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Checked the catalog and there isn't one.


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Old thread reached its bump limit.
Don't know if you got your request.

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Requesting a scrawny looking, late teenaged boy, all dressed up like an enchanter or artificer, discovering for the first time that yes, he can actually swing a sword. Clumsily.

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Requesting a tall rather old guy (in his 60s) wearing a vest with a shirt and a hat stroking his beard.

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I've got a request, please

I'd love to get a drawing of a catgirl maid, with shoulder length hair and a long tail. Possible accessories include oval wireframed glasses with a hud built into them and/or a small robotic bird.

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So a week or two ago, I requested a knight whose armor made him look like a renaissance statue. Someone volunteered for it, but I never got to see it. Probably missed it. If anyone saw it and saved it, I'd appreciate it.

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Foolz archive. Paste the thread # in and viola

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How is that anon supposed to know the thread #?

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Can a brother get something romantic of these two?

It's our party's Kitsune Necrodancer and Aasimar Dragon Paladin.

Thanks in advance, take as much time as you need just let me know if you're interested in drawing them or anything.

Thanks again.

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Look for draw threads in that time frame then.
This isn't hard.

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draw your sword

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Can I get a daemonette in a schoolgirl costume bending over? Either front view clevage or upskirt are fine

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Any chance of a space pirate captain with a cyber-monocle, goatee beard, thin moustache and long straight black hair?

He's wearing a very stylish and expensive suit and smoking a cigar. Under one arm he's got a baton, and he's pointing with a folding fan using the other.

If you want to add a background, he's standing in front of a huge bank of monitors.

It's the villain for the next session of a space adventure campaign I'm running.

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any drawfriends down to draw a human decker with a skin head haircut and beard? Subtle cyberware if possible.


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Yes I did, and both me and the player love it!

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Hey, same guy as this here, our party loves your pic and requesting another one for two more characters who are a couple irl.

One female elf rogue, white skin, blue eyes, black hair, wearing black leather armor with a low collar cut.

Human male bard blond hair, green eyes, hippie-like headband, with a lute, tight pants and low-cut red shirt and open black rocker vest, rather skinny body, lots of needless straps and buckles. He's armed with a rapier.

The bard is striking a heroic pose, playing his lute while gazing heroically off into the distance, offering his cheek to the elf to kiss him. The elf is leaning in to kiss him but is holding a dagger behind her back, her whole pose is quite flirtatious, she's not really intending to hurt him.

Do you think you could do that? We all love your work and they're really excited at the idea of having some great character art for themselves.

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I missed the Drawfag celebration thread because of work and cleaning.

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>Scan literally dozens of threads over hundreds of pages in hopes that the drawfag MIGHT have posted the art

Not hard or unreasonably tedious at all!

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2 lewd, what program do you mostly use?

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Manga Studio 4 and Photoshop. Manga Studio 5 has really good coloring tools as well and I could concievably do everything in it. But I haven't bothered upgrading for whatever reason,

I also ink traditionally and scan from time to time. But mostly for recreational purposes.

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Fancy trying drawing a sexy alien?

She's a businesswoman wearing some kind of future-y dress, with curly hair, statuesque curves and a pair of tentacles coming from her shoulder blades under her arms.

Pale blue-green skin, red hair.

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>>Scan literally dozens of threads over hundreds of pages in hopes that the drawfag MIGHT have posted the art

Or he could just search for uncommon words or phrases that he used in his request.

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I'd like to request a young woman with blonde hair, blue eyes and slight Nordic features. Her hair is done into a pony tail and she's wearing loose fitting black clothes.

Over her shoulders is a Warden Cape and she's holding a dueling saber in one hand and ball of lightning in the other.

Slightly pic related.

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Requesting again:
Kobold shaman in boneshirt and headdress, wielding a spear in one claw and a magic charm in the other.
Pretty please?

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Forgot to add, it's a dude kobold.

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Could you make it sound a bit more interesting, as it is it's really generic.

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Found this on the booru, yo.

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Cute robot bird.

I'd like to request more cute robotic animals.
Because robots+animals is just awesome.

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I'd really appreciate a pic for my old retired Duskblade turned fisherman. He's since returned to a life of adventuring but now continues to wield a huge harpoon.
I drew this for the use-shitty-MS-paint-pics-for-requests drawthread earlier.

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I would like to request a Redguard from TES, he wears bonemold armor and is holding a shehai longsword in one hand and hurling a destruction spell with the other. If possible draw in with morrowind background.

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A Legends of the Five Rings Moshi (Sun/Lightning Cleric-Mages, pic related) doing the 'Praise the Sun' gesture from Dark Souls.

I'm sure they all wish they could be as grossly incandescent as Lady Amaterasu.

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Atman mindraping Eli
Shota may be allowed

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All hail AtMILF!

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Physical rape is fine, too.
Well, technically it's still digital but, yeah.

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How's it looking so far?

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Can I get someone to draw an 1800s gentleman, dressed much like Haytham Kenway (pictured) with his hands behind his back, tricorne positioned downwards so that he looks a little menacing, long hair tied into a ponytail, elf ears, a sword strapped to his belt and a mandolin strapped to his back. Should be done with the character looking at something behind you or perhaps at you.

I'll post a second picture to get the full dress.

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Moshi are mantis now; get back to praying to the sea gods and manning the oars.

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File: 5.75 MB, 1760x3860, AC3_Haytham_Kenway_render.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thanks in advance to anyone who picks this up.

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Irish Teenager. Maybe sixteen or seventeen. Fat, and clean shaved with a marine style peach fuzz hair do. He has a large scar running from below his chin to beyond his neck.
Clothes generally run in the style of baggy. Baggy T-shirt tight at the neck, baggy jeans and a baggy hoody.
Guys an explosives and rifle expert. IEDs and fifty cals his favorites. Thanks in advance.

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Requesting a bookwormish intelligent-giant-jumping-spider student .

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Bumping out of interest.

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Hey. Could I get a bartender?
Gruff looking fellow, dark hair, big bushy beard, probably a retired adventurer?
Oh, and he has a pair of angel wings, preferrably the same color as his hair.
Cheers if'n you decide to draw him.

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I love your cybergrils, Weremole. We need more 80s style cybergirls, too.

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Hey thanks. I illustrated a cyberpunk RPG called the Robotic Age. It's not that pinup filled but I'm rather happy with it. The second book I'm working on is also cyber-ish but more like Metal Gear Rising meets Miami Vice.

I am working on a 90's-ish mecha adventure comic.

