this cost.

>> No.30045093

>actually pulled it off
So... psychokinetic unarmed swordsage?

>> No.30045098

>"My friend got fucked up by a graviton bomb. I want the fucker responsible. Know anyone with that kind of MO?"
Voting. Let them have the girl and the sword. Both are useless

>> No.30045103


At least wait before he gives us the info before antagonizing the guy. Sheesh.

>> No.30045111

I'm unsure of what you mean by this.

>> No.30045137



We've got psychokinesis man.
We are good at controlling one object really well. Think about that for a bit.

>> No.30045145

>"Words been going around that someone is dealing in enhancement drugs for ability users. You know anything about it?"

>Talking to dealer
>Not mentioning drugs

Really /tg/, really?

>> No.30045162

No need for a sword when we'll get a gun. Upgrade to a tech9. Then maybe a shotgun. Minigun.
Meleefaggots can take a hike.

>> No.30045176

Think pic related.

>> No.30045183

>lets give mind control lass a personal reason to hunt us down and stab us

>> No.30045204

I'm asking whether that's a question you're asking IC or not. Anyway, writing.

>> No.30045205


We need throwing knives and practice

>> No.30045228


We can shoot the gun in our hands while swinging the sword with our minds. nobody said we had to wield the sword in our hands.

>> No.30045279

OOC. People have been arguing about how to develop and use TK. The scene brought a random thought of building Kyril into a CQC esper power-augmented fighter.

>> No.30045297

How CQC are we talking? Like Big Boss level? Because then, yeah, I can totally go for that.

>> No.30045330

The direction you wish to take is in /tg/'s hand. Building a Shichika is within the realm of possibility. But so is hoverboard hero and so on and so forth.

>> No.30045332

Eh, I kind of prefer ranged combat.

>> No.30045380

I wanna be TK Magneto

and I know its a tad premature, but its never too early to at least discuss possible codenames/esper nicknames.

>> No.30045395

We can do that too. Our power is TK focussed on a single object. If we leveled up increasing solely the power, precision and speed of our TK we could pull some crazy shit with a close combat weapone at all ranges.

>> No.30045426

But all the espers do that crap.

"Oooooh look at me I've got crazy godlike power but can't throw a punch to save my life!" then they get punched by TouMAN, or beaten up by Skill-Out when they've got those anti-esper speakers.

Its not like being good at CC would stop us from being able to hurl shit at people with TK anyway, that's pretty basic.

>> No.30045437

>TK Magneto

Rejected for being both unoriginal and lame as fuck.

Ans seriously why aren't we questioning the drug dealer about the aforementioned ability enhancing drugs?

>> No.30045462


We can ask him that too.

>> No.30045516

What about enhancing the body with TK? Like Chi

>> No.30045547

and being a clone of Touma but with TK is SOOOO much better

You mean tactile telekinesis?

how about we actually get good at thing we're supposed to be good at before we start branching out?

>> No.30045548

There are many questions you’d like to ask him but the most important was,

“My friend got fucked up by a graviton bomb. I want the fucker responsible. Know anyone with that kind of MO?”

“Graviton bombing huh?” Tamezou strokes his non-existent facial hair, “I don’t know who’s responsible specifically but I know a Synchrotron or two.”

“I know one boss,” one of Tamezou’s pipes up, “We shake him down for cash now and then, the name’s Kaitabi but he’s only Level 2.”

“Words been going around that someone is dealing in enhancement drugs for ability users. You know anything about it?”

“We deal that stuff,” Tamezou counters, “You gotta talk to Trick, but he’s an Ability User and he’s pretty trash compared to you.”

“So I’m alright?” you ask.

“Don’t push it. Is that all?”

“Out of curiosity, what are you going to do with her?”

“The Dictator?” he smirks, “Well wouldn’t you like to know? How about you come back when you’re older got it?”

You take one last look at the girl who returns your gaze. There is no fear in her eyes, no resignation, nor despair. There is only hate, hate for you, hate for knowing that you were responsible for fate. You turn away from her glare as your cuts start hurting. The stupid Ability dampener isn’t making it better so both your head and left armpit are now throbbing. You’re tempted pop a painkiller but you felt like you need water to wash it down; a whole lot of water.

