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The ride will never end for as long as he is with us!
General Dead Space crossover discussion and writefagging.

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Come on in, all drawfags and writefags are welcome here!

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Who'd eat Necromorph soup?

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The feeders did.

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(aternatively giv issac legion bro moments interation)

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Isaac fucks up a bit. Or something fucked up along the way. So hes not "very" infallible. Or make others fuck up.

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Like having Isaac blatantly fix Legion? OHOHOHOOHHOOH!!! Have Legion not be on the Normandy yet, and have Isaac go through the derelict reaper!

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that be awesome! he could have a relapse! shit would hit the fucking fan, man

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i can see issac being the only one on the ship exept shepard being friendly to him and EDI
montly because the only things that DID NOT TRY TO kill him were AI, cept ANTI but that was a order

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Isaac slightly upgrades Legion...what would go wrong?

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Here's my Pastebin, if anyone's interested.

I-It's my first time, anon-kun... p-please be gentle...

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Make us swole Isaac!
Make us swole!

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Bah. My inferior, non-Astartes mind forgot to include the link itself! How humourous of me! Ah, ha, ha!
I-it's my f-f-first time, anon-kun... please be gentle, okay?

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Okay, I laughed. I remember why I pity /fit/ during the New Year time.

Here, have a smiley face.

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Will ardy ever ramble again?

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Who knows?!

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Maybe one day.

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I don't know. Do you count installing a Contact Beam in Legion's chest wrong?

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If that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

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>not sticking particle accelerators to any machine, tool and weapon posible
do you even engineering?

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Can I put a particle accelerator on a particle accelerator, strapped to a particle accelerator which is in turn taped to my arm?

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Sadly, I do not engineering. I did however accidentally a computer in my youth.

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Why not just replace your arm with another particle accelerator when you're at it?

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He tried to repair him once a couple threads back, and he somehow got the Geth Consensus to talk to him through a spark within Legion's core

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Nice, what did it say to him?

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they wanted to talk with the MASTER-BUILDER issac

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Isaac WAS the Master Builder. That was their designation for him, and they figured he was even better against the Reapers than Shepard

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I'd imagine what kind of crazy Isaac would build to fight a Reaper invasion...

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They also made some sort of trinity where he was the forger, the father and the builder

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and its logical he is a engineer so has know hows on many machine reaper tech wont be easy but some basic stuff would be there, issac can resist marker infuence so indocrination is a cakewalk, and has some serious survival/juryrigging skills so survival is pretty high

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He'd build his own anti-Reaper Dreadnoughts controlled by A.I.'s formed from his own mind. The Council would hate him and outlaw him. Cerberus would consider him insane. Shepard would think him pretty darn cool

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A boot-shaped ship with an enlarged plasma cutter for a main gun?

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geth wanna be modified by him engineers wanna be him

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How about a state of the art "Ship-of-the-Line-Gun"?

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>line gun
>not a contact beam, a force gun or a plasma cutter

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He Will. Hold. The Line!

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Yeah but those aren't punny.

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After starting dead space 2 again I am really liking the line gun.

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The Consensus saw his mind, and they were pleased

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>issac mind
>anything to be pleased
what the hell consensus?


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Geth Consensus

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Bump. Ain't going to let it die.

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Just that face.

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Who's the decapitated dude?

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we need more artists.

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more like
>why didn't I think of that?

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Alright guys. This is my first write fagging so please be gentle ;_;

Inquisitor Thomas strutted through the desolate hallways of the recorded archives of the planet Terra. These halls hold the records of some the bravest Men, Space Marines, Sisters, Psykers, Techpriests, and so on; who have survived, died, or thrived in the name of the God Emperor. But this Inquisitor was looking for the name of one man, and one man alone: Isaac Clarke.

He has been a thorn in his side for to long! Of course he has read the read the reports, who hasn't?

Surviving one to a hundred odds and he is the only one to walk out alive.

Building incredible weaponry that carries the Emperors Fury.

Machine Spirits so sated by him that they act as if they were 10,000 years younger.

Blessed by the Omnissah

Savior of Tau Volantis

Warboss Clorke

Emperor's Chosen?

"Impossible." He angrily mutters to himself. "Why don't those fools see? That man IS. A. HERETIC!" He yells the last word with fury, causing some of the servitors on duty to look in his direction wondering what has gotten the Inquisitor so fired up. The Inquisitor embarrassed at his outburst marches down the hallway, and the servitors went back to their duties.

Heretic. Oh how he loathed that word. It was a word of weakness and fear. One who would run all the way from the forgiving light of the God Emperor to join the disgusting perils of the warp. The Inquisitor grit his teeth to the point that they would break if they were under any more pressure.

He would prove to the fools that Isaac was a heretic.

He would show them all that they have been blind.

"By the Emperors Will, I will prove that Isaac is a heretic. I will expose his heretical ways to the Imperium. I WILL SEE ISAAC BURNED!"

The Inquisitor once again calms himself down before he makes another spectacle. A few calm breathes later he made a devilish smile. After all this is why he is here, in the great archives of Terra.

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This was the only place that recorded all the events of persons of note. Even Isaac Clarke and his secrecy could not escape it's archivists. This was the only place that could reveal that mans hidden crimes.


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Seems good, though servitors are not capable of wondering anything, they're just machines with fleshy bits.

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they're... they were.....
damn. living as Servitors must be nightmares.
I would kill squash myself to avoid that.

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They dont think, there just machines with in a flesh shell

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Who knows man, who knows....

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Why is Dead Space armor so good

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Because of stupid, sexy, Issac.

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Because it was cobbled together by futuristic murderhobos.

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What the fucking fuck is that thing actually usable?

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DO IT!!!

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Yes it is.

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I destroys your hands but damn that's quite a punch for what it's made out of.

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Aren't home-made guns just the best?

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Go on

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Oh Jukebox, where are you!
You have to complete the steps Juke!
You have to make us whole!

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You couldn't threaten anyone with that thing and if you were to use it in combat it would take your hand off. What's the point?

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Right here. Gotta grab lunch afterwards.
"Yeah, fat chance." Isaac said, brushing himself off. 'Anyways, you guys wanted to take these on a test drive, so lets get started."

"Let's see what this thing can do..." Grunt said, pointing the contact beam at one of the few pieces of junk that lay several meters in front of them. "So, uh... how do I use it?"

"Didn't read the rest of the manual, I see. Here, there's a switch near the trigger that toggles both the safety and the laser sights... There. Alright, just hold the trigger until it's fully charged."

Grunt did as instructed, pointing the teal lasers towards their mark. A bright red coalescence of energy wavered at the beam's tip as Grunt held the trigger, causing the beam to shake violently in his hands. Though his helmet obscured his face, a grin the stretched from ear to ear formed as he chuckled to himself. He released the trigger, and a near deafening blast ensued as the energy form the beam shot forward almost instantaneously, hitting its mark with remarkable force, sending sparks or molten metal all around it. Whit hot metal seeped from the massive hole that now smoldered on the side of a steel crate. Laughing maniacally, Grunt let loose several more shots, taking the beam to the junk metal like pressured water takes to paper, only finding himself interrupted by the ammunition counter on the tool's side reading "0."

"It's out." Grunt said with a hint of disappointment. He handed it to Isaac, who laid the overheated beam on the ground, its heat sink still radiated intense heat, searing the ground it lay upon.

