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Did /tg/'s opinion change about Abby?

What's the consensus? Armless failure or successful warmaster?

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Most of his Crusades seem to end in some kind of strategic success, and given the fact that he's bottled up with the most bugfuck insane fortress world in the Imperium as the stopper, managing to bust out past Cadia whenever he really needs to without losing most of his forces is an accomplishment by itself.

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>Abaddon's chosen look like freaks
>Abaddon is completely normal

I have seen loyalist marines more mutated than Abaddon.

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hes a damn sight better than the rest of the chaos commanders thats for sure. if half of whats said in the black legion supplement is true than he makes the other commanders in the setting look like world eaters mumbling about nails

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He'll never look menacing with that stupid hairstyle.

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Makes you wonder who the hell does his hair for him?

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If he ever got into a fight, you'd have to imagine the other guy grabbing it and ripping it off or using it like a handle.

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He's dothraki clearly

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I do not play 40k.

All I know about him or care to know about him is that I cannot take his hair seriously. It is utterly silly, and I imagine it would be easy to grab and yank him around with. Or provide an easy handle if a great big Daemon wanted to use him as a mace.

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At least he has a reason for dont wearing helmet.

Even if its a bad one.

Probably is his concesion to slaneesh.

>I'll kill with blood and fire, Khorne. I'll trick both allies and enemies into my will, Tzeench. I will spread despair and let the galaxy hopeless, Nurgle. I... I dont know, I'll have a fancy hairstyle and proudly display it because I'm fabulous? Does that work for you, Slaneesh? Because Im not into drugs or dicks, really. What about seeking perfection in combat? Yay? Nay? Ok, the dumb hairstyle then. I mean, cool.

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Nah, Slaanesh probably thinks it's dumb, too.

What matters is that it's EXCESSIVELY dumb.

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Abbadon is simply nothing without the topknot, you cannot deny it. it is already truth.

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>hes a damn sight better than the rest of the chaos commanders thats for sure.

You take that back right now.

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It's to reward the Imperial who might one day defeat him. It's the perfect handle to display his head.

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Just hope that he doesn't end up like this guy at 5:45


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Did he jack off too much or something?

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Are you sure Anon?

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That's not even the same hairstyle, so I don't see what you're trying to say.

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That picture isn't "menacing" so much as horribly out of proportion.

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Fun fact: Most of the Sons of Horus were recruited from a gang world called Cthonia, where topknots and mohawks were the fashion at the time. It spread from the SoH to the other Traitor Legions. So Abby's basically that guy who still wears a zoot suit and fedora to work every day.

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Why haven't I seen more of this?

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He's also the guy old enough to look good in a zoot suit and fedora.

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The first rule of drug dealing is never use your own product.

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Because GW dropped most of the 80s metal stuff when the new millenium hit.
Which is truly tragic.

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The better to mirror its counterpart.

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The thing that pisses me off as a former chaos player is that everyone says Abby-dabby is a failure but anytime he went on a black crusade he was at the very least mildly successful

In the crunch he is also, on average, the best beat stick HQ for more than one round. He trashes Draigo and thrakka.


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Doesn't that IH biker chapter master build beat him?

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I'd need to see some crunched numbers on that, but traditionally he was math-hammered out to being able to kill most anyone in his points range or below. Chapter masters with their new special gear are a bit ridiculous in a game that says "hero-hammer is bad hammer"

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A question.
Why did the Deceiver Shard guide Abaddon to the Drach'nyen?

I got a few guesses but I am bot entirely sure.

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It wants NO SPACE, NO TIME, ONLY CHAOS as vengeance against the Necrons.

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Why would you ever follow something called the Deceiver? Does he want to be deceived?

Captcha: Daniel gembash
New gnome PC!

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Once upon a time there were some Ultramarines

They fought the Nightbringer.

One got its arm cut off.

Got a cybernetic.

Realized that the cybernetic arm kept rebuilding itself every time it got damaged.

Tried to assault the fortress of an Iron Warrior/Imperial Fist hybrid.

Had his arm cut off and taken as a trophy because holy fuck thats a sweet arm.

And thats the hybrid in that pic.

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It didn't introduce itself as such. In fact, it didn't even speak to him. It just guided him to the sword.

Also Abaddon's right hand dude and adviser has the title of ''The Deceiver''.

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I just hope ADB doesn't make him cry.
But he's already introduced his own pet characters who get to call him on a first name basis, so I think it's going to get soppy.

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>Khayon, I....

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What did you guys think of Abaddon's voice in Dow2?

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Not exactly, his adviser has the title of "Lord Deceiver", no matter who he is, and that has been a thing since long before he got drach'nyen.

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Yeah, no, that sucks compared to all the stuff Abaddon did.

Well yeah, except everyone else does but nobody else can pull it off like he does.

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because most space marines wear helmets.

Mohawks have been a thing since the beginning of the game. Nowadays you'll only see it in nostalgic callbacks in concept art or FW stuff. Also some of the new SM plastics.

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Of course they can't. In any organization like this your rank is directly tied to the craziness of your hair.

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>That one guy with the hat.

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>Succeeded in a few minor campaigns and has some crazed plots that worked
>Has practically every traitor in the Eye, and several not in there, with oaths of loyalty sworn to him
>Including the Daemon Primarchs
>Literally had the Chaos Gods coming to him begging to let them help him
>Does everything on his own terms
>Is about to smash the Imperium to powder
>Is the literal antichrist
>You get the fucking idea

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I'd despoil 'er, if you get my meaning.

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Abaddon cannot beat any named Space Marine or Eldar character in a codex, so he is a fail

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Depending on which version of the rules they're they're using, he's either the lowest ranking member or the highest.

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>abaddon beating ol' Ghazzy in melee

no wai

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Do Chaos Space Marines ever remove their armor?

I mean, other than the ones whose flesh merged with their armor and Rubrics.

Does Abbadon ever take off his armor?

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That is a very weird and irrelevant question.

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One moment of weakness and someone is stabbing you with their sword.

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Abaddon? More like Abadass!

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I guess you'd get some Slanneshi marines removing/modding their armour to make it more to their liking. Other then that and for for repairs I can't see many of them taking it off

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Well it is relevant to my interests.

That is likely to happen, yes, but they should still be able to remove it, right?

CSM haven't been inside their power armors for 1000 years right?

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More like a bad one.

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yeah no
>999 M41
>still not accepting the Despoiler as your Warmaster

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You mispelled Armless, friend.

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>having a warmaster
>not realizing that giving into chaos is weakness and leaves you dead in the mud or a daemon's gut

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>le funny obsolete maymay
I bet you still post "all your base are belong to us" declinations and don't know that Squats are in the 6th edition rulebook.

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>not realizing that not bowing to Abaddon leaves you a decaying head on his trophy rack
>at best

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>Has practically every traitor in the Eye, and several not in there, with oaths of loyalty sworn to him
Because that means a lot when you're aligned with Chaos right? See Huron Blackheart.
>Including the Daemon Primarchs
Pretty sure he's got nothing on Daemon Primarchs. He's not even a Demon Prince FFS.
>Literally had the Chaos Gods coming to him begging to let them help him
>Does everything on his own terms
Like fail at 13 crusades
>Is about to smash the Imperium to powder
>Is the literal antichrist
That was more like Horus. Yabbadabbadoo isn't shit compared to Horus, who only failed because the only being more ludicrously powerful than him in the galaxy (and by default probably the most powerful being born of that realm in the galaxy) put every ounce of power into raping his face.

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> Pretty sure he's got nothing on Daemon Primarchs.
Pretty sure you didn't read BL supp.

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I'll admit I haven't. How on this gay Earth can a Primarch, a fucking Primarch, blessed with exorbitant amounts of power from a patron Chaos God, be less powerful than Abaddon?

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Failbaddon the Armless is only as hilarious as he is because of buttblasted chaosfags like yourself who throw tantrums everytime he's referred to as such.

