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Hey, /tg/. It's story time. Yesterday, I had one of the single most awkward days of my life.

Two weeks ago, I found an ad for a Pathfinder game at my local campus. I figured that it would be a bunch of dudes, we would talk about random stuff and eat food. I forgot that my college has a 4:6 Male to Female ratio. So, I contact the number via email, and they said they were going to pick me up and take me to the house they are gonna have the session in.

I thought it was sketchy, but my interest got the better of me and I agreed. I get picked up in a small car, get into the backseat and greet the people who had picked me up. They were both girls, and at first, I thought it was good that we were gonna have some diversity in the party.

So, we get to the house, and the place is fantastic. Easily the largest house I have ever been in. It's like a little wonderland of expensive furniture. I don't say anything about it, since I don't want to be rude, and we walk upstairs. The owner of the house greets us. Another girl. I shake her hand and introduce myself, but I can't help but gawk at her game room. It was just a room with a couple of rolling office chairs, a very nice table at the center of the room which was clearly made for the purpose of playing RPGs and a large flat screen TV. So, they tell me to take a seat, and they ask me if I have played pathfinder before. I tell them I have, and they explain the house rules they have. I end up making a Paladin, since their tank isn't here today, and everybody aside from their tank is some variant of good or lawful neutral.

They neglected to tell me, or rather, I neglected to ask about the other person's character. But that comes later. The first session is great. I slide right into their campaign, and everything is perfect. I fill the role of the secondary diplomancer, primary healer and party tank just fine, and we have a fulfilling session. If only it lasted.
Pic Related: Something close to the table we played at.

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Please post more. My boner is intensifying.

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Storytime? You better not disappear without the whole story OP.

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Maybe they found him before he could finish. The secret must not reach the outside world

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Please sir may I have some more storyteim

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>not having all the story typed out before posting in parts

Some people are worse than hitler

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Either that or he's making a terrible mistake and not typing it all out in advance.

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>OP didn't type up the story first in sections at max character limits to post the entire story w/o interruption
>Now we have to wait for him to type up every section, edit them down, and post the pieces individually

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Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by infrequent lurking on /tg/.

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What is the max character limit if you don't mind my asking?

I'm not OP, but would like to know for future reference.

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Are you quoting Nelson Mandela on me?

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So, yesterday, I get picked up again, and they tell me the other girl in the party is gonna be here today. I nod my head and say something akin to "I can't wait to meet her." Along the way, I strike up a conversation about why there are no men in the party, and they said they used to have two, but they left to pursue other things with their time. I say that it happens, since every group has had a player that can't quite commit anymore. So, I arrive at the house again, and owner of the house asks me to wait downstairs for a moment. I oblige, and I pass around fifteen minutes just watching TV, and eating a Nutrigrain bar. Once again, I couldn't help but marvel at how rich the owner of the house was.
Another thing, I'm gonna go ahead and say that none of these girls are exactly models but they aren't exactly ugly either. The owner of the house is slightly chubby, which isn't a problem. The girl who owns the car is a vegan, and looks pale and skinny. The other one is pretty normal, if slightly too tall for my tastes.

So, eventually, they come back down and get me, and I walk upstairs, manilla folder I use to keep track of my character in tow. I walk in, expecting to meet the other person in the group. At first sight, I know I just entered something I haven't dealt with before. All black. EVERYTHING. She was wearing black jeans, a black shirt, a black hoodie. Black eyeliner, black eyeshadow, black bow in her hair. Black necklace chain with a black little jewel at the base. I smiled and extended by hand, keeping my composure. Maybe she just had a very odd taste in fashion. I get completely ignored. She doesn't address me as a human being, or at all. The owner of the house shoots me a glance, as if telling me to just let it go.
So, I sit down, take out my character information, and pass my sheet down to the GM. I had made a few changes, since they had a bunch of houserules, and it get's approved. But the new girl snatches my sheet, and it was downhill from there.

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>But the new girl snatches my sheet, and it was downhill from there.

Oh god OP, did you write it in blue ink?

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>slightly too tall for my tastes
Heretic, I'm sure this story ends with you getting everything you deserve

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Maybe OP is just a person who doesn't immediately want to fuck every woman he meets and is trying to justify it for an audience.

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I just hope that doesn't end like that Lights-Out gaming story, a few weeks ago, where OP went to get munchies for 9 hours, never to be seen again.

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Here is hoping op don't vanish on us like the lights out annon did. I will never know the truth behind chemo

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Lights out mind

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If this story doesnt end with him shagging the all black emo scene girl, or with the OP taking a shit on the expensive gaming table, then I dont know why I'm sticking around.

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The sad part is that his story was interesting.

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It's not really a hivemind thing if the posts aren't right next to each other...

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Was chemo the one where he refused to tell us the gender? The player obsessed with peace in a weird OOC way?

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If it ends up with him fucking the emo chick it will be a very long masturbatory boasting of something very uninteresting. I am hoping for something good IC, or some unearthly revelation about why pretty rich chicks have men constantly ejected from their group.

Also lesbians. I'd settle for lesbians.

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What if he fucks her on the gaming table so hard that she loses control of her bowels, all while also shitting on the table himself

>OP, who are you?

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Inb4 it ends in someone asking someone if they Catan

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Yes chemo was the androgynous person comparable to an elf and hated violence in all forms.

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Yep, the one playing the creepy elf, what a surprize.

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I laughed much too hard.

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OP, fucking write the entire story out.

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(OP Here. I didn't type it up in advance, since I just woke up. You'll just have to bear with me. Also, I might make a few errors, since I haven't had my morning coffee yet)
So, I look straight at her for a second, before pretending to receive a text message. She scans the sheet for a few minutes, before looking at the GM again. She gives it back to her, and the sheet gets passed down to me.

She starts to introduce the party again, and explains how the previous member of the group arrives back from the arena. We are a fairly high level party to start, so it makes sense that she could hold her own for a couple matches. I nod and say that my character holds out his hand to meet the new warrior. She slaps it away, saying that she doesn't speak to people who flamboyantly flaunt their religion. I deemed her character the "Fedora Fighter" from then on, even if I never spoke it. I start to roleplay it, since she will at least acknowledge my character. After a quick back and forth, it becomes apparent that her character is Lawful Evil. I, deciding not to play the dick-ass paladin, call the DM outside for a moment. Last minute changes to my wisdom score, and I move a few points over to Dex, and now my character is an innocent guy, with no ranks in sense motive.

I manage to make it work, even if I am starting to get annoyed. So, our party leader is a sorcerer who tells us that she found a request to search out the remnants of a destroyed town's guild hall. We head off, and when we make it, we are given a fork-in-the-road scenario. My party decides to split the party into the following group. "Sorcerer + Cleric" and "Paladin+Fighter." Since, you know. That's always a good idea. The other girls manage to do just fine on their own. We, on the other hand, completely wreck our way through the encounter. However, I failed to see that it left me completely alone with her. She rolls a dice, and whispers into the GM's ear. I know right then and there that some shit is going down.