Tali aimed the well worn plasma cutter towards the smoldering pile of rubbish, activating its three lasers. Loaded and with the safety off, Tali unleashed three shots of molten plasma in rapid succession, slicing vertical holes on the defunct receiver dish, each of them glowing bright yellow before rapidly fading to black.

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To prove that American airport security is shit, mostly.

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>in the end, Isaac loads into a synthmorph and cuts out the cortical stack so no one can get him out again

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Dude, you mosted like a minute within that request. Are you sitting here waiting for those kinds of posts, or something?

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I think that's how he operates.
One thread, every time I queried where he was he would instantly appear.

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Yup. Quite the Asshole move, it appears. Nothing can possibly be worse than coming in right after someone finishes something and unloading a ton of materiel and glory!

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No, but the timing is impeccable.

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Dude maybe we're connected or something?
This always happens when I query where you are.

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"Wow... this thing packs quite a punch." Tali said, eyeing the battered mining tool. "Any other tricks it has up its sleeve?"

"Click that button right below the magwell" Isaac replied.

As she did so, the large tip of the tool briskly rotated ninety degrees into a horizontal position. "interesting..." Tali said as she proceeded to slowly pick off any piece of metal still sticking out. As she did so, Shepard, examined the seeker rifle Isaac gave him, identified the safety, and switched it off. Looking down its sights, he aimed for anything Tali and grunt weren't currently pummeling, seeing as how Grunt got his hands back on the pulse rifle, and was actively having a field day with it, tearing into the junk pile with fully automatic fury, interrupted only by a single grenade shot, which blasted the entire assortment apart, sending metal fragments in all directions immediately surrounding it.

"Careful there, grunt." Isaac cautioned. "Like I said, getting hit with that will ruin your week."

"Yeah, whatever..." Grunt said, accidentally opening the rifle's hinge action, revealing the cylindrical magazine. "So, that's how you reload it! Got any spare mags?"

"Nope. Besides, we oughtta head back on board. As amazing as the view is, I'm sure our guests aren't very ecited knowing they're waiting for us o be done plinking."

"Very well." Shepard replied. "Let's head back to the Falcon. Everything packed up?"

"Nothing here but us and some molten trash." Isaac replied. "Let's put thees away and get back to the fleet." Isaac said as he gathered up the Contact beam.

As they walked back towards the ship, Isaac stopped momentarily, holding his head.

"Isaac, is something wrong?" Shepard asked as he heard Isaac grunt slightly form discomfort.

"No.. I'm fine... think I have a headache. Must have been Grunt going crazy with this thing right here..."

"Hey, I couldn't help myself!" Grunt said chucking.

"Yeah, whatever. Let's *ow*, head back inside".

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okay, that's it for a while. Gotta head out for dinner.

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Why must you have a life outside of us?
Why can't we be united forever?

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You remind me of BlackJack from Girls und Panzer Quest in that regard.

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Fuck you, and fuck your cliffhanger.

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I swear, if there is not going to be any regenerating Necro...

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After several hours of walking through the long hallways of Terra with no end in sight. The Inquisitor begins to ponder if he should have taken a left turn instead of a right turn a couple of hours back. Grumbling that he may have wasted several hours of just walking, he begins to turn on the ball of his heel. When he sees it: Room 28567/bd.exe/IS. He chuckled and barely contained his laughter.

"Here it is! The room dedicated to Isaac Clarke!" He laughed victoriously.

Thomas was now standing in front of the massive door, and pushed. It did not budge.

He tried again, and door stood stalwart to his advances.

This went on for several more hours, with an increasingly short-tempered Inquisitor screaming like a dying animal while pushing at the door with increasing force.

"Can...I...help...you...Inquisitor..." Came a short mechanical speaking behind him.

The Inquisitor twirled around and met face to face with a servitor. He quickly tidied himself and looked around for any else who would have come to investigate the screaming.

Confirming none he asked the servitor. "Yes. Servitor I want you to open this door for me."


"What, Why not?!" He replied angrily.

"You are not authorized, Inquisitor"

"By who?" The Inquisitor growled, his patience wearing thin.

"By the High Lords of Terra." The Inquisitor goes wide eyed "You can only access these archives if you have received confirmation from one of the High Lords." The servitor finished matter-of-factly.

No. Thought the Inquisitor. Has Isaac dug so deep that the Lords of Terra are underneath his thumb? He begins to pace around nervously. Looks like he was going to have to use that...


"Yes, Sir Inquisitor?"

"Activation Code: 1-3-4-7-9-10-45-689-22 Remodel: VX5-56-743-90" The Inquisitor spoke. He learned this from invading a heretek base as an acolyte with his master. He never knew how useful it would have been till now.

>> No.29878599

Well at least you're back.
Got anything new?

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>no tripcode

>> No.29878662

That guy has a death-wish.

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Then you should query more often dammit

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The Servitor begins to make a loud screeching noise as it begins to process the exact meaning of the Inquisitor's command. It the sputters and then bends over completely shutting down completely.

The Inquisitor patiently waits for the servitor to come back online.

When it does it right's itself back up, and turns to the Inquisitor.

"What can I do for you my Lord?"

The Inquisitor smiles at this. It works! So that heretek wasn't telling a lie then. This 'Servitor-Reset' that he was planning for a Servitor rebellion in the Quenlos sector was the real thing!

Thomas contains his excitement and then realizes the grim reality with what he has done. He has used heretek knowledge instead of relying on the God Emperor (May his light forever guide) to light his way.

He has committed heresy.

Thomas swallows his bile from becoming a heretic.

No. I have done what was needed to be done. He smiles grimly. When this is all over I will be a Hero of the Imperium! I will become their saviour!

Steadfast the Inquisitor stares at the newly reprogrammed servitor.

"Servitor!" It turns to him "I want you to open these doors and then return to your original duties, tell NO ONE about what has happened. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Lord Inquisitor!" The servitor quickly passes by the inquisitor, and after several minutes of tinkering. A loud "CLACK" is heard and the door begins to slowly open.

The Inquisitor smiled madly at this victory, and says a quick litany to the God Emperor and walks inside, the doors closing behind him with a loud thud.

Piles upon piles of books, papers, and scrolls where before the Inquisitor. He audibly gulps but he knew that within those pages is a heretic that was corrupting The Imperium of Man with his heresy.

He rolled up his sleeves and picked up the first scroll, and began reading.

Alrighty! That is enough from me for the time being.

How are you guys liking it?

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And pastebin

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I was half expecting him to be crushed under materials after the door opened

>> No.29879407

You're kap-tooring the radeekel inkweesitohr minedseht pur-fektlee!

>> No.29879465

What smells like bacon in here?

>> No.29879720

Nawt mee, ai swaire.

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well then...

carry on citizen

>> No.29880168

I can not allow this thread to die.

>> No.29880174

Ohkay Meester Ahrbetoor!

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chaos a shit

>> No.29880308

Kay-oss? Hwaire?! Nawt Kay-oss!

>> No.29880341

Al lright but I'm watching you personally, ya scamp.

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What do any of these strange faggots have to do with Issac?

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>> No.29880491

>drifting through space after the ship was destroyed, Isaac looks as if he's finally met his end
>but against all odds, his suit's emergency beacon was picked up by a big fat guy in a giant robot car
Can the damage be contained?

