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Okay /tg/, take a look at this scene, and tell me.

Would this fly in your game? Yes or no?

And of course, why?

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Yeah, why not?

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Seems like a group of expensive harlots equiped to fulfill certain specific kink of their wealthy customer.

Would allow.

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yes, because i make magical realms and my players love going into them

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Yes, and I've be playing the black guy with the "what the heck I am doing here?" expression

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It is really magical realm if the guys also have bare chests? what if that culture simply doesn't have the same ideas of female nudity?

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The fuck is this?

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Different taboos and norms are cool to explore, but I would still question why they're going into combat exposed like that.

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How is >>29868704 implying "magical realm"?

My games have had weird prostitutes in the sidelines before and showing boobs isn't odd for a prostitute.

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It worked for Spartans and Germanic tribes

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Spartans wore armor, contrary to popular culture.

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This makes sense. Girls are paid whores, the guy in the back is the rich customer and the black dude is his servant who is tired of having to take part on his shit

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It's not really magical realm until it's designed specifically to titillate the GM or players.

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Yeh, I'd have em not bother with metal armor though.

Metal armor + huge exposed areas doesn't fit well to me. Either it'd be cloth, leather, hide, or maybe like, decorative metals, but yeah.

Fine concept though.

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>It worked for Spartans
No it didn't. They wore armour.

>and Germanic tribes

They also wore armour. Invented chain mail in fact.

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Girl on the far left:
>Gigantic unbound tits that are obviously going to get in the way during combat as they fly all over the place
>flabby stomach, doesn't appear to stay in shape
>shorter hair than even the men is actually a plus though
>3/10 would not battle with

Second woman:
>longish hair but not bad in comparison with the men
>unbound tits but not as large as the other woman, not as much of a problem
>appears to lift
>5/10 might battle with

White woman in the background:
>Not visible enough to pass judgement/10

Black woman
>wearing helmet even during a peaceful moment, clearly ready for battle even at the most unsuspecting moments
>eyes are glued to the horizon in anticipation of enemy attack
>appears to be holding a shield. In the event of an attack she can easily raise it and dive in front of the officers behind her and protect them
>tits may prove to be a problem if they're flying all over the place but she seems to have her shit in order more than the others around her, she has probably planned for this and won't allow it to hinder her at all
>7/10 would battle with

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Or they all are prostitutes and the customer wants both kinds of fun.

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what a piece of shity armor
>0/10 would not operate with

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what about the average fantasy barbarian?

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He has to play a slave, too, and that's just degrading.

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Well, those girls with naked tits would at least have an advantage over girls using titplate.

>meet a big-tittied girl on a renaissance fair demonstrating titplate, some LARP junk
>she shows it's impossible to do a proper overhead swing in titplate because guess what, the metal tits block her arm

And that's really why titplate is shit.

It hinders your attack even more than your defense.

It's like swordfighting with a backpack on your chest. It's impossible.

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best post

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>Would this fly
On a plane, maybe. On their own, i doubt it.

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Oh you.

>> No.29868945


>>she shows it's impossible to do a proper overhead swing in titplate because guess what, the metal tits block her arm

>try it

damn, is true! why nobody this of this?

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Why did my Keanu Reeves image became a pony?...

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No because there is only about Two or Three Matriarchal Societies in my Game and none of them send their women to fight in their wars either.

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Moot coded in some procedure that switches files uploaded at the same time.

He thinks it's funny.

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I want to call b8

but I do hope you live a long and prosperous life if you do indeed have tig ol' bitties

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Some brony is screaming in outrage as Johnny Mnemonic showed up in his fap thread.

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I don't think so. None of the cultures in my setting that are capable of that sort of steel-work are the sort whose military doctrine would allow for bare-chested warriors. The not-Greek orcs might go for that sort of thing, but they'd be working with bronze.

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I tried to start a Taskmaster thread in /co/, but my image was swapped for two orange haired school-girl lolis hugging instead.

Sufficed to say the thread wasn't in anyway derailed.

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A little bigger of what I'd like. But the anon is right, is already clumsy to do an overhead swing, and with something solid it would be impossible

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Considering how well armored the rest of them seems to be, not armoring the part of the body most likely to be shanked tells me that this is a society of retards that should be drained of their resources and discarded on the side of the road of history.
It's time to get imperial!

