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Make way, Taldeer and Macha and all the rest!
Best seer coming through!

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Is it rape if it's an Eldar?

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Is it rape if its an elf?
No. Stop asking stupid questions.

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she's obviously asking for it

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But its not an elf

Its an elfdar.

In space

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What's wrong with her belly button?

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I have no idea who this is. Is it from your fanfiction?

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Is it a rape if the agressor is an elf/eldar?

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just read the damn thing

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Did anyone ever imply it would be otherwise?

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That doesn't answer the question? This entire image doesn't look professional and there is no source on the text.

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it's from the Iyanden codex supplement released six months ago

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Heh, including the attached image.
I mean I know GW was going for the weeb market with the tau but I didn't know they were targetting the waifufags!

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No one gives a shit about this bitch

post moar taldeer and macha

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We have GOT to get more of those Craftworld Illustrated pinups made. Closest thing I have is this one that Lewd did. (I'm embarrassed to admit that Macha has better ab muscles than I do. Just look at that six-pack.)

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The image is by Greenmarine, I believe. It was shooped on.

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fuck you and fuck your shit taste
Craftworld illustrated is not even a pun!

Seers Illustrated works better

Either way it needs to be 90s-themed

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Am I the only one getting serious Belldandy vibes off of this image?
Admittedly this chick doesn't have The Smile, but still...

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No, no you are not

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Or Urd.

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True. The hair and facial structure are very Bell, but that smirk is Urd as fuck.

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I thought it was Beldandy from the thumbnail cause of the wispy hair and Beldandy has worn a similar swimsuit before.

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the bikini too.

(although it would have been even better if it had featured the pattern her belt has in the CCG art. I'll do it myself someday)

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>tfw Beldandy used to be my waifu
>but she was taken
>tfw Urd is my new waifu
>tfw Fujishima had the best art style when Urd still had wavy hair and he seems to be slowly regressing into a worse art style after having mastered it a couple years ago

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Bell's worn some pretty revealing outfits, particularly in chapter covers and promo art and shit.

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The two things I can never seem to fap to is Belldandy hentai and Naruto hentai.

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Yes but that type of bikini is practically Urd's uniform.

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I've never even seen/read boku no goddess and I still thought it was Belldandy from the thumbnail.

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Even that picture in which she's stuffing her ass with vegetables?

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Make it "The Seers Catalogue"!

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If I could find some Bell hentai that's full-blown love-making (not fucking, making love, there's a difference and only a cad would suggest otherwise), I'd be able to fap to it. But it seems like it's always rape, or her being a raging slut for no reason, or dozens of other things that make it hard to fap to because it's either not hot to see it happen to her, or it's HORRIBLY OUT OF CHARACTER.

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It'd have to be some kind of rape doujin. Smiling Belldandy is too pure for my penis.

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Hey guys, how 'bout that Chapter 285?

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no it's not
it's just one pic

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What about it?

Other than grorious Hild-sama.

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Honestly, it's my favorite chapter ever.

Just, holy shit. Way to take 10 years of writing and just be amazing with it.

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Twenty-four years, anon.
Ah! My Goddess has been running for 24 years.
Personally, I think a good chunk of the internet overreacted to 285. All it really tells us, is that;
1: God is a dick. We already knew that.
2: Urd and Skuld are fucking freeloaders. Again, we already knew that.
3: Belldandy is afraid of what might happen if their relationship goes further, and she didn't rock the boat because of that fear. Considering that Belldandy has always been very innocent, it's in-line with everything before that.
But of course, everyone immediately jumps to "Bitches and whores" as the explanation.

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I was disappointed God turned out to be Odin but the series has been heavily Norse since forever so that's nobody's fault for my own.

Because that means we'll never see a female Jesus.

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>24 years
>only 46 volumes

Step it up, senpai.

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>belldandy waifu
So how's that reveal treating you

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What about it, the character is going on like nothing happened and not committing suicide after being the butt of a cosmic joke (he's not awesome enough to get pissed and try to kill God)

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Ah! My Goddess is published in Afternoon, a monthly.
Hajime no Ippo is pusblished in Weekly Sh┼Źnen Magazine, a weekly.
Of COURSE Hajime no Ippo has more chapters.
At least it's not published in good! Afternoon (sic), afternoon's TRI-MONTHLY sister magazine. Being a Teppu fan is suffering.