>> No.29880563

>Damage control

>> No.29880581

He'll probably be able to fix that button, so yes.

>> No.29880589

Coop would love Issac's engineering ideas.
MEGAS also learns how to stomp perfectly.

>> No.29880766

and now all that I can remember of the theme is stuck in my head...

And netflix doesn't have the show up for stream, or at all...

Really dont' feel like digging up a torrent right now to watch the show

>> No.29881056

I dig giant robots!
You dig robots!!
Chicks dig giant robots!!!...

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>> No.29881255

He's coming...

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The good news is, no more Markers.
The bad news... you ever heard of a Turbo-Marker before?

>> No.29881542

Dear God Almighty...a Turbo-Marker. Think of the convergence.

>> No.29881654

I don't have an appropriate reaction face. The closest I could find was this.

>> No.29882063

Hey, I've already done it twice, it's your turn.

>> No.29882082

You mean turbo-vergence. Like a turbo-virgin, but theyve done it a couple times already

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We all grab our stuff and start walking. A few paces away from the wreck, Vega turns around and kneels. As he takes a worn metal flask out of his pack, he mutters an anaudible prayer and pours the golden brown contents of the flask onto the Tiberium-encrusted earth. None of us say a word for a long time as he gets up and we start walking. There is nothing to be said that could carry any meaning.

We keep on walking.

I am lost in thoughts about Raymond, more specifically what happened to him. His mutation was faster than anything I'd seen before. Even compared to those others that reportedly started in the heavily contaminated Red Zones. The other thing that struck me as odd, and what kept me busy the most, was how he was mentally affected. He attacked me and Isaac without a moment's hesitation. He kept going through pain and even lost limbs until he no longer had any. In short, he had little of a mind left, if any. Whether it was a result of physical brain damage from the formation of crystals in his body or psychedelic or hallucinogenic effects of Tiberium in his bloodstream, I cannot say. In truth, I have never heard of either case ever occurring.

We keep on walking.

Unable to reach any meaningful conclusion even after some time, I idly look at the scenery around me. All of it is much the same. Green. Crystalline. Some sand too. It's a desert after all. I spot a dust devil, a tiny whirlwind barely strong enough to carry some dust into the air. You see plenty of them almost everywhere in the world. This one is green, and sparkles in the sunlight. Also nothing really out of the ordinary for a place like this, I suppose.

We keep on walking.

>> No.29882223

Two hours, exactly, into the walk, I call for a break. The first words any of us have uttered all that time. I take out a flask of my own, colored to match the RIGs and part of the basic equipment set that comes with them. Unlike the one emptied by Vega earlier, these carry water. Now, drinking in contaminated environments isn't as straightforward as elsewhere. One cannot just open a bottle, take off their helmet and drink from it. This part of the RIG is one I myself proposed to my father back when he was still head of the development team; a type of quick-disconnect coupling with a synthetic rubber seal to keep out the atmoshphere before, during and after use. Simple, effective, and it took 7 years of continuous development until someone thought to include it. As such, I'm hardly proud of it. It matches up with the flask. A thin tube allows me to drink without compromising the sealed internal atmosphere of the suit. It makes me feel like an astronaut, which in turn makes me stop to consider the extraterrestrial nature of my surroundings.

"How's this fuckin' thing work? Dammit."

Isaac shows him before I can. "Twist and push until it clicks."

Five minutes is all the break we decide we need if we want to reach the outpost. It may not be all that apparent yet, but we each know we're living on borrowed time at the moment.

We keep on walking.

>> No.29882252

Aside from the words exchanged at the last break, none of us has said anything else, until Isaac follows through with his intent to break the silence. "I'm going to start talking to myself if you two keep up your impressive conversational skills." He jokes.

Vega humors him. "What would you tell yourself?"

"That I didn't sign up for this."

"Hah, if I had a penny for every time one of my men said that then I'd have enough that I wouldn't have needed to sign up for a job in the military."

"The saying 'in for a penny, in for a pound' doesn't apply to you?"

"I'm American. We don't use pounds, we gain them. Wait, you're American, aren't ya?"

"Right so ol' chap but me mum's British you see?"

I fail to maintain my composure and snicker. It wasn't even particularly funny, but in the situation we're in right now I'm grateful for any chance I get to laugh at something.

"U 'avin a giggle there, mate? Fookin' do that agin an I'll bash yer fookin 'ead in, sware on me mum!" He then looks at Vega. "An what the fook 'r yoo lookin' at ye cheeky cunt? Yoo're a right ol' rude little fooker, aren't ye?" He pokes Vega's chest armor. He's got balls, I'll give him that. Must be his father's blood. He was nicknamed Havoc for a reason. That much was clear even back when I first met him.

We keep on walking.

>> No.29882278

My legs and feet are killing me by now. It's OK though. We finally stopped walking so we can spend the night. The greatest luxury granted to use by the environment is a patch of relatively soft sand to lie on amidst all the hard crystals. I flatten an area large enough to lie down on, with a slight mound of sand to rest my head on. Isaac does the same, but Vega goes about it differently. He digs a small hole and throws the sand on a pile on one side of it. I ask him why.

"More comfortable if you ask me. Also easier to get out of in a hurry than it is to get up from prone." He shares the conclusions of his experience.

Demonstrating his rest-pit, he sits down into it with his back against the pile of sand, legs stretched, one ankle crossing the other as if he sat in a luxurious lazy chair. His arms rest on the edge of the no more than a foot deep hole. I see what I means with getting out in a hurry. One could easily push himself up like that. Isaac and I look at eachother, thinking the same thing. We copy Vega. It does indeed look more comfortable. I sit down in my hole and against all expectations I quicly sleep like a corpse.

>> No.29882289

>> No.29882317

>> No.29883464

>> No.29884315

I approve.

>> No.29884705

Did you make Isaac a Brit when I wasn't looking?

>> No.29884808

calm your tits.

>> No.29885007

pls post

>> No.29885680

hang on, on a writer's block...

>> No.29885788

Then smash the block and brush away the pieces!

>> No.29886745


captcha: Fishoma thus

>> No.29886798

Isaac flew back into the hold, taking the controls of the dirty metal cage that now housed Shepard and his squad. As the trio rode back into the hold, they noticed Isaac was still holding his head, gripping the metal plates of his helmet tightly. He closed the bay doors, allowing oxygen back into the bay, and in turn, allowing him, Shepard, and Grunt to remove their headgear. As soon as the last metal plate retracted into his RIG, Isaac put a hand to his forehead, rubbing his temple with his thumbs, cringing all the while.

"Isaac, are you gonna be alright?" Shepard asked. "You look like you're having some trouble there."

"Nah, I'm fine... Just head back to the helm, I'll catch up with you."

The quarians had, for the most part, settled from their state of inexorable astonishment, speaking Idly amongst themselves, wondering how they'd retell this story to their friends and families. Daro'Xen sat at the pilot's seat, legs crossed with the upper leg swaying back and forth, her head resting in her palm as she scrutinized the multiple panels and console displays. "Nice to see you've returned." she said while turning around as Shepard entered the room with his team in tow. "I notice our fatigued friend isn't with you. I'd like a word with him after we get back to the fleet. Maybe get a more 'in-depth' look at this 'shockpoint drive' of his. The fleet could really use this kind of versatility..."