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>The second book I'm working on is also cyber-ish but more like Metal Gear Rising meets Miami Vice.
I think I remember you oosting it once and it had a lucha libre with a rocket launcher in it, I think. It was very King City, if you ask me.
>90's-ish mecha adventure comic.
Fuck yes.

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What is the difference between 90s and 80s cyberpunk?
I'd lie if I said I wasn't interested in different eras of cyberpunk; I'm looking into making a robot and mecha campaign.

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There you go.

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Female Gnoll Barbarian, clothed for an Arabian styled setting? Face hidden behind a bone/skull-mask?

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80s is far more bombastic and ridiculously dressed whereas 90s, everyone looks like they just came back from filming for The Matrix. It goes deeper than that, but thats gives you a basic idea of what to expect.

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At the risk of seeming extremely ungrateful to the lovely drawfriend who did this. Could I please get a cleaner version of this?

The description. 'Could I request a pale young woman with shaggy hair, huge black pupils and slightly crooked teeth.
It's for a Dark Heresy game and she wears light body armor and is armed with a pair of bolt-pistols.'

If lewdness is your thing, that is fine too. It would be funny to piss off the PC who uses this. One of those guys who plays as a woman for 'serious reasons' and gets offended when the usual 'why are you playing as a woman' stick is being thrown about.

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Salutations, drawfriends. I've never requested anything in a drawthread before so here goes.

Can someone please draw a modern-day elf dressed in a nice tuxedo, with a helmet, flak jacket and semi-futuristic autogun slung over his shoulder? He's in a pretty good mood right now, and is halfway done with his cigarette. If you could add some kind of walker behind him that would absolutely be the bomb shiggidy. I'm getting deployed in a couple weeks so I'd like to have a picture of my character before I get on the boat.

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A Weremole female...without heels? Has the world finally gone mad? (Love your at mate, been meaning to commission something when I get my next paycheck that's not going straight to bills)

An Anima Character.

A Not!Japanese noblewoman mage with a serious Light Affinity, a talent for acrobatics and a complete lack of knowledge of the word 'Subtle'. Long blond hair and a shorter than average yellow and white Kimono. Tengu Geta. She's likely summoning a throwing spear or wave of throwing daggers out of sunlight.


Generally it's a lot of 'The future, as seen by people of that era'. Look at the VERY 80s fashion on the people in Weremole's art for instance. 90s looks a lot more Matrix. That and cyberpunk started off very very Anti-The Man and has progressively got more evenhanded there. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a much more modern Cyberpunk for instance, where while there is lots of inequality corps are not automatically evil and out to get you.

Earlier cyberpunk tends to have a lot of 'Government is not evil, just pointless in the face of the corps' while later cyberpunk puts it more 'Everyone is self-interested. They don't generally give too many shits about people but are not pointlessly evil'.

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/r/ing a regal-looking Fighter Elf in full-plate with a claymore. He has a good beard and blown-back hair, and he has small tribal tattoos near his eyes. Finally, his hand should have a wedding band on display.

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Well, when I mentioned "90's mecha adventure" I mean things like Exkaiser, GaoGaiGar, Transformers Beast Wars, NG Knight Lamune, G-Gundam. Kids shows. Things like that. Nothing really cyberpunk about it.

Cyberpunk is more about rotten kids in a rotten world trying to make right with rotten means. You can also separate the aesthetics of classic cyberpunk and the setting of cyberpunk.

I think you're better off asking an avid cyberpunk or tech thriller reader.

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well no scars or scale mail... BUT I"LL TAKE IT! Much thanks.

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I'm not sure if either of those eras then have the feel for the tech I want to use in my games.
I wish my friends were of more help in this matter.

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Something can be an Era's cyberpunk without having tech limited to it. For instance, Shadowrun is STILL very 80s and 90s cyberpunk (Massive Japanocorps for instance) but 4e had plenty of very good modern perceptions of tech (Nanotechnology, Genemodding, Wireless Internet)

>> No.29859676

Yes, but it is gritty and oppressive; which isn't what the tech in the game I'd like to run is about.
Something like TTGL and Wall-E

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Yes! All of my yes!

This is coming along very nicely!

Of course the dialogue will have to go, but it's funny to throw it in, but yes! I like this a lot, you're going to make a few of my friends very very happy!

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Could I get a picture of my Exalt?
Ic Tenocha is a creepy looking fellow.
He's really tall and thin, with a little bit of muscle to him. Tenocha is also very pale, with almost white skin. He's got bright large violet eyes, thin eyebrows and a somewhat crooked nose. (It was broken once before and didn't heal right.) Like most chayans he's also got long platinum blond hair he pulls back into a ponytail.

Clothing wise he's pretty intricate; two robes, an overcoat, pants, boots and some jewelry.
He's got on a pair of tight pants, kinda chocolate milk colored and some plain brown boots. He's got a thin bright red robe on, over which he wears another robe. This one is white, with some red and yellow tetrahedron type design. Over this he wears a warm corduroy jacket. He’s also got some wooden jewelry on, some intricate wooden bracelets.

Perhaps he could be holding onto a sword in one hand and looking angry, or just sad?
(Pic related, these are Chayans)

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snake people

>> No.29860874

Wow, you're cool

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A green space marine who likes shapely women with large breasts

>> No.29861229

Requesting a fat naked witch with pale blue-tinged skin (colour not required), webbed fingers and toes, white stringy hair and frostbite making its way into her extremities.

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Requesting a couple of Stalkers playing rock-paper-scissors by a campfire.

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Doing this

>> No.29861440

Requesting default female Commander Shepard wearing the twisted offspring of Senketsu and N7 armor. Because of, uh...science.

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Could I request a drawing of a techpriest tinkering with a Myr?

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Requesting a hydra naga.

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Like I said before I'm not entirely comfortable in drawing actual people yet, so please pardon any anatomy errors or general goofy looking things. Hope they like it.

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An elf barbarian with serious anger issues. He attacks with his "claws"/bare hands because fuck you. Tan-ish skin, dark green eyes, long wild hair.

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Requesting autograph Guardsgirl watching in awe as Pedro Kantor and Cato Sicarius partake in a flamenco duel.

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It looks great! I'm sure they'll love it.

Were you considering doing a color version? This looks great, I'm just wondering if I should send this along right away or wait for later.

Please though, don't think of this as anything less than absolute, giddy, wide eyed admiration for your art, you're incredible!

>> No.29861911

Yeah I completely forgot to color it. I'll get right on that.

>> No.29862001


Is anyone working on this? I'd like to know before I hit the rack.

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A smug goldfish juggling some modern Chinese rifles while dodging gunfire

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File: 1.07 MB, 2007x1040, And the rest colored.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hope the coloring is adequate.

