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what /tg/ think about anime? I was looking for something good, like trigun or gits and i thought that you fa/tg/uys could help me

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Watch Sora No Woto, it's legitimately beautiful.

08th MS Team if you want some action

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This is 4chan, you bloke.

Everyone here, by default, either loves anime or is tsundere about it.

You really should go to /a/ for this topic, or check the archive for the 30 or 40 previous /tg/-approved anime lists.

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Legend of Galactic Heroes

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Cowboy Bebop if you haven't watched that.

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Ixion saga is a pretty fun anime.

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Jojo's bizarre adventures

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No, don't go the /a/, they hate anime and hate giving recommendations even more.

What sort of shows do you like in general?
Shit to one person can be another person's Awesome.

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The Slayers

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I prefer my anime with blood soaked mentally damaged demonic women fighting other demons with swords.

Unfortunately that narrows my options quite a bit.

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I've noticed that tg has an extremely high good/bad anime ratio, i was planning to make a ToWatch list.
trigun, ghost in the shell, bebop lupin the third are examples of what i like most, but i can watch every anime where the main characters aren't boobs.

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Paranoia Agent

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Well that image sucks.

Here is a better one.

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Just finished binging Psycho-Pass. Was pretty good. Very Cyber-punk.

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>Liking Claymore.
>Liking the Claymore anime.

Gb2 InuYasha and Elfen Lied.

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it's not really /tg/ related but its great
I cried a little

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I have two more lists, not /tg/ lists but will post em if there is interest

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One of my favorites is steins gate.

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I can't help but feel someone made a homebrew based on Rozen Maiden

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are them high fantasy too?

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Tonari no Seki Kun

Also, Daily Lives of High School Boys

Because high school animes can be great.

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Anime can be okay, but it usually isn't as good as manga.

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I personally love Hajime no Ippo and K
But I think K is my favorite

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>blood soaked mentally damaged demonic women fighting other demons with swords
Very different sort of show from that one, but was the next thing I could think of close to that description.

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What's that you say? Adaptations are usually inferior to the source material?
What a shocking revelation! Nobody has EVER observed this phenomenon before! Somebody get this man a Nobel Prize!

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>it usually isn't as good as manga.

Case in point: Yu-Gi-Oh!. Anyone who hasn't read it yet needs to find "season 0" of the manga and flip through that shit.

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Black Lagoon? Not too far off from Shadowrun: the Anime, except for being set in the '90s rather than in the cyberpunk near-future.

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Try Black Lagoon. That anime is pretty badass. Watch the dub for better voice acting and the fact that it gets hilarious when the Japanese voice actors have to speak english in later episodes.

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I actually did watch Elfen Lied since a friend suggested it to me.

It was fucking awful. I could go into detail but really, it was just awful.

First episode made me think it might be good, and then everything after that... was just awful.

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>anon upload 2.85MB file
>try to open it
>anon upload another 2.85MB file
>i'm still downloading the first
>I hate my country

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Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Aria and Area 88 were all shows I watched on /tg/ recommendation, all of them were awesome in different ways. Although the LoGH spin-offs were kind of pointless, and with Area 88 the OVA is vastly superior to the later TV show.

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I'd suggest Outlaw Star, if you haven't yet.

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I've kind of gone off most recent anime, but a few good ones I'd recommend:

1) Hellsing Ultimate - Still slowly coming out, much better than the older Hellsing series. Watch this one in English it's loads better.
2) Cowboy Bebop - Everyone will tell you to watch this.
3) Black Lagoon - Once again stylish and violent. Modern crime shenanigans.
4) Baccano - Prohibition era hijinks, story may seem disjointed, but ultimately is really good and worth the watch. Watch this one in English, the accents make it that much better.
5) Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggann - Are you AWESOME?! Do you like GIANT ROBOTS?! If not watch this and you will be both. No description can really give it justice.

I'm gonna leave it at that, really. I've watched a fair bit of good stuff and a fair bit of bad stuff. Two things I hate above all else:

1) Story? What story? LOOK AT THE BEWBS!
2) Anything whose description starts with "It's a slice of life anime" There are a few rare exceptions, but a lot of them made my eyes bleed.

Hope this helps.

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You mean the sub then?

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A boy has the right to dream.

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Oh fuck, yes. I'm just retarded this morning.

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this is a good one, thanks anon

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Aria is awesome, and I keep meaning to get around to LotGH, I'm not familiar with Area 88 though.

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im personally liking log horizon at the moment, but its probably not for everyone

the basics are that members of an online game one day wake up to find that they've been transported to a world pretty similar to the game (not trapped in the game, physically transported to a new world)

theres also a tabletop game coming out fairly soon (in japan) that im hoping gets translated

(even if you don't end up watching it, i highly suggest checking out the wiki, the way they build the classes is quite creative an interesting)

also the hellsing ultimate OVAs are good

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Also Yu Yu Hakusho. The dub is actually pretty good on that one so just go with your usual preference
I'd also recommend Ranma 1/2. I know it seems like a chick anime in some ways, but it's pretty awesome.

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On the shoujo/josei end of the spectrum, both Revolutionary Girl Utena and Princess Tutu are must watches.

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Space is the place.

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oh, and the dub on Ranma 1/2 is pretty good too and the episodes are easily found on youtube.

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>Princess Tutu
Somebody post the guitar ninjas. I'd do it but I'm on my phone.

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Hidamari Sketch
Might Gaine

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Log Horizon has been fun, like how it is is digging into how people react to the situation. Of course I've liked that about other similar show that shall-not-be-named too.

It is funny watching people talk about 'dropping' it already, or anything else really.
/a/ is like some kind of hipsterland where they jack off to how they 'dropped' something popular for whatever reasons they can parrot.
They manage to have author drop by while they are loving it then turn on it a month later, you can't win there.

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>I'm not familiar with Area 88 though.

It's basically Planes & Mercs: the anime, about foreign legion fighter pilots stuck on a desert airbase shooting down planes for money. One of the few grimdark shows I've liked, although all the cool old fighter jets probably have something to do with that.

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I think /a/ suffers from some twisted form of Stockholm syndrome- they watch a shitty anime for 5 episodes, they know it's shit, but continue to watch till the bitter end because they already have so much time invested in it...or I could be projecting from when I used to play WoW...

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I'll also suggest Hellsing.
It is kind of funny that I file Hellsing and Trigun next to each other in my mind, considering how drastically different in motivation Vash and Alucard are.

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I think it's a combination of that and "It might get better!"

Things rarely get better though. They usually just slowly get worse.

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I used to like anime. Used to. Not that I don't like what I used to anymore. More that there isn't any new likeable stuff made anymore... well barely anyway.

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You fucking sons of bitches! Its too early for these feels!

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i think you're projecting a little but thats basically my situation with space dandy, sure it's entertaining but not that entertaining, but hey its only 20 minutes a week right?

I think a lot of people were expecting it to be a better Sword Art Online and were disappointed at the lack of constant fight scenes, I think its good the way they've taken it though, theres just enough fights to really show off class specific mechanics but they aren't so regular that it just turns into the next fairy tail or naruto (i'm not really knocking those animes but you can't deny they are 90% fighting)

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Hokuto no Ken or as they say it in US Fist of the North Star. Simply put it's the manliest show EVER.

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Amen to that.

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The Index LNs also might be something you guys'd like.