Will you do anything before leaving?
>Do something (Write-in)

>> No.30045565

>>Do something (Write-in)

smash the speakers when we leave their line of sight.

>> No.30045569

>"We don't deal with that stuff."

>> No.30045577


>> No.30045592

>Turn off the Ability dampener
>Walk away

>> No.30045610


"Rape is not a game"

>> No.30045643

"You rape her, I'll pull your tongue out your asshole."

>> No.30045646

>Down the thugs, use your fists and sword, assert dominance

>> No.30045650

Smash the speaker now that we have what we need theres no reason why shes gotta be raped. Cant believe I just posted this and im a /b/ro at that

>> No.30045683

Grin, smash the speaker, and fucking book it.

>> No.30045724

Guys, if we smash speaker, she is gonna mindraped us and our friend. They call her the Dictator for a REASON.

>> No.30045727


Yep smash the speaker and say "This is truly a shitty speaker."

If she somehow kicked their asses, we should give her back her bokken.

>> No.30045768

we should smash the speaker and gtfo or smash from a distance

I don't wanna find out if she's grateful or not

She seems a little stab happy, you know?

>> No.30045775

It's not a wooden sword nor Japanese for that matter.

>> No.30045788

And you really think she wouldn't get loose at the first opportunity and track us down?

None of them seem like good people, so we might as well let them fight it out now that we have what we wanted.

>> No.30045840

Well hell, if we don't do anything she's gonna be called Dick-taker pretty soon!

>> No.30045892

European longsword? cool beans.

>> No.30045925

What part of "Talhoffer Time" do you not get?

>> No.30045944

>Do something (Write-in)

Round a corner then use your TK to smash the speaker.

Proceed to run like hell.

>> No.30045971

Normally I'd run, but I want her to see that we smashed it.

>> No.30045999

Yeah, if she doesn't see it's us then she'll probably try to kill us immediately after the other people.

>> No.30046008

Assuming those dudes live, which kinda seems doubtful, we're gonna get a bit of a reputation for untrustworthiness in these parts.
>Help some dudes out
>Seem pretty chill
>Get what we want
Not that I'm advocating doing something else, just saying we should be more careful in this part of town going forward.

>> No.30046023

not that familiar with medieval schools of fencing

I thought Talhoffer was what she named the sword..

>> No.30046051

We stepped into what seems like a pre-existing feud between generally disagreeable people. It's not so much screwing anyone over as setting things back the way they would have been without our involvement.

Also, I'd rather not remain on such bad terms with the one who's clearly the most dangerous person present.

I think helping her like this is a good call.

>> No.30046072


Well they are thinking about gang raping her and it is not cool at all.

>> No.30046081

I am not sure but didn't we want to get out of this kind of town life and be a good student? So pro-school over gangsters?

>> No.30046099

>We're setting things back to what they'd have been if we hadn't been there
That's screwing someone over. It'd be like giving someone a hundred dollars and then taking it back before they can buy anything.

I agree helping her is a good call, I'm just advocating caution going forward. These guys seem like the kind to jump a dude and knife him in the gut.

>> No.30046103

>implying the Dictator won't just kill them

I just hope we aren't in the body count

>> No.30046124

“As fun as this whole morning was,” you start as to turn around, “Rape is not a game.”

With that you smash the speaker with The Dictator’s sword and send it flying as you hoof it away from the incoming storm. In that instant, your mind clears and though you’ve never used telekinesis to aid your physical activities before, what better time than now? You don’t even want to be around when the shock wears off. Even from the distance you’ve covered, almost two blocks, you can hear her voice, no less commanding than earlier.

“KNEEL!” you hear but you aren’t stopping, not for this, not for any one, “KNEEL BEFORE ME.”

Yup, definitely don’t want to be anywhere in that district any longer. It’s finally when you make it back to School District 7 that you slow down. The running is only going to draw a crowd and given that you’re bleeding, holding a bloody sword and panting like mad, it isn’t going to make it any better.