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File: 174 KB, 900x819, 1390443601895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd love to get a planesclothed, plane jane sorceress from 40k in a position like this. She might have a pistol on the ground or holstered at her hip, but the focus should be her studying, not anything combat heavy or chaos oriented. Thanks!

>> No.29862399

That looks awesome! Thanks so much!

Though, well, there is one more guy in our party, if you feel up for it, sometime in the next few days.

Gnome wizard, I'll post a description here, no rush or anything, but he really wants a pic too, you're doing pretty awesome work, he's looking at all our beautiful character art with envy in his eyes!

He plays a rather absent-minded gnome wizard, here's his description.

Basically, a round-faced Gnome with vivid blue hair and beard, the hair really quite messy of medium-long length, and a short pointy beard that reaches about his chest. He wears bright blue robes and a red scarf, and a fancy amulet that looks all gnome-techy that does absolutely nothing.
. He's beaming a big smile (like one of those smiles that you make because you have no idea what's going on)And casting prestidigitation for a crowd of human children in party hats with a big happy birthday banner in the background.

You really do awesome work, our entire party is in awe, you should have seen their reactions when they saw the pics so far, they wanted me to ask if there was something we could do to show how much we appreciate all your great work!

>> No.29862603

Your Half-Drow was done by a different drawfriend, fyi. But yeah I'll start to work on the gnome later tonight. Your descriptions of how happy your friends are and their thanks is all I'll need.

>> No.29862643

>Your descriptions of how happy your friends are and their thanks is all I'll need.
The descriptions you have already given and their thanks, is what I meant.

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I'd like to request a character I play, I drew him for one of those draw your party threads. He's a fifty year-old surfer dude warrior in Exalted, except he's just a mortal. The equipment is supposed to be made of jade, but I know that's probably impossible to draw.

>> No.29862669

Well, I'm sure he'll be delighted to hear that! Thanks so much!

And huge thanks to the drawfriend who helped with our drow friend as well! I know you're a different artist, but you are equally awesome!

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>> No.29862747

First time I've ever asked for a drawfriends help.

Can I get a Changeling The Lost character, 30ish, concept is "living camera". His eyes are shutters, his skin is slightly metallic, and his torso is one giant mass of scar tissue.

Many thanks to anyone who takes this on!

>> No.29862811

Somehow missed a paragraph: His day job is a photographer, wears one of those green vests covered in pockets. Never seen without a camera in hand. Again, many thanks if someone tries this.

>> No.29862883

Roose Bolton as a Dark Eldar?

>> No.29863274

This is pretty awesome.

>> No.29863626


I didn't mention it at the time, but just check your browser history, brah

Should cut down on your search time to like, three threads

Or, hell, use the foolz search button to look up your request specifically (you do remember it, right?), and find that thread.

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Hey, dude, you just made my player's night.

They were totally expecting a black and white sketch a la the last thread's sketches, and you just blew that one out of the water.

Thanks for that.

>> No.29863802


Hooooly crap. I requested this in a previous thread, and a friend copied the request over to here as a surprise favor for me. Thank you SO much for this drawing! :)

>> No.29863905

Can I get two STALKER bandits arguing at a campfire over what gun is better. One has a shotgun, the other has an AK. Both weapons are beat to shit. In the background is a stalker going through the bandits' stuff. Thanks in advance.

>> No.29864250

What sweet soft lighting.
Like a babby's bottom.

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Hey weremole, you still rock, but I have a proposition for you

After some time to go holy shit :3 and squee about it, I've come to a conclusion.

You've managed to make something absolutely perfect to the character with such little detail to go on, its astounding.

We've been debating whether to say anything, since we don't want to appear ungrateful in the slightest, because dayyyummn. At the same time, I believe in putting my money where my mouth is.

If you'd be willing to turn the hair pink (we realize it was a detail not provided), I'd be willing to paypal you an appropriate commission rate.

(my player's broke, I just got paid, and its seriously that spot on its worth it).

>> No.29864644

I would like to humbly request a group shot of my adventuring party. We're a bunch of stereotypical slavs on a quest to take down Putin and save the Ukraine.
First, there's Ivan. He's average size and build, late 30's, has slicked back black hair, "soulless" green eyes, and a thick handle bar mustache with an accompanying unibrow.
Then there's Niko, a large thuggish man that "looks like the Russian guy from predators"
There's Gregor, an enormously fat 5 foot vagrant with a prominent pot-belly, balding with long, greasy hair, and "looks somewhere between Danny DeVito and Ron Jeremy"
There's Mika, a middle aged militia man that has let himself go a bit, buzz cut and scars.
Strelnikov is a short, old, kielbasa salesman. He basically looks like an old polish Carl from Aqua Teen with a big grey bushy mustache.
And then there's Shreklovich. He's almost seven feet tall, 300 pounds, and is described as "Shrek" in all fields.
Keep in mine these are all Slavs, so there should be vodka present, and at least one of them should be squatting. I'm sure my group will be overjoyed if you bring their Slavic heroes to life.

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File: 34 KB, 300x367, 1265282_fpx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Requesting an emaciated male Nosferatu (dressed something like this) looking confused as fuck because a potential victim glitter bombed him and ran away.

>> No.29864854

*as they ran away, rather

>> No.29865015

requesting a dryad wearing a bear pelt

>> No.29865252

Hey thank you. I'm glad you like it so much. I'd be happy to take you up on it. Feel free to email me and we'll take it there as to not occupy the thread.

>> No.29865354

My friend wanted a picture of his horse Eidoleon but I realized that I can't into horses, can anyone draw me a black and white horse with black eyes, a stitched up mouth, striped legs, and a lighting bolt going down its neck like a racing stripe?

>> No.29865563


Excellent. I'll be in touch shortly!

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Never requested anything in a Drawthread before, so I'm hoping someone takes a liking to this idea. I invoke the spirits of tablet and physical page to draw me the BBEG of my campaign. She's a young Succubus (age 23) with fluffy, slightly stupid looking, blonde hair. She dresses herself in very loud clothing, and seems to desire to be nothing less than sensory overload for everyone around her (does not necessarily mean sexy, though it certainly can), also tending to keep her demonic features (wings, tail, and small horns poking up from under the blonde fluff of her hair) visible in order to "enhance" her appearance. She has sharp green eyes and a smirking, smug little smile that lets you know how truly amazing she thinks she is. Standing at a less than impressive 5'4", she tends to wear larger shoes to compensate for her height. If anyone could take a crack at it, I'd be eternally grateful. Reference pic attached, it's her at a fancy ball.