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It's the glasses and trench coat. When you get them in that trade mark silhouette with coat waving in wind and the bright colored glasses lenses glaring, it's easy to link them together.

Also they both got a big gun.

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Yeah, a lot of anime is cutesy/ansty bullshit these days. I'll wait and hope anime goes back to what it was like in the 90's.

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Darker than Black was pretty damn neato, though the second season was kinda odd.

Kino's journey was pretty good as well for dat travelen.

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I actually tried to do a Promethean hack about that, mind you.

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>I'll wait and hope anime goes back to what it was like in the 90's.

You mean terrible animation and never-ending harem shite?

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Not the ninties, but I had to post it.

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Isn't that what we have now?

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space dandy has the house of such amazing off the walls moments to make me keep watching. Episode three with the Hawaiian shirt pompadore sporting much? Yes please. Episode five is so far best episode. It really showcased dandy as a character.

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No. There is a lot less overtly harem shit. I mean female casts often fill out those roles but the plot isn't literally centred about the situation like shows like Love Hina were.

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Eh, I'll take back what I said. You just have to cherry pick the good stuff from all periods of time. Saying one time is vastly superior to the other is like those retarded Europe vs USA thread.

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Seconding this, they're a real fun read.


>> No.29969524 [SPOILER] 

Disclaimer: Don't look under this spoiler if you think like /a/.

I'd suggest Sword Art Online, another in the trapped-in-mmo genre. Lot of stress and people freaking out. Main guy suffers from being a loner and a fair bit a psychological damage along the way. Yes, the second season is not as good as the first, and /a/ also hates characters that are better than the average person. Also completely subverts and avoids most typical anime bullshit in the romance. Some people hate this show, and /a/ hates it with an unmatched passion. If they doesn't sell you on it, if you like Log Horizion and .hack or simalar things, you might enjoy it. If you like fun and don't mind powerful characters, you might like it. And yes, the author did write an unofficial fap-chapter that is not canon and yes glop is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound they think that makes. ..They did rush through the plot with time skips in the first season just to tell that 'arc' in one season though, and the second season is drawn out and less interesting since it was a shorter 'arc'.

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I think today's shows have a lot more shows that are just straight of softcore porn. Like really tame softcore

>> No.29969552

Will you give your heart for Humanity /tg/?

>> No.29969571

Also both fun characters that have a lot of power/ability but don't always use it, abet for different reasons. And guns.

Also both of them are almost not the main character, with following the characters around them and their reactions more.

>> No.29969572

Season 1 was good, the rest was wat

>> No.29969589

The worst part is when they take a manga that has a decent storyline and turn it into what is basically softcore porn. I remember one example being Rosario Vampire, which actually seemed an interesting read, despite being essentially a supernatural harem anime, from what little I saw of it. Anime is basically a T&A arms race...

>> No.29969590

can't stand half of the characters in it

>> No.29969600

Eh, I don't think it's as bad as /a/ claims, but it's by no means GREAT. I just feel it's a waste of time, when there's better stuff out there like .hack and log horizon. I mean, I guess if you've already seen those, and you just can't get enough of that story idea, then it's worth checking out to get your fix, but it's just kind of redundant, and mediocre.

I don't feel it's actively better, but other things do the same thing better, so why not watch those, and spend the time you would watch SOA on something more worthwhile?

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If you haven't seen Dominion, you should.
It's wonderfully insane.

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The second season was a fucking travesty.

The only thing that made it even remotely watchable was Alcoholic PTSD Chinese Batman.

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My issue is that it feels like every show now has to have a harem element and no clear cut answer. It's why I really liked sword art season one. But then season two the slight hints of a possible harem that were rejected come back in full force.

I loved stuff like outlaw star where yeah it could he a harem but if the other women really do feel anything for gene it's hard to tell. Samurai girl might truly be there about honor but could just as easily be tsun tsun. Aisha? Well she reminds me of a classic cn murderhobo pc. Her motivation could easily be legit.

>> No.29969637

I've watched 25 episodes, and I'm still not sure how I feel about this show. I think I like it, but I think mainly my curiosity about the titans and the world have kept me watching.

>> No.29969643

What sucks is that they could go ahead and have the fanservice but it often becomes the focus and they forget the story when it is possible to have both. Even Bible Black was fairly interesting story wise. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that story was particularly amazing but it made me watch for more than just the porn.

>> No.29969645


This season we have a grand total of 1 harem anime. Last season maybe 4, and that's counting a reverse harem.

Heck, I kinda miss decent harem-like flicks.


>Also completely subverts and avoids most typical anime bullshit in the romance.

You almost got me. 3/10 for the effort, should've been more elaborate.


Nah, R+V mango starts as the purest of harem comedies. It does get more serious/tons of plot in the sequel...

...but you know what? GONZO my dear friend. Heck, for they standards, was a pretty decent adaptation.

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.Hack always seemed boring to me, though admittedly I never took the time to slog through more than a couple of episodes, but everyone who's told me about it has said it was meh.

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get with the program, braw. 90's had a must have harem thingy to it, now it's all bout the softcore prawn, babey.

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>Nah, R+V mango starts as the purest of harem comedies. It does get more serious/tons of plot in the sequel...
Really? Cause I only read it a little bit ago, but I saw a lot of SHONEN ACTION SCENES.

(Though they were really, really shitty, as it was just "Vampire girl beats the shit out of everyone, because she's so strong and fast and powerful and vampires are the best monsters ever!")

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>Subverts and avoids most anime romance bullshit

What. No, seriously, what? The main character is an emo faggot who is on a quest to save his waifu for the sake of true wuv no matter what. It's the most straight-played anime romance bullshit I've ever seen.

I had fun watching it because I am easily entertained, but let's not pretend it's something that it isn't.

>> No.29969696

Bloodless is a good example. I still have to read the manga more but I could immediately tell a vastly greater violence content in manga while anime replaced the blood with Rita it felt like.

>> No.29969711


Like the style, particularly the design of the titans and how creepy they look. I hate the story and antagonists.

>> No.29969717

Ah fair enough, I think the bits I saw were all fairly late in the piece when it had serioused up a tad, but the anime is the embodiment of "lol, to hell with story: BEWBZ!"

>> No.29969751

Oh God, that was some bullshit. One thing that stands out to me was she was fighting a werewolf, and werewolves get faster and stronger under the moon, and it was a full moon out. And even when the moon isn't shining, werewolves are supposed to be THE FASTEST MONSTERS in this universe. But, she just goes faster than him, because "Lolvampire"

>> No.29969770



>> No.29969789


I don't really remember it clearly. Maybe it was all shonen combat shit in the end of first manga.

Though I have to say that dominatrix Moka has her reasons to exist.


That's not even the most animu romance bullshit going. The "episode to conquer a chick " is something that not even Kaminomi does anymore, goddamn.

And the sister thing?

No, seriously, I almost feel sorry for Ayana Taketatsu. There should be a limit for the siscon crap she should be doing, especially when motherfucking Kirino is a more decent character.

>> No.29969807

I liked it on a philosophical level. Okay, I know that sounds really really pretentious but I liked how it had some focus on living in the game verses living in reality. You're also right, it can get dull sometimes.

>> No.29969817

You ever thought that maybe that setting is not like the one you picture in your head?

>> No.29969819

Exalted: The Anime

>> No.29969834

the moonspeaker in me has to complain on the poor subbing. I think it's a feat considering's there's what, two lines in there?

