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Who is the best Primarch and why is it Sanguinius?

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Dude killed the mightiest Bloodthirster and singlehandily changed the course of history.

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Fulgrim was hotter

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That is a bold faced lie.

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Well Sanginus was probbably the Emps "wife" but still gotta give it Fulgrim

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The way I look at it, Sanguinius was the most beautiful loyalist primarch and Fulgrim was the prettiest traitor primarch.

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>You will never blow a load inside either

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Why don't we have sanguinius on fulgrim haddo gei sex?

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Because I haven't told the smut threads yet

>No Ultrasmurf primarch mentioned

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Horus is the best primarch. Kicking daddy's ass best day.

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The lore implies Horus did

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>Rogal Dorn
>No mustache
Too far dude. Fulgrim and Sanguinius were hot femboys but Rogal was a man's man

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>Ultrasmurf primarch
>that image

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Alpharius, because DATA EXPUNGED

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How many are dead, and how many did Fulgrim kill?

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The only pics of Rogal I count as canon are the ones where he looks like the Good guy from Avatar.

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You mean Samus Aran? I get that they're both women, but how can you mix those two up?

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Asami lies in ruins because of Korra is a fucking cunt
Never for get that

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>Fulgrim and Sanguinius were hot femboys

Goddamn it.

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Lucky bastard

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wrong avatar, i think he means that movie with teh blue elfs.

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>The real reason Horus went chaos was because Emps wanted to keep Fulgrim's and Sanguinius' assholes to himself.

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leman russ is still and will always be the best primarch.

Fight me, /tg/, you know its true.

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>space furfag
Furry pls go.

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>the filthy mutant
>best Primarch
Vampire, please. Ain't no nigga alive as based as Lord Fulgrim.

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>sacrificing yourself, despite knowing exactly what would happen, for something bigger than yourself, even though you're a fucking Primarch
>not more based than a faggot with a daemon sword that ended up with him trapped in a painting

Lucius, pls.

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The best primarch is clearly Noriko Takaya

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Look, the fight for who the prettiest primarch is is simply thus.

Fulgrim looked pretty in a kind of predatory vampiric way. Sanguinius, meanwhile, was a full-on bishie, sparkles and all. Clear winner here.

Which is, of course, the Emperor.

The Emperor went without a helm, his noble countenance bearing a wreath of golden laurels about his brow. Even from a distance it was the face of a being worthy of eternal fealty, conceivable only as an impression of wonder and light. No god ever demanded respect and honour more. No earthly ruler had ever been so beloved by all.

Sejanus found himself weeping tears of unbridled joy.

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Blue kitties is what I went with.
I blame Mako personally.

The show would have been a lot better if his fucking romance bullshit didn't show up.

Or if Korra and Asami fucked, that would be cool as well.

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"Sanguinius. It should have been him. He has the vision and strength to carry us to victory, and the wisdom to rule once victory is won. For all his aloof coolness, he alone has the Emperor's soul in his blood. Each of us carries part of our father within us, whether it is his hunger for battle, his psychic talent or his determination to succeed. Sanguinius holds it all. It should have been his..."
- Horus Lupercal

Checkmate gaytheists.

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That's not how you spell KHAAAAAAAN!

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Whiny infantile bitch.
Arrogant infantile bitch.
Vain infantile bitch.
Stupid infantile bitch.
Better, but is still quite retarded.
I belive BL wronged him too in his recent book.

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>Biggest Legion
>Highest recruitment rate
>Most worlds won
>Worlds won fastest
>Worlds won with fewest casualties

The Emperor should have just made twenty Guilliman's.
>No internal strife as all Guilliman's agree that the Emperor and Guilliman knows best.
>Twenty super legions
>No whining or cray-cray bullshit

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All about the Dorn. Best primarch hands down

Then Russ and Vulkan, and Khan cause he's great too

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While doing right things his is still going full "no one undesrtands my pain of building the Imperial Palace fortifications" in short stories.
Why BL can't make primarchs not emo?

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But Dorn was retarded.

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They have to explain how shit got so fucked up and the best they can do is to model them after the shittiest parts of society.

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We all know it's Perturabo

Fucker created amazing new technologies, and noone gave a fuck
His men died in trenches after taking the untakeable, and noone gave a fuck
The eye of terror watched him relentlesly his entire life, and noone gave a fuck

But there they were, his brothers, being praised for being ever so beautiful, for being ever so bloodthirsty and killing worlds to the last man.

nah, perturabo is the one.

Plus he made Dorn look like an utter retard.

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So he gone traitor because of jealousy and thirst for glory?
Nice one.

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I'm inclined to agree.

Are there rules for Guilliman yet?

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>Why BL can't make primarchs not emo?

They cannot into actual characterization, so need them to angst.

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Because he is dead

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>So he gone traitor because of jealousy and thirst for glory?

He turned on the imperium because he saw they were all hypocritical glory hunters. He doesn't even like chaos either.

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>dead, after being cut down like a bitch
>alive, after ten thousand years of enjoying life to the fullest

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best primarch right here. and he'll be back.

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>Died like a Hero in epic battle. Rests in peace while remembered as a Saint.
>Rape slave for a Daemon, trapped inside a magic sword for 10,000 years, suffering unspeakable pain and violation. Preying for the sweet release of death.

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He turned because he hated his job and didn't get any vacation days. He's like an office worker who has great ideas and pulls the biggest load of all, but nobody credits him for his work or remembers his birthdays, and when somebody takes the time to hear him out about his ideas they'll be the ones to get promoted. He felt like he was surrounded by idiots and drama queens, and they got all the glory for stuff that wouldn't have been possible without his Legion's hard work–work which he hated because he felt like he could do so many other things that didn't involve tearing shit up.

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I thought everyone's spiritual liege was Guilliman? No, but seriously, it's Sanguinius. Even in canon, it's admitted that Sanguinius is the most beloved by all of the Imperium for his sacrifice and even has universal holiday just for him, celebrated by most Imperial worlds.

