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How would you a Kingdom Hearts campaign, /tg/?

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Everything after the second game didn't happen.

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I'd make up the story as I went.

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Without grimrape.

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>I'd make up the story as I went.


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I just wouldn't.

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You've got four stats.




and Zipper.

I think they speak for themselves.

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The first two dudes were all over the little girl.

Why you gotta be like that?

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Yeah that all stopped by game 2.

See Sora's response to both his friends showing up amounting to "Oh, Hi Kairi!" and then a full minute of weeping into Rikku's warm muscular chest.

It's an unfortunate reality. Even the good games surrendered to the Fujoshi hordes.

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this. I dont get how anyone who isn't an ultraweeb disneyfag would like this convoluted mess of a franchise.

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Adapt Marvel Heroic. Don't allow ANYONE to have Keyblades at the start, and insist they make up their own weapons to use. If they pick sword and board so be it, but hopefully people will get creative, since this is a setting that defies logic enough to allow any kind of shittastic weapon you desire. Only give out ONE Keyblade, to the most worthy player, and only after the start of the game where they've all had time to prove themselves. Whoever is the most selflessly heroic gets the Keyblade.

Oh, and before I would even begin any of this I would lay down the house rule: anyone who even MENTIONS the words "Organization" and "my" in the same sentence is kicked out the group immediately. No exceptions.

The plot would have no relation to the games, and focus on Disney and FF plots that the games have so far ignored. For example, the starter BBEG who starts all the shit off is Dr. Facilier, whose "Friends on the Other Side" send him Heartless instead of shadows. They begin to spread across worlds and destroy the PC's, forcing them to flee to New Orleans, the starter world and Traverse Town stand-in.

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I'd keep the basic ideas and rewrite the setting and story.

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It's a multiverse setting, right? So I could have stuff like Dante and Raiden show up and kick heartless ass?

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You play the games that get on consoles, and ignore the ones that don't as noncanon.

In this way, you end up with two great games and one bad one, and that's a fucking DMC franchise.

Seriously, putting aside the franchises, it's a fine action rpg system they've made.

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The flat canon is only properties owned by disney or squaresoft, which still leaves you options like marvel and star wars.

But yeah go for it. Go Cuh-Razy.

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B-but anon, Dream Drop Distance was actually a good handheld KH game, surprisingly!

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>without grimrape

...Well fine then.

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I don't give a shit, because it was on a handheld I don't own and I'm not buying one for fucking kingdom hearts.

I'll play that shit when they release it on a real console. Maybe.

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Smash Bro. makes it clear that Solid Snake can infiltrate any metaverse regardless of who owns the properties in question.

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Yes, but despite his crazyness, Raiden is still no Solid Snake.

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He can use cardboard boxes. The ultimate multiversal travel tool.

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KH1, Chain of Memories, and KH2.

I can't wait to see what KH3 does with the retarded canon. I'm sure it will be downright acrobatic.

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With any luck it will all but ignore it's own franchise and just finish the story started by one and two.

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This man. REEspect.

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Everyone always forgets CoM.

You need at least one handheld game for 2 to make sense, anons.

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BBS was released after but set before 2. Did that happen?

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I played two without ever knowing a single thing about CoM. It made perfect sense to me.

There was nothing in CoM that could not have been explained in 2; and in fact there was nothing that couldn't be inferred.

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Not even Aqua is enough reason to convolute the canon further.

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I haven't played DDD since I don't have a 3DS, should I watch it on youtube or will it just anger e?

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I'm imagining Snake drawing some dials and switches on the side of his box like Calvin and using it to traverse space and time.

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I dunno, it's the first KH game since 2 to legitimately advance the plot, so you may enjoy that aspect.

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the overall story is a fucking travesty of bad writing, imo. it feels like some edgy middle school kid's fanfic.

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>Kingdom Hearts

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I seriously don't understand this mindset at all. Calling Kingdom Hearts edgy is like... I don't even know, it's like calling disney edgy.

The -entire story- is about the triumph of human goodness and light.

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>power of friendship wins the day
>disney characters
>giant cartoonish keys as weapons
Yeah, so edgy.

Fucking dumbass.

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now that is a campaign i could get behind. a fantasy world set inside Calvin's twisted little mind.


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I stick it firmly in KH1 territory but allow the diverse combat options of BBS. There.

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Sora lamented losing his parents exactly once, after which he bucked the fuck up and spent every ounce of his energy on going to -find- his friends. He doesn't mope. He doesn't brood. He doesn't cry. He gets up and he moves and he works to accomplish his goals.

The only way you could -possibly- have this impression of him is if you had never played the game and instead imagined an entirely different scenario in your head to suit your preconceptions about squaresoft.

That or you're just a troll.

Seriously, there are legit criticisms to level at these games. Edgyness just, isn't one of them.