>> No.29969852

Lemme pull up my recommendation list.

-Cowboy Bebop
-JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
-Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (NOT the other anime adaptation.)
-Baccano and Durarara (technically in the same universe.)
-Black Lagoon
-G Gundam
-Samurai Champloo
-Rurouni Kenshin (up to a certain arc)
-Yu Yu Hakusho
-Dragonball and Z, but only Kai for the latter, and if you didn't grow up with it you'll probably dislike it.
-Death Note (not great, but decent.)
-Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
-Big O
-Ouran High School Host Club
-Sword of the Stranger (a movie, but a damn good one if you like fight scenes.)

Those are just the ones off the top of my head that come to mind.

ANTI-Recommendation list
-Fullmetal Alchemist, the original adaptation from 2003. It's just an inferior anime overall, and the story takes a turn into so much pointless angst and grimderp that not even the stellar English dub can save it.
-Jormungand. Overrated and chock-full of every anime cliche you can imagine. It's a poor-man's Black Lagoon.
-Evangelion. It's a nice character study, and for the development of anime as a whole it was important. But in comparison to what's come out since it's release it just doesn't hold up anymore.

>> No.29969885

Go watch fist of the north star.

>> No.29969913

>ANTI-Recommendation list
Can I add Code Geass to this?

>> No.29969926


Read the manga.

>> No.29969944

Fine. But that doesn't mean that dude doesn't get it recomended to him.

>> No.29969949

The fuck is wrong with you?
But seriously, yes CG is a trainwreck starting in the second season, but season 1 is okay (not great but okay) and season 2 is the best kind of trainwreck. The entertaining kind.

>> No.29969959

Movies like princess mononoke and howls moving castle can give VERY interesting settings. Good movies as well

>> No.29969960

An anime based off of the game Exalted would be awesome if they didn't fuck it up.

I liked the first season, but the heel turn at the end of that season seemed like an ass-pull. When I watched it in college in anime club, the room erupted in confused laughter when it happened.

>> No.29969963

"Super Speed: The Werewolf's signature ability is its incredible speed and agility, which no other monster is capable of matching when the Werewolf is at its full capacity"

Right from the wiki, you retarded fuckstick. They said in the manga that they're the fastest, but the vampire lady was faster, just cause.

>> No.29970051

Code Geass was a clusterfuck right out of the gate

But it was fun the entire way through.

>> No.29970131

it's better watch it in streaming or torrent is fast enough?

>> No.29970156

Let's see what I've favorited on Hulu..

Gatchaman Crowds (6 episodes in so far, been fun)
Beyond the Boundary (demon fighting and my first encounter with what I think is that 'moe' thing, though I'm not sure.)
Log Horizon (Nice and thinky trapped-in-MMO-like-world thing)
Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere (I really like the style and the characters, world is strange and amusing.)
Hyperdimension Netunia (Amusement was had, I believe I was drinking as well at the time)
Attack on Titan (Don't get attached to people in this show.)
Accel World (Fun. Digital world stuff. Main characters do grow as people)
Sword Art Online (Nice and fighty trapped-in-VR thing, determination and yelling happens. MC is derp level not working with others or getting help, but very protective of people.)
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (shit I forgot I hadn't finished that one, I remember it was fun and I likes the world setup)
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan (glad I'm going back through these, another I need to finish up, also recall liking it and characters)
Legend of the Legendary Heroes (Enjoyed, but not sure I could recommend since it never got further seasons, leaving me with unresolved-plot blue-balls.)
Captain Harlock (Hard to believe I hadn't watched it all sooner than I did. All people should watch it or they are failures at life.)

There's other stuff that I've watched, but that was the easiest list for me to look through for anime suggestions.

>> No.29970198

The whole show is in Youtube in HD

>> No.29970213

>Legend of the Legendary Heroes (Enjoyed, but not sure I could recommend since it never got further seasons, leaving me with unresolved-plot blue-balls.)
wait, it is unfinished?

>> No.29970220


>> No.29970223

Deal with it, nerd

>> No.29970229


>>29968921 here, I concur with that list. Of the ones I've watched I have enjoyed.

I've tried watching Jormungand, since I liked Black Lagoon so much, but yeah it doesn't seem as good.
Also I've heard good things about Durarara, it just annoys me that so many people like it and have no idea what Baccano is.

>> No.29970232

Yeah, and you-tubes frame rate is shit on a stick. Any fast-paced scenes will get fucked to hell and back.

>> No.29970240

You are already dead.

>> No.29970257

Fate/Zero and Steins;Gate are also good.

>> No.29970332

>You almost got me
I am completely serious. You can take your harem bullshit and indecisive men and blow it out your ass.
Disregard women and firmly stand by just one.

>> No.29970339

Space Brothers - Two brothers promise to become astronauts. The younger becomes one, while the older forgets the dream and becomes an automotive engineer. After getting fired the older remembers the dream and tries to catch up with his younger brother.

Fang of the Sun: Dougram - A mecha anime on the real robot side of things. A colony on another planet rebels and tries to leave the Earth empire. Lots of tactics and combined arms fights. Older and it looks its age.

Bubblegum Crisis - An ova series following the vigilante group the Knight Sabers in the fight against the corrupt Geneon corporation. Features good music, chicks in power armor, 80s hair, and replicants running amok.

>> No.29970404

Works for me perfectly. Maybe you should move to the 21st century

>> No.29970407


Kirito was basically Ichika from IS, but he got his virtual virginity stolen by Asuna. The level of improbable obvliousness and chick magnetism (because he's a nice guy and a cheater) makes SAO fully into harem genre.

>> No.29970457

Have you ever been on youtube? Your internet connection, or the HD quality, or anything has nothing to do with it. Youtube just has bad framerate. Go watch a video of a megaman playthrough, when megaman gets hit, instead of blinking, he'll just vanish for a while. That's cause of the framerate.

>> No.29970464

Not that guy, but I hated Code Geass. The Knightmares were dumb, the high-schoolers-leading-a-revolution premise seems both trite and ridiculous, and most damning of all, I found the protagonists to be just as repulsive as the villains, and I couldn't root for anybody. I watched seven episodes and then called it quits.

One of my friends kept hawking it to me, describing it as "intricate" and "epic", which probably didn't help.

>> No.29970467

>Bubblegum Crisis
It's so cyberpunk they got the cyberpunk guys to make an rpg of it. There's also a longer series of it too called Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040.

>> No.29970471

Sadly. No sign of the anime getting picked up again either. Interesting world, characters, and situations, but the end leaves you with more questions than I'd like.
Might look into the novel series one day.

Eah, I like people to get paid for enjoying their work, and buying DVDs of things you've never seen is a bit hit-or-miss.

>> No.29970530

>I found the protagonists to be just as repulsive as the villains

That was kind of the point, wasn't it?

Nobody is good, and the only way to win is to be as evil as possible and then remove yourself from the world by dying.

>> No.29970536


You're supposed to root for pizzabutt, silly.

>> No.29970558

Gonna second Steins;Gate. It might seem a little cringeworthy in the first couple episodes, but after that it's a really, really good show.

Also throwing in a recommendation for Wakfu while I'm here.

>> No.29970565

Then why the fuck should I care what happens in the story? If there's nobody to root for, if everyone is an evil, self-serving jackass, then there's no dramatic tension. There's no meaningful conflict. There's nothing at stake. The only winning move is not to play.

It's the Eight Deadly Words: "I don't care what happens to these people."