>> No.29865800

Requesting a 20-something Raven Queen Paladin. I imagine him wearing mediocre armor and having an overly-serious death stare all the time.

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>> No.29866420


>> No.29866483

Requesting a rather young, short, and shy elf woman wearing a black and purple hoodie with a face-scarf and black jeans.
Also requesting, preferably in the same picture, the same character, looking somewhat more confident, wearing a high-collared robe and classic wizard hat, still black and purple, still with the face-scarf, and noticeable glowing circuit-like veins.

>> No.29866606

I request a Dragonborn wielding a Gunlance.

The party artificer has agreed to create one for me next session.

>> No.29866718

Who drawfags here

>> No.29867131

Thanks m8, you warm the cockles of my heart.

>> No.29867617

Bumping for this.

>> No.29868340


>> No.29869113

I'll give this guttering candle one last thrust into the dark before giving up I think.

>> No.29870427

One bump for this (I've realised the description sounds like Gaius Baltar meets Alberto the Impact and I'm very OK with this)

>> No.29870477

Makeda from WM/H in Satsuki's outfit from Kill la Kill.

>> No.29870487

I got this one nigga, sit tight

>> No.29870681

Thanks anon!

>> No.29871185

please give me more backstory.
What kind of ship does he captain.
What does his flag look like.

>> No.29871265

He's a space gangster/crime lord at the top of a pretty big criminal empire who flies a ship kind of like the Normandy from Mass effect - so a sleek, stealthy warship with all the best technology he can steal or buy.

As to a flag it's a yellow horizontal stripe on a dark green background.

Personality wise I'm aiming for a kind of smug tactical genius thing, he always assumes he's planned everything to the last detail and is smart enough not to explain his plan to the heroes but just get on with it.

>> No.29871280

is his first m8 a qt pi grill.
Or is it a stern faced man.
This part is very important.

>> No.29871313

Actually she's an all-professional businesswoman with a cool suit, rectangle frame glasses and a clipboard.

Crime is his business, emphasis on business.

>> No.29871318

Yeah, but not from him.
From Greenmarine, maybe.

>> No.29871335

Got it.

>> No.29871449
File: 743 KB, 1979x884, PARTY WIP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I figure I'll start it off like this, whaddua think?

>> No.29871612

Well it made me burst into laughter at first sight, so I call it good! Looks very nice so far, the cheering kids really sell it.

>> No.29871752

That's all I'll do for now. I'm going get some sleep and work on it tomorrow.

>> No.29871812
File: 59 KB, 300x360, 1368394730671.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Requesting a man polymorphed into a kopru frantically reading through a scroll to get to the reversal spell.

>> No.29872034
File: 119 KB, 600x876, Morgoth Bauglir.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Requesting Morgoth Bauglir scooping up handfuls of elves and loading them into a big burlap sack

>> No.29872601

Everythread could needs zombies

>> No.29874230
File: 2.40 MB, 1071x1326, Hunte.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I get this dude fighting off Goblin mobster in a Ravinca-like City?

>> No.29874983

Aw, cute little myr.

>> No.29875024

Requesting a blonde girl Pokemon trainer in a straw hat taking a photo with a professional camera

>> No.29875151
File: 209 KB, 400x600, great horned owl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Requesting a birdfolk Ranger with a kukri and a longbow, based off of a Great Horned Owl in appearance.

>> No.29875737

So basically a tf2 sniper with a huntsman and an owl head.

>> No.29875792

This might be a bit crazy but is it possible to get a drawing of Xenagos holding his God card saying "This isn't even my Final Form!"?

>> No.29876583

Sure, but not related to TF2 in any way.

>> No.29876651

Shortstack goblin wearing shiny black leather armor, with dark blue hair in a ponytail, and a dyed yellow streak in the bangs. A crossbow (or miniaturized version of this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sauterelle) is strapped to her back, a dagger to her left thigh, and she's also wearing a bandolier of corked vials with nefarious-looking liquids inside them on her chest. Hip flask strapped to the side of the body opposite the dagger optional.

>> No.29876654

Requesting Owl-Headed Huntsman Sniper anyway.

>> No.29877374
File: 254 KB, 659x1160, tgsuccu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29877444
File: 387 KB, 1280x1028, Comrades.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I drank about half a bottle of vodka while working on it to try and get a feel for it. I hope your group likes it!

>> No.29877596

Requesting a tall blonde woman with a scar (pic related).
She wears a standard leather armor and wields a bastard sword

>> No.29877614
File: 486 KB, 1076x742, Iruka_Umino.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Forgot pic

>> No.29877705

If anybody would be so kind to listen to/read my request:

A male blue-ish tiefling, semi muscular, putting his back against a wall, while holding/resting his spear (Naginata) against him. He is wearing Lamellar, all other things I want to leave it up to you, the artist that wants to draw it.

>> No.29877870
File: 1.47 MB, 4035x3062, 1391027476780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm too drunk to work a camera, so I fixed this up a little more in photoshop, comrade

>> No.29877878
File: 161 KB, 732x843, tgbartender.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29878425

Draw a Da'wwwk Eldar.

>> No.29879701


>> No.29880114

We planned to play something like this, as we're mostly ukrainfags in our RPG group.

>> No.29880315

Requesting a picture of a bald guy wearing commoner clothes with a large mantel over them.
He also wears a helm and wields a shield and a mace.
He is in his twenties thanks.

>> No.29880648

> Clear throat
I-I'd like to make a request here. Something special. It's about a tale of honour, hate, violence, passion.. And maybe love.

It's about an orc camp, called Matuurukshmatuh, a mostly above ground camp, in a cold, cold steppe..
Life wasn't easy there, you know ? Haha, no.. You don't know.
We were 6, when it all begun, six proud orcs of the steppe clan, eager to build a new future.
We had high hopes, that's sure. But, the hunger, the cold.. Our industry wasn't doing that well too, but we tried to show the best of us.

One in particular did. He was our craftorc, Latuul Gorngoluurz. He knew that we would need trade to survive, and he built himself a nice workshop, near our camp, where he would work all the day, crafting dices, trinkets out of the few bones we had from the beast we hunted.
He wasn't liked by everyone, you see ? He didn't hunted, he didn't spent that much time in the meadhall.. Boyz just crafted trinkets out of bone all day long. Beautiful ones, actualy.. But he wasn't understood by everyone.
He hoped that the caravan would come, with all his heart, then he could sell all his crafts for the prosperity of the clan. Everyone knew that our camp was doing bad, but nobody actualy did something to help. Beside him.

