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Double Digits Edition!

You are Shax Bonemurder, Raid Leader! You solved the Earth Elemental's worries, bringing peace to (most) of the forest you're currently hiding out in! And got a sweet sword upgrade to boot.

It may have drawn more suspicion on the forest from whoever funded the excavation that led to this whole mess, but it'll probably work out! Maybe. You hope?

Some people got hurt!

>CURRENT RAID ROSTER, lists wounded: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

>Revisions to the Ability tree! As you perform actions, you will gain exp in that specific tree. So Fighting leads to getting My Sword is Fight exp, Leading your men, being charismatic, and generally interacting with others gives you Bein' the Boss exp, and doing sneaky goblin related activities gives you Can you Really Classify These Humanoids as Monstrous? Exp. We'll short hand it down to BtB, MSiF, and CyRCTHaM exp! You currently have 3/6 BtB, 1/12 MSiF, and 2/6 CyRCTHaM exp! EXP is rewarded at the end of the thread.

>This will hopefully allow you to diversify your abilities better, and lessen powergaming discussions. Please offer any suggestions you'd like to make the ability system more enjoyable! I'm more than willing to listen and adapt.

>Ability tree listed here, now with (optional) graphics!: http://pastebin.com/aBfqv1vP

Still, it's been very tiring being a Raid Leader. To be honest, you thought you'd die by now. Though, to be fair, you haven't done much actual raiding. The invasion is still a ways off, so you've got time! There isn't much left in the forest now. Just that creepy hut Rund thinks he saw. Maybe he was imagining it?

After your morning routine, the boys are wondering:

What's the plan, boss?

>Rest and relax! Let's enjoy life at our own pace.
>Well, best get to raiding, right? It's our job! To the Plains of Manderlin!
>That witch's hut (no one said witch, boss) still bothers me. Let's go try and find it!

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>That witch's hut (no one said witch, boss) still bothers me. Let's go try and find it!

I'm curious, so sue me.

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we're sorting this shit out once and for all!

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>That witch's hut (no one said witch, boss) still bothers me. Let's go try and find it!
Nothing left to chance!

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>That witch's hut (no one said witch, boss) still bothers me. Let's go try and find it!

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Well, that's unanimous. Writing!

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* Really Eat Anything on the skill tree is really strange. It isn't as if food and survival mechanics have been present in the quest, but it has potential to lead into some kooky stuff.
Could you expand a bit on the skill trees, display the next tier unavailable perks? If only for curiosities sake. I know it would be time consuming for you and probably lead to heated arguments when we vote for new abilities, but we won't touch half these tier one abilities probably.
It really tickles my autism to see an ability that won't even get a chance to be considered because it's the pits.

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To be honest, you'd feel a lot more relieved if every loose end was tied in the forest before you turned your attention elsewhere. The only thing left for you to check out is the dumb hut Rund THOUGHT he saw and proceeded to get you lost trying to find again. You'd make fun of him for it more, but he is kinda laid up in his corner of the ruins being all wounded and stuff. It'd just be too mean to give him grief over something right now.

He's snoring loudly. Even after you poked him and said his name loud enough to earn an unhappy glare from a few other goblins. You ain't got much choice. You close your eyes and yell, "Sorry!" as you kick him.

"Owww! What the heck was that for, boss?"

"Well, you weren't wakin' up. What else was I supposed to do?"

"Dumped some cold water on me or something. You know I'm hurt, right? Jeez!"

"Whatever, Rund! Just tell me where the stupid hut is."

"You're still on about that thing? Just leave it alone! Nothing good has come from comin' after it. Gotta be some sorta curse. I don't wanna mess with curses."

You don't gotta mess with any dumb curses, dummy. I'll go and get rid of any curses out there so we can have a cool fort in peace!" Truth be told, you'd really rather not, but you gotta put on a bold face for the boys. It's tough being leader. You argue for a few more minutes, but end up getting the directions written on a piece of paper.

Wow, this is really good. A master work, really. Maybe Rund has a talent for this.


Anyway, who are you taking with you on the expedition?

>Leave a few behind to guard the wounded.
>A small group! [specify who]

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That may be a good point. I might not give a description but just a name? It could be fun to make you guys try to figure out what the heck a goblin's ability actually is.

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>>Leave a few behind to guard the wounded.

