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Hey /tg/ whats your guiltiest role play indulgences?
I'm playing a complete rip off of one of my favorite mancrush/heroes who's unapologetically in a relationship with my waifu in story.

I feel bad about this because my excitement is reaching masturbatory levels here and I don't want to be "that guy"
And I will be RPing this in front of my GF

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>unapologetically in a relationship with my waifu in story.
How did that happen?
Did you write it in story?
Did it happen when you were DM or PC?

And to answer your question, I've rp'd a few of my sadomasochistic fetishes into my characters, but no one noticed because they were mostly combat focused blood knights

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OP here. It happened in story and half in backstory. I slipped my waifu into the campaign when I was running it as a side character, and the PCs not knowing ran with the idea. Then someone else took over the campaign and I just kind of stated in my character's story that he ended up dating her and everyone went with it because it was a funny enough coincidence.

Now everyone (a year later) is running a "bring back your old characters" campaign and I am running this self indulgent character.

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I DM'd a campaign and blatantly slipped in body modification and female domination into my 3.5 campaign when the ran across some drow traders. I then had the female drow capture one of the PCs and turn him into a drider.

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I got my character caught and enslaved then schlicked after everyone left to the thought of it.

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Confession thread? awesome!
I plug a mary sue esque version of myself into every campaign I run in way that the party never notices unless they really pay attention to it. I name them anagrams of my own name.

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I think as of >>29890385
we have officially entered.

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All of my characters are shameless ripoffs of movie characters that I like

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I played an Irish little girl cyborg, completely straight-faced.

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"You unlock this door with the key of masturbation. Beyond it is another dimension - a dimension of fetishes, a dimension of indulgence, a dimension of mary sue. You're moving into a land of both /d/ and /tg/, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into the magical realm. "

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doo-dee-doo-doo, doo-dee-doo-doo, doo-dee-doo-doo...

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how does this even magical realm?

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Every time I RP I wear lace panties under my normal clothes and I play female characters.
I play them in ways that are not fetishy at all, but my headcannon says that they are massive sluts
I'm a guy

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I have a transgender fetish and I regularly play shapeshifters that switch in between female and male forms to trick people

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Not that guy but
>not secretly wanting a qt Irish redhead loli

It should be a secret because I'm Irish and we suck so bad. People from other countries love us though, I kind of wish I was single every time I go on holiday...

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I hate to tell you bud, but you might be "that guy" if you play it up too much, if you downplay your character's relationship and don't go full ERP you should be fine

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Thats more northern Irish though, southern irish don't get too many redheads.
too much rape from the English to the south, too much rape from the vikings to the north.

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it needed to be done

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I'm currently playing as a lesbian version of Spike Spiegel in my current D&D campaign.

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I've played characters that were openly the product of fae rape
and my chraracters much like me had a rape fetish

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I once played an emotionally damaged half fae catboy

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Future generations of newfags will thank you, Anon.

I'm running out of magical realm pics.

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>not perfectly androgynous catfolk
You had one job!

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tears in my eyes and a smile on my face man

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I like catgirls.
I sometimes insert catpeople race or character in my campaign.
not a single one of them was fetishy or half-fae type.

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OP here
I am basically shipping Ash from Evil Dead with Franken Fran

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Given the chance I will play a cat person
Elder Scrolls, Khajiit
Rifts, I was going to do a were-panther but decided on a wolf person (Zenith Moon Warper)
Homebrew my friend runs, I float towards the cat race
and most of my characters are female, on the free form rp site I went to I actually changed my avatar to a girl so people wouldn't think I was such a creep, and that increased the creepiness tenfold, especially when they found out I was a dude from people who already knew me on the site.

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I regularly insert my fetishes into the game I run with none of my players the wiser. Except for my glasses fetish, they know.

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Well...if there's anyone that could...get some sugar it would be him

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Spinal cord labeled on a cranial map... I thought better of you its called the brain stem also the cerebellum is not labeled.

It's almost like you hate the primitive brain, well good luck regulating your body temperature, heart rate and coordinating your voluntary muscles faggot.