"That's *ugh* gonna have to wait for a bit" Isaac said entering the room, still rubbing his head. "I'm gonna have to dig around for more spare parts if you're thinking of making one for the Rayya. I'm pretty sure we can get our hands on the resources, plus the blueprints for the model we've got on board is stored in logistics, but it's not something we can really *ow* do in twenty minutes, you know?"

"Mr Clarke, are you well?"

"Yeah... Just got a little loud out there. Anyways, I think it's time we headed back. My seat please."

"Of course."

>> No.29887047

wait, wasn't there one of those in Dead space 3?

>> No.29887584

So, is this just anything with Dead Space? I have a few ideas.

>> No.29887819

Seems to be. Current flavors are Mass Effect, WH40k and Fallout, I think.

>> No.29887871

Yes, it's pretty much anything with Dead Space. Really, this should probably be on /v/, but I've heard nothing but bad things about that place.

>> No.29888004

So anything goes? Neat. Think about this for a second. Issac and Zoids. I want to make this happen.

Never take /v/ seriously.

>> No.29888125

Rolled 18

Casting thread revive.

>> No.29888184

You're funny.
You get reintroduced to one in the main story, then trapped in a room with two waiting for a tram, then one of Carver's side stories leaves you being hunted by three. I'm sure more show up, I just can't remember them off the top of my head.

>> No.29888430 [SPOILER] 

Look at spoilered pic after you read this.
Technically, no. There is only one of the Ubermorphs in Dead Space 2, and then there were six or seven or so Regenerators in Dead Space 3. The Unermorph is typically considered the Big Bad Boss of the game, the physical one at least, because of just how much its face resembles the Hive Mind, and that it takes a special method to kill it.
AKA, Throw It Into The Choppy Fan Blades. Will It Blend?

>> No.29888765


Can we stat it? Or is that already done?

>> No.29888872

herp. That's what I get for not paying attention. I was thinking Regenerators.

>> No.29889579

Will It Blend? That is the question.
[Cue 80's game show music]
Screen overlay: WITH TOM DICKSON

Now, I'm going to do something different here. Today, we have something from a whole nother universe. That's right,from a place just like this one, we have something unique called an Übermorph. Very imposing and dangerous creature this thing is, but for some reason it's only twelve inches tall now. But that's okay, it just lets us fit it in the BlendTec Blender. Now, the Übermorph,"

[Offscreen, screeching is heard. A dolly with a box covered with a blanket is brought out. The box is shaking.]

"Normally stands about nine or ten feet tall, depending on if it slouches on the job or not;"

[he pulls the blanket off, revealing a cage with a rather small Übermorph inside, about the size of a rat terrier]

Now, the survivor of this deadly creature warned us that we can't just cut its limbs off, they'll just keep on growing back on. Now, he didn't say anything about blending the little guy."

[Tom picks up the cage by the handle on top, and positions the container over the blender. Flipping a latch, the bottom swings out, dropping the Übermorph into the Blender.]

"Now, Let's turn the music off for effect."

[Music offness intensifies]

[Tom puts the lid on the Blender as the Ünermorph tries to get out, scratching at the sides of the blender to get out]

[Looking at the camera, Tom smiles as he flips the blend switch. Nothing seems to be happening. Then, the Necromorph begins to spin on the spot, not being blended.]

"Uh-oh! Looks like the normal setting on this BlendTec Blender isn't enough. Let's try the (bloody) Pulp option."

[he flicks one of the buttons, and all of a sudden the Blender stops entirely, the Übermorph completely dazed from the ride. Then the Blender resumes spinning.]

[The Übermorph starts to realise something is wrong as chunk by chunk of its flesh is suddenly Not There]

[Shrieking resumes]

>> No.29889761

[Meanwhile, Tom still has the shit eating grin on his face as the shrieking reaches a crescendo. Juices, Blood, and Pus are being flung around in the blender, and the shrieking suddenly stops]

Screen Overlay: Don't Try This At Home!

[the sound of the BlendTec Blender suddenly becomes even]


>> No.29889826

[the blender now contains just a paste, and Tom turns the Machine Off]

[Tom picks up the top of the blender and removes it from the housing. Pouring it out onto the table, Tom warns,]

"Wheew! Don't breathe this!"

[Camera closes in on the pile]

"Now that, is one pulped necromorph."

[Music resumes, with the TADA type sound being heard. Camera flashes to Tom pretending to drink the sludge.]
Screen Overlay: YES, IT BLENDS!
[Closing sound plays]

Screen Overlay: poorly drawn necromorph bits are drawn over Tom's body.

"Remember, don't drink this!"

>> No.29889950

Description section of the YouTube video:

""Remember kids, putting creatures that matter into the BlendTec Total Blender is a very naughty thing to do, so don't try it if you want to keep Mr. Whiskers.

10/10, Would Blend Again!"

>> No.29890018

Copyright goes to Tom Dickson and his amazing BlendTec Total Blender, which doesn't cut, but instead pulverises the object in the blender!

>> No.29890068


>> No.29890081

Someone screencap this glory, now.

>> No.29890168

10/10 would attempt to ignore warning and get killed by my own stupidity immediately.
also i wonder what a necromorph muffin would look like?

>> No.29890234

Let's make muffins!

>> No.29890713

Well, Imma go to bed, it's in the AMs already. If this thread isn't here when I get back there will be terse words to be said! Maybe even Sentences!

>> No.29892099

That pick....

>> No.29892306

>> No.29892444

Holy shit I finally translated it!

>> No.29892626

Nah just his mother.

He himself was born 'n raised in theUS of A.

>> No.29892784

>son of Havoc
Damn, you're just going all out, aren't you? I love it.

>> No.29892827

Son of a dick, looks like I didn't save the actual gif...

>> No.29893329

"Remember to play nice kids"

>> No.29893424


>> No.29893508


>> No.29893755

First attempt at writefaggotry. Because I thought it would be funny.
In hindsight, everything was a going exactly as usual, considering Isaac's luck. Which is to say, everything was going terribly, things were on fire, and he was covered in bits of necrotic flesh. A massive fist of rotted meat smashed into the engine above his head, spraying wine dark ichor across his helmet, prompting an electronic wipe. As the small flash of electric danced across his view, it revealed a crystal clear view of the massive, mutated brute.

Instead of the pallid, encrusted flesh that usually made up the other variants Isaac had fought in the past, its skin was taut, tearing apart, revealing the musculature rippling beneath its scaled skin. No doubt it was made of the original alien crew that had bought the Marker (and Isaac) aboard. Diving backwards, he pulled the trigger of his recently appropriated gun, letting loose a stream of rapid metal. Unfortunately, due to its design, it blew straight threw the creature, blowing a hole in the wall behind it.

Twisting its torso, pulling apart its own corrupted flesh, the brute flung its limbs forward, demonstrating one of the few marvels that made this different from previous brutes. Its limbs and body could stretch and shift faster than any Isaac had seen before, its own body tearing itself apart before reforming, causing it to splatter the dark blue ichor across the spaceship hold.