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Authentic Shax map there, well done.
>Leave a few behind to guard the wounded.
Let's see who volunteers. Find out who has initiative.

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Noooo, that's like the opposite of what I want !

Seriously though, that could be really fun, and *bonus* completely get around extended arguments present in other quests with ability trees.

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take milda and the trolls
brains and brawn accounted for
rest guard the wounded

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>Leave a few behind to guard the wounded.

Take a sneaky guy with us, probably Gneb, Milda for brains, and some big guys, maybe the trolls.

The rest keep an eye on the wounded, keep our camp safe, watch for enemies, all of that.

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Alright, writing.

>> No.29884436

If we're dealing with magic we want Whoop coming. And his boys. Trolls too.

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You don't want to leave the guys at base completely unattended. You get whoop and his fish guys, as well as the clay golems who aren't really suited to this sorta operation to stay behind. You're sure Whoop would wanna keep track of his hurt people!

Aren't you so considerate?

It takes a bit to get everyone in line, since they just wanna relax after yesterday, but you manage to get them all ready and going. Between you, Milda, and Mnar the eventual squabbles are kept under control, more or less.

Still, you hand the map to Gneb who takes a look at it, flips it a bit, looks at it a little more, scratches his head and shruts.

"I think I sorta get what he's trying to say here. Want me to give it a try?"

Obviously. You lift up your arm in a fist and give him your best smile. "You can do it, give it your best shot!" It was a bit embarrassing to do that.

Gneb looks embarrassed, too.

Everyone does, actually.

The group heads out into the woods on their mounts. Gneb says he can follow your tracks from the last time you tried to find this hut, and it helps you on your way. The underbrush has already been tamed a bit from the former expedition, and you know there aren't any deadly traps or the like out here. Unless they got put up the last time?

It's been some hours, and you've already stopped for lunch twice, and you're not sure how much progress has been made.

>Roll d20! Let's see if you're lost, alright? Same rules as always.

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Rolled 11


>> No.29884740

Rolled 18


>> No.29884742

Rolled 8


>> No.29884744

Rolled 20


>> No.29884747

Rolled 6


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The ability tree!

It has given Shax so much strength!


>> No.29884762

Rolled 7

Yay! Second thread in a row I got a high roll!
... I kinda regret rolling now.

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We're not lost! Praise be!

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Gneb scratches his nose as you ask him where you are. "As far as I can tell... we're more or less on the right track. You see how the woods thin out ahead? And you can tell there has been some traffic 'round here as well, look at the grass. It was a bit rough going for a while there, to be honest. Nearly everything looked the same, even to someone checking for signs. Pure coincidence musta led those Devilooze boys here in the first place."

Now that he mentions it, it does look like the grass has been worn on a bit. Weird. Something else is bugging you, too.

Mnar rides up to you. "Hey boss. Something is giving the boys the willies. Everyone is on edge. Somethin' ain't right around here."

Yeah. That's the feeling you get, too. "Try'n calm them down, okay? I'll solve this whole thing no problem!" Maybe you should try and cheer again? You shudder. No, it'd be too embarrassing.

Nodding at Gneb, you motion for the whole group to head forward. Time to get to the bottom of this whole mess.

It isn't long before you come upon a clearing. Strange plants fill a fenced off garden, stranger plants stand like weeds here and there, and a truly twisted looking home sits in the center. It's walls are wooden, though the wood is curved in odd and unnatural shapes. The whole place sets you on edge.

Most of the boys are giving each other nervous glances.

"I don't like the looks of this, boss," Dorle growls, patting his satchel. "Give me the word, and we can solve this whole hut business real quick like."

>Give him the word! Blow it to kingdom come.
>Let's be neighborly. Knock on the door!
>Get your detective cap on! Let's investigate.

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Rolled 11

>Let's be neighborly. Knock on the door!

>> No.29885035

>Get your detective cap on! Let's investigate.
Have someone watch the front door and windows for anyone staring at us while we do.

>> No.29885037


>> No.29885048

>>Let's be neighborly. Knock on the door!

>> No.29885055


>Let's be neighborly. Knock on the door!

Just because we're raiders, doesn't mean we can't stop for some tea.

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Is Shax gonna unlock an ability tree when she meets Squid face again?

