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>invite some friends over for DND
>gonna play it at my house instead of at uni since lab is in use tonight
>figure ill do it right and make it like a hawt dait.
>make grilled onion dip, mini burgers, homemade fries, serve along with chips, sodas and beer
>make sure house is clean as fuck, dont want no nasty ass stank smells hoverin around
>bust out the good lighting - been saving these candles incase of power outage but fuck that's what a flashlight is for
>that night
>players arrive, two guys two girls
>everyone gets their stuff ready, gets food, starts playin, havin a good time
>about two hours in groups in a dungeon in two packs (the guys and the girls team)
>the two guys come across a nice sword
>guy playing the paladin goes to take it
>guy playing the rogue takes it first
>paladin ooc says "hey what the hell that's mine"
>rogue replies "you already have a +1 longsword, Im taking this."
>paladin demands the item
>starts bitching at me
>tell him take it up with the rogue in character please
>paladin's mad, starts arguing
>rogue says ooc "im chaotic neutral, I can do whatever I want for the most part, and as a rogue i'd be inclined to take the loot."
>paladin's mixed ooc and ic bitching now
>some monsters enter the room (they heard them arguing)
>paladin and rogue go at it
>they win, rogue's pretty fucked up
>paladin suddenly attacks and kills the rogue
>rogue ooc says "What the fuck that's bullshit!"
>paladin responds, "I'm a paladin. It's my job to stop criminal scum like you, fu-"
>guy playing rogue gets up, takes handful of chips and flings them at paladin's face
>paladin reels back, startled, and starts swinging
>hits one of the girls
>both girls get up and leave
>guy playing rogue goes to leave too
>dude playing the paladin yells, "FUCKING RUN YOU GOD DAMN CHICKENSHIT" and throws a glass full of pepsi at him
>misses, hits the wall, now i've got soda on my carpet.

what the fuck happened, /tg/?

is this game salvageable?

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No. Tell the two guys never to return. If they're going to act like children you should treat them like children.

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You need better friends, OP.

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Game's fucked. Sorry, mate.

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thats what you get when you serve pleb amerifat food instead of real shit.

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Never invite any of these fucking people again. The girls maybe, if you aren't going to invite them to a magical realm.

Rogue and Paladin players, never associate with either of those fucks again.

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>Allowing this to take place in your own home

Handle your shit, bitch.

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Never invite the paladin or rogue over again, if they are going to get that upset about IC events, and cant separate it from OOC, then they are unfit to be a roleplayers. Start the game again and not invite them, if they call up, let them know that if you start a fistfight over an imaginary sword, then you shouldn't be roleplaying.

Call up the girls and apologize for the two guys, let them know that they you have removed them for their behavior, and look for another two party members.

Ask them if they have any friends girls or guys that they would like to invite, it will be better for them if they bring in the new people, it shows trust between the DM and player

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Write a legal-sounding letter to the Paladin player demanding the money it would cost you to get the carpet cleaned.
Use a friend's name as return address, and make it look like it's a law firm. Include payment details and an account number. Threaten him with a lawsuit if he doesn't pay.

Maybe he's dumb enough to fall for it.

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>"im chaotic neutral, I can do whatever I want
>Gets killed
>"What the fuck that's bullshit!"
This right here, is why chaotic neutral gets banned.
Sure, you can "do whatever you want" but you can't bitch about the consequences

Pic very much related

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Make sure the ladies are fine, then only invite them back, maybe to rogue, tell the paladin that threw a bitchfit to not come back. Anyone I invite into my home that throws my shit around and makes a mess is never welcomed back.

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The rogue is the one who flung chips at paladin's face. He doesn't deserve to come back either if he's going to be so uncivilized.

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I missed that part, sorry, yeah, no to the rogue too then.

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The rogue should leave for flinging chips in the guys face over a fake goddamn magical sword, its like smacking someone on the back of the head as the universal "lets fight" symbol

The paladin should be kicked out for starting a fistfight over a goddamn dungeon loot

People like this are the ones that used to start fights and throw ragefits over super mario cart

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Get that little bitch to pay for your carpet, and the glass if he broke it. I don't give a fuck how nice that sword was, you don't do that shit in somebody else's house.

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> the ones that used to start fights and throw ragefits over super mario cart

Good God, it feels like everyone seems to know people like this.

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>Call up the girls and apologize for the two guys


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No, no salvaging this. If they had agreed to go outside and swing on each other like gentlemen, that would be one thing. A tad anachronistic, and certainly stupid, but bearable. But anyone who would lose control of their temper and damage another person's house is just a tantrum-prone child. No good reason to hang out with them.

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Yeah, when you are the DM and you invite people over, you are partially responsible for their actions because you included them.

Its like being in charge of a team, if someone on the team fucks up, its partially your fault. Also it goes a long way to salvaging the campaign.

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So if I play CN and don't complain about the consequences is it alright?

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>is this game salvageable?
with a fucking inbred mongolid like you as a dm it sure as hell isn't

no sane nonretarded person would ask if the game is savageable, ask yourself if the friendship is savageable instead

because its not looking good

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Stay classy /tg/.

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I play with a guy like that. It's actually kinda hilarious the many stupid ways that he's managed to get himself killed, and he just laughs it off and pulls out a fresh, blank character sheet to start filling out.

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sometimes I hate being a dm because every fucking thing is your fault.

Not that I disagree that this isn't the case, but every single mistake you make will fuck shit up.

Its a lot of responsibility

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I play like that too sometimes. Totally ok with my characters dying, but I fight tooth and claw to prevent that.

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imma come into your house, throw pepsi on your carpent and use my glass without a coaster

tell me to stay classy after that

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You really are a hell of an autist even by /tg/ standards, aren't you?

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You threw chips and soded all over your carpet as you have no friends. You big fat liar.

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what happened to the sliders

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Consider quietly murdering both of those airheads in their sleep.

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If you say your alignment allows or disallows something, you need to leave the table.

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Throw them both out, they're dipshits.
Sage because I'm tired of threads like this. People behave like spoiled brats, they get the boot. Simple as that.

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Kick the paladin and rogue out of your group. Apologize to the other two and ask if they'd like to still play in the future. If so, ask if they have any friends that they think might be good additions to the group.

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Shit like this is why I think the alignment system in general is a bad idea, because people keep using it as a justification to do stupid shit.

Just make an interesting character, don't worry about pigeonholing them to an alignment.

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