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So I've been thinking about Manses and Demesnes a lot lately. After looking through Oadenol's Codex and seeing that some Manses are not giant mansions, but can be a web of silk steel strung between trees, a hedge maze, a multi-chambered tent of ordinary silk, or an array of mirrors, creating a manse of reflected light. I was think would it too far fetched to create a manse that's a daiklave, a suit of armour, or even a warstrider.

And how long would it take to build these? The core simply states how much it costs to hire workers and that first circle demons are each worth 5 mortal workers. But what if I'm using robots to build my manse, or summon elements to build a manse of their corresponding element?

I just feel that Manses have the potential to be a really cool element of the game, but there's no real support for making them.

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>I was think would it too far fetched to create a manse that's a daiklave, a suit of armour, or even a warstrider.

Yes. The only one of those with any amount of viability is the warstrider, because you might be able to fit a hearthroom in one and it's otherwise big enough to be more than just the hearthroom.

Even then, I don't think any of those would be capable of fitting with the geomancy of the demesne.

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Webs of silk steel and a manse made of reflected light don't strike me as things that would have hearthstone rooms, and the three-point Habitability drawback explicitly allows for Manses to be giant statues or "a network of incised and inlaid lines in a cliff face".

Nevertheless, how long does it take to build a manse, do you know?

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A number of years equal to [rating]x2, assuming 100 workers.

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That's assuming that the manse in question is a large building with multiple rooms, is it?

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It's irrelevant what the Manse is made of. The effort in physically building the building part of it is miniscule compared to everything else. A Manse takes the same amount of effort regardless, because even if it isn't building-sized, you'll have to do building-sized geomantic rearrangements and other large-scale manipulations of the terrain and essence flows within the manse itself.

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The only way to go quicker is with more/more skillful workers, unless you use sorcery.(Raising the Puissant Sanctum)

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What about a Singing Staff?

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See >>29945478

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I don't suppose there's anybody in here looking for new members for their game?

I've been running a game for some friends and, since I previously only played ~5 sessions as an Abyssal in a game that didn't go anywhere, I've realized I want to try playing an Infernal. Partly just because holy shit Cece's charms sound so fun to use. (Also because late-game Devil-Tiger ideas)

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The whole point of a manse is that it is not portable.

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What if it has the mobility or alternate locations power?

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Does Pornography exist in Creation? What would someone who exalted while doing pornography be like?

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Eclipsoid. High social attributes, decent at seduction and social combat. Would probably be TEDs new best friend if they were an infernal(by way of ED or premature ejaculation/suddenly period mid-way through the act).

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Of course it does. There are even one-dot artifact sex toys that the Terrestrials and First Agers used, dildos and such.

Exalting while doing porn isn't much different from how Panther exalted so you can make anything you want without trouble.

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The errata dire lance has a Thrown tag. What's its range, and does it auto-return like most thrown weapons?

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A pornographer or prostitue would be either a Zenith or Eclipse caste. Pornography depends on what technology is available in the area, ranging from erotic drawings to movies to virtual realities.

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>does it auto-return
It doesn't say it does, so it does not.

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Given the state of Creation, you aren't going to be seeing anything like the latter very often, and never using the term "virtual reality".

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What about autochthonian pornography? What alchemical caste is best for porn stars? Orichalcum?

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Anyone with an Appearance excellency, Thousandfold Courtesan Calculations, and the charm tree extending out from it.

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Page 46 and 47 of MoEP: Alchemicals shows that having pornography beamed directly into your head to make you a better worker is canon.

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The Realm has wood-block printing, though it has many religious edicts against improper use of iconic imagery. We know that even Immaculate texts have their racy parts (since the Regent Fokuf gets off on to them), so SOME level of erotic imagery does get printed.

In our game there's a Cynis artist who specializes in erotic print. I have a whole subplot based on pornography, oddly.

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So, Death Combos. Everyone who wants to play a fight-y exalt needs some way of dealing excessive damage against targets without perfect defenses or those who have lost the mote attrition war. What are your best inventions?

I've seen Thunderbolt Attack Prana/Armor Penatrating Fang Strike/Essence Venom Strike in every Solar game that I've played (...all 3. From two different players, though). Damned effective, though.

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Green Sun Nimbus Flare and its upgrades.

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My personal favorite, not very efficient, but I love it for the sheer brutality. By Rage Recast+Infernal Monster form can give me 15 strength, then with my monstrous Clinch value, I pick a motherfucker up with World Breaker Grip, and start swinging him around for Strength+(Strengthx2) damage, giving me a base damage of 45.

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>shaken baby syndrome

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So, is there any good ways for Abyssals to pump their soak? Preferably without armor? I'm working on an Abyssal Firewand user, and armor isn't exactly the most thematic thing for a gunslinger type, so I'm going to pump my dodge value(I could Parry, but Golden Exhalation form isn't exactly an "Always" thing.), and try and increase my soak without armor for when I do inevitably get onslaught-ed into being hit.

Is that viable for an Abyssal? What charms should I go for?

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>Golden Exhalation form isn't exactly an "Always" thing
It's as good as. Righteous Devil Form is extremely situational. And Dodge DVs are usually shit.

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What's the best splat/charmset/martial art/spells/whatever if I want to play a Guild Wars-style Mesmer? Someone who tosses out illusions that cause targets psychosomatic damage, and that terminates ongoing illusions to do bursts of damage or lay debuffs on their former target? That sort of thing?

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Phantom Crossfire Feint allows a Lunar to spawn mirror images whenever they attempt to cast a spell, but that isn't... great.

Other than that, I don't really know. You could really just stunt your flurry charms as illusions kicking people's ass, though.

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What are some good ways to buff Parry? I can easily get a Dodge DV of 9 at chargen, but I've never been able to get my parry over 8.

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>You could really just stunt your flurry charms as illusions kicking people's ass, though.
That's not how stunting works. Stunting is describing your action in a florid way that ideally involves the environment somehow. It's not making up shit about how something works, because illusions kicking ass would have their own keywords to which certain people are weak/strong.

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both have Dex+Skill, leaving Essence vs. Defense, and Defense is almost always the higher of the two.

Generally buffs between the two are symmetrical as well (that is, any artifact you can find that grants +Dodge, you can probably find an equally-capable +Parry).

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Well, Golden Exhalation Form gives +2 defense. My Essence is 3, or even 4 at chargen. So it seems quite a clear victory for Dodge in this situation.

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I think that's how the Fair Folk work. They try to shape Essence into illusions compelling enough that they become real in Creation.

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>My Essence is 3, or even 4 at chargen.

You're putting yourself tens of XP in the hole efficiency-wise, so you're paying for that Dodge in other ways.

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>My Essence is 3, or even 4 at chargen.
What a shitty use of BP.

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Even if I only have 2, It's an even match. And Dodge can be used anytime, but I need Golden Exhalation active for parry, so that's still the edge to dodge. So how the heck is Parry better?

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Except you also spent BP raising Dodge unnecessarily. You're spending points to bring up a defense stat high enough just to compete with the defense that your offensive stat is already providing. That's a really awful use of points, almost as bad as having Essence 3+ at character creation.