>> No.29885090

Can we at least have a couple guys back in case something horrible happens?

>> No.29885118

Rolled 20

... I kinda assumed they would stay back anyways?
They don't really have our charisma. Or adorableness. Or giant sword.

>> No.29885134

Yeah, for the best.

>> No.29885144


There are actually a huge number of trees you can unlock in various ways!

I've been thinking overtime.

Anyway, knocking on the door seems to be winning (with some caution). Writing!

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That's hella cool OP

>> No.29885188

nothing says cute like a giant sword.

>oh god cthuluShax
>"Look Squidface, I can squid too now!"

>> No.29885199


It isn't hugely thought out. Most trees just have their name, general concept, and a short blurb how a goblin could stumble upon it.

>> No.29885349

Still awesome man.

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Milda gives Dorle a withering glare. "Don't go blowin' up stuff for no reason, eh. Who knows who could be living in there?"

You bite your lip and look away in disappointment, because you kinda wanted to see something blow up. But she has a point. The person in here isn't necessarily bad. They have some creepy plants and a weird house. So what? You lived in a cave and nearly every member of your family is a murderer or dead. Maybe this person is actually really nice!

"Hey, you guys hang back a bit, alright?" You think about it. Well, if it got messy you'd still want some back up. Maybe the trolls should come along? Well, not Snacky. He might try to eat whoever is in there. And that wouldn't be very neighborly!

You get off your lizard, wave at Troll 2 to come along, and walk up to the door and knock on it.

"Who is it?" A young, deep voice calls out. That doesn't sound like a witch at all. That is relieving but also pretty disappointing.

How the heck are you supposed to respond anyways? "It's, err, Shax? I'm a raider! Who are you?" Maybe that's a little too rude. Gotta be polite, gotta be polite. "I mean, may I ask who I'm talking to?" Too polite?

"Please, feel free to come in." The voice calls out. "I'm a bit indisposed at the moment."

You look at the troll. It stares off in space. You look at Milda. She shrugs. Well, if it's a trap it is more fiendish than you can figure. You grab the door handle and twist it open.

A young man sits on a ladder in front of you, book in hand. He doesn't look at you as you come in. "What do you want?" He asks, distractedly.

What the heck. His whole home is littered with books. Books everywhere. You have never seen this many books. He flaps the weird dusty thing at you. "Well?"

How do you respond?

>Are you a witch?
>I'm here to raid!
>something else

>> No.29885432

"Why do you live in a creepy house in the woods? People might think you're some kind of witch."

>> No.29885444

Rolled 17

>Are you a witch?

>> No.29885461

>Are you a witch?

>> No.29885471

>Are you a witch?

>> No.29885488

"Do you mind if we raid the surrounding villages/settlements? We promise not to bother you!"

>> No.29885541

You guys are so nice! Writing.

>> No.29885577

I was actually about to vote for blowing it all up, but then I remembered that Shax goes to the trouble of hearing people out.

>> No.29885600

We lure him in before we shanks his ass and burn his books in front of him

>> No.29885621

Well, maybe he'll be smart and give away his valuables.

>> No.29885651

Hey if he likes books maybe he'd want those we found in that temple.

>> No.29885766

Your welcome

>> No.29885836

You walk in and sniff around a bit. Smells clean. You're not used to that sort of smell, so you can tell right away. "Hey, uh, you didn't tell me who you are, you know." You get your sword out and poke various objects with it gently. Any of this stuff could be cursed. "Are you a witch? If not, why would you live in a creepy house in the middle of the woods?" You give him a suspicious glance. You don't trust this guy. No one who reads this many books is trustworthy.

He's a bit pale, and he has large round glasses and unkempt brown hair. His clothes look neatly cleaned. A sharp contrast to you and your raid groups mostly well-worn (hardly ever removed) outfits. He sighs and puts a strip of cloth in his book before snapping it shut, and turning to face you with a sigh. "Please. stop poking things with your sword." He stands up, dusts himself off, and starts walking down the ladder. "And no, I'm not a witch. Though I do practice various arts. You said you were a raider?"

"Yep!" You wave your sword at him. "Oh! Do you mind if I raid the people around here?"

He raises his eyebrow a bit. "No, not particularly. Why do you ask?"

"Well, it is sorta my job."

The guy adjusts his glasses. "Of course. But why are you here?"

