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So, the fucking X Card.

You know, I was almost OK with the idea of this for public games. I'm not a cold-hearted person, and I can understand that things that bounce right off my skin are fairly offensive to others.

Then I read the list of triggers.

"Eating in front of other people".
"Reading aloud".

I'm sorry, but if you're so fragile that shit like that bothers you, you need a fucking protective bubble around you at all times. It's gotta be the only way you can actually live in this world. Best of all, though, was this line:

>The X-Card sometimes leads to more intense play. People know they have a communication tool if things go too far, so they may feel more comfortable going farther than they normally would. We've rarely seen this happen in actual play but it's a possibility so we feel it's important to note it just in case.

In other words, "Yeah, this censorship tool might lead to more intense play. I've never actually seen this happen and have no evidence to back this up, but let's pretend it's true. Only don't use that word, because truth is my trigger.". People like this make it that much harder to be on the side of legitimate social justice causes.

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Don't use them if they're a problem.

Can we stop bringing this up thanks? that would be nice.

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Anyway, it's a dumbass idea by some crazy social justice dipshits. It boils down to "Yeah, have a card in the middle of the table so if anybody's triggered by something you say, they can tap it and you stop doing the thing."


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The X card is a concept to enable people who might be too shy or too ashamed to "speak out" about something that makes them uncomfortable. The roleplay starts to veer into territory someone is disturbed by, so they hold up their "X Card" and no questions are asked, no one plays the blame game. They just move the topic into different areas.

That's the theory, at least. I don't see it working very well.

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That is far too easy to exploit. What happened to discussing things like adults.

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Nope, Discussing things might be TRIGGERING, you see.

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>I don't want to not know what we're doing or be without a goal, but I CERTAINLY don't want to have to commit to one! But I don't want to be uncertain about it either. We can't commit though because we might fail!
You're playing with some indecisive cunts, OP.

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>You're playing with some tumblrettes, OP


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I live in a semi-reasonable (that is, third world) country, and my knowledge of Western social or cultural issues is lacking. So excuse me for asking, but what in the blazes are you talking about?

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A "Trigger" was originally something that "set people off" - if you were "triggered" by rape that meant that it might send you into a PTSD fit or something. Now it's just used by pussy bitches to describe anything that makes them uncomfortable.

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Triggering is this vaguely insane idea that certain discussions are off-topic or only allowable with heavy warnings because they might bring up memories and cause issues for some people. For certain things, it actually makes sense (Frank discussion of, say, sexual assault would be a fairly bad thing to do in front of a sexual assault victim, for example), but in this post-Priviledge world, anything can be a trigger as long as you get all huffy about it.

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"I'm only comfortable with fighting nids and orks."

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That's just random shit from the list of "potentual triggers".

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You can discuss things like adults, but that there's also a time and a place to open this up for discussion - and a bunch of folks sitting around a table, wanting to play a game? Probably not the best time to get into a discussion, especially if somebody is going "I don't feel comfortable with this..."

It's the same reason that I don't entertain arguments about the rules during games I'm running - we can discuss how to deal with the problematic rule after the game, but I don't want it interrupting the game.

I suppose the thing with the X-Card system is that it only works if everyone agrees to use it and use it properly, so that most of the time, the card goes untouched and, when somebody really feels they need to use it, they do so. Pretty much everything for making a game run smoothly is going to fuck things up if people try to use it disruptively.

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Unless your group is a 50/50 split of emotionally damaged mutes and deviant sociopaths how would you ever need this?

Basic empathy and open conversation has always been sufficient for my group.

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I can see it if you're running a game at an event or convention or something like that, where not everyone would know everyone, but unless you subscribe to the insane level of trigger warnings this guy clearly subscribes to, I don't know why you'd need it. I'm not running a game about rape and torture at a fucking con for strangers....

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So they took a thing which was pretty much coomon sense and made it this crazy? Good Lord. I think it's high time I moved to China, before notions like that spread eastwards.

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Welcome to the place where common sense goes to die.

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Whoa, Deja Vu.
All jokes aside, though, I think the idea is that you use this when you're running games for retarded people, and I don't mean stupid people, I mean honest-to-god brain damaged.
Not that I approve of avoiding problems instead of, you know, working through them, but it does have a situation where it could reasonably see use.

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oh Woide, how low you have fallen after Big Show fucked up your arm. Where did your push go

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A friend of mine was saying he should've been the last entrant in the Rumble. Everyone's pumped for Bryan, and all of a sudden...

"I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS."

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you don't have to use it. At the worst you can include it if someone is just fetish spamming the game.