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Most loved is different from best.

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Sanguinius battle with Horus was one-sided in Horus' favor. Also, Fulgrim got out of the painting. He overpowered the KoS with sheer force of will. It's been all him for the last ten millennia.

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>Sanguinius battle with Horus was one-sided in Horus' favor.
So? He still went out fighting like a badass. Supposedly, he even damaged Horus' armour, allowing the Emprah to end him.

>He overpowered the KoS with sheer force of will. It's been all him for the last ten millennia.
Sauce? Last I heard, he was the Daemons rape slave.

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Reflection Cracked, I believe.

>> No.29872254

>pulls the most epic office rage stunt in the history on mankind
>"I'm surrounded by drama queens guys!"

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When you're talking about primarchs it's just a question who was more or less retarded, not who was or wasn't.
Because they all were retards.

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>Supposedly, he even damaged Horus' armour, allowing the Emprah to end him.
Yeah, it's said he made a small dent or something in Horus' armor that the Emperor then used to penetrate with his sword. There's also fluff that mentions how the Emperor killed Horus with a focused blast of psychic energy.

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>Biggest Legion
>Highest recruitment rate
It's heavily implied that Guilliman's legion comprises of marines from the two missing legions.
>Most worlds won
That was Horus.
>Worlds won with fewest casualties
Pretty sure that was Alpharius. Guilliman even acted out because Alpharius was styling all over him.

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He recruited from 8 worlds in the first place, no wonder he could get more man

And yeah, he was totally butthurt when Alpharius showed that he was full of shit

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Why couldn't he have had a hawter daemon form a four armed snake thing? C'mon he was perfect the way he was.

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>It's heavily implied that Guilliman's legion comprises of marines from the two missing legions.

No it's not, it was a rumor from a butthurt Word Bearer.

>That was Horus.

Nope, Ultras.

>Pretty sure that was Alpharius

Still Ultras.

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>Alpharius conquered a world with no losses
>ultrafags still claim they did better

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why does sanguinius have eyes in his breastplate? i know they are supposed to be drops of blood but they are round and look like the eye of sauron if i didnt know better

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>He still went out fighting like a badass.
Dying for no good reason is not badass.

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>Ultramarines do better
>Alphafags remain butthurt

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Prove that the Ultras conquered a world with losses equal or inferior to 0, faggot

You're the reason why ultramarines get shit thrown at them

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>Highest recruitment rate

Liar, that honour is due to the 1st Legion. The Calibanite under Luther's guidance reached the highest recruitment and formation rate of all legions.

>Most worlds won.

That's Horus, and it's heavily implied that the Lion was second most succesfull in his campaigns.

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>Prove that the Ultras conquered a world with losses equal or inferior to 0, faggot

Prove that the Alpha Legion did, they're supposed to be misinformation specialists after all.

We got canon saying Ultras took the fewest loses.

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>> No.29872430

>arguing about 40k (technically 30k) canon
>disregarding 40k canon when it disagrees

>> No.29872431

Guilliman himself was butthurt after the fact so it happened for sure

>> No.29872441

How does that follow at all? Guilliman knows exactly what the Alpha Legion did? How could he? It wasn't even Guilliman, it was everyone but Horus.

>> No.29872463


Not arguing about canon here, loser, you're doing that all by yourself. If two sources contradict themselves, just say we have contradicting information on the subject. Dont turn this into ''my source has a bigger dick than your source''.

>> No.29872465

The resolution hurts to look at.

>> No.29872477

>No it's not, it was a rumor from a butthurt Word Bearer.
No, it's mentioned by a few characters and even characters in the novel point out evidence suggesting it, such as the Captain of the Word Bearers getting direct info from the Ultramarines that they were getting a a huge increase in troops.
>Nope, Ultras.
Pretty sure it was Horus. It's even stated in Horus Heresy novels and the Codex that Horus conquered the most worlds and it's the reason why Guilliman couldn't directly oppose Horus' promotion to Warmaster.
>Still Ultras
Yeah, no way. Horus Heresy novels have Alpharius subjugating a world with less than 3 dozen Space Marines in under a week. There's no other indication that's stated Guilliman accomplished a similar feat and even had to resort to petty insults when Alpharious showed him up with this feat.

>> No.29872493

After one bs novel and nobody regards ferrus in high lights anymore. Only primach that actually resisted when directly asked to join the heresy. Ultras dont count cause kor phreaon != primach convincing

>> No.29872498

If people are arguing over Tesstra Prime, it's not said that the Alpha Legion took no losses. Guilliman - and others - were mad because Alpharius had given the enemy an extra week to prepare just so his Legion could show off.

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Well, I'd grant you that. There's conflicting sources then, given Horus has been stated to have conquered the most worlds too.

>> No.29872638

>The Emperor should have just made twenty Guilliman's.

>> No.29872644

>has 20x men
>brags when he conquers more worlds

>> No.29872650

Im gonna have to go with Angron, brother. He never actually joined the Heresy. The Heresy joined him. Never sacrificed anything to the blood god, never gave a damn about sides, he just wanted to resolve his daddy issues and personal grudges.

Case in point. While he was asked to invade imperial targets, he instead hunted some dark eldar (probably his oldest grudge). I doubt he ever knew about Khorne but because Lorgar spoke for him, he became the first Daemon Primarch.

>> No.29872667


Ok, wtf there is no Konrad love?
I mean, he was the muthafucking batman of 40k
He even faked his death with the assasin (stop ragin, You all know this to be true)

>> No.29872669

Does it faster and with fewer casualties too.

>> No.29872689

I think the red eye thing is just a popular motif on Baal.

I guess they just liked the look of it.

>> No.29872698


>20x men and 10x the time
>still brags

>> No.29872709

There's conflicting reports, but Horus Novels, such as The Black Legion,state they conquered the most worlds and other novels support this fact. You're getting your info from 5th edition written by Ward who's known for ignoring fluff he doesn't like and has even admitted that he was bias towards the Smurfs.

