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Imperial Guard thread?

Imperial Guard thread.

God damn you brave sons of bitches

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praise the 'emprah

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Every guardsman and nid in that image look like they're just casually going about their business.

>mornin' sam
>mornin' ralph
>how's the broodmother
>oh you know, same old shit. how's the commisar?
>ha ha, got us on half-rations this week
>sucks, man. Oh well, shall we?

That guy on the bottom left is my favorite
>am ... am I in this scene? sorry, it's my first day here

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for the Emprah

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The IG are glorious.

Just got a copy of Only War, I'm excite

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Fear me, but follow!

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that artist is terrible at action and motion and energy in general.

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am I the only one a little worried about the guard codex update?

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I've been meaning to ask you all what you think of this, it's a bit of homebrew I've been doing for my own Guard regiment, based off an Only War game I'm playing in currently:

Tessian Grenadiers

"They really think they are Astartes, just don't tell them, it would ruin their morale, they are really into the whole thing. Watch them even try to fire Heavy Bolters in one hand, it is hilarious."
- Sargeant Pailus, on the Tessian 14th Heavy Grenadiers

Tessius has had a long history of warfare, during the Age of Strife it was rumored to be a beautiful almost garden-like world, but it was at some point twisted and corrupted into the radioactive swamp that it is to this day. The reason behind this tragic change has been lost to the Imperium, though some members of the Adeptus Mechanicus claim to have discovered signs of ancient virus bombing in the soil and rock.

As the Great Crusade came into full swing Tessius was re-discovered by an exploratory fleet of the Dusk Raiders Legion, those who in time would become known as the Death Guard, the world itself seemed fairly benign from space and only a few human tribes of primitives still inhabited the world. This assessment proved woefully inaccurate when the Dusk Raiders landed and found a planet that was hostile to most if not all life, immense thunder storms raged across the skies bringing great monsoon rains, native reptiles grew to well over the size of two Astartes. For two years the Dusk Raiders fought both native tribes and local flora and fauna for the fate of the world, but managed to achieve victory, planting the flag of the burgeoning Imperium on the planet and the Sector. Immediately the remaining human tribes were introduced to the light of the Emperor and the Imperial Creed.

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Tessius itself remains dangerous, though the native creatures are often culled and large portions of the swamp is continuously pumped dry by the Mechanicus. Special mention must be made about the Tessian Swamp-Drake. Originating from the more common variety of marsh reptiles, the highly venomous Swamp-drakes have since been identified as a stable, true-breeding ab-race by the Magi-Biologii of the Adeptus Mechanicus. As the apex predator of the wetlands the Swamp-drakes have been known to grow to immense proportions. A cunning hunter, the snake like creature is an ambush predator, lying in wait beneath the fetid waters, often for hours at a time, until an opportunity presents itself.

Among the lower ranks of the processing stations the Swamp-drake has taken on mythic properties and rumours are abound of Swamp-drakes making their way up into the cities through the massive refinery drainage pipes to make off with unlucky adepts and workers before retreating back to the swamplands.

The official badge of the Tessian Guard regiments, the Swamp-drake features on most regimental heraldry, from the drake-skull pin issued to every trooper when he receives his uniform, to the tailored reptilian leather cloaks worn by officers

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The Adeptus Mechanicus have since Tessius' induction into the Imperium maintained a presence on the planet, due mainly to the raw materials created by the planets specific make up. Swamps and marshes covered over eighty percent of the planet’s surface and this coupled with the its plentiful plant life produced favourable conditions for the large scale harvesting of certain gasses, usable in the production of high grade promethium. These same conditions that enabled harvesting also made usual hive building unsuitable. Instead massive Mechanicus harvesting plants were quickly established and settlements built around the plants to house the native labour force needed to man said operations. These townships have since grown to become the main population centres of the world.