Where to go?
>A Certain Hospital, you can also go visit Sagara
>Convenience store, get some disinfectant
>Head home, all you need is some water and a painkiller

>> No.30046147

>Convenience store, get some disinfectant

>> No.30046150

>>Head home, all you need is some water and a painkiller

we are carrying a sword, we can't go anywhere! get off the streets

>> No.30046152

>we kept the sword
God dammit.

>> No.30046159


Head home

>> No.30046161

>Convenience store, get some disinfectant

Just fuckin' waltz in with the sword propped on our shoulder, all casual like.

>> No.30046175

this, what are we? retarded? Get the fuck off the streets and lay low for gods sake.

>> No.30046176

>Where the fuck is Kyousuke?
Did we like abandon him or is he next to us looking at us as if we are mad?

>> No.30046191

>Head home, all you need is some water and a painkiller

>> No.30046193

okay, we can prepare for her rage.

her commands are her power right?

get some ear plugs
focus our TK on her jaw
throw the sword over Tokiwadai's gate and hoof it

>> No.30046240

>Head home, all you need is some water and a painkiller

>> No.30046269

>>Head home, all you need is some water and a painkiller

>> No.30046280


Let's at least practice with it using our TK. Let's hold onto it until we find that bomber, or find a better sword. Afterwards, we can give it back.

>> No.30046330

>>Head home, all you need is some water and a painkiller
Could have destroyed a future enemy by letting them her. Fucking morons.

>> No.30046344

>forgetting about JUSTICE

>> No.30046363

They were just gonna rape her, that would've just made her hate us more.

>> No.30046374

fucking is inefficient method of killing someone

>> No.30046382

Take your paladin shit elsewhere, homo. MC is going to be taking over this city.

>> No.30046385

I get the impression we're gonna be playing kinda fast and loose with the whole "justice" thing.

>> No.30046404

She is at least level 4, and i doubt they would have managed to kill her. Then we would have an angry level 4 on our ass. No thanks please.

Also, we are a hero of Justice. Somewhat.

>> No.30046420

"What is Justice?" is a very tricky philosophical question.

imo, Justice is like Pornography, I know it when I see it.

>> No.30046422

Having a rival is nice. We can grind on her.

>> No.30046433

>taking over the city
>from Aliester

Good luck bud. I might suggest a better way to help solve this problem.

Jump off a roof cause taking the city is pure retarded.

>> No.30046441

Great. Another quest down the shitter. Who let these whiteknights in here?

>> No.30046446


We voted on JUSTICE, not revenge, you dumb mouthbreather. We don't have to be this whiteknight, but we definitely should not condone rape of all things.

>> No.30046453

>Stopping gangrape
>White knight

>> No.30046469

We didn't vote shit you dipshit. Stop speaking for the whole thread.

>> No.30046486

hey, even EVIL can have standards.

>> No.30046492

This quest is very slow

>> No.30046499

We did vote on justice in the first thread instead of vengeance.
I don't really agree with what anon's saying, but we did vote.

>> No.30046500

......I see.

Then this is a retard who either lying or never read the archives.

Our character choose justice. Stop being a bitch about it.

>> No.30046502


We did in the prior thread you motherfucker. At least be sure of things when you start spouting them.

>> No.30046530

Well that's going to be changing

>> No.30046543

Why don't you fuck off.

>> No.30046552


No we're not. Either conform to the majority, or get the fuck out.

>> No.30046554

wow, just 2 threads in and already a shitstorm.

how about we just see where the adventure takes us and react accordingly?

>> No.30046565

Rolled 4

Can I get a d20 real quick. Will take best of three.

>> No.30046568

Rolled 20


>> No.30046576

Rolled 9


>> No.30046579

Rolled 19


>> No.30046580

Rolled 1


>> No.30046583

Rolled 12


>> No.30046586

Rolled 2


>> No.30046600

Thank god.

>> No.30046606


>> No.30046611

>I disagree with previously voted-upon character traits
>the character should be changed to suit my whims

>> No.30046622

>Anno domini MMXIV
>Respondens ad troglodytae

>> No.30046623

Hey. If you're all about justice, that's fine. But can you stop being so obnoxious and typing it in every post in all caps.

