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>I don't care what you STR score is, you are not using the ballista as a personal weapon

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>"You ALL manifest Astral Construct?"
>"At the same time?"
>"You cannot shape them into one Construct, thats bullshit. Gimme the rulebook."
>"Ok so you can. Fuck my life."

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>Player 1, how much AC you got?
>30 with a 4 to damage reduction, why?
>No Reason

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>"Dude I told you, if you're going to play Summoner you have to learn the rules for conjuring"
>"I don't care how rich your character is."

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>Roll to see if you can disable the death star
>I rolled a 1

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>roll to Sense Motive

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>I'm sorry, what size category was your crossbow again?
>M for Massive.

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>You want to coup de grace a sleeping dragon?
>Why not?

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How would you make a Joseph Joestar character anyways?

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>My character only knows elemental
>It'll be funny trust me

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>Evolution does not work that way.
>Good night.

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Maximum dexterity, bluff, and sleight of hand.

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Well, you'd obviously have Sense Motive through the fucking roof. You should have a high skill for crafting traps too, and you know he'd be some sort of monk who can Operate Magical Device (he's shown to be pretty proficient with firearms) and Drive planes. I have no clue what the Hamon would be though. Sorc/Cleric dip?

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little off topic but I allowed a PC to carry around a ballista and have it as a proficiency one time, provided he understood it wasn't a JRPG ballista it was a straight up wheel it around ballista. He regretted his decision after the first fight took him 3 rounds to get off 1 shot

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the romans actually had portable 1-man balistae

they were pretty rad

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>"Roll to hit."
>dice clatter
>"Well? Do I hit him?"
>GM hands over a quadratic equation.
>"That's his AC."

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>DM: You can't kill an ethereal enemy with a grenade launcher
>Player 1: Its fine, I had a cleric bless my weapon. look!
>Player 2: seems legit

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>I got to hand it to the top brass. They sure know how to raise troop morale!

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Well, I know what I'm incorporating into my setting now.

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>Your hide isn't THAT high. Wait, where's you character sheet? Why are you hiding it?

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>So what did we learn about installing a learning AI into a sexbot?

>In my defense, I did not know she watched reruns of the terminator movies while I was off at work.

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>After 5 years of marriage, Frank finally decided to voice his opinion about his wife's leftover casseroles

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I roll to intimidate.

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>Nonsense, corporal. How would our enemies possibly know which ship happens to be our flagship.

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>Next time, lets NOT fly economy class.

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>As you watch the luscious princess step slowly down the hallway, your eyes stick to her large breasts, lightly swaying up and down as her perfect legs--


That Group

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>How exactly would the aid another action even apply here?

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"You said we were playing CoC?"

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>You will never play in a Saints Row campaign

My sadness is profound and unending

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>Thai Cuisine
How horrible.

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>Jesus christ Jeff! You rolled how high on your Disguise roll? Who the hell are you disguising as anyway?

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I roll to seduce

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>Shadow run

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>that feel when played a Saints Row campaign
Honestly it was pretty stupid

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>That cat tied to his belt

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Roll to listen.

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"Little girl trapped in an alleyway and raped by a grotesque tentacle monster? Just another day in Japan. Nothing to see here."

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>Wait, so what was the druid doing while we were in town?
>I think he took a level in bard last time

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>Okay, fine. God help you, you can have your Dog PC but you better be going somewhere with this. Now what class is he?

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>I need you to narrate for him.
>Fuck off.

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>for the last time, you can't rape if you are lawful good, stop trying

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>Okay, so it looks like your character sheet is in order... wait. You don't have a name.

>Ah, fuck. I totally forgot. So, I'm a human fighter... what would you suggest for a name?

>One sec, I have a list of names right here.

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>"I go to the front of the line"
>"You know, the people wouldn't really like you for that"
>"I don't care, I want to sign us up for the Colosseum battle"
>"The rest of your party is willing to wait in line"
>"Well they're my servants so they're cutting too"

Playing an evil character and Its the most evil thing I've done

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>Good evening, sir. Could you spare a moment to listen to the good word of our lord and savior, Pelor?

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Kinda forgetting your pic there, bud?