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It would certainly be better than Rey. But in all honesty, as awesome as Bad News Barrett and his pimped out pulpit are, they should've just gone with Soul Man Danny B if they didn't want people to shit all over the entire show.

>You thought people would want to see Batista? I'm afraid I've got some bad news.

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>eating in front of other people
god, fuck this shit
whenever i'm in a skype call with people i can hear them eating and if i tell them to mute their mic they'll act like it's a big deal

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That's not the same. Eating in front if people is fine, in America at least. Eating smelly food, or eating greasy or dirty food in a game where you touch things, is indicative if social ineptness. If you're eating, make it something no one can smell, unless you're all eating together.

Over a Skype call you replace smell with sound, which is worse. Sound is your primary sense. You're using it to hear what the heck is going on. You can't do that as well when there's annoying crunching and sloshing in your ear from Fatass McAasfat who isn't considerate of others. The real life equivalent would be someone eating their food in-between you and the GM, like leaning over the table and getting in the way. That'd be unacceptable with sight, and it's unacceptable with sound.

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Wait, "reading aloud?"



The FUCK is this shit?

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I'm definitely calling work on Mick Foley kicking up a shitstorm online about Bryan not being in the Rumble match and Punk leaving the company. The timing's too good for it all to be coincidence. The resulting angle will probably fall through and become a mess like WWE's summer of punk thing, but it'll happen.

Or these people really are tired of WWE being shit. Which is just as likely.

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>Explaining is bad because it’s extra effort, a higher barrier to accomplish your goal, and it can feel like being put on trial.


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Bryan is insanely over and he wasn't in the rumble. They've been doing whatever they can to fuck him over and bury him at every turn. I doubt it's a work. Though I suppose we'll see. If Punk turns up in japan, it's not a work.

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You can never tell when they're just doing another story arc or when they're legitimately leaving the company.

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>Having to make the effort to state your discomfort and justify your feelings is a BAD thing

Only in a culture that has placed the importance of feelings above the importance of thinking could this sort of intellectually revolting mold begin to fester

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I want to see Punk and Okada compete in who can drop the shittiest Macho elbow so bad.

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Air Punk isn't that bad....

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and I'm not sure whether that's great or not. It's kinda boring when you can call shit months in advance and be basically spot on, if it's a work and they're preventing leaks and actually keeping people guessing whether it's really a work, then that's quality worked shoot stuff. But at the same time if things are so fucked up people are legit leaving and complaining and people think it's a work, well...

Anyway, the timing and the story behind it all just seems so convenient, you know? Bryan was in the running for being the face of the company vs Orton before Cena was involved, he's been feuding with the Wyatts who took down Cena and helped Orton retain the big prize likely at the behest of the Corporation, Punk's been feuding with Corporate Kane and has teamed up with Bryan against the Wyatts before, nevermind their indy past together, it just seems like a perfect setup to have them team up against the Corporation and the Wyatts and elevate Bryan along with Punk into a main storyline.

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I love how half this thread is talking about wrestling and the other half is talking about political correctness and how people need to "man up".

Or maybe both sides are talking about the same thing, really.

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Maybe we should merge the two discussions and come to the conclusion that the best solution is to German Suplex anyone who offends you.

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>"Eating in front of other people".
>"Reading aloud".
I'm practically a SJW by 4chan standards but how the FUCK are these triggers for anything.

Aimlessness? What, were you lost in the woods as a child or something?

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>failing, chaos and uncertainty are listed triggers
>force these people to play a CoC campaign

much laughs to be had, certainly

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as someone who browses /tv/, the mention of feet is enough to send me into a murderous rage now so I can see where they're coming from

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>Dat Lady of Change

Oh lawdy lawdy...

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>When you cry out in your dreams, it is Heathcliff that you see

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I think my favourite one is "failing" that just makes me think this was all the long term plan of a particularly dedicated munchkin.

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This can't be real. It just can't. My mind rejects the possibility. Either op is lying or his player taking the piss.

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What do they mean?

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That's one. Don't make me go Benoit on your ass.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eKbpjaboGc German Suplex Fight.

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>“I’d like your help.”
>“Your help to make this game fun for everyone.”
Holy shit they actually think it won't ruin gaming

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I'm triggered by murderers, don't want that in my RPGs please thanks.

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It wasn't him, though, it was a satanist conspiracy. Also, that's two.

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My favorite are Injuries and Public Places.
Nobody can get hurt in this campaign.
Nobody can go out in public in this campaign.
We're just going to stay in the barbarian's cave and draw on the walls.

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