>> No.30046628


But remember, a lot of those votes explicitly stated that we were going justice because unlike vengeance we could switch to murderhobo mode anytime we felt like it.

Because context actually does matter. Even if you don't like it.

>> No.30046646

>Making excuses to change the character to your whim.

>> No.30046680

>tfw you don't want to be either maximum edge Punisher or big blue boy scout Superman

>> No.30046704

I just don't want to play white knight paladin gotta be the leader gotta fix the entire world that /tg/ plays in almost every single quest. It's boring.

>> No.30046710

>Denying facts that don't fit you opinions.

You didn't really think that made you sound smart did you?

>> No.30046712

Don't worry.

We will fucking kill people. Like the big tits lady that does escapes alot.

She almost killed an entire fucking city. We killed her on the spot.

The magic god. The bitch. The Super Hitler. We kill her on the spot.

The dude who started world war 3.


>> No.30046740

So we're the Punisher?

>> No.30046743

That's clearly the route we're on, Anon.

>> No.30046747

And we left her to pretty much destroy the dealer and his mooks, didn't we? That's not exactly in white kinght territory.

>> No.30046750

Punisher had a hard life

>> No.30046756


We aren't going to kill punks and shit.

But we aren't going to let someone trying to commit mass murder go away with their lives.

>> No.30046758


Justice like this is great, that is what we should strife for. No one ever said we were going to be full on paladin when we picked the justice option. This is fine.

>> No.30046764

We helped some dudes out for information and then left them for dead after we got what we wanted. We're not exactly a sterling example of morality.

>> No.30046772

We didn't kill them ourselves, so yes, it still is in white knight territory

>> No.30046781

Well, they tried to gangrape a girl and would have done even worse shit.

>> No.30046783

Nigga fuck off with that edgy shit.

>> No.30046784

Admittedly, the dudes weren't great people either. They arguably got what was their due.

>> No.30046785

You decide to head home as quick as you can. It’s only a matter of time now before Judgement starts hopping up and down on case like you’re dying or something. But at least you didn’t kill anyone. Or let middle school girls get taken advantage of. You’re pretty sure that was a line you didn’t want to cross, pursuit of justice or not.

Luckily for you it is now veering evening and the low light levels coupled with the terribly cloudy sky, you are fairly unnoticed as you try to avoid attention. If anything it seems that people are gathering in another part of the district. Something about another bombing this time and just like clockwork, Tadakuni sends you a message.

“Another bombing at convenience store, one Judgement hurt, no other casualties.”

You sure dodged a bullet there. By the time you reach your dorm, Kyousuke also sent you a message.

“I am coming for you. –The Dictator (^.^)”

How do you prepare to receive her?
>Make some tea, pop some pills, she’s a guest right?
>Seek asylum elsewhere, it is no longer safe here.

>> No.30046795

Go to /v/ if you're going to spout meaningless buzzwords

>> No.30046801


"Shall I prepare some tea?"

>> No.30046811

>>Seek asylum elsewhere, it is no longer safe here.
Let's live in a sewer. Like that kid in Shazam

>> No.30046812

>>Seek asylum elsewhere, it is no longer safe here.

SHIT. The bitch is gonna make us a fucking slave.


>> No.30046813

>Make some tea, pop some pills, she’s a guest right?

>> No.30046815

and then this
>>Make some tea, pop some pills, she’s a guest right?

>> No.30046819

Let's just kill people who need to die. Don't need to be a baby eating Satan or the next Jesus.

>>Make some tea, pop some pills, she’s a guest right?
Bitch is going to follow us anyway, may as well met her on our home turf.

>> No.30046828

evil unto evil?

I can dig it

>Seek asylum elsewhere, it is no longer safe here.
leave the sword outside the door before you go. get a new cell phone, a cheap trac phone thing

>> No.30046834

>make some tea
>take a few painkillers
>clean her sword off

>> No.30046835

>>Seek asylum elsewhere, it is no longer safe here.

>> No.30046840


>> No.30046851

>Make some tea, pop some pills, she’s a guest right?
russians love their tea, too.