The fist smashed into Isaac's stomach, the blow bruising his organs and sending careening into a distant wall. Shaking his head, he pressed his hand against the wall, trying to force himself upwards and away front the charging brute. It's speed, caused by it loping forward on powerful limbs, fired it like a canon shot at Isaac.
Raising an open palm, he froze the creature with his kinetic model, before rolling away, landing sprawled across the metal deck.

>> No.29893767


He tried to pull himself up again, only to be rewarded by the horrific feeling of blood splattering across his lips. The inside of his helmet reeked of sweet and burnt steel, now mixing with the distinct iron tang of his own blood. Collapsing to the floor, he tried to run through his options, his mind still shaken from his original awaking.

Memories danced before his eyes, shapes and forms and words that were not, symbols and messages. An icy storm draining away to sterile white, fury and form gone to a blanket of unlife. Forcing his eyes open, Isaac watched the massive brute slam against the iron wall of the ships hold, its face crunching and curved horns cracking as the tips broke away from where they were embedded into the wall. Watching the curves, he saw them spin and scream and slope and soften, till the face of some cherubic women, dark as the ocean, lean over his form, only to peel away to reality once again, her body breaking apart to be pulled into the maw, and her screams echoing through his thoughts.

Beneath his helmet, Isaac grimaced.

Let her scream.

Too many screams locked away in his brain for her to make any difference.

Pushing himself backwards across the floor, he raised the stolen weapon again, trying to damage the Brute while it was stunned.
Too little damage, too many shots simple passing threw its flesh.

Turning, the brute's eyes aligned on Isaac's body, pitch black eyes hiding any semblance of life. Just as it began to move forward, it slowed, almost unsure. Whatever the hell was giving it pause sure as hell didn't make Isaac stop, giving him time to stagger to his feet and move out of the brutes direct line of charge.

>> No.29893777


Which was just in time too, as the sealed doors that lead into the hold, directly behind were Isaac was previously sitting, spun apart. The joints were shattered, and the various wires and gears broke, sparks pitifully jumping across the doorway, while the cause of the breakage splattered across the floor, decrepit flesh staining the metal.

Silence reigned, and a thought danced through Isaac's mind.

A Necromorph.

Something just threw a Necromorph through that door.

And strangely followed by

How the hell did that thing even hold together instead of turning to mush against the door?

In the dark corridor beyond, outside of Isaac's vision, a low rumbling echoed followed by heavy footfalls. Like the roar of a fully functioning planet cracker, the drills boring threw earth; it bounced and reverberated into the room. Another heavy thud, and a massive creature stepped into the ship's hold.

Even bigger than the brute, it was an armored giant, the bastard offspring of an ape fucking an extinct elephant. Interlocking panels of metal and low-level lighting shining beneath them illustrated its form, complete with a fully sealed mask covered in dangling tubes, each hooking downwards, back into the creature's body, forming a parody of a distant, childhood thought in Isaac's mind. It's back however, showed that it was alive, and not some bizarre militarized version of a Scavenger Bot, as great scars were rent across its back, and few cracks revealed that something vital had been torn away from it.

Another plated arm stepped forward, hydraulic, needle tipped braces locked against the arm, and the rumbling continued.

Confused, the brute paused, before roaring a challenge against the newcomer.

>> No.29893788


It responded by charging directly at the brute, heavy footfalls smashing into the metal deck. In a brief moment, Isaac savored the look of surprise, and sheer terror, on the brute's face, as the massive creature smashed into it at full force, arms raised like an enraged silverback, crushing the Necromorph. Before the brute could respond, it struck again, smacking into the Brute's head.

Isaac watched it pummel the Brute, and get smacked about in turn, the Brute's adaptations allowing it to fling its arms about with reckless abandon, smashing into the Ironclad creature's face. Slowly but surely, the metal armored monster was getting pushed back. Unless Isaac interfered, it would be a short while before the Necromorph killed it.

Slinking around the various scattered crates, Isaac continued to watch the pair fight, a colossal slugging match. Then, a brief flare along the Brute's back, vastly yellow pustules lighting up along where its shoulders should have been. Just as the brute made to strike, they lit up. Looking down at his weapon, before looking up at the two battling before him, Isaac made his move.

Sprinting out from behind the crates, having shuffled out of sight for long enough to move around to the rear of the Brute, he leapt up onto its back, trying to pummel the yellow pustules growing on its back. Reacting with a roar of pain, the Brute reared onto its back legs, throwing its arms up onto its back, trying to scrap Isaac away. Before it could catch him, the other giant responded, pushing up against the Brute, massive arms and two-digit hands pulling at the necromorph's rotting flesh.

A sharp ting echoed, as the needle tipped braces shot forward, embedding themselves deep into the Brutes flesh, punching out the back and coming perilously close to Isaac's helmet. The pair of giants stood locked against one another, the Brute's arms stuck due to the bolts lodge through the joints of its arms.

And then the metal giant began to pull.

>> No.29893801


The Brute's arms stretched, the skin tearing and pulling apart further than it could reach, a gross parody of the crucifixion of christ. Balancing himself, Issac stomped straight down on the taut tendons bleeding into the hold, his boot crushing them beyond repair and separating the arm entirely. Tumbling forward head first, he slid between the giant’s legs, twisting onto his back, only to see the giant spin and smash the Brute against the ship's walls, killing it.

Scuttling backwards, Isaac picked himself up off the floor, a scant meter away from the giant.

Best to make a good impression then.

Taking a single step forward, he raised his arms, waving them back and forth.

‘Hey, yeah, I'm like you. Not a necromorph. See, no dead bits, no crazy symbols or markers or any zombie girlfriends or anything buddy.’

The metal clad giant responded by balancing its left leg to hold itself up, and lifting its right arm up to its helmet. The plates slide back to revel an eerily human-like pair of eyes staring out at Isaac over the top of its gas mask. Tilting its head to the left, it issued a low moan, deep and shaky.

Isaac stared.

Jesus Christ. It’s a fucking alien.

A living alien.

His breath caught in his throat, Isaac stepped back, arms still raised. Unfortunately for him, his suit took the cessation of any strenuous activity or hostile environment as a sign to lower his helmet. The massive alien stumbled back, eyes wide.

A screech echoed from the hallway in which the Alien entered. Isaac's helmet reassembled itself, as the armored plates slider down to seal in the alien. Bending down to grab his borrowed weapon, Isaac noticed the alien moving forward at a quick pace, towards the noise.

‘Safety in numbers I suppose.’

Jogging slightly, Isaac caught up beside the giant alien, and together they moved further into the ship.

Elcor don’t get enough love for a race that can trash Krogan in close combat.
Mass Effect/Dead Space, etc

>> No.29894268

I wasn't even sure what it was at first, I thought maybe a Predator or a Space Marine

>> No.29894686

>> No.29895494

What if Isaac was taken to a galaxy....

One that just so happens to be far, far away...

>> No.29895515

It wouldn't survive him.

>> No.29895524

Farnsworth, gtfo

>> No.29896014

bump. Please dont let this thread die!

>> No.29896023

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Dont let this thread die!

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>> No.29896124

On second thought let's not go to /v/..... tis a silly place,

>> No.29896193

People enjoy beating down on DS because they think it's just jump scares but fail to realize there's so much more to it than that

>> No.29896267

Yep. It's for videogames, which I'm pretty sure you are all discussing here, since the first thread was ruined by pointless shit.

>> No.29896295

>It's for videogames
Oh you poor, naive soul...

