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Didnt see one up so figured I might start one,


Warhammer 40k general.

So I was a huge Blood angels fan up until 6th ed rules came out. And I have alot a great deal of interest in them. I am looking at starting a Chaos Space marine army.

The current Figures I am digging are

Chaos Lord with termie suit.

Plague marines and codex Chaos marines.

I like the ole troops and rhino deal. any suggestions on how to start a 500 point army? maybe Nurgle or Khrone base.

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>not loving blood angels more now
with vvet kits its even easier to make a beautiful blood angels force and you lost interest? smh but really i know exactly how you feel, i won't be playing with mine until their new codex drops

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Buy or convert the terminator HQ and then take plague marines as troops.

Pretty simple lol.

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>vvet kits
>implying BA didn't already have the best options due to Death Company and Sanguinary Guard

Vanguard Veterans is dog trash compared to the previous BA options, and I'm not even a BA player.

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I was looking for more options as to build specifics. I rather not waste money.

I,E certain troops choices whats competitive what should i stay away from.

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thats true but now you can get shit like storm shields, power axes, and lightning claws to spread around in one convenient place.
and also mixing them with deathco makes your troops not all look the same

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They just arent as good as they were in 5th.

I was wrecking face with my DoA army I dont even want to talk about my mech list, People stopped playing me when I brought that out.

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Chaos Lord
Daemon Prince
Khorne (only for assault only/Khorne lists, e.g. best of the worst)
Ahriman ?
Huron ?
Lucius ?

Chaos Terminators with combi bolters suicide deep strike
Chaos Contemptor

Plague Marines
Zombies (Typhus only)
Noise Marines

Chaos Bikers of Nurgle or Slaanesh
Chaos Spawn
Chaos Storm Eagle
Dreadclaw Assault Claw

Land Raider (only if you can't get Spartan, only if you want assault army)
Predator (only because of common model)
Vindicator (only because of common model)
Forge Fiend

Any good fortification.

Can't comment on the rest of the FW units that aren't listed since I only have experience with the good ones, because honestly who's gonna be taking a bunch of shitty FW units?

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Spam Heldrakes, Plague Marines, Oblits. Nurgle Lord and Belakor in HQ.

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>death company storm raven lists
>bringing out dual plasma pistol vvets
>dropping death company dreads from storm ravens and watching said dreads deal 20+wounds in a single combat
>scouting baal's

i almost miss fifth edition
almosti haven't forgotten the monotony of rihno rush lists

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I think you mean Kharn

I am pretty sure no one can field Khorne or every one is fucked.

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>tfw love Plague Marines and Nurgle but hate the WAAC stigma that comes with it

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Hey guys, gimme your opinion on my carcharodons 1500 list using the BA codex:

Librarian (100)
Fear of the darkness, the sanguine sword

Honor guard (190)
4 meltaguns, drop pod

2x Chaplain (200)

2x Sanguinary priest with power sword (130)

2x Assault squad (440)
2 flamers, power fist, land raider redeemer with multi melta

Basically a rip and tear list with an alpha striking/riptide hunting honor guard and libby

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oops, total for the assault squads should be 880!
my bad

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>tfw so many hipster faggots like Nurgle but can't handle being mainstream

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How are assault dreads these days? I've got a chapter in mind for starting space marines, and they've got good reason to have a fuckload of dreadnoughts and also have drop pods, but I'm not sure how well they combine.

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Is there a specific reason why you're not using the updated cacharodons chapter tactics for 6th ed?

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Because he's a FAGGOT that's why.

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Ironclads are ok. Anything else is a one shot suicide pod. Even Ironclads die pretty easily if the opponent can damage them. If not, they'll just tarpit/chase something for the entire game.

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Variety is the spice of life, I also run themas space wolves or even dark angles sometimes

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Just started Chaos Space Marines for the first time ever. I'm a long time Tyranid player but I just want a new flavor and CSM seem to be the taste I like.

I started off with the Dark Vengeance set and a box of raptors. As for the fluff I was wanting to do a Warband that branched from the Emp's Children. I'm going to wait for the rumored new CSM infantry to come out because I love the new ascetic of the DV and Raptors.
Any advice I would gladly love.

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I would wait until the rumored new plastic kits are coming out. The Dark Vengeance set is still gorgeous though, apparently that is what the new kits will be based on.

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So your delicious butt tears taste all the sweeter, anon.

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If you're gonna go EC, bring lots and lots of Noise Marines in rhinos.
Obliterators are a boon to every CSM army too.

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Honestly I wouldn't load up on dreads at the moment, You'd be better off running Assault Terminators or Centurions in a land raider.

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Yeah I was planning on getting a few squads of Noise Marines and modeling thrash metal kutts onto them. I know their fluff but how are they on the table?

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Sharks don't have tear ducts.

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Honestly, I think your rip and tear philosophy would find better purchase using the 6th ed chapter tactics. That said here's a critique of your list.

4 melta guns won't kill the big things you're aiming to kill. You lack bodies to take shots and do enough damage even if you ignore objectives. Your dudes are also fairly fragile as a lot of things in the game are geared towards 3+ hate. You'll be banking on that fnp a lot to weather the shots and that's dicey. Honestly, 4 units at 1500? That's just asking for trouble right there.

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Addendum. You have 4 assault squads, not 2. This changes things slightly. I'm still not convinced you have the teeth to put a dent in the things you need to kill - wraithknights and riptides and other MCs. You should tear through most scoring troops though, which is always good.

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Pretty good shooty but they can become stupid expensive real quick with their shiny toys. Arguably second best cult unit after plague marines, but that might be because berserkers got shafted and thousand sons are too expensive for what they do.

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Yeah, but it's a matter of army fluff. They recently suffered devastating losses, ad about the only thing they aren't short on are nearly-dead heroes to cram into dreadnoughts.


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Unless they are Furiosos or Death Company dreads, they don't have enough attacks to really put a decent amount of threat on the table and that's the real problem.

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If you want to load up on dreads, go nuts. But you gotta be aware of where they fall short and just what you can do to mitigate their weaknesses.

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I'm open to suggestions at this stage.

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I could see this list doing really well when everything is going to plan, but it doesn't have much wiggleroom if your rolls are shit or you have a crap deployment.

For instance, if your honor guard drop down late in the game you're going to be fucked.

Too specialized is what I'm getting at.

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The honor guard will come in first turn thanks to drop pod assault. What I'm worried is if 4 meltas are enough to kill what he needs to kill? Honestly, a sternguard squad would probably be better company with that librarian.

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During the Great Crusade, why did the organization for handling unsanctioned psykers make use of exclusively female blanks? Were they all clones or something?

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As an alternative to dreads, what about focusing on highly specialized strike forces. Small numbers, focusing on mobility and taking shit down quickly? Basically making the most of their small numbers while keeping losses low kind of thing. But if you're still set on the dreadnought idea, have you settled on a chapter tactic? I'm guessing fists due to them being a Fist successor then?

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I'm thinking Fists for chapter tactic, just because nothing else would really make sense. The veteran route was an option, but I thought the dreadnought route was a better one - especially since the whole reason I want space marines, mechanically, are independently operating bases of fire that can hold their own. That screamed Drop Pod marines, to me. I frankly have no clue what I'm doing, since all the suggestions and tacticas I could find were either "Metal Boxes for days" or "Bikes on bikes on bikes"

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If it's dreadnoughts you want, gimme a moment. Gotta finish this piece of work first. I have an idea...

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What I want is, as I said, independently operating bases of fire that can hold their own against all but specialized enemy action.

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Aha, yeah, that sounds about right. I feel your pain, I absolutely adore Dreadnoughts thematically; it's disheartening to see how difficult they are to run.

I still run one in my army list but it under performs most games, one of the problems I have is that it's a huge bullet sponge, and even with the ironclad variant I still feel better off running Terminators- they have an excellent save and can actually take the punishment that is inflicted upon them.

Just a thought, don't take this as anything coming close to a fleshed out strategy, but maybe you could run some Scout troops? Scouts are actually a lot better than people give them credit for, if you drop down some Dreads they will invariably catch the attention of the other player, giving you time to get some scouts into place (you will also have the added benefit of getting them incredibly cheap, so you will have a lot of scoring units available to you)

Anyway, best bet is to just experiment a bit, having a fluffy army can be fun regardless of being ultra competitive.

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Oh. That's easier. Most of the Space Marine Codex can do that already by benefit of 3+ saves. Some units to consider are the following. Centurion Devs are a good place to start. Loads of firepower. Tough as nails and the Imperial Fists chapter tactics benefit it. I recommend the Grav Cannon/Amp loadout if only to guarantee death for anything that has a toughness value. A land raider transport is optional but not always required. For your troops scouts are theoretically more survivable with a 3+ cover in ruins and sniper rifles ensure they can wound anything that has a toughness score. A command squad to accompany your captain or chapter master with an apothecary can be very tough, especially if you give em all storm shields. They can also pack painful guns, but that ups the costs considerably. Am I on the right track here?

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Because blanks kick psykers in the balls and they had a galaxy to draw recruits from.

>> No.30033816

Approximately so. I keep on wanting to like Cent Devs, but I keep on looking at the point cost and balking. There's three tyranid players out of eight of us locally, so melee S10 ap2 IS a threat that you're going to have to expect. Scouts with sniper rifles, centurion devestators with grav-amps, and maybe sternguard were going to be my big three 'maybe' options.

For the record, of the other guys that regularly show up:

1 Space Marines.
1 General Imperium (Last week, raven guard. Week before, IG. This week, mix)
1 Space Wolves (Drop pods!)
1 Dark Eldar (Skimmer Fleet)
1 Tau OR eldar (Haven't seen both at once, but he alternates according to his whim)

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Because Jurgen smells bad, therefore all Male Blanks smell bad.

Would you want a stinky ass blank following you around? I think not!

>> No.30033899

Why does that mean that only male blanks smell bad? Female blanks would be exactly the same way. It's not always the smell, either, but it's always something.

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250 pts for centurion devs with grav cannons/amps are shitting out 15 ap2 shots a turn, reroll wounds. When you factor in the hurricane bolters, it's quite a steal especially at 1850. For ten more points you can get night fighting and split fire in the form of the omniscope, giving you more options on what to shoot. You'll want to watch out not for the big mcs but small, quick things like hormagaunts and genestealers if people run them. Those things will tie up the centurions and render them pretty useless. Which means either a counter charge unit or keeping a tac squad close by to shoot at shit as they come closer and leave the centurions to deal with the big things. You can skip the assault centurions, however. They are pretty shitty.