>> No.30046857

does our dorm have working AC?

also get ear plugs

>> No.30046865

This is how I Lawful Neutral.

>> No.30046867

>Seek asylum elsewhere, it is no longer safe here.

>> No.30046868

You send her a reply and receive a response quite quickly.

"I look forward to it. ( 'o' ) (^.^)"

>> No.30046895

>Make some tea, pop some pills, she’s a guest right?

Uhoh. Well, guess its counterrape time? With her power she can basically make Kyousuke sing like a bird. She knows everything there is to know about us, so she will find us sooner or later. I guess the later she finds us the angrier she will be soooo....

>> No.30046898

>Middle school
>Somehow level 4
>Uses emoticons
Fucking disgusting. Luckily she's right in /tg/'s range for waifuing.
I'm out

>> No.30046914

Goodbye and good riddance.

But seriously, she isn't a waifu. especially since she can mindrape us with her voice.

>> No.30046924

Then I suppose >>30046834 it is.

>> No.30046927

>But seriously, she isn't a waifu
I remember when people said that about the little girl in Shadow quest. And then look what happened.

>> No.30046930

Head to the store and get ear plugs.

>> No.30046938

She turned into a 20 year old and the quest was better off for it?

>> No.30046939

>Make some tea, pop some pills, she’s a guest right?

>> No.30046940

remind me, our character is a first year or second year at A Certain High School?

>> No.30046956


>> No.30046962


>> No.30046976

First year, we're on a different floor from the troublemakers of THAT class.

>> No.30046996

>>Make some tea, pop some pills, she’s a guest right?
Lie on the floor, bleed out a little.

>> No.30047020

Yes we have Air Conditioning, and writing. Staying in your dorm won.

>> No.30047024

We are Russian. We do tea properly.

Cup, saucer, napkin, and spoon all placed out at the ready, along with snacks appropriate to the type of tea. The host should pour for guests first, then offer milk, lemon, and sugar.

Tea doesn't have to be serious business, but common courtesy is a thing.

>> No.30047033

>Staying in your dorm won.
Course it did

>> No.30047042

Do we also sneak a hefty dose of vodka into our cup?

>> No.30047049

moar liek we sneak tea into our vodka cup

>> No.30047057


>Make some tea, pop some pills, she’s a guest right?

Yelp! Better prepare for her arrival and hope that she don't start mindraping us.

Maybe we should prepare some cakes for her... it will properly put her in good side...

>> No.30047061 [DELETED] 


>> No.30047072

Is vodka not just tea by another name?

>> No.30047077

How mature.

>> No.30047090

I thought that was water.

>> No.30047091

Common misconception, not everything Russians drink has vodka in it. A hot toddy with good black tea is better with cognac, anyway.

>> No.30047101

Reply "Okay! <3 At the hospital at the moment, talking to the Frog Doctor!"

>> No.30047134

Partial to English Breakfast Team with a shot Bailey's here. English tea, Irish cream, fucking genius.

>> No.30047179

Personally, I've grown fond of imperial vanilla black with amaretto, though your idea sounds good as well.

>> No.30047223

>Shitposting and tea discussion

>> No.30047235


>> No.30047238

Sounds like a new thread tagline to me.

>> No.30047258

Well, about half of each quest thread will dissolve into shitposting, so a tea discussion somewhat makes up for the inevitable, at least.

Doing tea properly is important, anon.

>> No.30047273

Discussing tea seems to be just a different form of shitposting.

>> No.30047322

Our MC is making tea for a scary mindrape esper. Discussing tea-related matters is not only on-topic, but may help us not get mindraped for rudeness.

>> No.30047343

>Make some tea, pop some pills, she’s a guest right?
Greet her calmly

>> No.30047347

Your heart nearly burst as she sends her reply back. She’s looking forward to having tea with you. Nervous was a bit of an understatement here but since she’s expecting it, you wouldn’t want to subvert her expectations. After all, they say that you’ll only die tired if you run. First order of business is to stop bleeding all over the floor so you head to the bathroom, telekinetically set the kettle on the stove, pop a pill and clean and bandage your wound. The sword is next and by the time you’re done, the water has reached its optimum temperature.