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I'd be completely okay with this if they were all wearing girdles instead of belts. Armored girdles that cover the kidneys, waist, and the lower 1/3rd of the chest are not only effective when used with shields, but also allow quite a bit of movement if they are slatted horizontally for flexibility (banded). The upper chest being exposed at that point is a pretty small deal if you have shields and fight in formation, and you can arm and armor more troops by using less metal (assuming metal-banded wooden shields that is).

As-is: 5/10, needed more research done.
With girdles: 7/10, approved and allowed.

This is all assuming things don't go magical realm and stay quasi-realistic.

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>saying that
>not posting proof

ruseman detected

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They should tape them down to keep them from getting in the way while fighting, especially when they are that big.

Just sayin'

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they better put on armor in the actual fighting or suffer AC penalties

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Just watch this video. It's not even titplate, in this video, the girl is just using a corset. So her tits are stuck in one place, but still somewhat movable.

If she wore titplate, she would have to turn her whole body to do a single-handed slash and two-handing becomes impossible.

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I was under the impression /tg/ hated that kind of thing.

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I ran a Risus game about a wet t-shirt contest one time.

Nerds get too hung up about shit, but I used to work at a bar that had jelly wrestling so maybe I'm a bit biased.

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Perhaps /tg/ as a whole, but you have to know than we have our newfags and wandering anons than no knew better. Also tits are tits, c'mon, everyone loves them.

>> No.29869255

A significant portion of /tg/ likes breastseses and fantasy armored girls dressed fantastically.

>> No.29869267


But we hate rusemen more. You don't have to bare your tits, just do a clothed timestamp to show you are telling the truth about the overhead swing.

>> No.29869282

what the hell is this from

>> No.29869307

Indeed, just don't try to pretend that shit is realistic.

>> No.29869311

Dude, I just posted a fucking video featuring tits, boobie armour AND a demonstration of how tit armour makes two-handing impossible.

Why do you need some shitty low-res webcam photo to get proof of that when you can watch a 720p video with 32 million colours?

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>> No.29869328

You guys do realize that real armor was generally convex, right? Meaning it bulged out more than titplate does. Because curves mean that attacks slide off.

>> No.29869343

I don't think anyone does. We just acknowledge that "realism" and "fantasy" aren't the same thing and don't have to be.

>> No.29869389

>Meaning it bulged out more than titplate does.

Are you retarded or blind?

>> No.29869399

Honestly, its not that big a deal if they were to fight in the nude, its the fucking pauldrons and cape that get on my nerves. Why wear shoulderpads if your not going to wear the chestplate?

>> No.29869404


Okay then.

>> No.29869409

>You guys do realize that real armor was generally convex, right? Meaning it bulged out more than titplate does. Because curves mean that attacks slide off.

You'd be correct, if titplate was only made in cup A.

>> No.29869428

Are you?
Go look up plate armor. Some of that shit is practically rotund.
The disadvantage of titplate is that it deflects the attacks inwards instead of out to the sides.

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/thread derailed.

>> No.29869440


I doubt they make titplate that size, anonette

>> No.29869441

Well now you've gotta pull them the rest of the way out, it's only proper.

>> No.29869454

When has anyone ever done that?

>> No.29869457

no, you see, this is what I'm talking about. You say you want to reach out and incorporate female players into things like dungeons and dragons and video games but then you depict them as sex objects.

I think you should just be honest, say that you don't make games for girls, and whether the shitstorm, instead of constantly claiming otherwise. Its a copout, if you want girls to play in your game, get rid of titplate.

>> No.29869464


I see why you would have problems with the overhead swing, yes. I bet it is even a pain to run.

also, why that too? you ruined your boobs forever!

>> No.29869468

I feel like I know that cleavage and that shirt. But the chick I'm thinking of doesn't have a tattoo.

>> No.29869473

Agreed, Anon has very nice hair.

The boobs are fine too, just being obtuse.

>> No.29869483

Play with lesbians/grils you don't want to bang/grils who are cool with it.

Problem solved.

>> No.29869487

Do you have enough swords, king of heroes?

>> No.29869489

Those tits are pretty obtuse.

>> No.29869491

The tattoo looks fine, you assclown.

>> No.29869494

We don't mind having girls in the games. It's girls who take offense to minor shit that we don't want. Having titplate, as unrealistic and impractical as it may be, does wonders for keeping that sort out.

>> No.29869500


Yeah, that is why I said it was impossible after I tried what >>29869207 said.