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You should watch Log Horizon.

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actually it looks like the brain stem is labeled, but the label is hidden by the skull. Pretty sure that this would only be one of many diagrams

Sign me up for this class she would be a really good teacher

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>Fran being the better teacher
Bitch please

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Yeah, I used to do that too, and then they figured out my fetishes one drunken night when we were all discussing them. Apparently I told everyone about my monstergirl fetish and now they know that half of their DMPCs were pure fetish fuel for me

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The only question is, would it work?

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I'm running a Kill la Kill campaign
my fetish is action girls and parasitic clothing

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I've never injected my fetishes into a game ever

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you should be ashamed of yourself

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You got that fetish from the comic with Misty in the parasitic bikini didn't you?

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Bitches please

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I've found my next DMPC quest giver

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Not who you're talking to, but this sounds both vaguely familiar and totally.. ... worthy of research. When on earth did this happen?

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are you me?

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The Frizz is my fetish

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>Bruce Campbell character with a blonde mad scientist type
This has happened before, and it worked out just fine

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Search for "misty's bikini" on g.e-hentai.org

No, I could be inside of you.

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Playing young characters.

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You know the male cats probably have barbed penises right? Thats why the female cats are yowling so loud when they mate.

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obviously he got it from kill la kill

jack of all trades and cleopatra 2525 were the weirdest shows

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>The Daring Dragoon
>Jack of all trades
supreme oldfag detected

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Holy hell yes
The real question is, would they be happy together?

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To be fair, unless said cat person is more than 20% it shouldn't be the case.
I'm not sure about Khajit, but i got better thigs to do than study dicks.

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>Ash built a cybernetic prosthetic in the middle ages and has a deep interest and understanding of SCIENCE! so he brings something to the table. He is fighting the forces of the unknown for mankind. Plus that chiseled man chest
>Fran with her upbeat personality, ultimate goal of helping mankind with SCIENCE! and fascination with love.

I see no problems here, this has the makings of a good ship.

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The world needs more Killengers.

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>Fran X Ash ship

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>tfw northern Irish
>tfw redhead fetish
tfw girlfriend is not red headed and knows. Life is pain

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I'm actually going to play Henry Killinger in a WoD mage campaign

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>tfw Rod Sterling will never narrate your incredibly fetishy erp

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He's the ultimate support. Obtains exactly what people need with an unbelievable speed, especially when they didn't know it's what they needed.

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Can we get a writefag on this?

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And he does it with humility and incredible professionalism, and of course, his magic murder bag

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My DM does put in a large amount of his fetishes in game, but thankfully I'm the only one who notices that he does it.

He knows he shouldn't do it, but he can't help himself. Plus the ones he puts in are relatively harmless, I mean who doesn't like rape?

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I pretend my GF is a character from campaigns I run when we have sex, and often put characters in the campaign just for this purpose and have her say lines of dialogue.
I am not ashamed at all

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The sound of a shotgun firing and reloading echoed out as a deadite's head exploded in a shower of gore.
"Ash! I wanted to study that one!" Fran protested.
Ash just chuckled, "You want to study all of them. But they're evil, baby. You know that."
Fran just pouted, "How are we ever going to come up with an effective, proactive defense against this virus if I can't study a live subject?"
Ash holstered his shotgun and wrapped his good arm around her shoulder affectionately, drawing her in close. "Fran baby, it's not a virus, it's a curse. And the deadites are just that. Dead! There's no such thing as a live subject when it comes to them!"

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Yeah, my DM does this as well, but in all fairness, action girls are not that fetishy, and the girls in the RP group tend to like it when there is a good ratio of female NPCs that aren't damsels in distress, so I figure, whats the harm?

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>Oh sweet baby jesus more

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Does she know?

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From what I can gather in this thread, a lot of anons put their fetishes into the game in one form of another, but most people either don't notice or are okay with it

>My DM loves lenore the little dead girl and just introduced her as a DMPC tagalong, but its okay since he's completely in character while doing so, no breaking of character or fetishizing it, so meh.