The high mortality rate among the small population and the importance of the raw materials harvested, have resulted in Tessius having its manpower tithe lessened. The Tessian troops are now recruited solely from the planets schola progenium, Victory Rock. Though small, these regiments are afforded specialized training in both explosives and asymmetrical warfare tactics to make up for their lack of numbers. The Victory Rock schola was built on the site of the final battle for Tessius and has since been in operation ever since. Harsh discipline is enforced by the adepts as well as returned veteran Guardsmen serving as drill-abbotts.

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Tessian Grenadiers in the Spinward Front

During the early days of strife within the Periphery only two regiments of Tessian Grenadiers were deployed and were stationed within what would become the Spinward Front and thus were already on the front lines when the Ork invasion came. The subsequent betrayal of Duke Severus XIII was taken by the Tessian Regiments with a stoic resignation. Almost immediately, the 7th and 12th Regiments found themselves thrown into conflict between the Orks and Separatists. While their zeal and ferocity on the battle field was to be commended, the small regiments were unable to keep up with the battlefield attrition.

Between the Margin Crusade’s increasing demands and the war effort already present in the Periphery, the military capabilities of the Calixis Sector were already stretched to the breaking point, and little more could be drawn from Segmentum reserves or neighbouring sectors. Nonetheless, Tessius dug deep to answer the call of its besieged neighbour and were able to deploy an additional regiment. At present, the Tessians form the smallest contingent of Calixis-born Imperial Guardsmen in the Periphery, and despite new forces inbound, it seems unlikely that will change any time soon.

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Ive only read CSM books so far, (Night Lords mainly, but I dont see them as chaos lovers) Whats some great guard books?

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The Tessian 14th Heavy Grenadiers Regiment
“Devil Drakes”

The Tessian 14th is a newly forged regiment and recently deployed to the Spinward Front, but despite reports of the desperate struggle for Imperial dominance have expressed nothing but eagerness to meet the enemy in battle. They seem particularly driven to oppose traitors and heretics, perhaps to help erase the stain their world has born since the end of the Heresy.

The 14th are currently led by Lieutenant-Colonel Sethekan Arak'ees, who has commanded the regiment for the last three years as they travelled through the warp to this sector. Lieutenant-Colonel Sethekan Arak'ees has served the Imperium with distinction, though has shown an odd sense of care for his men and to favor unothadox tactics. Despite this Maverick attitude, or perhaps because of it, it seems the men of his command would die for him

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I liked Fifteen Hours, really shows what a lucky bastard/hard ass fucking nails trooper you have to be to make it in the guard.

Just by the Imperial Guard omnibus, good stories in there.

Haven't read the Cain/Last Chancers series yet.

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and I am not reminded we will never have a Guard game...again.

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Get ready for any member of the group with an anti-authority complex in RPGs, even if they love IG in the fluff to get totally ass blasted the minute they are outranked by other players (which is unavoidable unless you want to run at least 2 DMPCs to fill roles the party needs to have the higher ranks).

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As someone who was forced to read a bunch of WW1 books in school Fifteen Hour red exactly the same way with a 40k skin and I found to to be tedious as fuck.

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Why do people keep saying this. I've seen two thread on /tg/ in as many weeks that mention something like this.

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Because it's sort of true, I had a player who was a commissar straight up pull a pistol on a ship's captain for what he thought was 'negligence' it wasn't entirely wrong, but still, what the dick dude, he was going to help you.

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in all honesty, that sounds about right for a Commissar

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The same thing happens in every game with explicit player ranks / chain of command.

Rogue Trader and Traveller as also notorious for having these problems in some groups.

Let's face it, a lot of people play RPGs for escapism and for some of them its escape from feelings of being powerless. The minute the game introduces and enforces realistic authority situations these players start to act out if they are not the person with authority because it's bringing their source of anxiety into the game. Spaceship based games are the worst for this in my experience however any modern era game were they players are not THE LAW can result in this too. The minute the cops get called on them for acting like a bunch of primitive murderhobos its a count down until players like this snap.

In over a decade of being in RPG groups I have only ever been in one group that didn't have at least one if not more players like this. Ironically it was a group with mostly people that I didn't know. I think us not being friends is why we didn't take it personally.