>> No.29896300

>it's for videogames

>> No.29896305

>It's for videogames

>> No.29896374

/tg/ is the place to be

>> No.29896654

Indeed it is my friend.

>> No.29896865

>it's for videogames
>pointless shit on /tg/

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>> No.29897280

Anyone got any funny Dead Space tales?

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Why did I laugh...

>> No.29897641

Every Time.

>> No.29897653

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beign this new

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ILLE SHADDAP WHEN I WANNA SHADDAP hrmrmhm god damn youngsters, no respect for the elders with their slim pants and zim-zam music

>> No.29898034

Thing is, the other guy isn't too far off when he asks how new you are? Shit, the bump-girl gifs are relics of a bygone age, I'm surprised I still had that one saved.

>> No.29898087

For some reason I'm imagining that there is a muti-versal organisation of Techno-sorcerers and Issac would probably be given a membership after everything he has done.

>> No.29898167

Oh fuck, now I remember. Holy shit it's been a long time.last time I saw one was, like, in the Disco Marine era.

>> No.29898189

>confirmed for senility

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Didn't that thing blow the fuck up?

>> No.29898841

inb4 "'e got better!"

>> No.29898860

Nope, the recoil made it jump.

>> No.29898914

Chunks flying everywhere does not intact make.

>> No.29898997


>> No.29899001

Alrighty I am back and I will continue the story

>> No.29899005

Basically a handheld, weaponised, reloading version of this, then?

>> No.29899501


>> No.29899727

Ooga Booga where da Jukebox at?

>> No.29899906

Three hours had passed aboard the Rayya. The massive throng that had gathered for Isaac's seminar had dispersed considerably, most meandering or idling by in the surrounding vicinity. Others sat and spoke amongst each other, wondering when the Falcon would return, worried about the possibility of their loved ones never being seen again. Suddenly, any fear or doubt they had found itself washed away when the screen in the main plaza re-activated. Cheering ensued as a voice over the intercom announced the falcon's return. A quarian team handed over the Falcon's voyage recorder, together with it's own player, seeing as how quarian and CEC tech were incompatible for the time being. As the reassembling multitude watched the Falcon's intergalactic voyage in astonishment, Isaac collected his thoughts as the rest of the quarians made their way out of the airlock and into the Rayya. Xen lingered for a bit, curious about Isaac's behavior.

"Whatever migraine has been afflicting you seems quite severe, Mr Clarke." She said, leaning on the bulkhead. 'Are you sure you're going to be all right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's subsided for the most part." Isaac replied. "Oh and by the way, tell those guards to only play our voyage. Nothing before it."

"I don't remember you being my superior, Mr Clarke..." Xen replied snidely. "Regardless, I'll make sure our little shockspace adventure is all we see."


Shepard and his crew stayed on board. Throughout the return journey, they've had to wait for Isaac's headache to subside, seeing as how he had asked repeatedly not to be spoken to. Now was Shepard's chance.

"Have you reconsidered our offer, Isaac?" Shepard asked. "We can really use someone like you. The entire galaxy would be all the better for it."

>> No.29899942

I'm popping a beer and hunting down some food; if I can manage to find some I'll type up a few chapters tonight/today.

Lemme just rescan what I wrote so I get the same syntax.

Sorry for the absence, I had some personal work shit to take care of that has been eating my creative juices in any appreciable manner.

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>> No.29900048

"You got that last part right. Only problem I see is being tied to people." Isaac responded. "I have the feeling you and whoever you work for just want dibs on me for the tech I've got on board. Meanwhile, I could be help a lot more people out on my own."

"First off, I don't 'work' for anyone." Shepard replied. "Second, I'm not trying to tie you down to us for tech. Something is actively threatening humanity in the terminus systems. Something that may pave the way an ever greater threat later on. Me and my team are independent of the Galaxy's central government and aren't restricted by any of its red tape, which is how we got this far. We've gained all the leads that they refuse to ignore, which has lead us to this point. There's something out there that plans on wiping us out, Isaac. We need your help"

"You're not the first person who's asked for my help..."

Suddenly, screaming and panic erupted form the Plaza, loud enough to be heard from the Falcon's helm.

"What's going on in there?" Tali asked.

"I have a bad feeling I know what it is..." Isaac said worriedly. "They're watching something they shouldn't be."

Isaac's helmet reassembled itself as he bolted out to the airlock, Shepard and company in pursuit. "Isaac, what are they watching? What else is on that recorder?" Tali asked in a concerned tone.

"Dammit, why didn't I erase the previous recording...." Isaac muttered as he raced to the plaza doors. "I swear if I see that damn admiral again, I'm gonna wring her scrawny little...."

Isaac was cut off by the terror of a mortified crowd, all pointing in horror at the screen.

>> No.29900108

>refuse to follow

>> No.29900110

inb4 2necromorphs1engineer

>> No.29900139


>> No.29900149

Oh lord. So, he found the USG Falcon just after destroying the marker in the end of DS3? It probably has recordings of the outbreak that wiped out the crew. Depending on what sort of recorders it has, it might have recordings of Isaac going full action hero in the final sequence.

>> No.29900161

Inquisitor Thomas groaned in frustration. He has been here for Emperor knows how long, and he has found NOTHING incriminating against Isaac Clarke.

Warboss Clorke and his entourage? Could easily be pushed aside as simply saying that the ecstatic orks follow him only because he gives them a 'gud foight'. Not to mention the orks will sometimes attack Clarke himself in order to get "Stomped by the big boss".

Isaac's mysterious apprentice Ishi? Despite no one knowing what his/her sex is, he/she has been confirmed as a flesh and blood human. Though he could maybe declare that due to no one knowing Ishi's sex and not many people seeing whats behind his/her mask. The Inquisitor could call out Ishi as a Slaneeshi Demonette hiding in a human husk.

The Imperial Guardsman: Sergeant John Carver? Not even a blemish in his extensive career as a man who is in a one man war against a Heretical Coven known as: Unitology. He is similar to Isaac in several aspects surprisingly. His wife and son were murdered by a man named: Jacob Danik. It was later found out he is a Unitology terrorist who has caused the decimation of several colonies. How they were destroyed is unknown to only the highest ranks of Inquisitors, Space Marines (In the sector), and disturbingly to the Eldar as well. Either way Carver has made it his personal mission to kill Jacob Danik, and slaughter every single Unitologist terrorist with the Emperor's Fury.

The Inquisitor kept on searching for evidence against Clarke undeterred. Frustrated, but not undeterred.

>> No.29900225

> Ishi
I'm surprised you used this. Did you used the previous posts from the previous threads?

Keep up the good work, because I like it.

>> No.29900323

I have been in all the previous threads, and I liked Ishi so I used it.

>> No.29900325


>> No.29900340

Oh god, you can't stop writing now. I forbid it.

>> No.29900365

Ishi is a short from Ishimura...thumbs up for using all them ideas.

Hope you will use his/her dad. The revered veteran Gabriel Weller.

>> No.29900488

I was actually planning to do an arc with Lexine, and Gabriel Weller being investigated by Ordo Xenos.

>> No.29900567

Dang. Then that's a problem here...make it then in such a way as something of a narration presented by Lexine on how she and Gabe were investigated by the Ordo before another Necromorph outbreak erupted.