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Yeah, had her keep a black bra on during and she shouted "Fohor Kay-oss" at the end, had the accent going the whole time, and because of that I spent like 30 minutes continuous going down on her.
Fucking love drama club girls

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mmm, yes, keep going

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The worst I've ever done was play a fairy. I have a micro fetish, and the GM let me play as an eight inch tall Grig.

Aside from asking other players to pick me up and carry me places (riding in a backpack beats getting stepped on - no foot fetish here), I don't think I ever did anything to give away it was my magical realm.

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I may be in love with you, please keep going, I am also partially drunk, but this may be the most awesome thing I have seen on /tg/ massive Franken Fran fan, I'd love to see a story of her happy with someone and her craft, even if its temporary.

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In my half-assed defense, I don't put the really out there/not so out there things in as fetishes (like rape, NTR, kidnapping, drugs, vomit, mindbreak, etc.), they're more of character types I've masturbated to, like fit girls, chicks with glasses, traps, bears, and so on. Things that fit, basically. No monstergirls or fairies. And definitely no loli/shota.

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I suddendly have the compelling need to tell you that you are a fine gentleman and you're winning at life. May the chaos gods and the god emperor of mankind bless you for now and ever and your girlfriend too.

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>>29891726 (You)
"It's time to begin the autopsy!" Fran cried out, revealing her two additional arms, each hand holding a scalpel.
"Subject appears to have been dead for thirty-two days from the necrosis. Heart appears to still be fully functional despite the loss of functional tissue. Digestive system shut down for quite some time."

Ash tried and failed not to make faces as his woman tore into the carcass with gusto, and stomach flipping sounds not unlike fisting a jar of mayo filled the air.

>> No.29891912


I would do anything to play in a campaign with a well-palyed Lenore

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Most primates have a penisbone.

Do you have a penisbone?

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I'm jealous, I'll admit it. You never fucking let that girl go, Anon. You hear me? Never.

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Not a story for me personally, but I played with a group of gals and all of it was pretty much magical realm. Right down to one of the fucking a blacksmith for a sword, (the rolls dictated that no one enjoyed it) but I felt a little outclassed by the perversion, I didn't know if it would be okay for me to join in

>> No.29891960

It's creepy, but this is actually what I do for a living.

>> No.29891973

>sounds not unlike fisting a jar of mayo filled the air.
you have a gift with words

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>Ash tried and failed not to make faces as his woman tore into the carcass with gusto, and stomach flipping sounds not unlike fisting a jar of mayo filled the air.

>fisting a jar of mayo


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what is your job?

You sir are a gentleman and a scholar, and I will probably save and catalog this story as it continues

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>join a group of girls that ERP
>don't join in

I hope they were terrifyingly ugly because you should have been swimming in nerd orgy.

>> No.29892018

>I hope they were terrifyingly ugly
No dude, they were like 6/10 to 8/10 , I just didn't want to creep them out at all so I kind of just played a monk and mostly tried to keep up jackie chan antics to make them laugh, they invited me to another session but I didn't know where my boundaries are

>> No.29892041

Well thank you (tips my wine glass to you) May you also find a significant other that cares for you and will help you live out your fantasies, so long as you do the same for them.

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Officially, I'm a 'personal assistant'. Sort of like Pepper from Iron Man, I guess. Except I do it more in the manner of Dr Killinger, I guess, since I'm not a petite fiery woman but a 2m tall, large man.

"Be Prepared" is my breath, and Murphy's Law is my prayer. So I carry a LOT of very situational shit around, conveniently, in a bag.

>> No.29892066

(Watching intently)

>> No.29892078

Ease your way into it so that you can find out what the boundaries are.

First flirting with NPCs or PCs. Watch their reactions. Then maybe you have a tame, loving relationship with a character. Then you get to fuck. Then you get to fuck their PCs. Then you get to fuck them.

If they're acting totally okay with one girl fucking a blacksmith for petty cash (and I mean a sword is REALLY PETTY CASH for an adventurer) then you should be safe to speed things up.