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Maybe, but it resulted us in having to go on a rescue mission into the bowels of the ship, now without any extra equipment because the Commissar decided to pull a gun and then go all, "I'll be back!" on the ship's captain, which leads me to believe that if we manage to do our job well enough coming back might mean finding ourselves facing a group of armed men with lasguns and autocannons.

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>The minute the game introduces and enforces realistic authority situations these players start to act out if they are not the person with authority because it's bringing their source of anxiety into the game.

I know two guys who I don't play rpgs with any more who are poster boys for this.

>The minute the cops get called on them for acting like a bunch of primitive murderhobos its a count down until players like this snap.


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Anyone got any good Baneblade pics?
Dumping mine

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Gaunt's Ghost is an awesome series

Nothing special, but nothing wrong too.

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It's probably just because of how Only War is set up. You have your normal specialists in the form of Weapon Spec, Heavy Gunner, Operator, and the Medic. On top of this, you have the Sergeant, which assumes a higher ranking position from just being a sergeant. Of course, this doesn't have to happen, but for most groups, I'd say this would be the norm.

From those five, you have the support specialties, which is where more of the authority will start to crop up most likely. I'm talking about the presence of Storm-troopers, Commissars, and Tech-Priests. These guys are outside of the normal ranking structure, or might even have more authority than a Sergeant (Which is most of the time).

Honestly, becoming assblasted because you aren't in a position of authority is something you'd need to talk to your group about to prevent it from becoming a big issue. Funny thing though, playing a game about being lowly guardsmen when you have a problem with authority... whew, talk about conflicting interests.

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I seriously don't get why is there not a single good Baneblade wallpaper/art. It's a tank with 11 barrels which actually looks cool, but NOOOOOOO. Fuck making cool pics of it.

I noticed that many IG wallpapers look cool, but the faces and action/poses are complete shit.

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or for That Guy to always pick a class tha t out ranks everyone else and to give no orders, or idiotic orders.

no shit, we were tasked to destroy an AA battery so he flew us right towards it

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Flesh and Iron by Henry Zou is pretty damn good.

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I feel like the orginaly image is just full of awesome reaction faces.

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yeah I'm tempted to make a few more. Just need to find funny captions for them.

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Sounds like a decent Commissar to me

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anti aircraft battery. Flew aircraft right towards it. By all logic we should have been blown up on our flight over. Dm allowed it so he didn't have to scrub the game for the night he just drew the map with us in the middle of the battery's defensive perimiter.

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I'm not saying it wasn't incredibly stupid, but the only thing more Commissar-like than ordering your men to fly at an AA battery is to order the pilot to fix the bayonet to the front of the plane

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I want more tanks where are my tanks?

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I know. Just mad.

then he threw a grenade at the darkness and failed so hard it landed on top of the missile rack and blew up the entire base.

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Hey, at least he didn't arbitrarily fall to Chaos and bring the Inquisition to your home planet by taking out most of the chain of command for the lulz, right?

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Traitors and Weaklings thread

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Just play cowa doody

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You sound like /pol/ in the Ukraine happening threads.

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I have a question about ranks inside the guard.

I always thought Commissars were outside the normal ranks of the military. As in, they can't lawfully give orders to troops unless they have specifically killed their commanding officer and are only acting as a temporary commander until the rank can be filled again. I thought commissars with actual military ranks were fairly rare, and people like Gaunt of Gaunt's Ghosts were the exception rather than the rule.

I always assumed that commissars where basically ordered to chillax and remain aloof until they saw cowardliness, incompetence, or heresy, then to come crashing down like the God Emperor himself and put an end to it by any means necessary. I also assumed that, while their orders came from much higher up than the people they would be serving with, their orders would also include a "you will take orders from X sergeant unless he is summarily executed by you, in which case you will take orders from his replacement".

How wrong am I?

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To my knowledge they were more like political officers in the Soviet military. There to inspire, help lead, and keep everything appropriately Soviet/Imperial Truth. 's what makes sense, anyhow.

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Commissars are out yet in the military ranks of the imperial guard.