>> No.29872721

But Ward copied that almost word for word from a non ward source, so that excuse doesn't fly.

>> No.29872727

magnus is all like "calm ur shit angry ron y r u shaking ur fist jesus christ i hate u so much but the crusade game ridiculous"

>> No.29872738

Of course, if you have more men you take fewer casualties unless you're a complete moron, and you win faster

His only merit was in logistics and numbers, and that makes him cool enough to stand on his own, the wankers should open their eyes

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Liberated worlds doesnt mean the same as victories, though, and they possibly doesnt count traitor legions in that statement.

Oficially, in victories before the heresy, the first three were Sons of Horus, then Dark Angels, and Space Wolves.

But there is much to add. For example, the IF had great numbers until they were called to fortify Terra. Perturabo could have done better if he hasnt been forced to scatter his legion. Ultras and Word Bearers stayed behind "fixing" captured worlds, and thus advancing less (plus Ultras had the lost legions so its pretty difficult to compare). The Dark Angels were second, and first among loyalists (er... maybe no) but they were also the first legion, so they could have more time. The Alpha Legion was the last, so they cant catch up with the others even if their results were amazing.

In short: Is stupid and pointless measuring your husbando/power fantasy primarch's dick

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> mfw when no one likes two best primarchs
> Mortarion
> and Magnus the Red

>> No.29872790

He got free pretty quickly, though. I hated that.

>> No.29872798

Well, yeah. His arc is easily one of the worst of them all.

>> No.29872803

I would have actually watched if Korrasami happened.

>> No.29872810

I like Magnus so much, but not Mortarion. And then its revealed in Thousand Sons that made a deal with Tzeentch and then just thought few, it was a dream I thought he was a dumb as his father.

What Primarch isnt a angsty teen? Corax, maybe? Vulkan? The others one are pretty childish.

>> No.29872824

>Corax, maybe? Vulkan?
>No angst

Ha. Corax was always so, Vulkan became son in the HH series.

>> No.29872826

>Bottom row, all the way to the left
What the fuck is up with his head?

>> No.29872845

I always thought it was because Magnus could smell Mortarion but thought it came from Angron.

They are all results of the worlds they landed on but taken to the extreme. All of it could have been avoided through a simple twist of fate.

>> No.29872846

I'm surprised that Khan has so little fluff about him despite being a Primarch.

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>> No.29872862

all that infighting. that's how shit went down in the first place.

>> No.29872865

Fuck everything. What about the Khan?

>> No.29872867


>fuck, mortarion You stink
>who smelt it delt it, hehehe
>calm down u retard
>I'm so fucking high on speed now
>fucking, drag using heretics
>Fuck, my heart! I need to stop abusing coffee
>In the butt?
>In the butt!

>> No.29872886

>Whole reason for anything is his total inferiority complex compared to his brothers.

Khan is alright.

>> No.29872998

Matt Ward pls go

>> No.29873029

>Posts canon
>Is Ward

I guess it makes sense.

>> No.29873177

>fuckin' kids...

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>> No.29873322

Corax is the best primarch. Good fighter and normal.
Vulkan, Dorn, Guilliman, Sanguinius, Lorgar, Curze, Angron and Aplharious/Omegon are also cool.
Fulgrim, Horrus, Ferrus, Russ, Mortarion and Khan are meh.
Magnus, Perturabo and Lion suck balls.

>> No.29873352

I love how that's actually a quote from the books.

>> No.29873356


I agree that Curze was one of the best primarchs, yet that shit with him faking his own death is just preposterous.

>> No.29873368


>Perturabo sucks

Do you even Angel Exterminatus?

>> No.29873374

>Not cry babby

>> No.29873383

I did, and he does suck.

>> No.29873385

Anyone who still believes Corax is anything but a complete and utter failure hasn't read Deliverance Lost.

>Corax, I'll give you the secrets of Space Marines' creation, but you must absolutely not let it fall into the enemy's hands
>I swear on my life, Father
>NO Corax, that's not enough. Should these secrets ever be as much as threatened, promise me you'll sacrifice your entire Legion to destroy them
>I promise, father

5 minutes later

>> No.29873412

I'm actually reading the book right now.
He sucks.

He is the least fucked in the head.

Could be worse doe

>> No.29873419

>Filthy mutant
>Best Primarch

>> No.29873456

>He is the least fucked in the head.

No he's not, unfucked people don't quote Poe and then fly into hell, abandoning their family.

>> No.29873472

>comic sans

>> No.29873477

The Legion that intends to end humanity is in possession of the only pure geneseed blueprint. The only way it could have been worse is if he actually gave the pure copy to Horus.

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>> No.29873692

are you kids fighting again? do i need to slap your shit?

>> No.29873763

Ferrus and Russ also abandoned their legions. Lion pretty much said fuck you to half of his legion.
Fulgrim and Perturabo killed their own men.
Lion beheaded his chaplain because he objected to Lions breaking of the Nkaea edict.

That Legion isn't together still, so there is a chance they don't even have it anymore. But yeah, that was bad


>> No.29873800


Yeah because scenario where assasin penetrates fortress of a special-ops, terror-ops focused primarch, not meeting ANYBODY on her way in, and then they talk, and she jumps at him, video feed cuts. For all we know they could have had smoking, sweaty sex right there on his throne. Then she gets back and says: "I killed Batman". No body, no record, no evidence. Still everyone believes her.

There is more proof that Alpharion was killed ffs. At least someone looking like Alpharion was slain, and Smurf have seen his body.

>> No.29873801

Oh shit.

>> No.29873830

>For all we know they could have had smoking, sweaty sex right there on his throne.

According to NL books his closest followers watched assasin coming.
So... They watched this too.

>> No.29873837

>Ferrus and Russ also abandoned their legions.

Ferrus died, Russ was pretty fucked up in the head too.