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>2 essence: 63 XP, 14 BP
>4 charms: 32 XP, 16 BP

Which is more efficient?

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This. You will have, at this point, invested extensively in two different Abilities when just one would have sufficed perfectly well, when you could have invested those points in something like, say, Resistance instead.

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>5 willpower: 70XP, 5BP
>2 essence: 40XP, 14BP

Which is more efficient?

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>Implying I didn't also max willpower

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19BP? Your DM's already using merits & flaws so he clearly doesn't give a fuck about the game.

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Essence 3, and 10 willpower is easily doable.

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Charms are shit to buy at character creation too. You should be picking up Willpower, Virtues, and Favored Specialties with your BP. If you still have BP after all that, you're either lying or you're using Flaws, and are therefore a bad person.

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>Favored Specialties
This. Each level of a favored specialty has a 6:1 XP to BP ratio.

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It's also still a waste.

Essence 3 is trading 7BP for 16XP. 2.2XP/BP.
All of the following transactions are more efficient uses of BP:
Buying Abilities (is most efficient buying 1-dotters or 5-dotters)
Buying Virtues
Buying Charms (8XP for 3BP)
Buying 6 Specialties (18XP for 3BP)

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But you'll have access to pretty much zero of the good charms, and you'll have to go a good 10 or 11 sessions without getting any other upgrades to be able to afford essence 3.

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"good Charms" varies by splat.

Infernals? Yeah, sure, swallow the pill and suck cock to get to E4 as fast as possible.

Solars? Pft. They get to E3 and they're literally good for a whole campaign. Everything past that point is optional.

Nevermind that this is from the position of XP efficiency, so every session that they'd have to spend saving up for E3 is a session or more that you'd have to spend saving up to buy the keystones that they started with.

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> there are zero good Essence 2 charms
What the shit am I reading?

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Eh, maybe so, but it seems like "Essence 3, some solid virtues, max willpower, an improved ability, now go charm crazay with XP!" is a lot more fun and worthwhile than "Essence 2, maxed every virtue, 10 willpower, a bunch of specialties you'll barely use, and now you have no good charms, and you'll have to save every bit of XP you get, on the way to Essence 3 to actually get some decent charms." Plus, with essence 3 at chargen, you can get some of the better charms with your starting charms, and have yet more wiggle room with yoru XP.

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Well, I'd like to bring this back to my original question, since this has gotten into an insane tangent.

Abyssal Soak, any ways to improve it, or should I just bite the bullet and get the best armor that doesn't kill my Mobility?

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I think they have mirrors of the good Solar natural soak Charms.

If they don't, just act like they do, because frankly the Mirror concept is fucking awful in execution and was only ever used to give Abyssals "Solar Charm X but shittier."

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Not gonna lie then, never payed much attention to Solars, always bored the shit out of me. What's some good Solar charms to pick up the mirror of?

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hijacking the thread for a bit

My group is growing kinda bored with the games we're running (Pathfinder and Shadowrun) and they want to try out something different and a little more "crazy"

Reading into exalted I think it fits that description, where would a good start be. Are there any demo/quickstart scenarios for Exalted ?

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All of their Resistance charms.

>> No.29949625

The only ones I see are "Give yourself magic armor", and "Ox Body"

>> No.29949670


Here's a tutorial.


>> No.29949676


Durability of Oak Meditation onward, dude.

>> No.29949700

Here's a singleplayer Exalted web game that doubles as a tutorial and intro to the entire system:

And you made the right choice for one very important reason. You know in D&D or Shadowrun when you attempt to do something badass and over-the-top but which wouldn't necessarily give you any advantages - like use a rope to swing across a room and attack someone instead of walking across a room and attacking them - you take a penalty? Exalted does the opposite. When you do something cooler, when you involve the scenery, you get bonus dice, and might even get some of your mana/willpower back.

That alone should sell you on Exalted.

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Then you're shit at reading. Most Solar Resistance charms give you natural armor/hardness. They even have a Perfect Soak.

>> No.29949766

You mean the soak improving charm that only lasts one action, and that abyssals don't' have a mirror for the scene-long version of?

>> No.29949779

Assume that all Solar charms have Abyssal mirrors. Down any other path lies madness.

>> No.29949803

>and that abyssals don't' have a mirror for the scene-long version of?

Remember what I said earlier: even if Abyssals don't have a particular Mirror, give it to them anyway, because the Mirror keyword is shit from the bottom up.

Unless the Charm is literally "the Solar vomits up a rainbow that makes a child happy who then gains the power to make plants grow," an Abyssal Mirror should exist for it.

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>Implying every ST will allow that.

>> No.29949851

If your ST doesn't allow that, then don't play an Abyssal. If your ST doesn't allow that and requires you to play an Abyssal, enjoy suffering. Abyssals are the single most material-sparse of any splat, and there's no fixing that short of, you know, actually fixing it, by mirroring Solar charms.

>> No.29949860

>implying an ST who doesn't is worth playing under

Simple houserules are fine to take as a given when the game transmogrifies into a turd without them.

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So, are Air Aspect elemental attacks cold? Or are they lightning?

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Alright, cool. Or, well, cold, I suppose.

>> No.29950956

So, could I do something like this as an Air Aspect without Sorcery?

If not, what spells do I need? Or is this really only available for Solars/Infernals that have landscape-Shaping charms?

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>you should start at Essence 2
>"But you'll have access to pretty much zero of the good charms,"
Uh, no. Essence 2 has many great Charms.

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The bread and butter of most any build, really.

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Huh. Abyssals really aren't given Iron Kettle Body or other enhancements to Durability of Oak Meditation. If I were STing a game of Abyssals, I would allow them to get those Charms, but RAW and errata doesn't say you can.

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And also the stand-alone, no-prerequisite Invincible Essence Reinforcement, the Solar answer to Scar-Writ Saga Shield.

>> No.29952621

>Ink Monkeys

>> No.29953116

Yeah, that was definitely one of their better charms, in terms of design space exploited.

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I'm not sure I agree. It seems to me like they wrote this Charm just because they wanted the soak of armor without the armor.

>> No.29953811

For the amount of investment it requires, that's fine. You're spending way more resources on getting that than you would on just getting some armor or activating a scene-long soak charm. The point was, there was a lack of design space as far as permanent enhancements are concerned for Solars, and there's how it was filled on the soak front.

>> No.29954919

>You're spending way more resources on getting that than you would on just getting some armor or activating a scene-long soak charm.
No you're not. You're getting one Charm and Resistance 3. Even a Stamina of 3 yields 6B/6L natural soak. No mote cost, no drawbacks.

>> No.29954961

And that's nowhere near the value of actual armor. You need to purchase it multiple times for it to be comparable, and that's fucking expensive compared to picking up some simple artifact armor.

>> No.29955240

And until you hit Essence 4, it doesn't even offer Hardness, so you should really be comparing it to mundane armor.

>> No.29955253

6B/6L soak is about the soak of most medium armors. For one Charm purchase your natural soak will rise from 3B/1L to 6B/6L. You're not going to buy the Charm multiple times if you want high soak, you'll buy it once and put on normal armor. Obviously artifact armor will be superior in defensive value but that's not what we're comparing. Three ability dots (that you'll probably have in Resistance anyway) and one Charm at Essence 2 to permanently turn your skin into chainmail is extremely useful. Too useful.