>> No.29970587

You kow what you guys should watch if you like sci-fi?

Shin Sekai Yori.

No excuses allowed.

>> No.29970597

Dude, his disregard for females was his whole appeal to them in SAO, he treated them like everyone else in a world full of MMO players with more males than females hitting on them all the time. The fact that they then respected the other woman and left him be, and that he never had bullshit string-along indecision kept it firmly out of the harem bullshit. Rather refreshing since it seems anime people have no idea how to form normal relationships, or respect others' relationships, most of the time.

Also, no idea what Ichika or IS is.

>> No.29970612

Steins;Gate makes me wish I could run a campaign based off of that type of time travel, shame it'd have to focus on one person unless they all got coordinated, either that or the ones who don't have to be *really* good in separating IC and OOC

>> No.29970635

Seconding Wakfu, it's basically a French Shonen anime, which is superior to most Shonen anime I've seen.

>> No.29970647

You dont like evil characters do you.

>> No.29970661

>Phrase not found
>Phrase not found
You disappoint me /tg/...

>> No.29970670

>Only 2 recommendations for Jojo


Someone actually recommends Shit Art Online with a straight face? It's people like you who make us suffer.

Log Horizon superior.

>> No.29970673

Just because everyone is evil doesn't mean that they can't also be good characters.

What I am basically saying is that stories in which everyone is a shade of black can still be narratively fulfilling. Even more so with Code Geass because the main character is unambiguously evil, but if his plan succeeds then the world *will* become a better place.

Code Geass isn't good, but there are a lot of reasons for that besides the motivations of the characters.

>> No.29970693

>Legend of the Legendary Heroes (Enjoyed, but not sure I could recommend since it never got further seasons, leaving me with unresolved-plot blue-balls.)
Read the books, dude. They're all on baka-tsuki.

>> No.29970700

as I said. works perfectly on my Smart TV maybe you should really get better pc?

>> No.29970704

>Elfen Lied

The Manga could've been some great porn. It would've basically been about every girl and woman in it having her way with the MC.

>> No.29970707

Well, I've got a high-quality gaming rig, hooked up to an HDTV, so fuck if I know what the issue is.

>> No.29970710

Well egg on my face...

>> No.29970712


>if everyone is an evil, self-serving jackass, then there's no dramatic tension

Not gonna say that's the case for Code Gayass, but that's false in general. You can read awesome novels about SS commanders, my god.


That's EXACTLY what happens with Harem Protagonist case B, the Nice but Oblivious guy. Normally he does flinch a little in cas of obvious flirting (a good example might be Oh! My Goddess), but there nowdays there is the extreme variant that is so dumb that just blushes at boobs on his face.
Like Kirito. Which is also a Gary Stu in combat.


Wakfu is there.
Watamote... I've played many improbable things in my life (moe 14 yos trying to seduce grizzled samurais and octopus scientist in +30000000 years Earth come to mind), but I don't think it would really be possible to play that...

Not that it's bad, mind you.

>> No.29970743


Princess Tutu suffers from the fact that they let the Japanese write the ending.

>> No.29970744

Everyone who is thinking about watching it now is just waiting for the dub to come out.

>> No.29970785

>1 hit
>fucking evangelion on a NOT recommended list
>Meanwhile shit like titan and sword art are recommended

I think /tg/ might just be retarded when it comes to anime...

>> No.29970787


>not being ouiaboo enough to watch it in glorious French an hearing dat damn Amalia voice saying "brules de ventre"


>> No.29970790

Can't I like both?

>> No.29970800

But the ending was absolutely fantastic, what is wrong with you? They told you straight from the beginning how shit would go, it went ahead and did exactly that in a wonderful manner.

I'd personally add Glass no Kamen, Ashita no Nadja, Sailor Moon and maybe FW PreCure to that.

>> No.29970801

>retarded, horribly written, atrocious pile of angsty shit, that is only considered good because it was influental
>Better than "Stupid, but fun spiderman cutting up giant monsters"

>> No.29970803

Seconding Ranma.
I'd say One Piece but the manga is so much better than the anime.

For more 80/90's sci-fi:
Battle Angel Alita
Armitage III
Macross/Macross Plus
A Wind Named Amnesia
Black Magic M-66
Dominion Tank Police

>> No.29970804

Not sure why anyone could be arsed with Sword Art Online when they can read Half Prince.

>> No.29970821

>Wakfu is there.
I think it was posted while I was looking for a picture of it. Regardless, woops.
>but I don't think it would really be possible to play that...
Ah. My apologizes. Wasn't aware you were looking for something to base a game on.
Maybe Kill la Kill?

>> No.29970828

Not gonna say that it was out of line or that it was bad, it's just that I've read a lot of chinese ghost stories, so it irked me that this one didn't end in Emperor-approved marriages for everyone.

>> No.29970832

Dragon Half. It only got like 2 episodes or something but its awesome and the manga is fantastic.

>> No.29970842

>Gary Stu in combat
Yeah yeah, I'm sure you hate Goku and Gundam units too.

>> No.29970851


No. That is extra heretical.

>Like Kirito. Which is also a Gary Stu in combat.

He was worse. He was a Beater.

>> No.29970852

And how did that work?

>> No.29970857

I hope they don't fuck Nox's VA up. His french voice is one of the best performances I think I've ever heard. Captures the character absolutely perfectly.

>> No.29970865

Not sure why anyone could be arsed with anime when they can just read books instead.

It was, from the beginning to the end, coined by fairy tales and ballet stories. I'm pretty sure even the thought of expecting something Chinese-esque is absurd.

>> No.29970866

>Even more so with Code Geass because the main character is unambiguously evil, but if his plan succeeds then the world *will* become a better place.

And what's so wrong about that? Some people like rooting for the bad guys and this is clearly one of those cases.

>Code Geass isn't good, but there are a lot of reasons for that besides the motivations of the characters.

Your mileage may vary. I'd say it qualifies as good enough.

>> No.29970871 [SPOILER] 

Forgot my image. Ah well.

>> No.29970882


It's pretentious drivel of the highest form. Trying way too hard to be deep and fulfilling, and coming out all the worse for it.

I respect what it's trying to do, but I can't bring myself to actually like it.

>> No.29970903

You're giving it too much credit. Like being coherrent

>> No.29970905

Seconded, I hated how the pitch for the Kickstarter was 90% a trailer for Wakfu. All your backers know what it is, just give us the voices dammit!

>> No.29970917

>Everyone who hates SAO in this thread goes to Toonami General

>> No.29970922

So your recommendation is 'TIME TRAVEL THE ANIMES'? lol

>> No.29970933


Literally everything gets called "epic" these days so I don't know why you'd let that be an issue.

I had no problems with most of the Knightmares, and technically only one high schooler is leading a revolution. But so what? This is anime and it's not trying to be a realistic one either. Everything should be possible in a cartoon. It's fine for Code Geass to be ridiculous.

The whole thing about disliking the protagonist is a more valid point, but it's also a completely subjective one at that since, again, other people like characters who aren't Mr. Nice.

>> No.29970945

I'm not an American, sorry pal. SAO is just bad for the same reasons why Eragon is bad.

>> No.29970948


>> No.29970951

Tonari No Seki-kun
It's slapstick comedy with short 10min episodes about the traditional games a kid gets up to during class.

>> No.29970954

They did dub the first episode for a convention and as I recall Grovy sounded like Keanu Reeves.