Because EVERYTIME he is, one of you will get upset like the babies you are.

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Alpha as fuck. Isn't a slave to any one chaos lord but makes them all his bitch. 10/10 bretty gud dude would dodge exterminatus with

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>He's not even a Demon Prince FFS.

Only because he doesn't feel like it, each of the Gods have offered an he's declined every time.

>> No.29929494

>resorting to the tired old "u mad?" thing
Such a master ruseman.

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this is truth

>Kaldor is a slaaneshi boytoy
inorite, GKs a shit, Ward's mary sues
>Rawbutt Girlyman
fucking smurfs being failures, codex a shit
>Leman Russ is a total cunt
i agree, space yiffs and their plot armor, yiff in hell furfags
>Failbaddon the Armless

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Abaddon is the chosen of the Four, like Horus before him, the others are just daemons.

>> No.29929526


funny that no one else gets a choice in the matter

>> No.29929549

None of the others have the Four Gods each wanting them.

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>yfw Ward wrote Codex: Black Legion
>yfw Ward wrote all stuff about Abaddon being awesome
>yfw Abaddon is now a Wardsue

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-Yes, it means a lot when you're aligned with one of the most backstabby factions of all time

-Pretty sure he'd be less powerful as a daemon prince. And even if he can't beat them singlehandedly he can kick their minions' asses.

-yes, that's what the mark of chaos ascendant is, essentially.

-more like win at 13 crusades

-laugh all you want, pussy

-Abaddon the Despoiler has 10000 years of experience, and more control over himself than Horus ever had. He might very well be able to beat Horus. killing isn't all about being strong and fast.

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Failbaddon fanboys, everyone.

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A Sue's power makes no sense. Abaddon's power makes sense, thanks to that codex. So he can't be a Sue.

>> No.29929629

He didn't.
Authors of BL supp are some noname dudes. They had intreview in WD about it.
Not Kelly, not Ward not Curd and not Vetoc.
Can't even remember their names.

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He really could use a hand or two with his crusades.

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>and more control over himself than Horus ever had.

This, Horse was a possessed bitch nigga, Ababoo is in control.

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abaddon isnt more powerful than the primarchs

but you dont have to be the most powerful to be the best or greatest leader

he doesnt want to become a DP because he sees them as lazy and more concerned with the warp than the mortal realm
even though they are more powerful physically

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Butthurt newfags, everyone.

1d4chan is not relevant, lurk moar.

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Not a Warhammer player here, but what is it with you guys calling Space Wolves yiffs? From the images I've seen posted and the snippets of stories I've read they just seem like Vikings with an animal motif. What makes them more furry than, say, the Blood Ravens are avianoid lovers?

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Not really, no, he has all the allies he needs.

>> No.29929679

The whole "it was all part of my plan!" aspect to why all the black crusades where just fuck ups seems like a titanic asspull.
It would have been more graceful just to retcon him into doing something more valuable with his time.

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Their whole schtick is acting like wolves, shitting like wolves, hunting like wolves, shitting like wolves, bringing wolves to the battlefield, naming everything after wolves and inserting a wolf pack reference in every sentence.

They're much more wolf wannabes than they are vikings.

>> No.29929687

He ain't got no arms

>> No.29929689

Vikings in Space is what they were originally, progressive fluff played up the WOLF side of things progressively more and more. Until the point we now have SW riding wolves

>> No.29929692

>Talk about wolves all the time
>Are named after wolves
>Wear wolves
>Ride wolves
>Turn into wolves

>> No.29929713

>Vikings in Space is what they were originally
But when?
2nd edition codex is already pretty much wolfed.

>> No.29929717

The Blood ravens just use the raven as their chapter emblem (and there's the magpie joke) whereas the Space Wolves name EVERYTHING after wolves, incorporate wolf bits and wolves into EVERYTHING and according to recent material, their giant wolves are actually mutant humans (becoming a literal wolf is a furry's wet dream).

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>someone who is too autistic to take a joke calling other people butthurt
Oh do carry on.
And with the squats comment, I'm 99% sure you're also the guy who made that thread dedicated to your autism on the subject.

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You made a grievous mistake here: you interpreted every single crusade as being meant to destroy the Imperium once and for all. But it was never specified in the fluff. You are just saying that because you took /tg/'s gross overstatements and jokes way too seriously.

>> No.29929781

>Not "Totally armless"

You had one job.

Speaking of this, anybody got the old WD Battle Report that actually resulted in fluff being made canon? You know, the one where he attacks some Ulthwé Eldar and Eldrad nearly kills him (well, he does, but in fluff the Chaos Gods save him)... The last time this happened was the one when Manfred kidnapped the Eleven Princess (EverQueens daughter?) after the VC won the BR. This, of course, is changed by his majesty, Matt Ward, as, of course, his precious elves can't have shit like that happen... So Teclis and Tyrion go and rescue her... but to save his skin, he makes them come out of the Citadel to a huge VC army led by Manfred which hasn't been 'fought'.

The last time stuff which was made fluff based on a battle report was the Triumph of Treachery expansion for WHFB.

>> No.29929803

Not half as much as now.

You see, it can't be a joke unless it's inserted in a relevant context. The context you're referring to does not exist (and may never have existed).
Ergo you aren't making a joke, you are just pitifully trying to insult one of the last few bits of decently-written GW fluff.

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most furfags dont into birds

they into wolves, foxes, lions and shit

>> No.29929825

Please point to a single codex point before the reveal that implies otherwise. Preferably one where you don't have to do mental acrobatics to twist it in to your interpretation.
Face it, GW fucked up with a character you liked and their retcon was painfully obvious.

>> No.29929852

>You see, it can't be a joke unless it's inserted in a relevant context.
You see, this is why people call you autistic.
Clearly you're the only person who has an issue with this.

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>all these people analmad about "armless" jokes

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The burden of proof lies on YOU. YOU are the one who read that the black crusades were a threat against the Imperium and inferred from it that every single one of them was supposed to end the Imperium. despite the fact (and there I go proving you that even the old fluff suggests the contrary of your assumptions) that there were many of them and that making a supposedly-threatening character fail repeatedly makes zero sense from a writer's perspective.

so bring me some proof.

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Only if you assume no charging, no wounds allocated previously (Abaddon obliterates him handily if they've both suffered one wound before combat begins), no psychic powers, no squad-related buffs (such either one being in a squad with a banner), etc.

In other words, only under a bunch of assumptions that make math easy, but that don't often happen in real life (smashfucker has to have thunder hammer+lightning claw and a bike, you can see him coming from a mile away).

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>> No.29929910

13 crusades in the codexes prior with fuck all to show for it until the retcon, yet Abaddon being regarded as the single greatest threat to the Imperium.
Bang, my work done, show me the proof that there was some deeper meaning to it, or fuck off until you can.

>> No.29929921

Just because you put "anal" in your sentence and greentext it doesn't mean you aren't the one who's wrong and should stop posting.

Yes, but you see, this is why they're wrong to call me autistic. In fact I'd be more justified to call YOU autistic, since autists lack common sense and thus can't into humor, which makes them find the same shit funny long after it has stopped being so.

>> No.29929957

Simple: it was said repeatedly that Abaddon was a thorn in the Imperium's side and that each of his crusade brought countless worlds to ruins. That is literally all there is to say to prove you wrong and they did it.

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You are so upset. Are crying that I am making old jokes you no longer like? Are tears of grease and butterscotch gliding along your ham-like cheek?

>> No.29929996

Every faction that isn't the Imperium, Tau, or Eldar are all considered the greatest threat to the Imperium doe.
Ghazghkull is constantly wrecking shit around Armageddon, Hivefleet whatever is a comin', Black Crusades are fucking happening all the time, and I don't even know what the Necrons are on about these days, but I'm most positive that they're flying around wrecking Imperium shit too.