No one was comparing it to artifact armor except you.

>> No.29955323

>6B/6L soak is about the soak of most medium armors.
Not counting your normal natural soak. The increase is closer to wearing 3B/5L armor, which is comparable to, I don't know, a higher-quality Breastplate. An entire charm that just gives you the passive effect of a breastplate-equivalent increase in Soak?

Don't get me wrong, that's good. But it's not OP. It's a really solid piece of design.

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What's a good online client to play Exalted with?

>> No.29956207

IRC, and a servitor dicebot.

>> No.29956256

Charms should generally be superior to totally mundane options available to mortals.

>> No.29956356

Yeah, I find one of the most utterly pathetic features of the Ink Monkeys are their blatant favoritism towards solars. For some reason, they have the idea that abyssals should be inferior to solars within the areas of their specialties. In 1e and 2e you have the clear pattern of "abyssals get introduced and they're wicked cool, then after awhile they're totally fucking ignored and have zero advantages even within their incredibly limited range of specialties"

>> No.29956419


What's a good way to play online if you're dyslexic?

>> No.29956452

...you do know that the Ink Monkeys didn't have anything to do with writing the Abyssal book, right? And that, as first hobbyists and then freelancers, they were under no obligation to expand on a splat they found poorly-executed and boring?

>> No.29956463

That's a funny way to spell Infernals, friend.

>> No.29956498

Not sure, sorry. Maybe use the windows magnifying glass or something?

>> No.29956563

Yeah, MoXP: Abyssals was fine (mechnically speaking), so obviously the IM had fuck all to do with them.

They could have simply thrown mirrors in there so Abyssals could retain a basic level of competence. They chose not to. So yes, blatant solar favoritism.

Oh yeah, at least abyssals aren't infernals. Abyssals are a second rate solaroid splat; infernals are a third rate. Best reserved as antagonists for dragon blooded, with flaws of invulnerability that you can drive a bus through.

Infernals seem balanced so that akuma charms won't be overpowered for DB chronicles, and/or balanced so that you can have jack of all trades chars.

>> No.29956593

That's strange, because I was under the impression that Solars beat both Infernals and Abyssals in any are except coolness and that the authors where planning to remove all the awesome "Yozi Charms" and "become more titan-like" stuff in 3e

>> No.29956612

Whether or not they do beat them, it's quite clear that the Ink Monkey guys rubbed several dozen out to Infernals.

>> No.29956664

Nope. Infernals have "aint it cute? xD" abilities from the Ink Monkeys. There is fuck all in the way of anything that competes on a solaroid tier from there.

You aren't thinking the Malfean final boss forms (which is a casteless lunar effect available for 0 XP) are superpowerful, are you? That'd be sad. I hope there aren't Exalted players that retarded, still.

>> No.29956689

Again, not talking about power level. I'm talking about the fact that the Ink Monkey guys have payed a lot of attention to Infernals, and given them a TON of charms.

>> No.29956710


Not relevant to the discussion though.

>> No.29956744

>First person says they have favoritism for solars
>Second person says they have more favoritism for Infernals
>Showing how they have favoritism for Infernals had nothing to do with the discussion.

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You're both horrendously obnoxious when you whine like that.

>> No.29956850

This guy

admits they have no favoritism towards infernals with regards to power levels.

The only charms given to them by the IM are retarded, kitschy "aint it cute? xD" abilities, the equivalent of the solar martial arts charmst hat are "OMG SO KEWL, you can punch a guy then jump up and punch and drop kick him then upper kick him and karate chop him and go YOU ARE A BUG TO MEEEE and roundhouse him into the floor unless he perfect defenses it once."

Its akin to the lunar charms that are "you can send forth wasps to animate a zombie xD" and the abyssal charms that are "you can eat some bugs to survive in the underworld LOL."

No one cares.

>> No.29956897

Don't forget "you can replace a guy's head with a pumpkin and make him evil: the charm."

Ink Monkeys mainly gives solar charms that are useful, and abyssals/infernals charms that are "you can be scary and wacky!"

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Eh, with the right set up, an Infernal can basically be Juggernauts. And they're fun as fuck to play. What's more enjoyable than being a raging, unstoppable beast, dashing around enemies at somewhere around the land speed record, and tearing them apart with your bare hands, getting stronger and tougher with every attack you make, and blow you receive? Pic fucking related.

Not the most powerful type.

Certainly the most fun.

>> No.29957235

Eh. I prefer the telekinetic landscape-Shaping Infernals who have all of the prayer-listening and wish-granting charms. I like being a fucking genie. But to each their own.

>> No.29957406

Holy shit you are so fucking irrate it's almost cute.

>> No.29957425

>with the right set up, an Infernal can basically be Juggernauts.
With only the Charms in the Infernals book. Ink Monkeys adds very little good to Exalted.

>> No.29957460

Also, shooting people with mind blades, and clinching a whole room full of people at once from a mile away.

>> No.29957504

That too.

>> No.29957568

>Ink Monkeys adds very little good to Exalted
>This fucking guy

>> No.29958274

>Ink Monkeys adds very little good to Exalted.
There are actually a ton of good charms in Ink Monkeys, especially for Malfeas. What the actual fuck are you still on about?

>> No.29958465

>a mile away

>> No.29958497

Would increasing the internal capacity of the Fuel Bolt Launcher from 1 to 5 and increasing its Artifact rating from 2 to 3 be appropriate? I want to theme it as a pump-action shotgun or a lever-action rifle for a spaghetti western-themed Southern campaign.

>> No.29958525

It's hyperbole, just an exaggeration of the fact that that charm tree lets you clinch people at a distance.

>> No.29958729

About how long do stories take? Is it something I have to figure out myself, or is there a good rule of thumb?

>> No.29958789
File: 895 KB, 385x1322, Heuristic Logos Shintai.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Massive hyperbole. The actual range is like 60 yards at most. You had me thinking there was an extension Charm. Well unless you're in a shintai.

>> No.29958795

A 'story' in Exalted is basically an 'adventure' in D&D. It varies.

>> No.29958963

In my group, it generally lasts 3-7 sessions

>> No.29959024

And Virtue channels don't refresh until the very end?

>> No.29959045

By default, no.

>> No.29959112


>> No.29959560

So, any answers to my questions? I'm just wondering where to go for this kind of stuff.

>> No.29960209

Going around blowing cold isn't an Exalted thing, it's a god or spirit thing. The fluff of Exigents for 3e seems to be able to allow such a thing, but we have no clue what their actual mechanics are like.

>> No.29960310

Probably. The shots will still be hellishly expensive, though.

>> No.29960358

A Resources 3 purchase is expensive, but I wouldn't call it hellish.

>> No.29960447

One Resources 3 purchase per shot. That means you'll need Resources 4 to reliably reload at all, and 5 to do it on a regular basis, plus the cost of trucking to and fro to places that sell alchemical fire charges.

>> No.29960518

Or pick up the Alchemy thaumaturgy and self-load your weapons. The materials are only Resources 2.

