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>chaos cultists can't be made into anti-tank units

Does GW even know how an insurgency works?

I mean why can't cultists do this? IG get fucking everything; better armor, more option and cultists get one extra attack in CC.

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Once again proving that it's better to be loyalist. Serves you right traitor!

Serious: What kind of anti-tank are you suggesting would be fair? IIRC you've got workable choices for anti-armour work on the Chaos list.

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Not Op, but 1-3 missile launchers.

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>implying CSM cultists are sneaky double agents in the midst of an Imperial society, ready to strike for their god and 72 daemonettes
>implying CSM cultists aren't just slavering rabble press ganged to fight with what ever was on hand in Soviet hordes that were sent out to die in the first wave and force enemies to reveal their positions and spend ammo

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Cultists are just randoms with autoguns and other easy to get weapons. They're the equal of conscripts not trained soldiers like in IG.

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well, or 1-5 krak grenades, or 1-3 meltabomb attacks in melee.

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Well just run your cultists as traitor guard then. I'd much rather use vanilla cultists and ally with daemons though.

Agreed it would be awesome to have ghetto cultist rocket teams though.

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Well, I'd imagine that cultists vary from god to god. Maybe even every warband / legion / whatever gets kinda different cultists.
You get the zealous jihadist types, who'll scream at top of their lungs while dying for the dark gods.
You also get the sneaky, sleeper agents cultist, who are ready to take important positions when shit gets serious, all exalt-style.

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They should be allowed 1-3 combi-missile launchers with str8 Ap3 (1 shot). It wold be fluffy and befitting of the unit.

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This guy knows what I am talking about. I want to be given options and customize my cults a bit.

That would be cool.

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>ready to strike for their god and 72 daemonettes
I-I don't get that? why did Al-Queda pick 72 btw?

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Because 72 is the answer to the universe.

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off by 30 buddy

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Why not take Cultists, and make them count-as Imperial Guardsmen and make chaos converted Chimeras and Lemon Russ?

If the rulebook says you can't ally CSM or Daemons with the IG, fuck them! Do it any way.
"They're traitors, what more need I say?"

I mean, shit, I'm going to do this with my Iron Warriors. They're going to take on IG "flesh-servants" to be the bodies that soak up bullets to protect the mighty siege cannons.

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The Qur'an doesn't really give you an exact number, just that you'll get them. The 72 is a number only hinted at in some of the texts, but isn't given as a fixed number that everyone receives. But it's the number pop-culture likes to use, so lets stick with it and give the future scholars something to think about.

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It's some significant number in Quran.

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much like how 666 is supposedly the devil's number

(even though it might be 616)

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It's all bullshit anyway, may as well take any arbitrary number and state that it's fact.

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The marvel universe is 616, therefore Stan Lee is the devil, it all makes sense- Ditko was right all along!

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Hadiths, considered authentic by many Muslim scholars, which do mention 72 wives.

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Would have loved a suicide bomb option. Like you get d6 str 6 hits on the enemy in melee but 1 of your guys just went boom.

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They're all innumerate as fuck so 72 sounds like a big enough number.

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Would be better that you could roll d6 everytime one of your guys died in melee to take the enemy with you.

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>Why aren't my civilian insurgents as good as a professional army?

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Way OP. It would have to be a wargear upgrade.

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Killing your enemy by flinging your dead comrades on them isn't the best of strategies.

Yeah, like 2-3 points per character?

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>Killing your enemy by flinging your dead comrades on them isn't the best of strategies.

It worked for Russia.

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>Killing your enemy by flinging your dead comrades on them isn't the best of strategies.
It works when said comrades are easier to produce than weapons.

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Heavy weapons should have been a must.

As far as optional uses for cultists, having suicide bombers that drop a small blast Krak missile over themselves in CC would be rad. In the same vein, Karamazov (who has access to much fewer, more expensive infantry) can target friendlies, but Chaos can't for some reason?

It was a bummer to realize Cultists had fewer options than Marauders.

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When will they update the codex? Is it pointless holding my breath?

I have been thinking about rolling orkz, when will their new codex come out?

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Demo charges. Overprice them if you want, but just give them demo charges.

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Yes! And an option to center blasts over the carrying models! Khorne jihad!

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Give chaos another five years.

Give orks another lifetime (possibly).

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Normally I would say "Don't give GW any ideas" but now I really want them to take this idea.

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Ork/BA new starter box rumoured for aug/sept release. Orks might be closer than you think.

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>yfw IG used to actually have suicide bomber troops
>you have no face

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Did they stop making them after 2001?

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The IG are career soldiers drawn from the elite of a planets PDF. They're basically entire regiments of guys equivalent too says the SAS or Rangers.

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GW have explained why noone gets too shoot into CC even though pretty much everyone could justify it. It makes shooting especially blasts way too powerful in the game. 1 special character getting it is ok. But they'll never give it too a whole army.

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Human Bombs, that's the one

More like around 1992.

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If they added a single-use missile launcher, like a panzerfaust or something, it might work.

something like:
>5 points, one per 10 cultists
>Str 8, AP 4, 24" Assault 1, Single-Use

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They aren't that good. They're more like high quality regular regiments. USMC, paratroopers, that kind of skill level.