For vehicles, the storm talon is a fucking steal for its points. Okay, it's no vendetta or heldrake, but it shits out a respectable amount of dakka for its points for both airborne and ground targets.

Are you planning to make this army aggressive or more defensive?

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I was planning on more offensive, but I have a known problem with pressing the advantage when I get it and playing too defensively. That's why I was thinking drop pods, is "There is no way to play defensive when you're up in the enemy's shit by default".

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How do you feel about the Sentinels of Terra supplement and the chapter tactics mentioned within?

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Was planning to use it.

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Eisenhorn's female blanks are pretty, clean and fuckable by everyone except psykers, which sucks because he is one.
None of his radical heresy would have happened if he could bone Alizebeth Bequin.

>> No.30034241

Who says he couldn't bone someone else? This guy could have just summoned and bound himself some Slannesh bitch and fucked to his hearts content. Or bought himself some pretty Hive girl.

>> No.30034254

Then yea, drop pods, aim for 5 with 3 tac squads in them, one with sternguard and another with your hq of choice and the command squad. Keep two scout squads with locator beacons on the field and possibly a centurion dev squad and you should be golden.

>> No.30034367

But he wanted to bone Bequin. That's his whole deal. He is radical and he is anguished, because the one person he feels like boning makes him shiver and heave when she comes close. You wouldn't understand!

>> No.30034374

Is the command squad really the best option, though? I keep on nudging towards either bikers with a bike Captain or Vanguard Vets with a jump captain, for more bodies on the board turn 1 and - being honest - because I keep on not knowing how to outfit the command squad to balance cheap with effective.

>> No.30034385

Oh. Well damn, he could always have gotten a super protective condom.

>> No.30034405

His dick isn't that long and I don't think they have gellar field condoms.

>> No.30034442

Force himself to endure as his soul gets leached out while fucking? Isn't that more or less what happens when you fuck a Succubi and we all know Succubi sex is best sex.

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I like the command squad because a 5 man with apothecary and all grav guns will run you 190 pts. That should translate to a dead mc turn 1. The apothecary and a hq in 2+/3++ will ensure the unit takes an obscene amount of firepower before actually going down. You also have to ask yourself: what else are you going to put in the drop pods? Sternguards get stupid expensive really quickly and lack the apothecary. honor guard lack the ability to take special weapons and are expensive to boot.

>> No.30034530


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Succubus sex is good despite the soul-sucking, not because of it.

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>40k love affairs

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Okay. So. For the tactical squads, I'm seeing one meltagun and 9 bolters in each - being drop marines, they're going to want to do their shit fairly fast. The meltagun deals with enemy mech/MC, and the bolters deal with hordes, at least with the twin-linking from chapter tactics. Make sense?

>> No.30034688

But I see your point And respond with my first draft revisions of the Tyrant's Legion list.
Sorry anon Kun, I hope you accept my sincerest apologies.

>> No.30034732

That's the idea. If you have the points to spare, a combi weapon - usually the same one as the special weapon the squad is packing - is a good deal too.

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Okay, so, Something To Work Towards, v. 0.1

Space Marine Captain: 135 points
- Artificer Armour
- Storm Shield
- Combi-Grav

Command Squad: 230 points
- Apothecary
- 4 Storm Shields
- 4 Combi-Gravs
- 4 Bolt Pistols
- Drop Pod

5 Sternguard: 205 points
- 2 Combi-Flamers
- 1 Combi-Melta
- 2 Combi-Grav
- Drop Pod

10 Tactical Marines: 185 points (x3 = 555 points)
- Meltagun
- Drop Pod

Stormtalon Gunship: 125 points
- Skyhammer Missile Launcher

Centurion Devestator Squad: 500
- 3x Grav Cannon + Grav Amp
- Land Raider Crusader

How horrible is it?

>> No.30034915

I'd keep the combi weapons on the sternguard standard. Plasma is a good choice as you have decent amount of anti tank and plasma can do both anti infantry, anti mc or anti light vehicle. Other than that you can drop the stormshields on the command squad for now and grab a decent melee weapon on the captain + a couple more toys to play with. Another alternative is to get a librarian in terminator armor and the shield eternal . This will require some shuffling of points, however

>> No.30034933

Addendum. if it's only 3 models, get the redeemer and plonk a multi melta on it. You get flamestorm cannons and the 10 pts discount can get you an extra gun or an extra stormshield or an extra something else. Your call

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> Imperial Fists successor
> Strong ties to the Black Templars
> Not using a Land Raider Crusader

I'm going to stick with my fluff on this one. I know it'll hurt me, but I'm going to have to insist.

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New to WH40k and I'm starting a Nurgle theme army and I have been painting my way through Dark Vengeance box. I converted the bikers in the box to Nurgle bikers with green stuff etc, wondering if it's worth converting the 4 Termies and 9 marines to Nurgle versions also? How many of those units do you usually take?

I was told the chosen are good for leaders/hq so not sure if i should bother converting the leaders for the DA army that came with the box also?

Any tips on what units I should be looking at buying next would also be appreciated, I assume Typhus is a given. Perhaps a Rhino also?

>> No.30036071

I tend to stay away from named characters, but that's just me.

>> No.30036081


Nice drawings. Even so it looks dangerously heretical...

>> No.30036826

Just a guy giving some figures a bit of TLC. Anyone have any tips on removing the pauldrons of Space Marines?

>> No.30036967

Grey Knight books powers vs rulebook powers. Discuss.

>> No.30037128

are nob bikes too cheesy to play?
I wanna field some bikes but normal ones aren't that good at the moment, plus wazdakka is pretty awful nowadays
i should field the imperial armour one but i don't remember his name
also, are trukks still playable?

>> No.30040009

Making my first army using the Herald of Ruins kill team rules, Do I need to take the Death Guard Legion rules for my plague marines?

>> No.30040050

Just reread "Your Kill Team may belong to one of the following Traitor Legions, in which case all Chaos Acolyte, Aspiring Champion, Chaos Space Marine, Chaos Terminators, Chosen, Raptor and Chaos Biker models in your Kill Team gain the special rules and effects as indicated below at the points cost stated (pay per model that is one of the types above). "

So thats looking like a no

>> No.30040176


i am intrigues by WH but never really played it, so i got some questions:

- Chaos marines, how do they recruit?
- why should any sane creature go to chaos?
- is chaos a concern of elder/orcs/nids as well
- what exactly makes Space Marines so dangerous? some extra organs and power amor but a bullet through the head kills them just as good?
- what makes the primachs so good?
- what makes the emphara so good?

>> No.30040177

Can I get 9 vendettas and the bare minimum troops required and win?

>> No.30040233

>what exactly makes Space Marines so dangerous? some extra organs and power amor but a bullet through the head kills them just as good?

Well an 8 foot demigod of a human that has had centuries of warfare are pretty good at avoiding bullets to the head.

>Chaos marines, how do they recruit?

Cant really give insight for all the legions. But for example, when the Night Lords decided to fuck up a planet, 100 or so children decided to kill anyone in their way in order to get to a safe bunker, seeing that, the NL thought they were cool shit and took them to make into Legionaires

>> No.30040580

Equipping a Vanguard Vet. Squad for "monster hunting":
VVet squad w/ jump packs + three meltabombs + four models have a lightning claw + grav-pistol. Sgt. has poweraxe + SS

They join a Captain who has a jump pack + Burning Blade + grav-pistol.

They are using Raptor Chapter Tactics so they get to move with jump packs in the shooting phase as well as movement phase. I plan to have them jumping around targeting things with good saves or high T (TEQ, MC). Thoughts?

>> No.30040604

Grammatical error: each Veteran has a lightning claw and grav-pistol.

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What do you guys think about ork kommandos? Ive been thinking about adding them with snikrot but wanted some feedback first

>> No.30042218

>Put two vets squad in vendettas
>Make opponent guess which flyer your vets are in

All Vendetta lists are silly.
Go something like 6 vendettas/3 Valkyries w/ Rocket pods.

That is unless you REALLY don't like MCs.

>> No.30042251

What does IWND do again? Been out of the loop for awhile. Is it worth spend 10 points on?

>> No.30042523

>- Chaos marines, how do they recruit?
some use reverse abortions, some do it 'normally', some just convert regular SMs
>- why should any sane creature go to chaos?
the promise of power, sometimes you can't help falling to chaos
>- is chaos a concern of elder/orcs/nids as well
eldar have superior psychic defenses but if they die without a spirit stone then they get their anus tickled by Slaanesh for all eternity, orks have their own gods and aren't really interested in what chaos has to offer, nids are basically animals so can't be tempted by chaos. That being said chaos can corrupt everything, sentient or not.
>- what exactly makes Space Marines so dangerous? some extra organs and power amor but a bullet through the head kills them just as good?
their bones are denser/better or something which affords them an extra layer of protection, also they have superior blood clotting abilities etc
>- what makes the primachs so good?
they are clones of space jesus who totally specialise in one thing
>- what makes the emphara so good?
he is space jesus

more information can be found at http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page

>> No.30042588

Should I get a Monolith? I know they're not the best HS choice in the codex, but I feel like having a big, badass centerpiece for the army is worth having regardless.

>> No.30042724

If your infantry heavy go for it.

Personally i prefer Anni barges or even Doomsday Arks.

>> No.30042734


I just want an Air Force instead of the traditional tank force

>> No.30043465

>hate waac stigma

build a fluffy but shitpraisenurgle list and lose playing an army you love. embrace good-willed despair and abandon all hope.

plus its a good exercise in creative generalship.

>> No.30045823


IWND gives regen of wounds back on like a 4+ or 5+ or something.

So yes it is very, very worth 10 measly points.

>> No.30046237

I'd suggest the Sentinels of Terra Supplement, it's fluffly for the Celestial Lions (A single tac squad becomes an HQ unit, sounds familiar eh?) and some other stuff.

>> No.30046284

I could use some help on starting a very small detachment of Death Korps of Krieg. Here's my list so far:


-Company Command Squad-
Company Commander and Regimental Standard


-Thudd Gun-
Three Crew Members


-Engineer Squad-
Flamer, Heavy Flamer Team

-Engineer Squad-
Flamer, Heavy Flamer Team

>Heavy Support

-Heavy Weapons Platoon-
Heavy Weapons Squad with 3 Autocannon Teams
Heavy Weapons Squad with 3 Lascannon Team


-Aegis Defense Line-

Total: 500pts

CCS give orders to thudd gun/heavy weapons team, engineers attempt to go out into cover holding objectives/flaming units.

