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Sup /tg/, I'm trying to get my friends to play a campaign with me focusing on middle earth during the time when Sauron wasn't hideous. However they aren't particularly sold on the idea, and every time I try to convince them it goes like:

> " But at one point Sauron -was- beautiful. This Era had some of the coolest, most badass things around. It'll be a blast to play.
> " You just try to strike down the dark lord, but his gaze entrances you, struck by his beauty. "
> Far more terrifying and powerful than during the lotr books.
> " Dude you're being kinda gay stop. "
> " Yeah I'd rather play a game based on tribunal age morrowind and face the wrath of vivec's muatra. That would still be less gay than you are now. "

How can I convince them?

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Start showing fanart of beautiful Sauron to them while you describe how his beauty stops them in their tracks.

Maybe you should step up his influence on them? Like maybe explain that they'll get to interact with beautiful Sauron like all the time. Like maybe sometimes he randomly shares a bed with them?

I think any player on /tg/ would be pumped about such a game, if you convince them they'll get more Sauron benefits it should be fine.

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That's gay, bro.
Like, seriously gay.

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yeah, no, man, that's pretty gay.

also, if the players don't want to play something, there's nothing you can do. if you can't sell it, play something else. if the players don't like it, it makes the game worse for everyone involved.

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>" Yeah I'd rather play a game based on tribunal age morrowind and face the wrath of vivec's muatra. That would still be less gay than you are now. "

Do they KNOW how gay that is? There is very little that is more gay then that. Do they even know where that milkfinger was before? Nasty places I tell you.

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You were basically selling them Second Age of LOTR as "Man Sauron was just so FUCKABLE"

Yeah, go find that tumbrl where the russian dude keeps drawing Melkor & Sauron as pretty bishounen yaoi characters with romantic tension, that'll show them you're not gay

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> "You just try to strike down the dark lord, but his gaze entrances you, struck by his beauty."

That sentence ruined your chances of running a Second Age Middle-earth game completely. How did you ever think that would sound appealing to a player?

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you done goofed. just give up. you made it sound like the gayest thing since gaytown, where you're from.

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>So Mike what does your character do now that he finally sees the Dark Lord in all his pure glory?

"Murdgor, the Half-Orc Elf, remembers everything that had led up to this moment, his neglectful Mother refusing to evoke her glamour and wearing the scars from the night the orcs had managed to break through the Elven lands and raped her. Murdgor remembers the hate he received growing up and finally meeting his father only to discover he was a self-loathing, weak Orc who couldn't turn away from the dark lord since he knew no other life. Murdgor remembers even his Orc father being able to feel shame for the things he had done and his suicide. Murdgor remembers his vow to do good in this dark world and raises his blade to return all the pain Sauron had caused him, to scar and ruin Sauron's untouched face.

>Uh, right, great. Grow the fuck up Mike seriously, you and your tragic past.

Fuck you, I'm rolling to attack

>Fine, as you raise your blade you take in Sauron's slender, almost girlish curves. His puffy lips become a gentle amused smile and as you run up the steps of that dark citadel you find your strength and anger leave you. Murdgor falls to his knees in front of Sauron, he lifts the silk dress that hangs gently from his frame and reveals his erect cock. You can't help but part your lips as you feel his hand on the back of your h-"

Why the fuck are you so gay, this is gay.

>What? No this is badass and terrifying. God, you just don't get how awesome the Silmirillion is!

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Pretty shit grimderp backstory. Also elves cant be raped.

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See, this is the kind of shit that pushes away players from your setting.

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Some things work in one medium but not in another. You can have characters that are so sexy it's terrifying in a novel but that shit ain't gonna fly in a game. Your players are rightly going to assume you are trying to trap them in your Magical Realm.


I wish to convey my amusement at your humorous hypothetical, good sir.

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OP stop saying beautiful, no player will be happy having his character stopped dead by some dudes beauty. Have you ever walked past a clothing store, saw a model in a picture, and even broke stride? These are people photoshoped into perceived perfection and it can't even slow you down.

Say his looks are stunning, that it evokes a primal sense of perfection, like looking into the face of a god. Say a mere glace, your rage fades into awe, like looking at a creature from a higher plane. Beauty implies sexuality when applied to a humanoid so they will obviously balk at it. Also beauty isn't the kind of thing that stops a person mid rage, see rape.

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So whats so great about this faggot exactly? Is he going to give me a giant handjob?

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>OP loses his own sanity trying to homosex his players with Sauron

My sides.

But basically say that Sauron's beauty is Slaneesh tier.

They'll get the hint, because Slaneesh can become unto PC's their waifu's/

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For fucks sake, he wasn't 'beautiful', he was 'fair'. Learn the difference.

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His role was as a charmer, a seducer, a corrupter and a bender of wills. Melkor, the dude in the background was the real mace-swinging heavily armoured badass, Sauron just made a poor copy of that when he made the Ring and went to open war with Middle Earth. He's not actually meant to be a warrior, he's the personification of corruption.

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>Hey Melkor, Mom & Iluvitar aren't home right now. Maybe I could be your girlfriend tonight?

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> You were basically selling them Second Age of LOTR as "Man Sauron was just so FUCKABLE"
What this guy said.

You don't want to make Sauron fuckable to appeal to your players. He's a force of Nature - his greatest accomplishments weren't seducing boys and girls and bringing them to his lair to show them how to do a proper ringjob - but corrupting entire kingdoms with offers of power and wealth. He's the Tyrant King, the Necromancer, the Corrupter.