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"Ugh, baby I know you're just doing research, but does it have to be so...percussive?" Ash asked.
"Maybe if I had a brain to work with, I wouldn't have to be digging through its intestines." Fran complained.
The sound of Ash's chainsaw revving to life broke Fran from her focus. "I think you're about to get your wish." Ash said, drawing his shotgun with a trigger-spinning flourish.

It must've been at least a dozen deadites, all of them wailing and gliding low along the ground, moving like a wolf pack to encircle the pair.

Fran stood to her full height and held her scalpels out at the ready, Fran and Ash moved warily towards one another while not taking their eyes off of the monsters, before finally coming back to back.

"COME AND GET IT YA NECROTIC FREAKS!" Ash challenged them.

>> No.29892125

Yeah, the most I've done there is tie two mind flayers mouth tentacles together with a good grapple roll while shouting "I'm not into that!"
Not sure how to "speed things up"

>> No.29892141

>Fran fighting
Does this even have a precedent?

>> No.29892150

Next town you arrive at, you roll Search for whores.

And don't muck it up by calling them anything else. You don't even have to ERP, just search to see how they react.

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Still watching, Loving the dialogue

>Complaining about a free (well written) story
How about you just enjoy the show

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The couple fought fiercely, cutting and blasting their way through the pack of deadites until one rather spooked one remained. It turned tail and ran, now screaming in fear for its own survival rather than to intimidate.
Ash pulled dropped his shotgun, withdrew a frag grenade from his pocket, and pulled the pin with his teeth. Then he threw it straight up, and used the flat of his chainsaw blade as a bat to send it flying towards the fleeing deadite.
A plume of dirt went up and nothing apparently remained.
Ash gingerly took Fran in the cradle of his chainsaw arm and held his other hand palm up. The deadite's brain plopped into it with a wet sound a moment later.
"Oh Ash!~" Fran cried with joy, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.
"Hail to the king, baby." Ash told her before dipping in for a deep and long kiss.

The End.

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>I search the town for the finest whore house, I'm going to need three women, one strong brawny man, and about four jars of honey and a large salami.
>TFW you eat the salami for energy

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I believe self-defense is a precedent, yes.

>> No.29892202

>(well written) story
As the one writing this, hahahaha fuck no. I'm making mistakes right and left. This is first draft fanfic material at best.

I'm glad everyone likes it anyway though.

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Beautiful finish!

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Lurking this whole thread, loving this short story, I only wish it was longer

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drawfaggotry when?

>> No.29892319

And its a pastebin

Fukken agreed

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>Dat Ash
He's one charming motherfucker, he'd make a good match for Fran

>> No.29892428

Its a good story, the only thing that can be nitpicked is Ash having a frag grenade and Fran killing something (perhaps she was just hamstringing them to disable them?)

Still though, nice one bud, good story

>> No.29892441

>Salami for energy
you need carbohydrates for energy, and why haven't you included at least one monster or farm animal in your escapades?

>> No.29892471

Would Fran be able to reverse engineer the Deadite curse/virus? Deadites seem to spread primarily through the bloodstream seeing as one of the symptoms is blackening (necrosis?) of the blood

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>Doubting Fran's medical prowess in the face of impossibility/magical shenanigans of a Sumerian demon

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Given even the slightest chance, I will play a dual-wielder. Swords, pistols, cocks, I don't even give a shit.

>> No.29892545

Of course she would. Even if she can't change the curse, she can change the rest of humanity to be unaffected.

>> No.29892557

Dual wielding cocks?
Rene Descartes would be proud

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File: 1.39 MB, 1495x2273, 1391070947187.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I also said I would post this the next time I saw an image thread. It's been an awhile since I last browsed /tg/, so sorry if this is a bit late.

>> No.29892580

>Doubting Fran's ability to medically "fix" the deadite problem
That's like doubting Ash's ability to kill the Deadites

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you shitlord come back
you got me all curious

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>Making humanity immune to the deadites
I don't even want to know

So is this /tg/ official now? Can we get a drawfag in here?