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>But the new girl snatches my sheet

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Is this ending in rape?
In-game and IRL?
You must give us the location of this gaming coven of rape witches

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She stabs you in the back doesn't she? I dearly hope its because you're playing the worst class in Pathfinder but it's probably because you're playing a man.

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President of South Africa? Won a Nobel Peace Prize? Kind of a big deal?

He's spoofing the quote, "never put down to malice what can be equally attributed to stupidity," or something along that line.

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Start to think now OP isn't posting all at once just to revel in the attention of people asking for more.

>> No.29970527

what's he done lately?

>> No.29970528

Why the paladin hate?
I mean, just because the archetypal paladin probably hates your guts doesn't mean that you can't have a good experience with one (Gotta say, cleric>paladin).

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Did they use their vagina magic on you OP

Did they summon the vengeful spirit of Susan B Anthony

Are you okay

Do you still have a dick

>> No.29970534

I guess it ends with a pointlessly evil saturday-morning-cartoon-villain character killing OPs character and acting high and mighty about it.
>She rolls a dice, and whispers into the GM's ear.
Yeah, I wonder what could happen next...

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Maybe she's just really mad that she's a fighter in a party with a sorcerer and cleric in PF.

>> No.29970578

>I wonder what could happen next
Chloroform, first to his character and then to him while he is surprised about the in-game turn of events. Then comes the secret rape-dungeon under the mansion as the girls take turns describing how they rape his character while raping him.

>this group will never exist
>you will never play with them

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Did a pretty good job of it too. So far he hasn't got back up yet.

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Op don't be a fegt

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inb4 op posts like seven posts making it up as he goes, realizes he cannot come with a good ending and just stop posting after getting folks refreshing his thread for hours.

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inb4 everybody walk the dinosaur
inb4 belair.

>> No.29970659

Nothing much, recently he was chilling out a bit.

>> No.29970667

Dammit anon, soda in the nose is never pleasant

>> No.29970680

>implying there's people on 4chan that remember the days of being belaired.

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In b4 hatesex

>> No.29970688

You motherfucker.

>> No.29970717

I swear if OP doesn't end this story well I'm going to punch a baby

>> No.29970729

Nah, the other girls are all going to be the yuri slaves of this one.

>> No.29970730

My greatest fap was to a bel air story. The ending only made it better.

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So, all of a sudden, I am asked what my touch AC. I tell her it's 12, and then I am informed that I am being grappled. So, after a short back forward on the dice, she, because she is pretty much strictly better than me in 1v1 combat, ends up pinning me to the floor. I have an excellent idea of what is happening. She is going to try to kill me, or something. Instead, she whispers into the GM's ear, and the GM denies her request. Flat out, tell her out loud, that she will not let that happen. The girls gets up, clearly furious with her, and demands to speak with her in the hall.

Mind you, I am just sitting here, wide eyed and confused. My character has just been brutally man-handled and all I wanted to do was just play pretend. So, they come back in and the GM announces that there has been a change in plans. The Fedora Fighter starts to talk about how I probably find myself to be hot shit, and generally just giving me an evil monologue. I nod, and I can see what's happening as I look around at the other people. They are getting more awkward as she continues to spout edgy nonsense.

I get fed up and say that I roll to free myself. Sure enough, I interrupt her monologue, and tell her to draw her sword. The player looks shocked, as well as the party. I tell her, not the character, to shut up or put up. After some time spent in combat, it's clear that I am going to lose. I am getting unlucky on the dice, and she is dealing way more damage than I am. The GM announces out loud that I can run away. I refused to let this interrupt my session of pretend, and I said that he was going to power attack. Sure enough, Nat 20. And then a 17 on the die. Crit confirmes, and I deal some decent damage. Not enough to unfuck myself, but some decent damage. It was pointless though, since she returns the crit, and kills my character on the spot. I stay there, and announce that I will spectate the rest of the game.

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>Rape time

>> No.29970898

Welcome to /tg/ everybody.Where the quotes don't matter and staying dead can be done badly.

>> No.29970902

>high level party
>touch AC 12
>Fighter superior to Paladin

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>> No.29970912

>Not smiting evil

>> No.29970920

Yup. Rape time.

>> No.29970924

>I stay there, and announce that I will spectate the rest of the game.
Shit that didn't happen.

>> No.29970937

>Shut up or put up.
That is what he told me before I got raped.

>> No.29970938

M-Maybe she had a crush on you and was just shy?

>> No.29970961

14 dex. 0 magic items presumably.

Also: don't paladins have lay on hands and shit at high levels?

>> No.29970966

Did you remember to smite?

>> No.29970974

I do though.

>> No.29971045

Yeah, they can do it as a swift action too. They get some decent Paladin-only spells as well. Plus he would be able to Smite Evil on her, so it's really unlikely he would have lost the fight.

>> No.29971076

>Owned by fighter.
>A probable Evil fighter

Somebody forgot the class features, or has the PC building skills of a brick

>> No.29971078

Well, he did say that he had nothing in sense motive. Maybe he wanted to avoid any metagaming arguments about how he knew she was evil, or something.

>> No.29971097

OP clearly making this up as he goes, and badly just to increase suspense.

>> No.29971100

Starting at level 2 they can use it as a swift action on themself as many times as 1/2 paladin level + CHA modifer healing 1d6 per every 2 paladin levels.

Also with Smite Evil I'm not sure how OP was outmatched so easily by an evil character.

>> No.29971105

Goddamnit OP, I found this thread while sitting on the shitter, and I damn well won't leave until you're done

>> No.29971118


The advantage the Paladin had there is the lay on hands and smite evil, both of which are easily negated by poor dice.
Spells were unavailable due to lack of Wisdom
A well-built fighter can trip you 5 times a turn and get a free AoO whenever you fall down.
Just because you suck at character building doesn't mean some spiteful goth does.
Especially since the fighter gets so many free talents that he eventually just has to blow on extra to-hit and crit stuff because everything else was already taken at earlier levels.

>> No.29971119

because randomly attacking an agent of good doesn't tip you off or anything

>> No.29971124

>Presumably friendly person, friends with people you have been partying with suddenly turns on you specifically and attempts to murder you.
You don't need to be a paladin OR a metagamer to think that dude is likely evil-aligned.

>> No.29971130

They can also detect evil on a single person or object as a move action.

>> No.29971134


>Implying a low wisdom paladin couldn't be played as attempting to smite everything that proves to be a significant threat to him.

That's more of a reason than anything.

>> No.29971144


Yeah, soloing an evil fighter is pretty much what paladins are best at. Eh, she'd been in the game longer, maybe she was higher level or had better items or special stuff or something.

But, yeah. Unlikely.

>> No.29971150

Wisdom means nothing to a paladin. Nothing but will saves and wisdom based skill are based off of wisdom. Paladin spells in PF are based off of cha.

>> No.29971156

He hasnt seen her sheet (a courtesy that the cunt never reciprocated), so he could just have yelled "I smite evil" and in the worst case scenario, the DM would say "it does not work" or, in a best case scenario, he would bring the Fighter a world of pain.

>> No.29971172

Smite Evil's whole big deal is it isn't easily negated by poor dice. A smiting Paladin will easily outdo a Fighter. This is PF, not 3.5e.