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Difficulty understanding jokes, figures of speech or sarcasm.
Difficulty understanding group interactions.
Seems unable to understand another’s feelings.
Talks excessively about one or two topics

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The fluff has changed. It's repeatidly stated than the Emperor didn't want to kill Horus when they fought, he wanted to change Horus's mind. It wasn't until Olli Pious sacrificed himself did the Emperor suddenly go "Maybe he's too far gone" and REMOVED HIM FROM EXISTENCE. It was stated in several fluff bits the Emperor could have killed him at any time, but didn't.

>> No.29930027

No. You, on the other hand, seem to be at such a loss for words that you resort to the same weak strategy over and over again, making you sound more retarded each time.

>> No.29930028

Why don't we have a pic of Abby with in a zoot suit and Fedora?

>> No.29930053

>I burned a few worlds like every major faction has, IT'S ALL A MASTER PLAN GUISE, not me doing as much damage as I can
Good work there, I bought it hook line and sinker. Just be aware, you are strong in the way of the bait, young ruseman, but you are not a troll yet.

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Well dam, you got me
I'll just post Abbadon in mental inferiority

>> No.29930061

>anybody got the old WD Battle Report that actually resulted in fluff being made canon? You know, the one where he attacks some Ulthwé Eldar and Eldrad nearly kills him (well, he does, but in fluff the Chaos Gods save him)...
I saw it on /tg/ once.
Trying to find now.

>> No.29930076

13th "devastating" world shattering crusades and.... Nothing's changed.

My favorite crusade was the one where thousands or irreplaceable heresy veterans died so he could get a close combat weapon

>> No.29930084

According to the Nid codex, the Necrons are more pissed off with them (Nids) because they're wrecking their galaxy. Which should be theirs to wreck, or not wreck.

Also, Chaos is pissed. But Necrons are more pissed. However, it does say somewhere there are Nids which can consume metal.

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>> No.29930091

Abaddon is the better Warmaster, not the better single combatant.

An important distinction, although he is clearly also a very powerful fighter and will destroy most things in his tier and quite a few above.

>> No.29930092

>It wasn't until Olli Pious sacrificed himself did the Emperor suddenly go "Maybe he's too far gone"

That isn't right. Pius took a shot for the Emperor before that was even a thing.
It was a Terminator that got killed that made the Emperor think clearly, and that was later retconned into a Custode.

>> No.29930110

You see I could conceivably have difficulty understanding your attempt at a joke, if it was a joke in the first place. But visibly my common sense isn't lacking at all, since I'm sensible enough to identify what you did as an attempt to create humor. I can identify under which circumstances something can or cannot be funny. You can't.
In fact the last three criteria apply to you more than they apply to me: you don't understand that the context for your attempt at a joke to work doesn't exist anymore because you're socially inept, you can't fathom that people might not find you funny, and you talk excessively about a tired old meme as if it were still fresh.

>> No.29930123

Metal is kinda sorta needed for things to live anyways, I don't doubt the nids could consume living metal.

>> No.29930140

Sweet, cheers bro. Somebody posted it on /tg/ ages ago and I asked for the full thing, but never saved the fluff bit.

Was pretty awesome. I miss the BR in WD when they used to be short-stories, rather than dice-roll stats.

I wonder if the new weekly mag will have more of such things... While the monthly artbook will be cool.

>> No.29930157

Here it is.

>> No.29930163

No, you don't understand that it was never implied that each crusade was meant to do more than burn a few (actually many) worlds. It wasn't even implied that there was a master plan.

You are so hellbent on misinterpretating things that you end up seeing suggestions of a master plan back when there was none.

>> No.29930175
File: 199 KB, 1500x1500, 1257115642112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29930206

True they have been stated to struggle consuming metals but they can do it, also pyrovores now just melt anything like rocks or metal to let nids eat it

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>ya..ya! I'm so smart and your dumb for posting abby
>I'm so smart
>fuck 4chan

>> No.29930216

>Nothing's changed

Except, you know, a few thousand worlds in ruins, the forces of Chaos finally united against the Imperium with tons of superweapons, billions of slaves, the Imperium having to mobilize a huge amount of resources to deal with one more threat they can hardly handle...

>> No.29930218

Yup, it used to be a simple IG dude, then it was a Terminator, then a Custode. Either way, it's still the case that Big E could have raped Horus as soon as he saw him.

Indeed, but I have a friend who is a Necron-fan boy, who doesn't accept anything from 3rd onwards. He doesn't believe the Nids are any threat to the Necrons cause of the way Gauss weaponry works, he says that they can't develop resistance to it.

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You sexy beast.

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File: 90 KB, 800x600, 1201379790946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

last one

>> No.29930258

I'm not that smart, you know, I'm just your average human being, mentally speaking. Maybe even a little under that level since I go on 4chan. But you, god damn it, you are actually what many people would genuinely call mentally retarded in a court of law.

>> No.29930276

>Yup, it used to be a simple IG dude

No, it didn't. The story you refer to originated with a Terminator and then became a Custodian. Pius was not involved with that story at all.

>> No.29930281

>Yup, it used to be a simple IG dude, then it was a Terminator, then a Custode. Either way, it's still the case that Big E could have raped Horus as soon as he saw him.
Wrong. Ollanius was originally just some dude that the Guardsmen venerated for standing up to Horus some time; the guy from the flagship was originally an Imperial Fist Terminator (back in the Realm of Chaos books). The two got conflated by idiot fanboys.

>> No.29930293

Huh, really? I swear I read somewhere.... Oh well. Either way, it doesn't matter. Thanks for clearing it up though.

>> No.29930305


And yet... Nothing's changed.

>> No.29930307


The Gothic War.


He's plunged several sectors of the Imperium into anarchy, killed billions, and wiped out or actually destroyed worlds.
Sure, it wasn't an overwhelming success. He only ended up with 2 out of the 6 Blackstone Fortresses. He ended up retreating back into the eye.

But if the Gothic War is counted as the 12th Black Crusade, what for Abaddon was basically a shopping trip for the Blackstone Fortresses and a shakedown cruise for the Planet Killer.

You've got to wonder how many other "Black Crusades" were Abaddon heading out into the galaxy to fetch something he wanted or needed.

>> No.29930311


That'll explain why it's got confused in my head canon.... But, thanks, appreciate it.

>> No.29930323

>I'm just normal
>You're a tard
>trying to be smug anonymously

This is why you hate the old joke, you're a newfag

>> No.29930342

Aaron Dembski-Bowden isn't "Some no-name dude".

>> No.29930348
File: 1.02 MB, 762x1170, 1984-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>many many things have changed
>and yet nothing's changed

>> No.29930392

Oh, wait, you're an oldfag and in spite of all your first-hand experience of how this board has evolved you still believe that you were funny!?!
This is getting worse and worse.
You even go as far as calling "I'm just normal" a smug attitude.

>> No.29930411

What has ADB to do with it.
I was talking about Black Legion supplement authors.

>> No.29930421

I wish they did this more often, but the problem is that they always CHEAT.

I would be really cool or them to decide the future direction of their fluff by a battle report, but every time they have, it seems they already had planned out how they wanted the fluff to go, so instead, they mix in ever-greater amounts of bullshit to steer the plot back to where they wanted.

They probably gave up back in the 90s, when Gav Thorpe lost every battle by 1VP (back when games usually ended with between 10-20VP per side), on the side that was supposed to win.

I did like back in the first Apocalypse book, where they had a 12,000 point battle report. Even though Abaddon lost, it was only by a whisker, and it set up the fluff of Abaddon becoming obsessed with killing Creed.

>> No.29930502

He actually comes off as the most competent commander in the setting, though that's obviously not saying much.

>> No.29930537
File: 338 KB, 1084x230, 1377044925193.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

His vintage Eldar slaves.