Any tips and re-adjustments would be greatly appreciated.

>> No.30046333


At 1500 Points, you have, as described:

Company Command Squad (50)

Veteran Squad (70)
Veteran Squad (70)
Veteran Squad (70)
Veteran Squad (70)

Fast Attack:
Vendetta Squadron w/ 3 Vendettas (390)
Vendetta Squadron w/ 3 Vendettas (390)
Vendetta Squadron w/ 3 Vendettas (390)

Change Vendettas to Valkyries for points to give Veterans some stuff.

>> No.30046395

Or just play Elysians.

>> No.30046613

Hm, that definitely rules out vanilla sex, but I think that there is a way to turn it into something kinkie.

>> No.30048238

Heya, how do I Death Korps of Krieg? I figured starting at 500 points and working upward would help but I'm still marginally confused what to do. I know Artillery+Infantry, but it can't seem to pin down a list. Any help?

>> No.30048748

I've been asking the same question for a couple of posts now, this >>30046284 is my list that I came up with, no idea if it's good though.

>> No.30048773


Iron Hands Ironclads in drop pods can ruin someones day if you use em right.

>> No.30048878
File: 30 KB, 921x138, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you could've bought up a bunch of Steel Legion models and painted them all kriegy, but I hear they're going the way of the dodo. You're best bet is to go get third party models

>> No.30048963

Based chinaman has them for like ten bucks a squad.

>> No.30048999

I actually meant in terms of actual list, yeah. And he has them for 26 a squad. Zhaunchai has them for 16 a squad.

>> No.30049025

The hell are thuddguns?

>> No.30049060
File: 64 KB, 800x680, thuddg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quad Launchers

>> No.30049512


>order Krieg models
>next day, doorbell rings
>it's a Krieg Commissar
>he says they've dug a series of trenches that extends for a 15km radius around your house
>mutant horse shit everyhwere
>asks where you want the Bombards at

>> No.30049677

poorman's thunderfire cannon.

>> No.30050007

Yeah but at almost half the price.

>> No.30050056

I don't think you'd need lascannons at 500 points, unless this is an Ally list?

>> No.30050185

I brought them just in case some nid player got a monstrous creature or some asshole brought a land raider. LR's are fucking killer in low point games such as these.

What do you reckon I use instead? More Autocannons? Another Thudd gun?

This isn't an ally list, just starting off small.

>> No.30050312

Ah, no I understand I was just curious. Seems fine, though if you know you aren't going against an asshole you can drop the lascannon HWP and get a few more Engineers on your squads (like 2 more per squad) and another Thuddgun,

>> No.30050633


Oh hang on wasn't there somebody's "Broken Arrow" list that went something like:

Company Command Squad (50)
Astropath (30)

Veteran Squad (70)
Veteran Squad (70)

Fast Attack:
Vendetta Squadron w/ 3 Vendettas (390)
Vendetta Squadron w/ 3 Vendettas (390)
Vendetta Squadron w/ 3 Vendettas (390)

Aegis Defense Line w/ Quadgun (I don't remember)

Bonus points for having everybody go to ground behind the Aegis first turn.

>> No.30050673

Yup, holy shit. And that list still leaves you 10 points under.

>> No.30050835

That's actually good advice, thanks man!

>> No.30051007

Bumping up the general. Also need to know how to remove Space Marine pauldrons from shoulders without destroying anything.

>> No.30052669

I'm playing CSM and I'm having trouble against my friend's Nid flying circus. He takes 2 Flyrants with Devourers, 3 Crones, 2 Tervigons, 2 Venomthropes, 2 Zoanthropes, 60 Termigaunts, 3 Warriors for extra Synapse, 2 Biovores and an Aegis defense line. He put his ADL in the middle of the field giving everything behind it a 2+ cover thanks to the Venomthropes. His list simply has too much for me to kill, especially with that damn Aegis Line giving everything crazy amounts of cover, and his Crones neutralized my Heldrakes with their better vector-strikes and Haywire missiles.

Here's the list I used at 2000 pts.

Be'lakor: 350
Chaos Lord, Mark of Slaanesh: 80

Cultists x10: 50
Noise Marines x5, Blastmaster: 125
Noise Marines x5, Blastmaster: 125
Noise Marines x8, Doom Siren, LC, IoE, CCW, Rhino: 248

Heldrake, Baleflamer: 170
Heldrake, Baleflamer: 170

Havocs w/ Autocannons: 40
Obliterators x3, Mark of Nurgle: 228
Obliterators x3, Mark of Nurgle: 228

ADL w/ Quad-gun: 100

>> No.30052716

How was it put in placed? Super glue? Plastic cement?

>> No.30052739

Fair enough. Other than that your list looks like a good starting point.

>> No.30052880
File: 247 KB, 417x510, austinpowers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I've done almost everything that people advised against me bringing to a tournament and I've won most of my tournament games

>> No.30053053

If yo go far enough the other direction, you can score wins. However, if you don't go balls-deep on the crazy, it doesn't work.

>> No.30053156

How is Chapter Master Seth in 6th? I noticed that he didn't really take much of a hit from 6th edition rules.

>> No.30053884
File: 1.74 MB, 1347x1010, Persona40k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30055357

seth is kinda tame for an hq choice. in 3+/4++, no jump pack/bike for moving fast. i'm half tempted to say he plays like a weaker version of kharn

good for fighting deamons/nids but meh against everything else. i dread to think of what grey knights could be with biomancy... though idk how it would effect them with brotherhood of psykers ruling

nob bikers aren't cheese any more, just a strong unit. trukks are death, av 10 open topped will die fast. that being said i do like the chaos deamon chariots

on a related note i've come up with the best use of a burning chariot, mutating blade and try to kill characters with precision hits from the sweep attack or hammer of wrath. but it's still not worth 120 points and does less then it's equivalent weight in seeker/khorne chariots

>> No.30056585
File: 206 KB, 800x600, LiefeldTheCryptek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30056659


Thanks for the advice gents, I'm working on a new list atm

>> No.30056783

>having a relent button
>not just having a second attack button

>> No.30056793


I'm sure if you show up naked with a giant sword you can barely lift to a gunfight, you'll make someone pause long enough for you to kill him.

It's still not recommended.

>> No.30056820


Contacs, please. I`ve wanting to field Death Korps but goddamn are those FW models expensive.

>> No.30056848


>> No.30056856


Looks great. What about the actual quality?

>> No.30056872

Not a clue, actually. Maybe someone else can tell you.

>> No.30057515


It also helps that virtual any local tournament will probably only have 2-3 serious players; anybody with the vaguest idea of what they're doing can stroll to wins with virtually any list in your FLGS's 16-person monthlies. Casuals come out to maximum casual at those things just for the social interaction.

>> No.30058041

Going over your list, I've come to the conclusion that you'll need a fairly hefty overhaul of your list if you want to tackle your opponents' nids. Here's some things I noticed and some suggestions on how to fix it.

1. Your chaos lord. I figure you got him just to unlock Noise Marines as troops. I reckon you also plonk him behind the quad gun for him to man?

2. Lack of reliable anti mc answers. You have some in the form of Belakor, the Oblits, the Havocs and possibly the Noise Marines but you need to commit a hefty portion of your army just to take down ONE mc while the rest of the army just marches up.

3. Belakor. I love him. He goes into every Chaos list I write. He's also not very useful in this situation. Get a DP with the black mace and go to town on his ground troops. Cheaper too, especially if you drop psychic options.

4. The cultists. You're probably only running them to cap back field objectives. Unfortunately they are 50 pts that could go into making your entire army more efficient at dealing with enemy threats.

5. Lack of bodies. Your army resembles a grey knight army in terms of model count but you lack the saves or the firepower to model ratio to back it up. That is going to hurt you.

6. The noise marines with the doom siren. What's up with that? In my eyes that's an invitation for first blood, right there.

Suggestions are as follows.

The primary problem is the lack of bodies and lack of efficient mc answers. We'll keep things shooty for now. Ditch the cultists, the rhino and the icon of excess. Ditch one oblit squad and replace it with another autocannon havoc squad. Ditch belakor and get a dp. Alignment is irrelevant - just make sure he has wings, the black mace and power armor. Psychic abilities are optional. The spare points can now be spent on giving your noise marines more blastmasters and more bodies in general. That should help a bit in fighting the nids

>> No.30058241

>3. Belakor. I love him. He goes into every Chaos list I write. He's also not very useful in this situation. Get a DP with the black mace and go to town on his ground troops. Cheaper too, especially if you drop psychic options.

All of this advice is good except for this.

Be'lakor is probably the best single model you could possibly have against a Tyranid FMC list, or Tyranids in general. Telepathy is basically an anti-Tyranid toolkit from the ground up.

>Psychic Shriek
Not great against Crones/Tyrants/Tervigons because Ld10, but great at clearing out Venomthropes or Biovores without having to stop flying.

Basically stops a unit of 30 Gants (or possibly Biovores) from contributing for a turn, now that they don't get Ld10 from Tervigons anymore.

>Mental Fortitude
MF is great since you've got an ADL of your own; one of your units can go to ground behind it for 2+ cover, then Be'lakor can pop them back up next turn with no downside.

>Puppet Master
Probably the best of the bunch. Puppet Master is better than any anti-air you could possibly field against a Nid FMC list, because you just take a Dakka Flyrant and make him shoot down a Crone every turn.

Terrify is an incredible power against Tyranids. If a unit of Gants is ever too close to the board edge (or arrives from reserve, as many people do with their second 30-man unit) you can tell them to make Ld6 or get the fuck out. Also great for its ability to combo with Hallucinate (see below).

Invisibility is, obviously, the best single Psychic power in the entire game. It's jesus in psychic power form.

Hallucinate's value varies, but is great at dicking with the Ld10 bugs who are mostly immune to a lot of Telepathy's other shenanigans. If you drop Terrify+Hallucinate on a Crone/Flyrant, you have a 2/3 chance of preventing them from doing anything next turn, and a 1/3 chance of them having to stop flying as well.

>> No.30058484

>1. Your chaos lord. I figure you got him just to unlock Noise Marines as troops. I reckon you also plonk him behind the quad gun for him to man?