"Your house is super creepy. I gotta make sure you won't curse my friends."

"No promises."

You hold your sword in front of you like a wall and peak out from behind it. "Woah! You actually can?" This guy is dangerous! You narrow your eyes. You might have to take him out.

"Hey, Shax, is everything alright?" Milda pokes her head in.

"A duergar cooperating with a goblin?" He rubs his chin. "Now, that's interesting."

Uh, oh. He's seen something he shouldn't have. You level your sword at him.

"Woah there. I promise I won't curse your friends. But, I do want to ask you some questions."

>Hear him out.
>No witnesses, no prisoners!
>Thank him for his cooperation and get outta here before he ropes you into something crazy like that stupid earth elemental.

>> No.29885859

>Hear him out.

>> No.29885866

>You're the one with the huge sword, you ask the questions! Does he have anything shiny?

>> No.29885872

>Hear him out.

>> No.29885878

>Hear him out.

>> No.29885887


haha I shoulda offered that

nice one, anon

>> No.29885896

at least ask for shinies as reward for hearing him out

>> No.29885898

>Hear him out.

Also, point out that we have a big sword, and ask if he has anything shiny or valuable.

>> No.29885905

"Are you the one bothering the nicewhenhesnottalking earth elemental?"

>> No.29885915


>> No.29885998

Alright, writing.

>> No.29886094

This is how I imagine her gruff leader voice to sound like.
Yes yes... I know where it's from but just pretend that there's only the voice.

>> No.29886131

I imagine slightly deeper but whatevs

>> No.29886404

You don't immediately assault him. You're a little curious. This guy is weird, but you've dealt with weirdos before. Lots of weirdos, actually. You think back on your recent past. It is a little depressing how many weirdos you've dealth with. Best to add this guy to the pile.

"So, I take it you're interested?" You are! Milda gives you a worried glance. Oh, wait. You gotta be a raid leader.

Swelling up your chest, you give a savage growl You wave your sword at him a bit, and call out with a gruff voice: "Hey now, keep in mind I'm the one with the sword, mister! If you want me to listen, then you had better pay up!" That oughta do it! He's sure to be quaking in his boots now.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls something out and tosses it at you. "This is about the only thing I've got on me worth anything. Feel free to take it."

Wow that was easy. You beam a smile at Milda. I bet she's impressed by how much of a savage raider you are. She just looks more worried.

You keep a cautious eye on him as you reach over and pick up the object. It's gold, is round and has a chain. And some sorta switch? You flip it open. There are three sticks in the middle. Two aren't moving and one is ticking around quickly. You wonder if it is broken. Oh well, it is shiny and makes noise and that is all you need to know. You try to sound like the dark elf queen sounds when she was talking about how much better she was than surfacers. "I see you know who is boss. Thanks. Since you're so nice, I'll listen to what you have to say."

>> No.29886431

The weirdo chuckles a bit. "Very well, I'm glad to have earned your audience. Goblins and duergar are not fast friends, if I remember correctly. So that means there is an extreme circumstance going on." This dude is too sharp. "That sort of thing, however, doesn't affect me. What I do care about is a certain town not far from here. You said you're a raider, so maybe you've seen it? Despite being a small hamlet, it has a clock tower. I built it for them shortly before I was run out of town." He crosses his arms. "Some of my experiments were considered less than ethical by some of the townsfolk, and... Well, don't worry about it."

He walks over to a bench utterly smothered in books. "I was in a rush, so I ended up leaving some things there. If you were to raid that village, per chance, and find something like these," He hands you a list. You don't recognize most of these words, "Please, bring them back to me. There are things I'll gladly do for you if this is the case."

>Crumple up the list, tell him to do those things for you anyway or you'll cut him in half.
>Agree, you were gonna raid anyway and this guy has been pretty nice so far.
>Disagree, tell him to leave you alone and you'll leave him alone.

>> No.29886492

>>Agree, you were gonna raid anyway and this guy has been pretty nice so far.

>> No.29886498

>Agree, you were gonna raid anyway and this guy has been pretty nice so far.
Would he be okay if we blew up the clock tower after? It would be a pretty neat spectacle if we blew up the clock tower.

>> No.29886513

>Agree, you were gonna raid anyway and this guy has been pretty nice so far.