They can lead troops into battle and can be lead by guard officers or even lead them.

Some can be out going and forward. Rooting out cowardliness and incompetence or they can be passive like you said.

In truth commissars are the political officer take to an extreme point. They're given massive authority and autonomy to ensure the moral stay high and make sure a regiment is loyal and in fighting shape. They're taught to give rousting speeches and take a hard look at moral.

They're an odd lot really.

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Tanks in 30 minutes.

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Aside from their proscribed duties, commissars are an alternate rank structure. They are usually assigned an equivalent rank to the commanding officer of the division they're attached. However, assuming that everyone is performing as they should, the commissar is subordinate to the CO. Basically if a commissar is attached at the company then he is the equivalent of a captain, but only assists the actual captain while performing his commissariat duties. Should the captain die or be incapacitated, the commissar is the commanding officer until a new one can be found.

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lurking to save pics

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>Imperial Guard thread
>God damn you brave sons of bitches.
More like doomed guard, amiright?

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Is this... is this what passes for trying anymore?

Fuck, Chaos, get it together.

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this needs a caption.

here is mine.

I fucking told you not to leave the garbage unburried.

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Baneblade guy supports this action

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Out, damn

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Or am I

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Can I ask you kind anons to recount your Only War tales?

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>Night Lords mainly, but I dont see them as chaos lovers
That's because ADB paints them as super-special ultra-edgy double rebels, which they're really not.

They're just Iron Warriors with Batman instead of iron. Batman Warriors.

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I love these sons of bitches, but I am afraid of their minimum range in the table top. How do they fare in regular matches?

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Dead Men Walking, The Last Chancers Omnibus, Fifteen Hours.

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The best part of this book is when the guard get blow up boats and other water shit when they drop on a desert planet. Fuck logistics.

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Would anybody on /tg/ play a non-serious game where everybody is a part of the 1st Membranes?

Not recruiting, just wondering.

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This dude's from the cover charge with a knife isn't going to end well.

>> No.29951734


what, like on skype or something?

yeah, maybe.

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Can't go into a whole lot of detail now, but my psyker's comrade turned out to be the main character in our game. Not by the GM's choice, but just because he's so awesome. We're pretty sure he is a Living Saint. And it all started with my psyker saying to him in combat "Gino, stop eating that sandwich and fight some mutants. Where'd that even come from?"

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Any Loyal Guardsman mind helping a me out?


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Except that one guy furthest to the left. Looks like he's pissed himself.
Alternatively wondering what the fuck he signed up for.

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They can choose to direct fire and ignore minimal range but lose barrage, same as a normal bassy.

>> No.29957282

Fear me, buttfellow

>> No.29957801

This might be a good place to ask, I guess. I'm pretty new to 40k and I'm working on an IG army. I like the basilisks. I really really like the basilisks. How viable is an artillery-focused army in-game? I'm thinking just as many as I can fit on the edge of the table, covered by a mass of cheap infantry to cover them.

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Forgive me, I'm not very familiar with the lore of Warhammer 40k. How the hell do these average men hold off legions of terrifying genetically engineered hellbeasts that populate the universe? Do they have really good guns? Or are there just a lot of them?

>> No.29959392

lots of em

>> No.29960434

More than their weapons, they use their standard issue Brass Balls to hold the line until the tanks and artillery get in place.

>> No.29960558

Do it.

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Sorry, no photoshop

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Our squad has a psyker who loves pushing his powers. This goes about as well as you would assume and he is often rolling the psychic phenomenom table.

We are getting attacked by some random deathworld beasties and his powers go haywire (again) at this point the gm tells us that there was one more beastie which had snuck up behind us... But after seeing the weird shit the psyker was doing the beastie decided to go find something easier to eat.

This encouraged the psyker to push his powers more causing yet another phenomenom. And then he had to use his handler to beat him up, thus getting rerolls until he rolled something that wasn't perils of the warp... Daemonic mask! Well, that at least is just one point of corruption (and permanent wary looks from rest of the guardsmen...) but it also gave him FEAR which drove off yet another beast.