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I agree with namefag. Kingdom Hearts just leaves a really bad taste in my mouth even though I know very little about it. I wouldn't call it edgy; but I can imagine that the franchise has more than a nominal share of school kid angst in it.

Maybe it's because I know more about its fan-base than the actual game. The fan-base has always come off as bunch of fucking weirdos.

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I don't remember him ever mentioning his parents. As for the rest, getting past the childish hyperbole, his world has been destroyed, he's thrown into extremely unfamiliar and dangerous circumstances, and he doesn't know if his friends are even alive at the start. That Sora DIDN'T complain that much is a testament to his fortitude.

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Start by suicide. What you achieve from that point will be of little detriment to the world

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>Maybe it's because I know more about its fan-base than the actual game. The fan-base has always come off as bunch of fucking weirdos.

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that doesn't make story not shit. seriously if it was just disney stuff it would be fine, but then they stuck ff7 and onwards into it. dont even tell me that shit isnt edgy as fuck. fuck ff7.

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>Judging a series by it's fanbase.

Do you even know where you are. Do you even play traditional games?

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>Being this mad at FF7

FF characters get next to NO involvement with the goddamn plot. They are relegated to the side lines. And fuck Disney still out does them in terms of that too.

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No, fuck you edgelord. Did you actually PLAY these games? Or do you just enjoy complaining about them on the internet? If so, /v/ is to your left, go and be among your people.

For the rest of us, who remember Cloud as he was, and not how Advent Children made him, the story of FFVII itself is so much less sad than the story of what square did with the franchise when they realized that shit heads like you never got past midgar and wouldn't understand why Cloud was an awkward goofball who unironically said shit like 'Let's mosey'.

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>dont even tell me that shit isnt edgy as fuck.
It isn't. It never really was. People seem to apply Cloud's (justified) depression in Advent Children retroactively to the game, but it was never there.

That said, I don't really think the Final Fantasy characters need to be in the games either. If it were just Sora and the other original characters interacting with the Disney verse I think it would be improved. But that's not because I dislike Final Fantasy, it's just because I think it would be more consistent.

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Would your trip happen to be "FF7 literally raped my parents"?

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Why not just play a campaign based in the Disney universe alone rather than play Disney universe with final fantasy drama and convoluted plot.

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>not playing the WoD system's Ducktales: the Quackening

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I'm not sure what point you're trying to make here

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>that image


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/thread completely over.

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>implying it hasn't been so long since I last looked at that picture that the thumbnail didn't decieve me into thinking it was a rueful rather than proud look those three were sharing

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If I did, I'd give more focus on the keyblade's ability to lock/unlock anything. That's a cool and broken as hell power I'd like to see examined further, yo!

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>implying implications

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How the hell do you even hold those things.

I tried to imagibe swinging it and gave myself a phantom broken wrist.

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This. I would play.

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To be fair, two of Cloud's comrades died in his arms. Then he found out he was living a lie, and then after promising to find a cure for the space cancer that riddled the world, he contracted it and gave up. He has his reasons for being depressed.

I don't remember Sora moping at all. I just remember the goofiness and silliness and thinking that flying in Neverland was the shit.

Which reminds me, what happened to his parents in the end? Did he return to the isles? I never played too much into II.

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I briefly thought about a game once when my friends and I were heavily into Gaia and similar RP sites.
I don't think it was that bad of an idea.

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To be fair, two of Cloud's comrades died in his arms. Then he found out he was living a lie. I do kinda miss goofy "mosey" Cloud, but the dude wasn't trying to be edgy, he was more depressed and self-hating.

I don't remember Sora moping at all. I just remember the goofiness and silliness and thinking that flying in Neverland was the shit.

Which reminds me, what happened to his parents in the end? Did he return to the isles? I never played too much into II.

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No. He's pretty much been deployed continuously since the first game.

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You don't.

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It's edgy in the "Hi-I-am-twelve-years-old-and-think-I'm-so-mature" category.

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I did, they visited Princess & the frog and Scott pilgrim vs the world.

Friends from the other side was an AMAZING BOSS FIGHT.

Then the throw down in the chaos theater with a DJ who slowed, sped, and reversed time.

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Dude KH1 and CoM were actually good fucking game. Both had interesting engaging stories and were fun to play. Kh2 and up is where it began to turn to shit.

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Is there anything in this world that isn't edgy for you sperglords? It's not like I expected /tg/ to like a video game that didn't sacrifice everything else in order to have a hideously awkward P&P ruleset, 10,000 lines of text and romance options, but this is worse than /v/. Which, honestly, is sad.

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Well folks, I want to thank you for coming here today... I really struggled to write this campaign, until I stayed up for two days straight and then got drunk on wine coolers and took some of my father's heart medications by mistake. Whoo! Then the words just FLEW!

Anyhow, the concept here is a simple one: it's a multiverse-al crisis. Something at the very core of everything innocent and pure is destroying it from within, and it's up to our heroes, who are created from this kinda... multiversal... leak... to make things right!