>> No.29930597


Lets have a look at the Crusades (according to Lexicanum)

1 - Massive Zerg rush out of the Eye. Kill fuckloads of people, eventually get pushed back. - Yeah, Abby done goofed. He did get a shiny sword out of this one tho.

2 - Holy shit, they just fortified the fuck out of Cadia. ATTACK! - Yup. Pretty fucking stupid this one. Although, he now knows just how well the Imperium can respond to attacks now.

3 - Right, this prophesy says this bastard's gonna be a big deal in the final battle. Better make sure he can't be reborn for that. Quick! You lot! Attack Cadia! I'll just wander off over here and desecrate me a tomb. Victory!

4 - Right! To Terra! You lot go attack Cadia. Yes yes yes, I know you got fucked up last time, just fucking do it... .. ... Well, we're halfway there, and I'm bored. That planet over there looks like fun. Lets fuck it up. What do you mean we're surrounded and outnumbered. Oh fuck it, lets go home. - Yeah, this one was outright retarded.


>> No.29930624


>Many many things have changed

Eh, about as relevant as codex fluff,

Unless the status quo changes, which it hasn't, then nothing's really happened.

>> No.29930783


5 - Right, you lot go attack any planet you can find, I want a shitload of Imperials to come at me.
Oi! Doombreed, greatest DP of Khorne, will you work for me in exchange for the skulls of an entire chapter of murheens? Sweet.
Hey Doombreed, here's 2 chapters worth. I rock that much.
- Resounding victory

6 - That guy's a douche. Hey that guy! Wanna have a Black Crusade?... ... ... Well that guy, we won. Have a beer. And a power claw to the gut. All your dudes are mine now. - Victory

7 - Hey Cadia... We're going to fly straight past you and play silly buggers for a decade or two... catch us if you can! - Um... okay, Victory? I dunno, they went home without being beaten

8 - I'm sorry Tzeentch, you want me to do what? I don't get it. No-one gets it. What the fuck dude? Oh fine, I'll go do it... ... ...Done, happy now? - Victory, Tzeentch sent him to do some shit, and he did.

>> No.29930822

The Imperium designate (some of) Abaddon's many attacks as Black Crusades. Abaddon doesn't make the distinction - he has ONE Black Crusade, which has been going non-stop for 10,000 years.

Not everything Abaddon does is considered by the Imperium to be a Black Crusade (source: Codex Eye of Terror, 3E).

Also, it's explicitly stated that some of the Black Crusades were "small raids" and so clearly not intended to topple the Imperium (Codex: Chaos/Chaos Space Marines, every edition).

Abaddon fights wars all over the place, some in the material realm, but many more in the Eye or the Webway, unseen (and not counted or cared about) by the Imperium. Abaddon has lead armies into every segmentum (most recently Pandorax).

Other Chaos Lords and even Daemon Primarchs lead Black Crusade-sized incursions into the Imperium (Angron and the Dominion of Fire or the First Battle for Armageddon, Mortarion on occasion), but these are not called Black Crusades.

>> No.29930869

The Deceiver wanted him to be successful. It was manipulating events and setting him up for the Gothic War. It was all part of a scheme to get Blackstone Fortresses out of the way.

>> No.29931083


9 - I wanna go fuck up that navy fortress. Right, if I go here first and fuck people up, they'll leave their fortress, and I can proceed to fuck it up... ... ... Done! The fortress is down. Okay guys, have fun attacking everything in the area. - Victory

10 - Hey Perturabo, I want to see if it's possible to get out of here without going past Cadia. Whatcha think? Okay, sure I'll go fuck up some Iron Hands for ya, no worries.
Hey sweet guys, you fucked up their entire system. I can use some of this info later. Shall we head home before the rest of them show up? - Victory. He knows he get get his hands on ways out that don't involve Cadia, and fucked up the Iron Hands.

11 - Okay, lets see if we can get out with daemony shenanigans. No need to rely on the Iron Warriors... ... ... Okay, not such a successful idea. Oooh... Imperial World. While we're here, it would be rude not to. Oooh, Orks. Hey, these'll make great test subjects. Lets go home.
- Failure, but with shiny stuff at the end of it.

12 - Those fortresses look shiny. What do they do. FIRE PURE WARP ENERGY? Shiiiit... I want. - Partial Victory. 2 warp cannons is better than none.

13- Well, we all know this one goes.

>> No.29931194


And the scores!

Fail - 4 (1, 2, 4,11 )
Win - 7 (3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12)
Draw - 2 (7, 13)

I dunno, he wins more than he looses. Plus, as >>29930822 has pointed out, some of those named crusades are really not worthy of the name.

>> No.29932226

>Other Chaos Lords and even Daemon Primarchs lead Black Crusade-sized incursions into the Imperium (Angron and the Dominion of Fire or the First Battle for Armageddon, Mortarion on occasion), but these are not called Black Crusades.
Black Crusade of Jihar the Lacerator. Black Crusade of Tallomin. Black Crusade of Von Mallas. Black Crusade of Furion.

There are lots of Black Crusaes.

>> No.29932445

Tallomin's Black Crusade is the same as Abaddon's first (or was it second? One of Abby's campaigns, anyway).

>> No.29932502

Abaddon trashes ghazzy after his WAAAGH is over. Abaddon can weather the blows because he's EW as well.

>> No.29932580

13 was supposed to be an overwhelming victory for Chaos. Chaos had the most wins in the old batreps and Abby was going to ascend.

Then GW got bought.

>> No.29932667

I maintain that Ghazghkull could take Abaddon in fluff terms though.

>> No.29932826

>Chaos had the most wins in the old batreps and Abby was going to ascend.
No they didn't.
Chaos had a minor victory on land and got utterly stomped in space.

>> No.29932866

You're thinking of the fluff, I'm talking about the GW tourney batreps.

>> No.29932872

I'm a chaos player and I totally see Ghazkull stomping out. Its like in fantasy when Archaon got stomped by Grimgor. For some reason, I think the logic is that the best warrior humanity have, empowered by the dark gods, being a chosen one carrying unholy and ancient artefacts, should be the most dangerous mortal around.

But I also think Orks can defy all kinds of logic because fuck you, I'm so orky to think about it. And I love that.

The "serious" part of 40k exists only to make more hilarious things like these. IMO.

>> No.29932875

Why is everyone in this thread so up in arms

>> No.29932887

>I'm talking about the GW tourney batreps
So am I. I played the fucking BFG campaign. Chaos got shat on.

>> No.29932926
File: 266 KB, 260x360, durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29932939

I still remember the battle report that created Ghazghul and Ragnar Blackmane through the old character creation thing they had back in the day. That was fucking cool. Wish they'd kept their fluff connected since they debuted together.

>> No.29932978

Pretty sure you're wrong.
>pics or it didn't happen

>> No.29932985

The space campaign. For Eye of Terror.

>> No.29932999

Eldrad was able to do it.
Ghazzy probably could.

>> No.29933010

Pretty sure I'm not.

>pics or it didn't happen
Do you have pictures of the batreps?

>> No.29933043
File: 23 KB, 195x186, 1388297044689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Retconning the Black Crusades so that twelve of them were aimed at accomplishing nothing of any strategic importance whatsoever is no better than failing thirteen times in a row to make in one step out of the Eye of Chaos.

>> No.29933102


I just think you're wrong.

But maybe my source is wrong.

Am I wrong?

>> No.29933202
File: 125 KB, 1337x680, Blood Ravens Primarch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29933228

Maybe, though it would probably not happen.

Both are unusually good Strategic commanders, marshaling and deploying massive (even by 40k standards) military forces. But Abaddon is a much better tactical commander; wherever he is attacking, it's because he's at the tip of a surgical strike to achieve a critical objective where he, personally, is able to tip the odds. He doesn't fight just anybody.