...By failing his psychic powers the character drove off 2 out of five beasts that we were fighting against.

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Imperial armour three mentions that commissar-generals oversee entire invasion forces and may command any unit they wish outside of space marines and the admech

>> No.29965612

OP bumping unexpectedly successful thread!

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But they are

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>Ten from the right looks like your mom

>> No.29966513

As long as there's an IGuard thread, what can /tg/ tell me about Only War? Me and a group of gaming buddies are thinking of starting up a campaign.

>> No.29966578

Best IG book

>> No.29966604


>Combat works like Dark Heresy but sleeker and more functional
>Your guys aren't crappy Acolytes who've never held a gun before, you have relatively average stats to begin with
>That being said stack as many Aiming Bonuses as you can forever and ever
>Plasmaguns aren't the 1-in-6 suicideshots that they are on tabletop, you are going to learn to absolutely adore these babies
>Maximal shots will fuck over anything short of a Space Marine (even then)
>Grenade grenade grenade grenades
>Companions are great, learn what benefits your class companion can bring to the squad as a whole

>Do not get too attached to your characters
>Bring more than one character sheet per game just in case
>Combat is fucking lethal and hilarious

Anything I'm forgetting?

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Yeah, praise them for being hard to cut.
Damn it, I just want to add a different leg...

>> No.29967552

Yeah, play a regiment that gives out decent weapons and armor standard issue.
I played Mordian Iron Guard, and we didn't get our tank, so it was a bunch of guys in vests with laspistols.
At least we got nifty hats.

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>> No.29968479

Would anyone like to hear the tales of my current Only War game - the saga of the 29th West Virginian Mechanized Infantry "Extra Billy Smith's Boys"?

>> No.29968515

More than anything

>> No.29968580

Oh God-Emperor, yes!

>> No.29968611

Yes sir!

>> No.29968616

Ok, so, to start off, some background.

I'm a senior at university, and part of a college gaming group. I'm a regular GM, along with several of my friends, and we are all graduating in May. So, we need to train some new GM's for next year (when we aren't here anymore). One of the candidates wanted to run Only War.

My group of friends is known for producing outlandish, insane, ludicrously fun, and outright strange games. At the end of this year, we are going to drunkenly record our various stories, and post them to /tg/ in an orgy of laughter. It shall be glorious.

Anyways, we decided to collaborate and give this new GM a taste of insanity. And thus the "Extra Billy Smith's Boys" were born. We ran through regiment concepts for days, until someone suggested "appalachian hillbillies".

So, without further ado, our cast of characters.

>> No.29968872


(please excuse me, I'm trying to cook food for our Dark Heresy game as well as record this)

Cast of Characters
Billy Bud Commissar: Our party's commissar. Nominally in charge of the party, Billy Bud is the loosest of cannons. He don't play by no rules, exceptin' the Emprah's rules. He is vitriolic best buds with Paw, who he went to Schola with.

Paw: Paw is a veteran Stormtrooper, and a grumpy old man. He and Billy Bud were captains of rival rugby teams at Schola (Commissariat candidates vs. Stormtroopers) and developed a relationship akin to Orks - my biggest foe is my best friend. Paw likes huntin' for dur, shootin' cultists, and drinkin' moonshine.

Jebediah Lee: The drunken, unwashed lout in charge of driving around the party Chimera, Peggy. Jeb has a taste for hard rock (and a very loud set of speakers), a knack for unsuccessfully flirting with the women of the Imperial Guard, and an absolute fondness for Peggy.

Peggy: Peggy is the party Chimera. She's painted entirely Mossy Oak green, with a Hunter's Orange turret and a black autocannon. She's got a pair of Truck Nutz hanging off the back, a rebel flag license plate, and a penchant for going off of jumps. The party has installed a still in the troop compartment (for making more shine).

Gunner: The party's heavy gunner, he's in charge of handing out autocannon-induced death to the various enemies our party comes up against. He's played by a pretty shaky roleplayer, so he's still working on getting a personality.

