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You know, I have an entire character art folder that I have never once used for character art and very rarely post from.

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As do I.

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So why do we keep it? Why not delete it to free up some drive space?

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Because you aren't underaged and have a job so you can afford the cheap storage systems widely available?

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Well the first TWO things you said are true anyway.

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Fuck it. Barmaids.

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I like oppressing the lesser races.

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Chocolate and strawberry

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All of my yes.

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So what does one do when one kinda has a crush on a bartender? I mean, I know she's just being friendly for tips, and it's creepy to try and give her my number, right? I go there every Tuesday, I don't want it to get awkward.

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I was hoping for a female character art thread, not a barmaid thread :(

I appreciate the fap fodder but some of us have character art folders that see use, you know.

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's a good picture mate.

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I have maybe a dozen barmaids left, then I'll get to the other stuff I suppose

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Flirt with her. Smile a lot. Tell her you're glad to see her.

Sooner or later you've gotta pop the question. Even if it's just, "Hey, I wanna buy you a drink; when do you get off?"

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Not very well versed in flirty I admit. But hell, why not? The worst thing she can said is no.

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No chance you can see her in a social setting that is not her job Anon? It'd be a lot less awkward she wasn't at work.

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Well the only time I've ever seen her was at the bar. Hell I don't think she even knows my name. But she's friendly and recognizes me on sight, always get's my orders right and never lets my drink run dry.

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Right, enough barmaids and onto other stuff for that one dude.

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Would it be creepy to invite her to something?

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I used to date one bartender. She was this girl about my age that would act all motherly when the crew was around.

A lot of neckbeards hit on them, so they get tired of it very fast, UNLESS you do it very in a completely unusual way.

-Think of what makes you unique and use it weaving one or two compliments in the conversation. Being sincere and classy always gives points.
-A lot of female bartenders are already in a relationship, they won't tell to retain some extra customers, but don't think you've earned her favor just because she bats her eyelashes and giggles.
-If you're unsure about your capacity for comedy, use jokes as if they were a scarce resource.
-Use your mature self when you speak to her, not your /tg/ self, unless it's relevant somehow (again, sparringly).
-When the time is right, don't make it ankward for her, just ask if she's free to do something with you at a time you (should know by now) she's probably free.

That's about it.

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Yes it would.

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I'm not even sure what's going on here.

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lunch time

i hear naked chicks love raw dire badger

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It took me a second to realize that's Homestuck fanart.

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It is?

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Is... is that a fem Sagat?

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I have no idea.

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Yep. Blonde hair, violet eyes, the face in general, that's Rose.
'Course I googled the artist name to be sure.

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Google image led me to the picture on deviant art. Apparently it is a picture of someone's OC.


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A character in homestuck. C'mon keep up, man!

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One of the characters from Homestuck. I didn't mean to take this off on a tangent though, so Imma leave before people with opinions[\spoiler] show up.

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Ugh. Truly hidious things. You'll want nothing to do with them, I assure you.

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Things are what happen when too much Stuff clumps together and starts getting ideas above its station.

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Ah I see, now that I look at it they don't look as similar as I thought.

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Bigger Stuffs.

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>she's friendly and recognizes me on sight, always get's my orders right and never lets my drink run dry.
I'd trade about half the relationships I've been in for that at one point or another.

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Well I get the same thing just about every time I'm in there. Both the bartenders are pretty good when it's not crazy busy.

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I have a dump for all random pictures I save from the web, planning to use them or just finding them funny or pretty and planning to post them.
I had a hearty chuckle when the number of images in it became over nine thousand.

Oh and it's separate from my folder for every Character Art Thread I see on /tg/.

So anon, you have it easy.

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Requesting catgirl barmaid.

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My university Professor's primary piece of non-academic advice seems to be "hit on female waitresses and bartenders as often as possible, eventually you'll succeed"

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What class does this guy teach?

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Ah yes, the Boomhauer method.

>ramayana deonle
Captcha says we need more Indian girls.

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A few Sand Shufflers coming up. But only a few, I have work int he morning.

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Biological Magnetism

inb4 EH EH EH I mean as in actual magnetism involving magnetic fields and iron and such

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Woulda been cooler if you hadn't made the distinction. Then I could imagine Barney as a Professor.