Yarp. I hate having to take Lords that tend to be fucking useless unless they're in a biker army just to unlock better troop options.

>2. Lack of reliable anti mc answers. You have some in the form of Belakor, the Oblits, the Havocs and possibly the Noise Marines but you need to commit a hefty portion of your army just to take down ONE mc while the rest of the army just marches up.

I struggle with this even harder when fighting Tau and Eldar.

>3. Belakor. I love him. He goes into every Chaos list I write. He's also not very useful in this situation. Get a DP with the black mace and go to town on his ground troops. Cheaper too, especially if you drop psychic options.

I'll consider it. Though, I tend to think that Be'lakor is the better TAC unit.

>4. The cultists. You're probably only running them to cap back field objectives. Unfortunately they are 50 pts that could go into making your entire army more efficient at dealing with enemy threats.

Yup. I put them with the Lord manning the Quad-Gun. They won't be missed if I get rid of them.

>5. Lack of bodies. Your army resembles a grey knight army in terms of model count but you lack the saves or the firepower to model ratio to back it up. That is going to hurt you.

I know. I can't ever seem to get enough bodies into my CSM lists. Larger cultist blobs could work, but I don't trust t3, 6+ infantry with shitty leadership to do anything of value.

>6. The noise marines with the doom siren. What's up with that? In my eyes that's an invitation for first blood, right there.

I mostly just wanted them for mobile scoring. With the rest of my troops cowering behind the line/in backfield terrain, I have no way of getting objectives beyond my deployment zone.

>> No.30058801

Can IG officers give orders to artillery pieces available to them through forgeworld? Earthshaker/Medusa Earthshaker Platform, the Quad Launcher available for DKoK etc.?

I've e-mailed forgeworld about it and this guy keeps telling me they can't receive orders as they have an armor value... But as far as I'm concerned, with the updated .PDF they no longer have an armor value, they got toughness and wounds!

What do you guys reckon?

>> No.30058899


Super glue. I might be allowed to browse /tg/ at work, but earlier's assignment was time consuming.

>Such is life as a data clerk

>> No.30059322

>playing against a child
>setting up turn 1, ask if he has any pie plate weapons, since I'm going second, I want to hoard up and hide the best I can.
>"Nope, none"
>Okay sweet, put my entire army behind ruins where they can only be barely seen from the sides.
>First Turn
>Orbital Bombardment

This is why you don't play children. I can only blame myself for not knowing their codex, but who lies like that?

>> No.30059604

Did you get beaten?

>> No.30059614

Can I equip a Space Marine Captain with a Storm Shield, Grav-Pistol and a melee weapon at the same time?

>> No.30059691

Yep. He glanced my LR to death first turn, then dropped the orbital bombardment on my terminators and two assault squads clearing pretty much ~400 point of my army.

I did take him to turn 6, though.

I also just looked up the rules for Orbital Bombardment, and he did it wrong too, unless you're allowed to drop it after moving if your chapter master is on a bike. This is why I really dislike playing children/teenagers.

>> No.30059752

The relentless rules states that you may fire heavy, ordnance and salvo weapons as if you were stationary.

In the case of Orbital Bombardment it doesn't make much sense, because its entry says that the user has to carefully aim a laser pointer thing he carries for it to work.. but you know.

>> No.30059856

>setting up turn 1, ask if he has any pie plate weapons, since I'm going second, I want to hoard up and hide the best I can.
>"Nope, none"
>Okay sweet

I would have lied too, you putz. Fuck you for trying to get an advantage in such a stupid way.

>> No.30059868

Doesn't the Orbital Bombardment restriction "overwrite" the relentless rule, though? I've been trying to find an FAQ with the answer.

>> No.30059881

I was going second as Blood Angels, I deserve any strategical advantage I can muster up.

>> No.30059898

Don't know where else to post this but here goes.

I've been tinkering with a patch for 40k to allow faster combat at a higher tactical level. Its for a closer to skirmish level play so its capped at 1000pts. The rules are modified using this 1 page PDF (see pic). Its still pretty rough so I'm looking for input.

Eventually I'd like to start making custom Codices that fit these rules better. In any case any suggestions and comments would be great.

>> No.30059901

it does for GK but doesnt for regular marines

>> No.30059913

Ah okay, thanks for clarifying.

>> No.30060003

snapshots at bs 6......
apart from that im pretty sure you play eldar cause high I ranged troops will just kill everything. Or maybe Orks since youll kill everything that dares to shoot at you with snapshot counterfire

>> No.30060054

Snap Shots should be at BS 1... My apologies. I guess I could claim that I was following the GW tradition of poor proof reading. I'll correct and repost at once, good anon.

>> No.30060055

>Well an 8 foot demigod of a human that has had centuries of warfare are pretty good at avoiding bullets to the head.

Being 8 foot and having some extra organs doesn't really make you a demigod. It makes you very tall and hard to kill.

>> No.30060069

Revised to bring Snap Shots down to BS 1

>> No.30060135

I think shooty units will get even stronger than they already are. For example fire warriors now get 2 s5 ap5 attacks hitting 1 sixes instead of 1 s3 attack hitting on 5s maybe 4s when lucky

>> No.30060199

Yes, Shooting is always viable, but getting into combat is much easier no? Units have increased mobility in that each Round they move twice (Move and Consolidate).

In any case Overwatch is removed and instead Units may use their Ranged Weapons in Combat so the turn Units Charge the target Units basically looses their melee Attacks. Its just in subsequent turns that they turn the tables on the Charger.

>> No.30060230

And to add to >>30060199
If a Player has the Inititative and his Unit Charges, that Charging Unit was never touched by Shooting, so is entering Combat fresh.

>> No.30060321

your rules dont cover tanks yet

>> No.30060411

Well besides this patch all the Rules of the BBB apply... Any inconsistency with Vehicles that you can mention? I'll clear them up.

Maybe I could add something like Tanks getting Snap Shots at Int 1 in Combat or something...

>> No.30060479

well do you want them to move like infantry? and my main concern was no I so they wouldnt get to shoot at all

>> No.30060610

I don't get what your asking exactly...

Vehicles Move in the Movement Phase using the Rules in the BBB. They then Shoot in the Engagement Phase. Why would they not get to Shoot?

>> No.30060661

Units shoot in order according to their I value. Tanks have none. So do they shoot first, last not at all? And since you changed run you might want to change turboboost etc. too

>> No.30060838

Ah, I get it. Lets just consider Tanks at Initiative 1.

Run remaines the same in an "amount of inches moved in a turn" sense ( max 12") the only diffrence being a highest of 2d6 and the ability to Snap Fire. I don't think its really necessary to change other move types.

>> No.30060879

you can run out of melee so can you leave combat by turboboosting too? Might make bikes extremely hard to catch.

>> No.30060926

The reason I say he is not very useful in this situation is because of Shadows and as an anti MC character. He only has 5 attacks on a charge, 4 normal. You'll probably never see his d3 warp charge rule come into affect as most of the nids should be fearless from synapse. If you throw him into melee, his LD drops to 6 which reduces his efficacy as a psyker. Yea, Telepathy is the bees knees, but the beauty of Belakor is you drop him into combat and start casting those buffs and debuffs from the safety of not being shot. And he should win most combat due to 5 Fleshbane attacks at high I8. However, throw him against a tervigon and he'll need 2 turns to take it out and that puts him in shadows range. You can use him as a ranged controller kind of thing and just killing things with vector strike, but that makes him over costed. For anti mc, the Black Mace Daemon Prince will mow through anything in CC through tons of fleshbane attacks and the Cursed rule and he'll do it for cheaper. Yea, you lose EW and Telepathy shenanigans, but I think it's worth it for the price drop.

>> No.30060968

Guys, 40k rules question here. Two guys are playing and drama ensues. One guy has assaulted with his chapter master and their unit a chaos marine unit and this slaneeshi sorcerer. In short, the sorcerer wounded the chapter master and insta-killed him with his force-sword.

A discussion about warp charge points generation, when to spend, how long they last, turn vs player turn and turn vs enemy turn, are mainly the topics.

I ve no idea because I never use psykers myself,

How this would work?

>> No.30060998

Hard to catch bikes would be pretty fluffy tho. Kinda an inbuilt hit & run for bikers and pretty much anybody with an increased Move....

A lot of questions seem to regard a Charging Units ability to do real damage. What if we gave Charging units first turn buff beyond +1 Attack? Maybe +1 A, S and Initiative on a Turn it Charges? That way even it its engaged it did a good amount of Damage when it was in Combat.

>> No.30061104

Warp charges are refreshed at the start of every player turn. So at the start of the Chaos turn, the Sorcerer would have his warp charges reset to full. Whether he uses them or not, at the start of the Space Marine player's turn, the Sorcerer's warp charges go back to full once more.

The spells will tell you when you can spend warp charges. In the case of force weapons, they happen when you deal a wound with the force weapon. Basically it's this. You roll to hit. Then you roll to wound. Any wounds? Got 1. Alright. Spend one warp charge and give that wound instant death.

As far as player turn is concerned, when referring to the rules and the rules tlak about turns, it's always referring to player turn and not game turn unless specifically mentioned. This is why the player going second can charge on his first turn even though he has scouted or infiltrated because while it's game round 1, it's techically second turn since first turn is taken by the player going first.

That said, even though the rule has the instant death rule, the chapter master is allowed an armor save - if he has a 2+ armor - or an invulnerable save. If he fails his save, he dies unless he has Eternal Warrior.

>> No.30061291

Yep, it wounded. Now that I understand more, the discussion seemed to be about the sm player saying in his own turn the chaos player dont generate a warp charge because its in their turn, or some bullshit. The chaos player said even if it was like that, he didnt spent his warp charge from his previous turn, and the sm player said that at the end of the turn the chaos player lost that warp charge. Or something like that. So I think the chaos player is right generating/spending warp charges in the sm turn if its for activating a force weapon.

>> No.30061324

Which honestly he should be since Shield Eternal pretty much is the best thing in C:SM

>> No.30061430

Interestingly enough, these rules are pretty clear cut in the BRB. Pages for reference are as follows.

Warp Charges: Page 66, Generating Warp Charge

Turn definition: Page 9, Game Turns and Player Turns

>> No.30061581

hhaaha i'm gonna play tyranids
can 3 flanking carnifexes be a threat?
double devourers, 36 twin-linked shots at strenght 6, garanteed to destroy all the vehicles/units

>> No.30061613


>> No.30061619

Thank you. I think the page 9 is the most overlooked, misread page of all the rulebook, because there is always someone bitching about it.