Pic related

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"Oh I don't think anyone will be taking her attention away from me"

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yeah, about that...

>> No.29892745

What Fran didn't mention was that the electric shocker is directly tied to the pleasure centers of her brain. She's not in crippling pain, just the opposite.

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>Thread starts as a /tg/ confession thread, ends as a slashfic between Franken Fran and Ash Williams
Not bad /tg/, not bad

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Here buddy. >>29892594

>dual wielding cocks

So does that mean giving two dudes a helping hand at the same time?

>> No.29892808

Well...I guess it would be selfish to leave her out of the fun, even if she isn't directly involved...

>> No.29892830

She jury rigged a controller to it in her spare time. Sometimes she turns it on a low setting and grinds on things, since she can't exactly use her fingers. She's becoming more and more addicted to it as time goes on. At first it was once every other week, but now she's up to at least once a day. Sometimes more.

>> No.29892841

Cuddling and kissing puppy and he still looks kinda scary.

>> No.29892851

Pretty sure the injectors on her hand are retractable, otherwise it would have been hard for her to manipulate things with her hands in school and such. And I also believe they are only on one hand.
not that the electrode wouldn't help immensely
now who would be a good shipping match for her?

>> No.29892856

Many roleplay indulgences

> Most of my characters are female
> When sexuality is involved, most of them are lesbians
> Latest indulgence is playing a detective in a modern setting, and since Ema Skye from Ace Attorney is my waifu the GM took my joke seriously to add her as an NPC. So now they kinda hang around, even though my detective is already happily wed with kids.

Despite those I don't insist on it, and it raaaarely enters magical realm. I also consider myself a good roleplayer and a decent person.

>> No.29892859

Someone smaller like herself, but much more submissive.

>> No.29892882 [SPOILER] 
File: 46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know about you two, but I know who I would match up with her older sister

>> No.29892888

I'm working on this setting I'm going to run a game in.
90% of the gods are just 2hus with the names and appearances (and sometimes genders) changed.
I know for fact that at least one of my players has experience with 2hu, and no one has called me on it yet.

>> No.29892905

Hey man, we all do it, so long as its not the total focus of your character you are golden

>> No.29892934
File: 22 KB, 267x349, Toshiro Mifune.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a thing for Samurai.
Or more specifically, for playing Toshiro Mifune.

>> No.29892943
File: 261 KB, 600x744, 1391072858126.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Much more submissive
How do you figure? because I'm just going to throw this one out there. In terms of Sub/dom Fran and Gavrill strike me as more forceful dominant personalities, but Veronica is a sub through and through

>> No.29892963
File: 60 KB, 300x580, gavrill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29892965

>Toshiro Mifune.
I don't see this as indulgent at all, its a good way to do samurai

>Good god man, at least they both share a passion for wanton murder

>> No.29892988 [SPOILER] 
File: 399 KB, 1920x1080, american_psycho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"You and me both"
I think this guy may have a point

>> No.29893010


I also do magical realms ERP with strangers because I don't want my mates to be creeped out by me ;_;

>> No.29893012

Its because he's a legitimate super villain, no joke, he is what happens when a comic book villain actually comes to our world
>World ending weapons
>Legions of doom
>Massive landmass with oppressed population
>Personally a badass

>> No.29893017

I cannot look at that without hearing "Do you like Hewey Lewis And The News?".

>> No.29893036

No, I like music. Just they're... Huey's too black sounding for me.

>> No.29893065

I think my DM may be indulging ever so slightly in a penchant for gnome-on-gnome action, with me on the receiving end
it's like he can read my mind

>> No.29893067

>Batemam tries to ax Gavrill using the same drunk and distraction technique
>She turns around with the ax in her head and grins, shaking her now empty glass
>"Got another?"

>> No.29893108
File: 71 KB, 600x599, 1391073648696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ship for Veronica
He'd have to be very tough, virtually immortal, wise, assertive but not outright dominant (because Veronica is so submissive she needs someone that will let her take initiative).

All I can come up with it this guy.

But then, I can hardly think of woman he wouldn't be perfect match for.