HAHA, Time to derail the thread with "That Damn Duck" posts.

>> No.29970959

Build Fighters. It's even traditional gaming.

>> No.29970971


Too bad for you that Evangelion has in fact had more of an influence on both Japanese and international pop culture than anything you'll ever make in your life.

>> No.29970973

>that comic
>Completely missing the point
Pick two

>> No.29970981

Also this

>> No.29970997

>You can read awesome novels about SS commanders, my god.

Only if you're a fucking Nazi apologist

>> No.29971012

>retarded, horribly written, atrocious pile of angsty shit
Did your parents forbid you to watch it as a kid or where does this irrational hatred come from?

The execution is certainly not perfect, particularly in the later episodes, where they were running out of money but some of the premises are among the best I ever encountetred in fiction, be it estern or western.

Also, it's /tg/ as fuck.

Meanwhile SnK or SAO might be some convienient/trashy action fun when you turn your brain off after work but we both know that's not what's called "good", do we?

>> No.29971015

>We order them in bulk.

>> No.29971020

The only bit I laughed at was the file name

>> No.29971036

Same fucking deal, completely missing the point. I can see why some people dislike Shinji, but I really wonder if they ever stop and try to empathize with troubled teenagers. Not that most of the deserve that, but you know what I mean.

>> No.29971039


It's unrealistic and over-the-top but still coherent. You're giving it too little.

>> No.29971041

its pretty pretentious

>> No.29971054

If it was it wouldn't be a trainwreck

>> No.29971056

>that comic in general

>> No.29971059

You should be laughing at the fact that he did have sex. With two different people. In both cases they forced themselves on him.

Yay for abuse.

>> No.29971061


I don't think I'll ever be able to properly feel how Anno probably felt when two of the most damaged characters in the series (Asuka and Rei) basically became the biggest waifus of them all *due* to their personality problems.

>> No.29971069


You can't be a Gary Stu if you're a motherfucking object. Anyway that trainwreck that was Amuro is a perfect example of not-Gary.
Goku... actually it's been half a decade since I read/watch anything named DB, but I do recall him with many problems, not succeding at first trying, and generally not liked by everyone for no reasons.


Eh, never actually played that. Heck, never actually played Promethean (and will not, considering how I think of that damn game system now).
Just some sparse ideas.


No. The Kindly Ones actually is more liked by liberals here in Europe.

>> No.29971077


nobody here likes Psyho Pass?!

>> No.29971084

Shinji does not deserve to be emphasised with, he's a fucking git.
I understand why he is a fucking git, but that does not make him less of a git.

He needs someone who gives a shit about him telling him to stop being such a fucking git, but since everyone around him are either psychotic, self absorbed, or just generally idiots that's not going to happen and so he keeps being a git.

>> No.29971087

>-Jormungand. Overrated and chock-full of every anime cliche you can imagine. It's a poor-man's Black Lagoon.

>doesn't like KOKO LOCO

You're a bad person. Oh, and Black Lagoon has the same clliches, which in both cases are more Hollywood action movie cliches than anime ones.

>> No.29971088


Wow, I have never met anyone I could agree with on this subject.

>> No.29971095

I'll second that. It has no right to be as good as it is, BUT IT'S REALLY GOOD.

>> No.29971096

Makes me glad that for the most part, Japan cannot into symbolism and subtlety.

>> No.29971102

>The Kindly Ones

Started reading it for the second time, it's pretty awesome.

>> No.29971125


If he really thought that giving Rei dat ass and dat smile but no, people should be really creeped out by her, he was pretty insane.

>> No.29971140

Oh I get that he's a troubled teen, and there's all the angsty psychological stuff, and there are reasons for the way he acts and all, but those comics pretty much show how I think most people felt about it.
I personally enjoyed it, though I probably wouldn't sit down and rewatch it any time soon.

>> No.29971151

>He needs someone who gives a shit about him telling him to stop being such a fucking git
But he did

He later had to kill that person

>> No.29971163

>implying trashy action isn't good.

>> No.29971173


But that's why it technically isn't one. In the end, it's thematically coherent despite being severely implausible at multiple points.

>> No.29971174


Well Anno *was* kind of insane when he made Evangelion.

>> No.29971177

Build Fighters really is great, that fucking Fellini match was amazing. Possibly my new favourite one.
Soundtrack can't release soon enough.

>> No.29971188

The major issue I had with Evangelion is that everyone is fucked up purely for the sake of being fucked up.

It's like, is there a single mentally stable person left in the entire fucking world? Was there some sort of plague that killed off all the goddamn therapists. EVERY ISSUE IN THE SHOW COULD BE SOLVED BY A GOOD THERAPIST, but everyone is apparently too much of an idiot to realise that a military organisation in which teenagers are forced to save the world from bullshit cthulhu monstrosities could probably use a really fucking top tier psychology department.

>> No.29971195

>No. The Kindly Ones actually is more liked by liberals here in Europe.

I wonder about that, but I guess you can take it as satire from that perspective.

>> No.29971199

>how I think most people felt about it.
You're right in what you're thinking, and I still think it's wrong. I wouldn't even complain about it if they were just joking around, knowing what the deal is but being fed up with it.
But people REALLY don't get it way too often and its grinding down on my soul like a file on bones: slowly and painfully with a really disturbing noise.

>> No.29971224


Neither can you, plus subtlety ISN'T an obligation to have an impact.

Is Star Wars, say, subtle? NOPE. But it's influential as fuck.

>> No.29971228


The excuse is that SEELE specifically wanted the teenagers two cold cups of coffee away from a complete mental breakdown so their ego is easier to manipulate while at the same time getting better links between the pilot and Eva.

>> No.29971232

Gundam has a long history of being as melodramatic as possible, but when dumps all that and just focuses on having fun it generally produces pure gold. The SD shorts still make me laugh, and G somehow managed to find the perfect balance between goofy fun and an engaging story.

BF is just putting a hilarious amount of emphasis on the marketing. And it's completely right, Gunpla brings everyone together.

>> No.29971234

>giving it too much credit

>> No.29971238

But the lack of therapists is intentional.
Gendo is a fucking dick, and uses people's psych issues as levers to move them around and get them to do what he wants.

>> No.29971248

Yes, this so much. I don't even like the show that much, it's just got too much bullshit going on, for me to like what little bit of good there is in it, but Shinji is the farthest thing from what people call him. Just because he reacts fucking realistically to being what is basically CONSCRIPTED AS A CHILD SOLDIER IN A WAR ON GIANT DEMON MONSTERS, doesn't make him a wuss.

>> No.29971251


It's Gundam YuGiOh with great animation.

The rest is mediocre if you're not into references and can get into TOURNAMENT BATTLES.

>> No.29971266

>giving it too little credit.

>> No.29971279

Yeah, it is a show that demands a high powerlevel, particularly in Gundam, to be really enjoyable.

>> No.29971297


I can agree but you know what? Imagine that Shinji actually said "whatever" and fucked any one of them including Misato.

Shit would've been MORE fucked up.

And anyway, NGE was a smaller anime at the start even for that times. No, really: local tv station and all.
So yeah, tropes and trope and tropes.

You don't like that? Perfect, play Bliss Stage and you're gonna end with everyone pregnant and more fucked than Gainax could've dreamt about.