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The folks at a sandwich place I went to used to know me well enough to have my stuff ready by the time I got to the front of the line even on days when the place was packed.

If you tip reasonably well and consistently, there's a lot of good-will you can earn for yourself. May just be that you're a preferred customer. I'd suggest you follow the advice of the anon earlier; ask her out somewhere non-professionally. If she's not up for it and it was just courtesy, c'est la vie. If not, opportunities and potential arise.

Good luck Anon.

Not sure what the theme for posting is now so here's this.

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Oh god damn it, that's the symbol from the lens of truth. That's Zelda fanart!
I only NOW realized that.

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Could we get some female knights in here?

Or, like... R63 Raphael from Soul Calibur-esque characters?

That's be great.

I'd appreciate it.

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any chance you got some female barbarians?

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There's a few in the thread.
I'm not sure who that character is.

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But yeah, Barbars.

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But not a whole lot. I have to go to work.

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Basically a mix between Alucard, The Prince Of Persia and a Musketeer.

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Oh... um... maybe? But like I said, I have work. But if the thread is still up this afternoon I'll see what I have,

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Ah, thanks. I appreciate it.

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Here's my advice to all anons for any situation like this.

1. Introduce yourself, learn each other's names.

2. Give/leave her your number.

If she's interested she'll get in touch. Faster and easier for you than asking for hers, and more comfortable for her. She doesn't have to give you anything and isn't put on the spot. She does t have to say no, and you don't get to be rejected. If she's into it, she will hit you up. You don't even really have to say anything other than "hit me up sometime if you'd like" if you don't want.

3. The most important of all three steps:

If she doesn't get in touch with you after step 2

Be. Cool. Don't treat her any differently and don't bug her about it. Seriously. This is the part that people fuck up the most often and is the easiest and most sure fire way to dry up a girls panties and make things awkward.

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Would you guys mind uploading your folders to mediafire before deleting them? (if you do so, at least)

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is this good enough?

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Can I request all pics of clerical or divine like characters?

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Whoops. That last one wasn't really 'character' art.

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Rolled 45, 4, 89 = 138

Are those chained plugs kept there to prevent her 'holy water' from constantly leaking out?
please say yes

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Anyone got any cowgirls?

And I mean actual, fully-dressed cowgirls, not "stripper parody of a cowgirl" since the latter is all I ever seem to find when I try looking it up anywhere.

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I got a couple if its what you are looking for

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Hey I see something I drew in this thread! That's a first for me.

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I guess that was all I had

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and thats all I got

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Rolled 70

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I adore this sort of thing. Thanks, Anon!

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Rolled 51

Like that?

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Arabian designs

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Too many girls

Where the men at

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/tg/ can't fap to men usually

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Hnnnnnghhh Dose Barmaids.


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T-this is an omen. It has to be.

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Anon has hit the nail on the head.
I used to write my name and number on a bit of paper or card and just go upto a girl and say something along the lines of I'd really like to buy you a drink if you're into it, here's my number if so. then drop the card and run away.

Do it with enough nervous charm and fumbly grace and it works fairly well. No one's put on the spot, she can reject you in the least painful way for you and if she does get in touch then you know it's not a pity date because she could have just thrown your number away.

I'd love to date a Tavern Wench.
Good luck anon!

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That picture is weird as fuck.

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Rolled 18


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Plus its a Blonde girl sitting next to the word Sheik, which is Zelda in Oot...

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There's absolutely nothing Clerical about that outfit from the shoulders down.

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Where is she from, Anon?

>> No.29880578

Does anybody have native american / voodoo / skeleton themed wizard or shaman guys?

>> No.29880753

According to the image search? Mostly /tg/.

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Best girl.

>> No.29880835

Hence I'm asking for more clerical art, I just have next to nothing, but that pic, and that's because the hat.

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Oh yeah I know, I wasn't being a dick I was just trying to be funny (Does that make me a dick?)
I'd post any if i had any, sorry.

however I would pay attention to her her holey lessons, given the chance.

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Which porn was this from again?

>> No.29882013

I'm looking for a specific picture that I saw before. It's like a headshot of a brown-haired dude with white irises, with his hand out casting a spell or something. He's also wearing black armor/a black cloak.