>> No.30061738

ahahaha fuck bosnia

>> No.30062919

you manchild

>> No.30063701

No one?

>> No.30064038

At your local gameshop, do people play anything other than Space Marines, Chaos, and the occasional orks?

>> No.30064219

1849 pts spiky marines warband

would play against/10 ?


Daemon Prince (275 pts)
1x Black Mace (45 pts)
1x Wings (40 pts)
1x Power Armor (20 pts)
1x Gift of Mutation (10 pts)
1x Daemon of Khorne (15 pts)


3x Chaos Space Marines (288 pts)
9x Chaos Space Marines (201 pts)
9x Close Combat Weapon (18 pts)
2x Plasma Guns (30 pts)
9x Marks of Nurgle (27 pts)
9x Veterans of the Long War (9 pts)
Aspiring Champion (52 pts)
1x Power Fist (25 pts)
1x Mark of Nurgle (3 pts)
1x Veteran of the Long War (1 pts)
Chaos Rhino (35 pts)

Fast Attack

2x Heldrake (170 pts)
1x Baleflamer

Heavy Support

2x Havocs (120 pts)
4x Havoc (96 pts)
4x Autocannons (40 pts)
4x Veterans of the Long War (4 pts)
Aspiring Champion (24 pts)
1x Veteran of the Long War (1 pts)

Chaos Vindicator (130 pts)
1x Siege Shield (10 pts)

>> No.30064270

In the gaming club I go to we have every army, and most people got at least 2 armies ready for play. Together we have like 2-3 of every army except for Chaos Daemons and Sisters which we only have one and space marines(all different chapters) who are more numerous.

>> No.30064290


>> No.30064391
File: 139 KB, 873x627, Berzerkers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need chain axes for my homebrew-chapter and the only good source of those is berzerkers box. Can anyone recall how many axes do you get from that kit?

>> No.30064447
File: 20 KB, 257x356, 1363382113275.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2x heldrake
>play against

>> No.30064633

3-4 I think.

You can buy the phobos kit on forgeworld otherwise. Those are great.

>> No.30064753
File: 39 KB, 800x680, phobos-chainaxes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30064800

So.... spent the last week making a decent 1500 point SW list, and now a few hours before the game my opponent tells me he has triple booked himself that day so I've got to cut down to a 1k list or miss the game.

Wat do?
I'm sorely tempted to just say fuck it and blow him off because it's bullshit, on the other hand... I haven't rolled since last November.

>> No.30064876

You sound like a horrible person. Don't play him, he deserves better than your autistic ass.

>> No.30064881

God damn GW!
Khorne favours axes, so you get 4 axes from a box which has 12 warriors of Khorne?
Bloody wankers, all of them

>> No.30064892
File: 122 KB, 720x960, shopspree – Kopi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How did I do, /tg/? My local FLGS was selling out some not-so-popular Warhammer stuff for really low prices today, so I picked up most of the stuff in the pic today for 500 NOK (around $80?). Not pictured is a Cairn Wrath I got for $3.

I also got some of it in the mail: the Screamers, Be'Lakor and some Vostroyans (in the unmarked plastic)

>> No.30064949

Throw it up on ebay for 60 or 70% of the usual GW price, enjoy bucks you made.

>> No.30065046

I reserve my right to be a bit miffed.
He's moved the game 2 times already because of "reasons", first time he decided to go watch the Hobbit and called me from the cinema lobby to cancel, second time he was "behind on homework", yet on steam playing a moba less than 2 hours later.

It was his idea to play in the first place.

>> No.30065058

Yeah ok, then screw him.

>> No.30065404

Don't forget that the Sorcerer still has to pass a psychic test to power up a force weapon. I mean, he'll probably pass it, but sometimes he won't, and a fair few players seem to forget that it's needed.

>> No.30065716

Meh, I just built a 500 pts list with two baledrakes and I'm not sure if I'm a horrible person for considering running with it.

>> No.30065787

1000 points
3 dakkajets
1 KFF mek
Shootas, all the rest shootas.

Dakka dakka btiches.

>> No.30065871

Inquisition for 3 landraiders at 800

>> No.30065970 [DELETED] 

How much did I fuck up?

New Roster (2000pts)
0pt Orks 6th Ed (2008) Codex Roster (Primary Detachment)
Orks 6th Ed (2008) Codex (Primary Detachment) Selections:
HQ (210pts)
• Big Mek (85pts)
Choppa, Kustom force field (*), Mek's tools (*)
• Warboss (125pts)
Attack squig (*), Bosspole (*), Shoota Stikkbombs (*)
o Mega-armour
Power klaw, /skorcha kombi-weapon (Kombi-weapon)
Elites (620pts)
• Lootas (150pts)

10x Loota
• Lootas (150pts)
10x Loota
• Meganobz (320pts)
o 6xMeganob
Stikkbombs (*)
 Mega-armour
Power klaw, Shoota/skorcha kombi-weapon (Kombi-weapon)
o Trukk
Armour plates (*), Big shoota, Red paint job (*)
Troops (950pts)
• Da Boss' Nobz (275pts)

o 5xNob
 Mega-armour

Power klaw, Shoota/skorcha kombi-weapon (Kombi-weapon)
o Trukk
Armour plates (*), Big shoota, Red paint job (*)
• Gretchin (40pts)
o 10x Gretchin
10x Grot blasta
o Runtherd
Grabba stik (*), Slugga, Squig hound (*)
• Gretchin (40pts)
o 10x Gretchin
10x Grot blasta
o Runtherd

Grabba stik (*), Slugga, Squig hound (*)
• Ork Boyz (200pts)
o 29x Boy
29x Shoota
o Nob
Big choppa, Bosspole (*)
• Ork Boyz (200pts)
o 29x Boy
29x Shoota
o Nob
Big choppa, Bosspole (*)
• Ork Boyz (195pts)

o 29x Boy
29x Shoota
o Nob
Bosspole (*), Choppa
Fast Attack (240pts)
• Dakkajet (120pts)
2 Twin-linked supa shootas, Additional twin-linked supa shoota
• Dakkajet (120pts)
2 Twin-linked supa shootas, Additional twin-linked supa shoota
Created with BattleScribe

>> No.30066027

Now with less shitty formatting:
How much did I fuck up?

New Roster (2000pts)

HQ (210pts)
• Big Mek (85pts)
Choppa, Kustom force field (*), Mek's tools (*)

• Warboss (125pts)
Attack squig (*), Bosspole (*), Shoota Stikkbombs (*)
o Mega-armour
Power klaw, /skorcha kombi-weapon (Kombi-weapon)

Elites (620pts)
• Lootas (150pts)
10x Loota

• Lootas (150pts)
10x Loota

• Meganobz (320pts)
o 6xMeganob
Stikkbombs (*)
 Mega-armour
Power klaw, Shoota/skorcha kombi-weapon (Kombi-weapon)
o Trukk
Armour plates (*), Big shoota, Red paint job (*)

Troops (950pts)
• Da Boss' Nobz (275pts)
o 5xNob
 Mega-armour

Power klaw, Shoota/skorcha kombi-weapon (Kombi-weapon)
o Trukk
Armour plates (*), Big shoota, Red paint job (*)

• Gretchin (40pts)
o 10x Gretchin
10x Grot blasta
o Runtherd
Grabba stik (*), Slugga, Squig hound (*)

• Gretchin (40pts)
o 10x Gretchin
10x Grot blasta
o Runtherd
Grabba stik (*), Slugga, Squig hound (*)

• Ork Boyz (200pts)
o 29x Boy
29x Shoota
o Nob
Big choppa, Bosspole (*)

• Ork Boyz (200pts)
o 29x Boy
29x Shoota
o Nob
Big choppa, Bosspole (*)

• Ork Boyz (195pts)

o 29x Boy
29x Shoota
o Nob
Bosspole (*), Choppa

Fast Attack (240pts)
• Dakkajet (120pts)
2 Twin-linked supa shootas, Additional twin-linked supa shoota

• Dakkajet (120pts)
2 Twin-linked supa shootas, Additional twin-linked supa shoota
Created with BattleScribe

>> No.30066034

So any of you guys familiar with that Dornian Heresy stuff from Bolter & Chainsword?

>> No.30066558

Yes, but that is a 1000 pts list. I'm gonna run that 500 pts one in a tournament where the first mission is 500 pts one with Scouring.

For 1500, I'll add 6 obliterators with MoN, upgrade the sorcerer to L3 with MoTz and take a Tzeench DP with Black mace, wings and the works and L3 psyker

>> No.30066928

Is there seriously no fucking IG players in this thread? There's endless discussion online but no real concrete answers. Not even fucking ForgeWorld gives proper answers.

>> No.30067173


Noone's replying because they think it's hilarious that you read "endless discussion online" and emailed/called the idiots at Forgeworld and are now begging for rules advice on 4chan (literally the worst idea) but somehow managed to avoid reading the FAQ the entire time.

>“To issue an order the officer must declare which order he is attempting to use and select a single friendly non-vehicle unit chosen from Codex: Imperial Guard within his command radius to carry out the order”.
>single friendly non-vehicle unit chosen from Codex: Imperial Guard
>chosen from Codex: Imperial Guard
>Codex: Imperial Guard

good lawd anon, you silly

>> No.30067290

So I guess Death Korps of Krieg cannot issue orders to anything.

Who's silly again?

>> No.30067344
File: 87 KB, 400x600, anti-heresy propagands.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1500 Points Chaos Space Marine Warband with Daemon Allies

Primary Detachment
Chaos Lord*, terminator armor, lightning claw, power fist, mark of nurgle 144
Fabius Bile** 165

x15 Chaos Space Marines***, power sword, x2 melta guns, x2 close combat weapons, mark of khorne, icon of wrath 294
x6 Plague Marines, combi-flamer, x2 flamers, chaos rhino with combi-flamer 209

Chaos Predator, lascannon sponsons 115
Chaos Predator, lascannon sponsons 115
Chaos Predator, lascannon sponsons 115

Allied Detachment
Herald of Slaanesh **** 45

x16 Daemonettes of Slaanesh, alluress 149
x16 Daemonettes of Slaanesh, alluress 149

*Joins Plague Marines.
**Joins Chaos Space Marines
***Boltguns replaced with close combat weapons. Unit nominated as Enhanced Warriors by Fabius Bile.
****Joins first Daemonettes of Slaanesh unit.


