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Anyone got pictures of girls with guns? I'm making a character and could use some artwork.

Also, character art thread, I guess.

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Hope you don't mind animu, OP.

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/k/ could probably help you.

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>just gonna stick this knife in your head
>eh alright man I guess

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>hey fuchs i got u a present ehehe
>wow this shit again

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Girls with muskets would be appreciated, if such a thing can be found.

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OP, my largest folder is entitled 'Ladies with Weapons'. It's mostly animu, but I'll hook you up.

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I can, in fact, contribute.

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Not OP and I don't want to sound hostile but those WW2 loli catgirls are really faggy, especially with the helmet ears

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To make it more interesting for me, I'll only post weapons I've had a chance to use.

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No gun, but military.

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Then I'll post something different.

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Not a comfortable way to shoot most rifles, btw.

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We need more moist nuggets in this thread.

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Am I doin it rite?

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I don't really want you to change, I'm not that kind of guy that wants stuff he doesn't personally like to change to suit his tastes

It's just that this design kinda bothers me

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God I love EYE Divine Cyberdancy.

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Some sort of insurgent.

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It's an entertaining game, but the maps only being filled with insanely responsive enemies hurts the gameplay.

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Sulfatum is a joke about one of the french words for a machine gun, a "sulfateuse"

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Does anyone have a pic where the grill goes: "I FUCKING LOVE SHOOTING GUNS." Or just, you know, she's actually enjoying having a firearm.
animu actually prefered

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Imizu is the patron saint of gunporn.

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Have a Franchi.

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>this thread

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Hope you don't mind 2hu.

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That actually looks pretty cool, I'd picture playing her in a western style setting. Not like you'd know it's touhou at a glance.

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>those hats
Their accuracy must be astounding

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Maybe they're using the force.

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This thread needs moar cute with guns. Like that one.

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> those earpads

Okay, I don't like furry, but that's cute as fuck

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do you have any of them wearing pants?

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I think thats it for me

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mercenaries r63 wut?

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Suddenly, action shot.

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are sci-fi ones okay?

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And some more detached gun action.

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I don't feel guilty for posting this with all the ridiculousness that's already going on in this thread.

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oh it;s a revolutionary new treatment. You see knowledge is kept in the brain, you just open it up and put a book on your head and the knowledge pours directly in.

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Still looking for the old art from the original version of Prime.

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>no revy

Fo shame

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I'll dump what i have

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I need tor organize my folders...

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I didn't knew ArmA III has manga fanart.

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I love all of that picture... Except the high heels.

I hope they don't like their wrists

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>that retarded looking m4 with random ass details and an underslung grenade launcher full of holes
>it's like that in most american comics
>all these amazing looking weapons drawn by nips

fucking why

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Mam both your pants and shirt are unfinished. You should really look in a mirror before going outside

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American comics are pig disgusting.

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As a nip once said it to me, it's because most nips are strongly under the believe that you either go 100% of you don't go at all.
So while most will just never amount to anything due to their own crippling self-doubt, the ones who do want to make something of themselves do their damned hardest to make sure it's as perfect as possible.
Then of course you have the fucking losers and idiots who are too shit to make something of themselves, and too deluded to realize they're shit, but you knew that.

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Wow, thats a lot of girls with guns...

Im looking for something impressive, fantasy indian, native american, african, carribean, warriors and/or preistess'.

>> No.29849936

I've got a strange request for you, elegan/tg/entlemen. How about a genki girl with a shotgun? Preferably a sawn-off.

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What's a genki girl?

If that's their attitude I don't get why their protagonists are always so shitty.

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Not sure if right kind of genki.

>> No.29850003

Bleacht please, that's perfect.

>> No.29850009

Well this looks even worse than mangas with small girls running around with guns.
Well done.

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American artists are fucking lazy. I'm not much into American comics, but it really stuck out as a sore thumb when I was reading Y: The Last Man. The comic was likable enough on a sort of webcomic level, but it was plainly unprofessional. All women with samefaces and samebodies, shitty characters, and an aggressive lack of understanding of firearms while also including them in many, many panels. At one point a main character fires a semi-automatic pistol while gripping the slide with her hand. You don't need to be a Tony Stark level engineer to understand that will fuck up your hand. All the knowledge that takes can literally be had in 15 minutes on Youtube or a random gun site.

So it's laziness. These artists are stuck on a plateau. They say "good enough" when it could be better, and you can see it in every bit of art in American comics, if you ask me. Shitty perspective, wooden action, everything. Nip and Euro artists are obsessed maniacs who do research before they draw anything.

Honestly, the only American comic that has a Euro level of detail is Lackadaisy. It also has better art than 90% of published American comics, from what I can tell. If you can get over the cats.

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>> No.29850076

Think Mako from Kill la Kill or Misa from Katawa Shoujo.

>> No.29850086

That's the work of a British artist.

>> No.29850101

Because they has to cater to their audience, and give their protagonist as much common features as possible.

So he usually is weak/short/have glasses/high schooler with hidden potential or mysterious past/destiny.

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>> No.29850127


>> No.29850129

So they don't give everything 100%. It's not even protagonists, it's most characterization.
100% for guns and occasionally cars, then. And then only sometimes.

>> No.29850130

There are a few American print comics, or rather American comic artists, who do a good job and have a unique style.

But the majority is trash. Superhero comics are a cesspool.

>> No.29850151

Tardi. Pretty nice. Would be better if he weren't such a fucking socialist, though.