Sorry anon. I spend most of my 4chan time on /tg/ and I don't want to get banned

>> No.29869517



Many cultures didn't really consider exposed breasts to be a thing up until recently. Having women working the fields topless would not cause them to bat an eye.

So while I might make a culture that didn't really concern themselves with breasts, I would also as a GM put very little emphasis on the fact.

However, I would set up players as belonging to a society like this, rather than discovering it, in which case having breasts hanging out would probably be shocking and distracting to their characters. That way, it might be mentioned in passing, but it would remain a footnote, if mentioned at all. In such a society, breasts would really only need to be covered for warmth in cold climates, or if they needed more support.

But likewise, breast size and shape would now be a non issue in spite of their being exposed. It'd be like someone in our society going to great detail describing someone's elbows.

In before elbow fetishists stake their claim.

>> No.29869520

I prefer titplate over bikini mail.

>> No.29869521

This is a good morning to wake up to.

What is the thread about?

>> No.29869525


Cup size?

>> No.29869526

There's nothing against the rules about posting links.

>> No.29869548

thats fine, if you aren't the one designing/making the game.

Just cop to it, say, "Yeah, these games aren't for women and they never will be. We make tit plate cause our costumers are men and men love big tits."

>> No.29869552


No is not. Is awful and placed in a most disruptive place. I am not even sure what is supposed to be

>> No.29869574


That's an armor I think I could wear.


38 J

>> No.29869578

You're a fucking retard.
I let players do whatever the fuck I want in my game. If you want to be the Titty Paladin, you get to be the Titty Paladin. If you want to be the Butch Blackguard in full-plate, you will be entirely covered in full plate. I've had both types of player (who were girls) in the same game too, and NOTHING came of it. This is why I basically make anyone joining my games write a written statement of what they want out of the game. And if you bring your toxic shit to the table I will kick you the fuck out.

And word of advice:
If you don't want to be objectified you shouldn't act like such a fucking tool.

>> No.29869580


I'm going to fap to this, even though I'm gay.

>> No.29869581

>We make tit plate cause our costumers are men and men love big tits.
(Presumed) inadvertent word swap is hilarious.

>> No.29869582

confirmed for both autistic and a fag.

>> No.29869584

coffee beans?

>> No.29869586

Gaudy leopard print, I think.

>> No.29869595

That sounds like a great way to make a ton of people not want to touch your game.

Is anyone seriously THAT butthurt over not having to have titplate? Your social life must be wonderful.

>> No.29869621

Women are sexual beings, just like men, and can understand that men like such.

>> No.29869631


Why is there leopard spots on the top of your chest?

>> No.29869634

>Samefagging this hard

>> No.29869640

I'm not the one designing the game.

You see where I'm going with this?

The context where titplate is a problem does not exist for me.

>> No.29869651

Do you have tits? Do you fight with swords?

Then shut the fuck up nigger. You don't know shit. I've SEEN it. With real tits. Real "titplate" and a real sword.

It's impossible you retarded cunt.

>> No.29869654

Its just one of the more obnoxious parts of the boys club. All i'm saying is that if its a boys club, call it a boys club.

>> No.29869655


>38 J


im sorry for objectifying you but


also I would like to propose to make you a patron saint of boob plates for /tg/ just because


>> No.29869670

How short are your arms?

Do you have some kind of birth defect?

>> No.29869686

Real titplate and a real sword and no real sword training.

>> No.29869696

It's not and never really has been, is the thing. Plenty of women have gotten into D&D despite encouragement from both sides not to. It's just a few vocal guys seem to want to make it into a boys' club and think everyone else agrees with them.

Besides, we pretty much lost the right to have 'boys clubs' when it turned out EVERYTHING was a boys club.

>> No.29869700

Basically, if you are so offended by something that doesn't even have to exist in any given game, but sometimes does, with no real mechanical effect, you aren't the type of person we'd want to play with anyway.

>> No.29869701

huh, like the old 90s macOS shareware rpg?

>> No.29869702

Nice facebook angle.

>> No.29869714


>That's an armor I think I could wear.

I hope to not be creepy, but any chance for a full body pic? I am just curious about how the rest of you look like.

>> No.29869715

nudes pls.

>> No.29869723

What about in games where tits have a mechanical effect?

We even fucking made one.

>> No.29869737

>How short are your arms?
>Do you have some kind of birth defect?

It has nothing to do with arms, you dumbfuck.

It has to do with anatomy you dumbfuck.