As for the tea, you had to break out something special. It was the only memento you had of your parents outside godly (by Japanese standards) alcohol tolerance. A special blend for a special occasion, whether it was your last remains to be seen. Telekinesis is handy to set to table as you try and wash the drying blood off the sword without losing a finger in the process. Its edge is actually quite sharp. Halfway through you hear a knock at the door. It must The Dictator.

Just to make sure you check before opening the door. Yep there she was standing with Kyousuke off the side looking like a trapped animal. Your cellphone rings.

“I know you’re there. (^.^)”

Sighing you open the door. How do you greet her?

>> No.30047369


tk her jaw shut

>> No.30047374


>> No.30047376

Lets be reeeeaal fuckin' careful until we're sure shit's gonna work out.
Also, Kyousuke is muh bishounen shota husbando.

>> No.30047378


>> No.30047386


>> No.30047388

"Just wanted to check if it wasn't somebody else"

>> No.30047391

"Sorry. There was a fair bit of blood to clean up."

>> No.30047405

"Forgive me if I seem a bit nervous, this my first time having a girl come over."

>> No.30047429

Fucking perfect.

>> No.30047433


>> No.30047438

so we just left our friend back at the speaker alley or did the dictator track him down?

>> No.30047447

>nervous because she's a girl
>not because she can mind rape us
know your priorities, man!
love it.

>> No.30047457

She's like... 10? 12?
How old are middle schoolers in Japan?

>> No.30047460

Hahah I like this

>> No.30047466

Blush prettily after saying this.

>> No.30047468


>> No.30047476

From 12 to 14 iirc
Betting she's on the same class as Misaka, so 14

>> No.30047483

Do this, and blush.

>> No.30047489


>> No.30047503

Which high school year is Kyril in, 2nd? He should be 15 or 16.
Same age difference as Touma and Misaka really.

>> No.30047505

You guys are not muh niggas. Hell naw.

>> No.30047509

Ah, forgot to take of my name.

>> No.30047514

That's par for the course in Academy City man.
Any given middle school student might secretly have the ability to explode you in any number of horrible ways.

>> No.30047528

And blush.

>> No.30047532

not even close

>> No.30047536

Nah m8, fuck you. Quit samefaggin.

>> No.30047541

Adding a trip doesn't make you the original.

>> No.30047561

originality isn't the point

>> No.30047568

All these Wrenlofts.


>> No.30047570

>(write in)
Hello, good evening, and by the way sorry bout that whole /rape/ thing.

>> No.30047582

I'm not wrenloft, I'm the other namefag

>> No.30047592

it is a bit weird...

>> No.30047599

Rolled 20

And it begins again

>> No.30047603

no less weird when you take cloning into account

>> No.30047608

We helped her get out and she attacked first.

>> No.30047612

It's a thing. It'll pass.

>> No.30047617



>> No.30047646 [DELETED] 

!tfolnerW laer eht ma I

>> No.30047651

Infinite Crisis on Infinite Wrenlofts or Wrenloft Island?

>> No.30047658


House Wrenloft

>> No.30047679

>Two threads in and there's already a problem with namefag impersonation

>> No.30047701

>implying that doesn't happen every single quest
A certain quest had a 'Wrenloft day' really early, and almost all the players there are namefags

>> No.30047727

pretty sure it'll get boring and some other fad will crop up

>> No.30047735

Rolled 12

Hopefully the next one is something useful, like crappy fanart

>> No.30047777

In my experience it happens ~ the 7th thread.
Which quest, out of curiosity?

>> No.30047791

if you insult the drawfags, they won't come

>> No.30047810

Rule number one of the quest club, don't talk about quests you enjoy in other places, it jinxes it.
Plus it's on hiatus

>> No.30047930

“Forgive me if I seem a bit nervous,” you greet her, “This is my first time having a girl over.”

“Oh, I don’t mind,” she replies amusedly, “You are an interesting fellow Kyril.”

Like that she skips straight to your first name.

“I see you’ve taken care of The Dean, I appreciate that.”


“The Dean is my sword. I would like it back if you would be so kind?”