But one day.. Oh, one day.. Those beasts attacked. Giant spiders, everywhere, who just webbed our warriors one by one... Except for him, who were outside the clan, crafting, as always, thinking about the future of the clan with a bright smile on his face...
Then he saw what was going on, and realized that.. He was the last of them. He took his bow - a bow made of bone, which he crafter himself -, his rusty saber, and charged, shouting for the glory of the clan he loved.

Drawfags, I humble request you to draw him so that he will be remembered, at least in my poor green heart..

He was a medium-sized, grey skinned orc, wearing a lamellar leather armor, his bone bow and saber, he also wore a mohawk, and a bright, bright smile...

>> No.29880695

>Kitsune Necrodancer

Your group sounds full weaboo

>> No.29880728

Pretty sure it's okay if they're scantily clad chicks, m8

>> No.29880795
File: 476 KB, 1200x675, TG_CAMERA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry it's quick, I didn't have much time. I missed some details you specified.
Still, very interesting character.

>> No.29880977

Bumping >>29870477

>> No.29881055


draw chaos gods huddled together, being sad, crying or generally affected in a negative way after reading a strongly worded letter written by citizens of the imperium

(i got the idea from one of the threads when someone said that warp would react to strongly worded letters after someone else suggested that people should write such letters to get rid of chaos, stating that it could actually work)

>> No.29881133
File: 495 KB, 446x327, FairyGodParents.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chejop Kejack from exalted spasming like Mr Crocker from Fairly Odd Parents with the wolds 'First Age Solars!' behind him.

>> No.29881155

What thread was that in? I've only got one Exalted pic from those threads.

>> No.29881159
File: 384 KB, 400x520, chejop_kejak_color.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Chejop Kejak for reference.

>> No.29881597

Rolled 29, 18, 39 = 86

These are fucking fantastic! They're going to lose it when they see these. Thank you so much for your contribution to Slav Quest, comrade. May your squats be strong and your vodka plentiful!

>> No.29881667

Is he wearing a cape or something?

>> No.29881915

Oh my god it's wonderful and awesome anyway, thank you!

>> No.29882076

Not the OR, but that is really cool.

>> No.29882226
File: 196 KB, 476x396, iyanna ref 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ugly Iyanna turning into hot Iyanna because of slaaneshi bimbo magic.

>> No.29882488


>Slaaneshi Bimbo Magic

Fuck, I gotta remember that as inspiration for my next F-List character

>> No.29882552

tyranid mutagen spores and dark eldar cosmetic surgery work as well.

>> No.29883093
File: 802 KB, 1606x836, Best solars.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Harmonious Jade and Prince Diamond in an action pose of some sort?
Or just being bad ass.

>> No.29883690

A different anon here, thank you for reminding me to make a genestealer character on F-list.

And an Ork.

>> No.29884344

What, are you against fun?

>> No.29884822

>google F-list
>immediately wish I hadn't

Since when did you furfags get a pass around here?

>> No.29884979

I'm going to give this one a go.

>> No.29885130

If Somebody would draw a tengu gunslinger with a long rifle that would be awesome.

>> No.29885218

Tengu pic for reference?

>> No.29885234
File: 43 KB, 463x600, Displacer_Beast_MM_4e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gonna toss this back out there, but if someone could draw this totally-not-a-boss character. Kind of tall, with "Inquisitor-like" robes hiding most of her form. The parts of her that are shown seem to be a mix of human and displacer beast. The only thing that would make her obvious at a distance are the pair of long tentacles that come out of the robe at the shoulders, which she uses to feel around the ground in front of her as if otherwise blind. Seems a bit cocky, in spite of being blind.

>> No.29885339


Only good Solar is a dead Solar.

>> No.29885379

Go back to Yu Shan sidereal, solars will do all the work fixing the mess you made of creation.

>> No.29885405
File: 54 KB, 484x600, _.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29885514

Not the OR, but quite dashing, I must say.

>> No.29885789


Quick question about
Is that weapon long enough to be a longbow?

>> No.29885987

It's a bit on the small side for a longbow, english longbows were quite large.

>> No.29886048

A robotic female drone; something pretty and nice looking with a floaty dress and multiple arms

>> No.29886437
File: 658 KB, 1342x1152, cap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WIP goes in all fields

>> No.29886551

I would like to request a female bard.
Human, in her mid 20s; sort looks like a hippy, a lot of silver bracelets and a thick necklace. Maybe has dreadlocks or feathers braided into her hair?
I don't know much about hippies.

She's actually a terrifying mage in combat; with a more physical aspect to her magic than other mages are used to. She uses her tambourines (or drums, not sure which) in combat; enhancing the damage they do when she slams them into people and can even break bones.
If they're tambourines she's going specialize in air magic, if drums lightening.

>> No.29886611

What brushes do my fellow drawfags use? Custom? adonihs?

>> No.29886627

go crazy

>> No.29886754

What sort of drone? A robot? An insect drone?

>> No.29886758
File: 2.84 MB, 1446x2672, Azsham WIP6.2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My only request is for were-cats transforming only a portion of their bodies; like using a cat's hind feet for better traction, or gaining their claws.
Pic related, this is my Aztec Mage and his soul-twin. But it doesn't have to be him, could by any other cat-person. I'd be interested in seeing an old shifter's form, this guy is only 18.

>> No.29886762


I like the 80s because of the whole culture around it. Imagine a Cyberpunk Scarface or Miami Vice.

>> No.29886783

>multiple arms
Insect, obviously.

>> No.29886840

She's actually a giant massive planet-ship on an eternal cruise throughout the stars; but she's able to pop out a couple million of these robotic drones to help her keep the ship in order and serve humanity.

She's kind of sentient in that she still follows her initial programming of being a caretaker but now keeps humanity trapped; babying and coddling all her passengers until they're brainless sheeple who have no willpower.

A couple of the more advanced droids in her employ actually hate humans and wants her to eradicate them.

>> No.29886923
File: 585 KB, 1162x1200, owl_ranger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Done. Longbows are a cunt to draw.

>> No.29887127
File: 680 KB, 1162x1200, owl_ranger_a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And just because I thought it'd look cool...

>> No.29887160

>he thinks f list is just for furfags

the cover page is very deceptive

>> No.29887163

Returning to the thread, still here if anyone would be so kind

>> No.29887194

Well, what is it then? All the descriptions I googled mentioned fursonas.
I noped out of there pretty quick.

>> No.29887230
File: 213 KB, 623x1000, Ic Tenocha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was already done in a previous thread.

Not by me, though. I just saved the image.