Oh come, on, he was just depressed after Nadia. That happens to what? 15% of the people that you see on the street?
While I do personally know shit isn't so funny, he wasn't a character at the end of a CoC scenario. Depression usually don't even fuck up your judgment.


It's not satire. Read what the critics say about it, if listening to me or- god forbid!- reading it isn't enough.

>> No.29971303


It might be intentional I'm going to be honest: most people don't get any enlightenment out of Evangelion at all. And we shouldn't really, since its existentialism is pathetic.

It's just fascinating to watch something so screwed up, full of try-hard empty Christian symbolism and psychologically damaged people who suffer way too much.

>> No.29971313

you know what? Whenever they actually are subtle it passes straight over your head like silent gust of wind. Not giving them undue credit or anything either, but you're just pretentious if you think you can actually spot a genuine attempt of theirs to be subtle.

Evangelion? NOT a subtle show. Didn't try to be.

>> No.29971321

So obviously what they needed was a top-tier psych department so they could tell how far was too far. That would have been the sensible thing. Get an expert to make sure they're just the right amount of crazy.

>> No.29971324

>. Depression usually don't even fuck up your judgment.
U wot m8?

>> No.29971338

>try-hard empty Christian symbolism
Actually, that was there intentionally to fuck with the audience. Anno has said he picked it because it looked cool and would have people digging to try and find what it "means". Dude's a troll.

>> No.29971348

Asking /a/ for anime is like asking /v/ if they wanna play video games. They aren't there to support the subject but rather, they're there to destroy it. /tg/ is the only board that will ever love you.

>> No.29971351


Yep. You feel miserable and prefer not to think about anything, but you don't really get stupid.

>> No.29971361


Yeah, I remember when we traded VHS tapes of End of Evangelion.Nobody was going "THIS IS SO DEEP" but rather "MAN, THIS IS FUCKED", "THE ENDING IS WTF" or "SHINJI FAPS TO ASUKA".

>> No.29971395

>They aren't there to support the subject but rather, they're there to destroy it
Okay, I agree with this for /v/, but isn't /a/ pretty much over-hyping central for anime?
Pic related. It was good, but everyone I saw seemed to have been freaking out over it.

>> No.29971399


Doesn't matter. The point is it attracted attention on a purely superficial level. Replace those with Japanese symbols and the same shit would happen.

>> No.29971404

>Evangelion? NOT a subtle show. Didn't try to be.

Evangelion's a bit too blunt though, I mean holy fuck; they slather Judeo-Christian references on that shit like it's nutella on toast yet we're supposed to not take them as religious references?

Like, it's at the point where I'm completely bamboozled at times trying to mentally convince myself the angels are not meant to literally be angels, but rather aliens that are called angels for reasons.

>> No.29971410

There's a critical difference between /a/ and /v/, namely that /a/ just hates giving recommendations and prefers talking about ongoing series while /v/ is off topic about 90% of the time and dominated by people with really hot opinions about how much games are actually shit.

>> No.29971416


>> No.29971423

Keep in mind that no board is just an individual, /a/ has its own subgroups. I, for one, didn't give a shit about LWA and probably won't in the future either.

>> No.29971431


They're not actually called "Angels" in Japanese. The word translates to "Apostles".

>> No.29971445


Question: did End of Evangelion happen because Anno finally snapped out of his depression, or because the constant barrage of hate mail caused him to finally jump off the deep end.

>> No.29971460

Yeah, but they're styled after fucking angels. Those names they had? All angels.

>> No.29971476


Still a Judeo-Christian reference, just not as direct.

>> No.29971483

>yet we're supposed to not take them as religious references?
Oh you're supposed to. So that Anno can laugh at you while rolling in his piles of money. The Abrahamic "symbolism" is there because it looks cool. The psych issues are the only thing that actually relates to "what it means".

>> No.29971489

So for a change of pace, let's give the anime we've talked a game to play them.

NGE: Bliss Stage (actually it's a tiny bit more... phisical than NGE about human relationships)
Black Lagoon: Apocalypse World (notice the emphasis on how the crew believes or not in each other)

>> No.29971504

Black Lagoon is Feng Shui or HKAT, dude.

>> No.29971505

just because it's about as subtle as your average tornado in a card house doesn't mean it's actually trying to say anything at every turn. Anno outright admitted using symbols etc for shits and giggles. I'm not calling it symbolism, because most of the time it isn't (We DO have symbolism in the show too though. Like I remember an early episode when shinji was going to the bath and I think freaking out over the penguin or something and he appears buck naked in the door way. Then Misato removes a strategically placed beer can to reveal a strategically placed jar of tooth picks. That's the level that the symbolism in Evangelion is at folks.)

I'm not even hating on it.

>> No.29971507

>So that Anno can laugh at you while rolling in his piles of money

Same thing the bastard is doing with Rebuild 3.0 being a pile of shit but selling like hotcakes because it's Eva and he didn't age the pilots

>> No.29971525

>implying feeling stupid is the only form of clouded judgement.
I'm sorry, but what?
"They don't actually care about me. I'm just there for comic relief."
"He's just dragging me on for his own sadistic pleasure, right?"
"Everyone's just here to get laid or drunk or both. No one cares to think beyond getting their dick wet."
I've been dealing with depression myself, and this is the kind of shit I've been dealing with mentally for the past seven or so months. I'm only now starting to come out of it, but my thoughts still default onto the worst outlook readily available.
Please, tell me how that is not fucked up judgement.

>> No.29971528

>The Abrahamic "symbolism" is there because it looks cool.
That's all there really is to it.

>> No.29971541

I think 3.0 might be a wacky metatroll, where he says "You want Evangelion that doesn't make you go 'da fuck did I just watch?' when it's over? TOO BAD!"

>> No.29971549


Not only is the same word in moonspeak (tenshi), but actually it's the same meaning in greek (messengers).


It happened because money.
At least it didn't have Mari.

>> No.29971623


I think you might have some mild paranoia too. In my years long experience that wasn't really the case.

Anyway I dunno. If anything he'd been bizzarely optimistic thinking Rei would've not been made into fap material.

>> No.29971624

About the only actual meaning in the Abrahamic references is that naming them "Evangelions" hints at the fact that they're essentially "good" angels.

>> No.29971629

Well, he did masturbate over a comatose girl so everyone is pretty fucked up.

>> No.29971631


In Japanese
Angel = Heaven Messenger
Apostle = Messenger Common
Those words have different connotations in both their meaning and usage.

>> No.29971644

why would he be optimistic about that? Her being turned into fap material has done wonders for sales

>> No.29971660


If the woman you love-hate was comatose and her top just so happened to come off without anyone around, wouldn't YOU masturbate over her body?

>> No.29971678

Nah. Fear of consequences have dictated my whole life, I wouldn't bust a nut just because I thought "nobody is looking".

>> No.29971686

Hellsing and Gurren Lagann: Exalted/Mutants & Masterminds
Baccano/Durarara: World of Darkness
Eva: Is Adeptus Evangelion cheating here?

Had a fun Star Wars Saga Ed game I based loosely on Black Lagoon, Mos Eisley as Roanapur.

>> No.29971698


Muh art, you have to undestand it and take it seriously!

>> No.29971707

>Implying he ever saw the show as art in the first place

>> No.29971718

No, because I'm not a sick fuck.

>> No.29971747


Well then I guess you're not fucked up.

But I'm so fucked up enough.