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Teppu sucks shit. The only reason you like it is because you have a femdom fetish for the protagonist.

All-Rounder Meguru superior.

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>implying I don't look forward to Natsuo eventually getting her shit pushed in
It's more enjoyable if you look at it as a dark inversion of the standard fightan manga plot. The protagonist has incredible natural talent, but she's an arrogant fucking cunt who isolates herself from those around her because of it. Her problems are all her own fucking fault for being a bitch.

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She's also a fucking pussy for not standing up to her worthless brother.

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Honestly that's the one thing that humanizes her. There's clearly SOMETHING going on there, and it'll be the lever that either gets her to learn how to NOT be such a fucking bitch, or that completely destroys her. Either outcome will be enjoyable, for different reasons.

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My money's on rape.

>everyone's face when the protagonist of Teppu is actually that brown glasses girl

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Everybody's money's on rape, anon.
It's kind of a sucker bet, really. Japan has weird obsessions with rape, incest, and incestuous rape.

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God damn Lewd needs to up his game. His art is so damn mediocre.

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he's been slowly upping his game over the past year.

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Same here, except you can replace Naruto with Aria.

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I just don't like his eyes and lips. The rest is just fine.

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No, the protagonist is Natsuo, it's just that in a normal fighting manga hr personality would make her the asshole rival character. She's Gary fucking Oak.

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But the protagonist of Pokemon is Brock. The series is a chronicle of the trials and tribulation of romance.

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>tfw /tg/ has pretty good taste in manga

Now I just need you faggots to stop spamming SnK and KLK animu shit.

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Hes been working on those.

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Surely there's got to be more than this? Step it up, /tg/. Leave the animu/mango talk to /a/ and help me bulk up my "sexy farseers" folder!

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old man farseers > sexy farseers

I'll take god damn starbane over any of them.

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OK, fine. You give me sexy Farseers, and I give you Eldrad riding a Kroot. Deal?

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I don't like his proportions, or his anatomy, or his faces. So the guy is just full blown in bad territory.

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If I was going to get that picky then the only /tg/ drawfag I even like is muju and ironshrinemaiden. And ironshrinemaiden is hit or miss on all his non-Taldeer/SoB stuff.

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Mother of god, it's like I'm on /a/. Why do I even need the other boards when /tg/ is capable of having more civilized discussion about waifus than /a/ can?

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Wait, it's been a long time since I've seen pictures like this.
It was almost over a year ago, when sexy nurglettes, dwarfettes and others were handed out by the great lewdinator: Green Marine.
Is he back?

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>implying I don't read both
>implying I don't suffer twice as hard because both update slow as fuck

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And Gary is FAR more successful than Brock with the ladies. Dude has a fucking harem at age ten.

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Is this still going on? I fucking bet it is, can't let a good franchise die without beating it over the head with a mallet of Too Fucking Long.

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It's more like Peorths' basic outift.

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He is indeed.

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It's more like Peorth's swimsuit from the Goddess competition episode, but yes, it's definitely Peorth.

The hair is one of the angels. Might even be Gorgeous Rose, there.

Also Peorth is best goddess.

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Yes it is. Last I remember they revealed that the reason Keiichi hasn't put the moves on Belldandy in over 20 yhears of manga is that heaven has artificially suppressed his sex drive down to basically nothing. The goddesses knew about this the whole time and did nothing about it, and Bell herself seemed to be entirely in favour of Keiichi's cosmic neutering because it means he "pampered her more", or something. People flipped out, went digging, and figured out that this has been foreshadowed at least since the first time Peorth showed up, if not before (oone of the things she did after showing up was try to confirm if he still had his "manly urges", and then spent most of her time down there trying to undo his neutering).

So basically the archetypal "spineless harem/magical girlfriend protagonist" who spawned an entire genre has been revealed to have this be something meant to be interpreted as fundamentally off and wrong.

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You caught me. She looks like Belldandy on purpose

>the great lewdinator
b-b-b-ut i am a serious artiste

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>Shy GM is here
Oh how Ive missed your shining green cod piece <3

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