> Lion pretty much said fuck you to half of his legion.

They rebelled, but the Lion is totally fucked in the brain.

>Fulgrim and Perturabo killed their own men.

And they're high on the mental health issues scale. Lumping these guys with Corax just makes him seem worse.

>> No.29873847

It's Tsim, man....

>> No.29873849


And still Curze did not care, because he has nothing to hide, and that how he rolls.

>> No.29873859


more of those pls

>> No.29873911

Why in the everliving fuck does it say "yeah guise we took the most worlds during big thingie"

>> No.29873916

I was just pointing out that he could have done it way worse for his Legion.
And he did it to avenge his mutated sons. Pretty worthy cause if you ask me. Russ just GTFOd for no reason and Ferrus was driven by anger and selfishness.
And to be fair, pretty much every Primarch was fucked in the head.


>> No.29873933


>> No.29873936

Wait what. Where?

If you say HH novels you're full of shit.

>> No.29873939

which of them are you anon-kun?

>> No.29873951


>> No.29873967

Copying from it spergy-Jerry's smurf fapfic though.

>> No.29873970


>> No.29873983


Thank You

>> No.29873995

I love how Angron looks like an angry little manlet in this pic.

>> No.29873996

Was he the one that picked up a sword that talked to him and didn't think it was in the least bit suspicious?

>> No.29874009

top row, third from left

>> No.29874014


>> No.29874016


>> No.29874036


>> No.29874046


That would be fulgrim, the preatty but not so smart one

>> No.29874048

No, that was Fulgrim. The retard.

>> No.29874050


>> No.29874066


>> No.29874084

>Faps to pictures of the spirutal liege
>Is ward

Shieet man it all makes sense now.

>> No.29874098


>> No.29874111

you're thinking Fulgrim

>> No.29874117


>> No.29874145

>man's man
But still Perturabo's bitch.

>> No.29874185

So because I'm posting this shit I am totaly entitled to make my power ranking list of the primarchs

>> No.29874204


>> No.29874229


>> No.29874231

That is some ugly-ass art.

>> No.29874266

>Sanguinius standing between the Emperor
>Not Saint Ollanius Pius

>> No.29874284


>> No.29874307


>> No.29874324

>Liam Neeson speech.
I felt like nobody but The Neeson could play Ghilliesuitman

>> No.29874329

>Tumblr powerpoint

>> No.29874357

>best primarch

Funny. I got this from /tg/ or maybe /b/

>> No.29874375


>> No.29874494

Tentacle dick ,show me anon.

>> No.29874578

3rd party (1ksons fan) here.
Ultras liberated the most, Lunar Wolves conquered the most.
Make of that what you want.

>> No.29874612

Sanguinius and Angron are the shit...all other primarchs are nothing compared to them...
Ok Curze is cool..
And Dorn..'cause, he is Rogal fucking Dorn...
Gulliman is nioce, and there is too much hate on his back...
Vulkan is super sweet, and totally not grim-dark

I hate Fulgrim, but respect that nigga, he killed 2 primarchs
Leman Russ is faggot.

All other are so-so

>> No.29874645

He did destroy the freaking gene seed of the space wolves meant to fix their mutation he did king of get shit done. AND THIS WAS ON THEIR HOME PLANET

>> No.29874648

Um, which is the mightiest Bloodthirster?

Cause, according to fluff, Ka'Bandha was, and Sanguinius killed him. But Skarbrand could also be deemed mightiest, as he's making more skulls and blood for Khorne than he ever did before....

Then there is An'ggrath the Unbound, who is titled Lord of the Bloodthirsters....And is "the mightiest Bloodthirster to be summoned from the Warp".

So... What?

>> No.29874679

Actually, it's in old fluff. It basically says that Fulgrim went to Horus to try and stop him, but Horus drugged him and them basically raped him. It doesn't say Horus did it personally, but he basically was.

Here is source.

>> No.29874827

>needs 40 days to breach through barely defended Fang
>gets his shit beaten by a normal marine 1 on 1
>horrible losses of his marines
>Spireguard pretty much all dead
>fleet destroyed
>retreat was a failure, everyone got scattered

Sure gets shit done. And he didn't destroy the working gene seed. For all we know the Priest wasn't even close to fixing it.

And let's be fair, the SW are GW's snowflakes, if the fluff ever progresses they will never get wiped out or mad irelevant

>> No.29874839

>I got this from /tg/
So it's worse than I thought.

>> No.29874845

Arn't the ultramarines and space wolves both mary sues of the highest fucking caliber?

I still don't understand how magnus can lose to a normal marine he's the most powerful psyker in the universe

>> No.29874868

(Not slowly dying comatose)

>> No.29874899

>has seen the inside of curze's bedroom apparently
tell me more

>> No.29874968

>mightiest Bloodthirster to be summoned from the Warp
>which is the mightiest Bloodthirster
Take a guess, brohiem

>> No.29874980

Ka'Banda is mightiest of Khorne's servants though.

>> No.29874998

Second most powerful psyker
And the marine was fueled by his anger that he got tricked like a little bitch and other wolfy shit
Which is another loss for Magnus, he sacrificed a whole planet of his allies as a distraction.
To add insult to injury, the defence was led by Bjorn, the guy who participated in the burning of Prospero
I too would like to know about this

>> No.29875008

>Drugged, pleasured beyond endurance, and finally broken, they agreed to aid Horus.

>> No.29875032

>Ka'Bandha was, and Sanguinius killed him
>Ka'Banda is mightiest of Khorne's servants though
Ka'Bnadha WAS the mightiest of Khorne's servants

>> No.29875046

Nope, he still is.

>> No.29875058

>to be summoned

>> No.29875081

zombie Bloodthirster?

>> No.29875093

Daemons don't die, faggot.

>> No.29875119

Daemons don't die.
Ka+Bandha came back for the Siege of Terra. Where Sang killed him. Again
Samus got killed by the Luna Wolves and then again by the Ultramarines for instance

>> No.29875128

Was it a TRUE death?
As in he said his name/killed him in the warp?