Ghaz on the other hand is not shown to really do this, nor to have the logistical capabilities to do this. It's been Abaddon's style since his legion days. But Ghaz doesn't - even though he sometimes leads from the front. Even in the Piscina campaign, where he had Tellyportas and might have benefited greatly from ripping Belial's head off early, he didn't make this an objective, instead focusing on the overall goal of his attacks rather than the details of how it might be achieved. Thinking big comes naturally to Orks, insofar as they are able to think at all; and sure, Ghaz is a tactical genius by Ork standards. But he's nothing that'd compare with Abaddon.

>> No.29933341

Overpriced by 20points.

Most other chaos characters are poorly costed as well, the exception being Kharn who is almost perfect.

>> No.29933395

Kharn is beautiful. For 160pts I killed 2 squads of shootinators, a tactical squad, and a Librarian.

>> No.29933402

I think Abaddon is more aware of the time-distortion effects of the warp. So much so his plans run on the principal that they will weaken the Imperium for decades / long run whilst for him its only a few weeks / months during his warp journeys.

>> No.29933510

He is glorious. But he's just a little short; needing Eternal Warrior and to lose COC.

Infact his ruleset and price is pretty much the best balance in the whole codex. This largely comes from his warlord trait though which helped fix his betrayer rule to actually being something of interest, rather than self-defeating. His biggest problem before was that he was too-high risk on the charge to run with a squad. Now however you get that important turn-1 charge off reliably and then he loses steam pretty quickly.

I hope next edition he loses the forced-to-duel and instead gains eternal warrior and the merge his hatred incarnate rule into him rather than as a warlord trait..

>> No.29933605

Which while ADB didn't write, he was directly responsible for a series of massive edits and changes to the supplement, as the original descriptions of the Black Crusades were pathetic.

>> No.29933734

And my source:

>> No.29933804

Well, it's weird because there's somehow still that ridiculous assault on Medusa.

>> No.29933856

You mean the one that was a global campaign whose outcome and scale had long since been decided?

>> No.29933946

No, the 10th Black Crusade.

>> No.29934010

How does the Black Legion treat regular humans? Whats the endgame for them if they take Terra?

>> No.29934232

>How does the Black Legion treat regular humans?
Slave bitches.
>Whats the endgame for them if they take Terra?
Destroy, for the sake of destruction. Kill, for the sake of killing.

Actually Abaddon wants to create a Chaos Imperium.

>> No.29934282

>Slave bitches.
Even the ones who join willingly? I mean humans out number the shit out of Astartes

>> No.29934351

"You Have Failed Me For the Last Time" is an actual rule of Abaddon's, and it means if the ship he is actually on fails a leadership test to do something, the Black Legion butchers a bunch of the crew.

They are slave bitches. The only ones he respects are the ones who have power of some sort or are really good at their jobs.

>> No.29934675

>You Have Failed Me For the Last Time" is an actual rule of Abaddon

It's great to have a leader who always holds himself to the same expectations that he demands of his men.

>> No.29935057

Ok so if I was a really good chef serf on a ship of his would he help me pound down some natty ices?

>> No.29935071


He has footholds in Cadia. He has demonstrably whittled away at the Imperium which is slowly crumbling. If Cadia falls, the Imperium if done for. Seems like things are going his way. He's even managed to avoid becoming a puppet of the Gods like Horus.

>> No.29936517

Who else thinks that if GW really wants to make Abaddon seem more competent, they should just retcon the number of Black Crusades down? Like, way down.

Or maybe retcon the number of Black Crusades that Abaddon was actually in charge of.

>> No.29936710

He looks fucking obese.

>> No.29937153

Hey, not the first time. There's a character in the Space Wolf novels who's obese because his gene-seed is funny. He's also immensely strong even for a Marine.

>> No.29937803
File: 219 KB, 583x987, abaddon-bfg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>854.M41 The Pilgrimage of Dark Lament
>Gifted with a dark vision of the Despoiler, millions of pilgrims abandon their worship of the God-Emperor and turn their ships toward the Eye of Terror. After a long and perilous journey in which thousands perish, the pilgrims finally reach worlds held by the Black Legion, where they are immediately enslaved. Even as they wail and moan under the whips of their masters, the pilgrims give thanks to the Despoiler.

>> No.29937855

>cultist logic

>> No.29938661

>status quo
The status quo is something Abaddon has had ten thousand years of a hand in making, you insufferable, nutbutter-guzzling shit smear on the taint of my species.

>> No.29938730
File: 860 KB, 1920x1080, Crusades.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Or, maybe, report the events from CHaos' perspective?

13 Crusades, all victories for Chaos:

M31 -
01st Cadia: Successful feint - a Daemon Sword is acquired ...
02nd Belis Corona: Successful raid, a major shipyard pillaged
M32 -
03rd Gerstahl: Successful remote ritual, powerful relics attained
M34 -
04th Kromarch: Successful assault wherein retribution is achieved
M36 -
05th Elysia Sector: Successful strike - 2 enemy chapters destroyed
06th Arkreath: Successful assassination, Sons of Horus fealty-sworn
M37 -
07th Ghost War: Successful harvest - Blood Angels gene-seed acquired
08th Segmentum Obscurus: Successful mission, daemonic alliances formed
M38 -
09th Cancephalus: Successful ambush, Imperial naval academy destroyed
M39 -
10th Helica Sector: Successful cull, Iron Hands chapter decimated
11th Waaargh Murgor: Successful harvest, xeno specimens acquired
139.M41 -
12th Gothic Sector: Successful capture of 2 Blackstone Fortresses
999.M41 -
13th (Present): Successfully trolling Loyalist players for decades.

>> No.29939170

Dude you are just getting acoustically mad

>> No.29939234


Your post just makes me think of Abaddon, coming back from another 'successful' black crusade where he lost most of his men and barely dented the imperium and going NAILED IT!

>> No.29939478

knows nothing; can't help coming.

>> No.29939528

for 10,000 years.

>> No.29939634

>uh oh they're refuting my argument, better say 'u mad' and mischaracterize Abaddon again

>> No.29939787

>it does say somewhere there are Nids which can consume metal.

You have a streak of making stuff up. Nowhere does it say Tyranids eat metal.

The Pyro-Nid thing is designed to melt biomass into easy o swallow goo.

>> No.29939809

He also lost a lot of his forces getting doing these main objections

in pandorax he lost a TON of his fleet just for getting that pysker that might result in slaanesh avatar or something.

key word being MIGHT

It feels like GW is trying to hard and resulted in making Abaddon an even bigger joke because now he's too retarded to even see his wins are render pointless due to losses

>> No.29939810

Remember when Daemon flesh rebelled inside Tyranids and burst out of them. It's likely to happen with the Nids foolish enough to devour LIVING metal.

Also how can you develop resistance to having your body broken down at an atomic level.

>> No.29939840

Dunno, Fulgrim knows what he's doing.

>> No.29939844

With the C'tan as shards, wouldn't wanting the BSFs removed be pointless?

>> No.29939847

>Nowhere does it say Tyranids eat metal.
I forget where, but it totally does. It says trace metals are incorporated into chitin.

>> No.29939862

>A Pyrovore is a species of Tyranid which pre-digests biomass to provide minerals and fuel for the Tyranid Hive Fleet. Its body is a complex array of bladders and stomachs, driven by the instinctive need to feed, with a deadly maw dripping with corrosive acids strong enough to break down flesh, bone and armour into a smouldering mucous. They are often found on battlefields feasting on the dead and wounded, and can even devour metals and rocks.
>can even devour metals and rocks

>> No.29939871
File: 509 KB, 1168x1618, 49.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In this case he's actually right. Both the previous and current codex mention the Pyrovore eating metal/making it edible for other nids.