If tits are no longer squishable, but instead set in metal, a woman is unable to move her arm overhead.

If you had 38J tits, you'd experience the same thing as that anon, or the girl in the video some guy posted, or the girl from the sword fight club.

It's impossible.


Plate has the bulge in the middle of the armour.

Titplate has TWO bulges near the SIDES of the armour.


>> No.29869743



I'm going to have a shot of JD in your honour.

>> No.29869745

Fine, enjoy your table flips and having beer thrown in your face. If a girl doesn't dress conservatively, isn't interested in the game and spends all her time flirting with the other players, you might as well go watch a pack of wolves fighting over a steak, cause the same thing is about to happen.

>> No.29869746

Rare outlier that can be countered by the rare few games where male characters are penalized for being male. The vast majority of games don't have -4 STR or any equivalent. There are no mechanical downsides or upsides to being either gender in most games.

>> No.29869750

Silly armor is alright, if the setting doesn't otherwise try to be serious or realistic.
My players wouldn't let this fly though.

>> No.29869753

>Titplate has TWO bulges near the SIDES of the armour.

>> No.29869760

If your tits are out to the side, you should probably go get your money back from the blacksmith.

>> No.29869763

It's pathetic when a group will eschew what they find fun because they think it will make ladyfolk join in.

News flash. Bitches and whores love killing monsters and getting loot as much as men do, and assuming you're not an autistic fat neckbeard, will even consider joining your games depending on how you ask.

Furthermore, all women who I've gamed with actually ENJOY being female. I doubt they'd enjoy watching female NPCs be raped by the GM's orc force but they never get bitchy about fantasy sexiness. Only tumblrcunts get mad about their lack of sexiness.

Timestamp or can't be taken seriously.

>> No.29869766

Yeah, but do you have a birth defect?

I popped a vein out when I took a massive dump a week ago.

It's like this purple blister next to my asshole.

Should I see a doctor?

>> No.29869774

wow what the fuck, you fags don't recognise it?
nice trill spots

>> No.29869787

I don't even know what you're trying to say.

>> No.29869788

Well your not gonna take the picture underneath them, shit would be too dark without proper lighting.

>> No.29869795

Perianal hematoma. Its no big deal. Just looks awful. Give it a month or two and don't mess with it and it'll go away.

>> No.29869807

probably should have been spoilered

>> No.29869819

I think the problem is with your group anon

It's not really a girl thing but a desperate horny nerd with no social skills and the kind of girl that's got nothing better to do than hang out with them thing

And the only answer is to kill them all

>> No.29869825


>> No.29869855

That's why you kick the autists out, or you fucking bring them to the club so they can feast their animalistic urges there instead of at the game table.

>> No.29869859

Would this fly in your game?

>> No.29869861

>Implying you can't raise your arms above your head with that sort of retard armor.
Go take a look at the pauldrons of the tittyarmor that somehow blocks arm movement. I bet those are the actual problem.

>> No.29869862

That's still the middle, it's just that there's a valley there.

>> No.29869867


Not quite


But I can't even wear one!


This anon is right. The bottom part of my arms hit against my boobs midway and make it awkward as fuck. With a hard plate it would be simply impossible.


Taking a full body picture with this camera is too troublesome, but have an older photo. Honestly I HATE my body type. I feel I am shaped like a dwarf. the only reason I had this taken was because the GM wanted it

>> No.29869876

Or you could kick out the player who is more interested in flirting and being seen as a "nerd" than actually playing the game. Like a sensible person would do.

>> No.29869882

Talking magic items that only function when their wielder is ridiculously scantily clad are the best thing

>> No.29869884

Yeah, but yours are unreasonably large, I'd recommend either never becoming a warrior, working out a lot, or getting breast reduction.

>> No.29869885

What, shitty poser art? I suppose, but I wouldn't want to know why characters were dragging it along

>> No.29869887

you do look like a dwarf that isn't a bad

>> No.29869889


>> No.29869891


Yes, as per >>29868704

>> No.29869895

>the only reason I had this taken was because the GM wanted it
You wanna join my group anon?

>> No.29869897

Today is a good day

>> No.29869898


>I feel I am shaped like a dwarf

You sure are no elf.

>> No.29869903

Gonna second the other anon



>> No.29869904


Celitic Picts were sometimes fighting naked (painted blue if i recall), but it was much more religious thing

>> No.29869908

>Or you could kick out the player who is more interested in flirting and being seen as a "nerd" than actually playing the game. Like a sensible person would do.