>> No.29960524

Or just grab the infinte ammo essence charm.

>> No.29960623

And require space to setup to work the process. Not impossible by any means, of course, but there'll be a lot of wacky moments where the process needs some defense against the curious.

>> No.29961386

Does anyone have any good pictures for Gunshoza commandos?

>> No.29961942
File: 295 KB, 500x367, payback handshake.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was quite tempted to post the MW3 crusader elemental sample character, but she doesn't have the armor on. The MW2 one might do, though, especially with the EI implant tattoos.

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>> No.29962287

That's solid. I could picture that going full active-camo.

And that looks like a Gunzosha commando in just the jumpsuit that forms the underlayer of the armor, I guess.

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I'm going to write a one-shot game for 2.5 Exalted Modern. The pitch is that PCs are basically robbing the most secure bank on Creation.

Help me come up with security measures for a bank that knows Exalts exist and has a general idea of what they are capable of.

>> No.29967457

Is Elsewhere a thing in the Modern shard?

>> No.29967989

Those forearm claw things look fucking retarded.

>> No.29968045

I don't see why not. It's literally a dimension where nothing happens in between and around the planes of creation.

>> No.29968138

Then first off, the vault would store all of its boxes Elsewhere. In the event of an emergency, a lockdown, whatever, the connection to Elsewhere would be dumped, meaning the boxes would be irretrievable until a technician comes in with outside devices to reestablish the contact.

They could go one of two ways with this. They could steal the device in advance, in case they trip an alarm of some kind, and then you would have some kind of tense moment where the guys in the vaults are retrieving the boxes with the device while the Dawn and Zenith (or whatever) are holding off an armed assault out front.

Alternatively, they could go the creative route. Steal the retrieval device in advance and set it up in a secure location. Then, trigger an alarm that dumps the boxes in a way that won't lead to overly much police scrutiny once they arrive. While the bank is sorting out what happened, use the retrieval device to pull out all of the boxes in your secure warehouse, or whatever. When the bank brings in the nonfunctional device you swapped for the real one, that will give you more time when they think it's broken. When they finally get a working one, they'll find all of the boxes stolen, and the exalts long, long gone.

As for other security measure? Shit, I don't know.

>> No.29968400

So, I'm trying to put together a Solar who was a Gunzosha commando for Lookshy/The Realm who exalted after making the decision to hold off an unexpected counter-attack to allow the main body of their legion to retreat. I'm leaning towards Night Caste, because it's hard to use the suit's stealth systems to their full advantage with a flaring anima banner.

But I'm wondering what else I should get for the build.

For sake of clarity, aside from its normal armor and such, the suit provides the following:
>+2 Awareness
>+2 Accuracy
>+1 Parry
>+4 Stealth
>Double ground speed
>+2 Strength (for FoS and damage)
>+2 Resistance
>Heal 1 bashing per action, or all bashing per minute out of combat

With those sorts of bonuses, I'm leaning towards Solar Hero Style for combat, picking up a Gem of Adamant Skin (maybe with a skin-mount amulet? I'll definite have the Aegis-Inset Amulets for backstory reasons), and grabbing Resistance charms, especially the ones that let you store armor Elsewhere and rapidly don it. Probably Tiger Warrior Training and Legendary Warrior Curriculum for when he tries to start putting back together a Gunzosha team.

Do you guys have any suggestions for charms to take, favored abilities, other martial arts, artifacts, or whatever, to really pull together a Gunzosha commando turned Solar?

>> No.29968562

Consider having him have already been an Enlightened Mortal before exalting. That way you can skip the Aegis Inset Amulets, have him already have a good reason to know, say, First Pulse, and so forth. Pick up Swallowing the Lotus Root and you won't even be hurting for having taken some TMA charms instead of going full Solar Hero.

Plus, I mean, maybe I'm wrong here, but I imagine that Lookshy would adore grooming mortals with enlightened essence to be Gunzosha officers. After all, they have twice the career length if they attune the normal way instead of with the Aegis-Inset Amulets. That's really valuable, especially for a unit's commanding officer, and anyone who will be overseeing the training and integration of new commandos.

>> No.29968577
File: 198 KB, 546x500, Twilight Rider.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Favour resistance for armour, and maybe craft for repairing said armour. Performance for rallying troops and War for leading them. Lore will let you train mortals to enlightenment, migitating the need for Aegis-Inset amulets. You can use any MA style that uses armour.

You might pick up Bracers of Universal Crafting, which allow you to add (Essence) successes to repairing your armour. And take a look at the automata section of WotLA, for some high tech weapons.

>> No.29968665

Huh. Alright, that's actually a good idea. I'll definitely consider that, especially in conjunction with...

This. If he knows Terrestrial Martial Arts, he could teach them to enlightened mortals under his command. That would be pretty slick. So, if I follow these suggestions, his favored abilities would be:
>Martial Arts

Should I trade something out for Performance/Presence? Or just take them as non-favored Abilities?

>> No.29968674


How does Gunshoza stack up against say, Yoroi armor? I mean it's got a pretty high mobility penalty, does the +1 parry bonus help compensate for that?

>> No.29968756

Well, Yoroi armor has worse stealth, slower speeds, lower strength bonuses, no medical systems, no bonus to accuracy or parry, and worse soak and hardness. I could also get a four dot, first age version that has -1 Mobility and 1 Fatigue. More important than all of that, though, is that Yoroi armor can't be worn be mortal Gunzosha commandos, which is a pretty huge part of the whole backstory here.

>> No.29968775


Yeah fair points all around.

>> No.29968788


Bracers of Universal Crafting should let you drop craft. But if you plan on building things, drop lore instead. Just remember, Craft (Magitech) requires C(Fire) 2, C(Air) 2, another mundane craft at 1, and can never exceed your lore rating.

Consider investing in a Gunzosha Tactical Manual (Oadenol's Codex, page 116).

>> No.29968862

>Consider investing in a Gunzosha Tactical Manual (Oadenol's Codex, page 116).
So that's, what, Artifact 25 for a full set?

I might want to build things. After all, new suits of Gunzosha armor don't build themselves, right? Plus, the Tactical Manual seems to put a lot more emphasis on Craft than it does on any social skills. Would it be very problematic to take a social skill as a non-favored and just pick up a few key charms for it?

>> No.29969074

What's your favorite hearth stone /tg/?

>> No.29969110

Either the Gem of Adamant Skin or the Jewel of the Desert Bodhisattva.

>> No.29969371

Pretty sure there was one that made social combat a thing of the past; as you are immune to any sort of mental trickery or compulsion.

>> No.29969411


That sounds pretty fucking handy. Also what happened to the white wolf wiki? I just redirected to the fucking pay site now.

>> No.29969469

It is no more

>> No.29969479
File: 94 KB, 508x523, 1390073010378.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Truly these are the last days.

>> No.29969550

White Wolf Wiki disappeared at the same time as the White Wolf Forums.

White Wolf does not do RPGs anymore. It hasn't for a vast amount of time, actually. Onyx Path Publishing either bought White Wolf/CCP properties (Trinity, Scion), or is licensed to produce content for the others (WoD, Exalted). It's been the case since summer 2012.