>> No.30067346

RAW is silly, but that's the price of munchkining the engines off your artillery.

>> No.30067348


DKoK can issue orders if you're using the DKoK Forgeworld armylist.

You said you were allying them into a normal IG list.

So it's still you, for not even asking the fucking question correctly.

>> No.30067395

The artillery batteries state that they are heavy support choices for Codex: Imperial Guard.

I asked if IMPERIAL GUARD officers could issue orders to them. No DKoK there.

Then when you said that only stuff from Codex: Imperial Guard could be issued orders I used DKoK as an example.

>> No.30067408

Death Korps (both lists) can do what you ask.

>> No.30067433

If the batteries count as Heavy Support for the IG Dex, well, not the other guy but I don't see why not since the DKoK can do it.

>> No.30067441

Thank you.

Whenever shit like this is asked assholes like
>>30067173 this show up.

>> No.30067474

>The artillery batteries state that they are heavy support choices for Codex: Imperial Guard.


>a single friendly non-vehicle unit chosen from Codex: Imperial Guard

A thought experiment for anon who is mad we didn't give him the answer he wants:

Everything inside your blue 1992 Honda Accord belongs to you.

While walking through Walmart, you spot some car seat covers, which boast that they are made for use in blue 1992 Honda Accords.

Using your logic skills, you deduce that those car seat covers are already yours, and walk out of Walmart with them without paying.

>for use in =! in

>> No.30067522
File: 28 KB, 400x400, 1289335657487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30067651

A one man play entitled: "This >>30067441 anon, next Saturday, at his FLGS"

>I issue Bring It Down to my Quadgun

but anon you can't do that


>disregard anyone who disagrees (including Forgeworld themselves), acquire autism

>> No.30067683

>Everything inside your blue 1992 Honda Accord belongs to you.

>While walking through Walmart, you spot some car seat covers, which boast that they are made for use in blue 1992 Honda Accords.
>After buying and installing them you sit and thumb though your registration and realize realize your car is in fact made in 93'

>Using your logic skills, you deduce that those car seat covers are not for your car model and so do not fit the seats.

>> No.30067729

That's not the thing though, ForgeWorld used outdated rules.

I just wanted to bring some discussion, but clearly /tg/ is no place for CIVILIZED discussion. Only shit-throwing discussion.

>> No.30067809


This anon just avoided a catastrophe. Your car would have caught fire and killed everyone inside.

Or he's arguing that following the rules is stupid in regard to someone asking a rules question, but nobody's that retarded.

>> No.30068381
File: 475 KB, 800x720, 1366063332008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30069134

My first dark eldar list. constructive criticism welcome. unconstructive criticism also welcome as long as it's humorous.

>10 wracks + haemonculus
2 liquefier guns - 170 pts

>10 wracks + haemonculus
2 liquefier guns - 170 pts

>10 wracks + haemonculus
2 liquefier guns - 170 pts

>4 Blasterborn + venom (flickerfield and night shields) - 188

>4 Blasterborn + venom (flickerfield and night shields) - 188

>4 Blasterborn + venom (flickerfield and night shields) - 188

>5 reavers (1 cluster caltrops and 1 heat lance) - 142

>5 reavers (1 cluster caltrops and 1 heat lance) - 142

>5 reavers (1 cluster caltrops and 1 heat lance) - 142

>> No.30069394

I just realized venoms come with flickerfields
so replace those flickerfield upgrades with splinter cannons
same price

>> No.30071226

I already have a descent Newcron Army and I was thinking of starting a new army. I was looking at a Meganobz Themed Ork army. Would it be worth it to start it up now, or shall I wait for the new dex? (Or dare I scrap the idea and go with a Grey Knight/DA Army. I want a Terminator army of some kind)

>> No.30072487
File: 164 KB, 1050x751, sm vs csm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, I have the space marine codex, but I can't find unit and gear prices. In fact I can't find them anywhere on the internet. This has made it hard to build lists. I'm new to this so some help would be appreciated.

>> No.30072621
File: 124 KB, 752x1063, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

City fighting guard
-Lord Commissar


Raider Platoon
-PCS (Chenkov, Vox Caster) Chimera 3
-Squad 1 (Vox Caster, Flamer) Chimera 2
-Squad 2 (Vox Caster, Flamer) Chimera 1
-Conscripts (+30 conscripts, send in the next wave)

Support Platoon
-PCS (Vox Caster)
-Squad 1 (Vox Caster, Melta)
-Squad 2 (Vox Caster, Melta)
-HWS (3x Lascannon)


-Chimera 1(Heavy Bolter turret, Flamer hull)
-Chimera 2(Heavy Bolter turret, Flamer hull)
-Chimera 3(Multilaser turret, Heavy Bolter hull)

I'm pretty sure they can handle most threats but last game I played some assault terminators tore through the conscripts and were beginning to tear up my rear support before the game ended. To remedy this I was thinking of a melee focused Inquisition detachment in larger games. How could I work this?

>> No.30072668

Kind of OT but does anyone know where I can get some miniatures that are pulling chains/rope?

>> No.30072725


>> No.30072746

To those around, can I get some opinions on the current state of 2nd Edition Dark Heresy?

General thoughts about gameplay, what's changed, that kind of thing. Preferably only using the most up-to-date information (since I hear it changed a lot throughout the beta process).

>> No.30072762

So... You have a hardback/digital edition of the codex but can't find the unit pricings?

May sound stupid but... Are you sure you have an actual codex, and not a book?

>> No.30072825

It's a digital copy of the gen 6 SM codex. It has all the stats and stuff but no unit prices.

>> No.30072847


Probably a bit late for a reply, but they're borderline useless. They can't hold objectives, they can't assault from outflanking, and they're 6+ save Boyz with grenades (FUCK YEAH INITIATIVE 2 oh). Their one saving grace is the ability to take up to two burnas, but you're paying a huge tax just to get two flame weapons. Models are awesome mind.

I have no experience with using them in conjunction with a Chinork. I doubt they'd be much better even then.

Snikrot is totally useless. His one thing was coming in from the opponent's table edge and wrecking one unit. He can't do that anymore. He doesn't have a power weapon or power klaw. Awesome model however.

>> No.30072877

Sounds odd.

For C:SM generally points costs and the like would be on the last 10-20 pages, which should encompass roughly the Wargear/Relic section to the Heavy Support and foldout tab.

>> No.30072951

I just went and checked. The last 200 pages had not loaded so ctrl f didn't work. I found it now, thanks anon.

>> No.30072996

Gave me a laugh.

Purge well, brother.

>> No.30073163

They're not great, but feel free to use them. They're good if you play a high point value game, and everything in the Necro codex is viable anyways.
Except regular Destroyers and Flayed Ones.

>> No.30073300
File: 19 KB, 300x424, 1391754048474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm the only ascendent in a field of SM (my friend who plays DA also has a 750pt Ork list, but that's it.)

>> No.30075706
File: 73 KB, 873x627, Balrog model.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why the fuck would anyone use the shitty Bloodthirster FINECAST model over this plastic Balrog kit? Slap some Daemon Prince armor on him and there yah go, perfect Bloodthirster.

>> No.30076818

Rate the codices from best to worst.
Fun fact, Nids are not the worst

>> No.30076834

My bet on the worst army is Sisters.

>> No.30077600

Personally I always take Reavers in three's, so you can get a maximum amount of bladevane upgrades. Heat Lances aren't all that great in my opinion (Blasters got 18" range and do the same thing basically, just more reliably).

Besides your 3 venoms and your Reaver bladevane attacks, you don't have all that much firepower. If you Wracks are foot slogging they will get shot down or at least have severe casaulties.

If you play long side of the table vs long side your Wracks are definitely screwed.

>> No.30077620

He said rate codices.

You have to have a codex to be in the rating.

>> No.30077628

The scale on that thing isn't perfect and you know.... it looks like shit?

Not saying the old GW Bloodthirster model looks like shit aswell, but both of them are shit.

>> No.30078908

Can artillery battery platforms recieve orders?

>> No.30079030

what do slaanesh chaos marines and noise marines get? can noise marines become terminators?

>> No.30079049


have you seen the conversion someone with it?

>> No.30079068

No, I haven't. Please show & tell!

>> No.30079414
File: 314 KB, 960x1280, Skarbrand+pics+034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30079418


Seeing as you're a Slaanesh bro, I'm powerfully inclined to suggest allying with Daemons.

Daemonettes are really fantastic against anything that walks. They will eat any of the Tryanid MCs or troops in CC minus Super kitted out warriors or Genestealers. They are also fast bodies for cheap. Protect them using Invisibility or the grimoire of true names. You can even use Belakor in the allied detachment to dodge his shitty warlord trait.

>> No.30080205
File: 134 KB, 779x605, Necron army comp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sup /tg/, I would like some advice with this 2000 point necron list(single force org chart)
I need to know what to tack on that provides some anti- AV 14. Forgeworld is perfectly fine. I’m thinking either a heat-cannon packing Sentry Pylon or a scarab swarm. I have 185 points left over.
Nemcesor Zandekreh-185
Cryptek of Destruction (Solar Pulse)-55
Cryptek of Despair -35

20x warriors-260
10x immortals (tesla)-170
10x immortals (tesla)-170
10x immortals (tesla)-170

Dedicated Transport-
Nightscythe- 100
Nightscythe- 100

5x Deathmarks- 95
Triarch Stalker(Heavy Gauss cannon)-165

Fast attack
Tomb Sentinel (Sepulchral scarabs(grants IWND))- 210

Void Shield Generator (3 layers of shields)- 100


The plan for most matches is the nemcesor, Cryptek of Destruction, and 1 warrior blob sit on the VSG on a backfield objective, using the fortification aspect of the VSG to get line of sight to use the nemcesor’s cool abilities. The blob is large to be able to kill shit that deepstrikes next to it, and ensure that no amount of long range harassment removes them entirely.
The cryptek of despair goes with the deathmarks, to abuse his ap1 fleshbane flamer.
the Tomb Stalker walks up the field, hugging the edge of the VSG, as that immortal unit screens it and leaves something to threaten the middle of the field.
The immortals go in nightscythes and snatch objectives and shoot. Afterwards, the nightscythes make a nuisance of themselves, act as AA \ pick up that other immortal blob if the stalker has died.
The Deathmarks and the Sentinel are going to enter play via the phased reinforcements rule at the same time as to try to enable an early assault for the sentinel and to maneuver into place for the deathmarks’ flamer to have maximum effect. This forces the opponent to make hard decisions as to what should be shot first.