That's what I said. Kick the autists out.

>> No.29869915


why would you do that for the GM?

>> No.29869921

No, Ryouko is fucking hideous.

>> No.29869924

i thought it was the same reason anyone ever fights naked, because they weren't afraid of dying in battle?

>> No.29869933

enteesen THE

>> No.29869935

I'm going back to bed.

>> No.29869936


For god's sake, cut down on the bacon. You are a landwhale

>> No.29869937

What is this from?

>> No.29869942

Then why does every woman that fights swords in a historical fashion mention that titplate is impossible?
No. It's not in the middle. Do you even realise how short the arm movements of actual sword techniques are? YOU NEED THAT SPACE! Real life has collision models on every object.

>> No.29869952

1. Why would the GM ask for a full body shot

2. You actually look good, thought you would be a hamplanet from the angle up there.

3. I'd still recommend /fit/, because yo have amazon mode potential.

I'm curious though if there's any type of armor that would be practical for you. You should probably use a spear or halberd as a weapon.

>> No.29869954

Or autistress, in this case.

>> No.29869956


>implying dwarf women aren't the best

>> No.29869970

You should see the elves in my Artificial Academy savegame.

>> No.29869973

Yeah, I'm familiar with it, I'm also familiar with the fact that those are too low, and too centralized to stop the primary types of strikes.

>> No.29869975


I work out. But yeah, I am not quite there yet. I lost a few cup sizes, though.


It is when you are not a dwarf.


You see that leash there? I don't own a dog

>> No.29869986

>I don't own a dog

The penis can only get so hard...

>> No.29869993


In case of Picts it was more "gods favor the brave", so If i show insane bravery, gods will favor me so much that no weapon can hit me. So I will fight this battle naked AND paint myself blue to be better visible. Such amazing bravery will make me INVINCIBLE.

And so on both Pictish vanguards there were rows of naked, pained ble dudes, that died just like everyone else (or rather even more). Stupidity is not a modern invention.

>> No.29869994

> leash
man that's one railroading GM

>> No.29870002

You horny faggots are seriously embarrassing.

>> No.29870006

Goodbye thread, we knew ye well.

>> No.29870007

>It is when you are not a dwarf.

I do not understand this mindset.

>> No.29870008


is Your GM your dom ?
and if not wtf are you listening to him?

>> No.29870010

Well, truth be said, I did manage to pick a rather modest piece of titplate, didn't I?

>inb4 this thread signals the return of Roxy or whatever her name was

Heh. Now I feel old.

>> No.29870013


1) Because when he asks for stuff I do it.

2) Thank you, I guess?

3) I should go post there sometime and ask for advice.

And I've gone to a couple SCA events and (for what I've actually held) I think a shield and a spear would be the best option. I don't have long limbs and I am short, so I need a good range.

>> No.29870017

>On 4chan
This degree of self-unawareness here is truly staggering

>> No.29870019


Do you happen to live in Seattle? You remind me of someone I met

>> No.29870023

You picked a piece of titplate that, if it were slightly thicker in the middle, would work just goddamn fine.

>> No.29870032

Not even /co/ is this bad.

>> No.29870035


>You see that leash there? I don't own a dog

Then why you have the leash? I don't get it. Is the GM your dog?

>> No.29870037

>Not mentioning -4 STR anywhere in your whole post.

Ya blew it.

>> No.29870049

You're right, it's worse


>> No.29870050


BOOBS, where all logic and discussion inevitably ends

>> No.29870066

>standard fantasy setting
>warrior in boobplate
>never takes off. Because that kind of setting.
>takes off
>flat as board-two-nipples
>actually androgynous man.

>> No.29870069




>> No.29870074

You are sad /tg/. She is a fucking mass of lard. How can you say she is okay? Just because she has disgusting cow udders?

>> No.29870077

Except here, usually.
/r/ing the /tg/ derail screencaps.
You know the ones.

>> No.29870095


>> No.29870107


He is.


No. I wear the leash.

>> No.29870110

From your post, I can deduce that you are a jealous flat girl.
Because the only people who ever use the term udders when talking about boobs are women with less boob than whoever they're talking about.

>> No.29870114

It's too late, "real" boobs are better than boob armour.

>> No.29870134

I wonder who has bigger tits. The Dwarf anonette or Elwood?