Last November, the former White Wolf forums migrated to a new server, becoming the Onyx Path Official Forums. The Wiki was hosted on the same server, and shut down at that point. I believe Onyx Path is working toward re-opening a wiki.

>> No.29969758


Well only time will tell I suppose.

>> No.29969771

Ex3 has slipped down to April on the schedule page. When did this happen?

>> No.29969788

>schedule page
The devs have been saying since forever that it will be released when it's done, no sooner. Onyx Path is lying when they say they think they have a release date for it.

>> No.29970103

Yeah. I'm really getting tired of people giving the devs shit about this when they have been pretty honest about the game's release. Onyx Path is to blame for the numerous bait-and-switch deadlines.

>> No.29970289

Any good ideas on what a Abyssal anima banner could be?

>> No.29970317

I've always been big on cribbing religious symbols or symbols from coats of arms for use in anima banners.

>> No.29970459


>> No.29972892

>I'm really getting tired of people giving the devs shit about this when they have been pretty honest about the game's release.
I'm tired of the devs giving false dates. They said it'd be released in December 2012.

>> No.29972974

If it had released then, based on what we've heard recently about how it's progressing, it would have been WORSE than 2e.

>> No.29973766
File: 3.58 MB, 1568x2040, scroll of shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>scrounge the tubes
>find so-called Scroll of NPCs
>open it up
>Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Magic: the Gathering, Star Wars, Inuyasha, Bleach
This is some funny ass shit

They even use the same character art for different people

>> No.29973934

I have that same pdf.

I gave my entire folder to one of my players and he immediately found that scroll and thought it was canon.

>> No.29974030

That poor guy. This is the sort of thing that permanently stains the whole RPG in your mind.

>> No.29974941


Can I have that pdf?

>> No.29975124

Why on earth would you want it?
It's literally shit.

>> No.29975133

Thanks to all the pictures it's a ridiculous size.

>> No.29975384


Masochism? I'd like to see just how shit it is.

>> No.29975425

>It's Literally shit
I don't think that word means what you think it means.

>> No.29975464
File: 1.65 MB, 1568x1024, scroll of shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29975696

I hope this wasn't an official book. That would be really embarrassing.

>> No.29975740

It obviously isn't, being full of copyrighted art and all that.

>> No.29975984
File: 65 KB, 295x390, 1362961394862.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Solars with an Essence rating above five.
>Redeemed Abyssals
>Characters with hearthstones but no manses
>Characters with stats higher than their Essence would allow.
>Virtues greater than 5
>Can't even come up with Abyssals or Infernals, shoehorn in canon ones.
>Solars with Graces

Who the fuck wrote this shit? Seriously, where'd this come from

>> No.29976236


>It's literally shit.

>> No.29976372
File: 153 KB, 1017x749, Dace.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God damnit Dace

>> No.29976405


The fuck is this from? The same as above?

>> No.29976490
File: 170 KB, 511x838, Relic of the Dawn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, this is from one of the official Exalted novels.

>> No.29976627

God dammit

>> No.29976677


Isn't Lilith Swan's Lunar Mate? Why is she with Dace?

>> No.29976700

Just because someone's a Lunar Mate doesn't mean the relationship is romantic/sexual in any way.

>> No.29976855
File: 157 KB, 1095x735, Dace 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In fact, this book mentions that Swan permanently broke part of Lilith's left wrist with the haft of a battle axe. Not Desus -- Swan. It's the only mention of Swan so far, and this is about half-way through the book. There must have been previous books this guy wrote.

The plot so far is that there's an undead army amassing to attack Mishaka, a city in the Scavenger Lands. Dace and his company are escorting a caravan to Mishaka, a Terrestrial in the undead army has deserted, and Lilith is trying to fix a box. She convinces Dace to ride into the mountains to find the box.

>> No.29976961


>Permanently injuring an Exalt

What? Does it say why he did it?

>> No.29977111
File: 97 KB, 530x619, Dace 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29977149

Looks more like a typo to me.

>> No.29977212
File: 183 KB, 981x952, It's Haggred.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought that too, and there are numerous typos throughout the book. Son instead of sun, missing periods, things like that. But there are several other Exalted books, and maybe Lilith met Swan in one of them? But if she did she probably wouldn't be musing about "another Desus," since she would have met Swan already.

>> No.29977222

Sounds like he meant to say Desus, but since Swan was being brought up put his name instead. Swan doesn't even use an axe; iirc, Desus did, didn't he?

>> No.29977406

Desus was a Solar Hero guy, but being a First Age Solar he would have probably used every weapon at some point.

>> No.29978290
File: 100 KB, 940x487, Dace 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are Dragon-Touched? Some kind of enlightened mortal?

>> No.29978328

>"Risa had never seen anything like the skeletal lion, but she’d been in and out of enough cities and battles to remember tidbits from old campfire stories."
And yet she knew enough to burn the destroyed bone lion so it doesn't rise again.

>> No.29978368

It's yet another instance of the author having no editor. They're Dragonblooded.

>> No.29978481

>Fighting undead
>Not burning the body

Seriously, that's undead 101. Even if it can't reanimate itself, it keeps some other asshole from coming along and using it as a source of material.

>> No.29978553

No, they can't be. The very next line says they're not true Exalts.

>> No.29978589

Yeah, but the 'as well' just screams of them being Dragonblooded just like her. I think the author just didn't see Terrestrials as 'true Exalts.'

>> No.29978626

Or the character did. Is it being told from a characters perspective?

>> No.29978649


They're a thing that was around only for 1E Exalted. Basically the way it worked in that edition was that the children of Dynasts who failed to Exalt still had better stats, sort of like having half-castes for the children of Celestial Exalts.

They were removed in 2E because they tended to muddy the waters immensely as to what precisely was the line between a mortal and a Dragonblooded. From 2E onwards, mortal members of dragonblooded families just had a better than normal chance of producing Dragonblooded children.

>> No.29978671

It's being told from Risa's perspective.

That clears it up. Thanks.

>> No.29979024
File: 109 KB, 632x556, 1391389594805.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29979797

>banging a 2,000 year old lunar
>not vital or pressing

>> No.29980214

What experiences has everyone had with the Mass Combat system? I'm pretty new to the rules of Exalted and have been asking many questions in these past threads, and reading many books. Many of the books keep having effects on mass combat, and there's little or no errata for the system that I see. The developers are either happy with it or gave up hope of fixing it.

The gist of mass combat seems to be that you fight as yourself with some extra stats thrown on, with some extra successes with your attacks, but to use Charms you have to justify it with a stunt of some sort. It also seems like distances matter quite a lot more but I don't know how to represent that without drawing an actual battle map.

>> No.29980311

It's shit. I heard it got a lot better in Masters of Jade, but I haven't gotten around to checking that book out.

>> No.29980377


That's the experience I had with it. It's like you wear your army like equipment, but takes zero account for tactics, advantages, or disadvantages.

>> No.29980806

Masters of Jade redid the bureaucracy system, not the mass combat system.

>> No.29981192

Huh, I kept hearing they did a mass combat revision too. Oh well.