>> No.29893118
File: 291 KB, 1915x816, american-psycho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gavrill finds the heads in his apartment fridge
>Begins to snack on them
>Bateman steps out naked with a chainsaw to see her eating his severed human head

What happens next?

>> No.29893133

He fixes the cable?

>> No.29893139

my sides

>> No.29893157
File: 145 KB, 674x801, The_Dashing_Dead_by_ShardGlass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ship for Gavrill
Murkoph. He's a dash crazier than her, tough enough to take a bit of rough treatment, has properly wicked sense of humor, swears a bit less than her(because I don't wanna meet a guy that swears more than Gavrill) and they have similar dietary habits...

>> No.29893162

>pairing The Nameless One with anyone but Annah

>> No.29893170
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Call me crazy man, but I'm willing to go down with this ship, I can imagine the misadventures, plus Butler would be able to take a holiday

>> No.29893179

> Expect a funny confession thread
> Find fanfiction about characters I don't care about

Oh well

>> No.29893181
File: 132 KB, 411x379, Veronica Fran headpat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He'd have to be very tough, virtually immortal, wise, assertive but not outright dominant

Like that one assassin guy who she totally crushed on before he enemyzoned her and married a completely different bioweapon-waifu!

Being veronica is suffering

>> No.29893183

>take a holiday
So what WOULD a holiday for Butler be like?

>> No.29893184

If we are looking for a guy who swears more than Gavrill then our choices are limited to Irish dockworkers, pirates, and 90s anti-heroes. None of which seem to be a good fit

>> No.29893198

Only being passingly familiar with Franken Fran, how much does Gavrill swear, on a scale of one to "Makes John Constantine look like a choir boy"?

>> No.29893204

Ever played Dead Island? Something like the first level.

>> No.29893209

I would imagine long relaxing days on a tropical beach somewhere, reading books in a hammock, and a SHTF bag ready to take him anywhere in the world Artemis would need him within 12 hours.

>> No.29893212
File: 829 KB, 767x986, 1389838173075.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That, and also multicocking.

>> No.29893230

He said holiday, not routine training exercise

round about John Constantine levels, fond of using the term "Rotting cunt" and various uses of the word "fuck" mostly in adverbs.

>> No.29893238
File: 91 KB, 1024x625, VxDRQQdh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a thing for bleak tones. My settings involve a harsh, dying world or a bright new one sitting on the old one's corpse. I run low-powered games and make heavy use of survival, isolation, and realistic betrayal. Endings are guaranteed to be at least bittersweet.

A lot of my characters range from "bookish" to "frail and effeminate" and tend to be meek and downtrodden. Most of the group thinks it's since I just have a thing for sad stories.

No-one knows I do both because even though I'm a burly 6'4" scotsman with decent social skills, I live the "lost puppy who's been kicked too many times" role every day. They love it, and they don't know it's just a big, polished "CRAWLIIIIING IIIIN MY SKIIIIN" session. I don't know why I enjoy inflicting it on others with my worlds, but I play cute, battered kids in dire need of a hug because a hug would be really nice sometimes.

Oh, wait, this thread's about fetishes. Uh.

I play petite tomboys because they're cute and I like them?

>> No.29893240 [SPOILER] 
File: 175 KB, 1261x1192, 1376349204864.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a decent person
>posts on /tg/
Pick one.

>> No.29893253

I designed a character for a ASOIAF campaign who wore full armor plating and wielded no weapon.

He specialized in grappling and had an 8 inch knife sprouting from his codpiece.

he was a Eunuch

>> No.29893281
File: 186 KB, 618x453, 1391074565527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Eunuch with a groin based dick attack
So he is the incarnation of sexual frustration taken out in bloody violence?
I love it

>> No.29893364

I create a lot of ERP characters, but since I'm shy about them, people not into those ERP don't know about it and the characters eventually turn legit due to character development

>> No.29893411

They do


The more you know

>> No.29893701

Well, i learned something new today.
Thanks, /tg/, i guess?

>> No.29893764


/tg/ always delivers

>> No.29893918

Ah man. You too? I thought I was a snowflake.