>> No.29870145

Do you guys do role-reversal campaigns based in the Underdark?

>> No.29870147


>implying anyone would be jealous of these fat cow udders and the fat cow they are attached to

fuck you

>> No.29870150

There is only one way to find out.


>> No.29870159

You aren't fooling anyone.

>> No.29870161

Looks like modded TES. I'm guessing Oblivion

>> No.29870165

Sounds about right. The accounts given by female players on /tg/ (if they can be believed) always show them being submissive to their group's GM due to his position of authority. Our J-cup friend probably has low self-esteem, partially why she is attention whoring on /tg/ and why she has to have someone else control her actions.

>> No.29870172


still, nobody beats RAWK LAWBSTAR when it comes to being a sub for the GM

>> No.29870181

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in hnnnnngggg!

>> No.29870185

That bitch wasn't actually the artist, it was a camwhore she paid. I think that the real Elwood wasn't THAT terrible, but didn't have the huge rack. It was mediocre.

>> No.29870200


I think you are a tad off the loop, anon

>> No.29870201

or /a/ lusting after cartoon children

She's heavy definitely but not enough to be gross. She's losing weight and has expressed an interest in visiting /fit/. That alone more than counterbalances the fat.

I agree that many anons here are drooling like idiots. You make one reasonably toned down gay lizardman thread and they all bitch about it, then they turn around and act like this.

Is he blind? Are you a guide femanon?
Also do they make your swing more effective? I'd imagine the added momentum would be pretty powerful.

>> No.29870205

Actually, if you look up her tumblr and dA page, she has fairly recent pictures of herself, and Elwood actually has some nice tits. She's still a horrible vomit stain of a human, but good lord I'd do some pretty terrible stuff to her tits. Anonette, too, but either way.

>> No.29870211

O-Oh my

>> No.29870226

I for one can't say I would do anything with her only based on those two pictures. But you know... I am sub, so there is no reason for me to do anything with her besides talk over some good beverage.
So she is big, has big boobs and I know at least two guys who are into that. I am not. I like my women fit and able to hold me down just with one hand on the backside of my neck while I struggle to get out.

>> No.29870229

Don't think this is what you were asking for but it seems related.

>> No.29870232

D-Do you act in character?

H-How lewd...

>> No.29870247

>it's okay if tg does it
Lost it on that.

>> No.29870253

What? Am I wrong? >>29870205 agrees. Granted I haven't read up the Elwood page on ED in a few years so if some new events have transpired I'm out of the loop.

>> No.29870266


just check her Tumblr or the ED page, and lets stop talking about her. She is bait around here.

>> No.29870267


being the keyword here

>> No.29870301


>He is.

Figured when You mentioned leash.
Nvm then, nothing to discuss, carry on

>> No.29870356

DFC master race.

Disgusting cow tits go back to the milking parlour where you belong.

>> No.29870365

>People ask anon to show her tits
>Get mad when she actually does

The board is at fault, don't get mad at her.

>> No.29870377

You are no different than furry supremacists. Your sexual tastes are an opinion, anon. An uncommon one at that.

>> No.29870394

Speaking from personal experience: not just the GM, either.

>> No.29870399

>Not liking both

>> No.29870414

Post that delicious flat chest then

>> No.29870415


what? are you RAWK?

>> No.29870417 [SPOILER] 

I miss my GF now.

Wonderful A-cups with the most delicious butt.

We broke up last week on the same day that my dog died

>> No.29870426


This is the eternal fight of fags verbally abusing, trying to shame and insulting the girl to get noticed and reponded to, and whiteknights, that defend said girl with zealous strength, hoping to get noticed and responded to.

Eternal struggle of light and dark, white and black. All are equal attention whore. Just like the girl.

And nothing ever changes

>> No.29870434

...was your dog also your GF, anon?

>> No.29870436


Be strong anon. You will find another gf

and another dog

>> No.29870437


amazing dog,
my condolences

>> No.29870453 [SPOILER] 



>> No.29870473

Thanks, anons. I'm trying. I think I'm gonna go out this weekend and try to get over it.

It hurts. It hurts really bad

>> No.29870480

You can do it, mayne.

I believe in you. I love you.

>> No.29870484

No, just a very happy dom who happened along. I do GM other games though, so maybe she can smell it.

>> No.29870493

I had to double check to see if I am not actually in /soc/

>> No.29870501

>Honestly I HATE my body type

Please don't hate on yourself like that. You look fine.