>> No.29875131

See, that's my point. The guy said that Lorgar killed the mightiest Bloodthirster... But the mightiest was still inside the Warp.

Also a point.

In the BA Codex, it says that he has the power and territory of scores of Bloodthirsters combined or something. He then got beaten by The Sanguinor....

It's rather confusing.

Yup. He got raped so hard he got mind-broken. Somebody obviously had been reading some rape hentai before they wrote this fluff.

But, that got changed... I think.

>> No.29875137

Then why did the Sanguinor bitchslapped him so easily?

>> No.29875154

>Was it a TRUE death?


>He then got beaten by The Sanguinor....

And An'ggrath got his shit slapped by an Inquisitor.

>> No.29875157

>you will never get a chance to cum inside pre-snake, Pre-Horus fulgrim
>You wouldn't even satisfy that boy-pussy of a 8' tall Fulgrim

>> No.29875162


just like Skardbrand and Anngrath

>> No.29875187


Because sanguinor is Sanguinous soul made manifest in the materium, He is the bloodthirster of emrah

>> No.29875191

>But, that got changed... I think.
In the HH novels he just talks with Horus. Like briefly even. And his officers waited outside, so they didn't get corrupted in any way.

>> No.29875192

>just like Skardbrand

No, in his own fluff he was said to be weaker than An'ggrath. It all comes down to An'ggrath and Kaband'ha.

>> No.29875201


>> No.29875209

The Sanguinor is powerful as fuck.

>> No.29875242

This makes literally no sense.

>> No.29875248

Nah despite being Huge, Fulgrim and Sangunis rolled really low for anal circumference and Fulgrim gave it to Horus
I can dream

>> No.29875294

One that isn't officially dead

>> No.29875309

I remember when KaBazinga was just a regular ol' Bloodthirster and even a regular Bloodthirster was about as powerful as a Primarch

Now of course, regular Bloodthirsters die with ease so we need to invent even more powerful Bloodthirsters for the heroes to beat

Funny that its always the Bloodthirsters that get beaten in one on one close combat fights, more than other Greater Daemons

>> No.29875329

Greater Daemon of Nurgle?


>> No.29875332


*cough* Avatar of Khaine *cough*

>> No.29875340

That's adorable.

>> No.29875349

Well, Bloodthirsters ARE the straight-up combat demons, they're the ones that are gonna get their shit smacked more than other demons simply by virtue of being in more fights than other demons

>> No.29875362

I think that >>29875309 was referring to Chaos Daemons.

>> No.29875388

That's a general tendency.

>> No.29875404


Still avatars are universal "fuck him up" bad guys. SM will be making jokes and pointing fingers at their brothers that did not kill one yet

>> No.29875425

>Still avatars are universal "fuck him up" bad guys
I know, and it's hilarious.

>> No.29875445

I believe bloodthirsters fucked up equal times.
Even more, there's no such thing as super named Avatar. Well, there's but it was never seen on the battlfield.
Yet even super special bloodthirsters die very often. Like Skrabrand being cut in two by Dante.
It's everyones plague.

>> No.29875516

Marines have maybe killed Avatars two times, Ka'Bandha alone has been killed more than that.

>> No.29875543

I just assume the power of the Bloodthirsters varies from "time to time" (I know time doesn't exists in the Warp, but you get the idea).

Hah. I saw a conversion of Snake Fulgrim. They basically used the Lady Vashj model from WoW and gave it a male head. Can find it if anybody is interested. At least, I think they did. Either way, the Lady Vashj model could be a great Slaaneshi Greater Daemon model.

Really? I didn't think anybody knew for sure. It was assumptions.

Thought so. Raping somebody so hard they mind-break isn't that family friendly.

Really? I thought Skarbrand was ace, then got tricked into attacking Khorne. Got his mind removed and now collects loads of skulls for Khorne, more than before. Surely that's a mark of "goodness"?

In fluff, sure, unless he's buffed to fuck in the 6th BA edition..... He isn't that great.

Poor AoK. In the latest Nid codex, it talks about how he roared a challenge to the Hive Tyrant leading the attack on Iyanden, but the Tyrant just made a load of Carnifexs charge him and the AoK got raped.

I also liked the idea that when a female is sacrificed to awaken the Avatar, this is the version they get.

Also, what happens to the Avatar if it's on a planet and gets killed? It's a statue... From a Craftworld... Is that it? Or does it return to the Craftworld? Or does it turn into Iron again or what?

>> No.29875546


I love that mighty Skarbrand is killed by a single blow in a throwaway line by a dude who's not even 2nd best in his own chapter.

Way to make Chaos seem threatening.

>> No.29875547

>YFW killing avatars of khaines with your small squads in Dawn of War 2

I must have killed atleast 4 of them

>> No.29875577

Its essence travels back into the throne room and manifests the statue anew.

>> No.29875590

dont know why writers keep making stuff happen in fluff that could never happen in game

A regular dude beating Angie is like beating a Titan - actually he's stronger than a Titan.

>> No.29875591

Counting all of the DoW games, yes, the Blood Ravens do kill 4.

>> No.29875616

>inquisitor lord
>divinely inspired by the emperor
>wielding a sword forged to destroy such daemon-lords
>vs a demon

Gee, totally unexpected

>> No.29875624

>Really? I didn't think anybody knew for sure. It was assumptions.
Well there is no official info on that, but cmon. This is fucking GW, they have subtlety of a charging rhino and delicacy of a sledghammer. Also they are in financial troubles so they will be clinging to old good stuff. They cannot retcon Sanguinous Death since its in the middle of the very fucking canon, but they can give players "Sanguinous Wrath" etc. BA are one of 3 most played factions, after Ultrasmurfs and Space Furries, or at least very close so that will happen.
If You will remember this thread just remember I called it

>> No.29875676

>Poor AoK. In the latest Nid codex, it talks about how he roared a challenge to the Hive Tyrant leading the attack on Iyanden, but the Tyrant just made a load of Carnifexs charge him and the AoK got raped.