Billy Witch-Doctor: Billy is the party psyker. He makes chikkin stew, calls upon the Great Chicken to smite his foes, and will not do anything except Push his powers. This is probably going to be his downfall.

And our newest member, Enginseer Willy-Joe. Also known as Rev'rend Fix-it, or Tech-Pastor, he calls upon the name of the Lawd Emprah to keep Peggy running, and evangelize to the unwashed masses.

Now, on to the stories.

>> No.29968878


Sounds like a THAT GM.

>> No.29968915

>Rev'rend Fix-it
>My sides

>> No.29968978

As a note, this is probably the most roleplay-heavy Only War game that will ever be run. We speak entirely in character for the whole session, accents and all. There is no out-of-combat rolling, only roleplay. Having known each other for so long, we can play off of each other perfectly, and our sessions are an absolute blast. I'm really going to miss everyone next year, and I'm dreading sitting down at a D&D game, and looking across the table at an Elven ranger, Dwarven fighter, and a human cleric of Pelor. These past 4 years have spoiled me.

>> No.29969004

And now a short interlude. Be right back, thread.

>> No.29969013


g8 b8 m8 I rate 8/8

>> No.29969050


It's a cool concept for a game 1/3 groups will be entirely incapable of playing without some form on intra-party conflict generated by either table politics, the setting itself or some unholy combination of the two.

>> No.29969168


Summarily Excecuted for Heresy.

>> No.29969185

That image bothers me, I mean its clearly supposed to be a catachan unit, or at least some ork hunters, on patrol but heres this idiot shouting bloddy murder, he should be ending the same way commisars do in Catachan hands

>> No.29969202


Report, Major.

>> No.29969334

He is either an officer or a sergeant. Catachan officers lead from the front so he is shouting and swearing at the pitiful excuses for guardsmen under his command to get off their collective arses and charge at the enemies like they are supposed to. (Go read how Colonel Straken leads his troops.)

Besides, it's not that they'd kill every single commissar that serves with the Catachan or Armageddon Ork hunters. Just the ones who try to execute half the regiment for not having clean boots or something.

>> No.29969428



>> No.29969433

yes, yes it does.

>> No.29969638

I did think about that but instead we just have a gun on him at all times. I didn't want to shoot a team member in our second battle. Besides, we are liikely to lose characters anyway so might as well give him a chance to go down in a blaze of glory (likely on the next time he pushes his powers.)

>> No.29970045

Bumping for the EMPRAH

>> No.29970118

are you telling me the Catachan Jungle Fighters dont keep their boots properlly shined? heresey!

>> No.29970179

Nah, after the first squad broken, we'd have to stop playing for nine months.

>> No.29970664

We were playing Mordian Iron Guard because one of the players wanted to (based entirely on their uniforms), and we didn't get a tank because we were in a hive, and couldn't physically get down the street in it.

>> No.29970825


Sounds like shit planning all around.

>> No.29970932

It really was.
At least we had the best dressed Ogryn ever

>> No.29970993

W40k comic - Lone Wolves (2003)

>> No.29972641

Its a combination of

>A huge amount of manpower that can outnumber any force but tyranids and Orks by a factor of ten with ease
>excellent firepower. Even the lasgun, as much as we joke about it, has a chance to kill Carnifexes and Terminators.
>Access to a huge pool of special and heavy weapons. They get access to almost every long range weapons Marines get, but they can take far more of them.
>Waves of tanks that can outnumber any other factions armor with ease.
>A wide variety of artillery, specialist, and air support, allowing them to tackle a wide variety of problems.
>Good ol' fashioned grit and determination.

What holds them back though is general incompetence in the high command, incredible amounts of beurocracy, and a reluctance to change. Its been shown time and again that when the IG get a competent commander like Solar Macarius, they can be almost unstoppable.

>> No.29974135

Many apologies to the elegan/tg/entlemen in this thread about not continuing the story of the "Extra Billy Smith's Boys". We had a session of Dark Heresy this afternoon, and it was pretty intense.

I'll continue the writeup this evening at work, while watching the super bowl.

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