You know she isn’t using her Ability but you fetch her sword anyway. How does one fight someone like her anyway? Was it sound based?

“I also notice that I have you at a disadvantage,” she keeps talking like the sound of her voice is a gift from God, “I am Kudou Asuka, Level 4 and third year Tokiwadai Middle School. Some people call me The Dictator.”

“Kyril Torikov, first year at A Certain High School,” you reply, mostly out of courtesy.

She has her tea without sugar, cream or lemon. You notice that Kyousuke is standing beside her like some kind of butler.

“Oh and don’t worry about your friend here, it is his decision to serve me pay it no mind,” does she ever shut up? “Oh what’s this? You’ve been tracking the Graviton bombings haven’t you? How interesting.”

Then she falls silent, as if expecting you to speak.
>Write-in (same as before, will fit in as many as is reasonable for this unreasonable girl)

>> No.30047964

"Is that true Kyou?"

>> No.30047981

"And I suppose you know a thing or two about them?"

"I trust Kyousuke isn't harmed?"

>> No.30048009

"A friend was injured, and I've been trying to find out who the perpetrator was."

>> No.30048015

>"And I suppose you know a thing or two about them?"
>"I trust Kyousuke isn't harmed?"

>> No.30048026


>> No.30048029

"I was in one of them, with one of my friends. I took some shrapnel, he's in a coma."

"That dealer was a lead, so I wanted whatever information he had before you pasted him. Nothing personal."

Tea with sugar and lemon. No milk.

>> No.30048037

>Write-in (same as before, will fit in as many as is reasonable for this unreasonable girl)

"A close friend of mine was injured in the first bombing. I intend to see the man who did it brought to justice."

Even Asuka understands shit like loyalty to comrades.

>> No.30048039

It seemed more like a question of "Why are you doing X?" than an "I know something you don't knoow~" Sorta statement.

>> No.30048046

Voting for this one

>> No.30048060

>Kudou Asuka
This makes me want to go full CQC TK now.

>> No.30048066

Didn't think of it that way. Still, I kind of want to see if she's got any info

>> No.30048071

Bro, Asuka is all about Loyalty to their friends, all of those problem children are loyal to each other and their group.

>> No.30048082

This, but tack on "Do you happen to know anything about them?"

>> No.30048084

I kinda like this one, she went against 4 thugs (well 6 if you count Kyril and Kyousuke).
She's got guts

>> No.30048092

Can we reword this so it doesn't sound so crass?
Asukas going to give us shit for it for sure.

>> No.30048143


"By the way, why do you call your sword the Dean?"

>> No.30048158

"What do you know about the bombings? And what brought a girl from a fancy school like Tokiwadai, to a place like that?

And it'd be appreciated if you stopped commanding my friend around like a puppy or a terrible excuse for a butler, he was only there at my request.

Why do you call your sword the Dean anyways?"

>> No.30048185

And remember to say:
"Of course, I couldn't let those thugs hurt you either. Sorry for that whole mess"

>> No.30048216

Don't question why, we all know why she calls it the dean. it goes without saying really

>> No.30048242

Actually yeah, remind her we aren't the kind of guy to let some thugs harm/rape a girl, though not with those words.

>> No.30048311

"So, what was going on between you and that Tamezou fellow? How did you end up in a spat with a lowlife like him?

And sorry about borrowing your sword like that, I needed some information but I wasn't planning on letting them actually hurt you."

>> No.30048810

You add some sugar and lemon but no milk to your tea and take a sip before talking.

“A close friend of mine was injured in the first bombing. I intend to see the man who did it brought to justice.”

“Justice?” she seems to taste the word, “Now there’s a funny word. I suppose Tamezou was a lead was he not?”

You nod, “Nothing personal I hope and I do apologise for the mess. Though I wouldn’t know why a Lady of Tokiwadai would associate with riffraff like him.”

She finds it so amusing that she chuckled.

“It is all quite simple really. I was looking for a fight,” she says with complete certainty, “The whole charade at Tokiwadai is so bothersome, I’m not interested in schoolyard politics like the Queen is.”

You turn to Kyousuke as she finishes, “And I trust Kyousuke isn’t harmed?”