>> No.29971183

>inb4 her alignment isn't evil at all

>> No.29971203

inb4 troll op gonna keep us waiting until thread hit autosage limit and he disappears

>> No.29971207

So, she returns to the party, and starts to boast how she was able to single-handedly slay the beasts that were ready to kill her. I just sit there, smiling. Every so often the girl in black squirms around in her chair. Now, she starts to look at me.

I am just sitting down, making the sheet that I am going to present to the party in two weeks time. By the way, it's a female paladin, with maxed out dex. An archer, basically. I get up, and head downstairs, since she has an open door policy on her fridge, and I really wanted some carrots and ranch. I start to enjoy myself for a few minutes, walking back up. The session should end in less an hour, but when I walk back in, the room is dead silent. So, apparently, she went back, and took my holy symbol, declaring to the party that she will keep it to treasure the memories of their short-lived companion.

For those of you wondering, "Well, why didn't he just smite or use X" It was because we were only 7. It was the highest level I had ever started a campaign at, so I am sorry if that caused confusion. Regardless, I opted not to smite since I needed my swift actions to step up, as she was using a polearm, and I needed to stay adjacent to her so she would have to take the -4.

Anyway, it's pretty obvious that she is just trying to incite some crap from me, and I decide that the only way to "Win" is to play the gentleman. I wish I had some amazing way to conclude this story, in reality, I don't. I just have the tale of a girl who is out to get me. I will be posting a follow up again in two weeks, since these things normally escalate.

>> No.29971208

OP your story so far is really lacking in femdom and/or lesdom.

Are you getting to that?

>> No.29971220

Maybe OP rolled all 1s on every die he rolled while random CE fighter rolled all 20s and maximum damage.

>> No.29971242

Total defense action + smite = then you can step up.

>> No.29971252

>Regardless, I opted not to smite since I needed my swift actions to step up, as she was using a polearm, and I needed to stay adjacent to her so she would have to take the -4.
Smiting is much better than that.

If this story is true, it's really dumb to just go straight back into the group after this issue. You should discuss this with them because it's clearly and uncomfortable atmosphere.

>> No.29971258

That's kind of a let-down, to be honets.
Be sure to post the follow-up...

>> No.29971275

T-that's it?

You are literally worse than Hitler, which isn't even that bad considering he didn't do anything wrong.

Your one duty is to troll this girl until she physically rapes you. Only by fulfilling this can you be saved for this miserable thread.

>> No.29971276

>The emo girl goes full dere for the paladin
I can work with this

>> No.29971289

So you lost to a fighter who was hitting you at -4 to hit the whole fight and gave you free AoO?

How dumb are you OP?

>> No.29971294

I'm eagerly awaiting more information.

>> No.29971310

Man, don't repeat yourself with a paladin, just keep making good heroes, and try to have as much fun as possible. That will make her more and more uncomfartable.

>> No.29971315

I must agree with >>29971275
The only way to win this is to all-out troll the fuck outta her while keeping your cool, to the point where she goes from edgy tsundere to bloodshot-eyed rapist.

Seems the premise to a lovely evening, really.

>> No.29971317

I suggest making a beast of a minmaxed character so she can not destroy your fun with ingame antics. Don't use it, play suboptimally if you need to in order to keep it balanced. But have the big guns there in the back, lurking.

>> No.29971325

Napoleon said that. "Never attribute to malice what can just as easily be explained by stupidity." Dummy.

>> No.29971329

PC Building skills of a brick confirmed...

So, since it was a let down of a thread, what do you wish from us? tips on how to wtfpwn the goth?

>> No.29971335


At least this story is believable.

Where you at, OP?

>> No.29971341

OP does not have the INT score IRL to minmax, let alone play optimally or sub-optimally at will.

>> No.29971368

Also, my character was somewhat unoptimized, since I was putting most of my point buy into Charisma to boost my saves. My regular AC was pretty high, but it didn't matter since she was pretty able to overcome that. That and I don't play Pathfinder to often, but I intended to play him as a Fearless warrior of justice, and that's why I took step up and intended to use it.

If I was really focused on making an optimized character, I probably could have won that fight, but I didn't go in thinking with the mentality that I would have to 1V1 somebody

>> No.29971372


>archer paladin

NO, no no no no op.

You have to play a different character.

It is PLAIN that she is 2edgy4life

So what are you going to do?

A bard.

Not any random bard. You must do the most annoying, happy-go-lucky piece of shit of the world.
At level 7 she probably sucks at will saves. Well, shit on her. Get tanglefoot bags, glitterdust, grease.
Make her look ridiculous.
Your daze spell animation? A pie to the face.
Ridicule her.
Run away constantly using illusions.

(Maybe a Wizard Illusionist would be better)

Max bluff and diplomacy.

ah, and flaunt your faith to Glittergold. When she goes full fedora, try to make her see the beauty of your faith by pulling tricks. Mouses in her armor. Mud in her boots. Spoil her food with prestidigitation.

And then, when she tries to attack you, just reveal that you spent 5 nights just catsing explosive runes on her armor, cast a dispel magic and fail on purpose the dispel check (if your gm allows it, otherwise just do not exclude yourself from the trigger and use read magic).

Do not her see your character sheet. Act as a cleric, use spells that are on both lists if possible

>> No.29971376

Be a pally of sarenrae go on about how the warm rays of the Sun is sarenrae giving hugs to all creatures. Lovely warm hugs. Make her focus on nonlethal attacks and disarming. There is a feat or trait for sarenrae followers that make nonlethal attacks better then a regular attack. Just troll her with warm sunlight hugs.

>> No.29971377

Sounds like the goth girl always scares potential male players off with her antics and is a little flustered when OP didn't rage quit on her

tsundere confirmed

>> No.29971382

Did you ask what she was going to do? Why are you playing with someone who has such an obvious problem with you without discussing the situation like adults?

>> No.29971383

Fuck you OP, you could at least pretend that she raped you.

I demand a better ending!

>> No.29971386

You fucking bastard. How could you sit there and let that happen? You should've immediately made a stand you fucking beta. If someone rolls to attack you and you're not cool with it, you fucking say so and tell the group that you're out or they're out.

Jesus fuck

>> No.29971387

I got an erection as soon as I saw "girl". "awkward", that table, and "storytime." I'm not even going to read the thread. I'm done for the night.

>> No.29971400

Oh well, he's dead too.

>> No.29971408

You do know that when smiting, paladins get Cha to AC and to hit against the target of their smite?

>> No.29971414


>Just be a total shitter

This is the kind of person who plays D&D.

>> No.29971426


>> No.29971432

she wasn't shy

>> No.29971434

So let me get this straight:

OP start a storytime thread without a pretyped story. he makes everyone wait around for his posts that aren't even that interesting. He hints on a lot of stuff that he never learn what it is (whispers with the DM and grappling intentions), than he concludes his history with "So i went down for carrots and came back"

Like...Seriously op, go fuck yourself with a rake. Even the pretend story full of holes have more entertaining value that yours.

>> No.29971440

Had he crushed her there he wouldn't be able to tease her into a full-blown rage where she realises the only thing she wants is dick.