>> No.29971765

Record of the Lodoss war OVAs are excellent.
Some Anime producers make a Manga and Anime about a AD&D game they played. They do skip over a lot of details that were in the Manga so read that if you ever get confused. The TV series is pretty good but not as good as the OVA's
Pirotess best elf

>> No.29971771


Can't read kanji, but don't they actually call them tenshi everytime?


Well, if the story about "rei should be creeping you out" is true, he did.
Actually I'd think it's at most an exaggeration, but he did become really bad at judging his audience and the "seriousness" of his works with time. Goddamit that 2deep4me long scenes in motherfucking Cutie Honey.

>> No.29971810

>No Magi
>No Lodoss
>No Tokyo Ravens
>No Beet the Vandel Buster

Seriously, where's the /tg/-approved and related anime list?!

>> No.29971855

Gatchaman Crowds
Attack on Titan
Samurai Flamenco
Jojo's Bizarre Adventures
Sword Art Online
Log Horizon
Kill la Kill

I don't know why, but lately I've been watching a ton more anime than I usually do.

>> No.29971884

For that I'd have to watch an episode.
I do know that the Japanese Wiki lists them as 使徒(Shito), so I reckon they do the same in the series.

>> No.29971887

Lodoss and the approved anime list have both been posted. Calm down.

>> No.29971894

Also, fuck me, the Lodoss popped up while I was posting. Thank you fellow anon for posting Lodoss!

Also, my recommendations...
Magic Knights Rayearth
Anything Miyazaki
Gundam Build Fighters
Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
Sonic Soldier Borgman (old but cyberpunky)
Rental Magica
Shakugan no Shana
Magi (obviously, from my WTF) - this is probably my absolute favorite anime of the past three or four years, honestly.

>> No.29971898

I love how Evangelion is guaranteed to start a shit storm between apologist fanboys and people with taste.

>> No.29971905

>Attack on Titan

Eren Jaeger waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were Titans in the Wall. He didn’t see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to Cernel Erwin were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
Eren was a survey corps for three years. When he was young he watched the daddy leave and he said to dad “I want to be on the basement daddy.”
Dad said “No! You will BE KILL BY TITANS”
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the Trost distict of Wall Rose he knew there were Titans.
“This is Erwin” the green smoke crackered. “You must fight the Titans!”
So Eren gotted his manuver gear and flew up the wall.
“HE GOING TO KILL US” said the Titans
“I will bite at him” said the titan and he ate the Tom. Eren stabed at him and tried to cut him up. But then the beerd titan bite and they were trapped and not able to kill.
“No! I must kill the Titans” he shouted
The smoke said “No Eren. You are the Titans”
And then Eren was a Titan.

>> No.29971921

If you watch it subbed they do say 'shito' which means 'messenger'. The official Gainax recommendation for Anglicization was Angel.

>> No.29971935

Chinese electronic batman season 1 was great, yes. I highly recommend it. Characters that actually develop, int he span of just two episodes at a time.

The only good thing out of season 2 was UNTZUNTZUNTZUNTZ. I like to pretend season two never existed at all.

>> No.29971947


I see. But it's always messenger, like in greek, funnily enough.

>> No.29971976

Not like it really MEANS anything. Gainax said they just used the Christian symbolism and such because it was so alien to most Japanese it would work for their intended 'WTF' purposes.

>> No.29971988


Aku no Hana: Monsterhearts. Luckily, the game doesn't rotoscoper you.
Non Non Biyori: Golden Sky Stories

>> No.29971995

Most of /tg/ loves anime.
Unfortunately they drown out the good posters who don't.

>> No.29971999 [SPOILER] 

I really liked Boku No Pico.

>> No.29972029

TFW those retards in Bandai hasn't bothered creating a actual game for gunpla.

>> No.29972034

It happened because that was the original planned ending for Evangelion but didn't have the budget for it at first, when they finally got the money then it happened

>> No.29972040

Whenever people mention playing an anime in a system I always try to think of a way to get Symphogear to work, and I still haven't managed to think of a way to get it to work without requiring the players making an ass out of themselves by singing for power-ups.
Well, I guess that is fun in its own way but it's not exactly what I'd want.

>> No.29972044

Started watching this recently. Really liked how it just immerses you in the world right from the beginning, forcing you to deduce certain things. The world is pretty interesting too

But then it starts to meander and get side tracked, I've kind of lost interest after 6 or 7 episodes. But I will probably finish it eventually

>> No.29972062

I can give you a list of shit i like.

Evangelion. WATCH thew original series. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS

Black lagoon. A badass lady with two guns killing people.

Hellsing: a guy made an exalted character in a world of darkness campaign.

full metal alchemist. alchemist adn explosion and asadness and shit.

>> No.29972085

It makes sense if you try applying real world logic to a situation where a kid is ignored by his father until he needs another child-soldier, instead of applying fucking shounen genre logic.

>> No.29972102


Ends pretty badly.

Real problem is that Kyoani tried to do 2-3 storylines not really focusing on any of these, execpt to an extent the blandest.

Fuyukai desu.

>> No.29972128

I actually want to run a game based on Build Fighters using MECHA from Heroic Journey Press, in all honesty. I just can't sell any of my RL friends on 'toy robot fighting tournament', even my one friend who was all about Angelic Layer back in the day.

>> No.29972132


It has;
1. Rape
2. Dismemberment
3. A geat buildup to a direct kick in the balls twist
4. Rape again
5. More Dismemberment

What more could you ever ask for!?

>> No.29972146

>Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
New Getter Robo, and Shin Mazinger are both far superior
Never tell people to start with GL it causes /m/ to have aneurysms

>> No.29972151

>Hellsing: a guy made an exalted character in a world of darkness campaign.
That's actually a pretty accurate description.

>> No.29972162

I ask that they get off the goddamn boat already
update when?

>> No.29972170


Less lolis?

(hell, per se Shilke isn't so bad, but goddamn, how he portrays her...)

>> No.29972173

The soundtrack is pretty boss too.

>> No.29972176

is basicaly a d&d party.

>> No.29972193

Go back to fap to Red Sonja

>> No.29972205



It's way BETTER than DND parties. Just see how they befriend Morgiana.

>> No.29972223

Munto is Exalted.

>> No.29972224

>expecting the main char to fuck someone in a shounen

>> No.29972241

Greetings from /m/

>> No.29972242

As soon as the hyping ends and the popularity begins, they decide it is shit.

>> No.29972243


Excellent show

One of those where your you can see a good Lawful Good Paladin character

pic related

>> No.29972262

and its Psycho Pass

>> No.29972271

High School of the Dead. English Dub. I like to watch it with the mindset that its basically a cheesy grindhouse movie with bad acting.

>> No.29972274

Honest question, why in gods name do people actually like Evangelion? I sat through all of it and its probably the first anime where I felt like I genuinely wasted my time.

I'm no writer but the entire thing felt like it was written by a 16 year old. Its not even the fact that it is complicated, but its complicated and it doesn't really need to be because the over all pay off is terrible in comparison to the convoluted story you have to sit through.

Seriously can someone throw me a bone here? What about that show has made it so popular?

>> No.29972284

MSIA is a thing. Plus there was a Chinese guy on /m/ earlier in the week who was talking about a tabletop he was playing using some, though that was a pretty hefty homebrew.

>> No.29972295

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

>> No.29972312

Approach it like you would a zombie movie, I don't know what those who criticize it were expecting

>> No.29972348

It's the series that convinced me there CAN be such thing as too much fanservice.