And ask exactly what all the words on the paper mean.

>> No.29886532

Mr. Weirdo, isn't lonely out here by yourself?

>> No.29886536

>Agree, you were gonna raid anyway and this guy has been pretty nice so far.

We're raiders, but that doesn't mean we can't be nice to people who cooperate.

>> No.29886580

if we threaten him into it he'll probably do it wrong/sabotage our shit

>> No.29886643

All this kindness.

I don't wanna just assume you'll say yes, but it feels like I oughta know you'll agree to this sorta stuff before asking! Writing.

>> No.29886699

Well, we're most likely going to raid that town anyway and since Shax doesn't recognize most of the items on that list we can assume that they wouldn't be of much use to us anyway. I kinda forgot if it was ever mentioned if Shax can read.

>> No.29886750


All the goblins can barely read but it isn't exactly like there are epic goblin poets out there or a great love of the literary arts.

They know enough to write for communication and read orders, that is about it. I think I remember saying she couldn't read what was on her equipment acquisition form, but those were mostly code for the quartermaster.

>> No.29886753

Having a morally ambiguous wizard on our side is always a plus.

>> No.29886784


>> No.29886815


He's more like Cup from Transformers than Homer.

>> No.29886833

roleplaying a small goblin girl does not make for comfortable murderhoboing

>> No.29886855

I've just been playing it like Shax is legit too innocent and naive to understand what she's doing is bad.

>> No.29886868


as far as she knows this is all goblins are capable of doing

>> No.29886906

And for some reason, I'm sad now.

>> No.29886909

Yay for moral grey areas!
(Gray? Idk)

>> No.29886939

"Well..." You wonder what he could do. He's really smart, so he probably knows how to do all kinds of things. That could be helpful. You were going to raid all these places anyways, if you see a clock tower there isn't much reason not to.

"Is it okay if I blow up the clock tower, if I do?" This is important.

The guy smiles. "Sure, go for it."

Awesome! "What is a clock tower?"

"That wasn't your first question?" He asks, genuinely puzzled. "It looks like that watch, but really big and a building instead of gold."

Wow, awesome! You're guessing the watch is what he handed you. This dude isn't half bad, for living in a creepy house with creepy plants. Whatever those are about. "Hey, Mr. Weirdo?" You're a little confused about a few things.

He had turned around and was getting back to this books. "Hmmm?"

Wow, he actually responded to that. "Why do you live out here by yourself?"

For a while, you weren't certain if he heard you, but then he responds. "You thought my house was unsettling, right? Imagine if you had to live with me." You sleep surrounded by giant skeleton bones, so. "It doesn't really gather me many friends. Shortsighted fools."

This dude is pretty cool sometimes but then he says something like that and its hard to take him seriously cause he looks pretty whimpy. Maybe he's trying too hard to be all detatched and mysterious and really ought to simmer down and try being nicer to people? You don't want to tell a stranger that, though.

Milda has been watching in relative silence this whole time, and Troll 2 may have drooled on some of his books but he didn't notice and you decide to leave before he does. "Alright mister, if I find this stuff I'll be sure to bring it by here. Don't tell anyone about me!" You make your voice real deep. "Or else!"

>> No.29886956

That ought to leave a good parting impression. You head back to base. Along the way Milda says she knows what is on the list. Though it is a bunch of weird stuff, she points out.

There is still some time left in the day.

>Turn in for the night and get ready for a big day tomorrow?
>Get some scouting in under your belt! Head out with some sneaky boys to scout the plains.
>Get Whoop and Milda together to try and figure out what the heck these magical items are.

>> No.29886987

>Get some scouting in under your belt! Head out with some sneaky boys to scout the plains.
Maybe we'll spot something really good to raid right after! Super efficient!

>> No.29886998

>Get some scouting in under your belt! Head out with some sneaky boys to scout the plains.

We need info before we raid, how will we know what to smash, what to set on fire, what to take, and where to go if we don't scout?

>> No.29887000

>Get Whoop and Milda together to try and figure out what the heck these magical items are.

>> No.29887019

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the paladins bite.

>> No.29887045

>Get Whoop and Milda together to figure out what the items are.

I trust our guys can go scouting on their own. Besides our sword isn't the most steathy thing around

>> No.29887049

>Get Whoop and Milda together to try and figure out what the heck these magical items are.