Paladin dick.

>> No.29971444

in fairness i think i would have probably just stuck around as well, just up and walking out marks her as the clear victor in this situation

OP staying there and simply letting her pulverize him while refusing to let her get his goat is unexpected, leaves her confused and lets the power shift to OP

>> No.29971449

I like you

>> No.29971450


What, and let her have her way?

This story is odd. She's chased away to male players before, she's doing the same shit to a third, and the other girls just sit by, look at her fat goth ass and go "yeah, good trade."

>> No.29971458

whats this bitches deal with you? is this her way of testing you? Does she have a problem with men?

>> No.29971467

Why are you making a female paladin?

Make a male wizard devoted to the worship of gods as a personal preference. A very holy wizard. With the dimension door and fly on contingency and lots of will-based save-or-dies at all times.

>> No.29971470

Indeed. He must return and have a bright smile both in and out of character interacting with her. I bet all the guys who had to leave were scared off by her.

>> No.29971481

Maybe the other males did the same. We do think a like. She wants the D so I will stick around in this fancy ass fuck house.

>> No.29971501

Trips of victory don't lie.

>Captcha: ityfal pietistic

>> No.29971508

>he concludes his history with "So i went down for carrots and came back"
I think this is a great ending. It's full of defiance, apathy and heroism at the same time.

I think you should get less stressed out about a story on the internet.

>> No.29971521


Also grapple is CMB vs. CMD in pathfinder, not against touch AC (even then if it was against ANY AC it would be vs. flatfooted for being a surprise)

You could have done a full withdraw and next turn popped Detect Evil as move action then activated smite as swift and healed with cure light wounds (or wand) as standard.

Even then with Smite active either of the following scenarios play out

1) She charges you, now having to get past your Smite-based AC for being evil and fails horribly

2)You charge her and take the OP (which she'll probably fail), and ATTACK THE WEAKSPOT FOR MAXMIUM DAMAGE.

Rinse and repeat from there stepping up and full withdraw/lay on hands as necessary.

No reason other than horribly shitty rolls why you should have lost that fight unless you're bad at the game.

>> No.29971550

I'd make a second paladin. This time, do not "take one for the team" and optimize it.

And read the rules. You could've just stepped up the whole time.

>> No.29971556

Did you have any kind of discussion at all with any of these people about the game?

Did they even invite you back?

>> No.29971563

>Maybe the other males did the same
you sure? id think it was more stereotypical for a guy to rage quit if he was the only one getting pulverized in a group of girls
but yknow, i could be wrong

>> No.29971564

I'd say it's pretty obvious from OP's description that the 'Goth-gurl' has a not so hidden dislike of male gamers or perhaps men in general. Guessing from OP's note that there were other male players but they all left the game and it stands to reason from OPs description that Goth-gurl is likely the reason they left.

>> No.29971580

Its pretty stereotypical for a white knight to make sure the man hating emo chick gets the D

>> No.29971583

>getting a carrot
> full of defiance, apathy and heroism

only on /tg/

I giggled

>> No.29971593


That was Sammy Hagar who said it.

>> No.29971594

See, I saw it as this as maybe she doesn't hate men, but hates men intruding on her "girl time" with her friends and now fears whenever a man enters the fray that the man will ruin her time with her friends by romancing and soon enough, she'll be all alone with no friends.

>> No.29971632

I've never heard that stereotype before i guess i learned something new today

>> No.29971633

Just make another male paladin. But make this one a gruff hardass (with a heart of gold) who has seen some shit, and don't take none from anyone else.

Then minmax the FUCK out of that guy. I guarantee you will wreck that girl's evil face.

>> No.29971640

I like this theory.

I don't think there's very many women who hate men "just because." It's usually due to some other issue. Doesn't justify it, but if you can identify what's causing it....

>> No.29971656

If that is the case I can totally understand her and I can even say she is right

>> No.29971662


>epic story about OP showing her men are okay and her opening up about her childhood trauma
>OP and goth girl get really close
>they get married
>everything is lovely
>the end

make it happen OP

>> No.29971664


Then frankly, if the theory that she doesn't want men intruding on their girl-time, she should talk about it to their group rather than being a cunt about it.

>> No.29971670

This. So much this.
Before you pour french dressing into her bag of dice and spray her with cat urine, ask someone in the group what the problem is and if it's avoidable.
Ask them if there even is a point in playing with them if they got a troll in their group.

>> No.29971672

She is the female version of the grognard that never grew up form the "girls have cooties" phase and she is the right one?

>> No.29971677

Well its polar opposites

>> No.29971691

I say that since assuming her garb also speaks about her personality and not just because she likes the clothes, she possibly has a pessimistic outlook on life and naturally even with no evidence confirming these hypothetical fears, thinks it'll happen anyway.

>> No.29971702


Take the Omen trait to gain Intimidate as a class skill
Take Intimidating Prowess to add your Strength bonus to Intimidate checks
Take Cornugon Smash to make Intimidate checks as free actions every time you hit something with Power Attack
Get a Cruel weapon (refluffed to taste) to Sicken every target you successfully Intimidate
Take Shatter Defenses to render every Intimidated target flat-footed to your attacks
Open with Litany of Righteousness, and yell "Deus Vult!"

>> No.29971730

IF this is your better shot at text interpretation, or if you are just that biased, I cannot hope to explain to you my point of view.

I am not agaisnt mixed gender groups. But I can understand if someone after playing with just her girl friends dont want a men intruding in their girl time. Say, assuming she had two groups, and assuming this theory to be true, she might not have a problem with him joining the second group, but she wants to have a game she can play without feeling self conscious, just around people she knows. The other girls probably disagree and don't feel the same way, thats why they invite people. She probably was mad at her friends and thats why she refused to acknowledge OPs presence. Then she did something assholey because probably on top of all that she is an asshole.

>> No.29971731

really? how so?i never really understood the "girls only/boys only" thing for some groups at all

>> No.29971734

Social skills don't work on other PCs.

>> No.29971739

Well, yeah. That's why it isn't an excuse.

But if you want to "solve" the problem your options are pretty much to get her to talk about it and then resolve the emotional issues, break her ever further and drive her out of the group, or leave.

>> No.29971742


I guess the "be the mature one and keep on spamming those paladins until she gives up or suffers mental breakdown" is totally an option.

Otherwise, yeah. Go full "B.E. aggresive" on her

>> No.29971753


If she wants PvP, that is what she is going to get.

He build a perfectly effective character which just so happens to be able to completly shit on her if she goes postal

>> No.29971756

I personally would have dipped the carrot and whenever the emo-chick was the only one looking at me, I'd have eaten it in a 'cock-sucky' way. You know, like what bitches do when they want attention. Just to fuck with her head.

>> No.29971757

It's okay to sometimes want to spend time just with your own sex.

>> No.29971768


Was she a hot emo chick? If so, show her the teachings of descartes after the tsundere antics.