Also make it so that Gabe dies a heroic death saving Lexine and a lot of people.

>> No.29900604

Anyone have the two-part battlesuit COYA about?

>> No.29900625

Shit I got multiple tabs up, ignore me, sorry!

>> No.29900642

Tell me more about this suit...

>> No.29900675

And here we go

>> No.29900679

In a setting/crossover where the RIG is so important, battlesuits are on topic.

>> No.29900681

That was the plan.

>> No.29900711

I wonder if Brother Clarke would go all the way to hunt down a Riptide for the purpose of examining it...
Sweet. Engage it then.

>> No.29900713

Kind of relevant I suppose considering Isaac's RIG, its a COYA that lets you make a battlesuit/personal fortress. Giving you size, body type, user interface and armaments and the lark. I've seen in floating about the COYA threads but not in the current one, hence the mispost!

>> No.29900946

I've got to say, these threads have been the highlight of my day for going on what....2 weeks now? Jukebox, Zaeed, Ardboy, Isaac, First Disciple, Aspiring Writefag and whoever else has been writing all this time, I thank and curse you. Thanks for introducing me to Mass Effect for I had never played them but curse you all for making me throw all that money at EA (yea yea, I know I could torrent but it didnt seem right). I came for Dead Space, I stayed because of all of you.

>> No.29900960

Personally, Jukebox is my favorite writefag. And it's only been like... a week?

>> No.29901065

Isaac Clarke's personal RIG suits, and weaponry? There have been several reports from radical Inquisitors, Mechanicus, and Space Marines (Ultramarines in particular) on how this armor was heretical, and that it mimics the glory of the Space Marines grotesquely. As for the weaponry? No one can deny their power. The standard issued rifle has enough power to cut through several waves of ork boys easily, and their massive magazine size and easy reloading makes it a very powerful weapon. Of course the STC patterns drifted and the Traditionalist Mechanicus screamed heretek, and demanded that Isaac and his people hand over their weaponry and armor, but they wholeheartedly refused. This is however been countered by how the machine spirit seems to be eternally happy in the hands of Isaac and his engineers. Also a Successor Salamander Chapter has shown great interest in the RIG's and have been eagerly studying them alongside more open-minded Magus', and some Ordo Machanicum. Eventually a deal was made that all RIG's, weaponry, and tech would be restricted to Isaac's home sector.

Thomas' frustration was nearing it's peak. He could find nothing against Isaac. His military campaigns have been flawless victories, he is pious to the God Emperor, and has gained the support of a Space Marine Chapter and some Magus'. He pounds his fists against the desk, gritting his teeth as he tries not to scream out. A stack of papers on the desk slides off, leaving but one portfolio left. The Inquisitor quickly looks at the lettering of the folder:

Isaac Clarke and the Ishimura.

>> No.29901066

Nah mate, the first thread was the 16th. That means a solid two weeks of fantastic fabric that has keeps us at the edge of our seats. Time has slowed down for us, like a real like Stasis Field.

>> No.29901121

Damn. Well, guess it's like they say. Time flies when you're having fun.

>> No.29901249

Oh boy. I hope you'll make Arch-Heretek Mercer a really lethal enemy.

>> No.29901277

The Inquisitor was perplexed. He never read, or heard of anything called the Ishimura before. A quick skim through the first few pages showed the Ishimua to a 'Planet Cracker' Class vessel, The largest of it's class as well. Apparently Isaac's home sector is filled with nothing but dead planets, and asteroids. So specialized ships designed to 'crack' open the crust to mine the precious metals and minerals from the core of the planet. This was very lucrative economy, but no other ship could crack a planet like the Ishimura. A literal moving manufactorum which could mine and smelt entire planets and moons.

"But what did this have to do with Isaac?" Thomas pondered.

He continued reading through the massive ship and it's functions until he found something disturbing. The Ishimura had dug up something in Aegis VII: A planet designated to be cracked before the ship would be decommissioned. Shortly after that; The ship and communications went dark. A distress beacon was set up several hours later and Isaac Clarke and his engineering troupe was set out to repair it.

Wait a second. THE Isaac Clarke? No more than a humble Engineer before he became a legend known throughout the Imperium as a hero? The Inquisitor licked his lips and smiled.

He had finally found something.

There have been no mentions of Isaac's previous life. This is what he needed.

He began to laugh, no longer capable of containing his madness.

This is what he needed! A backdoor into his hated rivals past life, and it was all in this portfolio! The inquisitor began to read earnestly now, eager to discover it's secrets within.

>Alrighty that is the chapter for today!
>Questions, comments, criticisms, and queries welcome!

>> No.29901297

Leave for a bit, come back and both Jukebox and 'ArdBoy are here

>> No.29901347

You know... "Always Running" disturbingly fits well with Dead Space.


>> No.29901367

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>> No.29901460

We love you jukebox.
I want to see what happens so bad.

>> No.29901486


>> No.29901487

Fits in.

>> No.29901632

Make Arch-Heretek Mercer fuse with his creations and have him nearly kill Clarke to show how dangerous he was.

>> No.29901811

>> No.29901843

Dat stare

>> No.29901919

Lets make a list of things Issac probably distrusts after all he's been through.

>> No.29901932


>> No.29901950


>> No.29901951

film directors who make zombie films

>> No.29901954


>> No.29901955

Isaac turned around to face the screen, and came face to face with torrents of wretched, horrible memory.

He watched as the Falcon sped towards a dark, foreboding body of tentacles and teeth. Its spindling arms cast round about the surface of a grey-blue sphere. It was Earth, actively being ravished by an indescribable monstrosity, its mouth agape and sucking in what looked to be a continuous stream of mottled red. The Falcon sped towards the horrific abomination, closing in on the massive orifice that even now, seemed to be sucking in all life before it. The vessel rocked vehemently as it entered the fissure, shaking as if it was coming apart at the seams. Isaac was unshaken, focusing on his ultimate goal. The Falcon was soon encapsulated in scarlet, tendrils of sinew and flesh whipping about within the whirlwind. I blue holographic screen appeared before Isaac, the word "RIGlink" written above it. A human female appeared on it, accompanied by a man who was clad in similar armor to Isaac. She alerted Isaac to the danger he was in, that this was now or never, and that he'd better be sure of what he's doing. She offered her own personal assistance only to have Isaac dismiss her, letting her know that he would always love her, asking her to never forget him, that she keep on living for him, and that this could very well be goodbye.

The footage cut, and facing the screen was a horrible, black, monolith. I twin spire of runes and glowing red...

It was then that the footage stopped altogether.

Atop the projection pulpit, stood Isaac, staring down Admiral Xen.

>> No.29901971

Rob Zombie

>> No.29902002

HOLY SHIT. Now you hit it Jukebox.

>> No.29902031

Religious people.

>> No.29902046

It's happening!

>> No.29902062

Government officials.

>> No.29902096

Quarantine rooms.

>> No.29902104


Coloring Markers

>> No.29902123

Major religion.
The government
The sun itself.

>> No.29902128

Air vents

>> No.29902151

Corridors with suspiciously looking holes.

>> No.29902170


>> No.29902180

Health and safety inspectors. Always trying to take away his weapons.

>> No.29902187

I... I'm kinda ashamed to say this, but...