So, any comments/criticisim/things that wreck this list?
(list is for real models, vassal for visualization)

>> No.30080296


just a tip. I dont think the nightscythes can pick up troops anymore since they cant hover and are supersonic.

>> No.30080506

errata says that they can pick up and disembark troops in contact with the base while zooming.
Which is honestly pretty silly, especially when you consider how when the scythe is destroyed, the troops inside enter ongoing reserves.

>> No.30081123

I'd like some advice and ideas guys. My plan is deliver sweet pie-plates of death from the safety of my bastion
Grey Knights 1000 points
Hereticus Inquisitor with Psyocculum, Psyker and 1 Servo skull

Henchmen. 8 Psykers, 3 Servitors with Plasma Cannons
Henchmen. 8 Psykers, 3 Servitors with Plasma Cannons
Henchmen. 7 Warriors with Boltguns inside a Chimera (ML/HF) with Searchlight

Dreadknight with Heavy Incinerator
Dreadknight with Heavy Incinerator

Bastion with Quad Cannon

My idea is to have one squad with BS10 killing psykers and their units, with one of the powers from divination to buff them, and the other one inside the bastion
The Chimera is there for that night fighting. Light something up and blast it away
2 Dreadknights for extra love

>> No.30081286

HaHa Time for Loldar 2k

Spiritseer - 70
10 Wraithblades with Ghostaxe/forceshield - 320
10 Wraithblades with Ghostaxe/forceshield - 320
10 Wraithguards with D-Scythes - 420
6 Fire Dragons with Firepike exarch and wave serpent - 272
6 Fire Dragons with Firepike exarch and wave serpent - 272
6 Fire Dragons with Firepike exarch and wave serpent - 272
50 points for idunolol

>> No.30081293

You wont EVER hold even a single objective. Apart from that go for it

>> No.30081348

I've used Daemon allies before, and they're usually decent. I'm just slightly worried that t3 infantry will get shredded even with Grimoire support by the mid-strength firepower that my friend's nids can shit out. I'll give it a shot next time though, thanks.

>> No.30081399

>I need to know what to tack on that provides some anti- AV 14

You've got 20 Warriors. I think you've not AV14 covered. If that's not good enough, try a Ghost Ark full of Warriors, or 5 Warriors with a Cryptek with a haywire staff in a Nightscythe, or 6 Wraiths led by a Destroyer Lord with a Warscythe.

>> No.30081410

No. Check page 29 of the IG codex and the FAQ. Only non-vehicle units

>> No.30081417


Give that fucking herald some upgrades man. For 40 points you can give it AP2, Challenge Selection and rerolls on an entire unit of daemonettes.

>> No.30081654

I might consider a ghost Ark, but 10 warriors in an Ark is 245, which is 60 points more than I have.

That cryptek+warriors unit seems nice, Would 12+cryptek+lighting field work well, or should I go 13+cryptek(no field)?

>> No.30081835

It's for a campaign. Annihilation missions all the time for some reason...

>> No.30081910

5+cryptec(no field)+nightscythe

>> No.30081950

That puts me 5 over.

>> No.30082034

8 warriors are 104 nightscythe is 100 so if you can fit 13 warriors you can fit 5 + scythe

>> No.30082111

The artillery crewman (they are separate) aren't vehicles. They just man the gun (though if they shit their pants once and run away it explodes).

>> No.30082387

I have 185 points left over.
I suggested 12 warriors on foot+stormtek(181)
5 warriors+stormtek+scythe is 190.
I may have made a typo in a previous post, I'm typing on a phone.

Would dropping my destrutiontek be worth it? he lets me turn on nightfight to stall/re-position for a round, but 55 points is pretty damned expensive.

>> No.30082593

Oh, you are talking about the forge world artillery pieces. Then yes, they can be issued orders, so long as they are not vehicles, ogryns, or ratlings

>> No.30082704

I just got an e-mail from ForgeWorld saying that they have never intended for the artillery pieces to be available for orders. So that's that I guess.

Pretty bullshit, 'cause if you read the rules it should be available for them, but it just ain't for reasons.

>> No.30082787
File: 9 KB, 723x220, fw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30082898

I can see that. But until they put it in the FAQ, then the RAW crowd will argue for it.

And even from a fluff side, I can totally see a company commander screaming for his artillery support RIGHT NOW. That covers the Bring It Down and Fire On My Target orders in my opinion. As a fluff player playing with a fluffy group, I wouldn't mind being on the receiving end of that since it fits the army. But in all cases, check with your buddies and play as you agree to play.

>> No.30083175

Can someone help me? I'm a total newbie, making a 1k point Necron list. How does this look?

Necron Overlord
-Mindshackle Scarabs
-Resurrection Orb
-Sempiternal Weave

Harbinger of Despair
-Abyssal Staff
-Veil of Darkness

Harbinger of the Storm
-Lightning Field
-Voltaic Staff

Necron Lord
-Res Orb

-Staff of Light

Necron Immortals x5
-Gauss Blaster

Necron Warriors x20

Canoptek Wraiths x3

Tomb Blades x3
-Shield vanes
-TL Tesla Carbine

Annihilation Barge
-Tesla Cannon

The Storm Cryptek, regular Cryptek and Lord go into the Immortals. The Overlord and Despair Cryptek go into the warriors. I think I have a decent mix of gauss and tesla, so I feel I could deal with a mixture of infantry and vehicles.

>> No.30083421

What do you have to say about chinaman quality? I wanted to get some Death Korps, but them FW models are so expensive!

>> No.30083430

I don't know Necrons that well; we don't have any of them in our group. So I'll give some general newbie advice. Just get a lot of practice in. Expect to lose and it have nothing to do with your list. It's like any video game where totally sucking is the first step towards being sorta good at it.

When you're ready for the next step:
ITNeth 1404

>> No.30083527

Yeah I guess. I've yet to play in a tournament and I don't think I want to either.

I'm a very casual player.

>> No.30083584
File: 65 KB, 749x800, NurglePreacher001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Just don't be one of those guys who thinks because he runs a nurgle list means you can smear shit all over your models and say "its stylistically suppose to be that way!"

>> No.30083603

>ITNeth 1404
Ignore that... that was the captcha. I was wondering where it went when I typed it, went back to fix a mistake earlier in the text, then went to post and there was no capcha answer in the field.

Now where did I leave my glasses? And god dammit kids, stay off my lawn

>> No.30083611
File: 8 KB, 251x251, 1290214750067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If you are poor just buy Cadians, paint them brown/black, and call them Death Korps

>> No.30083724

What do you have on hand and how many models are you willing to buy?

Also, I hate your formatting in that army list.

Remember, only one member of the royal court per squad, and you want to have the court member try to want to shoot at the same thing as the unit he is attached to.

Examples of good combos are Stormteks and warriors, or deathmarks and despairteks.

With your list not being helped much by the way you use the crypteks(also, res orbs should go into large blobs, they make their points back that way) you might want to consider re-doing your army.

TLDR- your army is illegal due to some silly mistakes, and synergizes with itself poorly.
What do you own/are willing to buy? I can help you make a better list.

>> No.30083791


At the moment I have 10 warriors, 3 scarab bases, an annihilation barge and an overlord.

>only one member of the royal court per squad

I must have missed that. Do you have a page reference?

I'm willing to buy most things, as long as they're not stupid expensive (so no "buy 50 immortals") or uses the Ghost Ark/Doomsday Ark kit (I really don't want to have to paint that.)

>> No.30083873


no seriously what do I spend the last 50 points on im kinda stumped?

>> No.30083921

Puppetswar has the German Sturmpioniere and Toxic Troopers heads you can use to get the look.

>> No.30084097

Was just wondering, does anyone have ideas for combating Tau and Eldar (different players) with C:SM?

>> No.30084157


>tfw liking tzeentch the best and slaanesh second best
>tfw fielding a thousand sons army

It's pretty much only effective against other marines with a lot of assault units

>> No.30084208


Actually they cry all the time because they don't want to kill but they have to for food and if they stop moving, they die. Underwater nobody notices you crying.

>> No.30084568

Page 90, royal court entry.

Ok, That annihilation barge is the best thing ever. keep that.

Nightscythes are amazing transports, as that whole"move then disembark" thing that it can do while ZOOMING makes necron troops the most mobile in the game. you can move up 36" and then disembark and then shoot(24" or less to snap fire)

I already said annihilation barges are the shit. They provide AA(TL+tesla is funny) anti light vehccle(S 7 shots) and anti horde(Arc). av 13/13/11 and skimmers make them really nice.

Scarabs make vehicles die, although warrior-heavy lists have no problems with vehicles.

Also, i like your overloard loadout. That's pretty much the best generic loadout for the points you can get.

So what you have already(and will probably attempt to incorporate into your list) is

Overlord-(MSS, Orb, warscythe, weave)-160

10x warriors-130

Fast attack-
3x scarab swarms -45

Heavy Support
1x annihilation barge-90

Which totals to 425/1000

I would add more Annihilation barges. Competitive lists require redundancy in everything but deathstars. Double or even triple annihilation barges is a solid choice.

other than annihilation barges and scythes, another good unit is wraiths.

If you don't mind smashing the parts from your overlord onto a destroyer, making a destroyer lord and wraiths is a nice plan. Destroyer lords leading wraiths is terrifying, and murders the shit out of pretty much everything.

For elites, I would consider deathmarks, and if your army includes immortals(Tesla immortals are pretty much always better) a triarch stalker.

an alternative list you could make with your stuff would be-

(in next post)

>> No.30084647

Destroyer lord(MSS, Weave, Scythe)-160

5x warriors(65)
5x warriors(65)

Dedicated Transports-
Night scythe-100
Night scythe-100

Fast attack
6x Wraiths(one with no upgrades, 2 with whipcoils, 5 with beamers)-255
5x scarab swarms-75

Heavy Support
Annihilation barge-90
Annihilation barge-90


Alternatively, if you don’t want to go the Destroyer lord/wraiths route, drop the wraiths and the destroyer lord, take that 160-point overlord, take larger squads of warriors/immortals and put them in scythes and/or walk them.
Crypteks are also an option, my personal favorite is a 5 man deathmark squad with a cryptek of despair is amazing at abusing an ap 1 2+ to wound flamer.