>> No.29850185

Not the person about 100% really, but I would take a guess they also vary in the skill field, but overall they work harder - their overall/average result looks better.

>> No.29850210

In my experience, the US and British comic industries are fairly interchangable. They certainly share the same culture when it comes to comics, with the Brits maybe being slightly more grimy in their themes and tastes.

I've been playing Killing Floor a lot lately, and the thing it reminds me most of is Crossed, maybe Freakangels. Brits are slightly more edgy, but they have the same (lack of) standards when it comes to art and writing.

>> No.29850224

And yet they're better at characterization.
So why read comics? For art or story?

>> No.29850259

Er, I just realized that both artists I was thinking of were Canadian...so...yeah.

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As a nip once "said it to me", there are a lot of retards in the world who go out of their way to try explaining matters of cultural difference by half-assed and often slanderous carpet statements, and then there are people who know better than to parade their cultural insecurities in public.

Japanese comic and pop art circles have immense, industrious and dedicated fanbases. Thus they produce vastly superior quality and quantity of illustrations. They also have a culture of high work ethic and attention to correctness of detail. It's not a matter of some "magical Jappo super geniuses" produced by some inhumane process of elimination. It's just a product of hard work and dedication. And it's also the reason why you're mad jelly.

>> No.29850387

>implying manga isn't inherently superior and different from comics, just like all japanese things are from all american things
also england = america but canada != america

>> No.29850390

for fun

But both. There's a lot of bitching about which one's more important, especially in webcomics where people want to defend their shitty favorite by saying the writing is good. Like, point out XKCD or Order of the Stick is nothing more than stick figures, and it's "but the jokes/plot are great!"

But the comic is undeniably a visual medium, and the art should be used to convey those implied 1000 words they're worth. So when a detective in a Euro comic chases a suspect down an alley and suddenly loses him in a parade at the end of it, you don't get a close-up of his face with a thought bubble going "damn! I lost him in this parade!". You get a full-page view of that parade, with the detective a small, but identifiable figure among it, looking surprised.

I treat comics like a gestalt. The art has to work for the story and vice versa. You can't treat the two seperately and have a good end result. In the end, you'll find that doing one well, but the other not at least makes the comic readable, but that's it.

>> No.29850449

>Japanese comic and pop art circles have immense, industrious and dedicated fanbases. Thus they produce vastly superior quality and quantity of illustrations. They also have a culture of high work ethic and attention to correctness of detail. It's not a matter of some "magical Jappo super geniuses" produced by some inhumane process of elimination. It's just a product of hard work and dedication

Sounds a lot like the Franco-Belgian comics scene.

I was actually surprised to find out that Prince Valiant is an American comic. It's a staple of the Euro comics industry, and it's still being sold. The artist spent 60 hours on every page, which is virtually unheard of in American comics.

>> No.29850455

>It's not a matter of some "magical Jappo super geniuses" produced by some inhumane process of elimination.

If we nuke japan a few more times would the strong survivors get super magic radiation powers?
Because that sounds fucking awesome.

>> No.29850463

You can turn that down in the settings.

>> No.29850499
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>> No.29850507
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I was just about to mention Cam Kennedy who did the illustration for the Dark Empire series, but he turned out to be Scottish.

He's responsible for my favorit two page spread ever.

>> No.29850541
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>> No.29850567

>Prince Valiant

Shit, my gandma's husband read that as a kid. Dude went to the same school as I did, untill it was closed down and used as a base by the Germans during WW2.

Shit is old.

>> No.29850574
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I think both Japanese and American things are generally pretty shit compared to what we have here, actually. But I do apologize - I couldn't tell the difference between American, Canadian and English shit, and subconsciously associated said shit with the Americans. It was wrong and uncalled for. It just comes instinctively because Americans are the main producers of pitiful, unpalatable shit.

I wonder what's with the straight rifling here though.

>> No.29850625 [DELETED] 


>Red Army

von Manstein, please. Russians can have armies too.

>> No.29850671

Well, I also mean that the game is filled with nothing but enemies. I'm not getting a good feel for it, because I'm always just gunning down Feds.

>> No.29850676
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>> No.29850688

>but dude he was on the wes-
>oh wait that was manteuffel

fucking german names

>> No.29850774

Yeah, it is. But it's basically the template on which modern Euro comics are based, while it's nothing more than a footnote for Americans.

>> No.29851069
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GwG huh?

>> No.29851089
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>> No.29851108
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>> No.29851825
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Bump to the head~

>> No.29851850

>no trigger discipline

Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.29851857
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I have a couple gunner girls

>> No.29851877
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>> No.29851894
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>> No.29851915
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>> No.29851945
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I think this is a chick

>> No.29851966
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>> No.29851985
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>> No.29852011
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>> No.29852036
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>> No.29852059
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>> No.29852073
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>> No.29852100
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>> No.29852122
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>> No.29852128

Beside it being staged so much it hurts

>> No.29852152
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>> No.29852177
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Only got like, three or four more. Can't quite max the thread. Oh well

>> No.29852197
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>> No.29852220

Dude, that was a freaking awesome book!
Now I can't even remember the name of it...

>> No.29852225
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>> No.29852240
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>> No.29852264
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Last one

>> No.29852272
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Spanish civil war

>> No.29852323
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>> No.29852393
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>> No.29852419
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>> No.29852916

Too bad she's not going to hit shit with those... Fucking Klobs...

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