>> No.29982442
File: 19 KB, 1035x118, Dace 5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, these silly typos.

>> No.29983477


Well, if you want to play Inner Sphere in Flames/Succession Wars, but with Creation, you can do that. If you have the board for Legacy of the Unconquered Sun or the Realm civil war board games, you might as well get some more use out of them, right?

We have heard some details of what EX3's mass combat will be like, though, and it sounds so simple and elegant a solution as to make the present look like a totally insane choice. Essentially, extras are all rolled into groups. Unique characters never are. So there's no difference between mass combat and normal combat.

>> No.29983483

How evil is it of me to give my players an exotic material that would require most likely pissing off a first-circle demon, for an artifact that is in no way related to hell?

It was the first thing that came to mind when I heard what he wanted to make, and it seems fitting, to me.

>> No.29983492

Well, book's over. It was alright. Pretty low-tier fantasy writing. I wish they did more with the deathknight. His name is Drinker of Seeping Poison, and it's explained he likes to test poisons on himself, but literally nothing else is expanded on that.

>> No.29983516

>pissing off a first-circle demon
Ooooh nooooo

>> No.29983521

All I can hope for is a set of rules for combat that are both easy and actually simulate leading an army instead of putting on a special cloak made of soldiers.

>> No.29983537

>pissing off a first-circle demon
...who gives a shit? First circle demons are punk bitches.

That said, if the artifact is in no way related to hell, how does it tie in to demons?

>> No.29983763

They want to make a two-part artifact capable of allowing a normal ship to fly around. One part that you stick on the mast, and another that goes on the wheel.

I figured an air elementals blessing would work for part of it, and while thinking about what kind of exotic material would go with controlling an airborne ship, Kimbery being an over-bearing mother popped in to my head. I figure a handful of Radeken feathers would be good, no?

>> No.29983816

If I were you, I would look for inspiration in the various sailing spells in the White Treatise.

>> No.29983917

First-circles are automatons.

It's Seconds where they start having identity and personality.

>> No.29983953

>First-circles are automatons.
Not any more so than humans are automatons, they just have a very different set of instincts. In terms of power level, though, they're punk bitches.

>> No.29983998

Wrong. Individual first circles are referred to across both editions. The colors of their nature may be strong, but they can still grow past them. They can even become more powerful, and set up their own territory in the Demon City. Initiation into sorcery isn't even out of the question, though that, of course, is illegal under Cecelyne's laws.

>> No.29984277

The closest I got to inspiration was Invocation of the Living Ship reminding me that the ship they've been using would have a least god/spirit.

I'm not sure how much help that would be, though, since they're wanting to be able to take the artifact off and put it on another ship if they ever need to.

>> No.29986009

IDK for sure how good these rules are, but this could also be an option

>> No.29986455

>I want to end up with the following traits: Speed, Accuracy, Damage, Defense (and the corresponding DV), Rate, Move, Soak, and Health Levels.
>Speed: If your Drill is 0, you have a Speed of 6. If your Drill is 1-3, you have a Speed of 5. rill 4+ results in a Speed of 4.
>Accuracy: Dexterity + the lower of the commanders War or applicable combat Ability. The "weapon" bonus to accuracy is the Close Combat/Ranged Attack Rating.
>Damage: Start with the Close Combat/Ranged Attack Damage. Add Might and Magnitude.
>Defense: Dexterity + the lower of applicable combat Ability and War. For DDV, use Drill instead of Essence in calculations. For PDV, use the average weapon's Defense.
>Rate: Half Drill (round up) +1.
>Move: Based on the average Dexterity of troops or mounts. Units using supernatural conveyances modify as necessary.
>Soak: Use the Armour of the unit as a base. Add Magnitude and Might.
>HLs: (Magnitude x2) + Drill + Might + Morale.
>Drop all the stupid shit like rolling to see if you can turn, or Morale checks and just run it like a normal combat.
>Note that this is the result of zero playtesting. I'm just making shit up as I go. I did give Drill a big role in determining things, but that's because I think it should have a big role. Might and Magnitude are also rather important in calculating things. Again, that's the way I think it shold be. Huge supernatural armies who are masterfully trained as soldiers should kick much ass.

>> No.29986972

It's not Thrown tag, it's Thrust tag.

>> No.29987144

>Unless the Charm is literally "the Solar vomits up a rainbow that makes a child happy who then gains the power to make plants grow," an Abyssal Mirror should exist for it.
That still has a Mirror that makes the Abyssal vomit a wave of pure dark and edgy that kills babies and blights the land.

>> No.29987166

Either, actually. Both fall under Air element.

>> No.29987864

It's fucking hilarious. Bluesid based on Pico (the one that's Boku No) had my sides.

>> No.29987905

>Th: This tag indicates that a weapon is a Thrusting weapon, capable of being used for Thrust actions. A Thrust action is identical to an Attack action, save that its DV penalty is -2 and it carries the Piercing tag.

I completely forgot this existed. There's like no reason for an Exalt to not use that attack all the time unless they are conserving essence, lack defensive Charms, or know that even with piercing they still won't be doing much damage.

>> No.29988114

Oh yeah, Palpatine was hilarious too.

>> No.29988697

I don't understand why Grand Daiklaves have Overwhelming 4 while Grand Goremauls and Grand Grimcleavers have only Overwhelming 3.
In a fantasy setting with fantasy logic, should it not be that enormous axes and hammers inflict more damage than enormous swords, but are more difficult to defend with?

>> No.29991219

Well yes, but the way I see it, "Giant-ass sword" is seen as more unusual then "Giant-ass Axe or Hammer". Those are traditionally oversized. But when you've got someone wielding a Guts or Cloud scaled sword, you expect that shit to do some major damage.

>> No.29991578
File: 43 KB, 345x475, abyssals.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, is there anyway to fix Abyssals? They've got no support, and they're easily the worst of the solaroid splats, with neither good charms, or interesting ones.

>> No.29991691
File: 30 KB, 500x295, House Cynis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What would someone who exalted while doing pornography be like?

>> No.29991729

Take 3e's idea and start homebrewing shit.

>> No.29991768

hnng... dat singing voice.

>> No.29992197


Specifically, peel back anything that 2e said about Deathlords and then use them as inspiration for Charms trees.

>> No.29992236

So, I'd basically have to rebuild them from the ground up?

>> No.29992369

That doesn't convince me, especially with daiklaves and their variants being among the most prolific type of Exalt artifact weapon.

>> No.29992396

This requires way too much effort on the part of a homebrewer. Just assume Abyssals have a mirror for most Solar charms, then play the Deathlords as being disinterested in Oblivion, and making only token gestures for the Neverborn. Sometimes, the token gestures are wildly successful, like with the Great Contagion, but in all the centuries they've been working, it's much less that and much more doing the standard Lawgiver thing and conquering/ruling, with a deathly aesthetic.

That gives Abyssals a lot more leeway. Manage ancestor cults without there being some looming plan to kill all of the worshipers? Legit. Conquer swathes of the underworld or engage in underworld economics? Solid. Go up above and help establish shadowlands and conquer cities for the dead? Also good.

And if you want to do the standard Abyssal game of 'try to destroy Creation?' You can be one of those token efforts that succeeds beyond their wildest imagination.