>Pyrovores exist primarily to pre-digest biomass. As such they are commonly found roaming the corpse-choked battlefields where they feast on the bodies of the dead and wounded, the Pyrovore’s complex array of bladders and stomachs breaking down the corpses’ fleshy tissues into flammable gasses. So powerful are the acidic fluids inside a Pyrovore that they even feast on metals and rocks, any mineral the Hive Fleet may require. If undisturbed, a Pyrovore can continue to gorge itself for hours, or even days, pausing only to attack those foolish enough to stray too close.
- 5E codex

>Pyrovores exist to pre-digest biomass; their maws drip with acids that reduce flesh, metal and even stone to a smouldering mucous for consumption by other Tyranids.
- 6e codex

>> No.29939934

I guess I was wrong. Eh...

Still Tyranids will probably leave Necrons because of their soulless nature which unsettles the Tyranids and the fact that the metal lives.

>> No.29939968

No he doesn't

he was trapped in a painting and then "LoL I was only pretending to be retarded"

they can still pose a threat. plus it would seem most of the unpokeballed shards are the Deceiver so it would make scene he would get rid of them in case he ever wanted to pull himself back together

>> No.29940034

Where does it say it unsettles the nids?

>> No.29940037

The Deceiver might want to go after the Silent King's arsenal instead, because it was these weapons that defeated the C'tan. Considering that the C'tan were dominating the war and ultimately defeated the Old Ones, the BSFs must have been ineffective.

>> No.29940053
File: 570 KB, 589x581, Soullessness and null fields.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Necron codex.

>> No.29940093

Null fields are not Necrons.

>> No.29940118

Read it again. It says that the soullessness of the Necrons unsettles the Nids. The Null fields make that effect of the Necron soullessness even worse on the Tyranids and the Hivemind.

>> No.29940135

unless the BSF were captured and used by the Silent King

but then again the Silent King isn't a current threat since he only controls a few tomb worlds and is busy fighting the nids

>> No.29940287
File: 508 KB, 775x465, C'tanNecrowar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unless the BSF were captured and used by the Silent King

Necrons with Warp-Tech? Unlikely. He doesn't even need them.

>Silent King isn't a current threat

The Silent King knows the location of the cosmic weapons. This makes him a threat.

Also he has Praetorian as his loyal servants who enforce his will. They are present in almost all dynasties. It takes one order from him for the Praetorian to open up the vaults and sanction the use of these superweapons. This ups the threat level even further.

>> No.29940299
File: 126 KB, 873x627, 1391243844875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or maybe the Blackstones never existed back then and have been quietly retconned into something else, even if that something else is "dunno lol". Hurrah.

Are they even still the Talismans of Vaul? I don't recall the term coming up in the Black Legion supplement, and the 6th edition Eldar codex doesn't mention the Blackstone Fortresses at all, while the previous one did.

>> No.29940393

>even if that something else is "dunno lol". Hurrah.

If you are willing to make the logic leap that the Stone God in Outer Reach is the same Stone God Abaddon found. You might get your answer.

>> No.29940903

How could it possibly be pointless?

>> No.29941008

C'tan shards are killable by pretty much anything. Going after the fortresses seems pointless.

>> No.29941147


and its still pathetic

it comes off as "See we're not failures you guys!"

>> No.29941169

its worst when you kill them because now they can escape and reform

>> No.29941187

he really needs to lose the topknot, it looks lame

other than that, since ADB's gonna retcon fucking everything he's gonna be cool as fuck

>> No.29941235

>other than that, since ADB's gonna retcon fucking everything he's gonna be cool as fuck

And very homoerotic.

>> No.29941283

>other than that, since ADB's gonna retcon fucking everything he's gonna be sad as fuck


>> No.29941972

>C'tan shards are killable by pretty much anything.
But that's wrong. They're Shards because they're fucking hard to completely destroy.

>> No.29941996

Throw them in the Warp or use a vortex weapon.


>> No.29942032



>> No.29942141

And that's what the Blackstones are for. Thing is that they're built to scale needed to get to job done.

>> No.29942154

>he was trapped in a painting and then "LoL I was only pretending to be retarded"
Yeah, that's what's so great about him. Fucking over everybody, no fucks given as he goes.

>> No.29942158

A bit of an overkill considering they are shards now.

>> No.29942185

A shard of the Deciever survived in the warp and fought Cypher there.

>> No.29942230

Vortex weapons wouldn't work, in one of the black crusade books you can explore a planet that serves as one of the 'exit points' for vortex weapons, it's filled with junk strange weapons and a pack of insane cackling chaos dreadnoughts that have banded together to fight the other creatures that have ended up there.

>> No.29942248


>> No.29942272


Sounds pretty fucking cool even if it is FFG

>> No.29942284

>implying FFG writes bad fluff
Seriously, their Black Crusade stuff is golden compared to most of what GW churns out.

>> No.29942307

>Everyone and everything encompassed by the vortex is destroyed; all matter and energy is drawn through the vortex and it is turned into the very stuff of the warp.
>lel actually it goes to a planet

>> No.29942313


>all vortex weapons are the same

>> No.29942332

>Why can't my bolter fire roses that give enemies embarrassing erections?

>> No.29942336
File: 429 KB, 899x486, Banished.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The vortex grenade used on the shard in Damnos sucked it into a hole and was described to be banished into the Warp not destroyed.

>> No.29942340


>Implying my bolter doesnt do that

Get on my level faggot

>> No.29942351


C'tan confirmed to have genders.

>> No.29942352


Well that's fucking anticlimactic.

>> No.29942402

The planet is stated as only one exit point for some weapons, most of the stuff there is junk and bits of things that got torn off and dumped there.

>> No.29942409

You couldn't tell from the models?

>> No.29942423

In which BC is it?

>> No.29942465

Tome of Fate I think.

>> No.29942516
File: 1.69 MB, 2255x1608, Deceiver.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's always been inconsistent. Old fluff tended to favour 'it', while newer leans more towards just referring to them as 'he's. But there are plenty of exceptions in both cases, presumably depending on who's writing them at the time.

On the other hand, the Chaos Gods are pretty much always referred to as dudes. Except for Slaanesh who sometimes mixes it up when the topic is Eldar, being both the Dark Prince and She Who Thirsts.

>> No.29942536

The Eldar birthed Slaanesh.

I say they are the authority on Slaanesh's true gender.

>> No.29942538

I like this write-up about him;


Also the Black Crusades were never supposed to be about destroying the Imperium in one fell swoop. Ever. It's not a modern rewrite to make Abaddon seem like less of a failure, just a failure on the part of the reader assuming that that was ever the goal.

>> No.29942691

Except they turned away upon the birth in disgust, while humanity has embraced the Dark Prince.

>> No.29942715
File: 1.28 MB, 600x800, The Dark Master.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see why Be'lakor feels connected and drawn to Abaddon. They share much in common expect the freewill and freedom part.

I also see the sense behind the old fluff piece in which a warp witch told of a possible future where the Chaos Gods would destroy Abaddon for his betrayal.

>> No.29942729


>> No.29942864

Yeah, that's why daemonettes eventually became ugly.
Humanity has no taste.

>> No.29942920
File: 1.34 MB, 584x903, Hawt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are evolving noses too.


>> No.29942935 [SPOILER] 
File: 57 KB, 600x800, 1264153103177.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ew. Not at all like my perfect pure blueberry waifus.

>> No.29942951

Ahhhh...MY EYES!

>> No.29942966
File: 44 KB, 383x388, beauty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29943113

"trace metals" is not the same as "and then he ate a big pile of iron ore"

>> No.29943133

And that's why I should read everything before replying.
Shameful dispray.

>> No.29943787

Topknot just doesn't work on model as GW can't model for shit

>> No.29943812

>he really needs to lose the topknot, it looks lame

Now, that's Heresy. Topknots are an essential part of 40k's aesthetic, along with flashy hats, oversized shoulderpads, superflous spikes and unnecessary skulls. We should have more enormous topknots, not less.

I'm actually being serious, topknots look awesome.