>> No.29971777

okay, so give us the evidence showing all sides of what the fucks going on, what do you know about these women. Try to see if this kid is capable of even getting her shit together because nothing worse than getting shunned by your friends. Since none of us know whats going on, we have to consider all possibilities

>> No.29971785

Do what she totally doesn't expect.
Next time you die, smile friendly and kindly request for a pardon

>> No.29971792


Yeah. If this is true at all, it's a girl who's scared of men and/or wants the girls for herself. Womyn's Study or Herstory major maybe? We don't know if she's fat or not, just that she's goth. Which these days means land whale, but not necessarily.

This speaks a huge amount of passive-aggressiveness and fear. Notice how she avoids talking or interacting with you? How all her communications are with the GM in private, even stuff as a player you know? She's making naked in-game power plays, but is terrified of confrontation. People don't give other people the silent treatment because they feel strong.

Frankly, you need to have a talk with the GM and other players. Maybe even ask the GM to meet with you quietly while she waits inside the game room.

But honestly I think this is fake. Could some other elegan/tg/entleman step up to the plate and write a better continuation to the story?

>> No.29971800


Pretty much, but the best way to start out would be to talk to the other members of the group to figure out the exact issue. See if she hasn't just got a thing against men in general. See HOW the issue can be resolved, and especially whether he's wasting his time on something that's beyond his power to repair.

But from what I can tell, the female group members should be the first to tell the goth to get her act straight, because chances are she'll listen to them.

And if that doesn't work, then there's a very strange and tenuous relationship going on there.

>> No.29971802

OP, don't do this. Anon clearly doesn't interact with real people.

>> No.29971816

huh, i've never really had that feeling but considering about 85% of my friends are girls anyway, maybe i'm just weird

>> No.29971817

Depends on the context, but basically, sometimes folks behave weirdly different in a incovenient manner around people of opposite genders. I had a friend who was a nice fellow that shifted into a major asshole around girls he was trying to impress. And if a girl as much as knew what a computer was, he would get obssessed, let alone if she played RPGs. So he was a problem to have around girls, but fun to have around boys. Same way, I know a girl that is drunk with the power of nerds being attracted to her pussy that she hops to every male heavy, nerd thing to get attention, but its never really interested in the thing per se. MMOs, tabletop groups, even tried to start a warhammer army and she basically bought one third of her army, and got as a gift the other two.

BUUUT, when she was hanging with us, her long time friends that had already either got over her or had no interest, she was a very fun person.

>> No.29971826

>I can get an accurate psychological reading on this filthy feminist from a /tg/ story

>> No.29971840


You're probably a fag.

>> No.29971852

I could write a pornographic continuation to the story.

>> No.29971853

To be perfectly honest, that wasn't a serious reply

>> No.29971854

This nigga right here knows how to play a fucking bard.

>> No.29971858

Yes. This.

>I can present another possibility that OP should consider that isn't "hurr she's just a terrible person go rape her."

>> No.29971859


Take lots of Wis, Cha, Sense Motive, and Diplomacy. Use the game mechanics to win her CHARACTER over, which forces the player to interact with you in a friendly way.

Bonus points if you're a sorcerer and can Charm her magically.

Or alternatively, keep playing with them, and end up boning the DM and other two players while she reads Margaret Atwood and stews about patriarchy.

You could sleep with her, too, but make her work for the dick.

>> No.29971866

>You know, like what bitches do when they want attention
thats the biggest generalization ive ever heard holy shit

but for real maybe if she thinks theres a possibility OP is gay shell stop, hell maybe she has feelings for one of the girls in the group and is worried about a guy coming a long and getting in between them

>> No.29971868

Social skills don't apply to other PCs.

>> No.29971876

Being FUCKING FABULOUS is always a good choice

>> No.29971886

Or the players.

>> No.29971888

>Or alternatively, keep playing with them, and end up boning the DM and other two players while she reads Margaret Atwood and stews about patriarchy.
>You could sleep with her, too, but make her work for the dick.
Are you for real?

>> No.29971889


That's too bad, though I would argue that if they started fighting each other, an Intimidate check to make them shaken really ought to still work. And this is a game where the OP removed his ranks in Sense Motive so that he wouldn't suspect the evil character in the party, so social skills are already in play between PCs.

And it's a great schtick in general, not just for fighting players. Intimidate works against most things, and the DCs of most creatures are not generally hard to beat.

>> No.29971910

Well, certainly if you're >>29971756 they don't. What the fuck.

>> No.29971928

Originally, I was more or less banking on her simply having that image stuck in her head and at some point while shlicking have it pop up in her head to either make her shlick to it or to interrupt her shlicking session.

Either way, it would fuck with her head.

>> No.29971933

>an Intimidate check to make them shaken really ought to still work
The players are expected to actually RP this out themselves. If one character is intimidating, and the other is timid, the players should play them as such. You only really need the numbers for interacting with NPCs, which are essentially numbers themselves.

Things just don't usually work out that way.

>> No.29971939

>not being bisexual master race

>> No.29971943


Please do! Just pretend you're the OP and we'll all pretend that everything after the first post didn't happen. Or after the second post. Your call. Use ERP to save us from this derp.

(lol at captcha: "been bedded")

>> No.29971951

I could literally watch this all day and be perpetually amazed.

>> No.29971952

Is there any other way to do it?
I mean, there are other ways to do it
But are there, really?

Some buddies of mine were trying to figure out if you could make a bard into a lich. I haven't looked too much into it but I think that would be hilarious. Timbo the tapdancing lich! Hide your children from the undead horde, and your women from his immortal tongue!

>> No.29971984

Oh good. I love to laugh at what /tg/ think is erotic.

>> No.29972005

>bard lich

I... Hmmm... maybe my bard character does have goal after all...

>> No.29972006


An Evil character, even a grizzled veteran, could still plausibly be shaken by a pissed-off Paladin who just activated Smite Evil and Litany of Righteousness on them. Especially if that Intimidate check was made as part of a successful Power Attack.

>> No.29972017

Intimdate check to make them Shaken provides a -2 to a lot of rolls. It's a mechanical attribute, not a "you are forced to roleplay this way".

>> No.29972021

>Or alternatively, keep playing with them, and end up boning the DM and other two players while she reads Margaret Atwood and stews about patriarchy.
>You could sleep with her, too, but make her work for the dick.

I dont think thats quite how it works anon

opposite gender =/= inevitable sex

>> No.29972068

Bard Lich would a sailing, chanty singing object of pirate folklore.

Which would be goddamn amazing

>> No.29972074

oh god this is good. Please do this op

>> No.29972087


Being bi is still just being a fag.

>> No.29972093

For you.

>> No.29972147


Lot of loyalty for a hired gun.

>> No.29972152

Nah you're doing it wrong.

What you want to do is make a lawful evil female fighter. Because, imitation is the highest form of flattery. And you can use it to mock her character through ridiculous satire.

Whenever she starts to give an evil monologue, interrupt her with your eviler monologue. If she threatens to kill an puppy, kill the puppy and drink it's blood while everyone watches.

Talk the GM into letting you buy a male slave, then give him a ball gag, and keep him locked in a trunk. Your character can either feed him table scraps, or let him starve and buy a new one.