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>Catfolk, celstian archetype. Really?
>I'll pay for pizza tonight

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>Player: I roll for sense motive. I rolled a 2.
>DM: You assume the woman is held hostage by the monster

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>No need to worry, you said.
>My Vorpal Sword would decapitate that easily, you said.
>Shut up and start casting

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>Nice try DM, I have improved evasion

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"What? the musket is a ranged weapon, isn't it?"

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>I roll for diplomacy
>What do you say
>Does it really matter, I got a nat 20

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>After, 20 or so levels, Rexxoz the Corrupt got bored of playing an undead lich cleric. Now, he spend the rest of his afterlife taking levels in bard

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I have no idea, but that statement amuses me.

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>Not mounting a ballista to your back and allowing your Ranger to fire from it whenever convenient.

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I asked you nicely, "Let my people go", but would you listen? Noooo. Now we're gonna do this the hard way and go biblical on your sorry ass.

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>The party's Necromancer decides to multiclass into Druid.

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>can only shoot straight ahead

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I ran one. When we started, only one character wanted to invest the points into having a gang.
The player has been short on leading, but good at taking suggestions and nodding in agreement to plans sent his way, particularly by way of another player and character who has been very deft at manipulating his characters. Pretty much he's a figurehead and doesn't even know it.
Other that that oddity, it has been a proper bit of nonsense.

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I don't suppose they're willing to try diplomacy?

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How do they keep the limbs from bending downward under their own weight?

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The Junker supplement for Deadlands Hell on Earth had Spirit Weapon as a power you used in conjunction with other weapon powers.

Including grenades. (Which were actually the simplest thing in the book to make, as Ammo was an easy power to use, and it was fairly simple to keep the batches small enough to avoid size modifiers to the skill roll.)

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I want a North Korea game.

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>"Oh, no, you motherfucker. I should have stopped you after you added the second racial template, but I didn't, and now we're here."

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>"That's alright, I'll just add them back in when the rest of the party catches up."
>"You are already four fucking levels higher than... you know what. Fuck it. Just, erase some of that background."

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>Best. Bachelor Party. EVER

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and then the GM wrote 50 pages of setting notes in place of the character's background and lineage.

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Since when were you under the impression he wrote anything before game-time?

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The Dark Sun campaign setting is what you seek

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That chart is wrong. Mugetsu has nothing to do with his Quincy powers. Isshin knows about it, and suggests that obtain(though never used) it. Isshin is not Quincy in anyway. This means that Mugetsu has nothing to do with Quincy powers. Its also not confirmed as to whether or not Black Getsuga comes from Ogihci or not. If anything, the Blue color of Getsuga in Shikai state is because of Ichigo's quincy powers interfering. Most likely, Getsuga should always have been Black, Shikai or Bankai.

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I have no fucking idea what any of that shit means.

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I played one in Black Crusade.

It went as well as you'd think.

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It means you should have dropped Bleach after the soul society arc.

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Nobody does.

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Just know that the chart is wrong.

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>Its just water, what's the worse that could happen?

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Just as planned.

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I like you.

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Why thank you Anon, that was quite informative.

>> No.29865606

What the fuck is a Quincy? I keep thinking of a quince mince pie. Or a quilted fancy. Or a queen's quail.

I feel that chart would make much more sense if I understood what a Quincy was and I wasn't just filling the blank with vaguely similar "qu" words.

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The weird archer dudes in Bleach.

>> No.29865697

I recall something about a guy in glasses who kept going "HMPH!" and giving the other characters shit. Oh and also blew everyone away and was a potential rival when they first showed up before becoming eternal second- or third-fiddle to the protagonist from that point forward, Dragonball style.

Was that the one?

>> No.29865699

They're like a clerical order of bow-wielding humans from a single spirtually gifted bloodline or something. They're a big deal in the latest arc I think.

>> No.29865791


That's the guy.

Apparently his cousins dropped by to visit this arc, and while Ishida, the guy you're thinking of, is an insecure betamax playing second fiddle to Ichigo since day one, his cousins have included things such as a half man, half gatling gun, a young mad bomber lady with enormous sexual hang-ups, and a nazi luchadore angel.