“Sir, no sir,” he replies as Asuka glances at him in that fiendishly womanly way.

“Considering the colourful characters of A Certain High School I think I shall be applying there next year,” she remarks, “Certainly more interesting than Nagatenjouki or Shidarezakura at any rate.”


>> No.30048831

“Coming back to the topic of the bombings do you have anything to share?”

“Ah, that little tiff?” she seems to recall something, “You didn’t hear this from me, but the only Synchroton, also a Level 4 by the way, that could be responsible has been in a coma for the past five days.”

Which was before the bombings started.

“Okay then, one last thing, why The Dean of all things?”

“Well I would expect you to figure that one out yourself,” she answers before noticing the time, “Oh my, it seems that it is almost time for my curfew.”

Turning to Kyousuke.

“You have been a dear Kyousuke and are dismissed,” she snaps her fingers before turning to you, “And how fortunate for you to have acquired my aid. Do not worry, I shall see myself out.”

Kyousuke blinks once or twice as Asuka sees herself out. He looks once at you, then at your room before asking,

“The hell just happened to me?”

You tell him and contemplate the information gained today.

>> No.30048948

Congratulation, The Dictator has deigned your interesting enough to lend her aid. Whatever that's supposed to mean.

No interlude tonight fellas but I'll still stick around for questions and comments.

Follow my twitter to find out the next time I run.
The noose tightens. The Dictator's help may be more harmful than. Will we catch the bomber in time? When writefag and /tg/ meet, the story begins.

>> No.30048979

Was the nat 20 we rolled to see what the Dictator thought of us after shit went down?

>> No.30048983

So, if we had gone with Trick, would we have met the Indian chick?

>> No.30049070

What exactly is 'interesting' on the Dictator's view, I mean in what sense is he interesting

>> No.30049078

Stealth roll. Judgement and Anti-Skill didn't accost you at all. My roll was the one to decide whether you'd make it home before The Dictator or not.

Not necessarily.

>> No.30049098

How about the part where he jumped at her sword to catch it.

>> No.30049161

Oh, so Judgement was going to be pleasant so long as we destroyed the speaker?

>> No.30049172

That's very badass, I guess she's into that kind of guy.

>> No.30049185

Lets not jump at the first waifu to show interest. Lets at least wait until all the options are open.

>> No.30049221

>Accelerator is Suzushina Yuriko
We'd pick her if this was the case, right?

>> No.30049248

I said she's into that kind of guy, not that Kyril's into her.
This is To Aru, there'll be way more girls, and maybe some of Touma's show up and go to a different MC.

>> No.30049262


>> No.30049283

More like, they didn't catch you with a bloody blade and shirt while wandering the streets. This is Japan we're talking about here.

She brings to mind the phrase, "Your resistance only makes me harder." Of course who knows what goes on in that head of her?

>> No.30049309

>Just realized I wrote Judgement
Jesus, sorry. Hungover. I meant to say *The Dictator

>> No.30049328

>"Your resistance only makes me harder."
Well, she made a good first impression, let's see how the others keep up.

>> No.30049386

I think you're missing a few tags but thank you kindly.
Well she certainly would have had you at a disadvantage there!
I'm still sad no one batted an eyelash at the "Talhoffer Time" line.

>> No.30049455

references do better when the subject is within a century or so, imo

>> No.30049480

Not many fencing fans, I guess

>> No.30049502

I chuckled silently to myself if it makes you feel better.

>> No.30049562

Maybe I should have tried Liechtenauer?
This is /tg/ how do you not know your longsword manuals?
It's the only reason I run. Hope to bring a smile and a good time.

>> No.30049584

A lot of people prefer... magic

>> No.30050892

We must have guns, they level the playing field.

>> No.30052006

Some quick art of lovely Kyril.
May or may not be accurate, I've completely forgotten what he looks like beyond the fact that he's russian
Keep up the hard work Bored of Directors, I'm diggin the story!

>> No.30052024

...Did you forget the picture?

>> No.30052110

forgot muh image

>> No.30052173

next one should be Kyril TKing the vodka into his mouth

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