>> No.29972161

bard lich you say?
you'd need a lot of backbone to play a character like that

>> No.29972207

well then so be it

>> No.29972227

OKAY! I don't know if OP is still here: BUT this is MASTER CLASS TROLLING time.

She gets her giddy's off on killing PC's, right? Good on her... and now, you need to do...


You fucking heard me. Let her. let her kill every PC you make. hell, don't get attached to any of your PCs. Come to the next game session with a stack of character sheets tall enough to pass for a college lab manual, and pass the whole sheboodle over to the GM for approval.

(Alternately, just make one you want to play then xerox the bitch 10 times. same effect.)

Name them all the same thing, just append "II", "III", "IV" etc after the name.

That way, the next time she kills your PC, immediately whip out Carbon copy #3 out, and smack it down on the table, with a smile and a "So his brother John Jacob Jingleheimer the 5th joins the party".

NEVER take action against her. just smile... nod... and make little notes n spidery, incomprehensible cursive on your character hseet.

>> No.29972235

It sounds like she's already making the party uncomfortable with her EdgyRPing, no reason to be a passive aggressive asshole and try to out edge her.

>> No.29972252

Looks like the table they use on Table Top.

>> No.29972278

Either fight back or elt her character keep dominating you.

Make it very clear you're getting aroused.

Either she backs off to keep things from being awkward, or she's into femdom and keeps doing it. Either way's a win.

>> No.29972288

>Chewing on the carrots and ranch a cold rage descended upon me.
>Oh it is on like Donkey Kong, I said to myself, admiring the well thought out layout of the kitchen.
>I contemplated what to do.
>Perhaps leaving them alone around the table would only compound the drama. That was bad, but probably not worse than them realising I'd been addicted to carrots and ranch since detoxing from my teenage glue sniffing habit at a vegan commune and reaching out for the first thing I could substitute MisterMasterSooperStick and a paper bag stolen from the hyperventilating albino.
>My secret shame. It always comes back to carrots and ranch.

>> No.29972291

It's called a capstan table.

>> No.29972292

Either talk to the other players/GM to find out what the hell her problem is. Go from there. This is the best option.

Or, optimize your next character but play suboptimally. Keep playing normally, don't start a fight with her but smack her down if she starts shit.

>> No.29972309

Make him medieval Judge Dredd.

>> No.29972310


Oooh good idea.

OK still waiting on someone to write a story that was worth all the wait.

>> No.29972319


That's fucking dumb and will just make the game shit for everyone else.

>> No.29972335


See >>29971702

>> No.29972349

>She used to place her pretty arms about my neck, draw me to her, and laying her cheek to mine, murmur with her lips near my ear, “Dearest, your little heart is wounded; think me not cruel because I obey the irresistible law of my strength and weakness; if your dear heart is wounded, my wild heart bleeds with yours. In the rapture of my enormous humiliation I live in your warm life, and you shall die—die, sweetly die—into mine. I cannot help it; as I draw near to you, you, in your turn, will draw near to others, and learn the rapture of that cruelty, which yet is love; so, for a while, seek to know no more of me and mine, but trust me with all your loving spirit.”

>And when she had spoken such a rhapsody, she would press me more closely in her trembling embrace, and her lips in soft kisses gently glow upon my cheek.

>> No.29972468


Oh shit OP.

Please for fuck sakes do this.

This is pure fucking gold!

>> No.29972541

If you make it clear to the other players and GM that you're hamming it up for comedic effect you should be fine.

Maybe play Rodrick the Vile (Chaotic Good). And just keep failing comedicly while trying to be mustache twirling evil.

>> No.29972585

Hahaha, shit dude

>> No.29972660

Jesus... Motherfucking 5 star post.

>> No.29972662

Yeah, but "mustache twirling evil" is tying girls to rail road tracks, or some other "Oh no! How EVIL!" shit. Not killing puppies and drinking their blood.

>> No.29972727

If there was a reference of joke in there I missed it.

>> No.29972745

Someone screencap that shit!!!

>> No.29972777

No, no reference. I just thought it was written well. Not masterfully, but surprisingly well.

>> No.29972826


You do it.

>> No.29972928

How the hell do people justify atheism in a setting with paladins and clerics? They are visibly gaining power from the gods.

>> No.29972972


Well, in a setting with paladins and clerics, you generally have a pantheon of deities big and small. The way you could do an atheist then is by having a character who doesn't subscribe to any faith, doesn't follow any god's rules, and prefers their own ethics and strength over divine help.

Basically "A strong human who don't need no god" kind of deal.

>> No.29973044

Because all the gods are gods with a little g. Not big G.

It's understandable to be an atheist when all the gods are some level of dick bag. There's no real reason to venerate them more then that crazy wizard who lives with goats and makes shit golems.

It would be pretty hard to deny their existence, but it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to deny their divinity.

>> No.29973045


Everything depends on definitions and the setting itself.

You could say that the Clerics and Paladins get their magic from themselves via the power of belief. After all, plenty of people cast spells without getting them from a deity. Maybe the Cleric is just a magic dude who *thinks* his god gives him power.

Or, you could say that the patron entities that grant people spells are not gods worthy of worship, but just some very powerful magic entities. The true gods of the universe, if any exist, are unknown. IIRC there's a faction in Planescape that believes this.

>> No.29973083

But wouldn't that make the gods like you even more for just not being a sycophant like everyone else is?

>> No.29973127


Also the character might not actually be an atheist, but an anti-theist. Someone who acknowledges that gods exist, but argues that they should not be worshipped because even the good ones demand obedience.

>> No.29973145


they'd leave him alone out of respect, or out of disgust of their atheist ways.

Unless the setting has a god of grand acts of dickery, of course.

>Goddammit god, stop blessing me, I don't want your blessings
>What are you going to do about it, you sack of shit?

>> No.29973212

>Paladin of Bag Reaper

>> No.29973232

This. A hundred times this,
but be charming. Goth bitch will hate it, the ladies probably love it (in a cheesy, ironic way), and she'll hate it more because they love it.

Don't start any confrontation, just in case the DM told goth bitch to get her shit straight and stop scaring off the penises.

When she attacks you unprovoked, reveal that your character has been madly in love with her.
Then, remember that polearms are wood-hafted. Attack the weak point!

>> No.29973394


Well, the Athar regard the gods to something akin to extremely powerful wizards. They acknowledge their existence but do not think them worthy of devotion.

>> No.29973432

And play a gnome. Or a Kender if you're feeling especially passive-aggressive.

>> No.29973437

OP here. Just got back from lunch with the GM. Decided to do some recon when I realized I was painfully in the dark about the whole scenario. Turns out, she is the GM's sister. I didn't pry on why she was emo, but I got myself a pass to come back. She said that if I was gonna stay with the group, I was gonna have to roll with the punches.

My new objective is to court the GM.

Also, the emo chick is the cutest of the bunch, since her form is the most normal. That and she's kinda small, and I have a thing for small chicks. We are totally incompatible though.

>> No.29973455

Not worshiping =/= Atheism
Believing in the non existence = Atheism

Therefore if they think the gods aren't worth worship, they might be something else, but they are not atheists.

>> No.29973493

You! Text your GM right fucking now! You're playing a goddamn bard now!