>> No.29865839

>nazi luchadore angel.
Well technically they're all Nazis Anon.

>> No.29865917

You make me wish to read Bleach. But I'm sure there was a good reason I stopped and shunted it all from my memory 7 years ago. Probably because at the time I was borderline weaboo and hung out with other teenagers who watched Naruto.

So I guess what I'm saying is, does /tg/ think the series is good enough to confront my repressed edgy teen angst-shame and start reading again? I don't want to reawaken those memories only to find yet another generic shounen manga.

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Good point.

Although the first one Ichigo fought had the dubious honor of being a DOUBLE Nazi.

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>does /tg/ think the series is good enough

Not even close.

>> No.29865977

It's interesting in a trainwreck kind of way, but still complete shit.
I wouldnt reccomend picking it back up.

>> No.29865979

I did it. It's not so bad. I enjoyed going through it.

Then again, I have awful taste.

>> No.29866005

Bleach is...Bleach can be fun if you don't get hung up on how much wasted potential there is in the concept and setting.

It's an insane mess, really. It can be enjoyable or not depending on how much you like watching trainwrecks.

>> No.29866020


Oh, good heavens, no. It jumped the shark a long, long time ago.

It does stand out from generic shonen manga in that its mangaka is clearly off his fucking meds, though, which adds a sort of joy to each week he has to top himself.

>> No.29866136

>I use a perfect defense

>> No.29866205

Parasyte is a good read. Something like a shounen that got written by Shinji Ito, but with less teeth and more 'my alien hand got curious of my feelings for a girl and turned into a giant penis to get my attention'.

As you're on /tg/ I assume you've read Franken Fran. If not, go do it.

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>You have a servoskull with a spotlight in it...
>and you made sure to have you highest skill be charm
>I'm not sure if you're going to be the best or worst Rogue Trader

>> No.29866298

In Fantasy Craft you take feats to wield a Ballista and other Siege weapons as normal weapons. There are even rules for down scaling them so they are easier to carry and wield.

>> No.29866382

Alright, definitively not for me then. The setting is the best part about any given series, I find, and with copyright law being so no "fixed" version can be mass-produced within my lifetime I think I'll just skip it.

Thank you for helping me put my nagging doubts at rest, /tg/. But I still feel the need for some hot-blooded action. Any GOOD shounen out there that's worth a read? Or at the very least, has a nice un-bummed-up setting?

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>I have the smith bend my scimitar extra so I can trip with it like a sickle.

>> No.29866436

One Piece has a great setting and it's chock full of hot-blooded action.

>> No.29866445

>On the other side of the plane
>Gat is dying

>> No.29866474

One Piece. It's long, though. Real long.

>> No.29866476

>he hasn't played SR4
>he doubted The Gat

>> No.29866502

Depending on what part JoJo's Bizzare Adventure could be hot-blooded enough for you. Though that's more due to the characters and not so much the setting until much much later on

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Been meaning to read that anyway, since the existence of characters named King Crimson and Tarkus prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the author has ridiculously good taste.

Will check that out. I think there are even some copies at my friendly, local, small-town library! I'm going to be reading it online.

Anyway, to wrangle this back towards the thread:
>I set the frozen polar bear on fire and rape it
>I spend all our cigarettes on alcohol and more cigarettes. Also drugs.
>I try to cook and eat the jail cell.
All attempts were successful and I applaud my players for for once doing things that fit the setting, even if it's just what they usually do.

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That chart is probably no joke, and that makes me very afraid.

This is why a series should never be allowed to drag years on end. If the author were to tell me, "I planned it all from the beginning" I would reply, "bullshit!"

>> No.29866778

Bleach stopped being good after the soul society arc, so no.

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This is Free Form RP tier bullshit.

>> No.29866785

>"I planned it all from the beginning" I would reply, "bullshit!"

I'll take "What happens to a D&D campaign after numerous plot derailments for 500, Alex

>> No.29866845

Kubo is definitely a 'That DM' for a bunch of equally retarded 'that guys'

>> No.29866855

Thought it was pretty easy to understand myself.
Made enough sense based on what makes the setting work.