Thanks to anybody that has it.

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>> No.29882515

That's pretty sweet, Anon.

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>> No.29883007

>> No.29884415

Is that by Jeanstealer?

>> No.29884478

Still around?

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I never knew how much I needed this until now.

>> No.29885215

what's the best soldier-equ character art that you guys have seen.

>> No.29885599

I think I recognize my style but don't remember drawing that. Do you know which drawfriend did that?

>> No.29886583


no. quite the opposite, actually.

The plugs actually attach to tubing artfully hidden in the fabric, which diverts her holy water into a canteen on her belt. This makes things more comfortable for the priestess, as she only needs a brief massage between bouts of vigorous training for her holy duties to ensure a steady flow.

And by simply detaching the canteen for a few moments, she can easily perform one of her many sacred duties - that of providing blessed nourishment to thirsty travelers.

>> No.29887388


Thank you very much!

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Any half-orcs?

>> No.29889908

I know right?

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Stupid sexy trap.

>> No.29890755

Maybe it's just a DFC?

>> No.29890968

trust me its a trap
based incase

>> No.29890986

>Maybe it's just a DFC?
I know that artist. It's a trap.

>> No.29890989

Hey now, I can still reserve the right to think it's a DFC! I mean, his Vahlen wasn't a trap!

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>> No.29891451

Forunately for us, InCase often draws both versions.
..Which 4chan seems to think has malicious code.
Both versions on his page, title is 'Pesky Customers'.

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>> No.29894020

Well guess you're shit out of luck then. Either take the risk of it getting awkward or leave it and don't look back. Anything else will just lead to pain with nothing to show for it.

>> No.29894061

Well, uh... she's shrunk, which is why she's naked. Like the clothes didn't shrink with her right? and there a weasel there um... because it's her familiar maybe? and she's trying to get its attention to get it to get her allies to fix her problem. But the thing is weasels can't see for shit right? so it sees that something is there and it has the voice of it's master, but it knows for sure its master isn't that size, so now it's trying to figure out if it can eat it.

it's obvious really.

>> No.29894143

man, replace the head of the polearm with a banner with a white raven and that could totally be my current character

>> No.29894208

Uncle Sketchy the cosmic Coffeemancer

>> No.29894210

Since this is a character art thread, maybe you could help me kind gentleman. I'm lookong for a pic of a fire mage. But not your usual manga/warhammer fantasy fire mage with crazy high collar cape, but a practical one. field uniform instead of robes, soldier type instead of crazy pyromancer.

Here's something nice for your troubles :)

>> No.29894218

>cropped out the dick

what's the matter with you people?

on another note there is a rule 63'd pic by the artist for people afraid of getting dicks in their porn. just letting you know.

>> No.29894250

I'm just waiting for someone to post the link

>> No.29894290


lots and lots of dicks. the pics have links to his blog with alternate versions.

>> No.29894398

I come to /tg for the games and stay for the dicks

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>> No.29896068

>> No.29896459

>> No.29896734

And here I was concerned it was a trap.
It's not a trap then?

>> No.29897718

>Setting your clothes aflame casting a simple fireball

Not too hot at the magic is she

>> No.29897747

Saved as:
>honey badger is terrified of women.jpg

>> No.29898244

Well now I've got a boner.

>> No.29899911

Wow. Really thought it might be one of mine, I'll have to keep an eye out for him.

>> No.29900453

Well she is a woman.

>> No.29900661

>> No.29900800

Sounds good to me.

>> No.29901401

Felt a need to post this before image limit.

Took me hours to find a priest archer picture for my character.

>> No.29901528

I asked this in another character art thread; Do you have any images of female characters, but who are not drawn to be attractive?
I wanted to add a larger variety of NPCs to my campaign, but they all ended up male while in that world women are supposed to be more numerous due to a few wars. I don't want them to be all hot women, nor direct genderswitches of male npcs.

>> No.29902024

Only four images left until this thread is done, might have to start a new one.

If you are looking for just women, not cheesecake, then that should not be too hard.

This is one of my favorites, even if boobplate.

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>> No.29902137


>> No.29902202


And now the thread is full.

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