>> No.29973505


Did you ask the important question of why she did this to your character for no reason?

>> No.29973512

that's because you are psycho.

>> No.29973517

jesus christ you guys are like Xander/Cordelia in BtVS.
But I may be biased because goth chicks are incredibly hot

>> No.29973524


That depends on what definition you follow. The modern accepted definition is a lack of belief in the existence of deities. But if you look at the original meaning of the term, "without gods", it works perfectly fine.

>> No.29973527

>We are totally incompatible though.
But think of the hatefucking.

>> No.29973560

Thanks OP for making a fun class like PF Paladin, sound worse than a Fighter... Even with just a Charisma of 16 (Minimum IMO for a PF Paladin), you are still adding +3-to-hit and AC and +7 to damage (If she was Evil). These numerical bonus should be equal-to or greater-than her Fighter bonuses, without considering what bad feats you picked up, or lack of spells you seemed to have had.

And what "set-up" were you using? Did you pick up a Style Feat, Mysterious Stranger (Focused Aim), or something else that would occupy your Swift Action? And you have okay spells too (at least against a crumby Fighter and her probably abysmal Will Saves).

What were you doing? Sword-and-Board? Unarmed?...

>> No.29973575

but... you just have to keep reading? Go fuck off and fuck yourself. Fuck.

>> No.29973576

This story was terrible. I want my five minutes back

>> No.29973577

>We are totally incompatible though.
That's what they always say.
... and then they fuck a month later, and marry in a few years.

>> No.29973613

See. Here is the thing. I want to play this situation very carefully. It doesn't take a PH.D. in psychology to recognize she has some obvious issues with me. If I am going to get back into Pathfinder, I am going to have to earn my acceptance. Just asking the GM is small time. She'll grow to like me eventually. If she doesn't, then she will just have to pretend I am an NPC.

>> No.29973628

you do realize that the goth likely whispered in the GM's ear that she wanted to rape the Paladin and that is why she was so against it.

>> No.29973661

Fucking this. This should be obvious.

>> No.29973697

I don't believe in Gods therefore I am a-theist, a denoting not and theist being a follower of religion.

Checkmate atheists.

>> No.29973728

>equating disbelief in god with not following a religion

We fedora now.

>> No.29973751


Yes, and understanding why she is so arbitrarily hostile to you is valuable information for how to proceed.

>> No.29973778

Op. Do not make the next character a paladin or try to escalate this into an arms race. That way your rivalry will ruin the game for everyone. Someone will have to leave, and it's not gonna be her. That cannot end well. Don't plot with the GM, don't do anything of the sort.

Instead, make a completely different character. Whichever you like. In fact, make several. Don't take them seriously, don't get invested. If she kills them (and she probably will), don't get upset. Don't do anything. Don't acknowledge it as anything out of the ordinary. Just bring the next character next time.

She'll probably go to more and more ridiculous lengths to get at your character. Keep ignoring it.

And don't acknowledge her as anything out of the ordinary. It's obvious she wants attention and dickings. Don't give her any.

>> No.29973780

I would assume she wanted to castrate him, it's edgier and rape is typically what male "that guys" do while most female "that guys" opt for "STERILIZE ALL THE MEN".

>> No.29973805

He was a highly ranked member of the military and government. They always twist that shit.

The actually-functional expression is "Never attribute to incompetence what can be attributed to malice".

If you follow that one, you'll understand what's going on around you much, much better.

>> No.29973819

OP here. I really doubt it. She didn't look very lustful... It was probably something more akin to trying to torture me. Also, for the people complaining about "Hurr Durr. PALADIN SMASH PUNY FIGHTER" I took a bunch of flavor feats and quirky things. I don't wanna upset people, so I normally start weak and upscale myself to match the party. I like the new guy to blend back into the party before he has his shiny moments. I lost the fights because I crippled myself, not because she was some godlike monster. That and all I had was a Masterwork Long sword for damage. And my uses of LoH were used up for the day. I cut out a few random encounters and other details I deemed were irrelevant to the story, but I forgot that /tg/ dissects everything.

>> No.29973839

Emo girl was notably awkward after her failed proposal. Intent to rape seems far more fitting with her reactions than intent to castrate.

>> No.29973852

Age group would be a decent place to start. College is 18-23, right?

>> No.29973866

Next time OP, if emo girl whispers something to the DM while trying to kill you, just say "I'm fine with it." Regardless of what she was whispering.

>> No.29973872

? No I got it right the first time.

If John is really good and lifting heavy things, and everybody else in town worships him as a god, doesn't make him a god. The only difference is Pellor is magnitudes stronger then John, but still not Godlike.

Characters can still be atheist with beings like Pelor and Gumursh running around. I mean they've got a stat-line and can be killed, so they definitely don't fit my qualifications for Godhood.

>> No.29973874

Why the fuck don't you stand up to her OOC? You sound like a huge beta pushover, letting a grill disrespect you like that in and out of character.

>> No.29973875

This is actually important shit to note.
Part of why you went down was not knowing the rules well enough, and the fighter 'conveniently' using the 'incorrect' values to hit you automatically.

>> No.29973901


>> No.29973922

>but I forgot that /tg/ dissects everything

Oh, I'm sorry. You gave us a story completely on your own volition. It wasn't asked for. It was a thread you decided to make and have part of /tg/. Guess what boy, it's going to get dissected. If you didn't want it dissected, you should have kept it to yourself.

>> No.29973930

try talking to goth chick outside the game.
tell her that that there are clearly issues between the two of you and that you'd like to try to work things out because you like the pathfinder game and would like to continue to play it.
If for some reason you suck at conversation and she still hates you, then you might have to back out of the game entirely because it's not worth fucking over other people for your own benefits.

>> No.29973951

Bad idea. Newcomer standing up and starting a mess with an established member of the group? While implicitly dragging everyone else present into it with you? That's a great way to get thrown out. At most, if you really want to act the manly man, take her out after the game and ask to explain her issue with you is. Quietly and politely.

>> No.29973998

No. That is going into THAT GUY territory. If you really wanna screw with her play a filthy dirty enabler, aka Martial Artist manuevers monk. Dex, Str, Wis. You will never get hit forever, go for Improved Grapple, Improved Disarm, Improved Sunder and Improved Trip. And then into Greater Trip and Greater Disarm with Agile Manuevers.

>> No.29974004

You don't have to go "lol fuck u then biatch". Just react like a normal person, make a joke about her not shaking your hand, asking her why she goes out of her way to dick over your character in a friendly but firm tone, etc. Just don't take shit but don't give any shit back unnecessarily, that's my way of life. If the group kicks me out for even daring to question her actions then it's not a group I want to be in anyway.

>> No.29974026

OP here. The group was around 21 on average. I am 22, and I think it's safe to say that I am the second oldest. The GM works at a plastic company, and she graduated a few years ago.

>> No.29974036

not OP but for one he's the new guy, he doesnt know the details of the situation, its far smarter to see how things play out and bee possibly seen as a bit of a pushover than stage a full on confrontation, almost definitely get kicked from the group and accomplish nothing

>> No.29974075

>At most, if you really want to act the manly man, take her out after the game and ask to explain her issue with you is. Quietly and politely.