Also, when purchasing, keep all methods and possibilities open. CCoN and zhanchui have crazy discounts on necron stuff.(search on foolz how to order from them, don't ask in this thread, ill just tell you to search foolz)
(yoymart is another recaster, but they are just someone in china selling Zhanchui's stuff without shipping costs and at a markup, so use them if you want a small order only) Convert crypteks so they dont look like ass, and buy from ebay/some other method of getting a discount if you want.

>> No.30086603


Thank you, man. Nice tip.

>> No.30086715

but for real please give feedback on the fluff I've written so far. I know it's a wall of text, but is it accurate to 40k and not stupid? /tg/ pls...

The Cannibal Creed are a deviant sect of the Word Bearers founded sometime during the 32nd Millennium. They are known for their particularly brutal cannibalistic rituals, unusually strict discipline (for Chaos) and zealotry, and a unique view of the Chaos pantheon that holds Khorne and Nurgle as analogues to Yin and Yang forces, considering Slaanesh and Tzeentch to be unbalanced devils and the patrons of cowards. The Cannibal Creed icon is a stylized dog skull biting into a chunk of rotten human flesh. While the warband has no known battle cry or motto, some Adeptus Astartes have reported hearing the growls of rabid, snarling dogs during skirmishes with the traitors, though the sounds don’t seem to come from the Chaos marines themselves. Their colors are blood red, brazen gold, and corpulent green.

Cannibal Creed attacks on the Imperium are rare, usually focusing their campaigns against followers of Slaanesh and Tzeentch. This has earned them the moniker "The Traitor Inquisition". The warband are sworn enemies of the Word Bearers, and have tormented their Founding Legion for nearly eight Millennia. Their most notable victory occured in 888.M41, when they covertly commandeered an Imperial Cruiser during the Exterminatus of Typhon Primaris, instead steering the ship to the Bushwine Sector and exterminating most of a hive world controlled by a Slaaneshi cult.


>> No.30086750

Important Characters:

Augustus The Abbot, Warlord of the Cannibal Creed – The Abbot’s origin is unknown. The first recorded account of his existence dates back to the Heterodox Schism in late M32 that separated his warband from the Word Bearers forever. Before the Schism, Augustus served on the Dark Council as a high-ranking Dark Apostle. However, he found himself fervently disagreeing with his fellow council members’ interpretations of the Book of Lorgar, and in the end disregarded the book itself. Decrying his Legion as puppets to both the Changer of Ways and Prince of Pleasure while ignoring what he considered to be superior powers, Khorne and Nurgle, Augustus staged a coup that would place him at the top of the hierarchy while defeating Lorgar through subversion. This plan came crashing down when Augustus and his band of rebels were betrayed by double agents, who leaked his plans to the Dark Council and orchestrated the near decimation of the rebels.

Augustus and his mutineers narrowly escaped Sicarus on the hijacked warship CVRVLIS ANTHROPOPHAGORVM. Fleeing the Eye of Terror, they searched for decades to find a suitable home world, and have kept this base a secret from the Word Bearers and Imperium well into the 41st Millennium, although they are most active in the Scarus Sector. The Abbot has since declared an unholy war on the Word Bearers and anyone who owes fealty to gods other than Khorne and Nurgle. He is said to never remove his suit of defiled Mark III Iron Power Armor, and typically wields a lightning claw and power axe on the battlefield. He also carries a heavy flamer, to send the whelps of lesser gods burning into the jaws of their weak masters.


>> No.30086776


Brother Cyprian, Supreme Presbyter – Brother Cyprian is a Dark Apostle and second-in-command of the Cannibal Creed. He is a draconian arbiter of Divine Law, often inflicting harsh punishments which include death on his charges for the smallest perceived acts of disobedience. Aside from his congregational duties, Cyprian is also in charge of the mechanized support of the warband. While The Abbot heads the primarily Khornate devotees, the Presbyter is the official seat of predominately Nurgle worshippers. Because Nurgle is viewed as the passive aspect of Chaos, only Nurgle marines are allowed to perform the humble task of operating and maintaining machinery, but are forbidden to speak casually unless spoken to by a Khornate or Nurglite superior.

Brother Cyprian was formerly an overzealous troop of the Dusk Raiders Space Marine Legion, and still wears his pockmarked Terminator Armor today. After defecting to the Word Bearers Traitor Legion under unique circumstances, he aided Augustus The Abbot as an advisor in his attempted upheaval of the Dark Council. A corroded lightning claw is crudely welded to the right gauntlet of his Terminator Armor, while his left gauntlet is a power fist dripping with poison, which he uses more on his own parishioners than on the front lines.

pls respond ;_;

>> No.30086824


It's not stupid. I see no problem with anything you wrote there.

All in all, you have to do what you like. It is your warband. Have fun with it, anon.

>> No.30087016

yeah but I've never read in the 40k novels so I pulled most of this from what I know of the CSM codex and did some cursory research on lexicanum, etc

for example, I'm not sure if dark apostles can ever have terminator armor in the fluff, but I gave it to brother cyprian. of course I run him as a chaos lord on the tabletop, but I just want to make sure nothing is contradictory in a 40k story

I'm thinking "lol we stole a cruiser from the imperium right under their noses" might be kind of dumb, but those ships are fairly small compared to say, warships, and my warband are supposed to be master trolls who can hide anything (even though they hate tzeetnch, they consider it part of khorne's martial skill)

>> No.30087157


Considering dark apostles are "chaos chaplains" and chaplains can use terminator armor, I don't see a problem.

The only conflicting stuff is that dark apostiles as a whole are fond of chaos undivided, so they hating two chaos gods is somewhat odd. But it can be the reason him (or they) choose to follow this traitor traitor warband.

>> No.30087242

cool, I didn't know loyalist space marine chaplains can wear terminator armor, thanks

although he didn't start out as a DA, I tried to imply that he was just a regular termi in the dusk raiders until... whenever he fell to chaos, maybe I'll write more about his fall and how he came to be a major dark apostle later

>> No.30088074


sooo...I guess even 50 points down this is the best elder list EVER

>> No.30088110

How do you plan on taking on aircrafts?
>Wave serpent spam

>> No.30088400


>3 wave serpents

yeah no im going with the serpent shield being 6 inch range GW be damned

also I still got 50 points to give stuff for AA I guess only thing that could be AA would be the wave serpents

>> No.30088491

>every single slot in that category is identical and filled up
>not spam

>> No.30088710

I just want to say that your formatting is hard to follow.

>> No.30088738


When will people learn to make their lists horizontal and not vertical.

>mfw people do IG platoon spam in that format
>the army list is longer than my screen is tall

>> No.30088828


whatever spam is only a problem when the unit is broken and since im going to use serpents as they are meant to be used (deliver fire dragons to targets and occasionally use their SIX INCH shield attack in addition to their other weapons) youre argument is pointless since im not intentionally going to abuse the arty platform serpent which is why its considered broken

>> No.30088871

>youre argument is pointless
>implying it wasn't just a stated fact
>implying WS still aren't amazing in defensive mode

Typical Eldar retard.

>> No.30089215


well get fucked grammar faggot YOU ARE just jealous that the elder dex is so strong

YOU ARE probably a nid player I bet

>> No.30089226

>being this retarded and mad

>> No.30089532



>> No.30089564

damn son, I aint that guy, but you still mad

>> No.30089601

just burst my hole laughing

you cannot find the serb horses

>> No.30089620


guys seriously beating a dead horse eldar guy wanted advice and he just shit all over him

>> No.30089643


Wasn't even me that shat all over him, he's angry at at least 2-3 different people.

>> No.30089666

could I make an army thats just a bunch of tanks and shit with no soldiers

>> No.30089669


ahhh the wonders of an anonymous imageboard

>> No.30089700


It's not a very effective army, but there you go.

>> No.30089713

what are these preposterous words

>> No.30089725


Yes. Forge World Armoured Battle Group. HQ and Troops are Leman Russes.

>> No.30089769

It's a direct link to the Armored Battle Group rules from FW.

>> No.30089787

ok heres the situation

I love the 40k books and reading stuff on the internet and all that

but when I go to the nerd shop people act standoffish

I want to make an army that is irritating as fuck to play against but good

help me be a twat

>> No.30089793

Friend got some from Chinaman.
Only problem was that the gun barrels were bent badly and the stuff is too brittle to bend back, even after being submerged in boiling water.

Next time he says he's just getting them from Table of war.
I don't blame him either.

>> No.30089814



There you go.

>> No.30089832

Just as an aside, you're probably going to get the shit kicked out of you if you try to run a list like that. Any decent player will be able to shut you down hard. But most players aren't decent, and will whine about how broken Riptides are.

>> No.30089866


tau bore me but cool

also I doubt im about to get the shit kicked out of me in a wargaming shop lol

appreciate you brotherman

>> No.30089879


This is why you get one or two friends with you to play Wave Serpent spam and screamerstar while you play Riptide spam.

You cannot shut down all 3 of those builds with any single list.

>> No.30089929

I mean your shit kicked out of you on the table.

Like >>30089879 mentioned, Wave Serpent Spam is another way to be an asshole. Both get whined about a lot, but both are easily countered by a decent player.

>You cannot shut down all 3 of those builds with any single list.
Actually, all three are countered pretty well by just charging them.

>> No.30090643

n-nobody else wants to talk about my evil monks

I worked on it really hard you guys


>> No.30092273

Legion Caestus Assault Ram or Legion Spartan Assault Tank for a 1500 point deathguard legion army? I need something to transport my deathshrouds in

>> No.30092655

That's based on a band name, right? Sounds like a band name.

On a completely different subject, have been toying around for a while now with the idea of a master of the forge with the armor indomitus and a conversion beamer. Overcosted as shit and inferior to just giving him a bike? Yeah, probably. I just like it for some reason. Anyways, kicking around ideas of what squad to pair him with, and I'm considering devastator centurions. What guns do you guys think would best compliment a conversion beamer? I figure chest missile launchers are a given, but otherwise, I'm almost tempted to go with lascannons or heavy bolters. I don't want this unit really getting close enough to use grav cannons. Lascannons are best rangewise, but I feel like midrange with heavy bolters and str 8 ap 4 pieplate might not be too bad, at least sort of matches up on targets.
Thoughts? Or even just other squads to put a relentless (non-bike) conversion beamer in? I think centurions are my best bet, but never know.

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