That's about the best quick fix I can think of. It's not perfect, but anything else features so much effort that I would sooner just wait for 3e.

>> No.29992426

>Just assume Abyssals have a mirror for most Solar charms
Yeah, because they're not already just "Black Solars" enough, right?

>> No.29992675

Man, I'm not talking about how to make them in a new edition. I'm talking about how to make them playable without rewriting their entire goddamn book. Most people have zero interest in having to personally rebuild/rewrite an entire book from the ground up just to play a certain splat.

>> No.29992690
File: 76 KB, 550x550, 666 internet meme beasts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You sound like someone who wasn't around for first edition Lunars. I envy you.

>> No.29992697

Well, that's not fixing the problem. It's bandaging the problem with another problem. You may as well just play a Solar that cuts himself.

>> No.29992709


If you cut yourself with soulsteel, do you still get motes?

>> No.29992821

from yourself, causing a net neutral reaction

>> No.29993026

What happens to its Underworld mirror when a section of Creation is swallowed by the Wyld?

>> No.29993052

Doesn't one of the Divine Ministers have dominion over pornography? I remember strippers and prostitutes paintnig their naked bodies with glowy blue paint because it was holy to whichever Minister that was.

>> No.29993071

That's... That's actually a damn good question. Is the Underworld way fucking huger than Creation because it came into existence pre-Balorian Crusade? If you go to its edge, does it start fading into Wyld too, or is there, like, a wall or something?

>> No.29993104


It probably lingers, since the Underworld is only broadly a reflection of Creation. At the local level it's formed from the memories of the ghosts who placed importance on a particular location.

If it's just open wilds, then it probably dissolves into Neverborn Nightmares.

>> No.29993254

>That's actually a damn good question. Is the Underworld way fucking huger than Creation because it came into existence pre-Balorian Crusade?
Underworld is defined by ghostly memories. Ghosts are kept in the Underworld by the fetters binding them to Creation and out of the reincarnation circle.
Balorian Crusade had probably destroyed a lot of them and caused vast regions of the underworld to lose definition and fall back to the grey nothingness it was before.

>> No.29993297


Noi has dominion over creativity, toys, and non-reproductive sex. Sounds like your guy.

That ritual you were referring to (Compass: Auto pg 89) is performed in a shrine to either Noi or Kek'Tungsssha (who governs procreative sex).

>> No.29993365

It's not just about porn, I thought that minister was about providing the people a good time in the hell hole that is Autochthon

>> No.29993829

Skype. Preferably with online friends you already have, as opposed to with strangers.

>> No.29994585

Also, from Claslat:
>Those selling goods are outnumbered only by those offering services. A shopper at a glass market is constantly hailed by barbers offering to groom and style the passer-by in any way desired. Off-shift workers offer their skills at massage, at singing. Crude blue-painted depictions of Noi announce the availability of sex—over time, the prostitutes of Claslat have even evolved an informal code whereby the posture in which Noi is drawn announces the prostitute’s gender, orientation, and acts offered. The size of the image also tends to announce a harlot’s prices, as a practical matter—the richest prostitutes are able to secure the best advertising spaces, by one means or another.
So yeah, Noi has dominion over pornography, prostitution, and erotic/sex trades in general.

He's probably got a pretty sizable cult, given that.

Kek'Tungsssha views reproduction like an assembly line, and wouldn't really take much interest in porn.

Hell, even her name is an onomotopoeia for assembly line machinery.

>> No.29995043

"Gay male sucking dicks. Eh? Eh? Hey buddy gay male I suck dicks, want it? Eh? Gay male suck dicks. Gay male suck dicks. Eh? I'm gay I'm male I suck dicks. Eh? Anyone? Gay male suck dicks."

>> No.29995075


>You are approached by a shemale.

>> No.29995137

>I almost slept with a prostitute last night but xe didn't say xer gender when calling to me, so I walked right on by and told them to check their privilege

>> No.29995312

>that act let my soul qualify for exaltation

>> No.29995343

A mense is a non portable place of power.
You cap it, and once you do you can transmit its power over a distance via the hearthstone to power your armor / daiclaive / whatever anywhere in creation.

>> No.29995395

Why is it not:
>Ancient Aztc Atomic Armour Attacking Anomalous Amphibians

>> No.29995479
File: 48 KB, 494x370, exalted2ndcorebookep5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wood Dragon is the best Immaculate Martial Art.


>> No.29995488

Enjoy being a sitting duck for ranged attackers, faggot.

>> No.29995684

It's a sign. Like, a thing they hang or post near them, they're not making coded gestures advertising sex over and over.

Then again, it IS Claslat...

>> No.29995687
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Zenith Caste, crusade for social justice and the destruction. Tumbled Transwomyn of the Oppressed and Outcaste.


Give it the Mobile power, but I'm okay with not being allowed to make a daiklave or armour manse. Really, I'm just pissed that I can design a four-dot manse straight out of chargen (five if you allow for specialties), but a Solar with Ess 5 and Solar Circle Sorcery can still only make three dot manses. I'd like to pump them out faster. Hearthstones seem to be a big part of the setting because every other artefact has a setting for one or needs one to operate, but getting your hands on one is so tedious, and then everyone else in your circle will want some as well. How do you justify finding giant mansions and the like so often?

>> No.29995810

>How do you justify finding giant mansions and the like so often?

You don't, really.

See, part of 2e's schizophrenic, no-writer-communication, no-design-bible process is that a lot of writers forgot that every hearthstone comes with a GIANT FUCKING BUILDING, and started writing hearthstone requirements into every third artifact until it came to a point where Lookshy, even if it were entirely composed of Manses, still has to have gobs of Manses out there that they could retake and use for infrastructure.

Just ignore it, and either delete the hearthstone requirements (they were only used to artificially inflate Artifact ratings anyway) or let hearthstones exist independent of manses in one fashion or another.

>> No.29995865


Makes me glad I'm not the only one that feels this way. I just want to be able own a giant floating fortress mansion that rains lighting down on my enemies. Is that really to farfetched in a game such as Exalted?

>> No.29996000

They have one of those, it's an N/A artifact IIRC

>> No.29996596

I think Claslat is my favorite of the Eight Nations, if only because of the Glass Market and the resulting crime rates that it causes.

>> No.29996659

Hearthstones are a pretty questionable idea in the first place. The "hearthstone socket" concept implies that you're supposed to have a large number of them so the inventory limits become meaningful, but every one of them comes with its own palace. It's trying to be materia, but there are too few similarities for the remaining ones to make sense.

>captcha: Smiteo seething
I think "seething" is a bit strong, but yeah, I wish they had come up with a better idea.

>> No.29996670

Claslat is pretty great, yeah. Played an Alchemicals game where we were an Assembly from Kamak. We visited Claslat and basically spent the whole time experiencing sensory overload.

>> No.29996698

I remember one guy writing a fic set in Claslat in those Weekend Smut Threads.

>> No.29997596

That is why I tend to proliferate level 1/2 hearthstones in my games. Doesn't Oadenol's state that most villages lie within a couple days' walk of a low level demense/manse?