I haven't gone outside of these Isaac threads on 4chan since the fourth one, let alone another board or even outside of 4chan.
I have no regrets.

>> No.29902216

Don't regret it. It's insanely rare to have such good threads.

>> No.29902229

See>>29898474 .

What was the original pic?

>> No.29902233


>> No.29902238

Hospitals. Especially the mental ones.

>> No.29902252

I ain't left since the original thread.
I fucking love all you guys

>> No.29902260


>> No.29902262

I've tried.

My homeland, /co/, has been taken over by the enemy. /v/ has corrupted it.

It's doom has come full circle. Company war threads and the war between the /v/-/pol/ alliance and Dumblr Social Justice Warriors has utterly destroyed it. there is nothing left. Nothing but a deafening bleakness.

All is lost.

>> No.29902290

Nothing of value was lost

>> No.29902318

You realize you can have more than one tab open at once, right?

>> No.29902321

I don't normally go outside of /tg/, just when people link to other boards, but I haven't even navigated away from these threads ONCE.I think my pizza in the fridge has gained sentience.Please send help

/co/ used to be good,
But then everything changed, when the RetarNation attacked.

>> No.29902322

/co/ was once our most trusted brother and friend.
It's downfall is a grave omen.

>> No.29902356

I would send help but then I would have to leave.

>> No.29902386



>> No.29902389

You don't know.

And now you shall never know.

It once stood as a bastion of goodwill and kindness, unhampered by the shiptoasting, political wars, or company conflicts that so afflicted other boards.

Non can know what happened to it, but all that we know is that it's gone. Our brother, our happy /co/mrade. lost forever.

I grieve to rethink its fate.

>> No.29902414

Captcha shares our pain this is the current Captcha for this post.

>> No.29902441

>I think my pizza in the fridge has gained sentience.
Channel your inner Issac. You have spent the last 2 weeks preparing for this moment. Use pseudo technical knowledge to turn a pizza cutter into a RC-DS and kill it. Bonus points for stomping it's corpse for peperoni drops.

>> No.29902455

>our gf is dead
>our best friend has fallen
>we are alone

>> No.29902477

No my friend.

We have each other.

>> No.29902482

I... I'll just leave this here. It's old, but... I think it fits nicely.

>> No.29902485

In the end, only /pol/ will survive.

>> No.29902486

We still have /d/ don't we?

>> No.29902504

/d/ isnt even sentient

>> No.29902528

We were the Ork all along.........

>> No.29902549

I don't think I can agree with you anon.

>> No.29902592

How many Fa/tg/uys do you think we have lost over the years.
From people drifting away to anons joining the Emperor?

>> No.29902635

Who knows. The Administratum failed epically in keeping the records.

>> No.29902652


"Admiral... What the HELL did I tell you about that recorder..." Isaac growled, hands clenched into fists.

"Mr Clarke, we had to... I..."


For what may have been the first time in her life, Admiral Xen found herself genuinely, explicitly terrified of someone. Only seconds before, she was witnessing a recorded account of a horror that was consuming an entire world, and the man who survived it, maybe even stopped it, stood in an unquenchable rage before her. Fear overtaking her, she could only stammer an incohesive reply, trying to stave off the shaking, enraged man before her. Isaac decided that she had said enough before grabbing her throat and hoisting her into the air. At least three dozen guards immediately trained their rifles on Isaac's head, fearing not only for the Admiral's life, but their own. If he's stopped an abomination of that capacity, how could they stand against him?

"You've overstepped your boundaries, admiral..." Isaac snarled under gritted teeth. You have seconds to tell me what made you think that was a good idea."

"*Achh* Mr... *GACK* Clarke... P-please."


"Mr Clarke..." said one of the guards pointing his rifle at Isaac. "R-release admiral Xen, o-or we wi-"


>> No.29902667

Isn't there a way to see how many people have visited a board per month?

>> No.29902669

I remember the frist thread was just stat Issac thread.
Now it's gone and made me make him for my Xcom team.
And old screenshot now, he's killed a lot more aliens now, 80+ for 40 missions.

>> No.29902696

His will isn't high enough.

>> No.29902709

Issac's gonna get plugged up.

>> No.29902721

Ouch. Now that had to hurt.
Minimum will must be 100.

>> No.29902725


>> No.29902749


>> No.29902767

/tg/ is now alone in this Maelstorm. And with the sole exception of /m/ who still has some redeeming qualities, such as http://archive.foolz.us/m/thread/9870175/.

/tg/ fits well with being Orc/ks.
-we're like the bastard children of The God (mootykinz) who mostly keeps to itself and is left alone
-we are quick to anger over things that seem trivial to others, but mean all the world to us, like Ed. wars for example.
-we fight to survive every day, clawing our way past the dying boards and remaining an anchoring bastion for some other boards to cling on to when times get tough
but most of all:
>despite all our inner conflicts, we are still brothers in arms(chairs) and despite the shit slinging, we still have our honour.
We still have each other.
Together. Forever. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

You're missing about ten FUCKs in there, Jukebox

>> No.29902787

>Isaac loses his shit
>Planets crack into pieces
>Moons roll over and die
>Markers spontaneously disassemble
>Admirals gain the bowel control skills of a newborn
>Necromorphs just stop what they were doing and go "screw you guys, I'm going home".

>> No.29902811

And him now.
I left the nickname on because I though it was funny.
I'd post the rest of the Dead space team if you want.

>> No.29902831

Make it so.

>> No.29902865


>> No.29902885

Hammond after the run in with a "Brute".

>> No.29902915

Ellie Langford.

>> No.29902945


>> No.29902946

>Hammond was rebuilt.

>> No.29902969


>> No.29903032

and Kendra Daniels is on spec ops at the moment, being the teams sniper.

>> No.29903058


>> No.29903071


>> No.29903075


>> No.29903077





His nickname should be Austin

>> No.29903086

And sorry for the slight derail, but god damn I love me some Dead Space.

>> No.29903131

>nickname should be Austin
I will make it so.
My what?

>> No.29903178


>> No.29903213


>> No.29903247

Ah, I forgot about him, I can turn this random chump I was given into him.

Whats his first/last name?
A nickname for him?
and I guess red and black armour?

>> No.29903279

John Carver

>> No.29903285

Or shall I pull out a rookie and start from the ground up?

>> No.29903292


>> No.29903293

His nickname is MCMUSLES
His name is John Carver

>> No.29903319


>> No.29903412

Is someone making a new thread?

>> No.29903414


>> No.29903453

As there isn't a flat black and red armour, there is this flat black or red with black lines.

>> No.29903469


>> No.29903570

Yeah, I think I'll stick with the flat black, as with that helmet works well with it.

>> No.29903690

And now to save Kendra from exalt.

>> No.29903789

Guys we're at page 7, I would make a new thread but I don't know how to link to something outside the thread I'm posting in.

>> No.29903847

Just link to the post number as normal.

>> No.29903908


>> No.29904044

>Not including /k/ on this.
>A board with comradarie so amazing that people on that board regularly drive HOURS to meet up and enjoy eachother's company.

Also; Ready your anuses; food is finally on the way (delay due to snow); I have work off because of the weather and I have a whole case of Yingling from an Ohioan friend. As soon as food gets here and I eat, I'm writing until midnight.

>> No.29904565

As >>29903908 said we have a new thread

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