>> No.29866932

Iggy died.

>> No.29866993

Don't just diss Superstar like that, he was a true hero!

>> No.29867171

>America sweeps the board

>> No.29867199

Eh, I think when they start they have a basic idea of where its going. He probably had Quincy, Hollows & Shinigami planned from the start and figured he would make Ichigo some culmination of the three.

Like Naruto Obito & Madara are sprinkled throughout the series, they just get demands for filler & then demands for backstory on certain characters and suddenly his main plot is on the back burner while every 40 side characters hes introduced is getting their own side plot.

Now did he plan to have it be a convoluted tangle of bullshit with insane and power creep he can't possibly back pedal? Probably not.

>> No.29867202

Where is that gif from?

>> No.29867203


Might be a strategic weapon, in which case it's fine, if you're only trying to hit one city.

>> No.29867251

Really, he shoulda just kept going with Zombie Powder. That was never pretending it made sense.

>> No.29867312

The only time I ever played fantasycraft, I played Funbot.
Funbot was, effectively, a giant penis-shaped cannon on t-rex legs, and a paladin of the Fun God. He would smite the enemies of the Fun God by jizzing cannonballs at them until they became a Fun Crater.
This was a legit build out of the core book. I was not allowed back to play fantasycraft again.

>> No.29867359

Was Isshin's Getsuga blue or black?

>> No.29867447

You say all of this like any of it is a bad thing.

>> No.29867501

I thought it was brilliant, but the GM decided that it was somehow retarded and he didn't want me running around his game 'pointing a ten foot wang at boring people and then squishing them'.
It's worth pointing out that Funbot never went down the dungeon, as he was programmed to remove all boring people. He pretty much gutted the starting town by firing cannonballs at everybody with a job.
His loss.

>> No.29867517

yeah, i can see why the GM may be a little irked by that...

...but man i fuckin love that system.

>> No.29868194

Might want to try Busou Renkin, if you want a shounen.

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>You come across a gleeming metal barrel, suspended on legs made of st...
>It's another robot, isn't it?
>You can't keep making us fight robots because you think Dragons are "too cliche"
>It's in the book, so I get to use it, okay?

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>I commision barding for my familiar.

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>I thought your character was mute!
>He can speak. He just chooses not to.

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>How many lightsabers can wear?
>How many lightsabers mount on my armor without them interfering with my movements?
>To block lightsabers of course.

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>Suddenly you are beset from above by giraffe pelicans.

>> No.29869262

Hey Ash, What are you playing?

>> No.29869320

Man those boob arms have the best job.

>> No.29869366

Quetzalcoatlus is more a stork.

>> No.29869433
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"So wait, you expect him to just sit there while you power up your newest, strongest attack? Yeah, I don't think so--"
"Woah, hold up a second there. Didn't you say he had a part of my character in him?"
"Yeah, I did..."
"So, naturally, wouldn't he have my "Arrogance" flaw?"
"...Alright, but we're rolling to see if he falls for your bullshit.


"Well, shit. I forgot how badly the penalty to resist bluff is for Arrogance! Well, you've got practically all in the time in the world, now roll for--"
"WOO, got a natural 20!"
"...OH SHIT! ROLLING TO EVADE, ROLLING EVA--19?! Well, this is gonna smart."

>> No.29872165
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>DM: You come across a succubus about to rape an angel. She calls out for help, what do you do?
>wizard: I watch
>bard: I watch
>barbarian: I watch
>ranger: I help... the succubus with the raping

This actually happened. Our DM must have forgotten that we were all playing chaotic characters.

>> No.29872210
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>Necromancer: Ha! These villagers are so BONED
>Skeleton: *groan*
>Necromancer: Now my minions, feast on their flesh, bone apetit!
>Skeleton: *groan*
>Necromancer: I bet all my necro jokes would slay them! get it?
>Skeleton: Fuck it! One more lame joke and I'm skelecoptering this necro's ass myself!

>> No.29872246
File: 823 KB, 2622x1864, 1390515335683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>DM: I'm starting to really regret letting you gestalt druid and artificer, Dave.