Its not that they die, its HOW they die.
Getting beat by 12 Fexes is no shame.
Getting beat in a one on one duel with some dude in power armor? Shame.

>> No.29875718

>Getting beat in a one on one duel with some dude in power armor? Shame.
It wasn't actually like this.
Before Calgar jumped in with his magic fists Avatar also was a target for all the heavy weapons ultras had and met 1st company termies trying to bring him down with thunderhammers. All in vain.
Not to mention Calgar tried to backstab it first while it wasnt aware of him yet.

>> No.29875733

Ahh. That makes sense. But, the question remains, didn't one BL book say one of the Avatars on one Craftworld has lost it's sword?

Also, you know the FW Avatar? Does it's Spear do anything special?

They're in financial trouble? I thought they were making profits.... Strange. Plus, you know, they're doing a weekly magazine for WD now. Plus a 270 page hardback book every month...

That seems like they're making more things, rather than reducing stuff.

Good point.

>> No.29875746

Lets not forget to mention that the Avatar hammered Calgar for a while and it was in VAIN.

Calgar took it like a champ and dished it back like a GOD OF WAR!

>> No.29875758

> Also, you know the FW Avatar? Does it's Spear do anything special?
The spear is but another form of the Wailing Doom. It can become sword/spear/axe on Avatar's will.

>> No.29875780

>Ahh. That makes sense. But, the question remains, didn't one BL book say one of the Avatars on one Craftworld has lost it's sword?

Avatar was getting sucked into the vacuum of Space and was holding on by just his sword.

One of the Invaders (Space Marine) jump rocketed at the sword and broke it. Him and the Avatar were sucked into space. The marine lived but nothing was said about the Avatar. Probably still floating in space.

Is that the BL novel you mean?

>> No.29875784

Killed Avatar on the last wound after letting his full army to prepare it for glorious lasthitting.

>> No.29875803

If the Avatar was so tough, he would have killed poor mortal infront him with (was it 4-5?) several cleaves and hits he scored on Calgar.

>> No.29875832

> was it 4-5?
3 actually.

>> No.29875835

Not sure.

All I know is Biel-Tan's Avatar is dead. Apparently doesn't have his sword either. Angelos has part of the sword in his Godhammer thing.

It's all confusing.

>> No.29875850

Close enough.

3 hits and 4 if you counted the strike Calgar caught with his hand.

>> No.29875857

>They're in financial trouble?

Didn't see the stock hit they took after the last round of financials came out? They've already cut overhead to the bone, and now they're sucking the marrow out. This last-ditch product flood would be the logical last action to stabilize prices briefly before dumping stock, if Kirby's running a pump-and-dump.

>> No.29875860

>Angelos having the sword in God-Splitter
What? How?

>> No.29875864

The CS Goto novel?

What are you doing reading those?

>> No.29875887


>They're in financial trouble?(...)

Yes, true They are still making money, but after all year of making cut their last half Year raport showed 7m lesser income. Whats important, income per share plumited by almost 8p (around quart of its value). Whatever they say this makes shareholders VERY nervous.
Like the notification from 20 jan about major shareholder changes. Thing like that mean that even through the company is still earning solid bucks, the leeches at the bottom are in panic mode, becasue their saving lost a quart of its value in last six months. Some see that as a chance to buy more cheap and many old maggots that have no idea their money was invested in gw (because it was done by a hedge accountant) are throwing tantrums. Things like this are always bad, and force changes. Changes after a whole year of changes ... but You gotta listen to the majority if shareholders. Thats the price of selling out

>> No.29876087

Nope. Shit.

So, rumours are true. They're trying to boost the price then sell it off. Really depressing.

So, is it the end?

Blame CS Goto.

I knew it was done by Goto, I've not read them, but I heard about it, and since Angelos is in DoW, it kind of sucks.

Wish I could buy some shares then, if they're going to flog it. Which is what I've heard. So, is GW dead or dying?

I'm concerned cause they seem to be doing lots of cool stuff, like the new magazines. Plus the "big announcement" this year due it being the 35th Anniversary for WHFB. People say it's 9th Edition, but I don't want it to be. I want Cathay to be added. It makes sense, since it might bring Chinese into it, which is a big market. Plus, Cathay has been mentioned a fair bit recently, had a huge bit in Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos FW book.

>> No.29876250


>So, is GW dead or dying?

Probably neither. It like a stroke or heart attack. Shareholders already flipped tables, mostly some heads will roll at top/near top managment, they will issue some changes that are guaranteed to bring massive profits (some of the things that fans were demanding for a decade), and then, when shit stabilizes its back to the old shit of doing shitall and stalling the canon progress. But at this point their shops are much cheaper to run so ... profit. Then shares rise, shareholders congratulate themselves, the new boss gets a hefty bonus even through he did jack shit and the stock advanced thanks to the sinusoidal nature of the market. Simple value rebound. etc etc and thus the circle continues. And the only fucked ones are the fans...

>> No.29876252

>GW in financial trouble

stock prices drop ~15% following a leadership change, pretty stsndard.

Over the past three years, GW has invested heavily in the future. Doubling the size of their creative depts. Thats means there are now twice as many artists, writers, sculpters, etc.. as there were in 2010. Theyve also spent millions on new plates for 40k snd FB, just in the pat 12 months.

Companies in 'financial trouble' don't invest in things like painters and equipment that will improve the quality of existing product lines.

I don't think you even know what you youre saying when you type 'financial trouble'. Why don't you clarify, or perhaps even define what type of trouble you think GW is in? Without making any unsubstantiated claims.

Stock per unit price down 15%? Yay hurrdurr I'm finally vindicated, told you their models were too expensive and 6th ed sucked..

stop grasping at straws and trying to interpret the most basic of quarterly numbers, which you still manage to be confused by.