Go full bard, maybe ask to talk out problems over dinner, a movie, or she could vent her problems with you while handcuffing you to a bed and whipping you if she prefers.

>> No.29974091

She clearly wants the dick

Don't deny her the dick OP

>> No.29974132

Yeah she seems like she doesn't even know she wants the dick yet.
Just give her the dick pre-emptively.

>> No.29974147

>Go full bard, maybe ask to talk out problems over dinner, a movie
you sure thats a good idea considering the possibility of her "hating all men and their dastardly ways" it would either work out really well or really badly

well if youre feeling lucky OP

>> No.29974160

That's why I also presented a third option.

>> No.29974167


Do you have some image of the average peasant actually meeting gods and their minions, beyond priests, on a daily basis?

Yeah, you might have an ankheg infestation, or that one time all the rats gained a hive mind and Aunt Milnie and her scroll club had to come down from their widow's retreat and start laying down fiery hate. To the average peasant magic is magic is magic, except certain people are better at certain magic.

>> No.29974207

You're right. But you have to do it after the game. Doing so during it will derail it and attempt to steal everyone else's attention as well as her own. While everyone else is trying to have fun playing pretend. The issue is between the two of you. There's absolutely no need to drag everyone else into it.

And she is...? 21 sounds a bit old to be going through that phase, but what do I know. From the description given, she's probably working through some issue related to being ignored or rejected. You can try probing with the GM indirectly. Ask about the two players who left and the circumstances surrounding their departure and see what falls out.

What, you're afraid she's an axe murderer?

>> No.29974248

Well, you CAN kill gods in games like Pathfinder, so it's a valid position, if a foolish one (because gods are stronk and balance and asklfdjhg)

>> No.29974395

You've met this girl ONCE. Maybe you won't be as incompatible as you think. Give it time, cause that'd make for an awesome story (that's probably been done in at least half a dozen anime already)

>> No.29974437

Just be nice to her OP, both in character and out. Constantly play goody goodies, no matter how many times she kills/rapes them. Like, if you play a paladin again, figure out that she's evil ASAP, and then say, "IT IS MY DUTY AS A SERVANT OF JEEBUS TO SHOW YOU THE LIGHT!"
...and do nothing. Just be nice to everyone. Try to plot with the other characters to make her character nice.

>> No.29974460

of thousands

>> No.29974482

make her mad enough to beg for rape.

I'm a girl btw.

>> No.29974523

Yay, the relationships in /tg/ spam is back, worse than ever! Didn't you guys miss it?

>> No.29974529

This is like gradeschool pulling the hair of the boy you like


>> No.29974542


Anime is dumb and you're dumb for springing to its defense.

>> No.29974627

You are at least ten levels of idiot.

Read his post again. Also, you're a faggot for making a conclusive statement about a titanic range of media.

>> No.29974828



How do you know that a power-granting deity isn't a spirit or demon or powerful wizard masquerading as a deity?

This came up in Saberhagen's Books of Swords.

In fact, Christianity converted pagan Europe often by claiming once they had a safe foothold that the local pantheon wasn't fake, but was made up of junior demons working for the Devil. And that the local wise women, witches, medicine men and wizards were all knowingly or unknowingly gaining their powers from the Devil.

>> No.29974909

That wasn't a lie or even creative truthtelling, though. That's straight up how the doctrine goes. All legitimate power comes from big G, and everything else is bad news. Imagine the bricks they must have shit finding out an entire population was deriving demonic power.

>> No.29974914


I tried anime. I watched dozens of hours of the anime everyone raves about.

It's trash. Sorry bro.

>> No.29975001

Keep rocking those hot opinions based on a tiny, tiny sliver of a medium that is so poorly defined that it encompasses the entire animated cultural works of a country for decades, as well as pretty much anything that bears vague resemblance or having taken inspiration from it.

Saying "anime is trash" covers so much territory in style, theming, tone, message, and general compostition that you may as well say "art is trash" and be done with it.

>> No.29975029


there's your problem

>> No.29975039


>making her beg for rape
>not a nice game of monopoly

Do you even sadism?

>> No.29975060

Lads, c'mon.
It is low-quality, painfully obvious bait.

>> No.29975080


And yet I can guarantee you have said one of the following.

>All rap is crap
>Country is terrible
>Classical music is boring
>Modernist music is boring

etc. etc. I could go on, but a culture so limited in its portrayal is just sad. Sorry bro, your tastes are even laughed at by the very nips who make it.

>> No.29975102

Monopoly isn't actually a bad game. Just play by the rules and don't use stupid fucking houserules.

>> No.29975144

Yes, I've said these things, and yes it's wrong. But it's also wrong to say these things about most mediums. Just cuz we say it does not mean that it's right. No, i'm not going to try to defend myself. (first time posting on this thread)

>> No.29975167

I can't tell if you're a bad troll or just really dumb.

Also, wrong on all counts. When I find something that seems totally terrible, I go out of my way to find the exception, and I always do.

Joke's on you. I don't even watch anime. But it doesn't deserve the sperglording it gets from critics.

>> No.29975178

It sort of is. Its entire point is demonstrating how flawed the system is, when the rich keep getting richer and the poor can't catch up. Most houserules make it even worse.

That is not to say you cannot enjoy it

>> No.29975237

>Play monopoly
>Play it until she begs you to rape her so you'll stop playing.

>> No.29975349

>not letting her treat you like shit to your face with everyone watching is a dick move to the rest of the group
Seriously? If the goth chick is going to be an asshole for no reason, it's not OP's fault for not putting up with it.

Jesus, I'm a fairly reserved person IRL, and you seem like a little beta faggot.

>> No.29975359


And yet your sperging do as I say not as I do attitude is even better.

>> No.29975386


>> No.29975437

Ya, I am because people should learn from their mistakes. i.e. I'm trying to listen to more country because my friends like it even though most of the time it sounds like shit to me. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE.

>> No.29975472


>that image

I am dissapoint, anon.

>> No.29975486

>mfw my family won't play Monopoly with me because I aggressively cheat whenever I'm forced into playing
Fuck that game.

>> No.29975549


But make her work for the dick.

>> No.29975594

>B-but, I want the car.
>Then 45 minutes later, delicious hate-sex on top of the monopoly board.

>> No.29975624

"Tu devras travailler fort pour obtenir l’accès donc tu rêve tellement. L’accès a ma queue."

>> No.29975894


I'd put it in her Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues.

>> No.29976195

From what I've seen, it can be done. You have to be an 11th level or higher arcane caster with the Craft Magical Items feat.

>> No.29976360

That's some neatly placed words sir.

>> No.29976416


>Believing a fa/tg/uy wrote that

fa/tg/uys can't into literature.

>> No.29976865


>> No.29979151

Fighters going to have horribly low Will saves and they likely have no Wis. Be a caster and hideous laughter the fighter then use entangle or animate rope to tie them up until they are ready to play nice. Use Alarm to protect yourself from night attacks.

Maybe play an Arcane Duelist Bard. You can still have a little healing and every weapon is potentially a magic weapon.

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