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Just been wondering/having some random idea. Why there is no attempts at making RPGs out of some good settings from manga or animu.

Like HxH for example. Maybe much animu power level or something, but it is really grim and death comes at the light speed without any mercy if mistakes are made. Hell, even the first arc has loads of bodycount and gruesome ends. Let alone high level stuffs like Nen and epic mind games from the Hunters themselves.

Also, on the side note. Megaman. All of them, original, X, Zero, ZX. Why the hell not? And also many others stuffs like Spyro, Kitchen Panic, Dino Crisis, Sakura Wars, Rave Master. Oldies from PS1 era where stuffs on TV are still decent. Why not /tg/?

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Because everyone wants to have gay sex with spiderman. Look up comic book based RPG. Its the same ting. Most of them are in Japanese tho, as they get anime/manga first.

That said there are a lot of them out there, you just gotta look them up in google. Its just harder to find anime/manga stuff in English.
HxH is bad setting, because min maxing goes taught the roof.
High death settings= minmax or die. Customized nen abilities, encourage you to be one trick pony with op ability.
Will end up as I do X and win. Otherwise you will have to be in anti magic field all the time.
Also I have seen several HunterXHunter systems out there. They all kinda sucked tho, as I am not really into superheroes or weebos.(I like anime, but most of the English "fan made" stuff is just repulsive)

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You certainly raised some good points about why HxH is a bad setting though. And yeah, I did search for system and most of them are either huge yaoi fangirls trying to bang main char forum RP or simply weebos. Too bad, I kinda like the setting though, so does my group. We also do really like stuffs from /tg/ too like Server Crash, VeloCITY, or Dungeon: The Dragoning.

About others though like Megaman and the other examples I did throw at the original post. Shame I couldn't any except for forum RP though. I really want a solid system to lean on. Don't know about RPG in Japanese scene though, I would go out of my way and grab one if any exists. Two guys in the group are fluent Japanese so language wouldn't be much problem.

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Pic related. Also, I seriously want to play Teenagers from Outer Space- Urusei Yatsura deserves more attention.

To contribute something of value, I'd love to run a game in F City, F Prefacture of Excel Saga. A completely useless underground pseudo-communist-anarchist-fascist organization trying to overthrow a useless team of municipal workers in power suits, optionally repelling a super-cute alien invasion, helping a dead foreign worker find love again, and fighting the overpowered GMPCs Nabeshin and Rikdo. Would probably work best as a combination of Maid and Toon, instead of its own system.

I would also love a Blazblue game, where we play as rebels, observers, NOL members, vigilantes, and Sector 7 members, doing science magicks and fightan.

Also: Samurai Pizza Cats. We already have a system for Ninja Burger; it wouldn't take many changes to make it a system about delivering pizza, justice, and bad puns. I'm sure you could get a good setting for anything by watching an animu with the sound off, the subs off, and just interpreting everything as you see it.

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My recommendation, is to take existing system, and make custom class. Would take classical dnd(insert your favorite edition)(or whatever system you like better), reflufff it a bit, and make up feats for nen skills. Hard as fuck to balance though. at level 6 ish make them meet nen master. Maybe make up prestige class hunter, that gives you basic shit. Look up eberon setting with dragon marks and stuff. Would be about the same.
Basically all melee party, with spell like abilities, like monk. Replace clasical feats with better(-ish) alternatives, like nen cleave, and add skill for nen manipulation, and replace arcana with nen.
Basically just homebrew a custom class/feats to match the characters.

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Wasn't there a JoJo RPG floating around a while ago?

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By god, do I want to run a Parasyte game!

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I honestly have no clue why, but I think Ito Junji's Cat Diary would be interesting...

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I don't dare tell. The Mango I read atracts the worst kind of audience.

It has vampires, witches, a unicorn, over the top violence, panty-humour and 2deep4u themes.

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> Vampires, witches, a unicorn.

Please do tell, Anon. Now that you got me curious.

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Chimera Ant arch is the best thing ever

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One piece or Bersek? Only 2 that mach from top of my head.

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Why not TTGL?
Everyone loves robots.

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I read it for the character's! They are fun and charming. Espacially the two on this cover. He is a german gunslinger with exorcistic tendencies, she a mute and simple minded ghoul he rescued out of guilt.

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Mango is actually pretty good (for a harem series), if a bit dark... anime is rather average.

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Berserk had vampires?

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DRYH(Don't Rest Your Head), might be good for this too. Google them (1d4chan DRYH), might be good system for this.

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I think there were some? Maybe they were just blood drinking daemons tho. Cant remember the chapter, so I might be wrong.

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man that would be a dark game but man i would play
also aesthetica of a rogue hero was a good one different magics and a good story

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Every sunday

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It already supports going on missions and sticking having a team.

Just remove all characters from the setting

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>tfw junji ito and lovecraft's ghost will never team up to write/illustrate a horror manga

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Well, most anime kind of suck as settings, because when you really think about it, most of them don't really tell you about anything except what happens around the main characters, so you are forced to create most of the fluff yourself if you want to do something not already covered in the show.

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Does that mean Lovecraft's ghost can speak japanese?

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Also you don't really need to make separate systems for every setting. Below few eroge examples.

Ayakashibito: Why would I make a new system when I could just use any of the several systems for super power fighting, that already support creating your own powers.

Bullet Butlers: Shadowrun is almost perfect fit, just tone down the technology level about hundred years. Magical doping is already a thing, so you can just fluff most implants as that.

Dir Lifyna: Just use one of the several fantasy RPGs.

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I wish there was a system designed for CUHRAYZEE action series like JJBA, Karas and pic-related other than Mutants & Masterminds.

Not that I mind M&M, but the books' aesthetics are the opposite of what we use it for.

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>All characters
But a lot of the side characters are cool!
Just remove Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura.
They're the major problem.

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There is JJBA homebrew every sunday

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I'm actually playing one based off of the Railgun universe, with less magic and little bit less anime themes, all my players seemed to have make fairly realistic characters though, whic is nice.

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Pokémon and Digimon.
Mostly for me and my friends who fondly remember watching the shows as kids; or Kaijudo for my younger cousins who watched the show and collect the cards now.

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I don't care which system it is, if it let's me play as DS. then it's all good.

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