>> No.29887288
File: 519 KB, 810x608, 1391054190567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A picture of Prossh standing, looking ridiculous due to his stumpy forelegs.

>> No.29887289


>> No.29887306

looks bretty good.
You got a DA?

>> No.29887354

It's alternately a place to post a list of your kinks/likes/dislikes to find ERP partners, or a place that boasts a horrid community that will judge you for not arranging your page JUST SO, not checking off each and every box and not having separate pages for each of your characters.

>> No.29887378

>You got a DA?
Nope. Just drawfag from time to time. I find it a lot harder to finish a pic for myself than for an Anon.

These the same poster or did >>29860068
get caught double requesting?

>> No.29887409

I um... I knew that.
I'm kind of not okay with that though. Not that it isn't a very awesome drawing and the drawfags wasn't super awesome to pic my request but... it's just a lot fancier than I would have liked; too nobleman looking.
Which is why this time I included a picture of Chayans and their monk-robes.

>> No.29887475

It's just a general ERP site. A good chunk of their users are furries, but there's equally as many human characters, or things like elves and orcs as well.

It's got a decent sized /tg/ group, with a few private chat rooms just for us, met some good partners there.

>> No.29887536

Very awesome.

>> No.29887998

Can I have a man in ragged robes and lyrepipe hat with a shaggy beard holding up a large, leather backed book with the chaos star on it. The book has several leather buckles holding it closed. and he has a fine dagger hanging from his side

>> No.29888300
File: 28 KB, 340x577, Well Dressed Colonial Man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Bumping with a second reference picture.

>> No.29888550

I realize the drawfags can't do everything in this thread, but is there anything that makes a request more likely to get filled? Character's genre, the complexity, whether there's a good description, etc.?

Basically asking what your guy's preferences are.

>> No.29888667

>Character's genre, the complexity, whether there's a good description, etc.?

>> No.29888864


Females are harder for me to draw, so I tend to ignore those.
Anything Exalted I ignore, I know little of the system and it doesn't interest me (from what I can see).
Any 40k I ignore, not because I don't like it, but because its all quirky lolrandom fapbait requests (unless it's Orks, then I'm in)
Elves and mages are boring unless they have something unique about them.
Anything with multiple characters or in odd poses are out (you know how hard it is to draw someone sitting, and draw it well?)
Most things with pre-established characters I ignore, I prefer to help someone get there RPG character drawn, not some animgfag get his favourite bleach character drawn.

>a tengu gunslinger with a long rifle
is interesting, but he has offered fuck all description. I would still like to draw this one, the tengu mask with a old bolt action rifle, or even a bird-tengu from Guild Wars with a rifle would make a cool pic.

>I would like to request a female bard...
He offered better description (and I like drawing dreds and feathers) but its female and a bard (zzzz), and using tambourines sounds hard to draw, so it's out.

So really it all comes down to drawfags being fickle primadonnas with a sought after skill set, meaning we can pick and choose like right proper bastards.

>> No.29889078


Would the reference pictures contribute to a request as well?

>> No.29889103

Most definitely. The more reference and description the better.

>> No.29889120


Fuck yes, the tengu dude didn't have a pic, I even asked him for one. Sure I can Google Tengu, I know what they look like, but which one is he after? There are several kinds in several mythos/worlds. I don't know which one he wants, and there is no point drawing the damn thing for him to turn up an complain its the wrong kind.
Reference pics are a plus in any event.

>> No.29889135


So going with that, would a good reference but poor description be taken over a poor reference but good description? Probably common knowledge stuff, but its safe to know for sure what to put down.

>> No.29889153

>tengu mask with a old bolt action rifle, or a bird-tengu with a rifle
I would like to see it, though I didn't request it.

One of the common requests is 'robot cowboy', which lets the artist do their own interpretation of what they think that is.

That may be part of it here- some artists get turned off by too-specific requests, with no freedom to create, and others want as much reference as possible to draw from. Requesters don't know which you are.

>> No.29889240

How's this for a description?
Half-orc, male, wearing bone armor that has been partially eaten by the acid from a gelatinous cube, about to bring a shining hammer down on a skeleton knight. The half-orc, Temürdai, is covered in wounds, frothing at the mouth, and there is a necklace with a black skull on it around his neck.

I know you don't do multiple characters, so I won't detail the knight, but this was Temürdai's death scene. He smashed the big bad's skull in while he himself was decapitated, and his holy symbol was destroyed.

Not my character either, but I thought it would be cool to get some art for my friend since his character died in a badass way.

>> No.29889250

>All that shit you said
Spot on. Its a fine line between not enough and too much description. You give me too much, you come off like a mary sue loving control freak and I move along. Not enough and I feel like you don't care enough about your request.

>Requesters don't know which you are.
I guess that's an argument for tripfagging in these threads?

That's going to be down to individuals, mate. I'll ignore most anything with an elf in it, they just bore me, always have. Half elves on the other hand...If your reference is too good, I'll just think, "fuck you, that pics so close to what you wanted, just use that."
I on't think you can tailor your requests for maximum fulfilment, you just gotta keep at it until you get your turn.
Pics and interesting descriptions will always be a boon, though.

>> No.29889347
File: 9 KB, 177x177, beezidlogo[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>an argument for tripfagging

Communication would be good, and is the most important step I think. Personally, I like very little information so I can decide what I want to do with it. If someone doesn't like it, they can go fuck themselves because it's free. Someone else might like and save it, and if not, I still got practice out of it.

That said I avoid 40k requests as I have only cursory knowledge of the series and it also helps filter because it seems that's half the requests in any given thread.

>> No.29889435

>How's this for a description?

Ok, here is what I thought as I read your request:
>bone armor
Whats that look like? Is it armour composed of individual bones, like scalemail, but bone? or does it use bones as a framework under which to lay some other material, or is it solid armour made from some sort of bone, like platemail, but bone?

>partially eaten by the acid
Too hard to show with any clarity. How do I make the damage visible and apparent while the character is in an action pose? What does acid damage look like anyway?

>covered in wounds
Where are the wounds if he is wearing armour?

>necklace with a black skull on it around his neck
Where do I fit that in if he is swinging a hammer (therefore having a turning bodyobscuring his chest, where the amulet would hang).

Now I could really push myself and work all this out and strive to create an image that captures all this, possible improving myself as an artist, because it does sound cool.
But I won't, I'll look for something easier, a single unique sort of character of a class I find interesting. Artists all have favourite things to draw (I secretly really like drawing trees.)

Not trying to be a cunt, just saiyan. Good luck with your request.