Appeal to their inner murderhobo by having him offer them power, gold, knowledge - all the good stuff. All he wants in return are occasionally a couple of favors. This is the guy who knows how to craft the best swords and armor around, and if they want magic artifacts that can prevent them from dying, they'll do what he says. Appeal to their greed.

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I think he could just take all the LOTR stuff & this kind of bbeg and use it, he just fucked himself out of calling it Lord of the Rings is all.
Now I'm wondering if OP even knows any shit about Sauron besides how tasty his dick is.

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Downplay the beauty of sauron and play up everything else, since it is very unlikely you'll meet Sauron anyway...

How about the rise of Dragons. How about the Dragons that make Smaug look like a little bitch? How about a setting where the biggest, baddest, most powerful Dragon is a Gold Dragon and he is the most evil of them all.

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He could. I guess he could base his campaign on exploration and intrigue.

The noble houses of Numenor want to spread their influence a bit, there's tension in the air, and the king is advised by a fallen angel who so far has done nothing bad. He offers advice, and his recent one is an expedition into the mainland so they can conquer more land and expand. So the players are each from a noble house, they each have their own goals and lust for glory (often at the expand of other players), and are out to make a name for themselves.

Basically a mix of the conquistadors, A Song of Ice and Fire, and Lord of the Rings.

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Turn the game into ERP.

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I would introduce the idea of heavenly beings that aided Man before introducing Sauron. Then I would have them go "earn" Sauron's interest and his "help".
Melkor can be fucking around in the background as a mislead bbeg somewhere.

Though that kind of campaign would probably end in a lot of gritty back stabbing, or four very particular Ringwraiths

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That works great. Sauron could be established later on, as one of those mysterious beings that guided humanity to where they are, and whose favor they'll earn by carving kingdoms of their own, defeating the foul fae lords, and basically backstabbing each other. The best servants get an audience with Sauron, and get turned into Ringwraiths, besides getting to rule their own chunk of Middle Earth.

As for Melkor, Sauron was the guy who wanted to free him. Maybe one of the goal of the expedition is to uncover ways how to do that.

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Stop focusing on Sauron being pretty and play up other stuff.
Whatever else there was, I haven't actually read Silm.

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If you're enticing them with bishie lovin' and not magic rings that will make them live forever*, you're doing it wrong.

*in the service of the Dark Lord as a wraith, but you don't tell them that until the epilogue when they roll up to a hobbit hole and you wait to see how long it takes them to notice.

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yyyeaah no, you're making it seem hella gay

Sauron's beauty didn't stop anyone from kicking his ass. Ever.

It just made him able to con people.

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I bet that to a normal middle earth human, not a numenorian, fem sauron would be overwhelmingly beautiful.

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>Have you ever walked past a clothing store, saw a model in a picture, and even broke stride?
Fuck yeah I have, you'd have to be gay not to.

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It doesn't matter what he says now, the players already know he's trying to have them play out his fetish fantasies for him.

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Were any other races involved on the level? Because that can draw in "speshul snowflakes elves snowlakin' in the distance" response.

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>Let's just still pretend that I'm Nienna...

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>" You just try to strike down the dark lord, but his gaze entrances you, struck by his beauty. "

Damn, even as a huge faggot who loves the cock, this might be too gay for me.

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>and a bender of genders

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If you want to invite your players into your magical realm, you need to do so more subtly than that. You've already failed, and now they know where your magical realm is, which means that they'll be sure to avoid it in the future.

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No, Tolkien's elves can be raped, but they can't be made pregnant against their will, because they're kinda Bene Gesserit - their bodies are almost completely in tune with and under control of their minds. For similar reasons, elves can't be trans - the body-mind harmony that they have precludes gender/sexual dysophoria

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Do the Vivec orgy campaign instead.

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...this is literally the American right wing fantasy race.

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Elves, men, orcs, trolls, dwarves, dragons, and balrogs were all involved in the Wars of Beleriand. The eagles participated on occasion. It's possible that the Ents got involved as well at some point, as we know that Fangorn was in Beleriand once. Oh, there were also werewolves and vampires on Morgoth's side, and the platonic ideal of dog on the elves'.

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There were also giants, if I remember correctly.
Though those might just be oversized trolls.

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Kind of? They also are generally highly tolerant, most of them are peaceful, and they like to sing and dance under the stars. They're also very much in tune with nature and are pretty much anti-heavy industry. They also don't breed much. All of which are more associated with American liberalism than American conservatism.

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>Tar Mairon will never offer you his one ring

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It was more of a joke about the whole conservative spiel about female bodies being able to void pregnancy in the case of rape, and that sexual/gender dyphoria don't exist.

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Didn't see the joke part, but I knew what you were referring to. I'm an American, unfortunately.

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>Now I'm wondering if OP even knows any shit about Sauron besides how tasty his dick is.

I'm beginning to think it was a tragedy for /tg/ to even find those images to begin with.

Because now whenever someone brings up Sauron it's *always* followed by how adorable he is, how fuckable he is, or posting the same old tired images of how prettyboy his mannerisms are.

It was kinda amusing for the first couple weeks, but it's been months and it's still going strong.

Personally it reminds me of the "two bros jerking each other off while laughing about how gay the other's being," where we've entered full faggotry without thinking we did.

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I know I wouldn't want to play in a campaign if the selling point is 'Sauron isn't hideous'

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>How can I convince them?
you can start by NOT describing it as a gay adventure

Why in the fucking hell would you say
> " You just try to strike down the dark lord, but his gaze entrances you, struck by his beauty. "
when trying to describe your setting? How the fuck is it a defining feature of it?
It isn't unless you are making it a gay magical realm

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