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The subject is "Weapons"
Help me fill up my picture folder

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Ah the minigun, because fuck whatever you're pointing it at.

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One of my favorites, shame it never went into production.

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Reminds me of a rocket launcher sniper rifle.

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>The subject is "Ork Porn"

Fixed that for you OP

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Another favorite.

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OP here, futuristic and/or alien weaponry is also acceptable.

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Pistol with a smart sight.

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PC gun in D&D

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Contributing a few files.

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Dat's roight orky boss!

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Nah, ya git! DIZ IZ PROPAH ORKY!

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Personal favorite of mine, always thought this thing looked cool as fuck.

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That is a sexy gun.

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Weapon of mass destruction.

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Another DnD PC's gun.

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Dumpin' a few more revolvers 'cause fuck yeah, revolvers.

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I didn't fuck up and accidentally post a picture of a Taurus Raging Bull as it's own thread and anyone who says otherwise is a filthy liar.

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Is that a full auto pistol with a 100-round drum mag? Why yes it is.

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As a proud Thompson owner: a proper foregrip helps with recoil when rapid firing, and better stock furniture helps with climb and cant. That said, putting a skeletonized Picatinny on an 80-year-old weapon makes me want to punch babies.

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The fun thing about custom made guns is they provide an easy way to explain away any stupidly overdone "Rule of Cool" weapons you give your characters.

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Do want.

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...My god, someone made the Obrez even better.

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Posting one of the sexiest pistol I know

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Have some help.

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Assuming you're also looking for melee weapons, I'd recommend checking out the maquahuitl, khopesh, and kanabo.
Sorry I don't have any pictures at the moment.

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You guys called?

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Any specific guns you guys want?

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I could use some cowboy revolvers. Preferably with some interesting design on it

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Like in pic related?

I'm not sure I have too many of the classics but I have a few moderish ones if that's okay?

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Yeah modernish is fine. It's for a gunslinger in pf, if I ever get to play it and/or for another character in different games

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Well get to that for you then.

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Both of those are pretty sweet

And those as well

And that is some really awesome design work like I was hoping to see!

Thanks for the pictures on my behalf, mate

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No problem my friend.

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That one is pretty sweet for a futuristic setting

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I fucking love this design, so sleek and sexy. Probably also biased thanks to spaghetti westerns. Love the scene where Tuco assembles his own and the gun smith.

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The original colts were a true thing of beauty me amigo

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Russian spec ops revolver chambered in 12.7mm

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>wrist destroyer's

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Something like the Colt Buntline?

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Holy shit that's beautiful

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This gun is causing things in my nether regions

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How about this beauty, for when you need more dakka?

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Is that a god damned revolving rifle?

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I need some rest before I head out to school, if the thread is still up when I come back I'll dump some more guns of your guys's choosing.

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Technically its a integrally suppressed revolver carbine for operators to operate operationally.

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For all you Shodowrunners.

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Ah, fishgun, I miss it.

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Love this game.

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If I can figure out what I'm doing in character creation, that looks pretty sweet to have

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What amounts to a tanker's holdout pistol.

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Best roll against breaking your wrist.

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Relevant and has Best Maid.

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Now this is a story is the story all about how my wrist got flipturned up side down.

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How is work? silenced like nagant revolver or has own mechanism?

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Rosarita Cisneros disagrees.

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Note, I do not recommend trying out this design at home.

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>Rosarita Cisneros
That Black Lagoon chick right?

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Aaand that's it for me.

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The angry one, yes.

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>dat bloated abortion grip down bottom

delicious ergonomic target shooting

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He copped me in the coppice with a khopesh (not a copesh) and I couldn't cope.

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[Banning by NATO intensifies]

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Fucking Belgians.

old pinfire's are pretty neat

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I thought I had more weird guns than this.
Oh well, one more gunblade and that's it.

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That's an overhyped peice of shit.

THIS is a chinese 1980s era laser gun that was introduced into service.

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Barrels are for donkey kongs and pussies.

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And in the case, all that was left was a small note that read:

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Those attachments probably make that nerf gun illegal in most of the northern US.

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meat tenderiser

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>using a grip
>not levitating the gun with your mind

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how are you supposed to hold this fish gun?

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Thumb goes into the tail to absorb the recoil, fingers wrap around the bottom bit, flip trigger down into place, pull, fire, EVERYONE GETS A FREE THUMB!

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Dervish warhammer/axe

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How do you hold that?

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with your teeth or forskin.

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That is literally heresy. Didn't they only make like 2000 of those things?
Isn't that the Russian silenced revolver with the special ammunition and integral laser sight?

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>That is literally heresy. Didn't they only make like 2000 of those things?
it could be a new reproduction from these guys. gotta get an edge in the tacticool market.

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You don't. That's the end of a polearm, without the pole it was attached to.

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Yeah, note that the top "barrel" of the revolver is the laser sight, bottom barrel is the one the bullet comes out of.

it's a weird one - KGB was a driving force in new gun and bullet designs for most of the cold war, so you have loads of small, light and sub-sonic bullets and guns for them all designed for BLAMing heretics quietly.

Note also that >>29919454 also uses a sub-sonic bullet because it started out as a KGB spetznaz AK, then the USSR broke up, and the traffic police section of the KGB became seperate... but still uses the bullpup sub-sonic AKs with underslung grenade launchers as their primary armament.

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Cosmonaut self-defense gun; middle barrel is .22 for hunting, top two barrels are smoothbore for shotgun shells in case of polar bears or tigers.

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>be a man! Fight with Gran!
>join the marines today!

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this is a throwing weapon, believe it or not.

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thats cool as fuck

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That's not an AK you heathen! That's a Groza.

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Oh, I see what you did there.

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so long as there's the orange cap it's street legal.

internet nerfing community they exist are easily trolled upon seeing an all black painted nerf gun.

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Is there anything specific about it connecting it to the dervishes, or did someone just take a mid eastern axe and slap on the "dervish" tag to sell it faster?

I remember getting rid of that silly cap on my toy guns as a kid. It usually took quite a lot of work, at least for a six year old without proper tools.

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