>> No.29889440
File: 289 KB, 1200x1200, Commodore Mustard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So in my request >>29858404 here - as an example I'm fine with trying again in a couple of weeks or so if hes not done, since I have a clear picture in my mind what he looks like it would have been better to say he was a half-elf rather then an elf, but that's a preference of yours.

Honestly its a pretty damn great feeling when someone chooses to do your character.

Communications are a big factor. Apart from just posting something and then abandoning it in the hope that, several hours later, it'll be done, there should be more comms between the requester and the draw friend. I think that ties into posting a suitable description as well; but then again it also depends upon the draw friend themself - do they want full creative freedom or little creative freedom?
Commodore Mustard pictured; one of my characters in a sci-fi campaign.

>> No.29889458

>If someone doesn't like it, they can go fuck themselves because it's free

This should be the Drawfag pledge of allegiance or something.

>> No.29889468

No, thanks, it's the first time I've tried to request it, so I'm still trying to figure out the best way to describe it.

>> No.29889477


Well, that's exactly what a tripcode is for. Some people use it as a username type thing to try and establish a board-wide identity, but the ENTIRE POINT of a tripcode is a secure method of identifying somebody in a thread.

A drawfag using a tripcode in a drawthread, and even across multiple drawthreads is using a tripcode exactly as intended, provided they don't use it in unrelated threads.

>> No.29889502

>there should be more comms between the requester and the draw friend

I'd like to see this, the amount of times I fulfil a request and the OR has abandoned the thread hours ago. Drawing takes time. I'm pretty quick, but even I need 30 mins to an hour for a half decent pic. I have no guarantee the guy who requested this
will ever be back to get it.

>> No.29889643


Better communications is great, but I've also had a breakdown in communications happen, although just once and it was outside of /tg/.

What is the general feeling towards getting a completed request and not getting a completed request? I haven't really paid much attention to drawthreads - honestly only when I needed something although I did a few times spontaneously thank the drawfriend community. Has there been times when people have raged over not getting a request?

>> No.29889683

>although I did a few times spontaneously thank the drawfriend community
I can't speak for other drawfags, but this makes my fucking day.

>> No.29889898

>Has there been times when people have raged over not getting a request?

I've seen a few people get pissy because their request was ignored several times. They were thinking it was a first in best dressed kind of deal. When asked why they were being ignored, they got told their idea wasn't interesting enough to draw. Now that's subjective, everyone's got opinions, but if I'm the one drawing a pic, it's my opinion that matters.

Also, I'm just setting up a DA account, never had one before, to upload any requests I've done. I'll post it whenever I drawfag so people have a chance to find pics they might have missed.

>> No.29889922

I'll bump with more practical information.

So, the orc is wearing a lamellar armor, along with bow amulets, earings, rings.. ( He's a bone bling y'know ? ) He could be in a snowy steppe, carving bones, or fighting spiders, as you wish.

>> No.29890015

This. If someone wants a space marine for example, and no drawfags at the moments wants to draw space marines, even if their idea is interesting, well, too bad for them.
And, it's not like it was commissions ; it's anonymous drawers offering - sometimes, but really often - masterpieces to anonymous requesters. They won't get renown or anything by doing this.

> But I'm still bumping mah uninteresting requests.

>> No.29890127
File: 441 KB, 535x612, 12_raptor-cowboy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had a request I was going to commission my friend to do, but I may as well ask here. It's a bit complicated, so I don't expect to see it made, though.

A man in a cowboy-type outfit is riding towards the camera, probably at like 3/4, riding on a saddled velociraptor (classic style, not an actual velociraptor). He's got a whip and a few bolas on his belt, and a jug, out of which a childlike slime girl is emerging, and pointing fervently behind him.

He's riding with great intensity, trying to outrun a distortion in the air that's expanding behind him. Inside the distortion, gravity is reversed, and trees, rocks, etc are flying upwards.

The scene is set in a magical wasteland type desert. The rider has blue eyes, brown hair, tall with a moderate build and sort of cocky no-nonsense type. The slimegirl is purple-flavored, and generally childlike.

That's a scene from the 1 on 1 introduction session for the player's character, and this was the concept art they used, although their character uses a whip as a weapon rather than guns.

Feel free to take artistic license if you want to draw this one, those details are mostly optional if you want to do some variant on it.

Thanks in advance!

>> No.29890149
File: 328 KB, 564x613, witch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot the webbing but this was a fun picture.

>> No.29890272

Ffffffuck, I wanna be able to draw kobolds like that :c

>> No.29890335

dual sword wielding bugbear ranger, male. Don't ask, he just works man

>> No.29890416
File: 62 KB, 504x558, anon_gus_concept.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if anyone feels like taking an easy request:

draw one of this kid's friends, but she's a girl, and a tomboy

(doodles or any style is more than acceptable. b&w lineart like pic related would blow my mind!)

>> No.29890445

Can i get a lich riding a HUGE undead crab for a top a throne?

>> No.29890459

i tried to leave my request simple and up to the artist, I would be happy to provide any more detail if wanted

>> No.29890470

Oh my god this is great, thank you so much!

>> No.29890665
File: 370 KB, 1920x1440, p9GYl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think it matters, honestly. Artists don't need to be identified and the few who do tend to be harassed. I don't disagree that that would be how it's intended, but then you start getting the 'entrenched' factor of "!aj8fy74UE doesn't DO female requests, you silly faggot, lurk moar" which really could just be solved on a case-by-case basis, using communication.

If you want your shit drawn, give some information, but not too much. That makes it sound interesting. If I want to draw it, and I have a question and you want me to have a question then I'll ask.

Also, just a side note:
Not all drawfags do just portraits. Some of us would like a chance to try a few quick landscapes or architecture studies. Just Saiyan.

>> No.29890681


>> No.29890771
File: 220 KB, 1009x1057, 137307306754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I request remove kebab guy in Ariadna style gear

>> No.29890907
File: 1.09 MB, 1200x1509, Fall Of Ald Ruhn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Done! Sort of.

>> No.29890978


I actually do have an architecture/landscape thing I wanted done, if you were up to it.

A set of train tracks going over a bridge spanning a deep canyon. On the other side of the canyon is a fortified gate, with a statue of a conquering emperor over it. The statue itself is a full-on fortress.

I have more details if you wanted them.

>> No.29891024

requesting a riverfront town conforming to a classic jrpg layout... or just a mill with a waterwheel (preferably next to or on a river)

>> No.29891178

Rebumping this.

Cause Myr are cool.

>> No.29891814


this is why /tg/ is the best

>> No.29891894

you have helped me in the past /tg/ pic related was from one of these threads... don't make me commission Weremole!