>> No.29876284

he was also drugged in the HH books but raped? come on don't overdo it

>> No.29876339


Yea I preaty much said that. Nevertheless stockholders are usually no-face spread sheets without common sense, becasue banks need to respond to the owners demands.

And the drop is not becasue of the spendings, its their shop policy change. That was to be expected, but still like i said shareholders are basically hive minded maggots controlled by banks.

Also I clarified 2 times, read before saying someone is confused by data.

>> No.29876348

Not sure if that's reassuring or terrifying. Thank you though. I haven't really followed it.

That's why I asked him, I was reading profits, they were investing in things you wouldn't expect people in trouble to be investing in. Why go from a monthly magazine, which is 150 pages, to a 60+ page weekly magazine AND a 250+ page hardback, colour, model artbook... Which comes out every month.

>> No.29876389

Well, it suggested. He was pleasured beyond endurance... What's the most pleasurable thing can you think of? Sex. Then drugs. Combine the both.

>> No.29876439

>stalling the canon progress

Theyve put out more books in the past 3 years than any 3 year period in their existence. If by canon progress you mean advancing the plot, don't count on it. The emperor has sat on his throne since the late 80's. Its crucial to the setting, and huge changes are extremely unlikely. hence fleshing out 30k snd the time between then and 'now'.

Its a setting. Not story. Do not expect a conclusion to the open ended events that define the setting.

>> No.29876482


>If by canon progress you mean advancing the plot

Yes, thats what I meant

>> No.29876522

Isn't that the Eye of Terra? I'm pretty sure its used on Horus' armor as well.

>> No.29876523


>Not sure if that's reassuring or terrifying.

Thats pretty much how every corporation with shareholders work. It does not matter if it sells shoes, phones or minatures and books.

>> No.29876536


You'll note there was an IF in there. IF Kirby's running a pump-and-dump, then (1) the stock hiccup is to be expected, and (2) the behavioral pattern makes sense. GW's behavior looks A LOT like the textbook models.

It's also entirely possible they've completely bought their own "Ferrari of wargaming" megahype. In which case the stock jitters are the II's getting leery and stepping back, and the behavior's completely in line with what they're seeking to accomplish. The product acceleration... that's questionable, but not a terrible idea in a market already saturated with product alternatives. It also helps to have a modeler, an illustrator, and a writer for every single idea man, as the Chapterhouse clusterfuck demonstrated.

>> No.29876564

>Its a setting. Not story. Do not expect a conclusion to the open ended events that define the setting.

>The won't advance beyond 999 41K!

But it did. We know for a fact that Abaddon has failed the 13th Black Crusade/

>> No.29876716

>(1) the stock hiccup is to be expected, and (2) the behavioral pattern makes sense. GW's behavior looks A LOT like the textbook models

Yup, this is almost textbook, and even still some shareholders are morons, 20 jan 2014 majority votes owner changed so a lot of shares changed hands. Someone got scared, and someone bought cheap.

>It's also entirely possible they've completely bought their own "Ferrari of wargaming" megahype
Companies this size tend to have 20, 15, 10 and 5 year plans so who the fuck knows. Their short term plan should be accesible to shareholders through so someone could get dibs on it.

>> No.29876887

> Shareholders already flipped tables, mostly some heads will roll at top/near top managment, they will issue some changes that are guaranteed to bring massive profits (some of the things that fans were demanding for a decade)

I wish I believed in this...but...

> and then, when shit stabilizes its back to the old shit of doing shitall and stalling the canon progress. But at this point their shops are much cheaper to run so ... profit.

The last one made me see through this.

>> No.29876974


>> No.29877237


<3 anon

so much love, so much love

>> No.29877363

>We know for a fact that Abaddon has failed the 13th Black Crusade/

Abaddon won.

>> No.29877625

He does look like an old,bald eastern european rapist.
Good picture.

>> No.29877766

Well he listens to chaos enchanced music by a formerly famous composer in the HH books. That same music turns it's chapter on all humans in his fleet , the marines eat their flesh and wear it as clothing , eat the living humans , brutally kill them while under the effect of the bizzare sounds. At the same time the performers become demonettes and the rows of the hall become noise marines twisted beyond astates with their teeth growing and fusing themselves with their upper jaws into a grin they can't move.
This was the pleasure beyond endurance that you are talking about. It's explained in great detail in the book.

>> No.29877924

As far as current fluff and crunch goes, Lorgar turned from the weak emo shit to badass monster able to kick the shit out of heavy weigths like Fulgrim just by having his psy power unlocked. From this point of vew Magnus should be unstoppable. I cannot see how Russ managet to just suevive his titan-killing city-nukung beams of awesome, not to mention coming close and breaking his spine
Aside from author favoritism, off cause

>> No.29878188

>I hate Fulgrim
Good. He's a fucking asshole in every sense of the word, but he keeps dodging karma like a motherfucker.

>> No.29878243

He was especially good at fighting psykers.

>> No.29878355

>heavy weigths
Pretty much all his fights boil down to him being pushed to his limits and just barely dodging death until he gets a boost from his super-special daemon blade.

>> No.29878430

Which is stupid.
I thought he was a good fighter BEFORE he found that blade.

>> No.29878441

Russ himself is allegedly a pretty powerful psyker, but it's unknown whether he's even fully aware of it. He can cancel out/overload nearby psykers just by getting stoked, and I vaguely recall something about him and Magnus levitating during their cage match.

>> No.29878452

Funny enough, his daemon blade is the shitiest ptimarch weapon in HH. Like shitier than Manus' bare hands.

>> No.29878508

To be fair, those were strong hands.

>> No.29878559

Strong, manly hands.
I guess Fulgrom will get upgraed stats and then there will be no braking the rape-train.
Just compare the two versions of Lorgar.

>> No.29878605

my nigga

>> No.29878648

Lorgar doesn't have two stat profiles in HH, and the one he has is of him when he was already drinking deep from the Chaotic Kool Aid.