Also your boobies remind me of my wife's.

>> No.29870507

It's delicious irony that womyn complain about men's interests objectifying women, and yet here we have a woman gleefully objectifying herself for the pleasure of a dozen or more horny men.

Perhaps women hate sexy women in tabletop games because it hits uncomfortably close to home, eh?

>> No.29870514

Womyn are not an hivemind

>> No.29870518

[Citation needed]

>> No.29870520

>It's delicious irony that womyn complain about men's interests objectifying women,

On /tg/ its mostly white knights.

>> No.29870522

>/tg/ is one person.

Don't go full retard, son.

>> No.29870523

And yet another reminder from this thread that my dom lives half a world away.

>> No.29870529 [SPOILER] 

This is how I prefer my bare-chested battle maidens.

>> No.29870541

>>milking parlour

Whelp, off to /d/ with me.

Was a good thread, was.

>> No.29870546



>> No.29870559

>Brown elves mixed with Ryoko

I'll be in my bunk

>> No.29870565

If only she was white.

>> No.29870566

This thread has problem gotten more people off than the weekend smut threads.

>> No.29870590


womyn is probably the stupidiest thing ever.
>woman has man in it and that means *insert pseudo feminist agry babble*
>we need a new word to better desribe ourself, somthing that does not sound and look like the old word. Something to show our creativity and independence from creative thinking of man. Something radical and fierce. Something that will create and describe our new establishment as our own!
>How about womYn
>fucking genius

>> No.29870605


Can these femanons be womyn when most willingly accept to be submissive?

>> No.29870614

The funny thing is that 'man' is the root word of 'human'.

Calling them 'womyn' simply removes all humanity from them.

Therefore objectifying them is astronomically easier.

>> No.29870627

You shouldnt do this.
If its your GF and not you....

>> No.29870641


she dumped him the day his dog died, so screw her. Let anon be

>> No.29870645

I didn't say dwarfanon was a womyn. My post only had womyn mentioned once, referencing the fun-hating tumblrcunts.

I assume submissive women are the byne of womyn everywhere because they fuck up their whole ideology Instead of the right one, where, you know, you can't attach stereotypes to someone based on race or gender, which means that claiming every woman must be strong and independent and not need no man is indeed sexist

>> No.29870647


lol indeed
have not thought of that
thank You

>> No.29870686

I dont think its polite. To put your dirty laundry on the internet. And 4chan at that.
Just thrash her car, throw stones in the window or something like that. Not put someone else on the internet without their consent.

>> No.29870735


>lets her GM walk her on a leash

Are you retarded?...

>> No.29870746

>Just thrash her car, throw stones in the window or something like that. Not put someone else on the internet without their consent.

You mean do illegal shit versus legal shit, okay. Also it won't let me delete the post, so oh well. Too fucking late

>> No.29870781


Let me see if I understood right. You think girls like that femanon, who show their tits when they are told to and let a guy treat them like a fuck toy are better than girls who actually care for important issues and try to change things, as misguided their ways may be?

I am not even female and I can see you are shit

>> No.29870796


>> No.29870807

I can tell from your lack of reading comprehension that you're quite shit too. And sound quite jealous.

>> No.29870834


I'm dating a "womyn", or at least what I think is one. She is wiccan and a hardcore feminist. But when we are alone she is sub as hell. Likes to be handcuffed, spanked and called dirty names.

is funny, because I am a newbie dom so she has to keep telling me what to do to her and where to stop.

>> No.29870946

There's nothing shameful about showing your tits or being into collars and shit, anon. I don't think it's any weirder than showing a picture of your gaming station when it's suggested.

That you think doing so is somehow "giving in meekly to oppressive and objectifying commands", and that being a sexual object - or being a "fucktoy", as you say - at any time is to debase yourself irredeemably in comparison to misguided feminists, reflects more on you than anything.

>> No.29870954

She clearly has self-esteem issues then. That's why she is a member of two different cults and enjoys being dominated.

Don't put your dick in crazy anon. It might seem like fun and games but soon she'll have the knife to your balls and with a flick of her wrist will have them off.

>> No.29870955

Nope, it's just more personal, if you want to hurt someone do it yourself. Do something in real world.
At least you can stop yourself from doing it. Or maybe someone else stops you. There's nothing to stop you from doing shitty things on the internet. And you can ruin someone's life forever, not just for few weeks till you deal with them hurting you.
>still regretting posting that cam recording of my GF. Still trying to hunt it down, delete it and get it out of the circulation. I will probably never forgive myself for doing it.