>> No.29891947
File: 950 KB, 1200x1440, 1389888948618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not a request more an inquiry. This pic was drawn by a drawbro who said me might do some more polish on it if he gets the time.

I havent really been browsing the threads for awhile, does anyone perhaps know if he did anything with it?

>> No.29892001

Requesting an actual humanoid pic for my character

Cuteness wanted badly!

>> No.29892037

A wonderful site full of wonderful people!

>Paid for by Best Korea

>> No.29892049


>> No.29892083

DA up. Its barebones, just somewhere to store requests I've filled from these threads. In the future I might add the original requesters description to help them id the pic later.

>> No.29892116
File: 836 KB, 1240x1754, feudal guardsman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ha ha, forgot the link like an asshole

>> No.29892137

And? It's a pretty fun site if you get a good group to play with.

>> No.29892305 [DELETED] 
File: 650 KB, 1900x2700, skagboy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You seem more forgiving then anyone else here, so I whipped this up for you. My fault for not asking for her features first, and I went overboard with the masculinity but I was just in a drawing mood.

Maybe wait until a better drawfag takes it up then, eh? I'm very lazy with my work, try my best to balance speed with quality but it doesn't always work out

>> No.29892323
File: 649 KB, 1900x2700, skagboy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh whoops, fixed something

>> No.29892359

these two pictures are absolutely identical

>> No.29892387

You better be ready for the llama horde, drawfriend.

>> No.29892394

Can I get somebody to draw a fantasy battle-maid uniform? In my setting, there is an Academy that trains prestigious battle-maids and combat-butlers for the most well-to-do families, but I don't have a uniform designed for them.

Either maid or butler uniform is fine, but it should blend form and function, in that it should obviously be a maid/butler uniform, but be battle-ready. Any other details are up to you.

Thanks in advance.

>> No.29892425

thank you man I'll totally use this!

>> No.29892449

Jesus christ, is the time lapse between posting and deletion really that huge?

>> No.29892473

just for lolz, here was the description from the quest this is all based on:

description: age 13, sex: f, height: 4' 7", weight: 95lbs, hair: curly auburn, eyes: green
--Sassy Tomboy, she lives alone with her mother the Mailwoman. She has a foul mouth and a chip on her shoulder because of her hard upbringing. she has freckles and secretly holds tea-parties with stuffed-animals.

>> No.29892535

Fucking hell, I was way off then. Lemme get something together real quick, see if that matches better

>> No.29892686

can't tell if sarcasm or super friendly

>> No.29892797


(sorry for double post)

>> No.29892826


Going to request this again.

>> No.29892834
File: 401 KB, 1900x2100, skaggirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope, it was totally rude of me to take on a request without getting more details about it, so hopefully this one is more in line with what you wanted? I assumed by tomboy you meant "octocamo blending in with male society" tier instead of "tough girl", unless the former is what you wanted, ah forget it

Pick your poison

>> No.29892922
File: 24 KB, 349x474, feelsgoodman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's... perfect. thanks a million! im gonna use them both. but this one will be her for sure.

>> No.29892979

waiting for a new request

>> No.29893062


>> No.29893068


here? >>29870477

>> No.29893079

Hey, how about my orc ?

You would be glorious.

>> No.29893104


Here >>29858165

>> No.29893125

Wouldn't mind having >>29863905 done.

>> No.29893168

Kinda late to the party but
If it could be done then great, if not, I can wait.

>> No.29893173


How about this one? *hint hint*


>> No.29893504

I Believe we scared off the drawfags.

Good job guys.

>> No.29893583


Yeah, welp.. That, or he's drawing something at the moment or wait until he's finished to post it.

>> No.29893720

Uh, I don't really remember which. There are a lot of them.
No, it's an armored coat. I have no idea how to display that, though.

Also, this is a general rerequest.

>> No.29893741


You're playing Harima Kenji from School Rumble?

>> No.29894024

Everyone will respond differently to a request, there's no set rule.
Personally I prefer requests with some description, but not a lot, so I can play with the image more.

>> No.29894094

Yeah, what is up with that llama business? Faggots are 'gifting' me lama points or some shit.

>> No.29894114

It's just e-peen added to an already established e-peen website. It does nothing.

>> No.29894120

Oh I feel bad now, dudes from /tg/ are giving me these llamas. Th-thanks bros.

>> No.29894396

Y-yeah.. I gave you one cuz your cool.

>> No.29894413

Drawfag here. Gimme to draw something me dear fagets.

>> No.29894428

Glad someone is tagging in, I'm out, be back tomorrow, faggots.

>> No.29894430

H-hey drawfriend.

>> No.29894572 [SPOILER] 
File: 64 KB, 513x419, 1316562900379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Please draw >>29892394


In exchange, have some cats.

>> No.29894600

Please, draw this.

>> No.29894698

Working on this faggotry.
Then comes this not-so-faggy thing.

>> No.29894749

Not requesters, but eager to see this.

>> No.29894966

what's that from? I recognize the pink catgirl from broquest, but green catgirl I don't recognize at all.

>> No.29895022


The green catgirl was a fan-proposed design for Catgirl that /v/ constantly bitched about. That was about 4 iterations of Catgirl design later, and the broquest devs didn't want to change it again.

>> No.29895186

This fucking butler is taking longer than it should. The requester better be around or I'll choke a bitch.

>> No.29895213

I am. It's like 5 in the morning, but I'm sticking around

>> No.29895368

Glad to know that despite what your tastes subject, you're not a gigantic faggot.

>> No.29895386
File: 82 KB, 383x329, Dicksonthemind.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't get too hasty, drawfriend, I am on 4chan after all. Gigantic faggotry is our noble tradition.

>> No.29895510

How's it going? I need to get to bed soon.

>> No.29895545

Only need to finish the boots. give me ten.

>> No.29895588
File: 202 KB, 700x1218, Resplendant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I was little boy my momma used to tell me "Anon, keep on drawing! you're really good and maybe one day you'll be just like Walt Disney!" well, look at me now mom! I draw weird fetishes for random weabos on the internets! And for free!

Now seriously, I hope ya like it bro.

>> No.29895593

Fuck, I forgot the other motherfucking eye.

>> No.29895618


It's perfect. With this complete, I can now expand the boundaries of my magical realm threefold.

Thanks, man. I got to get to bed now though. I'll keep the thread open in case you feel the urge to edit it or something.

>> No.29896099

Your mom was right, drawbro.
You're fabulous.

+ Bumpan limit reached, it seems.

>> No.29897896

I'll bump this, though I doubt anyone will come here soon, but, heh !

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