>> No.29878661

>I guess Fulgrom will get upgraed
Seeing as he majicked the shit out of Warhound titan in one novel, I'd say he would get psy powers. Praise the Emprah he would not get his hands on Biomancy, because it would turn him into alllstats9-10 monstrocity

>> No.29878693

And yet this "minor" upgradeturms him onto rape machine capable of killing Angron. In one turn. Even if Angron is on charge

>> No.29878770

Normal Lorgar and lorgar transfigured cry f or anothermini. m odell.

>> No.29879206


He was a best swordsman duelist,

Angron and Leman were only real Fighters of the bunch

>> No.29879582

It's not, though. It's actually Fulgrim. He's the most successful and happy of the lot, anyway.

>> No.29879665

Stuck in his body unable to do anything , terrorized by a demon. Your definition of happy is kinda odd anon.

>> No.29879757

>again, in the same thread
He overpowered the daemon. He's been in control of his body since the Heresy.

>> No.29879776


Perturabo. Beloved of entitled whiny teens everywhere. If a 40k movie is ever made Linkin Park will start blasting out every time he turns up.

>> No.29879872

sry didn't read the previous posts
Didn't he emerge at least a lil bit pro-imperium after overpowering it ? I mean he did have a breakdown where he detested what happened to his legion ?

>> No.29880077

Hands down Vulkan.

>> No.29880429

The Lion. Because he got shit done.

>> No.29880828

>Didn't he emerge at least a lil bit pro-imperium after overpowering it ? I mean he did have a breakdown where he detested what happened to his legion ?

Quite the opposite. Spoilers for The Reflection Crack'd, but then the tweest has already been revealed anyway:

>‘You were right to suspect I was not myself,’ said Fulgrim, finally deigning to face them. ‘The killing of the Gorgon was an act that severed my last tie to a lost life, a past that means nothing to me now. And no act of such magnitude is free of consequence.’

>Fulgrim squatted on the stage, as though reliving the moment of Ferrus Manus’s death. His fists clenched as he stared into the middle distance, and Lucius saw the bloody parade of Isstvan V come alive in his eyes.

>‘I was vulnerable,’ said Fulgrim, standing and resuming his pacing of the stage. ‘A servant of the Dark Prince took my flesh for its own amusement. It was an ancient thing, a needy, capricious thing that revelled in its stolen prize, and for a time I allowed it to retain possession of my body while I learned of it and its powers. I think it hoped I would be crushed by the death of my brother…’

>> No.29880849

>Fulgrim grinned, staring at his hands as though they were still bloody from the slaying of the Iron Hands’ primarch.

>‘It should have known better. After all, it had started me down the road of self-indulgence and a life free of inhibitions or guilt. What did I care for one more betrayal? Manus was already a fading memory, a ghost who recedes with each passing moment, and everything I learned from it only made me stronger. In time, it was a simple matter to reclaim my body and cast it into the prison it had crafted for me.’

>Lucius tore his gaze from his magnificent primarch and lifted his head to the portrait. Its lines were no less insipid, its colours no less bland, but knowing its truth now, Lucius saw the ageless pain of an immortal, inchoate being trapped forever in unending stagnation. To a creature of infinite possibility, there could be no greater torment, and his admiration for his primarch’s brilliance soared anew.

>> No.29880942

>Taking his word for it

>> No.29882221

Mortarion leaves in the fucking CSM codex and kills a planet. No excuses.

>> No.29882747

To be fair, Guilliman was mad because Alpharius made a fight that should've lasted maybe a day last a week instead. Alpharius wanted some fun, Guilliman sperged about wasted time and ammo. Also, the Legion lost a handful of troops in the battle, but caused 90% casualties to the enemy.

Also, best Primarch is, in fact, Sanguinius.

A Night Lord beat her to death after she killed him because he couldn't follow simple orders. And there's fairly little proof that Alpharius is dead, seeing as how the Ultramarines claim the battle never happened and the Inquisitor who uncovered the info was found out to be an Alpha Legion spy.

Ultras can't be sues, they've had their asses handed to them too many times. You're talking about the dudes whose claim to fame was, "we're the best, but we got jumped by bugs and barely managed to get them out of our system".

Sanguinor OP

>> No.29883368

Heh, 20 Guillmans is almost as good as 1 Dorn.

>> No.29883508

Only one Guilliman was needed to save Dorn from the Iron Cage.

>> No.29885370

Why the fuck are people taking butthurt Word Bearers rumours as fact? Do people honestly believe the Ultra's absorbed the remains of two legions?

>> No.29885952

I liked Vulkan for being a not-asshole and Sangy for being under-utilized.

>> No.29887082

>Never got corrupted
>Never got beat down by bitch-ass daemon
>stayed neutral in a war between gods for much of the heresy
Yeah... I am going with khan on this one.

>> No.29887147

I didn't see you there
please see my defense of the Khan here:

>> No.29887399

i like to imagine that leman russ gave the Khan an eight legged horse as a gift
>Hey khan you like horses right?
>I think they are noble ani-
>Okay well we looted this from some renegades. here take it or something.

>> No.29887438

Fuck..now i need to convert a White Scar mini with a horse

>> No.29887520

if you want to go full-on old school I recommend bow with explosive tipped arrows and some looted weapons.

>> No.29887570

I'm actually working on something like that
I'm a big fan of Dark souls so i'm trying to have the 4 Knights in my Space Wolves army, i'm working on my Long Fangs Sergeant (A terminator armor Wolf Guard with Missiles on his shoulders) and i'm making him a huge bow

>> No.29887650

ITT: People who are wrong.

Clearly REDACTED Primarch of the REDEACTED Legion II was the greatest.

>> No.29887813

Are you kid-!

>> No.29888201

for the arrowheads you should use melta bombs

>> No.29888246

I was thinking missiles, or powerswords/power lances something like that, i'm also making the bow's centerpiece like a lascannon's cannon

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