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Sup TG,

I have recently Become GM for a rogue trader game. i have the great luck/misfortune to have a player in every career path. So let's do some voodoo that we do.

I am going to base this campaign on the Odyssey, and i am looking for suggestions on what to all have, and how to war hammer it.

Right now i Have a Void kraken as Scylla, an eldar far seer as Circe, a tesseracte labyrinth as the trojan horse, and slannesh cultist to be the lotus eaters. so the question I pose is any idea what to use to represent Poseidan, and the sirens. also orks or nyds for the Cyclopi?

TL;DR let's make the odyssey in space

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Wouldn't the sirens be daemonettes?

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I'm looking for something that might be able to get a ship to crash. I like the Daemonettes, but any idea how they would pull it off without boarding?

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I'd think something similar to warbosses for cyclopi. Could have a docile squigs kinda deal for sheep. perhaps something less lore breaking. Maybe the squigs have gorged themselves and are full/less aggressive

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The sirens are a derelict fleet that's been taken over by an A.I. It broadcasts distress calls to lure more ships into its floating graveyard empire.

As for the cyclopi... don't be afraid to actually make something up. You're not restricted to only using story elements that have their own army lists. The 40k universe is huge and weird, and Rogue Trader is the game that lets you explore the weirdness. Make a unique alien race. Maybe something with a centaur body plan, four stocky legs, two big arms, one huge eye up on top, big mouth down in its chest, covered with elephant-like hide.

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deamonettes siren call/allure ship to planet = crash?

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Poseidan should be a reaver lord of the expanse, terror-inspiring master of an entire sector beyond the Imperium, whom the PCs have somehow offended in their expeditions. His forces are at every turn, his resources stymie them whenever they near success, and he has placed a massive price on NOtysseus' head to prevent him from being able to seek help or make allies.

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>She lives in a graveyard of shattered ships
>she floats through the void with her broken dreams
>but though she may long for her lover's lips
>the Sargasso Rose is not what she seems

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I really the AI idea. maybe have the ships swarming with Daemonettes. Anybody got a good name for the Ship?

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Eolus could be mechanized in a dark age of technology astromic array. The bag containing the winds can be a data slate containing info for safe voyage through the warp which ends up corrupt because reasons and hence they get lost as a result of the "storm".

Actually, make the array a remnant of the webway project that BigE was working on! The fundamentally different process let you travel (gasp!) without the need for His Beaconness and confuses the astronomican and he gets the ship lost.

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You could use Psirens.


A race of xeno psykers, living in an extremely dense asteroid field, that send the crew visions of their deepest desires, attempting to lure them onto the rocks. So they can feast on their delicious, delicious, brains.

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The AI ship/ How about Anthemusa?

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The AI would need some sort of Navigator brain in a jar or captive psykers because of the way distress signals are in 40k.

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Astropathic-servitors are a thing. It could have just hacked a few of them.

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shameless bumping and further question. Any idea how to get the tau into this little boat trip?

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Maybe the Laestrygonians? Instead of wanting to drink their blood they might want to dissect them to learn more about humans (to bend them to the Greater Good)

Bit of a stretch I know, but w/e

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I'm probably going to steal this idea sometime in the near future, op.

Take an opportunity to look at other Odyssey based works, from O Brother Where Art Thou to Ulysses. You don't have to try to match each encounter, and can sleight of hand your way around others. Orks would make great Cyclops, though-imagine your crew having to orkify your vessel to hide among the flock of looted ships.

Do you have any inkling about how you are going to handle gods and how influential they are in Odysseus's journey home? The most apparent answer would seem to be warp entities of some sort, but I don't know how chaos you want the campaign to go. Maybe an alpha level psyker the party pissed off? Are you going to have the rogue trader be the Odysseus figure and have literal Penelope and Telemachus types back home, or will they be represented by the rogue trader's fleet without its captain?

Tau COULD be the Phaeacians if you interpret them as friendly. The Kroot would be a better fit for Laestrygonians.

Pic seems somewhat relevant.

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There is a space anomaly in edge of the abyss called The Siren Star. Want stats on it?

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yes. yes i do

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Spineward side of the heathen stars, close to the rifts of hecaton
Devia Sirenum system
Once you enter the system, all unsecured com and vox units play the stars song. All withing ear shot must make a -20 willpower save, if he fail he starts giving orders to get to the center of the anomaly. If he passes with no additional successes, -10 to task while still in ear shot. Failure of 5 or more successes cause 1d5+2 insanity and he will do anything to reach the source. -20 willpower test every 6 hours to over come the song.
Crew: Immediate 2d10 morale loss and a character must make a command roll to isolate those that heard it. Failure is an additional 5 points of morale, plus another 5 for every degree of failure.
With the right rules, you could maroon your traders until you deem their crew gets under control. Also, you can put anything you want at the center of anomaly, it says star but it is radiation cloaking something. Also home to pirates and at least one xenos race.

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rolls,not rules. auto-correct got me.
The radiation bathes everything in a sickly green light and lowers the ships detection by 2d10, reroll each day ship is in system. These effects happen the second you come out of warp anywhere near the star. It is a very long ways out, making distress calls all but unheard, and few would venture near it. A good spot to strand a group.

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Thank you

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No problem, ive got every book but the battle fleet one.Also a few black crusade and dark heresy if you need more stuff to throw at them.

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thinking of maybe having Poseiden be a Tzeenchian sorcerer. that would help explain the dickery and power. No idea about stuff like Zeus and helios, and such

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