>> No.29943814

The fortresses do look v pyramid like - the gothic long docks disguise it

>> No.29943886


Is resources really a problem for Chaos? I can't see Abaddon giving a solitary fuck about how many guys he loses when he can manifest limitless daemons at his beck and call and Fabius Bile can churn out CSM at a horrific rate.

>> No.29943943

The newfangled CSM are semi-expendable, maybe, but the veterans are certainly not.

>> No.29943947

ADB's Night Lords book made it clear that logistics are always a concern, even for Abbadon.

>> No.29943987

Abaddon used the term ''Thin-Blood'' to describe current day marines.

Are WoD now?

>> No.29943998

He's just jealous because all 4 greatest chapter masters could totally stomp him.

>> No.29944022

Calgar, Dante, Logan, and who's the fourth?

>> No.29944032

Fuck me, they are 3.
But you can also count Draigo.

>> No.29944040


>> No.29944229


Gav Thrope literally admitted to the only reason Slaanesh being referred to as "She Who Thirsts" is because "It Who Thirsts" sounded "lame". Slaanesh is androgynous and gender is pretty fluid within Eldar culture. You get female "Young Kings" etc.

>> No.29944284

I believe if tumblrfeminists bother themselves to acknowledge that they will instantly became mad for the fact a term "Young Queen" doesn't exeist.

>> No.29944313

Really, we don't even know if the Eldar language has genders in the first place.

I know it's supposed to be supper-complex and the silly mon-keigh couldn't dream of mastering it properly, but that's what the Japs think about their shitty language, and just look at that piece of shit

>> No.29944350


But how can that be the case when Chaos can literally manifest shit out of thin air? I mean sure, your veterans can be lost, but fuck them. It's the endless tide of flesh that'll win wars not a few guys who have a better kill ratio.

So what spin does ADB put on it?

>> No.29944354

From what I know, they do have a concept of gender, but it's somewhat fluid. I remember reading that Gav wanted to explore the idea by including a male Howling Banshee as a side character in the Path books, but decided to drop the idea because certain elements of the fanbase might not react well to it.

>> No.29944390


>but decided to drop the idea because certain elements of the fanbase might not react well to it.

Really? I thought I remembered him saying it would take to much time to develop that idea in the detail he wanted for a minor side character.

>> No.29944394

>You get female "Young Kings" etc.

The title is suppose to be symbolic reference to Eldanesh, not be taken literally

>> No.29944397

It was a while since I read the interview in question, so you might well be right.

>> No.29944403

Because daemons generally don;'t follow objectives or at least not any mortals can understand, you can tell a squad of chaos space marines to take a citadel but capture the tech priests within, bloodletters would kill everyone, horrors would inadvertently burn the citadel down while singing prog-rock, daemonettes would molest everyone and plaguebearers would kill everyone in the citadel plus a 5 mile radius....by accident.

>> No.29944405


That's the entire point I was making. Gender identity is fluid with the Eldar.

>> No.29944428

So what you're telling me is... either use marines or daemonettes?

>> No.29944445

>Gender identity is fluid with the Eldar.
Grammatical gender, not "gender identity".
Please don't go there.

>> No.29944473

Daemons are stated to have the mentality of mischievous children.

Would you trust professional soldiers or retarded children to achieve your crucial objectives?

>> No.29944512

>Would you trust professional soldiers or retarded children to achieve your crucial objectives?
So now you're telling me not to trust Space Marines or Daemons, and just use the Imperial Guard?

>> No.29944528

Exactly, plus as was pointed out earlier each Gods forces are in it for themselves ultimately, even if they could pull it off would you trust a daemon not to try and blackmail you for the objective that they've retrieved after?

>> No.29944598


But that is identity. If a female Eldar plays male roles than there is flexible gender identity.

>> No.29944622
File: 242 KB, 600x857, 28_KrootShaper-JoaoBosco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am telling you to outsource to Kroot Mercenaries.

Trustworthy, professional, and very snarky . Just ignore the table manners, and you are set.

>> No.29944653

Check your monkeigh privilege, cis scum

>> No.29944683

Why are you assuming that it's a male role? Is it simply because of the name, which, as has already been stated, is just a reference to an old hero?

>> No.29944767

>But that is identity.
No, because the word "king" might have a male gender in the Eldar language, which is not the same as a gender identity.

To put it into perspective, the word "ruler" or "doctor" do not have distinctive genders in English, while they do in some languages.

>> No.29944822


Eldanesh was male. He can be represented by females. Not sure what you're objecting too. They are pretty clear gender identity is pretty flexible. Banshees can be males, but they will play the role as females.

>> No.29944947

"Women can win the "Steve Taylor Prize for Funniest Joke". This proves that human gender identity is pretty flexible, since Steve is a male name."

>> No.29945115


Winning an award is the same as playing a role? Did you just have a brain embolism?

>> No.29945136

>No, because the word "king" might NOT have a male gender

>> No.29945152

Even today, men frequently play females in theater, faggot.

>> No.29945167


Because like the Eldar we have flexible gender roles. What's your point?

>> No.29945202
File: 407 KB, 895x726, 1383258761950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What even the point of this discussion?

>> No.29945227

As much as I find it an intresting thing to show the aline culture, I'm rather happy he droped this.
Thorpe is a writer bad enough to fail representing even those more generic ideas he brought into the Path trilogy.

>> No.29945241


Some people get touchy over androgyny and will tell you to get back to Tumblr if you so much as suggest gender isn't binary.

>> No.29945246

The nature of Eldar psychology makes it different. They aren't so much playing a role as they are adopting a new personality appropriate to that role. A male Howling Banshee would identify as male when training within the Shrine, but upon donning the psychological war-mask, would identify as female.

>> No.29945256

So Elfdar really are faggot genderqueers?

>> No.29945263


That's what I've been saying since the start. They can shift between identifying themselves as male or female because they are hardcore role players.

>> No.29945290
File: 29 KB, 310x310, Inigo Montoya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I don't think you actually know what any of those words mean. Sexuality never enters into it.

Maybe you are projecting.

>> No.29945347

>Because like the Eldar we have flexible gender roles
We don't have flexible gender identity, you retard, which is what the argument is about.

>> No.29945375

>We don't have flexible gender identity

I'd love to send you to Bangkok.

>> No.29945398

Transgenders don't have flexible gender identity, they view themselves as a specific gender.

They're also mentally ill.

>> No.29945410

>I'm not a man, mom! I'm a girl, I swear!

>> No.29945416

I don't believe I'm a woman though.

>> No.29945429

>Transgenders don't have flexible gender identity, they view themselves as a specific gender.

>they view themselves as a specific gender.

That's the same as saying they identify as a specific gender.

>> No.29945432

Are you a woman and don't believe it?
Because otherwise this statement is irrelevant.

>> No.29945452

I'm a man and I know it, but if a faggot elf dresses like a gril then he thinks he is. So a genderqueer faggot, a whole species of them.

>> No.29945510

Dude, unlike traps you're talking about (and you really should think for a moment why traps is the first thing came into your mind) this has nothing to do with sexuality. Like at all.

>> No.29945520

Yes, that's what I said.
I'm not sure what you're getting at, but being convinced that you are not a male and are instead a female is not flexible, it's just wrong in this case.
Being able to think of yourself as either gender on a whim is flexible gender identity.

Furthermore, even if you weren't being retarded, transgenders are an extreme minority of our species, so it would still mean literally nothing.

>> No.29945594

I wasn't thinking of traps, I was thinking of how an eldar man thinks he's a woman if he dresses as a woman and how that's faggoty and genderqueer.

>> No.29945618

> I wasn't thinking of traps
> I was thinking of how an eldar man thinks he's a woman if he dresses as a woman and how that's faggoty and genderqueer
> how that's faggoty and genderqueer
> I was thinking of traps

>> No.29945652

How the hell is it even a role in the first place? They act out something a famous hero did.
"I am male. I live alone. I just made breakfast in my kitchen. That makes "making breakfast in my kitchen" a male role. If anyone else makes breakfast in my kitchen, that are assuming a male role."