>> No.29887080

>Get Whoop and Milda together to try and figure out what the heck these magical items are.

>> No.29887124

Alright! Let's get identifying!

>> No.29887196

We also might want to get the duergar making a great big bomb for the clock tower. It's embarrassing to reach there and find out our explosives aren't strong enough to knock it down.

>> No.29887602

There isn't a whole lot of day left, and you are feeling kinda tired. Didn't you give Milda some sorta rod? Also you have this weet magical cape you gotta figure out. Let's try to get some progress on this!

Back in camp, you check in with Whoop to see how the wounded are doing. "This one is pleased to report that their wounds are healing nicely. They'll be back up and ready to serve the cause in a few days." Stiff as usual.

"Hey, Whoop."

"Whoopaldookat." He says. You think he might sound a little tired. Is he getting enough sleep?

"You remember how you said that rod thing was magical, and the cape was, too? Mind if you help Milda figure what exactly they do?"

He bows, "This one would be honored to assist in the pursuit of knowledge, Leader."

Is that really what this is?

You head over to Milda's corner of the ruins. "Aye it's slop, but it's slop you're going to eat!" You hear her yelling angrily.

"Please, sis, just let me do the cookin'," Mani pleads, he sounds truly desperate. "You know you're no good at it."

"I'm not gonna let no brother of mine cook while he's at death's door. Now eat! It'll be good for you." She grabs his face and shoves a ladle in it. Mani gurgles a bit. He swallows, gasps for air, and looks sick.

With a raspy voice, he calls out: "Dorle, help me, don't just leave me here."

The previously silent dwarven brother panics. "No, don't drag me into this!" Milda gives him a mean look. "...I'm just gonna go and find some goblins who want to share a drink, eh?" He says, walking off quietly. He salutes you on the way out. "Leader."

Milda turns at his greeting. "Oh! Shax. What are you doing here? Tell this baby to eat some food before he gets too weak to live."

>> No.29887622

You sniff the pot. You're not sure this is food. You'd offer Mani some but then you'd have less of your food and that is something you avoid at all costs. You dip a finger in the pot. You have eaten some suspect things before in your life, so might as well give it a go.

>Minion Talent UnlockeD! MILDA - Master Poisoner. This meal reveals Milda's true talent: The subtle and deadly art of poison! Her concotions are truly fatal.

This is not food. It takes you a minute to be able to speak again, as your tongue riots against your mouth. "This is awful."

Whoop approaches the pot and glances in. Perhaps for the first time since you've known him, he looks truly disturbed by something. Milda, on the other hand, is looking less happy by the second. It is time to change the subject! "Hey, uh, Milda! You know that rod I gave you? Did you ever figure out what it does?"

With a surprised look, Milda glances at a disheveled pile of items. "Oh, right! I had almost forgotten. It isn't particularly impressive. If you have a certain amount of talent with handling devices such as these it is simple to command..." She rustles through her things for a moment before pulling the rod out. "Simply lift it up like this" She holds it above her head, "And then throw it to the ground." She tosses it down. The rod shakes for a moment, before warping, shifting into a snake.


"It seems to obey mental commands. It'll slither wherever you want. It can't really tell you anything, though, so I'm not how useful it will be as a scout or spy. Still, I put it through some tests, and it is much stronger than your average snake."

"Is it poisonous?" Whoop asks, "If so, it could be a potent assassin."

>> No.29887644

Milda nods. "Though the poison isn't particularly lethal. Simply numbing. I tried it out on Dorle earlier." Your brothers threw snakes at you once, but they never bit you. You thought they were just being mean, but maybe all families do that? "He didn't need any medical assistance and didn't get particularly dizzy when I asked him how he was doing later." Mani stares aghast at his sister.

You take the cloak off your back. "And what about this?"

Whoop clears his throat with a blubbery noise. "If this one could interject, leader, this one could shed some light on the matter..." He reaches over and holds his hands out. You place the cloak in them. "This is, perhaps, not the most obvious of enchantments, but observe."

He chants for a moment, and dances. A pillar of flame comes out of the sky and hits the cloak. Ahhh! How could he do that? Also your poor cloak! It was keeping you so warm and looked cool and now it is just cinders. Wait, it isn't? "It contains properties that protect it and its wearer from fire."

