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I am starting a Rogue Traders game this Sunday. All of my players are new to the universe and some of them requested art so they can draw their characters. Could anyone share some good pics of anything 40k related so I can expand my collection?

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I'll see what I can find.

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I think I remember someone saying this was supposed to be one of the Daemons. I am new to the 40k universe so I dunno

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Sadly, the ones I posted are the extent of what I have that isn't on the other two boards up right now.

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Just going off of a google search now. Although it is not the best way to find the good art

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No help? On my own to just try and find anything interesting on Google?

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>These images may be disturbing, however, Tiny Head Syndrome is a real problem. Please speak to your local Astartes office for details on gifts.

Also, have a Flashgit.

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Oh, I'll help with what I have, but I have homework to do and all that.

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These are images my GM dug up for our Rogue Trader game, so I mostly have NPC portraits.

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Oh cool. Thanks. My friends like to draw their characters during or between games and they wanted more examples on the armor. They are all used to fantasy, not 40k

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Oh, let me give you a personal favourite of mine.

'Cuz I drew it.

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Running out of portraits now.

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From your game of Rogue Traders? What career?

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Well, I didn't host it, I played the Explorator and that's our Rogue Trader.

I have some more art of them somewhere, but only in paper form, I'd think.

But have a model of our ships and the ship of our buddy.

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I'll contribute some stuff, not got much though.

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And I forget the pic.

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I'll try to post humans/non-astartes stuff.

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You are the chosen one if you did that.
I miss battlefleet..now I will never have one of these great 3 tiered campaigns to conquer a small system...

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Very nice.

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So forth

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I ran a Deathwatch game like that once.

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and such

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attention span fading.

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Yeah, that acolyte is fucked.

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atrophy onsetting

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>Square bases

You know those are from a Estalian themed fantasy army, yes?

Have a 40kid

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Well what you posted so far is very appreciated

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continuing for a time

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Thanky ou thoug, nice stuff.

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at some point

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there may be reprieve

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onset muscular dystrophy

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remember to wash your hands

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for the end is almost here

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because i only have so long

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before my duties call

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so enjoy the pics

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a few models to help

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and have fun

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>you will never run your tongue along a sisters battle scars

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Only for you, pic related.
From left to right:
>The Ordained Destiny
Lunar-class Cruiser, owned by our bro Jeremiah Blitz. Woke up from a party night and found he'd gold-plated the ship.
>The Wrathchilde
Dictator-class Cruiser, and the new flagship of the Godwin Dynasty. Features an archeotech drive and Lathe-pattern launch bays.
>The Iron Lord
Infidel-class Raider, previous Chaos raider captured by the Godwin Dynasty during their escape from The Processional of the Damned. Planned to being sold at The Breaking Yards.
>Unknown Name
A Hazeroth-class Privateer also captured during the escape from The Processional. Due to precise lance fire, it is lacking its entire command tower (not pictured in the model).
Firestorm-class frigate, previous flagship of the Godwin dynasty. Lance-equipped and fast, it took quite a beating in the escape from The Processional, and is planned for refit and repair at The Breaking Yards.

...And now I really want this game picked up form hiatus.

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I plan on buying together a fleet.
Otherwise I will be sad.

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Thats a bitchin' Mordheim Witchhunter warband.

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I just got a new fetish. Thanks.

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See you in the next smut thread then

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>tfw you will never have a massive campaign involving BFG, Epic, and 40k.
>First couple of battles are in space in order to gain control of the surrounding space.
>Next few games are Epic in order to simulate the mass drop.
>40k for small scale special operations
>Apocalypse for the final battle involving the heros of both sides (Yarrick, Ghazkull, SM chapter masters and captains, the swarm lord, IG generals, Autarchs, etc.)

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Introduce them to angry marines on there first mission :)

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40K art dump thread? Woot!

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Fookin' Xenos

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Old School 40K

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A nice bit of pencil work

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It aint 40K without your Papa!

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IIRC these next few are from a web comic that I don't think ever saw actual release sadly.

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I think it was called Imperial Gothic?

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Chaplain - confess your sins!

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Make sure they understand just how fuckhuge the ships are.

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Not quite sure if this is colored pencil or pastels.

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Someone's gettin' Purged!

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Rogue Trader classic - mandatory!

> surrounding - indeed captcha. Indeed.

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Sort of reminds me of Chaos contemptor dread

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LOL! Every gamer with a basement must have one of these pics. Here's mine

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Xeno on Xeno violence! Who do I root for?

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Strike from the skies brothers!

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Legion of The Damned

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dat wolf spider

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Bugs Mr. Rico! From back in the day when they didn't suck.

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>dat wolf spider

Yeah, I know. (I think the other Anon's pic is a Wolf spider too.) Think suddenly appears on the table top in the middle of the game. My opponent looks at me and says "Dude! That's cheating! That isn't on your army list."

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I would have loved a Tyrant Guard model like this...

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Eldar, because you can mate with them and they won't try to eat you.

There's a famous half-Eldar astropath.

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Honor the craft of Death

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The Guard

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Go get some old 3rd ed ones then, You can kitbash them with the extra trygon head plates as easy shields

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That's a freeboota you idjit.

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Ultras Scout

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I've got them - I just like the ones in the artwork even more.

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Eldar Host - I just plain like the line work and shading in this one.

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This art has some mad skills

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more scouts

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Surprised this hasn't been posted yet

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Man, what is the deal with scout pouldrons?

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Over the top for Krieg!

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40K Larp?

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...but those are Steel Legion.

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We got any Slaanesh in here?

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Illiyan Nastase is a real hero and a real human bean.

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Requesting a Rogue Trader version of daenerys targaryen. Bonus points for the bad ass swordsman (arch militant) that always follows her

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40k Larp!

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Here's a cruiser for you OP

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Has anyone done any math for a point buy or dice pool stats for 40k RPG?

I could wing the rule but just wondered if anyone had put some deep balancing thought into it.

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Why would you need lame Apocalypse if youve the glory of Epic?

40k is 1 firefight in anEpic game, use it to simulate fighting for anobjective in epic rather than rolling for the combat inEpic.

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Do you have Spess muhreens in hueg plasticard suits?

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Wow, that's actually an eldar art I never saw before.

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dem hips don't lie

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Well, someone posted this art of their character recently, I think it fits the bill pretty well (also they had a hell of a story behind it)

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His huge manly hand are a bit huge compared to his head.
Otherwise, really ncie work.
Even with the big hands nice work.
Art is hard.

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Rogue Trader is the shit. You're in for a good time, just be ready to fudge some rolls as you accidentally put your characters up against things that can easily murder them.

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Yeah, I wish I was even close to that level of work. I got a tablet a while ago, but it is tough.

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Make your best, most extroverted roleplayer the Rogue Trader. I was hesitant of getting in a leadership position myself (as I always worry that I take up too much screentime anyways), but I had incredible amounts of fun, and the others eventually stepped up their game to keep up with me.

Still by far my favourite character. Rogue Trader is hella fun.

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Also remember that you can never go too big in Rogue Trader. Buy or trade planets, free entire prison planets and let them loose on your enemies, talk to the people so wealthy that their shark fin soup is made out of sharks that were only fed shark fin soup. Rogue Trader is a, well it's a loud, ridiculous game, in all the best ways.

Yes, even the sneaky intrigue. It is, after all, all done just so you could shout out 'Just as planned!' and then laugh as you pour wine made out of an extinct species of fruit into your bathtub.

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And with that, I have exhausted my reserves of 40k art. Sorry if it was a bit marine heavy.

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