So: long and the short. Pick two fandom universes for each of you, smush 'em together in your brain, and make a PC that results.

Oh, one rule, No repetition. I don't want an entire crew of Jedi / X or "Naruto / Y." you each get TWO. That's it.
No, i don't think "That guy from SAW" crossed with "those people from Hostel" would make an appropriate PC. Try something else.
N- No! you can't make "Bible Black / Violence jack" as a Character! My kids are just upstairs!
Okay, i just heard someone say "Superman / Goku. I'm going to lay down some rules.

Keep it to a fucking reasonable power level. Do you see "invulnerable perfect mary sue" in this book? Doo YOU? No. Didn't fucking think so. Pass the tortilla chips. Right. Let's go with... Final Fantasy and Disney. There. Reasonable power level. Final fantasy always starts you as a scrub, but disney makes you a good guy. That'll help moving the plot along

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One day, I will buy up a fuckton of bismuth. Whenever anyone says "edgy", i'd pelt them with the bismuth.

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like this

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I reminder that Sora does not get extra keyblades, but Keychains which he attaches to his kingdom hey to transform it, lest he uses a form.

So he has two or three keyblades and a shitload of keychains

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I'm making Sephiroth/Frollo. I suggest everyone consider fire resistance of some sort.

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I would turn it into a Call of Cthulhu campaign and have Disney and Square as duelling eldritch horrors.

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>anyone who even MENTIONS the words "Organization" and "my" in the same sentence is kicked out the group immediately.
Uh... I'm going to hve to ask why. Legitimately, here; I'm genuinely not trying to troll.

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>Edgyness just, isn't one of them.
This is mostly correct, actually. Riku in CoM, though, that "muh edginess" critique could be legitimately leveled at.

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Guessing that its about the Org's massive yaoi fanbase thing? Or headcanon? Like 'MY Organization member'?

>> No.29949007

>Or headcanon? Like 'MY Organization member'?
Oh god, I got the putting "my" before "Organization", but really? There are people who do this?

Okay, that's enormous bullshit. First up, that basically says that there's a Heartless version of them. Secondly, it basically makes them not only immune to Heartless, but also ridiculously strong-willed (seriously, that's how you get the non-generic Nobodies: someone ridiculously strong-willed gets Heartless'd). Basically, Organization members are kinda Mary Sues, except that they're the bad guys for at least one game.

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>mfw Disney is buying names left and right so that they can assemble the ultimate unstoppable team of badasses from across entire multiverse of children fiction

>> No.29949057

People like to create organization XIII OCs that can typically be described as "the beastist and most powerful secret 14th member of the evil organization but he is like totally a good guy".

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fucking 40k fanboys and miserable emos, when will they ever learn.

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It used to be a joke until Xion came into the picture.

>> No.29949508


To be fair, due to the low polygon count on the PSX, cloud was literally edgy as fuck.


>when will they ever learn

Probably the same moment someone recognises that OP's pic has yacko warner from animaniacs fighting The Mouse,

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Why not just emulate on a computer.

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Only if I can wield this keyblade for the touchest of battles.

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>yacko warner from animaniacs

Its Oswald the rabbit.

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I only want Darkwing Duck and the Gargoyles to appear in Kingdom Hearts. Is this too much?

>> No.29949769

Xion was just one too many; besides Namine was a nobody.
So there could be some out there.

>> No.29949952

But anon, Gargoyles sucked

>> No.29950131

And one is a canon faggot.

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Pretty much this. Even CoM I'd consider undoing if only because fuck cards

>> No.29954102

>fuck cards
I actually didn't find it too bad. Fuck Defenders, though. They were the most annoying enemy. All fucking 9s and 0s, with immunity to all frontal attacks apart from Metal Chocobo and Oblivion. Seriously, Olympus Coliseum's bounty is so dang useful.. Dodge roll. Dodge rolll SO MUCH.

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I remember those guys.

Fuck those guys too. In all their versions. So fucking bullshit.

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You're just not anime-ing hard enough.

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There is no luck. It continues right where Dream Drop Distance left off. Sora failed the mark of mastery exam, Riku passed it, a shitton of time travel shenanigans have happened and now 7 warriors of light need to gather to fight 13 warriors of darkness, most of which are clones of Xehanort, through time travel or through forcing his essence into the Organization 13 nobodies. Also, Lea(Axel) is a keyblade wielder now and no longer a nobody.

>> No.29954958

Yeah, that wasn't square's fault though. Disney wanted Square characters to be in the game too. It Square's intention initially but they agreed to it pretty easily I'm sure.

>> No.29955014

>Fuck those guys too. In all their versions. So fucking bullshit.
They didn't even have the vulnerability to frontal magic that Large Bodies had.

>> No.29955058


All of that reminds me why I hate DDD so much.

>> No.29955609

>time travel
I fucking hate time travel.

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