Milda crosses her arms. "And when exactly did you figure that out?"

Whoop blinks slowly. "I had spent some time divining many things while I rested at camp today."

What a useful guy! Still, what are you going to do with this stuff?

>I'm the leader, give me all the loot!
>Give the things to someone else? [Specify who]

>> No.29887702

>keep the cloak, rod is up for grabs to whoever wants it

>> No.29887706

I think a cloak that protects against fire could be relatively useful for either of the more explosively inclined dwarves.

Maybe story goblin can use the snake as a prop or something.

>> No.29887713

Fire cloak seems like it might be useful for the explosive guys. But it looks so cool on us!

Give Gneb or one of the sneaky guys the snake.

>> No.29887720

Keep the cloak for now. Give the rod to anyone that wants it.

>> No.29887759

Simple enough consensus. Writing.

>> No.29887760

Cloak for us, because leader.

Can we assign someone to milk the snake for venom to coat our party's weapons in? Seems like it would give us an edge on the battlefield.

>> No.29887774

We should keep the cloak, but keep in mind to lend it to a dwarf if their doing demolition. It won't protect them from blowing up I think, but they can withstand a fiery blast at least

>> No.29887841

The dwarves could probably use some fire protection... but they're professionals! Probably. Besides, you don't want to particularly burn to death. You'll keep the cloak, but maybe loan it out to them.

As for the rod... you'll hand it to Xab. That guy is wacky, and could probably figure out how to use it. Besides, he and the rest of the boys might want to use it's poison for something. You're not sure how, but maybe they can figure it out.

You're all leadered out! It's been a long day, but not a particularly hard one.

>You talked to the witch, uncovered a minion's talent, and got along pretty well with all the goblins! You receive five BtB exp! You have 7/6, and can get one being the boss ability!

>You managed to get a shiny thing from someone smarter than you! You didn't blow up everything you could, though. You get three CyRCTHaM exp! 5/6.

>You didn't fight anything! No MSiF exp!

>What would you like to spend your BtB point on?

>> No.29887870

I like Evil Good, personally.

>> No.29887898

They all seem good, so for the sake of consensus I'll second Evil Good.

>> No.29887902

I like all the abilities from that tree since they fit Shax so well but let's go with Evil Good or Bein Da Boss

>> No.29887905

Dat's our boss seems to be the good choice for now.

>> No.29887921

Thirding Evil GOod

>> No.29887922

>tfw we get Like a Stray Cat and we get taken home next time hutbro sees us
But seriously, Dat's Our Boss. Clearly.

>> No.29887970

The people have spoken! Alignment: Evil Good it is. Writing.

>> No.29887975

dats our boss

>> No.29888225

I just realized that the way points are earned in this, we're likely to leave behind a lot of skills we'd otherwise get as we move down a tree.

We gain a single point to spend on a single skill. What this means is a 1st tier skill costs as much as a 2nd tier skill which costs as much as a 3rd tier skill and etc.

Unless the trees stop pretty early(3rd or 4th tier), it's possible that we may not go back and pick up certain 1st tier skills as we move down a single tree.

Basically what I'm saying is that I think a point cost system needs to be implemented that makes lower tiers cheaper than higher tiers or something like that to encourage purchasing the lower tier skills unless the point of the ability tree is to specialize down one path or the paths are pretty short to allow exploration of different trees.

As it is I see a lot of the skill tree remaining a mystery to us as we gain more options and leave the other paths behind.

>> No.29888258


You haven't gotten to skills that cost more than one yet.

Or skills that require a certain amount of points spent in the tree.

>> No.29888284

Oh, okay. I guess I was jumping to conclusions a little early, then.

>> No.29888338


It's okay! I am more than willing to listen to criticism at any stage of the process.

If anything, your suggestion tells me that it might be a good idea to tease readers with expensive or elaborate skills early to give them an idea of what they CAN shoot for.

Which is valuable advice I hadn't thought of, and will definitely implement any future quests I do.

And it isn't like the ability tree is set in stone. I may rewrite some skills just to show off!

>> No.29888419

Assuming we don't die and play this quest to the end, about how many threads would that be?

>> No.29888441

You have learned Alignment: Evil Good!