>> No.29872395
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>A giant enemy crab? Where the FUCK is that thing's weak spot?!

>> No.29872787

The round lens thing is a portal.

>> No.29875672


>> No.29876006

are we just going to forget that the packbeasts that draw the bowstring are colossal platypus?

>> No.29876048

You mean they are all NAZI-JEWS actually

>> No.29876246
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>Player Rolls
>DM Rolls
>Player: NAT 20!
>Player: What did you roll?
>Player: Dude, what did you roll?
>DM: Hold on a sec; I need to get my fucking graphing calculator to figure out how much damage it takes just from being flipped over going at top speed.

>> No.29878135
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"'Victim of constant sexual harassment from Eidolon' is NOT a suitable flaw for a synthesist!"

>> No.29881783

>Lycanthrops the Rapening

>> No.29882036

i loled

>> No.29882113
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>> No.29882644

that is a perfectly suitable flaw

>> No.29885648

thats a parody of what parents think happens in DnD groups right? Right?

>> No.29886503
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>"I'm going to fight him, for great justice and all Mankind"
>"Dude for the last time, your PC is not good. He's enslaving humanity and even the gods and your son are standing against you"
>"Well Sanguinius already died to this guy, he's probably already injured. It wouldn't be right to let him die in vain."
>"Whatever. Roll initiative."

>> No.29886544

that falls apart when the gods are evil too

>> No.29888591

Wait, what?

Can you actually do that with Astral Construct?

>> No.29888640

You're outta your vector.

>> No.29888755

RAW yes you can. You can make Astral Constructs look like anything with an appropriate craft check. That includes wearing one as armor, having it carry you as a mecha, and yes, making it look like say, a giant arm and hook into other constructs.

However unless you're a high level Shaper, you can only have one Construct manifest at a time, so you need either a full party or to be like level 18 as a Shaper.

Theres a build for Shaper where you summon two maxed level 32 foot tall Astral Constructs [the top and bottom half] and then ride around a super-sized psychic Gaogaigar.

Its no Gate or Miracle, but it has its uses.

>> No.29889582

Oh my god this is the best thing ever.

If you're likewise interested in the idea (and you seem to know enough about it to have at least passing interest), you should probably also know that there's a prestige class entirely for making Astral Constructs awesome.


Enhanced Construction: At 9th level, the constructor gains added flexibility and greater efficiency when manifesting astral construct. When manifesting astral construct, she can add the following augmentation to the power.

Augment: For every 2 power points you spend, an additional construct is created. The additional construct's level equals that of the first construct created. You can create up to three additional constructs per manifestation. Additional constructs have the same menu selections as the first construct.

For example, a constructor can spend 17 power points manifesting astral construct: 1 to manifest the power, 14 power points to augment the level of the first construct to 8th level, and 2 power points to create a second 8th-level construct.

Dear god, this would let you assemble it mostly by yourself.

>> No.29890021
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>My character's little sister is the WHAT?!
>Yeah, she's the real Big Bad, the guy your character's been fighting and obsessing over is just one of her flunkies.
>Son of a bitch
>Also she has the Shinto Goddess of Death floating in her head, possessing her.
>I swear you make this shit up on the spot just to annoy me.

>> No.29890746
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>Your weapon is a what?
>Collapsible scythe .50 caliber sniper rifle hybrid weapon
>And HOW old is your character?
>15, why?

>> No.29892238
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>So how are you going to snatch the target?
We'll wait until he goes to the crapper then Max'll bust through the wall and drag him back into the adjoining building.
>And the noise?
Sam says she'll throw up a sound-dampening spell right before Max makes the grab.
>[sigh] Okay. Roll it.
[clatter of dice]
>Well would you look at that. I think you've ruined enough walls to have built a house. Congratulations.

>> No.29893455

It's usually called "musket with a bayonet". Not as fancy, I give you that.

>> No.29893528

Just another day at the mansion in a campaing of MAID RPG.

>> No.29894357

Someone did in the only system anime enough for it.
he had 440 style.
That's the maximum possible for a roll as stated by the rules, after that no one knows what happens.

>> No.29894547
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"How the hell did you craft a plaid lightsaber?"

>> No.29894675


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