>> No.29893955

I've played two Catfolk characters with my group, and I'm a furfag. Mostly because one was in 3.5, and the other in Pathfinder and the race changed a lot, but in both cases has solid bonuses. I'm careful to keep it out of magical realm territory, but yeah.

>> No.29894492
File: 1.30 MB, 1200x761, 1391081620684.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's amazing how much there is that a lot of so-called TES fans don't know about the setting.

>tiger-dragons of Akavir
>vampire snakes of Akavir
>ice demons of Akavir
>human and elven spaceships
>human and elven moon colonies
>that one time Cyrus lashed a sload to a seaship to turn it into a spaceship so he could go fight Tiber Septim on the moon
>5th era has timetravel
>9th era is cyberpunk
>9th era invents AI
>tfw none of this shit will ever actually happen in a game because Bethesda is shit

>> No.29894620

I almost always play beastfolk and won't deny it's because I like how they look/often act in both lewd and not-lewd ways. Admittedly it's not very guilty because my group knows I'm a huge furfag but trusts me not to magical realm things up. Though if another player/DM provoked it I would be totally down.

>> No.29894646


Blame Oblivion and Skyrim for their very down-to-earth and pragmatic settings

>> No.29894815

My female wizard has sort of a crush on her female cohort, but I keep it out of play most of the time (we usually have bigger problems.) except when a foe threatens her, then I shift focus to killing that foe

Of course one of my followers is a bard trying to get into my pants (serving as comic relief since every attempt to get into my pants is tailored to piss off another pc in some way.)

>> No.29895441

>Electrode in her brain, so she couldn't feel it in her head due to there being no actual nerve sensory cells in her brain, so she would be feeling the effects everywhere but her head right?

>> No.29895475

>Oblivion and Skyrim are post-collapse of a civilization setting with all the "magic" being analogous to misused technology

>> No.29895568

I ERP over text with my boyfriend all the time. It's very elaborate, in fact.

>> No.29895597

>he doesn't fetishize the Irish
Do you even top o' the marnin'?

>> No.29895630

I made Ash in champions online, dude REALLY looks the part. He was also stupidly overpowered because all he had was chainsaw hand to kill shit (which does a ton of damage and is AoE), punch to build energy and shotgun for crowd control, all the rest was passives to make him harder to kill. His HP stat was the same that did damage, so the harder to kill he became, the more damage he did.

>> No.29895665


jesus, being a bit hard on putin aren't we? yes he does the underhanded thing and makes people disappear from time to time, but that's the only way Russians understand politics.

I can think of a few Russian leaders before him who would be considered a lot more villainous than him

>> No.29895691 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.91 MB, 1809x1357, Putin & Doge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder who could be behind this post

>> No.29895817

My first ever character was a human who had a thing for halfling women. Not even into loli or a pedo. Small, fully-developed women just sounds ridiculously hot to me.

>> No.29896019

I once had one of my games insert my fetish into it all on its own.

In a CoC game I was rolling up stats for several important families in this one town. The men had a relatively normal stat distribution but the woman were all in the upper 80-90% of possible rolls for strength, looks, and size.

Now, size can be done in a lot of ways. It can be muscle if you're strong, and they were. Thing is, with all the looks rolls being 16 or above on 3d6 they were also smoking hot. So the size couldn't be attributed to simply being roided out hulks. Can't bulk up too much on fat or muscle but still need size? That's gotta become height then.

End result, all the women of this town were (barring about 2 exceptions that fell on the normal roll distribution), 7 foot tall amazons. I rolled with it and simply made that a strange thing that was going on in this small town and later admitted to the players that it literally only happened because the dice decided to go "fuck statistics"

Pretty sure they don't know that I have a thing for tall, really fit women but if they're reading this. Yes. That chunk of the campaign was total fetish fuel for me and you can blame my dice.

>> No.29896667

My african-american. It seems few people can make the distinction between short an petite woman and a child.

>> No.29896784


Inb4 someone starts dumping Midna or goblin shortstacks

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