They are imitating ONE thing that ONE guy did ONCE. How does that even make it a role, much less a male one?

>Gender roles and gender identity have nothing to do with sex, sexuality or reproduction.
Do you even biology?

>> No.29945664

Traps don't think they're the other gender. That's the realm of faggotry and genderqueerism.

>> No.29945693

The whole thing started from some guy claiming the Eldar have flexible gender identity because females can be the "Young King".

Just ignore it, and go on.

>> No.29945800


Fair enough that transgenders may be a fixed identity as most psychological attempts to "fix" them prove ineffective.

None of that changes the original point that Eldar do however completely change psychology at the drop of a hat and have male banshees that think themselves female.


Why did people get so assblasted about it?

>> No.29945828

Because you're retarded and use words whose meaning you apparently don't understand.

>> No.29945847

>have male banshees that think themselves female
Prove it.

>> No.29945944


But the word gender identity was appropriate seeing as they can change their psychology with warmasks that have personalities of their own and can have male banshees. Stop being butthurt.


You could have just read the thread. Gav Thorpe wanted to include a male banshee in Path of The Warrior, but dropped the idea purely because it would take to much development for a side character.

>The answer to both questions is the same – Eldar gender-bending… For a long time I dabbled with the idea of having a prominent character who was a male member of the female Howling Banshees. I initially wanted to examine the somewhat fluid nature of Eldar gender and their attitude towards male and female roles and characteristics. In the end I abandoned it because it was too much to get across for a secondary character and would have been more confusing than enlightening; and it simply would have been too much to use such a character as the protagonist for the majority of the BL readership.

The codex also refers to them as a "predominately female aspect". Not entirely female, just "predominately".

>> No.29946006

He wanted to do it. Wanted.
And you have still to prove a male banshee thinks of himself as a female.

>> No.29946219


>He wanted to do it. Wanted.

Has no bearing on the fact that a major authority on Eldar lore says that Banshees genderbend.

>And you have still to prove a male banshee thinks of himself as a female.

It's basic fluff that aspects associate themselves with the persona of the mask. Banshees are female by nature, hence why Thorpe mentions male banshees as an example of "the fluid nature of eldar gender".

>The war mask is as much a metaphysical concept as a physical artefact. When Aspect Warriors prepare for battle, they ritually take up their war masks, adopting another persona, one at ease with the blood that is soon to flow, and temporarily abandoning the person they are away from the shrine. They embrace the savage instincts that lurk in the heart of every Eldar, and prepare to bring death in the name of the Bloody Handed God. As they kill, it is their warrior persona who risks feeling the touch of She Who Thirsts, and when the battle is done and the foe vanquished, the Aspect Warriors remove their war masks and return to the person they were before, the bloody acts they have committed more distant dream than fresh memory. In this way can they eventually move on to other Paths without bringing with them the trauma of the acts they have performed and atrocities they have committed.

>> No.29946257
File: 57 KB, 750x600, 1391111960758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>board has evolved
When our motto is "never change /tg/

>> No.29946282

That says nothing about genders, you're imagining things that aren't there.

What someone wanted to do is irrelevant, some authors probably wanted to write about how Mortarion cries because of his disgusting body every night, doesn't mean jack shit until someone does it.

>> No.29946338

>It's basic fluff that aspects associate themselves with the persona of the mask
I can associate with Joan of Ark killing foreigners for God, doesn't mean I adapt a feminine gender identity.

>> No.29946360


It's Gav Thorpe. Mr Eldar. His opinion > yours. He even says he put in the female Young King as a nod to the gender bending he didn't have time to develop with the male banshee.

Male banshees exist, the masks have a female warrior women persona, aspect masks completely replace your own identity. Whilst we didn't get to see that character in detail, the logic is still there.

>> No.29946379


Did Joan of Ark have a mask that dominates anyone who wears it with her personality?

>> No.29946413

She had a sword that told her to do it, iirc, so yes?

His opinions don't matter, though. Things GW lets him write in official publications does.

>> No.29946500
File: 873 KB, 510x546, 1391278953344.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29946557


Well he did get the female Young King in the book. It's also still canon that masks impose their personalities on the warrior and that there are male banshees. There's nothing stopping it from happening, you just put two and two together. Whilst Thorpe didn't have time to develop it, the framework is still there.

>> No.29946564

>adopting another persona, one at ease with the blood that is soon to flow, and temporarily abandoning the person they are
>embrace the savage instincts that lurk in the heart of every Eldar
>their warrior persona
>return to the person they were before
That literally doesn't even touch on identity.
Do you even know what the word persona means?

>> No.29946576

A man and a woman can have the same personality, that doesn't mean the have the same gender identity.

>> No.29946685

Having your entire identity temporarily replaced because of a magical artifact does not make you "flexible".

>> No.29946697

This, it's like saying brainwash victims have flexible personalities.

>> No.29946705


You are getting pretty desperate and just floundering now. It's very clear they change identities with donning of the war mask.

>abandoning the person they are
>return to the person they were before

They are entirely different people with and without the mask. It is a basic point with aspect warriors.

>> No.29946728


Being able to remove and adopt a new identity as easily as you put on a mask is pretty flexible.

>> No.29946731

>implying there are women on the internet

>> No.29946750


Brainwash victims don't have a choice. Aspects do. They can put on the mask or they can not.

>> No.29946764

I'll take the dictionary's interpretation of the words used over yours, thanks.

Not if it's the mask that's doing it. They can't just pick up any mask and do it.

>> No.29946792

>sleeper agents
You take other people's arguments pretty literally for someone with such a liberal interpretation of the fluff.

>> No.29946809


Do you know what "person" means?

>> No.29946814

I think the easiest way to understand it would be when you join the Path of The Warrior, you basically get multiple personality disorder, with one being the calm, serene and normal one, the other being the controlled, bloodthirsty and ruthless killer. Thats why Exarchs happen, the Bloodthirsty one takes control.

Maybe for some Male Banshees, it is easier for their War personality to be female, to fit in with the 'style' of Howling Banshees.

>> No.29946846

>2: a character or part in or as if in a play : guise
Both words have the same root, bro.

>> No.29946917


This is getting really sad. You are cherry picking definitions while ignoring the primary definition as an individual. We have a case of two different persons being referred to here. It's like you have never read anything about aspects before. Dual personalities is kinda the entire point.

>The darkness was no more, save that Korlandril had his eyes closed. He opened them and looked out at the world with a fresh view through the ruby-tinted lenses of his helmet.
>He took a crouched step forward, easing into his fighting stance. No longer was he a thing of flesh and blood, a mortal being filled with falsehood and crude passions. He was a Warrior. He was part of the Bloody-Handed God, an Aspect of Kaela Mensha Khaine.
>Korlandril was no more.
>In his place stood a Striking Scorpion of the Deadly Shadow.

>> No.29947006

The primary definition is a human individual if you're going to be retarded about it.

And you are still confusing a persona, personality, or role with a gender identity.

Face it, you're reading between the lines when the lines themselves tell you all there is to it.
I'm not arguing anymore, take that as you will.

>> No.29947090


>The primary definition is a human individual if you're going to be retarded about it.

That's what I said. An individual. A person.

>And you are still confusing a persona, personality, or role with a gender identity.

The masks and roles they play all have different association. Banshees are engendered as female. To become a Banshee means to take on the mantle of something that is intrinsically characterized as female.

>I'm not arguing anymore, take that as you will.

Okay champ. Go learn anything about aspect fluff.

>> No.29947125

>To become a nurse means to take on the mantle of something that is intrinsically characterized as female.

>> No.29947218


A nurse isn't intrinsically female. A female ghost is though. You are terrible at analogies.

>> No.29947711

Young King is just a title for who ever gets to be the Avatar

>> No.29947798

>Young King is just a title for who ever gets to be eaten by the Avatar


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