Sometimes at night you have a hard time going to sleep from thinking so much. It is scary thinking about this sorta thing, but you wonder where your place in this world is. Being a Raid Leader is something you're good at. And the few times you've raided you've enjoyed. You were good at it. Those people didn't really do anything wrong, but you took stuff from them and were pretty mean. It was fun. But still, you feel bad. You wouldn't want people to do that to you. Or your friends. You would honestly put yourself in harm's way for most of your raid. Life is complicated, and you're not sure where you fit in it.

>This attitude inspires great evil to corrupt, and great good to redeem! You get a diplomatic bonus when talking to or fighting people of axiomatic extremes!


* Dark Goddess of Victory! Your very presence inspires your troops to greater heights of power! Your foes tremble before your might and your allies sing songs of your glory! ...At least that is what you tell yourself when you feel bad and lonely, or scared by the number of enemies you're facing. You get bonus stats equal to the number of people you're in combat with, allies included! - Requires Dat's Our Boss!

* Moonlight Champion. Like a beam in the darkness! When things get bad, REAL bad, people turn to you for help. And you can handle it. Your troops maintain a high morale despite overwhelming odds. In addition, enemies whose spirits are completely crushed may find you inspiring...


And that's all tonight! It was a laid back, easy going session.

I'd like to thank you again for participating. Seriously. I've read several quests, and you all are such a nice and well behaved group that I feel privileged to write for you, and can't thank you enough.

I hope you had lots of fun!

If you're new, you can follow when I'm running on my twitter: https://twitter.com/Fouldrinking

I'm shooting for Saturday.

>> No.29888487


The ability tree is probably the only thing I've really planned. I got a basic list of blurbs describing things you can raid.

I had the forest planned out no matter what route you took at the very beginning of the game, but you've more or less cleared all the side quests there.

Other than that, it is pretty open ended. I don't have any real "end game" goals in mind.

To be honest, I don't want it to last forever. It is mostly a practice session for me that I am glad people enjoy. But I don't have any plans of cutting it short any time soon, either!

>> No.29888527

Awesome thread Chief, it was a serious blast tonight! Thank you for running!

>> No.29888577

See you around, Chief. I like playing your quest the most out of the stuff I follow. I always have this assured feeling that no matter what gets picked it's going to be lighthearted and fun despite the circumstances so I don't feel upset when a choice appears to be a mistake regardless of the consequences of the decision.

I think your quest's tone really helps keep things mellow. It kind of reminds me of playing a Disgaea game, actually.

>> No.29893293

I know the quest is over but you're gonna read this from the archives:

We carry our sword on our back.
That's only logical, can't do so elsewhere.
However, do we carry it in a scabbard?
If so, physically, we CANNOT pull it out!
A sword at long as yourself cannot be pulled out over-the-head.

If anything, it should be simple leather straps with snappers, which are a thing not invented yet [probably].
So: how do we pull out our sword?
And how do we put it back in?

>> No.29893754

Obviously, the exact same way Cloud carries his buster sword in FF7...

>> No.29894117

Sort of like this I would assume.

>> No.29894299

Maybe THIS is the real reason why everybody respects Shax, her ability to carry a gigantic sword on her back WITHOUT straps...

>> No.29894735

I always pictured her carrying it on her shoulder all the time.

>> No.29894892

Rolled 17

We use magnets?

>> No.29894901

I haven't seen any descriptions of us drawing it, or putting it away between fights. Also, the OP image doesn't include a scabbard or anything, so I'd always just assumed >>29894735

>> No.29895539

That's extremely uncomfortable and leaves 1 hand only for everything.

>> No.29895574

It's intimidating as fuck though.

Suddenly this perk makes much more sense
>#Natural Likeability - Whether it is pity, affection, or curiosity, people just seem to like you. Bonus to all diplomatic relations.

>> No.29895603


She just carries it around with her everywhere. Either on the shoulder or dragging it on the ground or what have you.

Her bracer gives her a huge bonus to the amount of things she can carry without being encumbered, so it is basically light as a feather to her when she just needs to haul it around. Illithids often create it for thralls so they can be pack animals.

>> No.29895640


Does her carrying a huge sword like it's nothing have anything to do why people seem to like her?

>> No.29895666

probably. it definitely makes her stand out.

"lookit that sword being carried by that puny goblin, she must be super strong n' nasty!"

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