>> No.29997656
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>> No.29997767
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So, Sidereal Ox-Body, worst Ox-Body charm, or worst Ox-Body charm?

>> No.29997823 [DELETED] 

Worst Ox-Body charm.

I should make an eclipsoid and focus on becoming the tankiest motherfucker I can be by grabbing every Ox-Body there is. That'd be fun.

For a few sessions, at least.

>> No.29997851

Worst Ox-Body charm.

I should make an eclipsoid and focus on becoming the tankiest motherfucker I can be by grabbing every Ox-Body there is. That'd be fun.

For a few sessions, at least.

>> No.29997883

Go Fiend, and take Malfeas as your Patron. Not only is Hardened Devil Body one of the better Ox-Bodies, and grabbing by Pain Reforged, By Agony Empowered, Retribution Will Follow(You don't activate this till you tick over into Aggrevated), and then a Hearthstone of Adamant Skin will A: Make it so you never suffer wound penalties, and B: Make each of your health levels count three times, as damage keeps ticking over. Plus, it lets you get Scar-Writ Saga Shield, and Veredian Legend Exoskeleton, which will make your soak and hardness amazing.

>> No.29997909

In my campaign we mostly just played by the assumption that the Siddie's super manse we built our city around could provide more than enough basic power stones for all of our gear, but that we'd need to raise our own for effect stones.

>> No.29998005

It's definitely the best Immaculate martial art for literally anything other than, you know, actually fighting.

>> No.29998022


That doesn't work, because everyone ends up learning their own Ox-Body version when they learn the Charm. You can't get Lunar or Infernal versions as a Solar any more than you could learn how to shapeshift or use exclusively Infernal sorcery.

>> No.29998045

An Eclipse using their anima power learns the charm as if they were a member of the native Exalt type. See Siddie Martial Arts, Solars can learn them but not use Sutras, whereas if an Eclipse learns them with their anima they can use Sutras.

So an Eclipse can learn them all.

>> No.29998051

>giant floating fortress mansion
That can be done with an artifact flying vehicle and an artifact essence cannon. It doesn't have to be a bloody manse.

>> No.29998086

I think you can, it's just that each purchase of any ox-body counts toward the maximum you're allowed to have.

>> No.29998160

I'm not sure what the restriction is, but there is some kind of restriction on out-of-type Ox-Body Charms in particular. Whether it's that they always count as your native type, or that you can only have Resistance total or something, I don't remember.

>> No.29998200

I tried grabbing 5x Hardened Devil Body and then another exalt types Ox-Body, and it wouldn't work. Just 4 HDBs and a single other ox-body worked fine, though.

>> No.29998503

I assume you're talking about Anathema? Which is notoriously sparse, and buggy?

>> No.29998544


>> No.29998579

I wouldn't trust it on that then, but it's probably still the case. I'd dig up a source before I made that ruling to a player.

>> No.29998587

It's not exactly either of those anymore. It doesn't cover some areas of the game (like Alchemicals, or thaumaturgy), but those it covers, it does really fucking well.

Also the automatically filled character sheets with precalculated values for everything is a blessing (especially when you're like me, and like to have full sheets for EVERY NPC EVER).

I'm still surprised no-one ever uploaded a full archive of Charms descriptions with the actual rules.

>> No.29998606

Either way, looking in the books, I can't see anything ruling that Ox-Body charms have the Native keyword, or anything like that.

>> No.29998608

Oh yeah, it's pretty good, but it's still lacking a lot of shit. Like it doesn't factor in Wind-Born stride into Dash values, it completely ignores the Lotus Root charms, and quite a few other things.

It's a good, useful program, and I use it myself, but I would NOT use it to determine rulings.

>> No.29998845

See the description of Strain-Resistant Chassis Modification.

"Like all Ox-Body Technique equivalents, this Charm cannot be learned through the Eclipse, Moonshadow or Fiend anima abilities"

Later refined to the Native Keyword.

>> No.29998872

Well then. We have a winner.

>> No.29998934
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>> No.29999996
File: 68 KB, 629x794, saulannathighs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is your new queen.

>> No.30000121

I wish Lunar Quest was still ongoing.

>> No.30000141

Did he give up on that too? Shit Jukashi, get it together.

>> No.30000164

I don't know if he's officially given up, but it's been ages since the last thread ended, and he's run other /tg/chan threads since then, unless I'm mistaken.

If I'm mistaken, tell me.

I really want to be mistaken.

>> No.30000460


He's running Poloka Quest, which updated as recently as Saturday.


>> No.30000489

With the time frame quests run on tgchan, it'll be a while before the next thread. Months, likely.

>> No.30000578

As far as I know, Lunar is on the backburner until he can finish his current quest and possibly another Will of the Undermind chapter, but I could be wrong about the WotU part.
I kind of hope I'm not, though. It seems like a neat setting and I am want to see what he's got in store for us in that gigantic mining station

>> No.30000921
File: 1.01 MB, 830x1138, Lunar Exalt Circle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I've got a question. Lunars' big social advantage is being able to crank up Appearance to milk that MDV advantage, right? But the MDV bonus/penalty caps out at +/-3.

Are there any Lunar charms that remove/increase that cap? If not, would it be reasonable to invent a charm that does? If so, should it be Xmotes per action, Ymotes for a scene-long effect?

>> No.30000951

Yes, there is. I can't remember what it is, Symettery something or other.

>> No.30001042

>Cost:4m; Mins:Appearance 3, Essence 2; Type:Simple
>Duration:One scene
>Prerequisite Charms:Any Appearance Excellency
>In nature, creatures that appear more symmetrical are considered more fit to survive, better mates and therefore more attractive. Calling on her Essence, the Lunar gives herself an air of impossible perfection, doubling the maximum Mental Defense Value bonus or penalty she can infl ict or benefi t from based on difference in Appearance. At Essence 6, the Exalt does away with the limit altogether.

This is THE charm that makes Lunars dangerous in social combat. +/-3 is a big enough deal. +/-6 is fucking enormous when you realize that's the equivalent of automatic successes/external penalties. This is also the reason why people who complain about Lunars ending up Solar cocksleeves are really off the mark.

>> No.30001043

Alright, got it. Perfect Symmetry.

4 motes, scene-long, doubles the appearance bonus cap(Making it +6).

Once they hit essence 6, it removes the cap completely.

>> No.30001087

Huh, neat. Now if only Lunars had access to a Night Caste-style anima-concealing effect. That's the thing that really stood out as Lunars lacking, insofar as supposedly being expert infiltrators is concerned.

>> No.30001198

I see pussy in that picture. You should delete it in case a mod stumbles drunkenly into the thread.

>> No.30001264

Huh. An Appearance excellency and that charm seem extremely worthwhile for an Eclipse to pick up. Am I wrong?

>> No.30002427

Best Ox-Body Charm for thematics and accomplishing its desired purpose. It's meant to give you a free level with which to soak those fancy Charms that cost health levels to initiative.

>> No.30002533

I don't think Solars have a Charm that does the same thing, so yes, it'd be a good purchase for a social Exalt.

>> No.30002575

Except there's a billion and a half ways to ignore or make would penalties a non-issue.

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