>> No.29870970

Don't get down, anon. This is the Communication Age- those orders can find you anywhere in the world.

Bi, technically, but I do deliver the sausage to men regardless.

>> No.29870983

>being a sexual object at any time is to debase yourself
Don't forget, /tg/: if your woman ever purposefully presents her naked rear to you, spreads her pussy for you, or moans like a whore, she is a worthless discredit to her sex and should be shunned accordingly.

>> No.29871005

I wasn't doing it to hurt her, one. And two, I didn't and won't post tits. It sounds like you did something infinitely more horrible. You should be ashamed, but I refuse to equate myself with that degree of scummery.

Keep the awfulness that is what you did to your girlfriend to yourself.

>> No.29871017

Your posts and your mental approximations of ethics are incoherent. If there is a rational point somewhere in there, you are not going to reach Anon's mind with rhetoric like that. Go work out your guilt issues somewhere else.

>> No.29871028

Oh no, that's not what /tg/ thinks, thundercunt. That's what YOU said.

Fuck on off back to /srs. They miss you over there...you could say your fat ass being gone has left a void.

>> No.29871037

Wait womyn is an actual term? I replied to that thinking it was just some sort of funny sounding made up word, like vidya or animu

>> No.29871064

Yeah. I am gonna get some more drinks. Dont worry, I know. And I cant even get out nowadays, cause one fucking bad decision ruined not only her life (and it did, it did...), but also the way anyone who knows about it looks at me. Yeah, that's the scumbag who did that to the girl.
*sigh* I am outta single malts, Jameson for me now.

>> No.29871068

It's like you really don't understand that >>29870983 was making fun of >>29870781. I mean, I glad we agree, but you should have your internet sarcasm detector tuned by a specialist.

>> No.29871094


I did that once to the ca/tg/irl in my group, and she did found out as she posts here too.

However, she found hot I wanted to show her up and it turned out she made a living camming in chaturbate.

she asked me to let her give me a blowjob on cam, things led one to another and now we are together and we do couples shows at times

>> No.29871109

Sounds like you should get out of there, wherever that is, and make some new friends.

That's so fucking hot, it makes me feel better. Like I could find that kind of kinky girl out there with a crazy cam fetish.

>> No.29871121


It's both a fetish and her work. She used to work in an office but found out these shows made more money with a lot less stress.

>> No.29871132


>office depot

stupid auto correct

>> No.29871218

Hey, can you blame me? I'm arguing with either a feminist or a white knight. Their beliefs are this fucked up, and they frequently agree with concepts that in the long run prove disastrous to their beliefs if it would let them win an argument in the short-run.

But my bad bro you're cool or whatev's.

>> No.29871251


so you are defending the femanon? even if she was willing to display her tits so readily? here we shun sluts and whores and she is certainly one

>> No.29871284


>> No.29871294

We know your secret, anon. We're not going to help you indulge your shaming fetish unless you come clean, admit your wrongdoing, and ask outright. And it better be a well-phrased and respectful request, or you get nothing.

>> No.29871330

The secret is that he's just saying whatever he thinks will get a kneejerk reaction out of someone without actually holding to any ethical stance that he spouts. In a way, similar to an attention whore, in that he craves the response that you provide to him. If you were making an outspoken response against the earlier ca/tg/girl's displays he'd just as lambast you for attacking her.

>> No.29871365

Good assessment, but I'd say it's a fair chance that leashlady is inciting a good old fashioned bout of slutshaming to get her giggles out. Either way, it makes sense to me.

>> No.29871401

You are this nigger >>29871251 right? Read my post again. >>29870507 I only spoke of the clambeards of tumblr and their disgusting ways. Besides giving me a nice idea for a post and derailing an already shitty thread, the fat femanon isn't important to me.

You're clearly projecting. I can tell from the tactics you use and having dealt with quite a few of your kind in my time.

>> No.29871402


There's a reason why I always come back to /tg/. Freaking love you guys here.

>> No.29871530

What reaction is that image even supposed to portray? He's bleeding from the mouth, crying, and boozing, so... beaten, distressed, and despairing?

>> No.29871600

do you think you're on /r9k/ or /mlp/ right now

>> No.29872434

So where was OP's pic from anyway?

>> No.29873330

got posted about halfway up the thread, it's probably an oblivion mod

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