Stormtroopers and their equivalents are at the SAS/SEAL level.

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Sorry, I guess I meant Chaos having a special character/unit that drops blast into CC. It's as much up their alley as the Inquisition, IMO.

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I'd say give them IG's missile launcher as a 1 use, 1 man weapon. Simplest way to go about it. Why invent a new weapon when you can just loot one for your own purposes?

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That looks amazing! What did you do with all the fun, GW? WHERE THE FUCK IS IT?!

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I think allowing chaos to have d3 roadside bombs as a heavy support choice would be kinda neat.

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>Killing your enemy by flinging your dead comrades on them isn't the best of strategies.


>Not drowning them in the gore of the fallen.

You sound like some kind of heretic.

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They have various strategic assets, but they're mostly campaign-based.

Fingers crossed that the (eventual) Alpha Legion Dataslate has IEDs and the like as in-built options and not Cityfight-specific bollocks.

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Is there any more of this? The WD issue in question is 20 bucks on ebay, I just want the crazy IG units.

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You got your Beast man attack squads in my IG.
You got your IG in my beast men!

GW used to be fun, what gives?

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Why not just have them with SM scout biker mines? Make any piece of terrain dangerous.

>inb4 people buy a bunch of cheap squads just to mine everything on the enemy's side of the table

As for cultist weapons, I guess they could throw in at least a grenade launcher and krak grenades, if nothing else. Flamer, stubber and grenade launcher seem like simple weapons you'd find. Nothing fancy, but something you could whip together in some shop or steal from officials (local enforcer tear gas launcher, etc.) Give the champion more varied upgrades, like bolt pistol/bolter, plasma pistol, power weapon and melta-bombs. But I'm guessing we'll see this in the next codex, once they get better models for them.

You could also make a storm trooper equivalent "dark pact" troopers, which are like elite cultists, troops that have truly gone down the dark road and gained some respect from their masters. Smaller squads with heavier armour, maybe bolters/bolt pistols for weapons and 2-3 special weapons to boot, inc. CC ones. You could easily use regular cultist bodies with additional torsos, heads and guns.

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Which in original hebrew text meant Nero Caesar, the current roman emperor.

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Eh true. Still my main point is that guardsmen are highly trained professionals.
The barely trained red army hordes some people think of are not the norm for IG.

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I'm guessing the idea of suicide bombers, Nazi orks, etc. stopped being funny once you had to actually think about your public profile. We had beastmen in the last codex through WD doctrines. Basically WS3 conscripts with Furious Charge, if I'm not mistaken. You can surely make some today using any of the IG units available. I just made a platoon with a human command squad and a commissar leading a few squads of beastmen.

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Penal legion in the current codex would be perfect for running beast men.

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Mark of Allah
gives all cultist "Lukas the Trickster: Last Laugh" Special Rule

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Well I don't think Cultists were meant to be an Imperial Guard mirror unit.

I think what you want for that is Traitor Guard army...or they used to be called The Lost and the Damned if I remember right.

Does GW still support this army?

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pics please, I don't care how shit you might think they are, I wanna see them.

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So I have been out of 40k since right around the time Alpha Legion lost cultists from thier chapter rules. Is there something new out that lets this be a viable army again?

I still have all of my cultist, that I am still bummed about not being able to use.

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No, but you can do it with IG with CSM Allies. Also, GW allows Forge World stuff in regular play now, so you can use the Tyrant's Legion.

>Cultists from CSM codex max out at 210 models
How did you do that???

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cultists can come in 35 man units
6x troops slots
6x35 = 210
all for 900points!

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Allen Moore;s fault actually. He was writing his whole Captain Britain guards the multiverse arc, and wanted to designate the Marvel Universe as 666. Marvel said no, and made that dimension hte one where everyone is a demon, so he picked 616, and he damn well knew about that alternate interpretation.

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They're just WHFB beastmen gor with Catachan arms. 30 of them, with laspistols and bigger hatchets on the 3 sergeants, as well as 3 gors with flamers.

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>If the rulebook says you can't ally CSM or Daemons with the IG, fuck them! Do it any way.
Well rejoice, because it totally doesn't say that. IG are allies of convenience with both brands of chaos.

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Now give them typhus and make them zombies

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I'll post the rest of the IG section

but also:



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and you've seen the other page above

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Stormtroopers get genetic and cybernetic enhancements. They're a bit above SAS-tier.

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[citation needed]

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Alteady did!
Plus 2 units of nurgle spawn for 1500pts

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When you try and capture/stun an EXALT agent, they commit suicide. It was a nice touch.

>> No.29870591

Pretty sure it's in the most recent IG codex. I could be wrong though, I just swear I read somewhere that stormtroopers get all sorts of enhancements to make them better than standard guard.

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Assault Guardsmen with dual laspistols, that looks cool as shit in my head.

>> No.29870772

They get better training and shinier toys.

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> Spend hours converting to create 6 Penal Legion/Beastman Squads.
>Constantly roll Gunslinger result
Well shit.

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Many thanks, you glorious bastard.

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I like that the medics bring 2 lascannons. None of this shitty Hippocratic Oath shit.

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