>> No.29972351

Paranoia agent is my favorite anime, and it really is one of the best examples of story telling in any medium. Also, today is it's 10th anniversary.

>> No.29972361

Did you guys read Gygantomachia, which is more or less "ok I'm fed up with Berserk, let's draw something different for a while"?

>well ok the setting is intriguing
>actually the loli isn't so bad
>combat is a little staple but the drawing are even better than last Berserk, let's see if..

Seriously, I love me sum [email protected], but his agent should sue for brain damage

>> No.29972369

Yea, they could have just made a rulebook and bundled in stats for the units in the HGUC kits, or released several books like One Year War, Gryps Conflict, Neo Zeon War, etc with stats for the appropriate MS and weapons and how to mix them together.

>> No.29972382

The anime overplayed it, definitely

>> No.29972393

Yea the end is almost Clannad AS- tier bad.

>> No.29972398

sooo true

LARGE QUAN/TITIES of fan service

>> No.29972445


But... zombie flicks ARE fanservice. I mean, even the combat isn't "real" drama most of the time, is "let's kick ass".

I personally think the over the top fanservice in HOTD is awesome, and makes it better than the manga. I mean, seriously, that scene when he snipes with the boobs. I think of it while on the traffic on a bad workday, and makes me smile anytime.

>> No.29972463

My entire reason for watching was that one of the characters is literally the author of Hellsing.

>> No.29972476

There is one reason I still enjoy HotD even though it's objectively bad.
Hos name is Kohta Hirano, and he is a pudgy zombie-slaying badass.

>> No.29972506

Technically he's an exaggerated caricature of the real Hirano as crafted by a guy who's actually friends with him.

>> No.29972515

thanks for the heads up. I won't bother finishing it then

>> No.29972547


Watch the idol on the roof episode, before dropping it.

>> No.29972555

Watch Break Blade

It's the story of a levle 1 commoner who has a genetic defect that prevents him from using magic. The society he lives in uses magic for everything, from mechs to toasters.

he ends up getting a special robot from a gorrilion years ago that only he can pilot and saves his country from getting buttfucked.

Lots of great action, CG that doesn't look like shit, SHADING, and a kickass soundtrack


Best thing Xebec has done since Daiguard

>> No.29972613


Thanks a lot anon, now I must go rewatch Giant Robot Salaryman show.

>> No.29972653


Oh yeah, THAT is good.

I might be on time with the episodes. What's the latest?

>> No.29972678

Is it bad when the first thing I wanted to do after watching that was try it with my 40k minis?

>> No.29972682

What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.29972695

I don't think so.

>> No.29972703

Point, but if you think that's exaggerated you should see his own caricatures of himself.

>> No.29972712

actually that was the last episode I saw haha

pic related, best character of the series. Is she heavily features in any more episodes? If not I won't bother watching any more

>> No.29972739


Right now Break Blade is a 6 episode OVA series, each episode is just over an hour IIRC
Supposedly it's getting a proper series that sticks to the manga's plot but I haven't heard much about it since it was announced.

>> No.29972740


>> No.29972754


Unfortunately not really.

>> No.29972822


The ending was bad but I can't deny my muscle waifus Chiquita and Valmet

>> No.29972842

Nope, which is a shame. Ai is perfect.

>> No.29972848

Japan doesn't have therapists. In Japan you keep it bottled up and rely on your family for support, the same family you must remain bottled up and never speak to on the occasion that you interact with the inbetween working to avoid your family.

>> No.29972923


>> No.29973000

The hate mail theory is bullshit. THose supposed letters in End of Evangelion basically amount to people saying, "I love your show" or "10/10 Gr8 b8 m8."

>> No.29973064

>Tokyo Ravens
Been noticing this in my 'Recommended for you' lately, how is it?

>> No.29973099

I've liked it so far. If you think modern supernatural using a heavy Japanese mythology base is for you, Id recommend it to you.

>> No.29973116

The story is great, and Urasawa's style isn't stereotypically "manga-ish".

>> No.29973208

Shit yeah its Break Blade! I remember reading that manga. It's pretty good! I really like how they show off the differences between the 'quartz' (bullshit magic stone) mechs and the special protag mech. The quartz mechs are really bulky and kinda slow, like they were...well made of rocks and shit whereas the special mech the protag uses is a very Real Robot style mech. It gets fucking beat down but its super fast and rather strong. Just can't take a hit.

>> No.29973336

Titles this thread lacks:

Seirei no Moribito
Twelve Kingdoms
Basically every Macross
Girls und Panzer (no, seriously. Great show of teamwork)

>> No.29973381

No seriously, what the fuck are you talking about.

What the fuck did the person's post you were responding to have anything to do with novels about SS commanders, and how is reading/enjoying a novel about an SS commander evidence of being a nazi?

>> No.29973465

Hey, did you know Walter White once piloted a prototype fighter jet/giant robot?
Macross Plus, mother fuckers.

>> No.29973466

Anno has become George Lucas.

>> No.29973607

Good shows this season:

Space Dandy: he may not be THE murderhobo like Lina, but he's THE pc. No, wait, he's the player.
Noragami: probably one of the best 5 urban fantasy in anime form. The NPCs are very well rounded. Hilarious but not in the K-On way.
Nobunaga the Fool: it has Leonardo da Vinci buidling mechas and big boobs Jeanne d'Arc. It has Kawamori at the helm.
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta: you might think it's some feelgood miyazakish anime. In fact, the drama while subsided for now is already exploding in our faces.
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei: simply a good romcom... not really focusing on the love part.
Sekai Seifuku ~Bouryaku no Zvezda~ fascist loli wants to conquer the world with wacky hijinks.
Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha: you'll think it's some "nothing happens" temple shit. Watch the first ep.

>> No.29973682


When I watched 3.33 in the goddamn movie theater, I did realize that now I knew how SWs fans feel.

>> No.29973801

And its foreign,
westerners put Shinto and Buddhist imagery (eastern dragons, yin-yang symbols, etc) all over stuff to evoke the "mystical east"
the same way the Japanese slap crosses on everything because they think it looks cool.

>> No.29973943


Alas, I never saw something western were the mindfuckery is supposed to be shinto.

With those gods and monster, should be pretty easy.

>> No.29974017

GTO, bitches.
Great Teacher Onizuka.
The basic premise can basically be summed up as "Do not fuck with Eikichi Onizuka's students."

>> No.29974044

Not recognizably, but Hollywood loves to slap yin-yangs and dragons and shit on everything.

>> No.29974047

Keep in mind the average American acts like inception was an eva level mind screw.

>> No.29974101

Jin Roh.

>> No.29974144


And I'd put RedEyes in the mix too

>> No.29974240


Yeah, but usually it's some good vibrations shit.

I'd like a Silent Hill-ish game where the Cult have a nice shrine innawoods but actually uses japan folklore monster for its workings, fertility rites are quite usual and quite... different, people have to purify themselves because if not they're bound to encounter unexplicble phenomena, things acquire powers with use, shit like that.

>> No.29974328

Did Red Eyes get an anime?

>> No.29974407

Oh god.
This is a guy took multiple gun shots to save a girl that's been slandering him and threatening his job, simply because dammit she's one of his students.

>> No.29974661

What they have done of the dub so far is fucking atrocious.

>> No.29974777

thread is autosagin

hope guy got his answer

>> No.29974808

Nope, but manga got mentioned too

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